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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2019 Box Spoiler #3!

ByMSAOct 19, 2019 | 86 comments

3.9 overall rating
530 Ratings | 71 Reviews

We have a new spoiler for the 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box will include:

UMA Oils Pure Rest Wellness Oil – $85 Value

Simply apply this oil blend to your pulse points to promote peace of mind — leave the day’s stresses behind and sleep easier than ever. Pure Rest works to naturally relieve nighttime restlessness. All of the brand’s botanicals are grown on a 100-acre meadow, which was carefully chosen for its nutritious soil. Putting your head to the pillow and chilling out will be easier than ever.


Your choice of Alexis Bittar Earrings or Bracelet:

It’s that time of year when adding a little something special to your outfit is a must. Choose between two Alexis Bittar designs — the long leaf earrings or the studded hinge bracelet. Both come in a soft pink lucite that matches just about everything in your closet. We consider them to be timeless classics.

Alexis Bittar Long Leaf Earrings


Alexis Bittar Studded Hinge Bracelet

And the box also includes:

Skin Worldwide Vara Slippers

Slide your feet into these soft, plush slippers when you’re relaxing at home. The machine-washable design will be perfect for the Winter months ahead. Nanoparticles of jade within the fabric lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees, so you won’t get too hot when you crank that heater up. This pair is about to be your new favorite.

Your size choice of Small, Medium, or Large

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $275

Are you going to buy a box? (Check out my review of the 2018, 2017201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).

POPSUGAR Must Have is a quartely lifestyle subscription box curated by the editors at POPSUGAR. Each box features their "must have" products for beauty, fashion, home, food, fitness and more. Every box has a value of $250 +!
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Amanda Harb

Wow, do I feel stupid lol I just reread the beginning of this and it says right on the description of the oil that we’ll receive that and 10 other products LMAO wow these meds must be better than I thought lollll!! I did at least apologize in advance for m stupidity.
Another stupid question does anyone know what the rest of the items are? 🤪


Ditto Susan! Also feeling like this is a major waste but I’m holding a slim hope that it turns around!


Yiiiiikes on these comments. I like the choices and am excited about the box! I’ve also seen spoilers for other boxes that I was not excited about online but loved when they were in hand. Hopefully some of the disappointed folks will feel that way!


This box so far looks like a disaster. It may be one of the few times that this many spoilers have been released for Popsugar’s Neiman Marcus box and the box still has not sold out yet.


The corner of the palette showing in the photo of the oil is a palette from the signature set mod collection by RMS Beauty. I recognized it right away. I bet it is also included. MSRP $44.00.


It think it is the Pop Collection.


I bet you are right. The blanket and throw, as well as velvet pillow shown in the earlier pictures are all carried by NM too. I would love to get those pjs, but they haven’t asked for sizes. And what about that teacup? Could it be an Ember?


Could that pillow possibly a pillow case? It would be easier to ship.


While I don’t hate the spoilers so far, they certainly don’t scream $275 price tag to me. If these were spoilers for the Winter box at $75 I’d be quite happy. I also agree with others that the earrings and bangle obviously should both be included, they are a set and I find it ridiculous that we have to choose one or the other in a $275 box! If they don’t step up the quality of the remaining spoilers they are going to end up having to discount this box to move their inventory.


I doubt they will discount the boxes. That would upset a lot of us who paid $275 plus tax.

I have been thinking all along that this looks more like the regular $75 box. I totally agree with you 🙂

There are evidently 11 items in the boxes. I find this oil to be a dreadful thing to include in a luxury box. I wear perfume and this would clash. I wish that this had been a face oil.

I have enjoyed last year’s box. I love and still use it. I guess that is why I was expecting a more luxe box. It would have been nice to get the bracelet and the earrings.


Ummmm clearance sales happen. If stuff doesn’t sell out what do you expect them to do?

Amanda Harb

I’m new to the Neiman Marcus box, I’ve been trying to get one since they started and this was the first time I was able to actually get one. I noticed the you said there looks like there’s 11 items this might be the pain meds talking from my mouth surgery so please excuse my question if it’s stupid but how were you able to find out how many items I’ve been desperately trying to find spoilers for most of this box and can only find the 3 items. I’m curious about how many items usually come and how you can find out ahead of time (I do enjoy a couple surprises but for the amount of money this box is I’d rather like to know the majority of items. I’m really hoping that they’re saving the ‘good stuff’ as the surprise when we get the boxes. I’m also afraid I wasted almost $300 on a bracelet that will fall off my wrist and a what would have been cute slippers minus the top cat toy looking thing on top. I’d rather they do a really high quality blanket (I’m a collector of blankets since my daughter always goes home with one or two lol) and face products that are slightly higher in price then my usual roundup of products as a treat or high quality hair items (like last years t3 iron) but after reading the comments I’m getting nervous. After the year I had I really wanted an amazing treat for myself (and personally I can go without a $25 Neiman Marcus gift card what the !$& can you find at Neiman’s for $25 I don’t want to have to spend more money to use an item from an already expensive box. I guess if a company slaps on Neiman ma on their product they feel they can charge whatever they want and put anything in it. Call it ‘rare’, ‘limited edition’ and all the other words those stores use to convince someone that the $800 lipstick is better than pure gold. Not trying to sound cynical or anything but the reviews are starting to scare me. Hopefully the spoilers are equivalent to the ‘free items’ that come in the seasonal boxes, or at least one can hope.
Does anyone do trading on here with sub box products? I think I have subscribed to just about every one and have a lot of things new never even opened I’d love to find a trading group. Not sure if this is the forum to mention it on but just curious. Again it might be my meds talking crazy if this didn’t make sense I apologize just 7 more teeth to go and I might be thinking clearly after.
Hope all have a wonderful day!!


