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POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box Reveals UPDATE

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UPDATE: We have one additional box variation (thanks to everyone who shared this with us!):

  • Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box – Value $36
  • Triple C Power Gloss in Silver – Value $30
  • Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White – Value $30
  • Mine Chalkboard Soy Message Ceramic Candle – Value $24
  • Spongelle Spongology Body Buffer – Value $20
  • Sisters of Los Angeles Cheers Gold Bottle Opener – Value $12
  • Pressels Sriracha – Value $1.29

POPSUGAR has sent us most of the variations of the POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box to show what you may receive in your mystery box.

Here are the different boxes we received:

Box 1 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 2 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″):


Box 3 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 4 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″) :


Box 5 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″):


Box 6 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″):


Box 7 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 8 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″):


Box 9 (Measurements: 14″ X 11″ X 5 3/4″) :


Box 10 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″) :



FYI – this box was $24.95 and no longer for sale.

Which POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box are you hoping to get?

And now it is giveaway time! We’re going to put a lot of these items together for a Super POPSUGAR Must Have Box Mystery Box!

Enter the giveaway below and good luck! (Winner will be contacted by email – make sure to enter with an email account you check frequently).

If you do the refer-a-friend entry option in this giveaway, you’ll get the entries for that once the friend has entered the giveaway. Giveaway is open only to US residents 18 and over.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Ugh. I got #6 which I would argue is the worst one. The ONLY one with no scarf, and it has the dreaded Bingo—which I couldn’t give away last year and which was the cause of my quitting Must Have.

    Sorry I fell for the lure of an affordable mystery box. I should know that PS always leaves me unsatisfied.

    • Hi Brooke! I have several scarves and am happy to give one a new home. I’m at Aleece1827 with G mail.

      • Hi Coleen. I was also waiting for a box with scarf. Like Brooke, I also got box #6 🙁

    • I got four of box #6. I won’t buy multiple boxes in the future.

      • Amber if you email customer service and tell them you got 4 of the exact box, they’ll offer to either let you return duplicates, and they’ll send you different variations, or choose a “bonus product” for each duplicate box.

        • Yes true! I sent my box back and they very nicely sent me a new one (#8, which was the one I wanted!!) In less than a week!!

      • Would you like to trade for a box 8? I have multiples.

      • Thankfully I only ordered two boxes but yes VERY unhappy about them being identical.
        I got two of box four but mine did NOT have the pixi palette in them. So yeah, didn’t even the better part of it.
        I will never buy these boxes again.

      • I also received four of box #6, however each of them was missing the charger. Bummed.

    • I too wanted that scarf. I will continue to buy mystery must have boxes because sometimes you get a really good box.

    • Ug. Me too on Box 6. The items I most hoped for were the scarf, the wineglasses, and the heartbeat necklace. This was my very first purchase from Popsugar, and I’m SO disappointed. I am not even a subscriber, and thought the mystery box would be a good introduction. I should have known better. :::sigh:::

      • I would be happy to trade the wine glasses for the briogeo! Beccajrichardson at gmail. 🙂

    • My replacement box is arriving today. I sent a duplicate box back to popsugar. The replacement is 2.8 lbs and 10x10x10? No clue

  2. I received 3 of box 8… what am I going to do with 3 of them… I’m really upset that they didn’t send different boxes…

    • Email them, they’ll offer to send you a surprise mystery gift for each duplicate after the first or you can send you boxes back for a exchange. ?

    • Write a note to Customer Service. I received a nice response that they would either send me “surprise items” or a return label for the duplicate boxes. You need to tell them what number boxes you are returning and what you’d like instead.
      I’m a gluten for punishment 🙂 so I’m opting for the “surprise” items. I begged them NO more Bingo or scarfs – ugh.

  3. How do I enter the giveaway? I’d like to enter.

    I really some more subscriptions in my life!

  4. How do you swap?

  5. If anyone is looking to trade, I got box 3, and would like to have box 1, 2, 4, or 8. I’m not set up on the swap site, but my email is cowgirlup8686 at yahoo. Let me know!

