POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review

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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review First Look

In February POPSUGAR announced their newest Limited Edition box – the Resort box. It was supposed to ship by March 31st, but from what I understand, not all of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort boxes have shipped out yet. (I’m one of the lucky east-coasters that got their boxes in the first wave).

 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Items

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: From POPSUGAR,”Escape the ordinary with luxurious finds.”

FYI – This box is no longer available for purchase.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Card

Every limited edition box comes with a fold out card detailing every item included.

 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Info

(The flip side).

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Towel

Cuyana Turkish Towel – Value $55

This towel is as beautiful in person as I hoped it would be once I saw the spoiler a month ago. It’s super light weight, (and POPSUGAR says it is super absorbent too – but I haven’t tried it out as a towel yet). POPSUGAR also recommended using it as a travel blanket!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Lave

Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave – Value $25

This body wash has a wonderful tropical scent, and I was happy to see that it isn’t colored with artificial dyes! (This body wash can double as a shampoo as well).

 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Clarks

Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist – 30 ml Value $28

I just tried this out and found it to be very refreshing. I love this brand too, so I think this was a great resort box pick!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Clutch

R.B. of McD #2 Clutch – Value $100?

There are two different options of this clutch that you may receive: tan and navy (pictured here) or all navy.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Folded

This fold-over clutch was made exclusively for this box, so I’m estimating on the price based on the fact that it’s part leather and part canvas.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Bracelets

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack – Value $176?

This set was made exclusively for the box as well, so I’m estimating value based on similar bracelet stacks. These bracelets have some weight to them, and they are very well made. I have a feeling I will be wearing these all summer!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Eyeliner

Smashbox Cosmetics The Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner – Value $24

These aren’t colors I’d rock on an everyday basis, but I think they are fun for summer!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review Taffy

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy – Value $6.50

I’m pretty excited that the one thing I won’t use out of the box is the cheapest item! (This taffy contains dairy, so it’s getting gifted!)

Verdict: I paid $100 for this box and received over $400 worth of products in this box! I think the curation for this limited edition box is excellent, and I’m already getting excited for summer vacation!

What do you think of the Resort Limited Edition box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I for one LOVED the box. The bracelet was a nice surprise since turquoise is one of my favorites. It will be so cute with a long skirt and sandals. The price point is pretty spot on for turquoise. The Turkish towel is to die for, great quality and softness. Anyone doesn’t want theirs I’ll take it off your hands. The clutch I think is a little heavy for “Resort” and I won’t use it as a clutch but probably as a bag for makeup or jewelry. The other things smell great and the taffy is delish. The only thing I didn’t like is the eye pencil. The colors aren’t ‘me’.

    • Do we know for sure that it is real turquoise?

  2. I just got my box yesterday and mostly enjoyed the items. If you haven’t used the towel you MUST try it! I used it this morning after my shower and it is simply AMAZING!! I got dry and the towel still felt dry. I don’t know how that works, but I’m definitely thinking about investing in more to replace my bulky towels that take up too much space. This was my first special edition box and I probably won’t get another unless the spoiler draws me in. But it’s still fun – which to me is the whole point.

  3. I just received mine the other day (it was also delayed) and adored it.

    Turkish Towel: Classic and I love that it’s versatile as a towel and blanket. I’ll definitely be using it and traveling with it!

    Bracelet Stack: Not something I would choose but it is gorgeous and perfect for summer.

    Body Wash: Used this last night and LOVED the scent. Very summery and a delight. I would never justify spending that much on body wash normally. I did not use it as a shampoo.

    Clutch: Again, not something I would buy but now that I have it I’m looking forward to using it. It seemed like excellent quality. I got all navy which is perfect for me. I also flipped it so the the fold hid the logo.

    Mist: Loved this; sprayed my face immediately and it felt calming. And I have sensitive skin too! I don’t know that it actually does anything since it felt like a regular water mist to me but it was in the box so I’m using it.

    Eye Liner: Such fun colors! Not ones I would normally wear but I’m going to have so much fun experimenting with it and it coordinates so nicely with the clutch and bracelet. I swatched and noticed they were very soft and smooth but also not overly pigmented so it would be easy to add for a summer-look without feeling too extreme.

    Taffy: Haven’t tried this at all but it will probably be delicious and I love taffy.

