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GlossyBox Mother’s Day Limited Edition Box Review


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. In addition to their subscription, they occasionally do Limited Edtion one-time-purchase boxes. This is a review of their most recent Pink Diamond Limited Edition box.


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. It looks like this box was sent to us for review purposes, and the box I bought myself hasn’t arrived yet. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

UPDATE: I received 2 of these boxes a day apart. (I didn’t know if GlossyBox would be sending me one, so I bought one to be safe the day they went on sale.) The boxes were identical, so I assumed one was the one I bought, and one was the one GlossyBox had sent to me. Now it appears that both were sent from GlossyBox and I still have the one I purchased on the way.

What this means: 1. According to GlossyBox’s Instagram, paying subscribers will get the full-size Vichy. (I think this is the first case of reverse-blogger box I’ve seen!) 2. I have extra boxes so look for a giveaway soon!


As always, with Glossybox, the packaging is just gorgeous! I love the gold foil detail of the lines.


The Box: Glossybox Pink Diamond Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $35 for subscribers, $40 for non-subscribers

The Products: 

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada


This box comes with a fold out sheet detailing all of the items included.

Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0006 Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0007

Now, onto the items!


NCLA Nail Polish in Pink Champagne – FULL SIZE! Value $16


First, I love the name of this polish!


The color is a shimmery, cotton candy pink, with high shine. I got full coverage in two coats. Here it is on:


I really love this shade! It feels bright, fresh, and perfect for warmer weather!


Zuii Organic Organic Flora Eyebrow Definer in Coco – Value $30


This is a new brand to me, and I love discovering new natural/organic beauty lines, so I was excited to try it out!


The color is a warm brown, and it matched my brows well. Like most eyebrow pencils, you can control the color depth by how much pressure you use. (Swatched in lower photo.)


Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in Raven – Value $24

(Colors will vary.)

I love Nudestix lip crayons! The crayons are a lip liner and lipstick in one, and the formulas are always so creamy! (You could also use this as a cheek tint – the whole concept behind this line is multi-use products that are easy, fast, and travel well.)


The color is a deep merlot red. My go to Nudestix color is a little more neutral/light pink, so it was nice to try out a bolder look at a deep discount.

(Swatched in lower photo.)


Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil – Value $30

Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0023 Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0024

This pressed powder veil looks shimmery in the pan, but it is more like a setting powder than a highlighter when you apply it. With a sweep of the brush over my skin I really couldn’t notice any highlight shimmer – this is definitely for a subtle look.


But, good news, I like it as a setting powder! Plus the Josie Maran line uses natural and organic ingredients, too.

I swatched it multiple times below the eyebrow definer and lip crayon so you can see the pigment/shimmer:

Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0027 Glossybox-LE-Mothers-Day-April-2017-0018

ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost – Value $30

(Scents will vary.)


What a nice alternative to your standard perfume sample in a box! This roll on scent is made with only natural and organic ingredients. (It’s vegan and made in the USA, too!)

This scent is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, ginger, clove, and sandalwood.


VICHY Merial 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster – 30 ml Value $18

(UPDATE: FYI – GlossyBox messaged this box as having 6 full-size items, but this product is smaller than the 1.7 full size.)

UPDATE 2: According to GlossyBox’s instagram, paying customers will receive the full-size 1.7 oz version!


This moisturizer is so unique! It has a gel-like consistency, and it’s made with Mineralizing Water with Hyaluronic Acid to “fortify skin and make it more resistant to visible aging caused by pollution, stress to skin.”

The formula absorbed almost instantly, and my skin felt more hydrated as well. This seems like a perfect moisturizer for warmer weather!

Verdict: This is one of my favorite Limited Edition GlossyBoxes ever! Great brands, and a good mix of interesting new-to-me products, too! This box has a value of about $148 – amazing for a $40 box. (Or $35 if you are a subscriber.)

What do you think of the Limited Edition GlossyBox?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (75)

  1. I have received my box yesterday and I love it! Even though I will only keep the Vichy booster and maybe the nail polish, everything else will make excellent gifts. I have even ordered a second one for $25 – you can’t beat this price (CAD $40).

  2. I totally love my GB Mother’s Day Box…i bought for myslef lol! I am in love with the Vichy product! It’s full size and I’m giving credit to Liz for making sure GB does what it says in sending out the advertised 6 full size items. I am also loving the Josie Maran powder…it’s so pretty and luxe! Now I just have to figure out how to use it! I also love the nail polish and curiously intrigued by the chakra oil…i know my chakra could use it. The other items were ok, nothing special for me but I’m also a skin care addict so I’m biased there.