    • I sent you an email

  6. My box was pretty different than those pictured above:

    -skinny scarf
    -chalkboard candle
    -spongology milk and honey buffer
    -cheers bottle opener
    -sriracha chips
    -powergloss external battery
    -blue mist jewelry box from last December

    Stoked on my box, but I would have been dissatisfied with some of these boxes shown. Whatever! So cheap!

  7. Does anyone have a Deepa Headband from the last mystery box they’d be willing to swap for? I have the Brigeo mask or the clean lotion. I was really hoping for the headband in this box, but I received two #4’s. I sent one back, so I may have more to swap for one. Thanks!

    • I have a deepa headband that isn’t in the package but never worn and would gladly trade for brigeo. I am not on swap site but you can email me at johara3574 at msn. thanks Jen

      • Hi Jen! I sent you an email! Thank you?

  8. I am completely disappointed in the fact that I got the same two boxes. I received the number 6 box x 2. This was poorly done by popsugar.

    • If anyone has the heartbeat necklace and wants to swap let me know.

      • I have heartbeat necklace – I was working on a couple of possible swaps but nothing really worked out for some reason. I have it listed.

  9. I have box#8 that I’d like to swap for box#3. Please email me! luongDOTsharonATgmailDOTcom

    • My box#8 is no longer complete! I only have the Sticky-Notes and Oribe Texturizing Spray if anyone wants to do “item for item” (as opposed to RV) swaps, since they would essentially all be from these mystery boxes! The charger and scarf are also available, but considering that those appear in most of these boxes, I’m guessing no one would want to swap for these, hahaha! I’m interested in the JEWELRY BOX. Please email me at luongDOTsharonATicloudDOTcom.

      • As of today, I no longer have the sticky notes or the Oribe! I ONLY have the charger and scarf available. Please email me at luongDOTsharonATicloudDOTcom if you want to swap for the JEWELRY BOX and/or the HEARTBEAT necklace. Thank you!

        • Only the scarf is available now

  10. I have Box #6. Would love to swap it for #3, #8, or #9. Anybody?

    • My box #6 is no longer available.

  11. Received box #7, if anyone has the Briogeo hair mask and wants to trade anything in this box except the Orbie spray, let me know!

    • I will trade the hair mask if you will swap the wine glasses

      • Awesome! My email is beccajrichardson at gmail. 🙂

  12. Got the worst boxes Ever!! Hate everything in them! Total waste of my hard earned money!

  13. Damn. I just got Box 8, but without the blush.

  14. Got box #9 if anyone is interested in swapping! Have listed the items already for the most part 🙂

    • Would be happy to swap for #9. I have #6. Let me know what you think.

      • I would LOVE box #9. I have box #8 (it came without a blush, but I have one that I can include from a previous box). I would really like the earrings (I have been trying to swap for them). I will include some other items if you would like. My swap name is I_like_big_swaps! My email address (if you would like to contact me directly) is rosemaryfraser at hotmail dot com

    • I’m interested in that very box. I have box 7. Or other items to swap.

    • Hello again! I sent you a swap proposal, and left you a message. I will check to see if I have anything else that you follow, but I don’t have listed yet. Cheers, Rosemary (aka I_like_big_swaps!)

    • I have box #3 and would live to swap for box #9 if you still have. Thank you!

  15. What are you guys going to do? Get the bonus item or return your box and take your chances?

    • I’m guessing that popsugar is just going to gather all the returned boxes and redistribute them to us so if you aren’t in love with a lot of the boxes anyway (which a lot of people don’t seem to be) then I’m thinking the bonus item might be a smarter bet. Unless, of course, you received half a dozen of your least favorite box, then I would return them.

      I think I could deal with six candles since eventually I’d use them, but 6 copies of the same book? No thanks. Or six sets of bingo? Not unless I’m planning to throw one heck of a bingo party!

    • We can return the boxes? How does that work?

      • Email customer service!!!

    • I returned one. I wanted to gamble a little and see what I will receive instead. I REALLY wanted a Deepa Headband, but they aren’t in the boxes and now I’ve gotten myself convinced those will be the mystery gift you could receive if you didn’t want to exchange your box!! ?