  4. Just got mine today, and pretty much hate it. Really wish I would have thought to get a refund when it was delayed. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this crap. The only things I want to keep are the body wash and maybe the mist. So disappointed.

  5. Bracelet stack – decent, I would only wear the small gold one. Turquoise is not my color, and I find the thicker gold one to be a bit strange.
    Towel – design does not seem luxurious, but will use
    Clutch – navy and tan, wasn’t too excited about it at first but I do like its simplicity and easy-to-match colors. I could see myself throwing my few necessities in it on-the-go.
    Mist- I think skin products are very specific and I don’t get too excited about receiving them in my boxes. I have a set of go-to skin products including a mist, but this may be exciting for others to try.
    Body wash- I love fragrant body washes and lotions, but this one was just ok, smells tropical, a touch too sweet/cloying
    Blue and gold eyeliner -nice idea, maybe I would try just the gold side.
    Taffy – just okay, again food in $100 box?

    I loved my PS LE Holiday Box. I was a bit underwhelmed with this box but still enjoyed it.

  6. The beads are stone for sure, rub them on your teeth like pearls, they are gritty. Nicely faceted too. The markings through some of them sure look like real turquoise , not the shiny stuff you may b used too- that is an altogether different cheaper stone usually.
    So stone for sure, turquoise probably, and that’s what makes this bracelet valuable if I’m right.

  7. I finally got decent customer service today and am in the process of receiving a refund for this box since I was one of the people delayed for a SECOND time. I’m happy that the person who answered my emails today was able to work on getting the refund started since my box hasn’t shipped yet. So disappointed with this box.

    I hope everyone who did love their box enjoys it.

  8. I am LIVID! My box arrived today (my April box also arrived today, which is a nice monthly box) and not only is there NO BRACELET in my box, the lettering on my clutch is CROOKED!! I would not carry this clutch anywhere! What a joke! I have a complaint in via there website but I am pissed! I have body wash, eye liner, face mist and taffy to show for my $100. I am so pissed. I wasn’t concerned that it was 2 weeks late but for waiting so long I expected a package that contained what I paid for! What a joke!! More than being upset with PopSugar for lacking in quality assurance, I will NEVER EVER do any kind of business with RB of McD. They clearly are a complete disaster of a company!

    • I can’t believe about the bracelets…..that’s terrible quality control along with the bag. I complained about my bag and sent pictures and they said they will talk to vendor and get back to me, but shame on both of them for putting that in the box. I sent popsugar another message today and im not dropping it if I have to send them an email every day. It’s just not right. I will contact rbmcd today and send them pictures too. Got the April box today too….haven’t opened it but really like it from the spoilers.

      • The April box is actually really good, but I’ve never had an issue with my month to month subscription with them. The only other LE box I’ve done with PSMH was last year’s summer which completely rocked and had items that were handy on our last summer vacation. I forgot that the towel was in the box too and I am happy with that and its quality. But the bulk of the value that my box is supposed to have is an absolute fail. I would have patiently waited another week or two for a quality box. This is just really disappointing. I’m embarrassed for them.

      • Yes, with their customer service you have to be persistent to get things done (it’s taken me days to try to get them to give a refund and took me giving ultimatums about filing a dispute and going to the bank). I hope they work quickly in contacting the vendor and getting a good quality clutch replacement.

        • I have to say, I haven’t ever had to contact their customer service before this box but they are handling my complaint quickly and without any push back. They’re sending me a new clutch and the bracelets soon…I’m still not happy about the error but they appear to be fixing it as best as the can.

          • Hi, can I ask what your complaint is with the clutch? I complained about my clutch being damaged……they are telling me they are waiting for new inventory from the vendor…..i’m just curious if they told you something similar. Thanks.

          • I hate to beat a dead horse but today I received my replacement clutch and one would think that it would be flawless but it’s sewn all wonky on the bottom (seriously, RB of McD is AWFUL! Why would you put your name on a terribly crafted product? I have lots of bags and happen to love little clutches like this and can find MUCH better quality and a better price from Mark and Graham in comparison. I would gladly support a smaller business but this product is just garbage! I could make a better quality product and I barely know how to sew!) and I STILL have not received my bracelets that were missing from the original box. I will never ever again order a limited edition Must Have box. Never.

  9. Ugggh – I just spent about 15 minutes typing my thoughts on the box, but when I submitted my comments, I got an error message and all of my comments disappeared.

