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Scentbird Skincare Review + Coupon – April 2020

scentbird skincare selection review april 2020

Scentbird is a perfume, skincare, makeup, and more subscription where you choose one scented item per month. They offer a variety of authentic designer scents as well as makeup, skincare, and bath/body items.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Scentbird

The Subscription Box: Scentbird

The Cost: $14.95 a month for one product, $25.00 a month for 2, or $35.00 for 3. Save with longer subscriptions. Premium brands have an upgrade charge ranging from $5.00-15.00.

COUPON: Buy one month, get your second month free! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Your choice of fragrance, skincare, candles, makeup, and more!

Ships to: The US

Scentbird Skincare April Review

Scentbird might already be your go-to for scents each month but when we discovered they also offer skincare as a monthly option? You know I had to sign up!! The skincare options work similarly to the fragrances. Within the shop, simply select the skincare tab and start adding items to your queue.


Here is an example of some of the brands and products. There are limited numbers of each, though they seem to be restocked quite often. In the upper right-hand corner of each image, you can see your upgrade cost which is added to your normal membership price. These upgrades range from $5-15, though some of the less expensive items have no additional charge.

Here is what my queue currently looks like. In my first month of November, I saved a ton of money. I decided to up my membership to the 2 products per month plan ($25.00/month) to see how far I could stretch my membership dollars.

What did I pick this month? Let’s dive in!

I chose two products this month, both from green beauty darling, Loli.


LOLI Plum Elixer Oil, 0.81 fl oz – Retail Value $68.00

FYI: This item has a $10 premium upcharge.

Our #1 best selling, glow-inducing plum serum instantly hydrates parched, dry skin, chapped lips and damaged hair. Sustainably up-cycled from the kernel of the French Ente plum, this vegan, MADE SAFE® certified beauty oil is a completely waterless blend of four organic, food grade seed oils. Use this day and night for mega rejuvenation of even the most sensitive skin types.

This is a formula I have heard rave reviews about, and I love how conscious the LOLI brand is, so it was an easy choice, even with the $10 upcharge! I knew this would be a winner just from the ingredients: plum seed oil, pomegranate oil, tea seed oil, and sea buckthorn. That is a lot of healthy vitamins and fatty acids that my skin just LOVES. Also, this oil is so multipurpose that it might be able to take over most of your routine if you are a minimalist. You can use it on your hair, face, nails, lips, and skin. It is instantly hydrating and should improve skin texture and overall appearance over time. It has a yummy fruity + nutty scent too. I reserve this oil for nighttime because it is a little heavy for day IMO and if you are super fair like me, the orange from the sea buckthorn oil can be just BARELY noticeable on skin. I am pretty obsessed with this stuff and think it absolutely lived up to the hype.


LOLI Tea Seed Elixer Oil, 0.81 fl oz – Retail Value $42.00

When all you want is luminosity (sans oiliness) for your skin, Tea Seed Elixir delivers. This smart cocktail of sweet orange, pink grapefruit and nourishing oils from tea seed, flaxseed and apricot balances oil production, shrinks blemishes and brightens skin tone.

FYI: My second item this month arrived looking a little less full than the first. LOLI tends to leave a little space in their bottles but this seemed like more empty air than usual. I didn’t notice any leakage in the box, and the product itself seemed totally fine, but I decided to reach out to Scentbird regardless. I will update this review if/when I hear back from them!

UPDATE: 6/1: Scentbird offered to replace this item, though it was currently sold out. I was offered a choice of items on the site. I chose a perfume as a replacement.

This is a really wonderful daytime oil option if you want the hydration boost but with less oiliness. It smells bright and citrusy, with a little bit of a floral bent. The citrus inside is great if you are experiencing a spot or two and my skin just feels like heaven wearing this. I also found it was light enough to play well under my (barely there) makeup, which is another bonus. This was another win and an oil I can absolutely see adding to my permanent routine.