      • Hi Jenn!
        I can’t wait to find out what box you get as a replacement. I am embarrassed to admit that I bought four. I received one yesterday, and while I LOVE the candle, I was really hoping to get the earrings.
        I think I have a box at the post office now…I don’t want to make the trip to get it, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. I really hope it’s a #9…but it is the same weight as the one that I already have, so it’s probably another #8.
        So at this time, do I take the gamble to see if I get a #9…or suck it up and admit that #8 is a very good box for $25 (and one of the only boxes that I wanted to get in lieu of #9).
        Good luck!

        • Thanks!! I didn’t receive a shipping notice for the replacement, so I assume it will just “mysteriously” appear. I will definitely post when and what arrives!

  16. I just got 4 of box #11 (the new one with the jewelry box) and have two more on the way Monday that look to be identical. Womp womp.

    Does anybody have a necklace or two they don’t want? I’d be happy to trade something. The box was heavy so I’d rather not ship the entire thing.

    • I got #2 and #3 – looking to swap:

      Cheers bottle opener
      CARGO blush
      EKG necklace
      Power charger
      Briogio hair conditioning mask

      Looking for:
      Govino glasses!!
      Notepad Jotblock
      Radio soaps?

      • I got several chalkboard candles, want to trade? I’d love the necklace! I’m not on swaps so just let me know how to contact you?

        • Megan, sorry I just swapped a chalkboard candle I got in a regular box – anything else?

          • Sorry, nothing from your list! I’ve got jewelry boxes, scarves, chargers, chalkboard candles, and bath buffers to spare.

      • I just got two. #7s and would love to swap my candle and Govino glass set for your amplilash and power charger. I’m on the swap but never had the time to figure out how to do it… ?

      • I would love to swap Govino for Briogeo! Amhenderatlivedotcom

        • Angie, sent you an email.

      • Hi Kandis,
        I am interested in the necklace and I have the found goods market special holiday edition Candle in Juniper twig. I’m not on the swap site yet however.

    • Hi there. I have the necklace and am happy to swap it. I’m interested in the jewelry box in number 11 but am super flexible if that doesn’t work for you. Six identical boxes is pretty brutal! Hopefully popsugar will make that right for you.

      • I’d be happy to swap a jewelry box for the necklace! My email is meganprouty at aol dot com.

        • Done! ? I’ll send you an email right now.

  17. I got the newest box listed sans the scarf. I guess my box was the one they forgot to put it in. Haha. Most is listed for swap.

  18. Liz – I think in box 3 (I got it and box 5) that Oribe is hairspray vs. texturizing spray as in box 10.

  19. I thought I was in the clear, all my boxes had different weights and sizes. Nope. 3 of the same box out of four. Emailed them but really don’t want to go through the hassle of returning, they should have been on top of this from the start.

    • I ordered two and received the SAME two boxes. I’m emailing them too.

  20. Mine have arrived – 3.5 11x11x11 from Gilroy. They weren’t the same size at all, nor were they 11x11x11. One was box #4. The other was Box 4 minus pixi plus Stowaway lip trio. I am not a subscriber so I am not disappointed. I was hoping for the charger, post its, or the necklace but I can use most of these items – which is a good thing since I got dupes of 6/7 items! I do like the body lotion a lot!

  21. Does anyone want to trade The Briogeo Hair Mask for the Triple C charger?
    I got the Charger but would like the get the hair mask for a gift for a friend 🙂
    dnunez2007 AT if you are interested! Thanks so much 😀

    • I just sent you an email! I would love to swap the hair mask.

  22. I think this may be my last box bought without knowing what’s inside. I ordered 3 boxes… Got 3 all the same. All # 4. Pretty disgusted. I emailed them and they said they would send a surprise item for each box or I could return. I was thinking about doing Tha NM box… But lately Popsugar has been a bust for me.

  23. If anyone got box #3 and either doesn’t want it or got multiples, please let me know! I’d like to buy it from you. (if you’re on the forums, you can PM me over there, username raindrop0

    • Oops! Username is raindrop, not raindrop0. That’s what you get for trying to eat and type at the same time.

