FabFitFun Winter 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from FabFitFun.com. Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness.


Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box.




This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter



The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $100) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

Check out all of my FabFitFun VIP Box reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!


FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers.







Now, time for the items!


D.L. & Co Candle in Bergamot Woods – Value $44


Subscribers will either receive the Bergamot Woods scent in Silver or the Blackberry Nectar scent in Gold.


This candle comes packaged in a black box with embossed silver foil text – it’s perfect for gifting!


The metallic design on the exterior of the candle has gaps so it casts a really pretty glow went lit:


And here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:


The Bergamot Woods scent is subtle, lovely, and perfect for winter!


Gorjana Taner Toggle Lariat Necklace in Gold – Value $75


(Subscribers will either receive this necklace or the silver Kiernan Double Pendant Necklace.)


I love delicate gold jewelry, so this piece is great for me.


(You can also loop it through a second time if you want to make sure it doesn’t move around at all.)


I love how it drapes without any looping around, though!

This necklace also came with a coupon for $20 off any full-price purchase from Gorjana. (Expires 5.15.17)


Here it is on:




Marie Mae Thank You Card Set – Value $24


This thank you note set is an exclusive for FabFitFun subscribers. Here is more about the Marie Mae company:

Each item purchased equals one hour of training at the Marie Mae Business School.

The Marie Mae Business School includes classes and training for entrepreneurs each year in an emerging market – such as Rwanda, where we hosted the inaugural Marie Mae Business School in 2015.

Armed with practical business skills – like public speaking, business planning, market research and contract negotiation – these individuals improve not only the quality of life for themselves and their families but that of their communities.

I love that FabFitFun works with companies that give back!


This set includes 10 cards and matching envelopes.


The back of the card is blank with a blue edge, and the front is a goregous Cheers:


The design is a navy blue dot with a gold foil embossed Cheers.


These are made on quality cardstock, and seem perfect for so many occasions!


Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner – Value $20.95


I love that FabFitFun included a planner in the winter box!


(Subscribers will either receive this purple version or a teal version.)


There are calendar view pages:


And pages for each individual week:


And don’t forget to check the folder in the back for stickers:


This is another item in the box that would be a lovely gift if you are willing to part with it!


Now, onto the beauty items!


Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara – Value $20


This mascara has an applicator ball at the end to help catching all lashes:


This formula is a bold black, and it adds signicant length and doesn’t clump. I wish the volume and lash-defining was a little better, but I still give this mascara a B+.


O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face – Value $44


I first discovered this product in the Summer 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style!


This product is designed to exfoliate your skin in less than a minute. You spray it on, let it sit for 3-5 seconds, then use a washcloth to gently exfoliate, and then rinse off.


I love that this is a super-quick use skincare product! The natural scent is fabulous too! And the best part? You get instant results! My skin felt smoother instantly! (And no irritation – this is a perfect peel for anyone with sensitive skin.)


Anderson Lilley Winter in Manhattan Beach Body Cream – Value $24

(Subscribers will receive either Winter in Manhattan Beach or Sicilian Tangerine.)


This body cream is made in the USA, and free of parabens, petroleum and artificial colors! It’s also a rich and hydrating cream without being greasy – perfect for winter weather! (And the white jasmine scent is nice, too.)


And with every box, FabFitFun partners with a charity to raise awareness. For the Winter Box, they’ve partnered with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Instructions from FabFitFun on raising awareness:

  1. Take a photo with your pin
  2. Post it on Instagram and tag @fabfitfun and @starlightchildrensfoundation
  3. In the caption, share your holiday wish with hashtag #wishuponastar, #fabfitfun, and #starlightchildrensfoundation


More on this foundation:

Starlight brings happiness to critically, chronically and terminally ill children. We believe that every child deserves to experience the excitement, wonder and joy of childhood – because a sick kid is still a kid at heart. Starlight offers programs that provide entertainment, education and innovative technology to hospitalized children and their families. Founded in 1982, Starlight is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports children and families in the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Verdict: This box has a value of $253! This is one of those boxes that always has me asking “How do they do it?” This value is incredible, and the brand selection is fabulous too. I think the mix of 3 lifestyle items, 3 beauty items, and 1 fashion item is a great balance. (I was surprised to see no fitness-related items in this box, though.) Plus almost everything is giftable on its own, or the entire box would make an amazing gift! (For december boxes, I’m always giving them an extra criteria of “Can I gift this?)