UPDATE 6/8: Here is my replacement perfume:

Etat Libra d’Orange ‘True Lust’ Perfume

This is a perfume that has become difficult to find stateside (outside of discount sites which I don’t always trust), so I snapped it up as I have always wanted to try it and I have an inking it might be discontinued. It has notes of powder, jasmine, leather, coconut, and rum, YUM! It takes a few moments for the powder scent to give way to the rest, but I love this scent a lot, and I am glad Scentbird offered me a choice of replacement. I was not asked to send the Lolli oil back.

Verdict: This month with my $25 membership plus $10 in upcharges, my total for March came to $35. I received $110 worth of products which is pretty outstanding. I am so happy that I chose to try out LOLI and I am going to keep my eye on this brand for sure. Fingers crossed it is offered more often through Scentbird!

I am also pleased with the quick replacement fragrance I selected.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, all you have to do is choose these items for your queue. As long as there is still stock at the time of your monthly processing, they’re yours!

COUPON: Buy one month, get your second month free! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Value Breakdown: This subscription is $25/monthly for two items and my product of choices had a $10 total upgrade fee attached, bringing my total cost to $35. For $110.00 dollars worth product, this means I saved about 68%!

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of my Scentbird Skincare selections? What item or scent did you choose?


How do subscribers rate Scentbird?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (49)

  1. Hi everyone,


    Please note I received an email from Scentbird in the last couple of hours informing me there has been a security breach of customer data! They are advising that those responsible will not have been able to access financial data (e.g. credit card numbers) but they do have customer email addresses, passwords and personal info such as addresses etc.

    They have advised me (and anyone else who got this email) to ensure I change my password on any other online account that uses the same password that I had on my Scentbird account.

    I have sent a copy of the email to MSA in the hope they can inform readers via a separate post.

    Hope no one is adversely affected beyond this privacy and security breach!

    Best wishes to all.

  2. Just looked at their site today, and as far as the skincare category, there are 32 items, and 15 of them are “Scentbird” brands. Almost 95% (not exact, but I’m sure someone will call me out if I don’t say that) of the skincare items reviewed on here by Megan are no longer available or haven’t been for a long time. And I’m happy to say, my chargeback to my bank account has been granted; to the person below who calls me “shady.”

    • And as far as their makeup, around 80% is “Deck of Scarlet” palettes and lips. Buyer beware.

      • Hi Ashley,
        I’m so glad you eventually got a good resolution. When I read your update, I went in to check the available skincare options. You’re absolutely right. Their skincare selection is really limited right now. Don’t know if that’s a trend or if it’s because they’ve just processed a lot of peoples’ monthly sub requests. I hope it picks back up!

    • Just checked out the website. Pretty much zero skincare other than Scentbird product’s.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I had previously submitted a very enthusiastic and detailed post that included all the products I ended up buying or receiving in my Scentbird subscription, with costs. It didn’t post, and I think it was probably MSA doing me the favour of saving me from myself. I was pretty hyped, and probably insensitively so, given the issues some have experienced. Having now received some products, I’m back with an update that I hope someone might find helpful:

    It looks to me like the available skincare products change every 2 – 3 days.

    Right now there are 24 skincare products that are not Scentbird products, or cleansers or mists. There are additional body care, makeup, candle and fragrance options but I’m more focused on the (facial) skincare options right now. This number is pretty standard.

    I used the ‘buy my queue’ function to purchase several products at once, in fear of my choices becoming unavailable. This is a helpful feature. Each product cost $14.95 (I have no idea how this was calculated as it varies from my monthly sub fee, any upcharges and any discounts) but the total cost was presented, allowing me to decide whether to proceed or not.

    The ‘buy my queue’ option allowed me to be assured I’d receive those products without any out-of-stock difficulties, but it does take 1-3 days for it to confirm.

    The products I received were in pristine condition, but the Wander Beauty product packaging was a little beaten-up.

    I had an issue with a missing product and the CS ‘scent fairy’ who responded was outstandingly helpful – she fixed it right away.

    My ‘buy your queue’ order shipped about 7-10 days after ordering.

    They have a few Ardency Inn makeup items available, which is awesome for people like me who are mourning this discontinued brand!

