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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort 2016 Box Review

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Each spring, POPSUGAR releases a $100 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box filled with travel inspired favorites. (This box has since sold out).


This box comes wrapped ready to gift!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box (SOLD OUT)

The Cost: $100

The Products: Travel-inspired favorites!

Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:



Goorin Bros. Fatima Hat – Value $46


This hat is a well-made, versatile hat, but like almost all one-size-fits-all fitted hats, it is too small for my head.

Fortunately, but husband Eric LOVES Jurassic Park, so as soon as he saw this he put it on and did his best Dr. Alan Grant:


(I’m pretty sure that’s not what POPSUGAR was going for in selecting this hat, but he’s happy!)


Tai Evil-Eyes Pom-Pom Bracelet – Value $98

Here is a closer look at the bracelet:


I love the detail of the beads and the gold charms, but the pom poms hit my wrist a little weird:


Here is the other side of the bracelet.


For this piece, it definitely isn’t something I would pay retail price for (which is often the case with jewelry items in subscription boxes), but I like it – now I’m just trying to figure out if it would be a fashion crime to cut off the pom poms!


Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub – Value $38

Yay! I love Indie Lee products! They use natural ingredients and all their products smell amazing. This coconut citrus scrub just smells like citrus to me (no detectable coconut), but that still works! Here is a closer look at the scrub itself:


The scrub is pretty fine, and it has a good amount of oil too, so it will leave your skin moisturized.


Kara’s Cupcakes Artisan Handmade Toasted Coconut Marshmallows – Value $12

These helped with the coconut I felt was missing from the scrub! They were so delicious! The toasted coconut texture on the outside of the marshmallows is perfect and my husband and I had no problem devouring the bag!


MAKE Beauty Custom Finish Effects Matte Dew – Value $27

I love the graphic packaging of MAKE products! Here is the Finish Effects open:


At first glance it looks like these formulas would provide pigment, but they don’t. Here is my attempt at swatching to prove that:


Really this is more of a finishing/highlighting product. The beige shade has a mattifying effect with an almost powdery finish, and the pink shade adds some shimmer and gives you a dewy look. I think this makes sense for a vacation makeup item, especially when you are going for barely-there makeup on the beach. I like it!


Rifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebook Set – Value $10

Here are the two notebooks:


As always – Rifle Paper Co. items are gorgeous and make life prettier! These notebooks are unlined, and as of right now look great on my desk!


Mela Artisans Congo in Indigo Photo Frame – Value $50

On the info card the frame is described as being reminiscent of “the beaches of Santorini, Greece.” I see the reference and also am not surprised to see the signature POPSUGAR cobalt blue represented in this box! I think it is a beautiful, beachy piece. (The tiles are just on the front of the frame.) Here is the side:



DUJOUR Magazine Subscription – Retail Value listed $31.96

This box also came with a bonus card to get a subscription to Dujour magazine. (If you are interested, I think you can get a free subscription here as well.)


Verdict: This box has a value of about $278 (not counting the magazine subscription)! I think that’s pretty good for a $100 box. This isn’t a slam-dunk hit for me since the hat doesn’t fit and I’m thinking I need to edit the bracelet to make it more my style, but I’ll use everything besides the hat, so that’s a pretty good success rate. My favorite Special Editon boxes are when I would have been OK with paying retail price for everything and that isn’t the case here, but this one still is good for me.

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Didn’t get this box but ended up getting the bracelet. I am obsessed with it! So cute. The pom poms make it. Don’t cut them off! Perfect for a casual outfit to wear with the Rachel Zoe box of style bucket bag from the spring box.

  2. I held off on judging until I received the box, but meh. The only items I really like are the picture frame and the mini notebooks, which don’t even come close to adding up what I paid for it.

    I can’t use skin products with oils, so the body scrub and MAKE product won’t work. The bracelet isn’t my style and doesn’t feel like it’s worth anywhere near $95 to me.

    The sun hat looks weird on me, so I don’t think I’d wear it out in public. The marshmallows are probably tasty and I’ll eat them, but I could also do without them.

