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FabFitFun Summer 2018 Subscription Box Review + $10 Coupon

FabFitFun Summer 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from Each season they send you a box of $200+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness.

As of today (6/8), this box is still available if you sign up now! Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box. For the summer box, the designer is Libby Vanderploeg.

This might be my favorite one yet – I love the vintage vacation postcard vibe!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code FRESHAIR to sign up for a FabFitFun Seasonal Subscription and get 20% off your first box!

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $200) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

Check out all of my FabFitFun VIP Box reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. This time, it’s more of a newspaper style! It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers.

Every quarter, FabFitFun partners with a different charity, and for this box, the charity is Joyful Heart.

Now, time for the items!

Michael Stars Ruana – Value $54

This Ruana is a multi-use product that can work as a scarf, sarong, or wrap! It measures 41″ x 72″and it is 100% Viscose.

The fabric is super soft, lightweight, and a touch sheer – it’s a perfect warm weather material.

Here it is on as a wrap:

If you are an annual subscriber, you were able to select your Ruana print. If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you’ll be surprised by which print you receive. Here are the two other fabrics you may receive:

The Ruana takes up very little space, so it is great for summer travel packing!

Here is this one worn as a scarf:

And here is the blue print:

Here, I styled it as a sarong (ignore the over-jeans part!):

You know how some multi-use products can be complicated to use and get the look exactly right? This Ruana isn’t like that at all – I didn’t even need to look in a mirror for any of these looks.

Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace – Value $58

First, I love this glass bottle packaging! So cute!

This necklace has an adjustable length 16-18 inches:

The gemstone bar measures about 0.75″

This necklace is gold-filled, and it’s one of three options you may receive. Here are the other two colors:

This peach gemstone version:

And this sterling silver chain version:

Again, if you are an annual subscriber, you were able to select your necklace. If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you’ll be surprised by which necklace you receive.

On to the last color choice option!

BKR Bottle in Rosie – Value $35

(Subscribers will receive this bottle in this Rosie Pink shade or the Romeo Blue Shade.)

I have a few of these BKR bottles, and I love them! They are dishwasher safe, and the silicone is BPA and phthalate free, too.

These bright colors are so fun for summer, too!

And if you are an annual subscriber, you were able to select your bottle color. If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you’ll be surprised by which color you receive.

Here is the other color:

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate – Value $29

If you’ve read my reviews before, you might already know that I love the Juice Beauty brand! Their formulas are super ingredient conscious (organic + natural ingredients only), and most of the product have this subtle green apple scent!

This eye concentrate serum is one of my favorite Juice Beauty products I’ve sampled yet! It’s so gentle and creamy! The formula is very hydrating and it absorbed quickly into my skin, too.

Avene Eau Thermale Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion – Value $24

Wow! Even though I saw that this product is described as “fast absorbing” with a “matte finish,” I couldn’t believe how quickly this formula transitioned into a matte finish as I rubbed it in!

The formula is fragrance, paraben, and oil free, too! It has a completely sheer finish, and it works great under makeup!

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze – Value $30

The first thing I noticed when trying this highlighter out is just how silky the formula feels! The pigment concentration is excellent, and the shimmer is super fine – no worries about getting a glitter look!

It is super blendable, too. Here it is swatched:

Next up, all subscribers got the option to pick a mystery fitness item or a beauty item. Here is the fitness item:

Way of Will Post Training Massage Oil – Value $29.50

This brand is new to me, but as soon as I saw 100% natural ingredients, I had a feeling I would be a fan!

It’s meant to be used as a post-workout massage oil. The scent is a blend of Peppermint Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

I love the idea of using this as a post-workout treat. It smells so good! I’ll probably use it after showers, too.

And here is the alternative mystery beauty product. (You’ll receive one or the other):

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Value $20

This dry shampoo is formulated without parabens or sulfates, and it is great for both absorbing oil and also adding texture and volume.

I used to only use dry shampoo on days when my hair was looking a little greasy. But now I use it every day for extra volume and texture. (And thanks to subscription boxes, I have plenty of dry shampoo to support this daily habit!)

And we have one more choice item! All subscribers were able to pick between a traveler, artist or chef item!

Here is the chef item:

Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit – Value $26

How beautiful is this set? It’s one of those items I’ll gladly display on my kitchen counter.