    I am loving my sub with Scentbird. I hope that everyone who has suffered a difficult experience can get a good resolution.

    • Mimosa,
      I’m so glad you’ve had a great experience. Once again, the skincare product’s were in my queue. I have a confirmed email. They were bumped out by them.

    • Once again, I had three skincare items in my queue for May. It was confirmed by customer service. I was surprised when my shipment, when I got a tracking email, was for three fragrances.

  4. The fact that there are other comments on here, not just from me, regarding problems with this company, would make me question??? Stick with good companies who take care of their customer’s. I.e. Beauty Heroes, Laurel and Reed, Earthlove, Love Goodly, Daily Harvest, Julep, and the now defunct CA Found (unfortunately).

    • If Megan gets a replacement on her tea oil serum, lol. We won’t know.

      • I reached out to them on 5/14 and will certainly update with any info.

  5. To GM Forever, in response, yes, my queue for May was built in the middle of April. I was then charged May 5, then the items in my queue were put into June’s queue after emailing and them confirming the product’s were reserved. The products were never “unavailable” when they were in my queue. To me, it’s a shady business and the fact that Megan’s second oil is missing almost 1/3. I question this. Megan, if you would please follow up on this.

    • Hey Ashley, I reached out to them on 5/14 and will follow up. I am sorry your experience hasn’t been a good one, but mine has been nearly seamless. I manage my queue myself and log in about every week or so to move things around and see what I want to arrive when. It is my understanding that products are never actually reserved, which is why when you add some to your queue is asks if you want them immediately the coming month or not. I have totally had items in my queue for father out months sell out and I replace them with something else and hope it returns. Hope this helps!

      • But, Megan, you are allowed to move your choices. Us, is a different story.

      • Hi! Where did this go?

      • And go in and see what’s available.

      • Hi Megan, I sure would like your resolution to your replacement, if you even received one. Pics would be great too!

      • Just uploaded!

      • I’m sorry, Megan, if you think a replacement product from an April box that was offered to you on 6/1 is good customer service, you must have pretty low standard’s.

      • Hi again, Ashley. I requested a replacement from them on 5/14, which makes its arrival around 2 weeks later during a timeframe with loads of shipping delays and general world confusion certainly up to my standards. I also have updated this review again to reflect that I did not have to send the original oil back. I am really sorry you had a terrible experience with Scentbird and I hope you have found other subscriptions you like more.

      • @Ashley

        So…you pester Megan for weeks about whether Scentbird ever sent her a replacement, and when she confirms and updates the review, you insult her? I’m sorry you had a bad experience with this sub, but that’s no reason to be rude.

    • I’m sorry for what happened to you. I hope Scentbird will make it right. It’s never pleasant to get bad surprise like this and not get anyone to help fix it. I’ve learned that with all CS, it all depends on the Rep who take care of your request. Some would correct the problem right away and other would just refuse to help, it’s crazy.
      Sending you positive vibes.

    • Hey again! 🙂 Sorry, it wouldn’t let me reply directly below to your latest comment.

      Scentbird has offered to reship a new product since the Loli oil is sold out.

      Wanted to also reiterate that we have a normal account that we pay for here at MSA. We don’t have different access or perks than any other subscriber. Any subscriber can move and choose their items around by dragging and dropping their queue. I have had items sell out and go grey from my queue, and i just replace them with something else. Hope this helps!

      • I also want to reiterate that items’s you actually reviewed were in my queue immediately after you reviewed them. Especially the Alpyn mask. The fact that they were sitting in my queue for weeks, and they were erased after I had been charged. It’s not cool.

      • I also want to reiterate that items’s you actually reviewed were in my queue immediately after you reviewed them. Especially the Alpyn mask. The fact that they were sitting in my queue for weeks, and they were erased after I had been charged. It’s not cool.