  3. Would love to buy the bracelet if anyone is selling. Thank you!

  4. Hi Liz! Yeah, I got mine today, although like you said, not my fave box ever… Hat is way too big for me but I’ll fix it. I live in New Orleans, we wear lots of hats, breaking it out for jazz fest! Ladies, I always go to Home Depot, buy the half inch grey stick on (tape on one side) foam style tape that is used to seal up around doors or windows. I Learned this years ago from a hat shop, cut off a piece that fits inside of your hat and place it inside of the inner band of ribbon that’s on the inside of your hat. It will fit great then! You’ll have to see how much you need but it’ll stay put and works great. I just fixed my RZ hat from fall like this too!
    I’ll rock the bracelet with the poms on, cut them off after they get dirty… Love the other items in the box, all very nice.
    I too have noticed a declining value amount though…

    • That is exactly what the hat shop did to my hat. Once it fit me it did look a lot better!
      The make up rocks. I use it on my sensitive skin without any issues.

  5. I was absolutely hating this box when I saw it in the previews. But when I finally opened it tonight – one by one each item was WAY nicer than I expected. My favorite by far is the bracelet with the pom poms. I am in the minority, but I keep looking at my wrist and gushing over it, The colors are all so beautiful and it looks so flirty and fun. Especially with my summer clothes on. The hat I was dreading. It’s actually nice and my kids loved it on me but I have never worn a hat in my life and I am not sure I am about to start.
    The scrub looks heavenly and the picture frame is beautiful and fits in so well with my blue and white santorini-inspired living room.
    The only items I will not keep are the notebooks — not that they aren’t beautiful (they are) – I just don’t have any need for them and they would go to waste. About to put them up for swap.
    Thank you PopSugar for another fabulous and experimental box. Gosh I so love that bracelet WITH the pom poms! (and I absolutely agree I hated the tassel necklace in the regular box – bleck!!!!)

  6. Now that I have the box in my hot little hands I love it! From the spoilers and your review, I was planning on not liking much and then like so many others – I am loving all of the items in person. Another win for PopSugar!

  7. I have my box and the frame is beautiful. The bracelet was well made and unexpected. I did cut off the Pom balls. It made it look more classic. I must say it looks great with the cluse watch with the gray band from the Zoe box.
    Hat is well made. I’m taking it to hat maker to see if they can adjust it as it was large. I think that it looks strange on my head because it doesn’t fit. It was wrinkled a little from box, so I wet the edges with water and let it sit over night. It came out perfect. The makeup is sheer and something that I would enjoy using. Glad it isn’t a bright pink !
    Marshmallow rock! Think s’mores ladies!!! Beach fire? The scrub was gentle for my sensitive skin, and I used it for shaving my legs. Overall I was pleased! Just FYI noticed he overall retail prices of these resort boxes have come down in price since 2014. (400.00 in 2014 300.00 2015. 200.00 2016. Hummmmm) a trend maybe? Don’t get me wrong I’m not ungrateful… Just a note…)

  8. You’re totally right Liz – this is a beautiful box…much better in person! Everything is higher quality than I had imagined ? I’m having some questions as to what I should keep from the box, but this is not due to the quality of the items (I’m weird and I don’t like coconut, I don’t really use body scrubs but this one is large & looks nice, the notebooks are adorable but I have a special notebook already, I have oily skin so I don’t use dewy makeup, the bracelet is beautiful but I have something similar, the frame is just wonderful). I’ve never sold anything before, but I’m thinking of putting up the box on eBay just because this would be a lovely box for someone else. Or do I just swap out everything except the dreamy indigo frame? Decisions, decisions…Thanks for the review Liz!

    • If you sell on eBay, remember there are a lot of fees on top of just selling (eBay final value fees, fees on the shipping (plus the shipping costs), and fees on paypal).

      • Thanks for the heads up about the fees M! I don’t want to make any money, but I’d like to break even, so I’ll have to figure that into the cost if I decide to go that route ?

  9. Liz. Is the hat really look like a guy’s hat??? Are the marshmallows gluten free? Love your informative posts

  10. I just got my box today and I have to say everything is WAY better in person. I thought for sure I would hate the bracelet but I think it’s growing on me! Everything else I absolutely love and can not wait to use. I know it’s a risk doing a special edition box and I might now love everything in it but I was willing to take that risk and I’m super happy I did!