You use the grater to produce salt flakes that are great for finishing a dish. Giada De Laurentiis even included 3 recipes to try this with in the info booklet:

  • Pan Roasted Asparagus with Crispy Fried Egg
  • Bruschetta
  • S’Mores Popcorn

Here is the traveler mystery item (again, you’ll only receive one of these in your box):

Understated Leather Travel Set – Value $28

This set includes a luggage tag and passport holder in vegan leather.

Both pieces are well made, and the on-trend rose gold is gorgeous.

And here is the artist mystery item:

Amy Tangerine Art Kit – Value $22

This set includes a canvas (8X10 inches), stencil, acrylic paints, paint brush, and foam stamper:

I think this is such a fun DIY item to include, but if you are a serious artist, you might be disappointed in the quality of the paints/brushes.

(Amy Tangerine also includes tips for beginners on using this kit. And an idea for throwing an art party!)

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Sample – Value $2.50

(This collagen sample is an extra in the box that doesn’t count toward the total value of the box for subscribers.)

I’ve been taking collagen powder daily for months now, and I’ve got some of my extended family hooked on it, too! (I’ve personally noticed an improvement in my skin and nails. My husband Eric noticed and improvement in his joints, and nail growth, too.)

Eric uses collagen in his coffee. (This will absorb in either hot or cold liquid.) Most people say they can’t taste the collagen when added to liquid, but I can! So I blend this into a smoothie that masks the flavor.

Verdict: Depending on the variations you receive, this box has a value of $272 to $287.50 (And that’s not counting any value for the FabFitFun TV channel access, or the bonus collagen.) As always, I find myself saying, “I don’t know how they do it!”

I’m so impressed with the high-end beauty brands FabFitFun is including lately. The Avene sunscreen, Cargo Highlighter, and Juice Beauty eye serum are all great quality items that are perfect for summer. And both the massage oil and dry shampoo options are fab, too.

I love all the Ruana prints, and the item is super versatile. (And delicate gold jewelry is always a win for me!) Oh! And the BKR bottle is great for summer, too! If you are going on a summer vacation, I hope you get this box before you leave!

What do you think of the Summer 2017 FabFitFun box? How do you feel about the mystery choice options this season?

Use coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $40!


How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (435)

  1. Does anyone know what shoes she is wearing in those pictures???

  2. I am a preferred customer: I paid for a full year in advance for the privilege of selecting some of the items in my box. My first two boxes were great! But the Summer 2017 box was a disaster!

    Their system crashed on opening day of selections. Took two days to get it right. Made my choices. The box did not ship for more than a month after it was supposed to ship. Also, my selections were not honored.

    To be fair, they have offered a credit, which I appreciate. But in all cases, it was my reaching out to them that brought me answers. When they could not ship on time or ship the items I preferred, they should have reached out to me. There was no notice of late shipment. There was no acknowledgement of not filling my order as requested. What’s the point of being a preferred customer if you don’t get what you prefer? I will not renew.

  3. I had an ad today, to my phone, which said 40% off the summer box with code SUMMER40. That would bring it down to $30.
    They must have overproduced this one!

  4. I guess this box is still available (Lisa Rinna hawking it on my FB page…lol). I’m always torn with this sub…I want it, but there’s enough there than I don’t want, but enough that I do…igh.

    Has anyone ordered recently? If so, did you get the art kit, travel set, or salt set? I really don’t want the art kit but have a feeling that’s the ones they have left.

    • I just ordered one yesterday, and got the shipping notification this morning, showing it’s already on the move. I’ll let you know which variations I got when it arrives. I’m really hoping for the massage oil and the chef kit, but I’ll be just as happy with the luggage tag/passport holder, or the dry shampoo. I’m not that picky. I’ll also be happy with any pattern for the ruana (hoping for the beige though), necklace color (would prefer peach, but like both of the others), or water bottle. The only thing I don’t want is the art kit, but I have enough friends with small children that I’ll make use of it. I’m really looking forward to the nice sunscreen though. It should arrive just in time for my beach trip.

      Gosh, compared to the other comments here, it seems I’m easy to please. lol

      • I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago, got it yesterday(it shipped exactly 10 business days after my order), and it had the art kit D:
        Was hoping for ANYTHING other than that so…dang it.
        I also got the dry shampoo and the pink necklace. All of them are going up for swap! Even my highlighter/bronzer thing lol.