    So, short version:
    Towel – too small, too thin. Agree that it looks like a dish towel
    Clutch – Scratched, dingy, poorly stitched.
    Bracelets – Cheap-looking. Too much brass. I’d pay $25 at most.
    Taffy – tasty
    Body wash – smells nice.
    Eyeliner and mist – TBD

    To those whose boxes still have not shipped – If I was in your shoes, I’d cancel. I don’t feel like I got a good value for this box.

  10. Just a little update for whoever is still reading this. A lot of boxes, including my own still have NOT shipped and customer support is providing a generic response not solving the issue.

    As far as not loving the contents, yes the products have a high value, but I’m decided to get this after seeing last years summer LE box. I was expecting the magic that was in this box, which felt more like a monthly box. Yes they are luxurious, but I felt it didn’t fit the resort theme.

    • I recieved the same email today. I am incredibly dissapointed, not in the box contents but in the way this shipping has worked out. I ordered this box in February and was guaranteed a ship date, which was not met. Then guaranteed a second ship date, which was also not met. Now they are just saying ASAP they will ship. And on top of that, those of us having to wait, are getting nothing for waiting an extra two weeks from the original ship date. I just think that’s poor service. I love the contents but I had intended to give one to a bride at her bridal shower this weekend and now that won’t happen.

  11. I’m shocked by all the negative comments and am so jealous that I didn’t get one of these boxes before it sold out! Those bracelets ARE valued at $175, per the actual retail value. Would I buy them for that price? No but would I LOVE them in a box with a bunch of other luxury goodies that I wouldn’t buy either? YES! Also, that eye pencil is something that I would never pick out but it looks like so much fun that I may run to Sephora and try some on at lunch.

  12. well I received the infamous box and feel I can now give an honest review and then put this to bed. It’s almost funny now. The bag is hideous because the leather part looks nothing like Liz’s photo. the leather part looks dirty and “old tan” like you were buying a leather purse that has been sitting in a bin for a week with a bunch of others. I will complain to customer service…..no matter how much I dislike a product I will NEVER complain unless it is defective and I feel this is so bad I can’t swap or put it on ebay. I was hoping it would be more of a yellowish color but anyway…..2nd I was hoping there was hope for the bracelets…the smallest gold one reminds me of that old kind of chain links where you could take it apart and click it back together. I would not wear it. I like the shower wash and mist. I don’t know what I will do about the pencil, maybe add it as a bonus when I put the bracelets on ebay…..maybe. Will look again but no way $175, i’m sure the celebrities’ bracelets are not these. And the towel, I had no idea but it looks and feels like a gigantic dish towel lol, but that’s just me i’m not familiar with the Turkish towel and it will be put to good use on my upcoming vacay.

    Right before I wrote this another review came in from someone who loves this box, clearly its just a matter of opinion and that’s what makes the world go ’round. I don’t think popsugar is all bad, there were some boxes that hit it out of the park imo, like the holiday box, and last month’s box and even April coming up. I’m sure some other people hated those. This one just doesn’t work for me. I think if the “clutch” had been beautiful all navy I would be ok. Anyway it’s all good now and water under the bridge.

    • Wow, you must have been in my head when you wrote this. LOL. The way you feel is the exact same way I feel about all of your options. I guess great minds think a like. Oh, and that bag does look like it’s been in the discount bin that’s been sitting there for YEARS (so ugly, oh and they could have at least giving us the chain to the bag to make up for how ugly it is). LOL.

    • I will gladly trade you my all navy clutch for the navy/tan one you received!

      • Wow, I would love to do that but in good conscience you might want to see pictures of it. it has marks that look kind of like stains and looks a little dirty in some places on the leather. If you want I could send you the pictures I sent popsugar…..they aren’t very good but does show some markings.
        thank you!

    • Did you ever get a response from customer service about the condition of your clutch?

      • Hi, yes, they said they would talk to the vendor……we’ll see.

  13. This the best box I have received; summer can not come soon enough. I could save these for the summer — doubtful, but could happen.

    I am a 53 year, New England city girl and a fan of the Johnny Was / Boho-chic look. These bracelets fit right in. They are not a bold fashion statement, but a nice addition to an outfit.