  11. Come on box, get here already, I’m bringing it with me to a much needed spring break to FL in a few weeks.

  12. Mine arrived today. For once, I avoided all spoilers and reviews. I love everything in the box. Only negative was the hat is too big. I think the curation was very thoughtful and classy.

  13. My box came today, it was amazing!!!! I love everything in it and it’s perfect for Vegas!!!!

  14. I really like this bracelet and would buy for a reasonable price or swap.

  15. Mine arrived yesterday and I’m really happy with it. I almost love the hat, even. (I expected to punt that thing).

    I recognize that we are all free to state our opinions…at the same time, can we acknowledge that YES, you can buy a picture frame, jewelry, a body scrub, etc at TJ Maxx and move on? Reviewing these boxes is useful even if you can buy similar items somewhere else. The picture frame is honestly beautiful and very high quality. The bracelet looks far more like something you’d buy from an etsy shop than from a department store or discount store.

    With that said, I think one of these days I’ll design my own popsugar box at TJ Maxx or on Amazon…I think it would be fun to see what you can get for $40 or $100. 🙂 I’d totally follow a blog if someone decided to recreate the popsugar boxes each month using discount stores. 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing! Yes, I’m sure you *can* buy similar things at lower price points at all those places. But are you going to find these exact items, all at one store, all at the same time? If the answer is no, then there’s value in allowing someone to do the shopping for me. That’s one of the main draws of sub boxes. Cool things come to my door and the only effort I had to put forth was placing my order. That in itself has value to me. I realize others might not agree.

      • It’s a present from me to me. I deserve it because I work hard for my money. I’m delighted when I set the box on my lap and unwrap each item. My daughters n I gush or gripe about the stuff n thoroughly enjoy the unboxing. Then the swaps start between us n end with MSA swap site. Cheers for sub boxes!

    • That has been a dream of mine ever since I got I to the world of subscription boxes!

  16. I also was disappointed seeing the spoilers but agree with many of you it’s WAY better in person.
    I LOVE the bracelet – my favorite item by far and the pom poms are growing on me. It’s nice with my collection of other delicate bracelets and adds a little texture.
    The frame is beautiful and everything else is great curation for travel/beach. The hat is the only semi-miss for me only because I don’t wear a ton of hats but I might try it out o nay next beach trip if I don’t forget to pack it!
    Overall, happy I splurged.

  17. So sad I bought this. The whole box is up for swap

  18. ehh…. kinda glad I skipped. I like the bracelet but minus the pom poms…. I only ‘love’ the Make product… thank you for the review.

  19. WOW! I was SO WRONG! I was super disappointed in this box when I saw spoilers. Like, really disappointed. This is my first LE box and I was sure it was going to be my last.

    I got it today in the mail, which was great. Yesterday was my birthday and so it was nice to get this close to that.

    So, I’ll get to the point. YOU GUYS! The quality is UNREAL. It’s just hard to see in the photos. I thought the bracelet would be so weird, but NO! It’s gorgeous! I’m totally obsessed with it! The frame is beyond beautiful (Looking at spoilers I was really bummed we didn’t get the teal one- so gorg, but actually the indigo is quite beautiful). The frame will look gorgeous next to the blue Turkish lamp my boyfriend and I bought while in Turkey a few years back.

    The hat is super cool, especially with the bohemian vibe of the bracelet. Another note on the bracelet- as many have noted, it’s much more muted in person (grey/blue) and very dainty, yet still heavy enough to be worth its value. I wouldn’t spend $120 on it, but its actually super cool and I’m SO glad they decided to put it in the box.

    The Rifle & Co notebooks are adorable and great quality, as one might expect. The makeup is pretty different, which makes me happy since I am swimming in blush compacts. I’m glad it’s more of a complexion primer than anything else.

    Haven’t tried the scrub or the marshmallows yet but I am OBSESSED with coconut and it fits the resort theme quite well.

    So…here I am eating my words. I was SO WRONG. I think the key for me might be to not look at spoilers ahead of getting the box (SO HARD THOUGH). I always end up loving the box and what’s funny is- even if I don’t love it, I ALWAYS end up reaching for the items forever afterward— PS must be in my head! 🙂

    So, ladies and gents- if you are disappointed with the spoilers, do me a favor and withhold judgment until you get your hands on it. Trust me. It’s an awesome box. Thanks PS!!!! And thank you, Liz!