        At least I liked the water bottle! And I am currently swapping my ruana and dry shampoo so I think i’ll be happy w/ the box after that 🙂
        (although, if anyone wants to swap the necklace, or bronzer I am game)
        Still wish I got that “fitness” oil and the salt thing though! But hey, still a great deal for me 😀

      • Receive mine today. I got the black and white ruana, the peach necklace, pink water bottle, the dry shampoo, and the chef kit! Aside from the dry shampoo (which I will still totally use and appreciate), I was quite happy. The chef kit totally made up for that though.

      • Box twin! I’m pretty pleased with my first box.

      • Box triplet. Got mine Thursday. Love the chef kit!

      • Box quadruplet! I was sure I’d get the art kit, love the chef kit. Great box!

    • Art kit. Boo!

  5. What is the difference between the avene sunscreen in the orange bottle (included in this box) and the white Avene bottle that is specifically labeled mineral?

    Has anyone experienced any burning in their eyes from this sunscreen?

    • Yes! I have worn the avene that came in the summer box twice, and it has burned my eyes both times I wore it. Kinda bummed, was hoping it would work out.

      • Such a bummer! My eyes are sensitive and they water like crazy when they get irritated. But I don’t notice the same reaction with the white Avene bottle.

  6. I have 2 questions for all you FFF pros!
    1. Is the highlighter supposed to be solid or a powder? Mine is all broken up and got powder everywhere when I pulled it out of the box.
    2. How do I get a copy of the Hello Summer flyer? Mine didn’t include one.

    • Hey Nancy. I’m not going to say I’m a pro but I hang out in the forum sometimes. ☺️ The highlighter from Cargo is supposed to be solid. It seems like a lot of ppl had a broken one arrive to them but they contacted customer service and customer service made it right. I’d contact them and tell them about that and the missing flyer. They might ask for a pic or something so don’t throw it out. If I’m wrong someone correct me but I hope that helps.😉

      • Itsjustme is right, save the package or just take a couple of good photos of it as proof to send them. That is what I did and my replacement arrived friday 🙂 (took about 2 wks from initial contact to delivery)

        One question, what is the hello flyer? I’ve seen it and gift cards mentioned here but didn’t get either.

      • I think it was the little newspaper/ magazine that described all the featured products.

  7. This is my 2nd box and I’m probably canceling, I got the art kit and it sucks I would have actually used the travel option/ and the salt set is cute.

    Art kit will go to my niece for her bday.

    if anyone has a travel kit they won’t use I could use.

  8. Did anyone else get a discolored or expired Juice Beauty eye cream? Mine looks almost beige in color, and not white like I’d expect. There’s no manufactured or expiration date on the container. I noticed in some reviews that it was causing bad reactions, and it might be because the product is old. I have sent an email to Juice Beauty to find out when my product was manufactured.

    • I’ve received off color products from Juice Beauty and other skin care with similar ingredients every so often for years. As long as product doesn’t smell rancid, I use them, and they’ve been effective. (I have ultra sensitive skin.) But if you don’t feel confident, make a call or send an email. For the Summer box I ordered two JB moisturizer add ons, and received the eye cream as well, all in good condition.

    • I did and had a horrible reaction. Burning red rash around my eyes. Had to wash it off immediately. Many on their community forum insist it’s an allergic reaction. Um no. I have never had an allergic reaction to this cream in the past. It’s either expired or went bad before shipping as it had a funky smell and color. Customer service gave me a $20 credit for it but I have seen posts where others only received a $10 credit.

      • If you’ve ever cut apples for a pie and didn’t get the lemon juice mixed in right away, the apples start to turn brown. It looks just like Juice Beauty and other products that don’t add a ton of preservatives to their products. I now have ultra, and I mean severely sensitive skin, and the discoloration from any of the ‘natural’ brands has never caused any reaction. If anything, logically, the product may be weaker, less effective.

        Skin changes all the time. What I could use five years ago, now causes severe reactions. Hormone changes, dehydration, and stress can wreak havoc.

        I’m not saying there’s no way the cream is solely to blame, anything is possible, just that you may want to treat your skin gently for awhile, in case something is going on physically. Take care!

  9. Did anyone else get the wrong add-on and picks? I paid for an add-on necklace and was sent a different one. And I picked fitness option and received the beauty one. 🙁

  10. Has anyone else’s box still not shipped? This is getting ridiculous. I’m a renewed annual subscriber who purchased a lot of add on items & all the choice items so I check all the boxes for priority shipping. Strangely I received the travel/beauty/kitchen stuff separately over a week ago but the rest is still awaiting shipment.

