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Best Subscription Boxes for Families

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaDec 8, 2021

Everyone has their favorite subscription, but it can be quite difficult to find something that the whole family can enjoy together. However, there are plenty of subscriptions available for kids that parents can actively participate in and help create a fun family experience. The following subscriptions are some of the most popular ones available today and cross several categories including education, family snacks, entertainment, and more. We've also included bonus subscription boxes towards the end that are relatively new to the scene but seem like promising subscriptions for family fun nights.

The Best Family-Friendly Subscription Boxes for All Ages

1. KiwiCo

Kiwi Crate

The Cost: $22.95 per month

What you get: KiwiCo is the ultimate family subscription box service and offers a number of different monthly subscriptions for kids ages 2 to 16+. Each box brand is designed for a specific age range and includes fun educational and interactive activities including crafts, DIY games, and more that the whole family can enjoy working on together.

KiwiCo offers 9 different subscriptions in total, but our readers' favorites include Koala Crate, Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate, and Tinker Crate. Koala Crate is designed for kids ages 2-4 and encourages hands-on learning and fun whereas Kiwi Crate is geared for kids 5-8 and includes enriching hands-on science and art projects. Both Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate are made for older kids ages 9-16 and 9-14, respectively, with Doodle Crate being centered on crafts and DIY projects and Tinker Crate specializing in STEM projects.

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Ships To: U.S. for free, Canada for $6.95 per month

2. Universal Yums

The Cost: Starts at $15.00 per box with an annual plan.

About This Box: Wish you could take your family around the world but don't have the money to? While not all of us have the time and resources to travel globally as often we'd like to (or at all for that matter), it's still possible to enjoy the cuisine and snack specialties of different countries through Univeral Yums. Universal Yums offers a snack subscription box that features a different country each month and highlights that country's best snacks. Each snack subscription box contains a mix of flavors and there's bound to be a favorite treat for everyone in your family. Customers can sign up for snack boxes that contain 5-7, 10-12, or 18-20 snacks in total.

Universal Yums is a reader favorite and was voted as the best snack subscription box in the 2021 readers’ choice awards.

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Ships To: Worldwide

3. Bookroo


The Cost: Starts at $19.95 + $4.99 shipping per month. Discounts on prepaid subscriptions. Sign up here!

About This Box: Another incredible way for families to bond is over the gift of reading. Bookroo is a book subscription service that offers books to children ages 0-12 each month and is beloved by our online community. The following book subscription plans are available for young readers:

  • Board Book Club - Ages 0-3; Contains 3 sturdy board books that each have 8-14 pages.
  • Picture Book Club - Ages 3-6; Contains 2 hardcover picture books that each have 32-40 pages.
  • Junior Chapter Book Club - Ages 7-10; Contains 2 books that range in length from 120-280 pages.
  • Middle Grade Chapter Book Club - Ages 9-12; Contains 2 books that range in length from 300-400 pages.

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Ships to: Worldwide

4. Foodstirs

Foodstirs baking supplies and ingredients from the December 2019 box.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $34.98 per month.

About The Subscription: Foodstirs brings families together over baking and helps create lifelong memories! Whether it's making ghost-shaped sugar cookies or snowflake brownies, you and your child will be able to enjoy creating your own masterpiece all the while learning essential cooking skills. Each baking kit includes all the dry ingredients needed to bake and decorate your treats along with a simple step-by-step recipe card and activity sheet. Unlike other popular baking kits, Foodstirs uses organic ingredients, fair-trade chocolate, and requires much less sugar.

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5. Green Kid Crafts

The Cost: Starts at $24.95 per box for an annual plan. 

About The Subscription: Green Kid Crafts offers children ages 3-10 a fun approach to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) in the form of crafts that are connected to nature. The brand offers 2 main options for subscriptions with the Junior box designed for ages 3-5 and the Discovery box geared towards ages 5-10. Each box contains 4-6 projects and is a perfect mash-up of art and science. Green Kid Crafts also includes a 12-page magazine inside each box to help guide learning and provide open-ended activities.

