POPSUGAR Must Have Cyber Monday Mystery Boxes Available Now!

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The POPSUGAR mystery boxes are available now!


The Box: The Cozy Home Mystery Box

The Cost: $24.95

Box Details: Packed with home decor, cool gadgets, tasty snacks, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for your favorite hostess or homebody. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: The Fashion and Beauty Mystery Box 

The Cost: $29.95

Full of cult classics, chic accessories, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for the fashionista. The boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items. Duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box

The Cost: $49.95

These travel-ready essentials are perfect for your sunny holiday getaways and beyond. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes. Boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Are you grabbing a box? (Or more than one?) Check out our reveals what’s been in the past mystery boxes (here and here).

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!  

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I did snag a cozy home box. Hoping for a candle!

  2. Resisting a PS mystery box for the first time ever. I swore the Too Faced mystery bag would be the last of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping. But I cannot wait to see what’s in each box!

  3. Just FYI…the CDFA box is now available through the link from Gilt City that came with the voucher. Just heard back from Popsugar…

    Ann P., Nov 28, 12:08 PM PST:
    Hi Lori,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    That was a glitch on our part, if you visit the site again you’ll see that these boxes are on sale. Hope you enjoy!

    Ann P.

  4. Went for the vacation box. Seriously hoping the inflatable swan is not in there! Hoping big time for the Tofino towel.

    • Same here!!

    • me too! and a swig bottle

  5. Get I ordered it only said current and past must have boxes. Now it’s says current, past, and mystery boxes. I wouldn’t have ordered if I knew mystery box items were included in these mystery boxes. And if they change the wording to appear consumers I thinks that’s all it is. Just to appease us and not actually abide by it. We were fooled. Oh well….😒

    • Uhh, all the items from previous mystery boxes were in past must have boxes. They didn’t put never before seen items in them… 😕

  6. Get I ordered it only said current and past must have boxes. Now it’s says current, past, and mystery boxes. I wouldn’t have ordered if I knew mystery box items were included in these mystery boxes. And if they change the wording to appear consumers I thinks that’s all it is. Just to appease us and not actually abide by it. We were fooled. Oh well….

  7. I actually did not order the vacation box because I already received the summer LE, and I have no interest in the cover-up from the CDFA box. Interesting to see they’ve updated the description of this box. Thank you Liz, for capturing their original advertisements, for times when they pull shady language changes like this. Looking back over past boxes, it’s hard to imagine the cozy home box reaching a $150 value without including something from the November box (which I will have two of once I receive my Gilt City order) or the Henri Bendel umbrella, which I do not need two of at all. This was a tough choice for me, because I love home decor/lifestyle items the most. In the end, I opted for the beauty/fashion box, because fashion items always make great gifts, and beauty items eventually need to be replaced as they get used.

  8. Here are my thoughts:
    Don’t want the home box, can’t risk another set of wine glasses or another candle
    The vacation box probably has that inflatable swan in it
    It’d rather spend $30 on one perfect beauty or fashion item than risk ending up with a bunch of stuff that isn’t “me” I’m trying to up my fashion game.

    • Beautifully said. Haha. I was going to buy buttt last box was a disaster for me and I haven’t lived any PS items I’ve seen lately.

  9. When I ordered my Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box, the description on PSMH definitely said it would include items from Limited Edition boxes. If they have changed the description and contents after customers placed orders & paid, that’s bait-&-switch advertising and I think it’s probably illegal for online commerce.

    • I just reached out to my contact at POPSUGAR and they confirmed that “The Ultimate Vacation box includes items from recent and past Must have and Mystery Boxes and Limited Edition boxes.”

      Hope that helps clarify! Sorry for any confusion!

  10. “limited edition” is back in the description for the vacation box

    • Yay!!! Thanks so much for the heads up! Phew!!