  11. I received my box a day before I’m set for a very long plane ride. I got the black Ruana and decided at the last minute to take it in my hand carry. What a lifesaver! I didn’t want to take a sweater on the flight because I had so much stuff as it is so I used that and it was light but still so cozy! To think I was going to cancel my subscription after seeing that spoiler and I’m glad I stuck with it. Great travel accessory! Thanks FFF!

  12. First time getting the box, must be honest kind of dissapointed. Some of the items were nice like the water bottle and the wrap, other than that I felt like it just is not what I expected. I thought they would customize the box more towards your profile for the products that have alternative options such as the salt grinder, travel tag, or paint set but I suppose they don’t. For example, my profile said I loved to cook, like to travel, and dislike home decorations and diy things; but somehow I got the paint set. To top it all off the paint set came in damaged, so I ended up throwing it away. Very on the edge about ordering another box.

  13. My box is so underwhelming. Art kit, beige sarong, dry shampoo, just a bore. Good thing their other boxes have been so amazing

  14. This was my first box. I appreciate all the reviews here as they helped me decide which box I to subscribe to among all the choices out there. I got my box today and I love everything! I have already replaced my worn out work drinking cup with my snazzy new blue water bottle.

  15. Wow, this box was a big disappointment. If next box is not better I will probably cancel subscription. How many wraps, scarfs do all of us need-enough. The jewelry is for a 12 yr old, travel tags very cheap, and the salt rock must be for my easy bake oven.

  16. Just to let my fellow vegetarians know. The sample protein packet is NOT vegetarian. It is a derivative of bovine(cow). I’m glad I went to the product’s website first before trying it.

  17. Is anyone interested in trading their Ruana? I got the beige one and likely will never wear it…would love the black or blue one though! Not sure how this whole trading thing works? I’m in Vancouver Canada.

    • The beige is actually the one I am looking for!
      I don’t know when mine is coming, or what color it is yet though.
      I will let you and the other person(who also doesn’t know what color they are getting) what my color is. Maybe we can figure out then who is closest to cut down on shipping costs too! (I’m in WA state)

      • Sounds good to me Marina! Where in WA state are you? The nice thing about these is that they can be mailed fairly cheap I’m thinking!
        email me if you’d like mgregorowich at gmail dot com

    • I have the beige one also. I’ll trade your beige one for my beige one :p

  18. I just received my Summer box. I ordered the Summer 2017 Add-On: PARTY LIKE IT’S THE 4TH OF JULY BUNDLE, but I just received the Karma Kreations Watermelon Ring Pool Float. The bundle was supposed to include the watermelon float, a pineapple float, a palm tree drink holder, and a donut drink holder. I just messaged customer support. I’ve heard a lot of people are having trouble with their addons.

    • Also, I received an extra bloom necklace. I hope that’s not because they sold out of the pool float bundle? It’s an okay necklace, but I do not need two of them. You’d think if they were going to sub something in, they’d give you a choice and especially not give you something you already ordered?

    • Thanks so much! That link is very helpful!

  19. Received my box yesterday. Selected the blue ruana, but got one called ‘Indigo’ which is darker than the blue pictured. I actually like it better because it borders on black. I didn’t select the black because I just didn’t like the alligator pattern. Only problem is it’s ‘dry clean’.
    The necklace retail value is more than the ruana. I agree with many others. It is cheap looking and I am sure I can find a nicer piece of jewelry elsewheres.
    I like the Himalayan salt set very much, but will be gifting it. I just bought a Costco jug size of it the other day. The set makes a nice tabletop addition to meals.
    Now, as for missing items: I ordered an extra post Spring Editor’s box and I did not receive it. My enclosed invoice lists it. But what I did find in the box was something I didn’t order: a Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliator. I really hope that that was not a consolation prize to their running out of the Editor’s box. I don’t understand these mistakes, especially when they include the invoice in the box.
    My add-ons were two Gypsy roundies which I will use either for myself or for gifts. I really like mine from the Spring box.
    So, my feelings are mixed altogether.

  20. I’m a select member, my box just arrived, it is 100% wrong, none of my choices I selected are in this box and I’m missing items. I am so upset with them

  21. I’m sad that my comment will get lost in this large list, but I have to try to spread this message.

    Went to check out the Joyful Heart website after opening the Michael Stars Ruana I received in my FabFitFun box to find out more about their project. Michael Stars is generously donating 25%
    to Joyful Heart for every Ruana purchased in the three lovely colors Liz presented. I kept reading, and was thrilled to see this issue is being seriously addressed to benefit both men and women.