Companies discount unsold merchandise all the time that didn’t sell at full price. It’s a risk you take when you buy at full price. Popsugar is a business.


I thought that this year I might splurge since I got a new job and get this for myself as a reward but these spoilers are not calling me at all. Looking at previous years, this seems so bland and not luxe at all.


Congratulations on your new job, Flora!

Maybe the rest of the box will be better. I certainly hope so. PS should just spoil it all like Rachel Zoe and FFF.


I disagree, I love that some items in this box remain a mystery until you open it. I think that is a cool and unusual aspect of this box. Reasonable minds can differ!


congrats on new job too!

all could change with this box!

there is a lot more goodies to go, at very least 8 more items (70%ish of box not spoiled yet) and approx a $450-$500 value left!

Your Friends @MSA

Congratulations on the new job Flora! Hopefully something soon will catch your eye.


Thanks! I’m hoping something catches my eye too.


When we can expect new spoilers? 😏

Hallie Gottlieb

Slippers for $275 hahahahaha then the selling point is that the slippers cool your feet???? I love slippers. I wear them because my feet are cold. Does anyone wear slippers because their feet are hot?
If I bought slippers for $275 they better be cashmere


might work out quite well for us Floridians! $275 is whole box but understand what you mean!

then again, $85 for “stressed out” oil may be even crazier! lol


Just no!


Very underwhelming so far IMO, especially for $275. Yes there are more items in the box, but why would they withhold spoilers about better items and release these instead? Isn’t the point of spoilers to entice people to buy the box? The majority of comments have been negative so far. I wonder if this one might not even sell out? I think it’s time for PSMH to collaborate with another luxury store/company instead of NM.


Even a great great grandmother would deem this box too elderly looking.


Tanya I hear ya. I am 65 years old and other than the earrings the box would be something somebody in a nursing home would like. In act I am giving the slippers to my 82 year old mother in law who isn’t in a nursing home but does live in assisted living place.

This box looks too old for even me!


Opinions are obviously varying… lol. I shop Neiman Marcus regularly and find this an ok box so far. I’m loving the slippers, only bc I can’t have too many on our hardwood floors. we wear them all year long so cooling in the summer is VERY appealing to me or when the heat is on during winter months. I like the earrings and don’t care for the bracelet so I’m happy for the choice. And, I’m excited for the oil to use just after a hot soak in my brand new 6 foot long clawfoot tub. I’m 49 and in no way feel these are old lady grandma items. Maybe just not the taste of a 20-30 year old, which may have just undone the beginning of my comment. lol. Maybe I’m old and stodgy minded. ha because I like them and would probably buy them. I, too, am hoping for a bit more “luxe” items to accompany these nice practical items. A fabulous cashmere throw or something exquisite. A girl can dream… 🙂

Molly Honchell

This is not very luxe or special. It’s cool for a product of it’s kind. The packaging is nice but, nothing spectacular.
And I love how you don’t even get both the earrings & bracelet. You have to choose.
I would have loved some black velvet loafer style slippers & black silk robe, luxe jewelry, plush towels, blankets, quality linens, a pretty frame, a leather notebook & gold pens, keychain… Nice things.


A couple of years ago the Popsugar Neiman Marcus box did give a set with the earrings and necklace so it’s been done before. Why they didn’t do a set this year who knows.


And a couple of years ago in the Popsugar Neiman marcus box they did give both earrings and necklace in a set so it has been done. There’s no reason why they couldn’t take out the slippers and give both earrings and bracelet.

Dani G.

Now that sounds great. You should’ve curated this box for them.

I’m blown away by how bad it’s been so far. They better be truly saving the best items for last if they hope to salvage this stinker of a luxury box.


So many people hate this box but forget other people may enjoy it. Where as last year I bought it and ended up swapping almost everything away, just not my bag.

As for this year – I buy, wear and get complimented on my Alexis bittar jewelry all the time so this was an easy buy. I love these bangles and have several in different colors and designs.

Also to me the slippers look lovely – I typically where ugg slippers but I live in California and that is often to hot. As for essential oil and oils for sleep I use them daily so sold there too.


Popsugar and Neiman Marcus both need to throw in the towel and stop with these boxes.

Dani G.

I wouldn’t go that far. Lots of people, myself included, loved last year’s box. I’m still sad I wasn’t brave enough to buy one with only a couple of spoilers released before it sold out.

This year is a different story. I’m so glad I didn’t chance it. So far this is a major train wreck. I can’t imagine what they’re holding back that’s going to save this box from being a total failure.

