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POPSUGAR Limited Edition Resort 2017 Box Review

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Every year, POPSUGAR releases a POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box – full of items that would be perfect to take on vacation!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.


FYI – if you are interested in purchasing this box, it is still available! (Less than 300 are left!)

Popsugar-must-have-limited-resort-2017-0004 Popsugar-must-have-limited-resort-2017-0006

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: It’s the season to relax and reinvigorate. Start by planning a dreamy getaway. Then kick off your luxurious lounging in style with our curated box of travel essentials. Whether it’s a beachside resort or your own backyard, feel and look fab wherever you go.

Boxes will be shipped by March 20 via FedEx SmartPost.

Are you going to grab a Resort box? Check out my review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Resort boxmy review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


Popsugar-must-have-limited-resort-2017-0010 Popsugar-must-have-limited-resort-2017-0009 Popsugar-must-have-limited-resort-2017-0011

Now, onto the items!


CC Skye Coral Beaded Bali Necklace with Antique Charms – Value $95


This necklace measures about 36 inches long and it can be worn as one strand or doubled up. Here it is on:


Alternatively, you can wrap it around several times as a bracelet, too.


Roberta Roller Rabbit Beach Shrug – Retail Value $95

This beach shrug is an exclusive print just for POPSUGAR Must Have.


It has an open front, and the back has a strap across it.


It’s made with 100% cotton, and the fabric is sheer and lightweight, so it has a flowy vibe!


POPSUGAR sent us this spoiler early so I can answer any questions you might have about it!


Here it is on to give you a better sense of how it looks on:


And I recommend you check out their tutorial on this shrug, too! (Lots of ways to wear this piece!)


The Beach People Escape Beach Cushion – Value $29


This is inflatable beach cushion comes with a super soft, 100% cotton pillow case, and an inflatable cushion insert:


And here it is when you add the inflatable cushion:


I LOVE this item! It’s so practical for the beach and equal parts cute, too!


And the flip side has this adorable dot pattern. Here’s a closer look at the hidden zipper and cotton fabric:


A super useful beach item that takes up very little suitcase space? Yes, please!


Vosges Mint Matcha Chocolate Bar – Value $8


Vosges is one of those gourmet chocolate brands my husband and I love seeing in subscription boxes!


My husband Eric absolutely loved this bar. He said the matcha and mint were subtle but there in every bite – it wasn’t a flavor combination he was sure about, but he ended up eating this whole bar pretty quickly!


EVE LOM Cleanser and Muslin Cloth – Value $50


Another fabulous luxe brand I’m always happy to see in subscription boxes! (It rarely happens, though!)


This cleansing balm is a beauty cult-classic for good reasons – it makes cleaning your face feel like a luxe beauty ritual.

And it comes with a muslin cloth to use with it:


If you aren’t familiar with how to use this cleanser, here are the instructions:

-Use the cleanser once a day in the evening for normal to dry skin types, and twice daily in the morning and evening for congested skin.
-Apply a small amount to dry fingertips, then gently massage across a dry face and neck until the cleanser is evenly distributed.
-Saturate the Muslin Cloth in hot water and squeeze off any excess.
-Fold it into a square and work it across the face and neck in small, circular movements to eliminate all traces of cleanser, dirt, and makeup.
-Rinse the face and cloth thoroughly in cool water, pressing the fabric against the skin to complete the cleanse for a closed-pore look and feel.

I love the natural essential oil scent of eucalyptus, and the cleanser was gentle on my skin, and great for removing eye makeup, too. (Plus a solid cleanser makes it easier for travel!)


Triple C Diamond Play – Value $30


This little blue-tooth speaker is pretty slick with its multi-function button. You press and hold it in to turn on and off, press it in once to play/pause, hold it to the left to lower the volume, to the right to raise the volume, and giving it a quick press to the right or left will skip to the next track!


It comes with a cord for charging and should last for about 4 hours between charges. (This isn’t a high-quality audio speaker, but perfect for throwing in your beach bag and enjoying at the beach or outdoors!)