  24. I received two box #7. Last time I ordered two boxes and got completely different items. I was so exciting to have the variety. This time the price was higher and they sent duplicates. 🙁 I just sent them an email, so hopefully they come back with a solution.

    • I had the same thing happen to me. So disappointed! Keep us posted please.

    • They contacted me back really quickly and they told me if I sent back my duplicate, they would send me a “new assortment”. They requested a list of what I got so maybe they will try to send a mixture of things that are different. Here’s to hoping! BTW, I would love the necklace if anyone wants to get rid of that.

  25. I have 3 box #10! Anyone want to swap? Love the newest box or the jewelry or the govino..pretty open!!

    • I have the govino from #7 I’d swap for briogeo.

      • Angie, would love the glasses and can swap u the hair mask

    • Would love the Briogeo! Anything in box #7 you want? 🙂 My email is beccajrichardson (a) gmail . com

  26. Did anyone who ordered multiples receive different boxes?

    • I ordered 2 and received 6 and 8. I used different shipping addresses so I wonder if that’s why I got two different boxes.

  27. I just received my 2 boxes. I ordered them about 5 days apart. They came from CA. They are both box # 9, the ones with the earrings. One said it was 1.7 lbs and the other one is 3.5 lbs. They are both identical in size and products. One had a protective cardboard over the pretzels and the other one didn’t. So one box weighs 29 oz and the other one was 31 oz. The dimensions are 4 x 8 x 11.5

    • Lucky you!

      • Thanks. Still duplicates and the irony is I’m allergic to metals. Can’t even wear a wedding band lol. On the upside I can swap those earrings , use the rest and gift the scarves (no point in trying to swap those, there are way too many available for swap).

        • Hi Adeline! I’m interested in your earrings! I should receive one box today and another two on Monday.
          Are you looking for anything in particular? TheDotSiAtLiveDotDe

  28. Hey Liz! I got a different variation than any listed.
    -stowaway lipstick trio
    -skinny scarf
    -cargo blush
    -gluten free bites
    -cheers bottle opener
    -briogeo hair mask
    -clean body lotion

    I got two of the exact same boxes (kind of a bummer). They were 3.5 pounds out of Gilroy, CA.

    • I have been looking for the lipstick trio. Is there anything you might want to swap for one of yours?

      • I have 2 lipstick trios up in my swap!

    • Me too, I got your exact box with the lipstick trio, also out of Gilroy CA. It’s like box 4, with the lipsticks in place of the Pixi palette. The shipping info said 6.2 lbs for mine though. I think I might be swapping most of this, definitely the Cargo blush.

    • I got 2 of this exact box. I could keep the extra for gifts, which is where most of the first one is going. Would happily trade for a variation with jewelry. Or may just put up for swap and see if anyone’s interested. I emailed them about return but all the options are just kinda meh.

  29. I got the new variation and was really really happy with it! And I was pleasantly surprised when opening since it wasn’t listed on MSA yet at the time! I think these mystery boxes are great. Personally I don’t think these items are “worth” over $125 dollars but I do think for $25 its a great deal! I have some fun items for myself and some Christmas gifts lined up! I don’t sub to PopSugarMustHave and probably still won’t, but I definitely think I’d snag another mystery box next time they offer.

  30. I received the #8 box and am really happy (only ordered one box). I’m not a PS subscriber, so all items are new to me and they’ll get used. The Oribe spray is a favorite of mine, but I never buy full-sized versions because they’re expensive so I love getting them in boxes!

    • I got box 8 too and am really happy with it. Were the items exciting? Not really – but they’re ALL items I will use. Unlike most people, I actually think I made out better this time around than with the $20 box.

      I also don’t subscribe, $40 a month just seems like too much for me on a sub box, so I enjoy these mystery boxes. There are definitely box variations that I wouldn’t have been happy to get, but not enough to deter me from purchasing future mystery boxes.

  31. I ordered two boxes- first one from gilroy was 3.5lbs 11x11x11: box #3. I’m not a PS subscriber so I am really happy with everything and the Oribe was a hairspray, not a texturizing spray, as listed above.
    My second box is still in transit from NY at 6.2lbs. I hope I’m just as happy with it as the first :/

    • Mine were 6.2 from NY and they are box 6.

