POPSUGAR Must Have Cyber Monday Mystery Boxes Available Now!

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The POPSUGAR mystery boxes are available now!


The Box: The Cozy Home Mystery Box

The Cost: $24.95

Box Details: Packed with home decor, cool gadgets, tasty snacks, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for your favorite hostess or homebody. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: The Fashion and Beauty Mystery Box 

The Cost: $29.95

Full of cult classics, chic accessories, and more, this box makes the perfect gift for the fashionista. The boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes; boxes may contain the same items. Duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box

The Cost: $49.95

These travel-ready essentials are perfect for your sunny holiday getaways and beyond. Boxes will feature products from recent and past boxes as well as Limited Edition boxes. Boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Are you grabbing a box? (Or more than one?) Check out our reveals what’s been in the past mystery boxes (here and here).

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!  


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My beauty/fashion one shipped yesterday, but the home one still hasn’t shipped. This is getting sort of ridiculous.

  2. Has anyone got a shipping notification that their box has shipped?

    • No, and very unhappy. Boxes were supposed to ship on the 9th, according to their facebook page

    • Mine still says “processing” but my Gilt City November box has shipped.

    • I just got my shipping notice! I ordered the Beauty and Fashion. It’s coming from Gilroy, CA and weighs 3.3 pounds.

      • I just got shipping notice like an hour ago. It’s coming from Gilroy, CA, but it only weighs 3.2 pounds for me. I got the fashion and beauty box though. Hope mine is just as good as yours. LOL. Anyone order the fashion and beauty box? How much did your box weighs?

        • Mine’s 3.2 pounds as well, but it’s coming from Watsonville. I ordered the home one on the same day, but it hasn’t shipped yet.

          • Mine is so weird. It stated that it was sent from Gilroy, CA and it weighs 3.2 pounds. Then when the item started to move it shows up as Watsonville, CA for the pickup location and the shipping alert from Fedex stated 3.3 pounds. I’m so confused.

    • Yep, I also ordered the fashion and beauty box and got notification yesterday 3.3lbs coming from Gilroy, CA. I ordered a home box too, but I ordered it a day later (caved). So, I haven’t received shipment notification on that one yet.

  3. Has anyone gotten theirs yet? Or even just gotten a shipping notification?

    • It says on their FB page shipping will be 12/9. Today! Yay!

  4. Has anyone gotten a shipping notice on these yet? I was hoping they would ship this week.

    • I bought the Beauty and Fashion Mystery box and the November box through Gilt City on November 29th. Both boxes still show as processing. Has anyone received a shipping notice?

      • The website indicates the boxes will ship within 7-10 business days. Today is the 6th business day since the mystery boxes went on sale, so I’d be surprised if anyone received shipping notice yet.

  5. Grrr! I got an email from my credit card to notify me that there were two identical charges from Popsugar last Monday. I places one order for two different boxes (home and vacation), but for some reason the $74 charge hit my credit card twice. I checked my PS account and that’s all ordered correctly. I emailed PS.

    • They double charged me too. So irritating!

  6. I just purchased the Cozy Home, I thought they would be sold out by now. For $24.95 I couldn’t resist. When PopSugar is good it’s really good but when it’s bad it’s bad. I pray for a candle and no bingo box (or swan).

  7. I can already see this being a mess- pass!

  8. I couldn’t resist the temptation and bought the fashion & beauty box. I really hope I get the scarf, jewelry, or skincare in my mystery box. I can never get enough of them. I was doing so well on not buying anything pre or post-Thanksgiving until early this morning. Anyone else feels guilty about buying stuff?

  9. I’m not a PS subscriber so I got one of each and one of each one on Gilt City. (7 boxes, $300) I really hope I don’t end up with multiples of things I don’t like out of a one day spending spree! If I like, well, then that’s another story! The CFDA box already has already been shipped so hopefully everything else follows suit and I know soon enough!

    • You are definitely going to be getting multiples. It even says it in the descriptions. Boxes will have the same items and you can’t be refunded for getting any repeats.

    • Hey Heather, I could be wrong, but I be the only duplicates you have to worry about are if items from the Gilt City boxes are included in the mystery boxes. Clearly none of the Gilt City boxes overlap. And I read the mystery box description differently than Becca…I think you can expect duplicates if you order multiples of the same TYPE of mystery box, but if you ordered one of each, I bet you’re pretty safe.