    There have been mists in other boxes, I have never used them. It might be nice during cold, dry winter weather, which we have not had much of this year. Maybe during the summer after a day on the beach. Could be fun

    I love bath products, especially shower gels, but am frugal. Never in a million years would I spend $25 on a body cleanser. This will be a special treat; I can’t wait.

    There are several ways I could use the clutch; I think I will use it for going out on summer evenings with a sundress. I need to carry a double EPI pen, add a wallet and case for my sunglasses and most cute clutches will not hold it all and stay closed .

    The pencil is beyond perfect for my blue eyes and blonde hair. I have been playing with different blue shadows and liners. I have not found the perfect blue yet, this could be it. Gold, if used carefully, can add a bit of a glow, perfect for summer. Nothing wild, just a little bit in the right places.

    Can’t wait to use the towel, the taffy will be gifted. The last few boxes have been somewhat of a disappointment. I used enough of the products that is wasn’t a financial disaster, but it wasn’t exciting like this box

  14. I finally received my box.

    I loved the bracelets…LOVED them. I really like the shower gel. I’m ambivalent on the towel. I like the clutch (I liked the jewelry roll in the regular box more). I’ll pass the eyeliner on to my edgy daughter. My Husband gets the taffy. I’m not familiar with the mist but I’m planning to take it on my next trip.

    I liked the box overall but I’m not sure I liked it more than Popsugars regular monthly boxes. I’ve started using those for gifts that everyone loves!

  15. I try really hard to stay away from spoilers so I had no idea what would be in this box. It is my first Limited Edition box and while opening it was disappointing. I felt my monthly box for March was so much better! I can’t believe the bracelets have that price point, it really pumped up the “value” of this meh box.

    • Steph, I totally agree with you. This was my first LE box, as well, and I would have rather had more stuff than a $175 bracelet. =\ Oh, well.

      • I completely agree as well. The bracelets are pretty, but it’s weird to me that the price of them make up the bulk of the box. The clutch doesn’t do anything for me either. Really, the most exciting for me was the taffy…and the face mist!

        • I have to add that I just took a shower and used the Epicuren shower gel and I can’t stop sniffing myself!! In a good way! It is above my price point for body wash but that is one thing that is nice about these boxes, you get stuff that you would never purchase in “real” life. 🙂

  16. Well, I’m in love and SO excited to get mine!! It’s been in my home state since Friday (Connecticut, so that means it’s gotta be close 😉 ). Would I spend $100 for those bracelets or the clutch? Probably not, but that’s the whole idea! Getting stuff I wouldn’t normally splurge on. The eyeliner is super fun for summer, I’m excited to get the beauty products, and I have a feeling I’m going to destroy that clutch with how much I use it. This box works for me! If PopSugar IS checking the comments – keep up the great work! More like this and the March and April boxes and you’ll have a subscriber for life!

  17. I am extremely disappointed with this box. Firstly, I have not received a tracking number yet (4/7). Secondly, I agree with many people’s comments. I would not use most of these items, probably only the towel. Nor do I associate most of the items with “resort theme.” This is my first time ordering PS must have (I decided to take the plunge based on what I saw from last years (summer LE). As well, none of my emails have been responded to.

    • Mine hasn’t either 🙁 I talked to fed ex and they said just the labels were created nothing would actually ship today so they mis-led us with the date. I am disappointed because this was supposed to be a gift and now it will be a very late gift 🙁 The difference in shipping is very frustrating too, there shouldn’t be this much of gap in people receiving vs. other people’s not even fully processed yet. I think this will be my only LE box.

      • For this much of a delay, I expect something extra, not a “well, it’s on the way thanks for giving us $100 for our outrageously overpriced items that are similar to a regular monthly box”. Needless to say this will be my last purchase since they ignored my request for reimbursement.

        • Hi Alex, I don’t think they are in any breech by you not receiving your popsugar box yet, which would warrant a refund. I found out about this different kind of shipping when I started up with subscription boxes. They use a shipping service like FedEx,ups,etc., but instead of shipping to your home they send to your local post office and they deliver it. I’m guessing they save a fortune doing it this way, however, it can really hold up delivery. According to the tracking of my box it wasn’t that far from me and I thought I’d receive Friday, then definitely today Monday. When I checked again today even tho it is now extremely close it said Wednesday delivery. A lot of my anger has dissipated but I can’t afford to take a chance and order again. I guess the so called clutch is suppose to be a big ticket item but I would never use it as a small purse type clutch so it’s just another makeup bag and not sure how this is resort related. I just can’t see carrying this to dinner or pool, unless putting it in a bigger purse/tote whatever.

