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See New: The Skincare Box Reviews

Is See New: The Skincare Box Right For You?

Updated February 22, 2023 | Verified Since 2023

See New: The Skincare BoxVerified by MSA
3.7 overall rating
Starting at $47.00
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See New: The Skincare Box Overview

About the Brand

See New is bi-monthly skincare subscription focused on highlighting both new brands and cult favorites. Each box features 4-5 full-size products from a single brand allowing for an immersive experience.

See New offers two beauty subscription boxes: The Skincare Box (4-5 items for whole body care) and The Essentials (2-3 items for more minimalist care). Both beauty subscription boxes focus on a single brand for each month, such as Tbg, Dirty Lamb, and Aster Raine, and include beauty products like lip scrub, cleaning oil, toner, and serum. See New Skincare is the ideal beauty subscription for people who are looking to clean up their beauty routine, and use more sustainably sourced products.

Key Info

  • Price:$47.00 Bi-Monthly
  • Founded In:2018
  • Ships To:Worldwide
  • Retail Value:$190.00

What It’s Like to Subscribe to See New Skincare


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How See New Skincare Works

Become a member of See New Skincare by purchasing either The Skincare Box (4-5 products) or The Essentials (2-3 products). The total retail value of items in each Skincare Box amounts to $200-300, while the Essentials Box holds a retail value of $100-$150. Subscribers receive 20% off the entire store, and members can seamlessly swap between The Skincare Box and The Essentials.

Examples of Past Products

  • Forest Rhapsody
  • Honua Hawaiian Skincare
  • Kahina Giving Beauty
  • Circcell

Current Box Inclusions

The following beauty products are featured in the November/December subscription box by Tbg. Skincare:

  • SEA Face Mask
  • LAVA Face Mask
  • SUNRAY Hair Serum
  • EARTH Body Scrub
  • GOLD Face Scrub

The Essentials Box contains only the face mask, hair serum, and body scrub.

Pricing Options

Currently, there are only two options available for pricing. The Skincare Box is available for $47, and The Essentials Box is available for $37. You can choose to receive your beauty subscription box either bi-monthly or quarterly.

See New Skincare Pros and Cons



  • Cleaner and more ethical beauty products
  • Includes premium products extended at a price below their retail value
  • Products target the main areas of skincare


  • Each box only features one brand’s products
  • Boxes do not allow for customization
  • It is not currently possible to subscribe to individual items

What Else Should You Know About See New Skincare


Each subscription box is hand-packaged by both of See New Skincare’s founders in Denver, CO. The founders believe that See New is one of the first beauty subscription boxes that is designed to accentuate each person’s distinct features and natural beauty, rather than cover it up. They also strive to make skincare as simple and natural as possible. Each brand included in See New Skincare’s subscription box sources its ingredients from real plants and botanicals.

Is See New Skincare Worth It?


Considering the retail value for each box is around 5X more than the price you pay, we believe that See New Skincare is worth a try! It’s also one of the cleanest beauty subscription boxes we’ve come across, and all featured brands are major consumer favorites. You get a little bit of everything if you go with The Skincare Box, whereas The Essentials will still cover your beauty bases.

How See New Skincare Compares to Other Skincare Subscriptions


See New Skincare VS The Clean Beauty Box: The Clean Beauty Box is available for $44.95 every other month, and includes 2-3 full-size, clean, conscious and cruelty-free skin, hair and body products. It’s similar to See New Skincare, as its products are also derived from a single brand, however, its pricing is higher for the same amount of products. The Clean Beauty Box tends to contain more organic options. While both beauty subscriptions are quite similar, one benefit to subscribing to See New is receiving more products for a similar price.


See New Skincare VS The Detox Box: The Detox Box costs $55/month and features 4 products from a single brand. Many of the beauty products included in The Detox Box are organic, making it more expensive than See New Skincare. One benefit to using The Detox Box is that it may include beauty products like lipstick that are not usually found in See New Skincare.


See New Skincare VS Kinder Beauty: Kinder Beauty offers 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty subscription boxes, which contain at least three full-sized beauty products and a handful of other sample-sized items, for $26/month. While Kinder Beauty is less expensive than See New Skincare, it tends to have fewer organic options, but it does include other products not found in See New Skincare, like lipstick and hair gel.