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6. Hello Fresh

The Cost: Family Plan subscriptions serve 4 starting at just $4.99 per plate; choose 2 or 3 recipes per week, each with 4 servings.

About The Subscription: Hello Fresh is one of the most popular meal kit delivery services among families and offers new and exciting recipes that individuals of all ages can enjoy. Customers are able to select 1-3 meal category options which range from quick and easy to family-friendly, meat & veggies to pescatarian, and more. They'll also need to choose the total number of people (2 or 4) that will be served along with their desired number of recipes (2-6) per week. Some family-favorite dishes include BBQ Ribs & Cheesy Buffalo Mac, Sweet & Smoky Chicken Cutlets, and White Cheddar Wonderburgers.

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7. kidpik

kidpik clothing subscription box for boys

The Cost: $0.00 and up (Your box is sent to you free including styling, shipping, and returns). Keep and pay for what you like and mail back any unworn items you don’t want within 7 days. Per kidpik, the average cost is $12-13 per item including a 30% discount if you keep the entire box.

About The Subscription: kidpik helps families stay in style all year-round through its seasonal clothing subscription box for kids and tweens sizes 4-16. Each kidpik box contains 7 high-quality fashion choices of apparel, shoes, and accessories designed to complete beautiful multiple mix and match outfits. You can say goodbye to the painful days of generic shopping and say hello to on-demand fashion for your kids!

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8. Baby And Sunshine

baby and sunshine subscription box items

The Cost: Starts at $29.99/month.

ACTIVE DEAL: 20% off first box.

About The Subscription: Baby and Sunshine offers a subscription box that's geared towards moms and babies. There are 3 different monthly subscription options including the Mini Box (3+ items), Standard Box (6+ items), and Super Box (9+ items). Each box contains a mixture of items that are designed for both mom and baby, such as footed onesies, soft fabrics and blankets, pregnancy leggings, and nursing bras. Baby and Sunshine even personalizes each of its boxes based upon the age of the baby and the mother’s self-care needs. For example, a new mom may receive postpartum recovery items along with swaddles, whereas a mom whose baby is at least a few months old may receive lounge pants, belly support belts, diaper bags, or onesies.

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9. Coterie

coterie diapers and wipes

The Cost: Starts at $85/quarter.

About The Subscription: Coterie’s diaper subscription equips families with a monthly supply of diapers for sizes NB-06. Its diapers contain safer ingredients and are more effective than standard products found in stores, with respect to their liquid capacity and drying speed. Coterie diapers are also hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and recommended, and free of the following chemicals: fragrances, chlorine, alcohol, parabens, dyes, VOCs, lotion, latex, rubber, and heavy metals. Parents of the MSA community have reported that Coterie diapers fit their babies extremely well, aren’t saggy, and remain dry throughout the entire night.

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10. Project Home DIY

project home diy welcome to owl home

The Cost: $49.99 per month.

ACTIVE DEAL: Limited Time Only! 30% off your first month

About The Subscription: Finally, a home decor project that the whole family can work on together. Project Home DIY lets families create themed decorations by providing all of the essential supplies they need along with written and video instructions to follow. Each monthly project is completely different from others offered by Project Home DIY and several happen to be multifunctional, like trays and calendars

First-time subscribers will receive the Essential Starter Kit to help get them started and it includes a glue gun, 10 glue sticks, one paintbrush, one sanding block, 10 pack of matte acrylic paints, and a paint tray all for free. The only items families need to supply themselves include those such as a hammer, water, screwdriver, tape, and scissors.

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11. Little Passports Subscription Boxes

Little Passports Science Expeditions

The Cost: Boxes range from $20.95 to $23.95 per month for annual plans, plus shipping. Sign up here!