          Do you or anyone who is still reading this crazy long reply, have a phone number or email to them? My subscription ended in March and the April box is on the way because I didn’t know it auto renewed and I need to cancel. Thank you!

          • Hi Michelle,

            Here is their customer service email: [email protected]

            If they don’t reply to you within a day try again or use their fb. They’ve gotten a lot of heat over this box. It is what it is but technically they are in breach of contract since it ships tomorrow (not today). But I’m just gonna wait for it to get here and not purchase from them again. (Unwanted items will be up for swap.)

            Their customer service has not answered people’s questions, they had a general reply for all emails. However, I hope they reply to your email in time to cancel.

        • Thanks for the information. I went over to FB and see a lot of unhappy people. Actually it reminded me that they said they would ship all boxes by Mar 29. This is probably a stupid question but do you or anyone know if the turquois is real on the bracelet?

  18. I think the key that everyone is forgetting is Luxury Items. I ordered it because I don’t spend a lot of money on luxury items and it is a fun way to get a few higher end items that I normally wouldn’t buy. When I want a box full of drugstore type stuff I wait for the Allure Beauty Box to come out.

  19. I am happy with the box though my clutch has a mark that appears to be ballpoint pen on the leather 🙁
    As for the value – for me it was worth the cost and I am looking forward to future special edition boxes but none of the items are things I would have bought on my own at full price.

    • Hi Dorrie, that’s the kind of thing that would drive me crazy, even if the mark was microscopic! I’ve read some posts where people have had things arrive broken or missing and have had terrific luck with customer service…….it’s worth a call or email!

  20. I can’t wait for this box, it looks well worth the splurge. I am most excited for the clutch, since I don’t have any but I do love leather and canvas bags. 🙂
    Side note, I’m always surprised when people comment that they are glad they didn’t order the discussion topic box. Trying to rain on the parade? Or increase personal number of comments? I don’t get it.

    • It’s useful feedback to Popsugar since the people commenting who didn’t buy are part of their target audience. Without that kind of feedback, things don’t change. I don’t think it has anything to do with “raining on the parade.” Considering that reviews of past boxes are generally what get people to buy one in the future, all the comments have a constructive purpose and help shape others’ expectations.

  21. I think of “resort” as upscale casual, beachy but sophisticated. I was almost afraid to order this box for fear there’d be sunglasses, a coverup, a hat or self-tanner. I would have preferred more luxurious spa items, but the clutch was a pleasant surprise. I do wish the colors were more summery, like aqua/coral/yellow, but it’s nice. The prices are inflated, but then they always are. I see it as: $25 clutch, $25 towel, $25 bracelets and $25 for the rest. I’d pay that and am not disappointed. However, I loved the Nina Garcia box so much more than this one. I’ll probably skip the next LE box.

  22. I like the box but listed the bracelet on eBay (Liz, my camera wasn’t capturing the detail so I used your pic, please tell me if this is not ok). The gel smells like a tropical island and the face mist smells really nice as well. The Turkish towel is incredibly soft. Now I just need warm weather!

  23. Not really sure what all complaints are about for this box. The value is definitely right on. I’m really shocked at the negative comments. And all the remarks about the value of the bracelets and the clutch? When it comes to costume type jewelry, it’s all about quality and mostly brand naming, it’s very realistic that this bracelet could be valued at this price. And the clutch, seriously? $100 is right on for this. If this were all leather, as some were saying it should have been, it would have been considerably over this price. I own several all leather bags and clutches and the most inexpensive real leather clutch I have was around $200.

    I’m surprised, I was very pleased with this box . With everyone’s attitudes about the pricing, values of the items and believing they could be purchased for less, I’m just wondering where they heck they’ve all been shopping?

    • Since I feel like this comment was directed at me, I’d like to say that 1. I feel like the nasty tone was uncalled for and 2. I would never pay $175 for a beads in an elastic bracelet or $100 for a mostly canvas bag, so I guess I shop where normal people shop, because I never see prices like that for those kinds of things, so yes, I question the value. I spent $100 on this box and I, like you have a right to my opinion. I think we should try to express them, however without being insulting to each other.