  32. SO thankful that I didn’t buy this time, the only item I desire in the least is the chalkboard candle.

    • I am glad I didn’t order this time either. There are a few variations that I would have been sad to receive lol. I might grab one the next time, since I did the last time and enjoyed it. Something just told me not to this time!

  33. I received two of box 7. Was really hoping for the one with the Kendra Scott earrings. If anyone receives a pair I’m wiling to swap multiple items for them. Click on my name to see my profile.

    • I got #7 all 3 boxes 🙁 kinda sad….

  34. Dear Popsugar, even if you had not sent me identical boxes I would still be unhappy. These boxes were terrible. Thank you for helping me finally let you go. I won’t miss your low quality overpriced items, your slow shipping, your back packing, your unfulfilled promises of replacing broken, missing, and defective items. Thank you for making it so easy to leave and not look back.

  35. Hahaha I think we all now know that “All Star” boxes means all of the left over stuff they bought and couldn’t get rid of. I have been following sub boxes for a long time and am subbed to many, thank goodness I’ve never fallen for PopSugar. Such a downfall over time.

  36. Listing box 4 on the swap site now. What a bust! Womp womp womp!!! If anyone wants to swap anything in 4 for Oribe texture spray I’m all in!

    • I’d be happy to swap my texturizing spray for the briogeo conditioner. Just let me know if you’re interested.

    • I really wanted # 4! I got 2 of box 5 🙁 the only one I absolutely did not want:(

  37. Now I have no idea what ones I’m getting. I assume they are still duplicates just someone measured them a bit differently along the way? Out of NY they started at 6.2 pounds and now reflect 2.1 lbs and 11x7x4 and 12x7x4 on measurements. Seems like there are multiple possibilities above? Anyone with same weight and measurements able to reveal the mystery of this mystery box *spooky sound effects*

  38. So bummed I ordered 2 boxes & received 2 Box 6’s! So over time, this is my 4th Bingo & 4th card set. I wish they would have made an effort not to send duplicate boxes. I won’t fall for this again.

  39. I didn’t get any of these variations. I got the rose gold heartbeat necklace, the power charger, the Oribe spray, the srichacha pretzels, the skinny scarf, the deoderanr wipes, and I think that’s all.

    • You’re missing the amplilash. Email them.

  40. I received 2 number seven boxes ?, can’t wait til my other 2 come in, lol

  41. I ordered two boxes and received the same box. Thanks, Popsugar

    • Same! I ordered three boxes and got box 6 (above) three times. Ugh

  42. You can buy a much better jewelry box on the company’s website for $24. Where do they come up with these prices?? As in many boxes I think the prices are heavily inflates. Will never buy popsugar again.

  43. Thanks for the update, Liz!
    I received one of the latest boxes with the Chalkboard candle etc. I’d love to swap for a beauty-heavy box like 1, 2 or 4 if anyone is up for it!

    • I’d love to trade you something for that candle! Maybe the lotion?

    • I’d potentially be up to trade the whole box! I got 1.

    • I got the box#4. Would love to trade the entire box. Email me : nehasabharwa21 at if interested. Thanks!

      • Oops it is nehasabharwal21 at

  44. I received box 6. Which is LITERALLY the only box I did not want. There are zero items in it that I will use. Every other box at least had the cool scarf. I have to stop buying these mystery boxes. I have horrible luck, and always manage to receive the ultimate crap box. 🙁

    • Same girl same! But the chips were pretty good I can tell you that much.

    • That’s exactly how I felt with my box 6. 🙁

    • If you are on the swap site you should be able to get the scarf very easily. If not, sign up now. There will be plenty of scarves waiting.

    • I love box 6. I got box 7 which is very giftable so I’m pretty happy. It seems like we all like different boxes.

    • Would you like to trade the scarf for your Briogeo hair mask? 🙂

    • I feel your pain. I was actually kind of excited when I saw that I got the box with the shower gel until I realized it smells like Christmas trees (not a fan of “woodsy” scents). Oh well, at least the hair mask is worth 36 and so I keep telling myself it was worth the cost of the box even if the other stuff wasn’t good. Those chips were very good too!

