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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box Spoilers: Customization 1 Choices

ByMSAApr 19, 2021 | 88 comments

3.6 overall rating
1080 Ratings | 221 Reviews

We have spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box!

FYI – This box is not live yet. If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box. 

Starting with the Summer 2021 box, Annual Members will be able to customize their entire box. Seasonal Members will get one more Customization option. All members will be able to Swap for Credit – swap the box for e-commerce credit you can use towards Boost My Box, reFills, Add-Ons, Edit Sales, themed sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items!

Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Summer Box:

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum $64

Featuring two super-powered forms of vitamin C, this serum delivers instant brightness while reducing hyperpigmentation.

PMD BeautyClean (Teal) $99

Cleanse and tone the appearance of your skin with this smart facial cleansing device, which cleanses the skin with over 7,000 vibrations per minute.

Neoprene Beach Tote in Pink/Red or Blue/Green $80

Tote your everyday essentials in this stylish neoprene bag, whether you’re headed to the beach or pool!

Virginia WolfMulti Wear Wrap $60

Whether you wear it as a sarong or drape it around your shoulders, this wrap can be styled in so many different ways.

Society6 Outdoor Blanket $60

This easy-to-carry blanket is water-resistant, making it perfect for your outdoor picnics.

Society6 Wine Chiller $49.99

Keep your wine chilled and looking cute in this stainless steel chiller.

L*Space Tie Dye Towel $58 

This boho-chic tie-dye towel features a beautiful blend of pastel blue and purple tones.

IMPORTANT DATES: Add-Ons open for Annual Members on Thursday, May 6th and Customization opens on Friday, May 7th. Add-Ons opens for Seasonal Members on Thursday, May 20th and Customization opens on Friday, May 21st. All windows open at 9am PST.

Want to upgrade your account for early access? Click here.

What do you think of the spoilers? 


If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box – check out the full spoilers here.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.

FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription that sends subscribers 8-10 items every season worth over $200. Boxes include amazing products that are trend-savvy ranging from full-size skincare and beauty products, to wellness products, to accessories, to decor and more every season. While some ite... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I see that a few people have the tie dye towel. Can you tell me if it’s microfiber or terry cloth?

Christine Grcar

Its is 100% cotton and made in India. I love mine and excited to get another


Thanks, that is good to know. That will be my choice. I just didn’t want any microfiber, can’t stand it.


I don’t know the exacts but the blanket doesn’t look too big at all. I think I will go for the towel maybe? But I feel same as you – everything is kind of meh 😑


I actually don’t own one of them thar PMD thangys . But since everyone else does it must be good right? I have just used my good old fingers.


I actually use mine everyday and love it! Maybe this is a silly problem but I have never been able to wash my face without water dripping from my hands, down my arms and all over my counters before this. 😅😂


Not, it is not just you:) I have the exact same issue. Water and cleanser all over my hands and sink. I have the foreo and I do like it. I use it every 2-3 days and my skin feels very smooth after using it. Almost like after a gentle exfoliation.


I have one and I almost never remember to use it. I don’t think it really does anything.


Same. I have a mini Foreo, too and same with that.


This will be a hard choice. I like the PMD brush, the wrap and the blanket.


I am always surprised at the reviews, because they’re often polarized. I loved the spring box, but this one is a dud (so far). I can’t imagine running a subscription company with so many diverse tastes to satisfy. Overall though, and I speak as a true subscription enthusiast, fff has managed to keep my business. I have tried others and canceled. Main reason is the unexpected utility and appreciation of items that I wouldn’t normally buy. I remind myself why I subscribe…it is because I don’t always know myself or my preferences…and being a low-maintenance and practical consumer, this sub gives me license to pamper myself for roughly 50$/quarter. That’s a whole lot of junk food and bad habit purchases lol.


I can’t understand why anyone would complain about these choices. They are all great products! Lots of variations of products to choose from depending on what type of taste and person you are. In my opinion Fab Fit Fun is the very best box on the market. Their customer service is top notch! And I can’t imagine not being a customer of this company for years to come! I really hate hearing any negative comments. Please look at the positive side of things in life!! #FabFitFun


I think several of the products are too similar to previous boxes or many of us longer term sub box people are burnt out and harder to please. I like this box so far, but those might be contributing factors.