  11. I purchased 2 of the vacation box. I don’t like their fashion choices and I’m drowning in beauty products.
    I’m hoping they will have the gorgeous round beach towel from the summer box in the vacation box, hmmmm, one can only get so lucky.
    Either way, let’s take a gamble and see what rolls. 🙂

    • Ha! I like the way you think! It certainly is a gamble considering the ups and downs PS has given us lately. I got the vacation box… hoping for some good stuff! 🙂

  12. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. After that bate and switch I will give up pop sugar for good. The only reason I bought the vacation box was for the LE items and clearly they’re not going to guarantee that everyone gets LE items. Popsugar, Buh-Bye!

    • It says it now.

      These travel-ready essentials are perfect for your sunny holiday getaways and beyond ($350+ value). Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have, Limited Edition, and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded

      *Orders will ship within 7 to 10 business days via FedEx SmartPost.

  13. @Liz

    I know you do a ton for us and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we all appreciate it! Would you be so kind as to touch base with PSMH and see about the changing of their wording for the Vacation box? I’d be curious to their response before I let something like that take away my excitement over these awesome deals

    • @ Liz Cadman

      It would be greatly appreciated by me if you would look into the LE matter. I purchased the Vacation box when the description stated that there would be LE items, but now that description has changed. Thank you!

      • Good news. The “Limited Edition” wording is back in the description. I can still reach out to verify, though. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

        • But why did they take it out in the first place? That is very dishonest marketing and as someone said could be illegal. Are they going to keep a loyal fanbase and send great boxes or send duds once again? We had faith in a brand and the fact that they keep doing this type of thing is very very worrying.

          • I just reached out to my contact at POPSUGAR and they confirmed that “The Ultimate Vacation box includes items from recent and past Must have and Mystery Boxes and Limited Edition boxes.” I think it being removed temporarily was a mistake and not done on purpose.

            Hope that helps clarify! Sorry for any confusion!

  14. For anyone who didn’t see the email from Popsugar, the values were in it. Home was $150+, Fashion was $250+, and vacation was $350+. I bought the fashion one already and now I’m contemplating the vacation one.

  15. These travel-ready essentials are perfect for your sunny holiday getaways and beyond ($350+ value). Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

    Where did it say from LE boxes for the vacation box?

    I am a subscriber and bought every single $100 LE for more than 2 years. If this does not include items from LE boxes, I do not think it is worth $50 plus tax.

    • Oh goodness…they changed it! It used to say Limited Edition boxes (Liz even copied that language in her post) but now it doesn’t. That’s kind of a bait and switch, but hopefully they’all still come through for us. Ugh…

      • I am going to be highly PO’d if they don’t include what they said they were when I bought it. That was the only reason I took a chance on this mystery box. I swear, pop sugar is getting on my last nerve with their shenanigans lately. I should have know better than to actually think they were including past LE box items. To bait and switch like that is shameful.

    • It says “Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes” in the description above. Limited Edition is in boldface.

      • If you click the link, it is not there anymore, I copied the text from the PS site.

        • Do you think they’ll refund us for changing the contents of the box? I’m not interested in the box if it doesn’t have LE items in it at that price. I’d rather get the other two!

          • They just wrote to me to confirm that it will not have LE items!

  16. I originally was going to grab a fashion and beauty one but seeing as they’re trying to unload September’s box on GiltCity I’m hesitant because the last thing on this earth that I want is that hat. I’d take a bingo game over that hat!

    This is tough – I’ve really enjoyed the two PSMH mystery boxes I’ve gotten (I’m not a subscriber). It feels kind of wrong not to get one. Sometimes I wish they’d just give one spoiler for these….just one, even a corner of an item would be better than nothing.

    • seriously!! That hat looks so cheap and there are dozens of them on tradesy for $10. It looks like something you’d find in target clearance bin.

  17. I was super tempted to get the Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box because of this language: “Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes.” I was just looking on the PSM order page and the language has been updated and now says “Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes”. Hmmmmm. I think I will pass for now.

    • Hmmm, I saw that too.