I also love the minimalist diamond design. I’ll be displaying this on a shelf in my office when not in use!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $308. I think that’s great for a $100 box, and in line with the value I’ve come to expect from POPSUGAR Limited Edition boxes. The surprise for me this time is that my favorite items were the non-spoiled items in this box!

I would pay the retail price for the pillow, speaker, EVE LOM, and chocolate ($117 total). The shrug and necklace are a little outside of my style/comfort zone, so I wouldn’t have gone out and bought them, but I’ll use them now that I have them. (And I know every year the POPSUGAR Resort boxes include a style specific item or two, so that’s a part of the gamble – I can’t win them all!)

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I didn’t buy the box, but bought the necklace and swapped for the shrug, and love them. Nothing else really appealed except the pillow and I really don’t need it.

  2. Anyone want to purchase this box for cost plus shipping? [email protected]

  3. “And I know every year the POPSUGAR Resort boxes include a style specific item or two, so that’s a part of the gamble – I can’t win them all!”

    You received it for free- no gamble to you at all.

    • Yikes! At least Liz discloses when things are sent to her for free to review. Also she could be referring to it being “a gamble” as to whether or not something would be her/a subscriber’s specific taste or style….not whether or not it’s a gamble to spend money on. 🙂

  4. Unlike most of y’all, I really like this necklace!

    • Just unpacked and it’s a win for me.

  5. I just got mine in the mail, it seems so small and so light compared to past limited boxes, this whole box has a mystery box feel to me and we all know how everyone has feel about mystery boxes as of late.

    • *felt

  6. How on Earth do I get the speaker to work? Plugged it into my computer today and a little red light showed up but within five minutes the light went dark. I’ve use the Bluetooth on my Android to look 4 the speaker but all I can pick up is one of my coworkers Fitbit

    • The volume button is multi-funtion. You press and hold it in to turn on and off (you’ll hear a sound and the charger light will blink blue), press it in once to play/pause, hold it to the left to lower the volume, to the right to raise the volume, and giving it a quick press to the right or left will skip to the next track.

      • Imma gonna let the geek husband work this one out.

  7. Did anyone else notice that their speaker is kind of soft? I tried charging it for a while per the user manual, but it still sounds pretty soft, definitely softer than what I could get from my smartphone. I’m wondering if that is normal or if my item is defective.

    • I thought the same thing at first. I turned the diamond speaker all the way up. Then I turned the volume all the way up on my iPad and the speaker was super loud. I could here it through the whole house. Hope that helps!

  8. I can’t justify the price of these. But it’s fun reading your reviews 🙂

  9. Omg! Sooooooo disappointed with this entire box! Was hoping for a nice big beach towel, a nice beach bag or sunglasses. I have multiple wraps and the coral necklace is not me.. The pillow is meh.. I can’t believe I chanced it and splurged for the $100 box. I think this will be my last box. I keep giving them a chance to step it up but I have been constantly disappointed. It’s like the boxes are going downhill FAST! Just look at previous resort boxes compared to this one! This should’ve just been the May box……not a “LUXE” $100 box😡

    • I feel the same way. 🙁 The two “high value” items just don’t feel luxe or worth the RV and everything else are more like what I’d expect in the monthly box. I got my box yesterday and was hoping my opinion would change once I opened it up, but actually I was even more disappointed.
      The Vosges chocolate tasted OK, but didn’t wow me. I haven’t even bothered opening the Triple C, I haven’t had the best luck with electronics from Triple C (not much longevity/cheaply made). I guess I’m most excited about the air up pillow, which I’ll bring with me on my next long flight. Loved my FFF box way more and it was half the price.

  10. I will swap whole box new. Looking for halcyon cream gold bracelet. Let me know if anyone is interested in swap.

    • Wouldn’t we all like halcyon bracelets! I know I would!