I think the problem is just that the amount of stuff in this box is overwhelming and it reminds us of how we’re destroying the earth with our endless consumerism – but yeah as far as boxes go, it’s one of the better ones. I like these choices so I may just resubscribe then cancel again if the summer box is this good. But I really don’t feel good about all the stuff I’m accumulating so if I don’t like the rest of the choices I’ll pass. It has to be stuff I’ll use or it’s a no go. I still have a TON of unopened stuff from FFF so I don’t need any more.

Michelle F.

I was going to go with the wine chiller because I think you can use it all year long, but in the Customization Close up video Tasha said the Wine Chiller and Blanket are retro designs. I’m in my early 30’s and I don’t want to be perceived as older. Now I’ll probably get the multi-wear wrap. Maybe I’ll get a stainless steel wine chiller on Amazon later.


In your early 30s and don’t want to be perceived as “older”?…splutter, gasp, snork. Uhh…no one is going to perceive you as older when you’re in your early 30s unless you hang around with 12-year-olds. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Susanna Gardner

So true.
Live for yourself not to please others or avoid a future perceived shaming.
Retro is fun. If it matches your desires, you like it. Choose it.


The wrap looks pretty granny to me…definitely not the direction I’d go if I didn’t want to look older.

Also, “retro designs” are trendy right now. But regardless, I don’t think someone will see you with a retro print wine chiller and make literally any correlation to your age.


IMO the wine cooler and the blanket look “younger” than the wrap lol.


Perceived by whom? Strangers at the park? When you get to 40, you wise up and realize that it’s not smart to care what strangers at the park think of you. Same with women at the exercise class in the gym who are scared to be next to the door or the window of the classroom, so other gym goers might see them. Snort. First, they’re busy with their workout and couldn’t give a hoot about you. Second, you picked what you wanted (wine chiller or gym membership) and paid for it. Adults don’t care what strangers think about them.


These are simply meh for me. I was hoping for something better. I already have so many facial devices, serums and bags from sub boxes. Hoping the next category is better.


Once again, FFF assumes that everyone lives at the beach or vacations there every summer. Yes these are very nice items for beach outings. But we don’t all do that.
I would choose the outdoor blanket but it just screams 1978. A couple other boxes have beaten them to the PMD cleans. The wrap is cute but I’m not my style. So I guess it’s the serum for me. Here’s hoping the entire box doesn’t make the same assumption.

Teresa M Juronics

I hadn’t gotten that towel and wanted it ever since. Very happy to see it reappear.


I have the towel and love it! Probably getting another one as my choice.


Really underwhelmed by the choices, so many boxes have that exact version of the PMD and while it’s great, who needs another? Just by process of elimination I’m going with the blanket or the wine cooler because I don’t need/won’t use any of the rest. The second choice is supposed to drop today and hoping for sunglasses!


Nothing in this box is appealing to me. Just a bunch of junk to sit around and collect dust…. FFF has really gone down hill, I’m glad I canceled!!!! Things they used to have excited me… now just junk. Bye FFF 👋🏻


I don’t like these choices. But, specifically what is the deal with that PMD cleaner being a big ticket item in all the lifestyle subscription boxes? Those brushes gross me out.


No from me. If the other categories are the same as the survey that was going around last month like this one was, it’ll be an easy, definite skip for points.


I’m going to get the serum.. I hear a lot of good things about it… Nothing else really excites me. Too many totes.. Couldn’t use the wine chiller.. The wrap is pretty, but I just don’t have the body for it. I already have a PMD, a Foreo, a Foreo Luna, a Foreo fofo.. etc.. Don’t need another cleaning tool.. And I don’t think I would use the outdoor blanket.

Can’t wait to see the next spoilers!!


I think all the choices are terrible.