    • Ugh and right after I bought it!!! Going to write them. I’ve been burned by them too many times. If these boxes are duds I need to write them off once and for all. No amount of MSA love (it’s clearly their favorite box to promote LOL!) for the brand will get me to sign up again if they just keep on dishing out rejects from old boxes. Should have learned my lesson after the last one but the $350 value was too tempting.

    • That’s not cool at all!!! I bought it when it said there we LE items. I wonder what happened here?

      • Wow, didn’t even notice that! I also bought when it said LE items. Pretty sketchy! :/ Knowing I could be fully disappointed did NOT stop me from buying one of each box. As long as they don’t run into shipping delays hopefully we can gift items we don’t want or already have.

      • Yes, I clicked earlier and the LE was there, but I had to go to a meeting at work. Came back and the LE is no longer there, glad I just bought the fashion and beauty box.

    • I wonder if they were originally going to have the cover up but then they sold out with the Gilt City offer.

  18. I want to get the beauty one. But then should I get the cozy home or November box from Gilt? I don’t want any games or post cards. 😊

  19. Does no one else feel a bit weary over them not listing a greater than value for each version or even a # of pieces? I’m scared of them not having a value much greater than the cost of each box. I am afraid also that it will be the same old leftovers from the past mystery boxes, with a few lucky variations containing products from the boxes for sale on Gilt. That is obviously what they have an abundance of leftovers from so I think I have talked myself out of any of these. I just feel like I would be disappointed.

    • If you go to the website, it does actually show a value. $150+ for home, $250+ for fashion and beauty, and $350+ for vacation.

      • I just got an email that said the same thing. I got one of each. $800 dollars worth of stuff for $100…I’ll take it. Christmas gifts all around.

        • Jeannette,
          I agree! I ordered one of each! I’m so excited! Liz is making a subscription addict of me too, with all of the fantastic information she shares! This is just so much fun! Enjoy your purchases!

    • Popsugar sent an email of the retail value of each box. The home box has a value of $150, beauty and fashion has a value of $250 and vacation box has a value of $350. That is an awesome value for each box and definately worth spending $25-$50.

      • Yes…I got four of the same box last time, and I got that many in the hope that one would contain the earrings. So disappointing. like I said…they have lost my trust.

  20. Anyone know what might be in the vacation one? I’m tempted because it says that it may contain LE items, but I don’t go anywhere tropical for vacations.

  21. just ordered one of each, I can always re-gift, right?

    • Right! 🙂

  22. I got the home box. I actually liked the last mystery box i got. It was the one with candle. Hopefully this one will be good too.

    • Went back and bought fashion and beauty too. $30 for $250+ in product is too good to pass up.

  23. I am trying the home and the vacation box. I felt like I got lucky on the past two mystery boxes. I only ordered one each time and both times I got lucky with the contents. I don’t need more make up though so I am skipping that and hoping I’ll get that the This Hat Attack Twisted Stripe Tote and/or Chesterman circle towel by Tofino Towel Co….

  24. I caved and bought one of each too. I am just a sucker for a mystery box. I’ve exercised so much restraint over Black Friday that I deserved it right?

  25. I caved and went back for the Beauty one as soon as I saw the listed RV for each option in my email. Didn’t take long lol

    Beauty box RV $250+
    Home Box RV $150+
    Vacation Box $350+

    Couldn’t risk not getting all 3! FOMO controls my life today

    • Mattie, you’re not helping my willpower. : ) I might have to cave and get the Beauty box.

      • Yea I can’t be looked upon for willpower right now. I took advantage of way too many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I’m actually feeling a bit embarrassed right now thinking about how many boxes will be delivered within the next couple of weeks.

  26. Ugh! I went against my better judgment and caved, bought the home box and was immediately charged for two, I was only given one order number and showing only one order on their website (watch you account!)! This is my first time ordering anything from them so hopefully their customer service responds quickly :-/ hopefully the contents of the box make up for it.

