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Moms + Babes Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Summer 2020

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJul 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Moms + Babes Box
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Moms + Babes is a quarterly subscription service that caters to both moms and their young kids. This subscription previously offered dedicated boxes for moms and infants, moms and toddlers, and just for moms, but last year they combined the boxes—now only one box is offered. Each box is promised to contain $150+ in retail value.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Box for Moms

The Subscription Box: Moms + Babes

The Cost: $59 per quarter. Past boxes are available for one-time purchase at a discounted cost.

The Products: At least six full-size, premium products for moms and their babies 4x a year. Every box is promised to contain $150+ in product.

Ships to: The US (free shipping) & International (for a $20 flat rate)

Moms + Babes Summer 2020 Review


I'm going to say such a mom thing: wow, time really flies! Every day while quarantining and social distancing with a toddler has felt kind of like an eternity, and yet it feels like just yesterday I received my Spring Moms + Babes box. This quarter I'm happy to see the amount of items meant for mamas vs. little people is much more balanced—in the last delivery there wasn't much that was suited to my almost-2-year-old daughter Lorelai, which made taking my time exploring the box with her by my side tricky. So, yay for regained harmony this time around!

Note about the info pamphlet pictured above: there were some inconsistencies between the products listed and what I actually received, but Moms + Babes confirmed that those were typos on their end, and that the items I got in my box are correct. I'll note each one below as I go through the products.

Ready to see what Lorelai and I were sent for summer?

For Babes:


Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream, 6 fl oz - Retail Value $9.99

This pediatrician-approved eczema cream checks off all the boxes: it's cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, free of synthetic fragrance and colors, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free. Best of all, it worked really well for us! Lorelai's soft baby skin gave way to deep dryness on her arms and legs this past winter, and the dryness has continued into summer now that we're swimming in the pool a couple times per week. Our Burt's Bees baby lotion wasn't cutting it so I tried the Honest Co. eczema cream, but that was also too thin. Rather than continuing to buy products I started using straight-up olive oil to moisturize her skin (it made a mess, but it did the job). This cream is a tiny bit sticky when you first rub it on, but that quality fades before long and offers lasting hydration. I would definitely buy it again!

This is the first product in this quarter's box that was listed as something different on the Moms + Babes info card. I was expecting to receive a Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy shampoo, which also would have been a welcome addition!


CeraVe Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45, 3.5 fl oz - Retail Value $17.99

I'm really glad that Moms + Babes didn't pass up the opportunity to send a good, natural sunscreen for us to try. I come from a long line of fair, freckly skin, and I take sunscreen wear very seriously for myself and my daughter. I've done a lot of research on kid-friendly sunscreen options that are free from terrible ingredients, but somehow hadn't encountered the CeraVe brand until now. It contains 11.4% zinc oxide and 7.4% titanium dioxide for 100% mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 45 UV protection. It's a little thick going on, but it's not too oily and not too opaque, and didn't wash off right away in the pool.

Side note: my friend asked me recently how I convince Lorelai to wear sunscreen every day. Of course, being a toddler, she isn't always amenable to it, but something that's worked well for me is simply putting it on together. Sometimes that means making a show of putting it on my own face, then on hers. Sometimes it means actually letting her rub it on my arms or legs, with my help, and then encouraging her to rub it on her own, also with my help. Just thought I'd share what works for us!


Nature Soothie Relax Soothie Lollipops, 3 count - Estimated Value $4.50 (Buy 12 for $17.99)

Lorelai started asking for lollipops long before she had ever tried one because her toy xylophone mallet looks like one (how she knew that, I will never know), until one day a very kind and loving grandmotherly figure working in our grocery store offered her a dum-dum. It totally took me by surprise, but the lollipop was basically already in Lorelai's hand by the time the woman asked my permission, so I just rolled with it. Lorelai was in her glory, but it left me wondering why we as a society haven't done a better job of eliminating high-fructose corn syrup from our children's diets, and I ordered some honey lollipops for her the very next day. They were a different brand, but very similar to these! I love that they have a more subtle sweetness, and Lorelai likes them, too. The packaging of these Nature Soothies recommends ages 4+ so I kept a close eye on Lorelai as she enjoyed hers—and I'm glad I did, because after awhile the honey part popped off of the stick and I had to throw it away. I might tuck the other 2 away for when she's a little older.