  11. im upset at myself for looking at these spoilers, because i probably would have been happier seeing them in person. at first glance i was disappointed. Im not sure why, because i looked at all the other resort boxes, and only every liked the skincare in them. so thats what i was hoping for, maybe two skincare items i could lust over. We got one. But the more i think about it the more use id get out of it, and i like to go by personal value. i would spend maybe 35 dollars on a beach wrap (i like this the most and will absolutely wear it) , 20 dollars on a necklace like that (im down for the bracelet idea) , 10 dollars for a pillow for the beach (perfect actually im going to the beach next weekend) , 40 dollars for a high end cleanser ( i never mind paying for luxury skincare, im an addict) 6 dollars for a chocolate bar. i really have no desire for a bluetooth speaker, but maybe the girls at work will like it. so im going with 15 dollars for that one. so $126 dollars personal value. 111 practically because id never buy that speaker.

    by this math, the box evens itself out, and i do not regret it even if it wasnt really worth 300 to me.

  12. Ugh oh so sad… Total bust for me, especially after the great boxes of BOS and fff…
    Here goes my $100……

    • Will you be putting anything up for swap? I’d love to swap for the speaker and beach pillow!

      • Hi Jamie,
        I would be happy to look at your swaps for those 2 things.

    • Hey Dayan, will you be keen to swap the Beach Shrug?

    • Definitely meh. Not even meh, but bleh. Yuk. The shrug is ugly and looks totally cheap, the necklace looks like my kindergarten niece’s latest project. Many of these boxes are going downhill, and fast. One hundred bucks for this? Are they kidding? I’ll stick to FFF (for now – until that goes downhill, too)

    • SOOOOOOO sad…. I was so excited to get my box now I wish I could send it back 😞Are there any other boxes you would recommend?

      • IMHO – and this is only my opinion, many seem to disagree – the best box, value-wise is FFF. If you like jewelry, Emma and Chloe – it’s not as good as it was, but at least you won’t find their jewelry on AliExpress for 2 bucks, like you will with most of the other jewelry boxes. I think a lot of these companies have realized that they’ve got a good thing going, so instead of giving us value, they figure with the box craze, people will pay good money for crap (excuse my language). So boxes that were great at one time are ripoffs now. (Another good one, but only if you’re into that kind of thing, is Goddess Provisions – I subbed for awhile but cancelled when I got tired of it).

      • I agree about fabfitfun being amazing- I have never been disappointed by a box. Rachel Zoe Box of Style is also amazing!

    • I agree! Esecially considering what FFF was able to put out for only $40 – more items and a better value. I like and will use these items so it’s not a waste but for more than double the money it seems weak in comparison. I think one more “resort” item such as sunglasses or a beach tote or towel would have rounded this box out and made it worth the extra $ for me.

  13. So…I think I may be in the minority here. This box is confusing. A blow up pillow in a luxe box? 😔

    Also the value just isn’t there for me. The cover up and necklace are clearly over valued and the rest is stuff I’d expect from a regular monthly box. Can’t they at least give us the bigger size of the beauty product or more luxe chocolates? Or a speaker that is really good quality?

    That being said I love the cover up and necklace, so that’s fine. But I already have a speaker and don’t need another one. I really want to love the beauty product Bc it’s totally up my alley, but the mineral oil really concerns me. I’m not picky at ALL when it comes to the ingredients luxe companies use (listen, it has to actually work), but mineral oil is a non-starter for me. Sigh.

    I haven’t loved the past few LE boxes so I’m definitely not going to automatically order them anymore. At least my credit card will be happy.

    I hope everyone that got it loves it.

  14. Whatever the opposite of FOMO is, I have it. Glad I didn’t spring for this one. The pillow is kind of cute but really would end up being one more thing to have to lug to the beach. Nothing else in the box really interests me– when I’ve tried Eve Lom before I’ve found it irritating to my skin.

  15. Im going to be stalking eBay for that necklace. Love it but dont need anything else from the box.

    • I could sell you mine. Cheaper than retail obviously.

    • I made a similar..(well..mine is choker length but using small coral beads just like those, mixed with clear crystals) one myself💎
      If you dont get it cheap on ebay, shouldnt take much to replicate 😉

    • Mine will definitely be up on eBay!

  16. Not for me at all. Glad I didn’t order this one! Last year’s Resort Box wasn’t so great for me either, which is why I skipped this one.