    GB consistently makes the best limited edition boxes…with the same items for everybody. 
    However, their monthly boxes are another thing. Just got my May box and I’m underwhelmed. It looks strangely empty. Some months are amazing and others are just misses for me especially when it just looks like a box of samples, which it has been the last 2 months.

  3. Got mine today and love everything! Glossybox LE never disappoint! I got the clarity Chakra boost and the nudestix in belle, a beautiful everyday mauve. I had already moisturized so haven’t tried the Vichy, but I like the Chakra, lip, brow and powder. I’m going to try the nail polish now. Very happy with this!

  4. I’m not a subscriber and I got the fullsize Vichy.

    • The full size wasn’t just for subscribers, it’s for ALL paying customers ( all those who payed for the Mother’s Day box ). So everyone got the Fill sizes Vichy, except for the whom they sent the boxes to for review purposes.

  5. The old question of should I or shouldn’t I ?…so did everyone get the correct product or not? I’m not a subscriber anymore because I’m one of those who always got the lesser value items in my box.But I’ve really been thinking I’d like to have this special box.So I say to myself go and look at the reviews from Liz ,lol I’m still confused if I should or not buy it

  6. The Daily Deal just launched a limited Edition Mother’s Day Box for $24.99 or you can upgrade for $9.99 more… It should be interesting.

  7. I can’t wait to get this box. I sure hope the items I get are full sized as promised by Glossy Box 🙂

    • I ordered the Rituals on March 15 and tonight I checked my account and actually noted that my order FINALLY shipped! YAY! It took over a month but I had faith it would eventually ship, definitely a very long time to wait!

  8. So they managed to send Liz two free Mother’s Day boxes, but they can’t even ship my “Rituals of Sakura” box that I ordered over a month ago.

    • Hi, when you purchase the ritual box, does it billed you after you purchase? Because last day, i also order it with my 1st glossybox, but they billed only my 1st box. I really want to try the ritual of sakura, but i don’t want to order again, coz i order but i don’t see it in my account yet?

  9. I am happy that all the items are going to be full size. i have the brow pencil up for swap because my brows don’t need anything extra other than waxing, lol. The lip pencil I will swap if I get too dark of a shade. I am excited to receive my GB. I had purchased their Rituals box and absolutely love it so much, I ordered another one.💖

    • It seems a lot of darker shades will be up for swap, which is good to know. With a fair complexion with pink tones, pale pinks don’t work. I prefer to rock a bold lip, and I’m loving the color Liz got. But I just know that with my luck I’ll get a pale pink, or worse, one of those super trendy, very pretty on everyone else, nude colors.

      • I have the same complexion, but my preference is the opposite. I don’t like super pale pink (does anyone?) but bright and dark colors make me look kind of clown-ish – not that I don’t try to pull off red from time to time. I mostly go for medium pinks.

      • Completely there with you. I, too, am a super pale, bold lip, bad luck kind of woman. (~_^)
        I’m anticipating a lovely shade of soft “pretty” brown that makes me look like a day old corpse. If I get that deep merlot, I will be super psyched. Also def not a pearly pink type. (<__<) Everyone's brow color (or, more importantly, preference in brow color and intensity) is Soooo different and personal.
        And being super pale also makes me unhappy about Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil. Judging by the swatches, it maaaybe could be used as a sort of bronzer?? Ha.

        All in all, I'm excited about the lip pencil, if non-dead color, and the Vichy booster.
        I'll be getting full size because I paid, but am I also getting sample size as a subscriber? I thought this was an extra box you had to order and pay for separately. Am I, now, to receive 2 boxes?!
        SO CONFUSED.

      • I hope fortune smiles on you the way it did on me. I just opened my box and was pleasantly surprised to find that I got exactly what I had hoped for. I have been scoping out other reviews and had an idea of what color nudestix and what scents of the chakra boost were out there. I got “raven” the deep merlot pictured above, and the “motivation” chakra boost (lavender, citrus, and rosemary). The color looks awesome with my pale skin, mocha colored hair, and hazel eyes. As for the chakra boost, as a social worker, some days I need all the motivation I can get. lol. Also, the Vichy serum was the fullsize one pictured in the advertisements. So yeah, I’m a happy girl. Also, I think the highlighter might work as a blush/eyeshadow with my coloring.