      • I live in a very expensive city and have very expensive taste. And even I agree that the values shown are absurdly overinflated. You can absolutely buy a small, all leather clutch for under $200. Even a Coach bag depending on where you shop. I have no problem dropping a grand on great shoes or real gemstones but never, ever on a bead stretch bracelet. As to the resort vs beach theme discussion elsewhere, there’s absolutely nothing “resort” in a fashion sense about this box. Nothing. Because there’s no fashion in it, save for the clutch and I sure didn’t see anything from any of this season’s resort collections in this box (and I obsessively follow each season’s trends). Not even in terms of color. Resort wear is chic yet casual. A two tone pleather clutch is neither. Including shower gel, face mist and an eyeliner was too much like a standard monthly sub box. Take away the towel and the clutch and that’s what you’re left with here.

    • My disappointment lies in the items themselves, not the value.

  24. I was so disappointed with the Holiday Special box and one other I ordered that I skipped this one, which I probably would have liked. The earlier ones seemed much better. I hope they get back to providing more consistent value.

  25. My bottom line is what were they thinking? They could have done so much better. My biggest disappointment is what I think is nothing more than another makeup bag and not a fan of the color combo…..which doesn’t say resort to me. I was so afraid they would put in taffy and sure enough…I mean really. And shower soap? That should have been in one of their regular boxes. Even a lovely beach bag would have been appreciated….or another scarf lol. At least I will enjoy the towel….i’ll have to see about the bracelets but not expecting much if they even fit (I have small wrists). Would have liked something sea glass in the box. Oh well, I think that’s it for popsugar. Where I used to think every box was outrageously good its starting to be every other box. But for a special box I think they seriously missed.

    • Michelle, I agree with you. I would have LOVED a beach tote and some spf items! I was especially excited for this LE because I’m actually going to a resort for my honeymoon in May. I probably wouldn’t have shelled out for it otherwise. I agree with you, though. It’s starting to be a hit and miss and I know I’m only buying boxes from now on if I know what’s inside them (like this month’s regular box).

      • Haley, I don’t know what the big deal is about people not wanting SPF. An unusual, maybe organic, nice smelling, high end SPF screams resort. I would rather have something like that than the pencil and taffy. I just noticed this…the color theme of the bag and pencil: blue yellow!

  26. I didn’t order this box, partly because I was afraid it would include some of the items people are apparently wishing it did, haha. Like sunglasses, I need prescription ones since I wear glasses and don’t have contacts, so that would have been useless to me. I actually like it more than I thought I would though, since it doesn’t have some of the obvious “resort” things that I wasn’t really interested in.

  27. I’m still waiting on my box (I’m probably in the 2nd or 3rd wave of deliveries), but I should get it this week and I can’t wait. I like all of the products in this review! Summer is a fun, carefree time to me. I love to experiment with color and textures. So I can see myself wearing that eyeliner (love wearing white and other color eyeliners in summer) and bracelets and using the clutch.

  28. I love this box! I agree, a book would’ve been great but I wouldn’t trade any of the items for a book. I don’t take my ‘good’ purses and jewelry on vacation so the clutch and bracelet stack are welcome in my closet. I don’t wear hats and am very particular about my sunscreen and shades so I’m relieved neither were included. Overall, this box was a hit with me and I will use everything.

  29. I’m a little disappointed too. The clutch is cute, the towel will definitely be used a lot but the stretchy bracelet value seems silly which leaves me with eyeliner, a facial mist and body wash…stuff I already receive in this box or other monthly boxes. This does not feel like a special box to me. Last years PopSugar exclusive summer box was much more impressive, IMO.

  30. I am super excited for this box! I will admit that some of the things don’t excited me, like the eyeliner, but I am super excited about the bracelets and the clutch! I get pop sugar to get some of those more expensive items that I would have never paid full price for (like $175 on bracelets!) but will totally love and will totally wear! This box is a win for me!

  31. I’m feeling so ambivalent about this box. I’m hoping getting my hands on the stuff will improve how I feel about it. I loved the towel spoiler and was hoping for more beachy items. I guess what’s really bugging me is that I’m having a hard time believing a beaded stretchy bracelet and a mostly canvas clutch are worth as much as they’re saying. The prices are ridiculous for what they are. If the clutch were all leather and the bracelet was made of semiprecious stones, I’d be able to believe that they’re worth that amount of money.