    My hubby and I met in 1982, married in 1984 – still married, and while I knew something was terribly wrong, my husband blamed the distancing between us over the years on his difficult childhood. Last fall, after losing long term employment due to intense PTSD, and no support from one of the largest US employers, he finally opened up to me and spent a month in a recovery center learning coping skills. If you take a look at Joyful Heart’s website you’ll understand what I’m referring to, and I hope that you will support this cause, not only for women, as I was also a victim, but for the men who are afraid to speak out due to the stigma. At the time of hubby’s incident, he could bench press 300 lbs. But sound asleep in a ‘safe’ dorm, and surprised with a weapon, it doesn’t matter. I have never felt so helpless finding out a secret this big is what has been tearing at our relationship of 35 years. Talk about a silent killer. Please consider checking out the website and supporting an important cause. Thank you

    • I haven’t had a chance to read anything connected with the box. And, truthfully, with how busy life is I might not have even read about Joyful Heart. But, I did. Because you took the time to share this. Thank you.

      I am so sorry about your husband and that his pain affected your marriage. I am so sorry that so many of us: moms and dads, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers have been hurt…

      • Thank you for taking the time to check out Joyful Heart and post. Your reply was profound. Best wishes to you!

    • What an amazing organization. There’s so much stigma around that and it’s also something that’s very hard for men to open up and talk about because of the shame associated with it. And it is nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve also been with a partner who shared his story with me and just talking about it is such an important step in recovering. Unfortunately, we’re far more used to hearing these stories from women. We forget that men are also survivors and that many people repress this kind of trauma and that it presents as PTSD or depression.

      I also really respect and admire Mariska Hargitay so much for being so outspoken and such an advocate for survivors. I read about the organization on the newspaper that came with the box but it’s worth everyone’s time to go to the website. It’s really inspiring and amazing to see the help that’s available and the recovery and joy that survivors find again.

      • You are so right, Mariska Hargitay deserves a great deal of respect, along with all the men and women who advocate, counsel and provide support every day. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it means so much to me. Best wishes!

  22. I finally finally got my box and it’s missing the juice beauty eye cream, the necklace, and the sunscreen. Ugh. Is customer service responsive? I’m waiting to hear back after my chat got disconnected. Anyone else have missing item problems? So anticlimactic after I held out from viewing the spoilers.

    • I had add ons and was sent a wrong item so I took a picture of the packing slip and item and they are sending me the correct item. Response was less than 24 hours.

  23. I finally got my box today! I’m seasonal with add ons and all five add ons made it with my shipment. I received the pink BKR bottle, the black & white ruana, and the silver necklace. I chose the traveler and beauty options. I’m happy to say that the passport holder and luggage tag look better in person, I’ll be gifting them to a recent grad. My item # is 1702-DO-3M for anyone waiting to see which variations they received. Not thrilled about the silver necklace, but the pink BKR and black & white ruana make up for it! Very happy with this box overall 💕

  24. I got my box today! Did anyone else not get the items they requested? I requested the Art kit and the fitness option… I received the travel kit (yuck) and the dry shampoo. Bummer!

    • I wanted the dry shampoo and got the massage oil. I got the art kit, but would prefer the pink salt kit.

  25. I did the art add on, when they first sent out the e-mail. I just got my charge for the box and they didn’t include that $10 charge. I chatted with FFF and they said there was no record of me selecting the add on. I was disappointed at first, but now that I have seen it, I am glad I wasn’t charged for it. I would like the kitchen add on, though. The guy I talked to on FFF chat said they are going to have a warehouse sale soon. Something to look forward to, I suppose. Lol!

  26. Has anyone else not received their shipping notification yet? Maybe I’m just to excited for it to get here, but it’s killing me that it hasn’t shipped yet!

    • I haven’t received my shipping notification yet, either. Hopefully it should ship by tomorrow

    • I totally agree. It seems pretty late. Waiting on this one and Happy Rebel which should be delivered today. FFF seems way later than it should be for a Summer box.

    • As of June 26th no notification.