  45. Hi I don’t understand why I’m getting email alerts about these popsugar mystery boxes if they’re all sold out

  46. I received box 5. Overall pleased with my purchase based solely off the power pack and the necklace. I already have the scarf (swap or xmas gift). The sticky notes and bubble bath will probably also be gifts (which is fine- saves me time later).
    The book though…nothing against ‘tidying up’, but the whole ‘spark joy’ concept irritates me a bit. Does my $19.99 IKEA coffee table ‘spark joy’? No. But it was inexpensive, has good storage, and matches my apartment. So yeah..imma keep my coffee table.

    • I want (need) a 20$ coffee table! Let me know if you decide to swap ?

      • LOL 😀

        Side note..

        Is it sad that I almost want to swap someone for the bottle opener.
        Not because I don’t have one- I do.
        But it fell behind my kitchen cork board three months ago and I’m too lazy to take it off the wall because it will be a hassle to put back? lol

        • I have four of them and two more on the way. Want to trade?

    • I did the spark joy thing with my husband’s sock and underwear drawers. It literally took me 3 hours for two drawers and 10 minutes for him to mess it up and unspark all the joy.

      • RIGHT?!?!
        I feel your pain.

    • What was the weight of your box and where did it ship from? This is the box I’d love the most!

      • Shipped from Watsonville, CA 3.5lbs

    • I have the same feelings towards the kondo movement. It’s great to donate or recycle all your “clutter” if you are rich enough to buy new tupperware, cake stand, measuring cups, every time you bring food to a party etc.

  47. PSA: Anyone who got duplicates

    I received two of the same boxes, and so I wrote and complained and they actually responded fairly quickly, in about an hour. They offered one of these two options:

    1) Send a special extra for each additional box you purchased beyond the first.

    2) Print you a return label and you can return your duplicate boxes and they’ll send you a different mystery box. They also will ask you to verify the duplicate box (I gave both the MSA box number and the items) to guarantee they’ll be sending you a different box.

    I took the second option.

    If you received duplicate box (even if liked your box) it’s good to reach out and let them know. At the very least, you can get a freebie.

    and if you also saw this on /r/beautyboxes that was me 🙂 I didn’t just steal someone else’s post

    • I emailed them because I received two #7’s the one I least wanted. They did respond quickly and say I could return them, today they said I could only return 1. But I decided not to, I already swapped away one box on the forum and just breaking up the last box to swap.

      • Oh no- I just emailed them today. I hope they aren’t changing their minds about making things better!!

      • that makes sense. they only said they’d replace duplicate boxes, not boxes you’re unhappy with. I got two #6 which was my least liked box but I only returned one

  48. I’m seriously so disappointed. This was my first time purchasing the mystery box from them, and I received two identical boxes: #7. The one I was LEAST excited for. Would have loved the box with their earrings or at least the Briogeo hair mask. Still have the stupid bingo set from last year, unused, in my closet.

    • I just realized one of my boxes is missing items, and actually shows a lower weight on the fedex website. About to contact them, is anyone else also experiencing this?

      • The weights and box dimensions are irrelevant since they are often entered incorrectly between FedEx and Smartpost (USPS).

        Did you receive at least 7 items? If not, contact PSMH via email and send photos. The guarantee was to receive at least 7 items with a retail value of at least $125… You’ll note that for those people who received 8 items, the 8th item was usually a $1.20-$1.50 bag of chips/pretzels, so it wasn’t a big difference.

        • Thanks for the response! I contacted them about the duplicate box and the missing items, but they just sent me a generic email regarding the duplicate. Guess I’ll keep the one that actually has all the items in it lol.

  49. Ugh really hope I don’t get the jewelry box. I just donated the other one to goodwill ?

    • I would have been happy with the jewelry box! Too bad you couldn’t gift it to someone, but at least you donated it – that was kind of you 🙂

  50. I was happy with my boxes. I got of box 10 and one box 8. Would love to have gotten the one with the Jewelry box.

    • Should read I received 2 of box 10 and one of box 8 🙂 My fingers are not typing right 🙂

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