      • I received the raven nude stick and would trade for a pale pink shade.

  10. I want to give my two cents worth even though it has been “cleared up” by Glossy Box. They send the influencers boxes that they know will be reviewed so that info can be given to us. The boxes are to give a clear picture of what we are to get so to speak. So the boxes they send for all of the items except for one is a trial size? Not to be weird but if I was reviewing the box I could only go with the information in the box. Glossy Box, you know boxes get reviewed, and you know Liz and the team want the same boxes customers receive so they can give us the real experience. So now, out of all of these times especially since it is a special Mother’s day, a big time for box buying, and all of these box companies are competing for our attention and monies, this happens. Glossy you have so much potential to be a good consistent box, communicate better and avoid these type of dramas in the future.

    • Exactly! Most of the issues Glossybox has could be averted if they had clear and timely communications.

  11. Amazing what can happen when you go to the source for clarification or justification! Bravo for doing just that. 🤗

  12. So happy to see they have cleared it up! The person who runs their social media is to be commended for an Easter Sunday follow up. Now if only someone in the office would have dropped a note of explanation into the influencer/blogger boxes to avert this whole situation from the beginning.

    • Honestly, now I’m wondering if there was a note and I missed it. I don’t want to put any blame on Glossybox when it very well might have been my oversight. Sorry again about this!

      • The ever patient representative on Instagram stated “this is something we should have addressed.” I take that as it wasn’t communicated, so please don’t second guess just to much. Thanks for all the work you put in to keep all the posts and reviews as timely and accurate as possible!

  13. I bought this box during the flash sale for $30 even though I didn’t need anything and my mom likes skincare products so the Beautyfix Mother’s Day box was more appropriate for her.

    Perhaps I am in the minority in thinking this, but I really don’t think Glossybox had any nefarious intentions in this moisturizer debacle. Find it hard to believe that they’re sitting there thinking “Let’s advertise this full size product in our limited edition box to drum up enough sales and then let’s hose them over(and their moms!) and pack this deluxe size product instead. No one will ever notice! Now let’s spend the extra $$$ we squeezed out of our customers by doing this bait-and-switch on high end half&half for our office coffee pool!” It is certainly bad coordination and quality control on their end. Much like how their pamphlets will advertise the box having 3 of the following items, but only including 2. Just bad, bad, bad editors on their end.

    If that really bothers you, then I understand the frustration and the need to make sure this company burns to the ground.

    For me, it’s meh. It’s moisturizer in a box. I’ll live. In fact, because of all of these subscription boxes, it’ll take me awhile before I’ll get around to using it. It’ll probably land in my queue as #4 or 5. And that’s after giving away half of my stash to family members last week.

    Glossybox is only a few bucks more for me than the $10 boxes out there (they are the only subscription box that I have that does not charge sales tax in California) so I am more forgiving with their inconsistencies. Had they been providing me with medical care or handling my 401k, I would be outraged.

    • We’ll just have to wait for their response to see if it is just an unfortunate misunderstanding. Maybe they’ll even fix it!

      • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

      • Yay! Hooray! Clap-clap! Happy dance!

      • Thanks, Liz! My faith has been restored.

    • You are very right, I also believe this is unintentional, but I guess what makes this so disappointing is how often they make mistakes. Usually it’s a learning experience to be more careful. I get that when the art was done months ago for promos that maybe a communication error occurred and wrong item photographed. But how do you not know that the product you are currently promoting to be in a box is not the one that was actually packed? Most likely incompetence at this point with the history of unclear promotions. The best companies set expectations then exceed them, not set expectations then fail to meet them. In the meantime I really don’t know what to tell a potential subscriber but you “might” get what they advertised “about” the time they said it would be shipped and any discrepancies will eventually be addressed. Maybe. Set your expectations accordingly and you will not be disappointed.

    • Wow, hello drama. I don’t think any of us who have expressed our disappointment could be described as “outraged” or wanting to “burn this company to the ground.” I don’t want to think that this was intentional, but all of Glossybox’s advertisements for this box have stressed “6 FULL SIZE items!” and “$160 value” I don’t think we are wrong for being a bit alarmed that it appeared that we weren’t receiving this product.