      • I figured there was a possibility of getting dup’s of the gilt city boxes in the mystery boxes, but I hope they are things that are good. Like, maybe the sunglasses.. I doubt I’ll be that lucky, but hey, its worth a shot right? I just started doing the sub box thing and I swear this is COMPLETELY addicting! I’ve subscribed to 6 in the last month at least, then went on a spree Monday. I haven’t been home due to work in 6 weeks so I am going to have an outrageous amount of boxes to open when I do get home in a couple more weeks. I think if I were home and got to open some of it, I could stop, but until then…. Ugh!!

  10. I actually like “the hat”. I wear it each day going through the car rider line when I pick the kids up from school.

    • I like the hat too! It’s so versatile. My friends make so much fun of me haha! They don’t think it looks like a “winter” hat. I don’t think they understand fashion 😉

  11. Well, it’s official, Popsugar has all of my money. I bought A guilt deal, a mystery box, an extra Dec box. And I extended my subscriptions several months. I feel like they had amazing sales, so I don’t regret a single penny I spent. I did go way over budget, but I’m hoping to quit my job soon to stay at home with my daughter. I know that if I get to do that, I will feel guilty for every penny I spend on myself. So the extended subscription is just the current working me’s gift to my future self 🙂 And if I can’t pull off the staying at home thing, it will be a consolation prize to myself 😉

  12. I’ve gone a little crazy on these special sales. I can gift some things out of these packages and bought a couple for my husband and son.
    So far 1 Fabfitfun package
    6 months Popsugar
    all 3 mystery popsugar boxes
    1 Zoe box
    2 of the amazon boxes
    then a food one, one for men, the Harry’s trial.
    I also bought from the amazon black friday sale.
    I just started a new job, so i purchased my gifts

    what has been in these mystery boxes years past?

  13. How long are these boxes available for? Debating whether to get the vacation one.

    • According to the website, The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box is sold out.

  14. The Ultimate Vacation Mystery Box is sold out now.

    • I am waiting for the Curse of the Swan to rear it’s ugly head. I am afraid of PopSugar mystery Boxes now.
      The ironic thing is that I actually received the latest Julep Mystery Box (after swearing that I would never buy another) and I actually liked it…not that I need any more nail polish. But I’d rather nail polish than a blow-up swan.

      • Ha! I love my swan!!! Knowing i can take it out again in 6 months is helping this winter go by a little easier (texas native transposed into cold NY…brrr…its been 4 yrs but ill complain about not being able to wear tank tops till i die).
        BUT, im sooooooo with you on the Julep mystery box, im a huge sucker and always get them and then regret it but this one was MUCH better 😍…did they give away the earings already?

        • Hi Linda! My apologies about my digs at the swan…while I do not have a use for one, I bet it would be fabulous in places that get more than a month or two of summer weather. I actually really like the bingo set that almost everyone reviles. Cheers!

        • OK…you got me. I mainly got the Julep box because of the earrings. I don’t know how they organize the give-away. I thought that perhaps the lucky winner would get a special secret-code or something. I did not get a special secret code in my box.

          • Hahaha no, i just love random things 😀 i know!
            I think with julep they said they would send an email???…goes checks spam…

  15. I so want to get the fashion and beauty mystery box, but I am so afraid the box will come with the hat from the September box or so other cheap filters that I wouldn’t use. I hope they will release a spoiler or something.

    • *some

  16. Thank you Liz for all the cyber Monday deals. I snagged all 3 PopSugar mystery boxes. Thank you for all that you do. I know you help us all so much!

  17. I thought I wrote a reply…but I think I started it and never posted it.

    NO NO NO, I will not fall for this. I had awesome PS Mystery Boxes on the recent run, but I was lucky. I will not spend my money on repeats of the same things!!!

    Good luck to those of you who chose it.

    • Yes…good luck! Please, please, please let us know what you got. Hopefully we will be green with envy and never miss another Mystery Box again (seriously, fingers crossed for all).

  18. Soo…of their last 6 boxes, 4 have gone on sale on gilt (june, july, oct and nov) and stuff from one of the other months (sept?) got dissiminated and put into mystery boxes (notepads and hair mask?)
    I wasnt following much, but it seems like dec-may 2016 were not discounted…and im thinking thats because they had a better estimate from all the 6 month prepaid customers that picked up black friday deals in 2015.
    Looks like sales fell short the rest of the year, and seeing that 4/6 boxes went on clearance, is totally making me regret getting the 3 month BTBF +3 month BF upgrade.
    I could have lived with just hoping the ones i liked went on Gilt :/ Of the 4 that went on gilt, i only liked 2…
    So thinking it over, i just paid gilt prices for 6 boxes spending $120, but would have probably picked up only 2-3 of those (@$20 on Gilt=$40-60)
    For me the BTBF and BF deals were a big mistake 😐

    • *5 of the last 6 boxes went on Gilt. Of those i only liked 2/5 enought to buy @$20…so prepaying for 6 boxes =not wise.
      Here is to hoping for good boxes!