    • I have yet to see a Resort box that has blown people away. Year after year people are disappointed. The summer boxes have always been a hit for me however.

  17. So glad I didn’t order, for real this is a special edition?
    Spring fabfitfun box is way too much better than this box, for half of the price!!
    Btw I should say, like everyone else here, I love the pillow ❤

    • I knew by the name of the box I wouldn’t like it. But for people that go to the beach, pools, camping etc…I can see why they like this box, it has a bit of everything. My fav is the speaker.

      I am getting the FabFitFun box and I’m the opposite of you haha, too beauty product heavy for me. 🙁

  18. This is all really cute!! I haven’t bought the box yet but am thinking about it. The necklace and pillow are a miss for me. But everything else is super nice. Absolutely love the speaker, face cleanser, and even the wrap is nice (though abhorred by some). Nice work Popsugar!

    • I would totally swap that pillow with you, if you’re on the swap site.

      • Hi Hillary! I didn’t actually get the box but am thinking of it! I’m also not on the swap site but will join soon now that you brought it up! 🙂

  19. I’ll be looking on eBay for a pillow but other than that, so glad I held off.

  20. This is the first time I really dislike every item 😩 I guess I’ll be swapping it all.

    • Oh, I would like the Eve Lom cleanser if you don’t want it. That’s the only thing I like in this box.

    • I would really like your pillow, if you’re swapping.

    • Same here. I can’t believe I dislike everything!

      Now that I know that I won’t use a single item, I guess I will try to sell the entire box, unopened (at a discount since there are still some available!).

      I was so spoiled by the great his and hers holiday LE boxes that I went for it – lesson learned!

      • What price are you going to sell yours for? If I can get a discount I would be interested. My email is if u want to email me and it’s not sold.

  21. Liz!!! Not sure how else to get in touch with you, but TestTube 2.0 Beauty box has full spoilers listed on their signup page!! There’s 11 items in all!

    • Yes please! I got mine a few weeks ago and keep checking back here for a review! Was kind of underwhelmed this time but I like to see the reviews for a different perspective.

  22. I tried so hard to not look at spoilers but my box is still a week away from delivery and I couldn’t help myself. This is reminiscent of the Fall LE box where every disliked the headphones and scarf but when the box arrived it had some great beauty items (Lancer glowing skin perfector and the Thrive triple threat color stick). I am always happy with the beauty items in the LE boxes and this box is no exception.

    The pillow will be perfect for a backyard hammock. I think the cover up will be perfect for the pool. Some days I go just to read. I don’t even get in the water but I still wear a bathing suit. This will make me feel less bare as I lounge and read in the shade.

    I wish my box didn’t take the super slow route across the U.S.

    • Hammock pillow! I hadn’t even thought about that and it’s perfect – thank you!

  23. I am looking forward to the Vosges chocolate bar. I will probably put the rest up for swap. It will be my last Resort box from PS. Just not feeling it :((

  24. Okay, am I the only one who absolutely hates the smell of the Eve Lom cleanser? It made me gag so much I had to toss it.

    • Would love to swap for it if you still have it!

  25. I was so not a fan of the spoiled items, but the rest of the box looks great! I’m still gonna pass on this box, because I’m on box overload right now. The diamond speaker is so cute! Hopefully someone puts it on the swap board!

  26. Question for you all that is marginally related to this review. How do you clean the muslin cloth that goes with the cleanser between uses? I have a competing product that I’m about ready to trash because the cloth is just dirty with makeup and I can’t get it out (barring throwing it in the washing machine, which I’m obviously not going to do every day). I can’t bear to clean my face with a dirty cloth and I can’t get the cleanser off my face without the cloth because it doesn’t emulsify well with water.

    • I sampled one and loved it, so I bought a pack of the muslin cloths. I wash them in the washing machine (hot water, because germs). I don’t want to put anything non-washed on my face, and I didn’t want to to laundry every day.

    • I experienced the same issue. I handwash the cloth in the sink using the same fabric detergent I use for laundry and as hot water as I can handle.