  27. I felt so ripped off by Popsugar mystery box last time. I got two of the same boxes that no one wanted. They sent me a free gift because of the duplication and it was the sugar scrub no one wanted and it was opened. They sent a replacement for that but at this point I don’t trust them to not send boxes of GFB bites and and 4 scarfs.

    • Those GFB bites were awful. I have 3 bags. No one in my house will eat them. I hope the “tasty snacks” are the pressels and not the GFB bites.

  28. I purchased the vacation one (but will probably regret it). I’m hoping to get the sunglasses from the CFDA box, but I really hope I don’t get that awful Lem Lem cover up…I probably will though 🙁

    • My thoghts exactly! I will love any of CFDA items but the cover-up. If I get it I will use it but I am more excited about the possibility of the other items.

  29. I caved and bought one of each. I am hoping to be able to put together some gifts for friends out of the contents. I will probably end up keeping it all though. I am so bad!

    • me too!

    • I did that last, year… ( friends thought I was super chic through the holidays though ^^)

  30. I really, really, really want the Kendra Scott earrings. I’m sooooo tempted to try the Fashion and Beauty box but with my luck it wouldn’t have the earrings anyway. I did pick up the November box on Gilt City so that I can at least have the bracelet.

    They have so many cute things that could be in the Vacation box but I just don’t know if I’m willing to gamble with $50.

    • kendra scott is having a sale on her website. You could pick out your own earrings there!

      • Ohhhh! Thank you! On my way there now.

  31. I am so tempted. The box that I really want is the vacation box, but I can’t really recall many vacation related items in Popsugar’s boxes lately. I’d be angry if I ended up with a hat and tote bag, so I guess I’ll have to pass. I can’t wait to see what’s in the boxes though!

  32. The first mystery box was AMAZING. Then I feel like everyone got duped with the second batch, higher prices and the duplicates (honestly–people got 4,5,6 of the same box which feels intentional to me based on simple probability). I’ve been a subscriber all year and the last batch was mostly recent items. As much as I want to, I won’t.

  33. I only got the Ultamate vacation one because if you look at the long bio for each its the only one that says “Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes. ” the others only say recent and past boxes. Worth a shot as I got none of the Limited edition but loved them all but only liked the november month box this year!

    • ultimate * sorry!

    • Seriously Liz I have bought every BF, BTBF and Cyber monday popsugar deal you post! No more! My bank is going to kill me!

    • Yeah seems like the earlier boxes had way better stuff. I don’t know if I should buy it!! I don’t like the recent stuff at all but I guess it would be good giftable stuff???

    • If you go to the website it doesn’t say anything about limited edition, just says “Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes”.

      • They just changed it, I saw the same thing about 30 minutes ago ltd Ed & past ps boxes. I smell bullsh!t

      • They must have changed it because vacation was the only one that mentioned LE! Worth a shot

  34. I really hope they try and make up for the last Mystery box debacle. I would love to get one of each, but I don’t trust PopSugar anymore. Good luck everyone! And I sincerely mean it. Kendra Scott for all!

  35. PS is killing me!!! LOL!! Got the home and beauty box! Still thinking about the vacation one!

  36. Not falling for their mystery box ever again. It even says this time, may contain duplicate items and no refunds for duplicate boxes. There haven’t been too many home items in the last few PS boxes, so I’m curious to see what would be in them. Wonder if they count the bingo set as a home item?

    • Oh I really hope the Bingo game isn’t considered a home item! I didn’t even think about that when I bought one a few minutes ago. I wound up with three of those from mystery boxes and don’t think my Christmas gift list can support more! You were probably smart to stay away Sara!

      • I would think the Bingo is all gone by now. I think we are safe 😀

    • Im wondering if “may contain duplicate items” means 1 box may contain say….2 bingo games? And i think its odd that they arent gicing us a count of how many items or an estimated value…. i think their 1st myster box was cool, 2nd not so much, and this time its even more vague, and they have more stuff to get rid of concidering all the returns from the 2nd round…then again, some people said they got their same bix sent back vecause others were “out of stock”
      But also, among items already distributed in myster boxes, we know they have tea towels, some vases, more body wash, some lotions, as well as things from oct and nov boxes since those didnt sell out and are on gilt city. I think last time they did mystery boxes they pulled some items from the summer gilt city boxes that didnt sell right…im thinking the scarf and charger?