    • The bracelets are semi precious stones. There is labradorite and turquoise.

  32. It’s definitely not what I was expecting from a resort box either! I was hoping there would be some good SO items, I was wishing for a sun hat, or a book to read by the pool. This box fell flat for me too.

    • I meant to say some good SPF items.*

    • A book to read by the pool would have been a great (and inexpensive) addition – hopefully we get a new book in the May or June box!

    • Maybe it’s just me but I would have been very let-down if this box contained a sun hat or other typical beach things. The box promised a resort theme and it definitely delivered on a Resort 2014 theme, in the fashion sense. But I guess you can’t please everyone.

      • I agree. I also would have been disappointed with SPF, sun hat, sunglasses as those items do not appeal to me. In fact, I was on the fence initially — thinking that SPF, sunglasses and even the dreaded dry shampoo — would be included. Glad I took the plunge. I am much more excited with the products included in the resort box. It is interesting, though, that we all disagree about what constitutes a good box. It gives me a little insight of how difficult it must be for Popsugar to curate its monthly boxes!

        • I think people were just confused between ‘Resort’, as in the fashion term, and a summer/beach/Club Med theme. It definitely was the former but not so much the latter, which I think some people might have been expecting.

          I’ve been really impressed with how well-curated Popsugar’s boxes have been and how good their taste is. I always think that if people really don’t want a box of surprises, they shouldn’t spend the $40 or $100 and spend it on something they do want. Or do some more research on what they should have been expecting: http://racked.com/archives/2013/01/18/yes-its-snowing-time-to-break-out-resort.php

          • Good distinction between beach themed and resort themed. SPFs don’t all have to have colors (I love primers and serums with SPFs), so I feel they could have made that work. But I still feel let down by the shower gel and the taffy, especially. I’m also not going to wear crazy eyeliner at a resort. Everything else I’m either happy with or okay with.

            And as Reese said, yes – I can definitely see better now how difficult it must be for them to curate boxes.

            Thank goodness for the swap site, am I right? =]

          • I think you hit the nail on the head. When looked at in terms of “resort” versus “summer vacation” I can definitely appreciate the distinction and the curation of this box. I guess what it really comes down to expectations. My expectations for this box were based on what I received from them last year when they did a exclusive box at this time of year. I was expecting to receive something similar to what they did last year, but this box was a higher on the quality (value per item) where as last summer’s box was higher on the quantity side.

          • Judging by previous limited edition boxes’ timing, I think there’ll be another one in July or August, so there’ll possibly be a more summer-themed one then! 🙂

  33. I did order this one and I am a bit disappointed. The value of the items are high, but (aside from the towel) they really aren’t things that I associate with a Resort, nor that I will use. I wish there were sunglasses, a book, a good SPF Moisturizer, or at least one item that I was excited about. I’m actually bummed that I spent $100 on this. The past special edition boxes that I have seen were way better. Oh well…guess that I can swap!

  34. Maybe these products just aren’t for me, but $100 feels really expensive for this one. I know the value is there, and while those bracelets are cute, a ~$176 value for stretchy beaded bracelets just seems crazy to me!! I do love that bright blue color of that eyeliner and may need to grab that one separately. 🙂 This looks like a fun box, but I’m glad I skipped it. Minus the eyeliner, I wouldn’t have bought any of this stuff on it’s own, I think!

  35. How often does Popsugar issue the Limited Edition boxes?

    • It varies but I’d say about once every 3 to 4 months.

  36. I’m disappointed with the box… Not the value, just that nothing is my style. I’ll be keeping the towel and the eyeliner, but the rest is going up for swaps! Hopefully I won’t be wait listed much longer.

  37. I didn’t order this but I actually like the contents quite a bit. I wasn’t sure what I thought about Popsugar Must Have at first, but it is growing on me. May have to try to find some space in the budget for their regular box, after all. Or else splurge on one of these special editions every now and then.

  38. LOVE those bracelets!

  39. Im in love with that box. Specially the bracelets. I wish this company starts shipping to Puerto Rico soon.


  1. POPSUGAR Must Have Review – April 2014 | My Subscription Addiction - […] I was one of the first ones to receive the POPSUGAR Limited Edition Resort Box, I guess it’s far…

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