    • So glad to hear you love the box! I’m OBSESSED with coconut too! Maybe there will be a coconut subscription box in the future 🙂

      • Yes!!! I would totally subscribe 🙂

      • OOOO! I would totally sign up for that box 🙂

      • Ok so am I the only one who can’t put the bracelet on?? I love it but there is no way I’m sliding it over my all of a sudden basketball player size hands?? Am I missing something please help Liz how did you get it on?? ???

        • The bracelet is a slide. The two long ends get pulled to tighten. Tug gently at the knot and it will loosen. Then pull the strings to tighten.

          Yogi surprise had one made like that in December

          By the way. All who said the hats are too small – mine is huge. (Like 2 extra inches to spare) If anyone has different dimensions and wants to swap let me know. I know they say one size, but female heads can’t vary that much can they?

          • Thank you so much geez I was looking at it so long trying to figure it out and reading every comment to see if anyone else had issues but no to me it seemed like I was the only one this one hand slides down all lol wasn’t going to slide down! So glad I broke and asked before I gave it away! Thanks much again I appreciate your help!

          • Girl~ My hat is Ginanormous!!!! I’m so confused by people saying, it was too small. There’s got to be a difference in the, “one size fits all” sizing!

            Liz~ I think it’s time to incorporate a “delete” button, on the comments! I regret leaving a disapproving comment on the spoilers.. I had already received my box, but it honestly took 2-3 days until I’ve grown to LOVE my box(es) (I bought one for my Mom, too) I gave my Mom her box early (intended gift for Mothers’ Day) and she loved it! It is very true, that seeing the spoilers & actually having the items in your possession are 2 totally different things. The items are VERY WELL MADE! I think I’m in the minority in saying I would, in fact pay the $95 retail for the bracelet. I’ve been known to spend money on things like that, others wouldn’t. (like $500 on 2 headbands @NM.. I think it may have been a margarita lunch with friends?) But, it is TOTALLY my style, it’s high quality & on trend. It’s something I would expect to see at Fred Segal or even Neiman’s! I’m definitely a fan! Overall, it’s a great box, fits with the theme & Popsugar! I was just about to address those, suggesting you could put together a box at places like TJ Max or Marshals, but I haven’t been there, so I’ll keep my opinion to myself. Maybe an edit button, as well as a delete button, would be awesome! LOL!

            All I do know for sure, is no one is forced to buy the LE boxes and I, for one, am happy they exist! I’ll keep buying them, as long as they put them out. It is such a nice treat, a few times a year. As a mom, I tend to not “treat” myself, very often, anymore. So, I totally appreciate the boxes & love the element of surprise! Even if I’m paying for it.. It’s totally worth it, TO ME! xo

  20. I am so disappointed. Please tell me that will change once it arrives today. Wow, SMH. THIS HAS MISSED THE MARK ENTIRELY FOR ME. ?

    • I’ve found that the items always look a lot better in person. I’d bet you end up really liking it!

      • Oh, I really hope so! ?

      • I second this! SOOOO much better in person. Hope you like it! 🙂

  21. I agree with some others who said they were disappointed with the spoiler but much happier with the box once it was received. The bracelet, which I thought I was going to hate, I actually love! The blue/gray pom poms make it so much more elegant and wearable than the version in the initial spoiler picture. The Indie Lee is a much bigger tub of scrub than I was expecting and the MAKE compact is so cool! It’s really not “make-up” per se, not meant for coverage or color. It’s a mattifier and glow-ifier — like Liz said in the review. It’s something you would use either in place of makeup if you were going barefaced on the beach, or, if you’re wearing make-up, the last step to finish and highlight. I’m actually trying to swap for more of it.

  22. I, too, am planning to cut off the pom-poms!
    LOVE the picture frame – one of my favorite things in the box, along with the MAKE palette and the scrub! And marshmallows, with coconut – YUM!