Baby Banana Blue Banana Toothbrush - Retail Value $8.95

We know and love the Baby Banana, and Lorelai loved her classic yellow one when she started teething as a baby! Actually, now as a toddler, she still occasionally looks for it in her toy box and pretends to brush her teeth with it. We also received a dragon version in a previous Moms + Babes box, which proved to not be as reached-for as the banana shape. I have a brand new nephew who just arrived a few months ago, so I'll be passing this one along to him!


LimeLife by Alcone Little Snooze Soothing Balm, 5.7 oz - Retail Value $28

We received a second baby lotion in this box, this time with lavender and aloe vera in its formula for soothing and calming qualities. I recognize this brand from the high-quality eye cream (for mom) sent in my first Moms + Babes box. This lotion is nice, and while it serves a different purpose from the Happy Cappy cream, I did find myself wishing for a bit more variety.


Bonus: 2 LimeLife by Alcone Samples

We were also sent this package with 2 samples of other baby products that LimeLife offers: baby shampoo and sunscreen. I haven't used them yet simply because sample packets like these are not a part of our daily rhythm and are hard for me to remember to reach for, but I look forward to giving them a try. With them came a booklet showing all the offerings in this line of baby products.


Redline Steel Gift Card for $39.50

I set this card aside thinking it was a random coupon—"random" because its branding didn't seem to match any of the products I was sent—until noticing in the info booklet that it's an actual gift card valued at $39.50. One of the moms who curates Moms + Babes mentioned in the info booklet that she bought her daughter a Redline Steel sign that says 'Dream Big' with a unicorn on it—which, of course, is $54 so not covered by the cost of the gift card we were sent, though they do carry a selection of baby animal signs that are mostly under $30. I couldn't find a sign that felt like a good fit for our home, but for those who can nab one they like—either covered by the cost of the gift card or greatly discounted because of it—this would feel like a great big-ticket item that would increase the value of this box.


Fisher-Price Dough Dots - Retail Value $5.01

Lorelai immediately reached for this bright yellow ball when I first opened my Moms + Babes box! I want to point out that the intro card stated this item was from Play-Doh, but the item I received is actually by Fisher-Price. It's an important distinction to make because I found that Fisher-Price dough has a different consistency than Play-Doh. The dough was wrapped in plastic inside the yellow "dot" (which is very much like a plastic Easter egg), and when I unwrapped it and handed it over to Lorelai, who was sitting on my backdrop paper, it somehow released tiny yellow crumbles into my shag rug a few feet away. And there they shall remain 'til the end of time. Needless to say, I threw the dough away as soon as I could negotiate it back out of Lorelai's hands. She still enjoyed putting other little toys inside the plastic ball, but it was a bummer that the dough didn't work out.


Trolls Play Pack - Estimated Value $1.25 (Buy 6 for $7.50)

The last Babes item is this "play pack," which contains a small coloring book, four crayons, and a sheet of stickers. It's not very high-quality, but it's a cute idea for tossing into the diaper bag for times when you need something novel to pull out for your kid. Lorelai has never seen Trolls, but when she saw the pink one on the front of the package she gleefully yelled "Abby!" thinking it was Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. She colored in the coloring book for about 10 seconds before spreading her creativity out onto my photo backdrop (as you may have noticed a preview of in earlier photos)! In the end it turned out to be the sticker sheet that led to multiple days of entertainment for her.

For Moms:


Snow Lip Scrub Exfoliator, 30 g - Retail Value $44

The first Moms item is this lip scrub from the teeth-whitening company Snow. The quality was evident in the unboxing experience, so I wasn't surprised to see that it's valued at $44! That said, it didn't come with the applicator (listed as having an $18 value) that's included when you buy it directly from the Snow website. It's too bad, because the applicator seems pretty great. In Snow's words, it "doubles as a cooling under-eye roller to combat puffiness for those tired mornings." The lip scrub was nice, though! It's a sugar scrub so the tiny bit that went into my mouth tasted delicious, haha.