  27. I loved the whole box! I’m so glad I received the pink water bottle and the peachy/pink necklace! I chose the artist item and I know it isn’t a fancy set, but it’s just a fun way to get creative this summer! I also chose the beauty item and I’m so glad I did because my dry shampoo was almost empty and I’ve never tried Klorane before! I live in Michigan and it’s often humid, so I probably won’t wear the Ruana till fall as a scarf, but hey, I won’t turn my nose at a cute multipurpose accessory item! 🙂 Always blown away by the boxes I receive because for $50 I get a ton of things to try out at a majorly discounted price.

  28. I never subscribe annually because I’d rather save $10-$15 on each season with a code. I don’t get to choose colors, etc but it’s worth it to me in order to save $40-60 each year (I need to check again to see what the Annual price is compared to what I pay per year as seasonal). I usually get at least one option I was hoping for but not this time. I got the beige Ruana (hoping for blue), peach necklace (hoping for turquoise), and the blue water bottle (this wasn’t a huge deal because the blue is really pretty). I wish I had picked fitness because I must have 50 bottles of dry shampoo from boxes over the past few years. But I did pick the Chef option and I looove the salt block kit. I love my Add-on iPhone charger! Glad I bought 2 because it was such a good deal. The Love Potion tumbler is also very cute! I got the add-on “mystery pack” and it was pretty nice – 2 pairs of House of Harlow earrings, an ISH matte primer, and something else I can’t remember at the moment. FFF still continues to be one of my favorite boxes right up there with Popsugar and Rachel Zoe.

  29. I just have not been able to pull the trigger on the annual, so of course I ended up with the beige ruana and the pink necklace. My absolute last choice for both of those, and I can’t seem to get off the waitlist for the swap site. I have way too many highlighters and bronzers, and the art kit is a bit disappointing. I do like the water bottle, though, and think I’ll be keeping it on my desk at work. I also am looking forward to trying the eye cream, but overall the two highest value items were a miss for me. This is now my 4th box, and unfortunately my least favorite. 🙁

    • I am not on the swap site either, but if I get a non beige I would be happy to swap. I just ordered a 2nd box to try to get it lol(got it 10 off and now I have a 15 add on credit).

      • Haha thanks, Marina! I’ll keep an eye on these comments, just let me know. 🙂

  30. I haven’t read everyone’s comments, but just in the ones I did read, I was surprised nobody mentioned the SaltedTV subscription. That and the accompanying Himalayan Salt Grinder and Holder were my favorite things in the box. I spent 2 hours on SaltedTV and have already bought 2 subscriptions for family members. It’s Netflix for foodies, LOL! Now, the necklace? I literally put the necklace beside a penny and a salt packet, took a picture, sent it out to a few people asking if anyone could tell me what was in the picture. I got the white one and it looks NOTHING like ANY of the pictures anywhere. The “gems” (they are tiny rocks at best) are about the same size as the chains in the fake silver chain. That, along with the “artist” kit would have infuriated me had it not been for the first 2 items I mentioned. The other items are “okay”. To be honest, I would have been happier had they left the joke of a necklace out and it was just poor taste to offer that “art kit” for an artist’s hobby. And the BKR bottle? Why was everyone so excited about this? The opening is tiny, and the thought of taking off the silicone sleeve and cleaning this? No. So FFF, Salted saved you on this one for me. Since I bought a 3 month sub for someone else and it was $20, and the Salt Kit I found on Amazon for $30+, those 2 items covered the price. But no way on any planet was the value of this box $200+.

    • You don’t have to take the silicone sleeve off to clean it. It is top dishwasher safe and I never remove the sleeve. It stays very clean too! Read about its care at BKR’s website.

    • I like the small opening on Bkr bottles. With wider mouth bottles I always dump water all over myself 🙂

  31. I got my box today, and there was a reason I quit FFF almost two years ago. They’re just not for me, I only liked the add-ons that I picked. The water bottle is ok; but it requires cleaning and I’m just not into that lol. The salt kit is nice; but I never add salt to anything. The dry shampoo my sister will love. The ruana… I’m plus size, it’s never going to fit me. The necklace way overpriced and it’s gold, I only wear silver. The bronzer, sunscreen and eye cream, all a hard pass for me. I think it’s a great summer box, just not for me.