      However, I’m happy to say that I asked about this issue on Instagram, and Glossybox replied with “Thank you for your questions, this is something we should have addressed. We wanted our influencers to try the Vichy product, but only had the 1oz sizes available at the time. Now all of our subscribers will be receiving a 1.7oz in this Limited Edition box.”

      So I’m satisfied, and pleased with their customer support’s prompt response.

      • Thanks so much for letting me know about their Instagram comment. I just updated the post to reflect that info.

      • Hehe, it’s usually the other way around. The influencer gets the good stuff and subscribers get less. I wasn’t too bent out of shape over this, because I have far more moisturizer than I can use. But it’s good to know that we’re going to have full size.

      • By the way Jennifer, thanks for asking on Instagram.

    • If it really bothers you that other people are disappointed then don’t read the comments.

      • I strongly dislike opinion shaming. Bottom line, this is a company who has made more than a few “mistakes and several “intentionals” over the last 4 years (google Glossybox Canada – when they knowingly sent very expired products). I got fed up with the excuses and delays and dropped them a year ago and haven’t regretted it since. If consumers consistently allow companies to get away with baiting and switching, then there is never going to be improvement since the accountability piece is absent. I don’t care if it’s $10 or $200, it’s our money given in exchange for advertised products. Period. Perhaps it’s just the lawyer in me, or maybe the military since I’m part of both professions, but I can’t stand businesses pulling a fast one at the expense of the consumer.

      • Whoah!

        If you read my post, I was stating that people should be disappointed in Glossybox because they are prone to making mistakes and I get how people would be not happy with a company for that.

        I don’t believe the company was trying to pull a fast one on their customers and mislead them intentionally in any way.

        I was also not targeting anyone or trying to shame anyone as my reply was a generic one.

    • I agree that there was no conspiracy to trick us into buying this box. I fully believe that it was an error. Most likely, something went wrong in shipping. If you notice, the difference in the promised value and the actual value is $12, which is also the difference between the price of the full sized bottle and the actual bottle in the box. That makes it obvious that they received the wrong sized product. Not their fault. At that point someone decided to make the best of a bad situation rather than having to wait for a new shipment, which is not a bad decision since the box is still a great value. BUT, they should have informed the customers about the situation and offered to allow them to cancel the shipment or offered to include an additional product (perhaps a leftover item from a previous box). Just informing us of the problem and apologizing would have been enough for most of us. Glossybox is my favorite beauty subscription. When I’ve had a problem with anything, they’ve always been polite, professional and have made it right. I don’t think that they are dishonest. I just think that a problem was mishandled.

    • I must have missed the outrage and desire to burn the company to the ground……..

    • 👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

  14. Almost bought this but decided it was a case of FOMO even though I don’t wear nail polish or pressed powder and would maybe get a lip color I wouldn’t like. The moisturizer was the standout item to me, so I would have been disappointed with the discrepancy. Makes me wary of future Glossybox offers.

    • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

  15. I have always loved Tge Glossybox LE boxes. This has me disappointed though. The moisturizer was the tipping point for me, which made this purchase worthwhile. This isn’t the 6 full size items advertised, and the value isn’t what they advertised either. I’m still happy with the box overall, but this dishonesty leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I do hope they address this mistake and offer an apology.

    • This where I am, as well. I am sure I will still like the box, but their seemingly ever increasing use of dishonest advertising concerns me quite a bit. And this isn’t even a misunderstanding caused by ambiguous language, it is just straight up false advertising.

      • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

        Sorry for any confusion I have caused!

    • I’m still very happy with the box overall, but I feel Glossybox should give us an explanation for the discrepancy. The Vichy was not why I wanted the box so I am not as upset as someone who bought it mainly for that product.

      • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

    • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

      Sorry for any confusion I have caused!

  16. I considered buying this box even though I’m not a subscriber anymore. I wanted to wait for the review, since I’m not familiar with some of the products, and now I’m glad I did! The spoiler clearly showed the 50mL size bottle in the GB-provided picture, which this is clearly not (they’re not even the same shape). I don’t know if it was someone’s error, but basically this has turned me off from buying the box even though it’s still a great value. I got the short end of the stick during the “in every box” fiasco last year, and I don’t want to continue to support that practice by giving GB any more of my money. Very shady, indeed.