  6. FYI: I received an email with a spot that said click to automatically renew. (I have not had this sub for two years.) I clicked their main name on the email (thinking clever not the tab) and received an auto charged success message. I emailed them and have never heard a response. I like to give the benefit of a doubt, but this seemed underhanded. :/

    • Be very wary of this company. I also have had three separate incidences of shady business practices. Unauthorized charges and items being “shifted” in my queue by them. For May I had three skincare products reserved for me. I even took screenshots. Low and behold, when I received shipping notification that my May box was shipped, it was for three fragrances! They had moved the skincare items to June. They refuse to issue refunds. I had to file a chargeback with my bank. Their customer service is horrendous. They take days to respond via email and this is after sending and resending the same message. They also do not have a phone number. I would be very curious if Megan gets a response about the oil above. Just warning you guys!

      • They did the same thing to me! After my first shipment I had a few things in my queue and then when I went in after getting a fragrance twice I went in and it had moved them back in my queue too. They didn’t have the fragrance I wanted so I put all skincare in my queue and obviously I was not happy so I canceled.

      • Your queue items are not reserved for you. If they’re out of stock, they shift to the next items. A lot of limited time offers sell out right away. My supplements for next month are out of stock so they will send me the next item in my queue.

        It’s pretty shady to file a chargeback for a process that is clearly explained 🤷‍♀️

      • This is a reply to KS below. First off I had been emailing back and forth (when I finally got a response) with two different “scent fairies,” Kate and Nadine during this debacle. I actually had been emailing customer service with question’s regarding managing your queue, items out of stock, the BOGO month, etc. For me, I thought the website was pretty confusing. That’s just me. One was saying one thing, and the other was saying another. In fact, I do have an email saved from Kate confirming that the three skincare items I chose were in stock and “reserved” for me; her exact wording. The very next day, I received shipping notification with the fragrances and the items had dropped down to June. To me, this is not a mystery box. People sign up thinking that they are getting what they put in their queue. And when you pick item’s, you see exactly the number they have in stock when you put them in your queue. The item’s then disappear off the main screen when they are out. For example, some people can’t wear fragrance, so is it okay to be charged for item’s you think you’re getting and then have them removed and bumped down unbeknownst to you? Frankly, to me, that is “shady.” I was trying to work with them to get some kind of resolution i.e. refusing the fragrance package and sending back unopened. I would’ve even taken a credit for another month. The fact is, they were totally unwilling to work with me. I’m not on here for a cat fight, I’m just saying until you call names, know your facts. Everyone’s situation can be different and handled differently depending on who they are dealing with customer service wise.

    • From my own experience, I would say that their CS is good, not the best but it’s still good. You need to create a ticket by sending a message from your account (that’s what I did) and it takes them 24h to 48h to answer, not counting week-end.
      They do try their best to work and correct your issue. For me it was charging my monthly sub while I was supposed to get a free month (as BOGO offer).
      For items in queue that got moved, I just experienced it a few days ago, and what happened is, most items I have in my queue right now are marked as unavailable (I added them when they were available) and Scentbird tried to process the item I had for May and couldn’t (out of stock) so they automatically moved that item to June (still showing unavailable) and moved the June queue product I had to May instead and this was successfully processed, although this item was also marked as unavailable. What I suspect is when an item has been added by too many members while available, they don’t remove them when they become unavailable, because some members cancel so they might still be able to process. So make sure you have some back up items in your queues in case they can not process your current month, they will try the one from future month. If you don’t have anything else, they would send you their monthly selected fragrances.

    • Hi TL, Ashley, Shannon, KS and GM Forever,
      I am about to have a super hyped up rave over my experience with Scentbird, but I read your comments and just wanted to acknowledge them first. TL, Ashley and Shannon, I’m sad to hear of your experiences, and thank you for the heads-up. I am definitely going to be very careful about clicking on any emailed links! To KS and GM Forever, thank you for the advice. It’s really helpful. I am so grateful to hear from you all on this sub. And GM Forever, I so appreciate the way you helped me out with the info regarding the Deck Of Scarlet palettes in the last review, because your assistance and Megan’s review helped me make a decision to subscribe! So thank you, everyone, and I hope that those of us who’ve had bad experiences manage to get them righted by Scentbird. Because their website *is* unclear on how things work in some ways, and I myself had a clearly-available selection bypassed by Scentbird in favour of a cheaper item I had selected for the following month. So I get the disappointment. That said, I’m still pretty delighted with my experience so far, which I will write about separately. xx