See New: The Skincare Box Reviews

See New: The Skincare Box News

See New: The Skincare Box Spoilers

See New: The Skincare Box FAQ

How much does See New Skincare cost?
See New Skincare offers two subscription boxes. The Skincare Box costs $47 and The Essentials box costs $37.
How do you skip your upcoming See New Skincare shipment?
You will need to log in to your account and then go to the section “Manage Subscription”. Once you’re there, locate “Manage Upcoming Orders” and select the option “Skip Order”.
How do you cancel your See New Skincare subscription?
You will need to log in to your account and select “Manage Subscription”. Then, simply select the option for “Cancel Subscription”.
When does See New Skincare ship?
See New ships on the 5th of the month. Once subscribed shipping dates are: 1/5, 3/5, 5/5, 7/5, 9/5, and 11/5. Quarterly subscriptions may differ, and the purchase date can also affect the shipping date. To confirm order timing, go to “Log Into Your Account,” then “Manage Subscriptions,” and lastly “Next Order Date”.
When will you receive your See New Skincare box?
If you live in the United States, you can expect to receive your subscription box within 3-5 business days after placing an order. If you live internationally, then your subscription box may take anywhere between 7-21 days to arrive.
Does See New Skincare offer free shipping?
See New Skincare offers free shipping on all orders that exceed $40, as well for subscription boxes that are being shipped within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. Canadian shipping is a flat charge of $14.99, and international shipping has a flat charge of $25.
What if the products in a box don't work for your skip type or you are allergic?
Customers are advised to reach out to See New Skincare directly by email, and they will be happy to accommodate.

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

3.7 overall rating

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Subscriber Reviews

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1st Time Poster!
"Best skincare box ever!"
Aug 16, 2022
I absolutely adore this box. I found some gems that work very well for my skin. Whatever did not work, I gifted to others. The best part about their products is that they are natural and are not laden with terrible chemicals. I hope that this box continues on for a really long time.
Gabriella Martine
Gabriella Martine
1st Time Poster!
"AMAZING box, but would like a second variation for people who have acne we don't have to skip a box"
Jun 9, 2022
I LOVE my seenew box. I (not so) patiently wait for spoilers so I can see what I'll be getting (if I don't skip). I absolutely love trying new products and brands, learning about brands I've never heard of and falling in love with their products, and knowing that I'm always going to get high quality products from trustworthy brands. However, I wish I didn't have to skip as many boxes as I do! Since the box only comes every other month, I really hate when I have to wait 4 months in between boxes. But sometimes I need to skip, because a lot of the products you include contain coconut oil, and I have acne. I don't know that the products will break me out, but I don't want to take the risk, especially if coconut oil is in more than one product. Coconut oil is known to be highly comedogenic, and I know many people skip for that reason. I received the honua mahealani balm, which does NOT have coconut oil, and it broke me out SO badly. I WISH you had an option for people with acne.
Annie T.
Annie T.
3 reviews
"My skin loves see new"
Mar 8, 2022
Really enjoying my see new subscription. I subscribed during their honua box and I am beyond thrilled with how my skin looks. I had a question on a certain product for an upcoming box and I got in touch with their founder and promptly responded. I have to say I am quite impressed. Will keep this subscription for awhile.
3 reviews
"Favorite subscription"
Oct 6, 2021
Loved my Dirty Lamb box. Can't wait to see what's in the next box already!
Mega Monarch
Mega Monarch
1st Time Poster!
"Beautifully Ethical Skincare from a Boulder, CO Power Couple"
Oct 2, 2021
I love this box! The quality of the products, the lovingly packed presentation, the incredible value of the products compared to the cost of the box are all a few of the many reasons that this is fantastic. Add to that the wonderful values that the Boulder, CO based couple founders share of vegan and cruelty free skincare and you have a beautiful way to care for yourself that leaves the world better than you find it. I highly recommend this box for anyone who cares about their skin as much as they care for the world around them.🌟💛💫 My photo is unfiltered and without any face makeup for reference. I used the See New Skincare x Dirty Lamb box🥰
Judy Barrow
Judy Barrow
3 reviews
"Best skincare box on many levels"
Aug 8, 2021
Beautiful packaging, fast shipping, all full size from same brand, fantastic value, great ingredients...does anyone need more?
2 reviews
"Cancel your other subscriptions now!"
Jul 30, 2021
I canceled all my other subscriptions after trying See New. It is the best subscription box out there, period. So glad I found this one through MSA, it's been one of my favorite quarantine finds.
Lisa Portuondo Wheeler
Lisa Portuondo Wheeler
3 reviews
"Best Skincare Box on the Market "
Jul 17, 2021
If you are looking for a replacement for the Clean Beauty Box, this is the box. 4-5 full size clean beauty products and all from the same brand. Bi-monthly or Quarterly (you choose) to avoid product overload. Easily skip a box if you want. Lesser known indie brands from all over the world.
1st Time Poster!
"The best skincare box!!"
Mar 10, 2021
Absolutely the best skincare box out there. They always have the highest quality for the best price. I love the hand written notes they include. I have tried many boxes over the years. This box I will always keep. You can’t beat it!
4 reviews
Feb 2, 2021
very impressed with my skin essence box from see new!

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See New: The Skincare BoxVerified by MSA
3.7 overall rating
Starting at $47.00
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