    • same! At $20/month, I jumped at the deal thinking it’s too good to be true! but now that I actually have the choice to buy past 3 month boxes on gilt, I only bought the Nov one and decided I didn’t like Sept and Oct boxes enough to cash out $20 each. This basically means I wasted my money for the $20/month subscription.

      It’s so weird (and obvious seller’s tactic) but a “mysterious” $20 box I will sub– but knowing the exact contents will make me not buy them since I calculate each item by the dollar and see what’s actually practical for me.

      PSMH’s ‘$20/month sub’ vs ‘previous boxes at $20 each’ sales today made me realize what a waste of money (in terms of practicality, frugality, and actual “I would buy this at this price even without this sub”) subs can be.

  19. I caved but this time bought ONE of each so they should NOT overlap each other where this fall I bought 4 mystery boxes and all four where identical. I figure this way For $100 I will have a BUNCH of gifts to cover a variety of people!

  20. I already went for their 3 month subscription service on Black Friday, so I must skip this.

  21. Is this correct…is pop sugar now confirming that no LE items will be included in the vacation box, even though they specifically put that back in the description? Steam is beginning to build up.

  22. I just got an email from popsugar after I asked them to clarify:

    “These boxes will feature items from past Must Have and Mystery boxes only.

    Ann P.”

    It’s a total bait and switch!!

    • Very interesting, since the website now reads:

      “Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have, Limited Edition, and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.”

      I don’t think past mystery boxes have ever included items from LE boxes.

      • I just reached out to my contact at POPSUGAR and they confirmed that “The Ultimate Vacation box includes items from recent and past Must have and Mystery Boxes and Limited Edition boxes.”

        Hope that helps clarify! Sorry for any confusion!

    • WOW! Ok, pop sugar can give me a refund on EVERYTHING I bought earlier. I will not do business with a dishonest company. Unbelievably shady.

      • I just reached out to my contact at POPSUGAR and they confirmed that “The Ultimate Vacation box includes items from recent and past Must have and Mystery Boxes and Limited Edition boxes.”

        Hope that helps clarify! Sorry for any confusion!

      • I really don’t think PS was being shady. They updated the copy to show the value $$. I think they just copy/pasted each one changing the $ amounts and then realizing after the fact that the vacation box was slightly different. It was not very long before they changed after realizing their mistake.

        • I bet you’re totally right! That makes me feel better that it was an innocent mistake and they never intended to strip out the LE items.

    • Wow – this is confusing… I’m not surprised that they don’t have LE items since those boxes all sold out (except for CFDA…). I would be surprised if they had many items left, while their monthly boxes often don’t all sell before they have to start selling the next month.

      I would have been interested in getting items from the Spring or Summer LE boxes or some of the Mini items but I don’t need any more duplicates from the regular boxes, especially with a $50 price tag!

      • I agree with you. I think the only LE items they have in stock are from the CFDA box or the Today Show box. Those are the items that keep appearing in past mystery boxes.

    • SO weird. I reached out to PS as soon as I heard because I had already purchased a vacation box and their reply was:

      “Sorry for the confusion. There was a glitch with the website copy. The boxes will include items from past LE boxes as originally advertised.”

      I am going to remain hopeful since Liz reached out to her contact who confirmed the included LE and the reply to my email, that will be the case. **Really** wish they were consistent though. I bought this heavily in part because of the inclusion of LE items.

  23. I am being good and not getting any as I am already getting 9 months sub for PS and although I love home items I don’t need dupes.

  24. I went for the mystery vacation box. I am not a monthly subscriber and loved pretty much all the summer items I saw, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I treated myself to the Limited Winter Box just for the satchel and now this…Happy Holidays to myself. Oh and I ordered a 3 month gift subscription for my mom(thanks ladies for helping me decide!) Thank you to LIZ and MSA for making shopping so easy and fun! 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

  25. I have been burned by so many “special” and “LE” popsugar boxes this was not hard to pass on…the multiple box shipping fiasco last time was the last straw for me. Sticking to the monthly boxes.

  26. I’m not biting this time. The only thing I’m really interested in would be the circle towel or the tote from the summer LE. Now, that box was ‘sold out’. So how can I expect either of those two items to be in the vaca mystery box without PS taking a hit on its reputation? I know people won’t care if they did get it, but it know if I didn’t get it, I would care.

    • ‘I know’

    • I assume that in a box, they may have 1000 of item a, and 1500 of item b etc. so they have leftovers of some items in a particular box. Like they have so many bingo from a year ago.

    • Exactly. Well said.

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