      • You are so very welcome Mimosa, glad my info did help you. I think this sub is good, just keep an eye on your queue before they charge so there’s no surprise. All the best! 🙂

      • To GMforever. The funny thing is you all are contradicting yourselves. I kept an “eye” on my queue up until the day my order was shipped, then it was changed to three fragrances. It was obviously switched out if my control! I, as nurse, don’t have time for this bs. I requested a chargeback and got it!

  7. All I saw was perfume. What am I doing wrong??

    • Hi Tamara,
      To be able to access the full list of what’s available, you need to be a subscriber. Otherwise, their home page just refers to the fragrance subscription. If you subscribe and sign in, it will give you a range of categories: fragrance, makeup, skincare, wellness, etc. to choose from. Hope this helps.

      • Yes, you need pay!!

    • I’m not currently subscribed, but I did sub for 3 months maybe two years ago, and when I’m logged into my account I can see all of the non-fragrance options. It looks like you can create an account without signing up for a subscription by clicking Log In, then clicking on the Don’t Have an Account? link. It looks like it just asks for your email and to create a password. I’m not sure if this will work to see all of the options, but it could be worth a try. 🙂

  8. Hi Megan, for the $25 box I always thought you had to pay an additional $10 for each item. But I see there’s only one $10 charge. Are there a lot of options where you can get two items for $10 or is the majority of the items each an additional $10 (where you pay an additional $20 or if they’re $5 then $10)? Thanks

    • Hey Stephanie! It depends on the product at the original retail value. There are often some items without the additional premium upgrade price, but they are generally Scentbird brand or items that don’t already have a super scary retail. The one oil in this review was $68 and had the upgrade, while the $42 oil didn’t. While I am not sure of the actual formula, I am guessing it has something to do with brand agreements and costs. Hope that helps!

  9. I’ve seen a lot of people commenting that there are hardly any skincare products available lately. Do you find that to be the case?

    • I just signed up and was able to get the Loli plum oil, which I’ve been interested in trying for a while. The skincare selection looks pretty sparse. Not enough choices to keep me signed up. I don’t see any Glow Recipe products. Would be interested to know if they have a schedule for restocking.

    • It seems to cycle honestly. There aren’t as many choices right now (Glamglow and Glow Recipe used to be everywhere) but I am guessing it comes and goes in waves. I personally haven’t run out of items I want, even with two a month!

    • I was SO close to re-subbing a few months ago, but after reviewing what skincare options they had to offer (the only reason I’d re-sub) I noticed that the ones that interested me the most were mostly always out of stock, and it was unclear to me at the time if I put something in my queue if it would be reserved for me or not. Now I know they move onto the next item in the queue (which sounds reasonable), so the not knowing if I’ll be getting what I really want vs filler items I’m putting in my queue in case others are sold out has kept me from re-subscribing. I thought I’d feel FOMO from not subbing, but after reading a lot of comments that has dissipated quite a bit. 🙂

      • Thank you, Luna, I hope people won’t subscribe. The funny thing is, Megan has gotten every item she ordered.

      • Hey again Ashley. I actually haven’t! I have had multiple items go grey in my queue. I simply replace them with something else. There is also a very helpful counter on each items page letting you know how many are left in stock. If I see it is low, I simply shift the item to the next month in hopes I will get it. If I do miss out on something they just send the next item in my queue.

    • In my opinion something is going on internally. It could be COVID related but who knows. There has been no new products offered in the skincare or makeup sections for months when there used to be ample selection. Either they are trying to phase out this part of their program, are having trouble sourcing because of COVID or are having trouble period. Also their shipping was getting slower and slower. I didn’t get my April shipment until May. There just isn’t anything interesting at the moment l don’t already have so l am paused ATM.

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