  32. FFF is my favorite sub box, but not happy with this one. Way too many beauty products.

    Ruana- I’m excited to play with this. I want to see what I can do with it as a wrap for my hair.
    BKR- I have another bottle from a sub box and love it. Excited to have a second one.
    Cargo Bronze- I’ve actually never used a bronzer once in my life. I don’t mind experimenting with it.
    Eye cream- I don’t use a lot of creams and such. Not super excited by it but will try it out.
    Necklace- I picked the peach colored one. I am very unimpressed. The stones look very cheap, plus the last stone on mine is white/clear not peach. Which makes the whole necklace look weird. As the most expensive value item in the box I would expect more.
    Sunscreen- I’ve never used a $24 sunscreen before. I usually buy the cheap stuff. Will be interested in seeing how it is, but I would have rather gotten one less beauty item and someone more unique.

    I chose to get all the choice items and kinda wish I hadn’t
    Chef- I am excited to try the salt item. It unique, something I would never have gotten myself, and will look great on my counter.
    Traveler- I feel like I could have gotten this item for less than $10. I actually needed a new luggage tag, so it will be used, but not thrilled by it.
    Artist- When I hear DIY I think of a super cool project. Something fun and different. Not a canvas with some paint and the ABCs. I’ll use it, but really disappointed by it.
    Fitness- I was hoping for a real fitness item. Not another beauty item. Not some oil that is just being called a fitness item.
    Beauty- So, obviously I expected a beauty item under here, but not so thrilled with dry shampoo. Would rather have gotten some kind of makeup or a nice lotion.

    Still my favorite subscription box to get, just not this season.

  33. Just got my box and super dissapointed to be missing Karyn G. add-ons. Just chatted with support and found out they didn’t get all of the product, I’m not the one missing stuff, and they’ll be sending us an e-mail within a week or so. I was really surprised to have not gotten any notice before shipment or in my box that items were missing.

  34. Will my box ever ship? 😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️

  35. My box arrived today and I’m so happy! This is my first box and even tho I’m seasonal I got the colors I wanted! Black ruana, peach moonstone necklace, and pink bottle. I wasn’t expecting the ruana to be cut halfway through but I guess I will figure out how to wear it. Also, that necklace is tinnnny! I’m afraid to wear something that dainty, I have 2 small kids that would break it in one pull. I am most excited for my add-ons though. I got 2 workout bundles so I got the massager stick, roller ball, stretchy bands, fitbook and the muscle pain relief roll on. The value is definitely there for this box tho and for what I paid total ($52 – I used $10 coupon for the box and had $10 add-on credit for new subscriber) I am very happy.

  36. Received my box today and overall I am more pleased than displeased.

    I watched FFF for awhile subscribed once and was really disappointed and cancelled and resubscribed with the Spring ’17 box. For subs my mindset is now:
    1) am I happy after the unboxing?
    2) would I have paid what I paid for the box on the items I liked or loved?

    I like the ruana but I got the beige which I was really hoping not to get (same thing happened with the circle towel in the Spring box) – but I’m not ready to commit to an annual sub).

    I love the water bottle and the sunscreen. Even the travel option is fine.

    The only real issue is that one of my add on items is missing. I e-mailed them. Hopefully they have a replacement and there won’t be any issues getting it replaced.

    • Just wanted to note that I received a response from FabFitFun. They say a replacement will be sent out and I should receive it in 7 – 10 business days. 🙂

  37. BEWARE!! If you got the “silver” necklace, it gave me hives within 3 hours of wearing it! AWFUL–I’m so angry right now. I have to take benadryl before work thanks to this necklace 🙁

    • I have worn my silver necklace for over 12 hours and I have had no reaction.

  38. I got my box today.
    I am seasonal with add ons.
    I ordered all 3 choice items and my box is missing 2 items, the salt kit and the eye cream I ordered as an add on.
    I also ordered Summer and Rose oversized sunglasses for add on which did not come in my box, received instead Diff sunglasses.

    Everything in my Summer box was correct, just issues with the add on items.
    Hopefully they can send my missing items.
    My packing slip had all the items listed on it including Summer & Rose glasses so I sent a picture of the packing slip with the sunglasses received and let them know about the missing items. No response yet.

  39. Just got the box today. I’m really upset that the silver necklace is an “overlay”. I’m allergic to cheap metals and *thought* that I was getting sterling silver. I guess I’ll wear it until the overlay comes off and then it’s trash. The Ruana looks like a cape to me too, lol! Everything else seems fine but I’m still fuming over the $58 “silver” necklace

  40. Still no notification and I’m an annual 🙁

    • Oh no! That does not look good for me being only a seasonal 🙁

    • It seems like there is no rhyme or reason for their shipping schedule. The only reason I’m getting this box is I forgot to cancel after ordering the spring box. I got shipping notice last week and I should receive tomorrow.