The Zoie Company All Natural Lip Balm in Vanilla + Cherry - Retail Value $7.98 ($3.99 each)

Summer isn't usually a time when I reach for lip balm, though I never mind having a new one to toss into my purse! This duo is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. I was sent a vanilla and a cherry flavor and both are very pleasant. I like that these lip balms have very simple ingredients, so I thought I'd list them for you to see:

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Vanilla Flavor, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract


Battington Beauty Monroe 3D Silk Lashes - Retail Value $28

Here's another product that, as I handled its packaging, was very obviously high-quality! And while I'm sure lots of gals out there would be really pumped to have the chance to doll up in fancy silk false eyelashes, I can't say they're something I'm reaching for while quarantining/socially distancing with a toddler by my side. That said, my husband and I were invited to a very small wedding in the fall, and if things calm down with covid to the point that we are actually able to attend, these might be fun to try for that occasion.


Wanu Flavored Water in Peach, 16 fl oz — Estimated Value $1.99 (Buy a 12 pack for $23.99)

It's not uncommon for Moms + Babes to include a drink in this box, which I find to be very interesting and fun! This one is a peach-flavored water that's fortified with fiber and B12, and is low on carbs + sugar. It's both sweet and refreshing. My husband and I shared this drink over the course of a couple of days, pulling it out of the fridge for sips here or there, and when it was gone Lorelai enjoyed tasting drops of what remained. I was glad that it was sent in a bottle she could play with, as opposed to a can that I would have to keep away from my girl (as was the case one quarter).


Zhou Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, 60 count - Retail Value $12.24

These apple cider vinegar gummies are meant to offer the benefits of apple cider vinegar but without the potency or harshness of consuming it in its liquid form. I personally am unbothered by the zing of ACV and often blend it with other natural ingredients when I feel a cold coming on, so to me these gummies truly just tasted like candy. But I do appreciate that they are gelatin-free, so any vegan mamas out there can enjoy them!

There is a warning on the label that says to keep out of reach of children, which strikes me as odd for inclusion in a box that's meant for moms and their kids—and, you better believe Lorelai was keyed into the presence of gummies when I pulled this container out of the box. I guess it wouldn't be an issue for moms with infants, and obviously not every item included in this subscription has to be suited to both parties, but it would be nice if items that are edible—especially something as enticing to a toddler as gummies—could be shared together. Rather than a product I need to distract my daughter to try.


Dickinson's Witch Hazel Refreshingly Clean Daily Cleansing Cloths - Retail Value $6.49

This final item is a nice dark horse product—cleansing wipes may not seem like a major score, but they've really come in handy for me! While our pool is open at limited capacity this summer, the showers in the locker rooms are closed as a safety precaution, and these wipes have been nice for giving my face a quick refresher until I can shower at home (or, let's be honest, sometimes the shower has to wait 'til the next day).


One last thing they sent was this card that gives information about the Olivia Hope Foundation, which is dedicated to childhood cancer awareness. While at first I was sad seeing this information, it did make me pause, take a moment of gratitude, and squeeze Lorelai extra tight. It's never fun to discover new reasons to worry as a parent, but it's important to be informed, and this seems like a hope-giving foundation, which is wonderful.

Verdict: Whew, these Moms + Babes boxes really pack in a full experience! I received 14 items this quarter, which added up to a total retail value of $215.89. I calculated this value using some estimates based on items that can only be purchased in bulk. The total retail value of this box goes down to $197.89 if you subtract $18 for the Snow lip scrub applicator that was not included in the M+B box but is included when you buy the scrub on the Snow website for the same price it's listed as here. For a $59 box (with free shipping), either is a great value. I will say, though, that I would be happy if next quarter came with a few fewer items if it meant all of what's included is amazing quality. This box tends to have a wide range of really nice, high-end products alongside items that almost feel like an afterthought, and the latter makes the curation as a whole feel a little less special.

To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you subscribe today? Yes, as of publication, you'll receive their Summer box.

Value Breakdown: With a $215.89 value and a cost of $59/quarter, here's about what you're paying per item:

  • Happy Cappy Eczema Cream: $2.73
  • CeraVe Sunscreen: $4.92
  • Honey Lollipops: $1.23
  • Baby Banana: $2.45
  • Little Snooze Lotion: $7.65
  • Redline Steel GC: $10.79
  • Dough Dot: $1.37
  • Trolls Play Pack: $0.34
  • Snow Lip Scrub: $12.02
  • Lip Balm Duo: $2.18 (or $1.09 each)
  • Silk Lashes: $7.65
  • Wanu Drink: $0.54
  • ACV Gummies: $3.34
  • Cleansing Cloths: $1.77

Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $4.21.

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