      • I took it to mean don’t order 3 beauty boxes because you will end up with 3 of the same box.

    • If I get the bingo game I will Scream!!!!
      😉 really though

      • I haven’t had a chance to read the other comments, but I think the “The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box” is probably $300 worth of swan drink holders and a blue and white striped caftan. At least, I think that is what I would end up with if I bought one (if my four duplicate Mystery Boxes from the last Mystery offering is any indicator).

  37. I don’t subscribe to PSMH, so I think this’ll be nice for me. Got the cozy home box. Bought the Holiday box for him, can’t wait to see what else is in it!!!

    • I just started subscribing on Black Friday, so I figure I don’t have to worry about duplicates like the previous subscribers. Everything will be new and fun!

  38. Got the cozy home box. feeling excited!!

  39. Had 1 of each in my cart and then removed the Beauty one at the last moment. Already paid for The Vacay and Home. Probably will end up going back the Beauty one too. I always want more options until I get them and then can’t decide :/

  40. I am so curious to see what ends up in the ultimate vacation one. I did a quick review of recent “summery” limited edition boxes and I came up with (1) the CDFA box, of course; (2) the 2016 special edition summer box – which is the one with the round towel and straw tote bag; and (3) the 2016 resort box – with the straw hat and the blue frame. They all had nice things so if one or more items from one of those boxes are included, I don’t think you can wrong for $50 (although I’m kind of over the CDFA box at this point!)

  41. I was almost tempted – but I bet it’s just the worst stuff from the past few boxes. Popsugar can be such a scam. I feel like they have really gone down hill this year…

  42. Thanks for the heads up! Planning on purchasing the home box. Do you know if there will be a Cyber Monday coupon code for Popsugar? Or are the boxes the only Cyber Monday deal?

    • I believe the mystery boxes are the only Cyber Monday deal. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks Liz!

  43. I got the Cozy Home and the Fashion and Beauty. I am so praying that I don’t get another hat. I am still trying to unload the one I got in my box! I like it, it just isn’t me. If anyone out there is desiring one, hit me up on the swap boards! 😉

    Please let me box include Kendra Scott earrings…. Please let my box include Kendra Scott earrings… 😉

  44. I went with the fashion and beauty box. I also bought the October box with Gilt.

  45. Ordered one of each, so excited!

  46. Just grabbed the fashion and beauty mystery box! I hope the hat is in there since I chose to gamble on this one instead of buying the Sept. box on sale!

    • Check me out on the swaps! I have the hat brand new in the box. I would love to swap. I like it, it just isn’t me. 😉

    • If you don’t get it, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with mine. It’s still in the packaging and just not me.

  47. I bought the Vacation Box (since I’m going to Hawaii in January). Hope it’s a good one!

    • I bought it too! Heading to Puerta Vallarta in April and I am hoping for one of the cover ups!

  48. Got 1 of rack!

    • I meant 1 of each😂

  49. Ordered one of each!

    • Same here even though the price of the vacation box surprised me a bit. Spending too much money on boxes this year!

  50. I just bought one – the cozy home. Trying to keep my damage ($) today to a minimum.

    • I did the same thing – I wanted more, but I’ve spent too much already. I keep on telling myself to not look at the vacation box with limited edition items (I didn’t like the last resort box). But it’s so hard! 😄

      • I was planning on getting just the Cozy Home box too. After a few minutes, I caved and also bought one of the vacation boxes. Kind of pricey but I didn’t purchase any of the summer/limited edition boxes, so hopefully I won’t get many repeats from the past few regular monthly boxes. Hoping for no hair sunscreen or diamond sarong but game for anything else I’ve seen featured in boxes! Yay for the great Cyber Monday deals! 🙂

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