  41. I’m still waiting for my shipment notification! I’m hoping to get here before I leave on the 26th for 2 weeks!

    • I am waiting on my select box to ship. It’s weird, my seasonal box with add ons has shipped, but my select box has not :-/

      • I’m seasonal too, with added choices so I’m hoping it’ll ship soon. It seems to be taking them awhile to ship it out this time around.

  42. I think these boxes are a great value, but I need to point out that the Kris Nation silver howlite necklace is NOT sterling silver, although that is what they show on their website with the value of $58. The silver necklace is “silver overlay.” It is not sterling silver, therefore it cannot be worth $58. I confirmed this with Kris Nation customer service, and I tried to get feedback from fab fit fun, and have been unable to get anyone to acknowledge the discrepancy.

    • The retail value is how much they sell it for not what you feel it’s worth. A lot of people have been commenting on inflated values but at the end of the day if that’s how much they sold it for then that’s how much it costs. To my knowledge ALL jewelry they have sent thus far has been costume and expensive all at the same time. Because it’s so cheap to make, we as FFF members get a great deal since the companies can sell it to FFF at a huge discount to get their names out there. If it was real silver or gold then it would make more sense for them to melt down the jewelry than practically give it away. The retail value is for design, innovation, effort not metal used. And Chanel sells plastic cuffs for hundreds and no one bats an eye…

      • You are absolutely right about the inflated values, but my point is not so much that it isn’t worth $58, it is that this is not sterling silver but many people think that it is, based on the KN website and the value listed. Even in Liz’s review of the summer box she says that it is sterling silver. People on the swap site are listing it as sterling. So before you swap, know that it is silver overlay.

      • I am actually pretty peeved about that (I commented below). You’re right, the website lists it as sterling. So, yes it would be worth $58. But, as an overlay…there’s no way it’s worth that. I was so excited to have an option that wouldn’t give me hives but nope!

      • I thought it was sterling silver too. I have had no reaction to it whatsoever but it still was misleading. I did not know I was getting silver overlay until mine arrived. To me we should get the exact $58 that is listed at the necklace’s website. I don’t like to be deceived and I think many of these sub boxes try to pull the wool over our eyes. Suffice it to say I will never buy anything Chris Nations sells.

    • These necklaces are what I call bird necklaces…… cheap cheap.

  43. I’ve never gotten a choice in any of the items I’ve received. How were you notified?

    • Hi, me either…….I asked customer service and they said I had to have an annual subscription, so I am confused. I thought some of these items anyone was able to get a choice, not the color of the wrap, but choices of the other things….travel, or chef item for example.

      • I’m pretty sure seasonal had a choice of the travel, chef or artist choices because my sister chose hers. The deadline for choosing I believe, was June 4th. They send you the notification when you can make your choices and when the deadline is.

  44. I loved the spring box more. However I think this box is really good. I love my choices -I got the dry shampoo and the salt. The rauna will be perfect for hosting pool parties. My only thing is that because I like trying different boxes I now have three different brands of sunscreen. But I burn easily so now I have no excuse for lacking sunscreen.

  45. So I hope my comment doesn’t come up twice 🙂 some reason they are not showing up… Any who UGH! I can’t take it anymore my box shipped on 6/16/17 and I live 8 hours north of LA but it takes 6 days for me to get it lol I wish I could just drive down and pickup my box and hang out at the beach and open it. I could do all of that in less time that it takes to ship to my house lol……….. Did I say UGH yet 🙂

  46. UGH! I can’t take it anymore my box shipped out on 6/16/17 and I live 8 hours north of LA but it takes 6 days to get to me…….. Did I say UGH! yet lol

    • ooooooopssssssss my comment is here twice

      • Sometimes I comment on here but it doesn’t show up until hours or even a day later. I think some are screened through whatever software they are using and that might be causing the delay.

  47. I got my box today at it’s awesome! I didn’t realize I added a mystery bundle and when I got my invoice I emailed them right away. They said it was too late so I just let it be.. I kind of wanted it anyway. I paid 29 for the bundle and I’m almost certain they added two. I got six things in the bundle. I looked up the price of an eye cream and it retails for 70, and facial spray that retails for 39. I also got a brow kit, a blush highlighter duo, and a kopari coconut sheer oil. I was beyond impressed with the whole box. I selected the art option, but at the very least it will make a good homemade gift to a friend or something:)

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