      I noticed gentler detergents/soaps don’t get the makeup off. You’ll have to do a bit of scrubbing with your knuckles unless you are lucky to have an old-school wasboard. 👍

      Hope this helps.

    • Thanks to those of you who responded. I suppose it was silly of me to assume a company selling a full size product would actually provide everything I needed to use it in the box!

      I think I will stick to oil-based cleansers that do emulsify with water. I can’t be bothered to wash the little microfiber cloths I clean my glasses with but once or twice a year so there is probably no home for me with muslin facial cleansing cloths.

  27. These are items I would never buy for myself (because I’m just too practical), but to be gifted a box like this is amazing!!! So that’s how I see it, it’s a little gift box from me to me! I love every item!

  28. So happy I pre-ordered this LE box as I always do with all the LE boxes because I just can’t help myself especially the Resort and Summer boxes which are always the best! I love the cover up and necklace which are totally my style and the rest are just awesome bonuses like the inflatable beach pillow and speaker which will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Florida! I’m excited to try the face wash with the muslin cloth which reminds me of the one from last years box. It was a different brand and I had it sitting around for awhile so I decided to swap it out and had regrets right afterwards, so this makes me happy that it’s a luxe brand and included in this years box! I’m anxiously awaiting my box to arrive! Couldn’t resist the spoilers as usual and no I’m eagerly awaiting the sale of the LE Summer box!

  29. If I were a beach person, I would really like this box.

    • I agree 100%. I have finally reigned in the FOMO and acknowledged that resort boxes don’t fit my lifestyle. Good curation, though 🙂 Hope everyone who ordered enjoys.

    • lol I’m a total beach person and I find the box just ok. I didn’t get it, nothing in it I’d have to have.

  30. I love it and am so glad I ordered mine right away. I loved the first two spoilers and the rest is great.

    For those wondering what options for pillow other than windy beach: car pillow for kids, airplane pillow, camping or backpacking pillow, don’t know if it’s tub safe…as the way I plan on using it, as a lumbar support pillow while driving that I can inflate to perfect firmness.

  31. I think the non-spoiled items are the best. Eve Lom will change your cleansing routine, I absolutely love this brand. The pillow is super cute. I’m still on the fence about purchasing. If after the weekend, there are some left, then maybe I’ll pull the trigger. 😝

    • I completely agree. The non-spoiled items are the only ones I like except for the speaker. I prefer headsets since I don’t like to bother others with my music. I think the chocolate, albeit delicious I’m sure, is something I wouldn’t pay $8.

      Therefore, I can buy these items retail and spend a similar amount than the whole PS box. I don’t even consider gifting the shrug or necklace since, in my opinion, they are hideous.

  32. I was hoping I would get this box before the review was posted, but I didnt and I couldnt resist checking out the spoilers 😜
    I am so relieved that I am pretty much loving this box. Kind of surprised I like it as much as I do. This is my first LE box , so maybe thats why I dont feel like its lacking an item
    I dont have a bluetooth speaker thats portable so I am happy. If i did already have one i guess i would gift this. The cleanser looks great and high end. New brand fot me. So happy to have the cover up amd necklace as part of my summer water wardrobe lol. All else is extra. Linda from South Texas is soooo right! I live in Corpus and while itd be nice to have that cute pillow thing at the beach it would for sure blow away. Maybe for the pool or something. I know it will get used somehow. Oh year camping in June so maybe then….or maybe even a car pillow for kids….
    Anyhow, excited about this box and glad i ordered it!

  33. How does the shrug fit a petite lady? I am only 5′ tall, and I was afraid the shrug would drag the ground-literally.

    • Unless Liz is secretly a giant, you should be fine.

  34. My first Resort box. I totally agree with Liz, the non-spoiled items are the best! I’m so excited to try the Eve Lom cleanser. The inflatable pillow will be great for more than just the beach. My bad back and neck can always use a little support on long car or plane trips. The speaker is cute and who doesn’t love chocolate? The necklace is not really my style but I plan to try it out or gift it to my 20 yr old niece. Can’t wait to get my box!!