  23. I’m not wearing ANYTHING called “evil eyes” no matter how cute.

    • “Evil eyes” is to ward off negativity and evil eyes. It’s their form of protection, belief. It’s a good thing.

    • I agree! I look to my Creator for protection, not some inanimate object or superstitious belief. I’ll cut all the charms off, then it’s a pretty bracelet 😉

      • Lol! I understand and I agree. I’m just saying that’s their practice such as crosses in our home are ours. No resistance from me. 🙂

        I had a very sweet neighbor make a bracelet for my daughter when she was born similar. I have my beliefs other cultures have theirs but I still appreciated her kindness and efforts.

    • They protect you *from* people giving you the evil eye! It’s actually a pretty cool symbol that a lot of different cultures hold dear. I really hope I can swap for one of these.

  24. As I sit here eating the marshmallows(which are sooooo good) and reading the comments, I have to say I liked the box a lot. I can see me wearing the bracelet with a white gauze top, faded out jeans and sandals this summer. I love the frame, can use it for staging house flips. And I have a giant head, but the hat fits! Not even tight. Maybe I got one that was larger? Nice box to get on a Saturday morning.

  25. Just received my box this morning. I must say I love it. The bracelet I thought oh no I will never wear that. In person it is cute. The pom poms are tiny not in your face. I needed the hat loving it. I am so happy I will use everything in the box.

  26. Glad I skipped this box. It’s a repeat of the same kind of items from different boxes, nothing really original. Soooooo tired of hats and frames! Their LE boxes are not worth the cost for items I feel are last season.

  27. Nice, the marshmallow looks yummy!

  28. The items are nice, but here’s my issue:

    Why would I get this box when I can get the same value (If not more) from a FabFitFun box for half the price? And I like the FFF items better? It just doesn’t make sense to me. If I don’t like something in the FFF box I’m not as disappointed or angry because I didn’t spend as much. I bought one PS LE box in the past and was so disappointed that I’ll never do it again. It’s not worth the risk. Again, nice stuff, but nothing I’d spend $100 on.

    • FFF is my new favorite sub box! The value is there. The variety is there. And, unlike POPSUGAR, I use almost every item in the boxes! I almost wish it were monthly. Lol This box…I’m so glad I didn’t get it. The marshmallows are the only thing that I remotely have interest in. The hat is cute, but they never fit my huge head. The bracelet is pretty but $98?!?! Nope! And I’m so tired of all the gold in boxes. I hate gold and this alone has resulted in me canceling several boxes that include jewelry. I make my own scrubs. I don’t need notebooks. I keep all my notes electronically or on post its. I only use black frames so that they all match. Just a huge dud. I’m so relieved I didn’t buy it! On the heels of the monthly box, which included a watch that had 8 o’clock listed as III, POPSUGAR is failing more and more for me with the curation. I won’t be renewing when my 6 month sub is in.

  29. First, tassle necklace from another box, and now pom pom bracelet from this one. Are these some kind of new trends this year? I think they’re both strange.

    • That tassel necklace…. I keep trying to make it work for me (I’m really trying!) but it’s just not happening!

    • Yes. The tassel trend has been around for awhile and the pom poms are popping up everywhere. I’ve seen them on sandals a lot, interestingly enough.

  30. Oh man, apparently I’m in the minority but I love this box and wish I had ordered it. I feel like its very well curated for the resort theme. I do appreciate how popsugar throws in more funky/unique items. Much more exciting than my spring Rachel Zoe which was a bit of a bore.

  31. Would love to trade for that passport notebook. I need an item like that for a prop at a graduation party, goes with the theme, please let me know if you have one to spare.

    • You can have mine, I will mail to you. No need to trade. Give me your email address and I will contact you.

      • I tried but I don’t see it posting. Can you contact me through one of the items I have listed? Under crafts, washi tape.

      • Lol of course I see it now – ugh, sorry for the double post (now triple! ha)

        • Okay, I am confused. Did you find my email? I don’t post on swaps, I would just send to you, I don’t need it. Someone may as well get some use out of it. Planning on going to pist office on Monday. Let me know.

          • No I didn’t.

        • Okay, I will try to find you on the swap board.

        • Okay, I found you on the swap site but I am on the waiting list to join the swaps. As soon as they allow me in I will contact you.