About The Subscription: Little Passports is a globally-inspired educational subscription for kids of all ages. Most of their boxes focus on exploring different cultures around the world and within the US and include papercraft projects, reading, and other fun activities.

Little Passports offers the following subscription boxes for culture and geography:

Both Early Explorers and World Edition each come with a suitcase that contains essential items for worldwide exploration including a map, a passport, and facts about each destination. The USA Edition comes with a field guide, wall-size map, and facts along with other activities.

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Ships to: U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and the U.K.

12. Candy Club

Candy Club

The Cost: Starts at $29.99 per box + $8.99 shipping per month.

About The Subscription: Although it may not be the healthiest subscription for families, Candy Club is certainly one of the most delicious subscription options available. As long as each family is able to share the items in each box fairly, Candy Club can offer a fun monthly treat for the entire family to enjoy. Each candy subscription box contains up to 3 pounds of candy and flavors range from sweets to sours and even chocolate and trail mix.

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13. Brick Loot

Brick Loot

The Cost: Starts at $27.28 a month + $6 shipping to the U.S. for an annual plan ($13 a month shipping to Canada and $15 to all other countries)


About The Subscription: Founded by a 9-year-old boy, Brick Loot releases themed LEGO boxes each month, containing custom brick kit builds and minifigs, plus additional building accessories. They send a mix of exclusive goodies you can’t get anywhere else, and products from other brands. If your kid (or you) is brick obsessed, then this is a great choice for fun new themes each month that will help grow their collection (and we love that it’s supporting a young entrepreneur, too!).

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14. Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids Box Contents include recipe cards and kitchen tools

Image via our review.

The Cost: Starts at $20 per kit for an annual plan.

About The Subscription: Raddish Kids is a subscription service that delivers everything you need (minus the ingredients) to have a culinary adventure with your little ones! Targeted at children ages 4-12, Raddish Kids helps take the guesswork out of cooking with your kids and helps them to discover diverse cultures, mix math, simmer science, and taste history. Each Raddish Kit comes with the following items: three recipe guides, a kitchen tool,  a colorful apron patch, and four table talk cards, three culinary skill lessons, and a complete grocery list.

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Honorable Mentions - Other Family Subscription Boxes To Check Out

15. UnboxBoardom

Board Game from UnboxBoardom

The Cost: Starts at $29.99 per month.

ACTIVE DEAL: Addiction - $5 off first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

About The Subscription: UnboxBoardom is a subscription board game service that offers several types of games including family games, strategy games, and party games. This board game subscription is intended for use by ages 8 and older and families will receive a new game each and every month to try out.

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding UnboxBoardom to your subscription list or wishlist.

16. Kids Night In Box

The Cost: $41.99 per month

About The Subscription: Kids Night In Box combines play with life lessons and educational aspects to help children focus on the joy of engaging in new experiences rather than turn to a screen or basic toys for fun. These for this kids subscription box vary each month and each box includes items such as books, activities, recipes, and life lessons. Kids Night In Box is geared towards kids ages 3-8 but older kids and adults are sure to be entertained if they participate as well.

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17. Escape The Crate

The Cost: $29.99 bi-monthly.

About The Subscription: Escape the Crate is a bi-monthly subscription-box-based game that basically works as a mini escape room experience. Escape the Crate delivers new adventures every 2 months that might involve murder mysteries, time travel stories, defusing bombs, and other exciting challenges. Since the games can be a bit difficult for younger children, this box is recommended for kids ages 10+. Each game can take up to 3 hours to complete and comes with items such as envelopes, glossy papers, and PROPS to help bring the game to life!

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18. Puzzle Culture Box

Puzzle Culture Bee Kind

The Cost: $34.99 per quarter.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 10% any subscription level

About The Subscription: Last, but not least, there's always that one family who loves completing puzzles. Puzzle Culture Box is a quarterly subscription that provides families with a unique 1000-piece puzzle that showcases independent artists' artwork and comes with 3-5 curated gifts.

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What are your family's favorite subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments!

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