  35. I like the items that were not in the spoilers better that those that were. And, I agree, I feel that at least one more item should be in the box.

  36. I like all the nonspoiled items better than the two high RV spoiled items!

  37. I’m curious how the cover up fits anyone who is a 14/16…I would maybe purchase this box if I could know that it fit me.

    • I will let you know because I’m a 14.

    • That’s my size too so I can report back on sizing after my box arrives on Saturday!

    • I’ll let you know as soon as I get it. I’m 5’7 and weigh 185 and wear a 14 or 16 depending on the maker. I’m a 38DD

      • Thank you all! I look forward to hearing…

  38. Oooh! I love that pillow! Anybody planning to swap/sell theirs?? Would be great for an upcoming vacation!!

  39. I’m glad I got this box. I’m tempted buy a second one. If they still have some left next month, I will buy another. (I’m just not tempted enough to buy a second, this month). I am very happy with everything that is coming in this box. Great gifts for my family.

  40. Jamaica and South Africa here I come with my goodies. Yes, yes, yes!! I am so happy about this box- thrilled!! I can take all of the items on vacation with me. From the beach bag in the Summer box last year, the flamingo drink holder, the wallet from the holiday box, to this awesome box- My Popsugar goodies will be traveling with me. **Pure bliss**

    • Can you adopt a 40yr old, haha. Sounds like you’re going to have some fabulous traveling ahead of you. Congrats, on getting all the essential items to enjoy yourself even more.

  41. Good recovery POPSUGAR. That pillow is super useful and cute….ill pack it with my camping gear. And the speaker is such a gem! Is it water proof?
    Luxe clensing product is part of the formula for a “good” box, so that was expected 🙄 They forgot the bonus small beauty item… nail polish / hair product.
    Overal I think 1 or 2 more items are missing to make it feel complete. (Insert: water bottle 😥)
    I think i would appreciate these boxes more if they would push harder on product discovery.

  42. Do people take pillows to the beach? I live in the land locked Midwest, we only have lake beaches, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen someone with a pillow there.

    • I think its better for lake beaches and camping, or poolside. I live in south Texas and that would fly away in 5 seconds most days.
      (Thanks for triggering hillarious imagery of kids chasing inflatables 😂😈)

      • I have seen pillows occasionally at the beach, people usually just put them under their towels so that they don’t go anywhere. I actually never realized that they were inflatable (but it makes perfect sense), I will probably look to purchase or swap one for travel.

    • My longtime beach hack is to take an old school inflatable neck pillow to the beach to use while lying on my stomach so my face isn’t in the sand. Granted free exfoliation is nice but I prefer to stick to Lancer than Mother Nature!

      • Thanks for the tip. My neck pillow isnt infatabe but ive had it for yrs and doesnt get that much use bc i dont always need to sleep on my flights, but its still compact and super comfortable so ill take it out and use it for camping/ beach travel!!! Never would have thought of that!

  43. Oh my it turned out to be a awesome box no matter what unhappy folks that complain about everything say!!!!

  44. The cleansing balm sounds great. This is a nice resort-themed box.

  45. Love everything in this box. Way to go Popsugar!

  46. I think I’m most excited for the pillow! But the piilow, speaker and cover-up will all be useful for my vacation this year 😎

  47. I wish PopSugar would just include MORE things in their limited edition box instead of higher priced things, like 10-12 things instead of five or six. Most of the time the items seem like they are way over-inflated values anyways. It would take the sting out of not liking a couple of the items included.

    • I think the point of the LE box is to include higher end items.
      I personally prefer quality over quantity. However, Actual RV on some items is indeed debatable.

  48. No FOMO here! Hooray!

    The pillow is cute, but everything else I already have an equivalent for or find repulsing (aka the spoilers).

  49. I like the unique variety and my first le box! Great review and cant wait for it to deliver!

    • Yay! Glad you like the box, jt! 🙂

      • I ordered the synergy 3item surprise it is out for delivery what is your email I’ll send you pics. It’s still available too I believe if it’s great I’m ordering more!

        • I’d love to see what you got, I’m debating on getting one, especially since they’re still available.

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