  32. This was a pretty good box for me, I’ll be swapping the frame and marshmallows. I’m not sure what to think of the makeup since it barely had any color.
    I’m kinda excited to try the hat this summer since I’m usually not a hat person. Bracelet is so much cuter in person. Almost bought the Rifle Paper notebooks the other day and it’s Rifle Paper Co so of course that’s a win! Excited to try the scrub, I’m sure I’ll love it. It would have been nice to receive a copy of the mag in the box with the free sub card. But it’s disappointing to see you can get a free year even without the card from the box.
    I’m surprised they didn’t include some sort of bag that could be used for carry on or just everyday running around. Maybe next time.

    • If you look up the makeup on Birchbox and read the reviews it tells you how to use the makeup. Actually looks super cool to me!

  33. This was my first Popsugar LE and likely my last. I’m not crazy about anything in this box. The hat is way too big, the bracelet is not my style, and the makeup is too light (although I’m used to Popsugar cosmetics being too light for my skin). The frame is pretty, but it’s not a “must have”. The notebooks are cute but I know I don’t need them. At least I know I’ll use the frame and the scrub. Oh, and I can indulge in the marshmallows to ease the pain of wasting $100.

  34. All lovely products but nothing I need.

  35. Nice box, however, I don’t feel it has a real “value” of over $200 bucks, even worth $100 bucks is a bit of a stretch for me… I could easily find very similar (style, quality, etc) items to what is in that box at my local Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the cost, ex, that frame is beautiful but I am nearly positive I have seen something very darn close at Marshalls for 10 bucks 🙁

  36. Dang! I wish I held off. Such a disappointment. I always get talked into the LE boxes with them and get disappointed. Maybe the products will be better in real life when I get my box.I feel like with pop sugar it is always a hit or miss on any of there boxes.

  37. I would cut the pom poms off, the crime is the pom pom.

    • Lol agreed! 🙂

  38. The LE boxes are always such a miss for me like. The curation is just not cutting it for a $100 box imo.

  39. This box is way better in real life, when I saw the spoilers I was a little disappointed in it and ready to sell over half the items. But…. the bracelet is very dainty in person and has a beautiful color. And while poms seem like an odd choice (and I’ve never been into the evil eye it look) it seems very beachy/Bohemian and it’s very cute. The hat is adorable on, and thankfully for me was also very comfortable. A white tee, jeans, the bracelet, and the hat seem like a very casual and cute beach outfit. The frame is really beautiful, has a great color, and is well made. The scrub is also really nice, it smells good, my legs and feet feel super soft now, and my cat kept licking my legs after the shower too lol. Also I love using popsugar’s limited edition boxes for storage and this one is super big. All and all a pretty good box.

    • I totally agree with you! I was disappointed when I saw the spoilers. The bracelet is actually very well made and MUCH cuter in person. I am actually not hating on the pompoms nearly like I thought I would. The hat is great and I will be taking it as my beach cover this year. The scrub, can’t wait to try. The marshmallows were so-so for me, but I will be a hit in my office on Monday when I bring them into share. The frame is pretty, but I would never have paid retail for it…hello TJ Maxx…I am really not sure how to use the makeup. I will play with it or trade. The notebooks I am gifting to best friend.

      • Yeah the makeup will be going on ebay with a few other popsugar things, I’m kind of at my makeup limit and nothing about this specific one seems like I need it. The value though with everything else makes me happy.

  40. I totally agree!! I was reading this thinking how happy I was that I didn’t waste my money. You get the same value if not more with their normal boxes and they are better!! So happy I don’t feel regret!!

  41. The fashion crime is having the Pom pons on there :/

    • Totally agree. Pom poms! Popsugar’s jewelry selection lately hasn’t been the best. Just not my style – the tassel necklace, dual colored silver and gold bracelet, and bracelets w/ pom poms. I see a lot of these items up for swap on MSA. They need a new jewelry curator.

  42. Wow. Like most of their other limited edition boxes, I am so glad I held off on purchasing this. I think I’ve said that with every single one of their LE boxes. PSMH is by far my favorite monthly sub, but there hasn’t been even one LE box that I’ve kicked myself for not buying after the fact.

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