I don’t necessarily think this means they’re no longer capable of producing a great box. I know some disagree but last year’s box really shined. A lot of people regretted not getting one. So maybe a different person or persons curated this year’s box? Whether you liked last year’s or not you have to admit it was a completely different style with seemingly a very different target audience than this year’s.


I think Popsugar and Neiman Marcus need to throw in the towel, admit defeat and stop embarrassing themselves with these boxes.


This is a joke, right?? This has to be a joke. That’s the only way this box would make any sense.


No kidding – this box is horrendously bad.


Indeed. This mess is ghastly except for the Alexis Bittar.

I am so ashamed I bought this. Lisa Sugar has missed the mark. I threw $301 away.

PS is down there with Happy Rebel right now.

If PS has any sense they had better give some good spoilers fast! But that is not Lisa Sugarman’s MO. Bet they won’t sell out of this hot mess.


Right! They need to just admit defeat and stop doing these boxes.


Don’t want to be negative or anything, but…. I’m not an oil person at all so this is a wasted $85 worth of box value for me. I have so many unused oils laying around from other subscription boxes and I really don’t need another one. Please include something extravagant and different from what all of the other subscription boxes have already included as of lately!

Considering I’m not too excited about any of the three spoilers thus far, and the fact that the unexciting spoilers already add up to $315 out of $800 box value, I’m losing hope that any of the items will be good. I will be super bummed if a book is included in this box (like the photos are hinting at). That is way too personal of an item to put into a box like this. I don’t even enjoy or have time for reading unless it’s a textbook for class.

The $300 I paid for my box is not even close to being justified at this point, so I’m really regretting my purchase this year. Hopefully an exciting spoiler will be released soon or I will try to cancel.

Loved my box last year so I was hopeful up until now… 🙁


I totally feel the same way. I just wasted my money:(


here’s what is in oil (fully admit only know 2 of 6 ingredients, lol)

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil Base, Centella Asiatica extract, Withania Somnifera extract, Vetivera Zizanoides (Vetiver) Root Oil, Bacopa Monnieri extract, Convolvulus Pluricaulis extract.


I feel the same! I rushed to buy one bc I thought it was gonna sell out and didn’t want to chance it and now I’m TOTALLY REGRETTING it! I really do hope they shine through in the end. I’m going to try and cancel mine soon. 😡☹️


@MemphisMom I really like the way you phrased this. Things get so negative on here sometimes and I kinda bums me out. I am 51 and I cannot say enough good things about @PSMH! I love the boxes (their CS is also amazing). The curation is incredibly good, the items are always above par and they often save the best for last as far as spoilers and final contents. When I can budget for it I will always grab one. I live in the midwest and have hardwood floors and want to 2nd your opinion of the slippers. In addition to that, I flash on a regular basis and cooling anything is my jam right now, lol.


there are still 7 items left if I read correctly, it says 10 – still thinking a throw blanket has to be in box!


I would actually love a nice throw blanket! I have so many already but that’s because I like to have them all over the house. Hopefully it would be something luxuriously soft that doesn’t snag easily if they do include one!


Actually it says over 10 others, meaning besides the spoilers we already got, so 13+ items.


I’m not sure if this will make you feel better or worse, but that’s not a facial oil. It’s an aromatherapy type thing you put on your pulse points. Like you, I have way too many unopened face oils from sub boxes but I would probably rather have another one than this type of oil. Especially one with that ridiculous retail value.


I wouldn’t be as annoyed about the oil if it didn’t take up so much of the retail value. $85 is just way too much for an item that I realistically won’t use no matter what type of oil it is.


I think the oil is the only decent item thus far.


So glad I didn’t order this.


This is just boring. I’m glad on one hand to save money, disappointed on the other.


Not good at all.


I can’t believe how bad this box is shaping up to be. I couldn’t make up my mind last year until it was too late. I was practically heartbroken once I saw the full spoilers. I know that lots of people thought it was a terrible box but it would’ve been great for me personally. So this year I considered gambling. But the first spoiler was so bad I waited. The second one was worse. I actually need a good pair of slippers right now and it sounds like they may be high quality. But I find them to be incredibly ugly. Despite the odds, I still had hope and have been anxiously awaiting this spoiler.

All I can say is that it looks like I will definitely be saving $275 this year. Or using it to get some advent calendars or products from the Sephora sale.
Three spoilers (four if you count the jewelry choices) and none of them appeal to me AT ALL. I would not only never buy them, I’d probably decline them if they were free.


I’ll stay with my wool lined slippers…cool in summer…warm in winter. Much less expensive!

Tanya M.

Hang in there Susan, I hope it turns around for you and you get a spoiler that saves the box for you. I hope when you get your box you are able to enjoy your purchase.


Last year’s NM box was so glam. This year what would the “look” be? An oily woman, wearing plastic jewelry, with cats attacking her tassel slippers?




You are hilarious!


too funny lauren!


ROFLMAO aat Lauren’s comment. I can just picture the person, and they are FROWNING!!!


Even a great great grandmother has decided this box is too elderly for her!

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