  17. Look on the bright side ladies!! You still get 5 full size & 1 deluxe size product for $5.88 an item! You couldn’t buy generic items at Walmart for that low of a price! I’m sure someone just made a mistake at Glossybox. I’m so happy for this Box and can’t wait till mine comes!!

    • I’m so glad I got this the day it was on sale for $30. At $5 a product, this is an amazing deal! Wow!

  18. Even though the Vichy is not full size, I still think this is a good box. Like the others, I agree if they advertised 6 full sized items, then that’s what we should get. I’ve only been doing subscription boxes for four months and I’m really enjoying it. So far, I’m happy with Glossybox. We’ll see how it goes.

  19. This box is amazing. If I had the money, I would totally purchase. Awesome curation.

  20. OK, this makes no sense. The fold out sheet above (detailing items included) says that the Vichy is 1.7 oz full size at a value of $30. Why would the pamphlet say that if they had not planned on sending the 1.7 oz? There really seems to be a big error on their part here.

    • They always put the prices for the full size item on their fold outs not what they actually send u!

    • Actually.. I believe that the pamplet always shows what the full size product cost, not the size and price of the item that was in the box. But.. Glossybox did advertise that the box would include 6 full size items… So, basically it’s false advertisement!!!

      • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

        Sorry for any confusion I have caused!

      • Wow.. that’s great news! It was very nice and appropriate of GlossyBox to fix their mistake. Thanks for letting us all know Liz!! I’m very happy being I love my skincare the most!

      • Oh.. I see, GlossyBox was not at fault.. that they had always intended to sent out the full size Vichy to paying customers? That’s even better news!

      • Yep! Sorry again about this. I didn’t receive any communication from GlossyBox about it (that I’m aware of – maybe I missed a note), so I feel really bad about not properly identifying the Vichy size issue when I first posted the review.

      • It’s definitely not your fault. GlossyBox still should have let you known what was going on. I’m happy that it’s all cleared up now though.

  21. Sigh, another time I felt maybe Glossybox getting it together and another time I am disappointed by their fraudulent promotion. How many times have they messed up by misrepresenting contents!! Sorry Liz, I really love your reviews but smoothing over the doozy of a lie on the Vichy product really disappointing. That product size is not what they promoted in description or pictures. I would really appreciate it if you could get an explanation from them. Especially since this is a nice box and deception really unnecessary.

    • Sorry! I did not mean to gloss over, just forgot they had promised 6 full size items when I first wrote the review. I updated the review with a note about the size difference, and I’ll reach out to Glossybox and ask what happened as well.

      • Liz, I completely forgot too until I started reading it in the comments. Thanks for reaching out to them and thanks for another great review!

      • Good news – it appears that this is a box they sent to influencers early with the wrong size Vichy. The correct full-size should be included for all paying customers. (Full details updated in the post!)

        Sorry for any confusion I have caused!

  22. Liz, could you reflect to Glossybox about our concerns? Six full size products were advertised but the Vichy is clearly not. Could they swap it out to full size or two of them to make it full size volumn before they start to ship? It is my top item for this box… thanks

  23. I really wanted more skincare, and now the only skincare item they included, isn’t even the full size they promised. Oh good…

  24. This box looks great with one exception. It’s not the same as the box in the spoiler. The Vichy is smaller. If it was the promised size, the value would have been $160 that we were promised rather than $148. There was obviously a problem. We should have been made aware of it. It’s still a great value, but it’s disappointing that the product that many of us was most looking forward to is about half the size that we were led to expect. If they hadn’t given a value or shown the product, I wouldn’t be disappointed in this box, but given the situation, I feel cheated and lied to. Pardon my rant. I usually love Glossybox.

  25. The old bait and switch. What happened to the Vichy? It’s almost half the size of the one in the spoiler and the main reason I got this box.

    • Yeah, I thought it was supposed to be a $160 box.

    • They promised 6 full size products. That Vichy is not the full size.

      • Indeed, I am very disappointed with Vichy. How could they?!

    • Ugh! So shady, Glossybox! Love the box, box that’s just not cool at all. The full size bottle was in all the promo pictures!

  26. I love this box! Like you said Liz, many new items I have never tried. Great “me” gift.🐰

  27. Nice review, nice box. Glad I got this. I’ll swap the lip crayon if it’s that dark and will use every other item.

    • Glad you will use every other item! I’m thinking of buying a second box and hoping for a different shade of lip crayon! 🙂

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