I took a break from subscription boxes for two years because I too was on product overload. The summer box will be my first box again and I am ecstatic about the PMD. I’ll probably get the wrap as an add on as I do live near the beach and I live in tank tops and flip flops all summer! I’m actually pretty excited for this box and the fact that it is fully customizable is a definite win for me as well!


I will be picking the outdoor blanket. Looking forward to the other spoilers!


I think all the choices are horrible.


You said that already, Robin. Why comment on multiple posts? You don’t like the choices, we get it. Move along and let others enjoy themselves.


That PMD is everywhere, I swear. I have a Luna Foreo that I’m pretty sure I got from a FFF a few years ago, which I don’t really use anyway.

Bring us the PMD body at least. That would be a different box addition at least.

I’ll probably go with the serum because I’ll actually use it, but I don’t need more skincare at this point. Hopefully the next customization groups have some things that work for me.


Annual subscriber. Still waiting for my spring box and add-on’s 🙁
Multiple emails to CS. Same response “two weeks”


Annual subscriber. Still waiting for my spring box and add-on’s 🙁
Multiple emails to CS. Same response “two weeks”


I don’t want any of these.


I guess I’m going with the serum, although the reviews aren’t great. I’m not interested in anything else. I believe this is my last FFF box, as I cancelled last year.
I’m in my 40s and have tons of reusable bags, don’t need an outdoor blanket (because my back with FREAK OUT) on the floor, don’t drink wine, the towel is not very absorbent (it was sent to me in the past) and the rest is blah.
I’m at the point of my life where I’d rather just take the $50 and put it towards something that I know works for my lifestyle. Or $50 in postage stamps world also be great. 😂


Right, A trip to Marshalls or TJ Max with $50 and you can put together your own custom box. I think I will do this when mine runs out.
I just don’t see why FFF doesn’t listen to us and change things up.

Beth in Oklahoma

Agree as well. I’m nearly 55. Funny how the more money you have to spend, the less you find to spend it on, with these boxes.


Absolutely. I’m 61. Completely agree.


Annual subscriber since 2013. Still waiting for my spring box and add-on’s 🙁
Multiple emails to CS. Same response “two weeks”


I don’t need another serum but Summer Fridays makes AMAZING skincare – awesome brand choice FFF!


I’m just not excited with the options lately. It’s the same stuff every season of every year. How many wraps, beach towels, and bags can a person use. FFF used to think more “outside the box.” Fitness band, quirky pool/water accessories, upscale vacation journal with expensive pen, pretty anklet? I don’t want choices that were “warehouse leftovers” from seasons past. That’s what the warehouse sales were for.

I also wish they would stop “selling out” items during the sales only to miraculously have more at the next sale. I get it. You’re trying to only make so many available at a time to create demand, but it’s too obvious. Do they think no one is smart enough to put 2 and 2 together?

I’m sorry, I’m just venting, and I do love FFF, but I’ve been a subscriber for years and I’m begging them to give me any reason to stay. 😥 They used to make me feel special and as they grew, it just seems to be more about the money and less about the fabulous brand they created. I miss you! Come back!

Miz T

You may be just venting but you pretty much summed up my feelings, and I’m guessing we’re not alone, EXACTLY!


Can you please post a photo of the orange blanket tag? I want to see if it is machine washable.


Size, too!


I just checked the Society6 website and it doesn’t say if it is machine washable. I work in the printing industry and from the copy, I don’t think the design will hold up more than dozen times in the washer and dryer without some heavy fading, because it say’s “water resistant.” This is an item, you’ll probably just want to wipe down and it will be fine. Will that stop me from getting it? Nope! I’d love to have this to keep in my car for when my dog wants to go to the park, but doesn’t actually want to go for a walk.
50″ x 60″
Durable woven polyester topside printed with art
polyester-canvas on reverse
Includes a carrying harness for easy transportation
UV coated to protect against fading
Water resistant top and bottom

Michelle F.

I’m between the wine chiller and the wrap. I love the print on the wrap but I can only use it during the summer. The wine chiller can be used all year long so I’ll probably go with that. I already have a silicone face scrubber because there are so many cheap alternatives on Amazon.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.