What do you think of the FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box? What is your favorite item?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love this box and can’t wait to get it! I’m on the pre paid yearly so hopefully it’ll come soon. I wish I could say I’ll gift some of these items but I think I’m gonna like them too much and wind up keeping them for myself. I personally LOVE that they don’t focus on the “fit” part as much. I love fabfitfun but the only parts of the box I never use is whatever the fit item is so omg happy there isn’t really one this month!

  2. This will be my first box. I was under the impression that people that prepaid and those that ordered add-ons were due to ship on the priority date. So far, still pending. 🙁

    • There’s a little asterisk there. It’s the billing date, then the priority boxes/add-ons ship 7-10 days later! I’m eagerly waiting for mine too!

    • Same here I thought the same thing. I added to my box and still pending.

    • I’ve been yearly member for years and have never gotten priority shipping, even with add ons. My boxes always ship around the 9th-10th and I usually get them around the 20th-22nd. I just hope mine gets delivered before Christmas!

    • I bought my box on November 4th. Just notified today that I should receive it on December 22nd. Unacceptably late.

      • This is a seasonal box though, so it makes sense that if you bought in November, you missed the fall box and will be receiving the winter box when winter boxes ship out.

  3. I might be in the minority but I actually like this box better than Fall! I feel like I will be able to use more items in this box (not including my $170 add-ons…) Whoops.

  4. Nice box! I’ve never subbed to this because I’m not into the “fit” part of it, but this one blissfully ignored that adjective, so maybe I should’ve gotten it. Haha!

  5. I too am a little disappointed but can’t really put my finger on why. Certainly I will use almost everything and I love the planner and the candle. I just think the fall box was SO amazing and this one doesn’t have quite as much of a wow factor, but it’s still a good box.

    • I AGREE!! The fall box was so amazing I’m sad about this one. The candle okay but I’d rather something else. I’ll never use that notebook. Sad. All I care about is the necklace. It’s like even the editors box is nicer!!

      • I was very disappointed in this box. Nothing said winter to me. The lotion and face peel were the only items that were any good my necklace is not worth 75.00 I had it appraised and was told it was nothing but costume jewelry. Not sure I want to waste any more money with this box when I can order the lotion and face peel much cheaper than what I paid for the entire box. The sad part is we were planning on doing 8 yearly subscriptions for the famply for their Christmas/birthday gifts.

    • I feel the same way. I LOVED the fall box and think it was a tough one to follow!

      • I also agree! I resubbed after seeing the Fall box, but now I’m regretting that choice. The box isn’t horrible, especially considering the price, but it doesn’t wow me. I definitely won’t use the planner and I don’t know anyone to gift it to (everyone I know stopped using planners ages ago!). I’m not sure about the thank you cards, either. Is “Cheers” something you’d usually see on a thank you card? Plus it might be bad, but I typically do verbal thank-yous rather than sending a card. I think I sub to too many boxes to be wowed by any beauty item, so I rely on the non-beauty items to excite me, and these just don’t. The necklace and candle are okay, though. Now I have to decide whether I should cancel again or give them one more shot. . .

        • The classy thing to do is write a hand written note. Maybe you should consider using the cards.

        • I doubt anyone would tear up a card and throw it in your face because it says cheers.

    • Me too, I loved my fall box and expected more from the Winter box being close to Christmas and all! First of all, cheers doesn’t really say thanks in my opinion, so I really won’t have any use for them. Same goes for the planner! The coupon for me is nothing since i livein Canada and shipping charges and the exchange rate are crazy!
      I am not even slightly looking forward to receiving my box:(

    • I cancelled over the planner and pendant – no use for paper planners and hate the necklace. Different strokes.

  6. I wish they’d had a fitness item instead of one of the beauty products (or the thank you cards) but overall I like the curation. Mascara and lotion will probably be stocking stuffers for friends.

    Don’t get the thank you cards at all though… Cheers mate is an informal British thank you but not really thank you care material… These almost look like they should’ve been printed as invites, would make cute invitations to a holiday party. Maybe I’ll use them for that because I don’t need anymore thank you cards when nobody outside of immediate family ever buys me presents.

    • In my opinion they’ve really missed the mark on the “fit” part of the box for quite a while now.

      Last season they had the grip socks I believe, the summer box had a yoga towel, the spring box had a yoga mat strap…

      In the past you would see not just a fit item but something to go with it. Zumba DVD with gift card, tubing with a DVD or just a plain DVD. Workout DVDs are so inexpensive, the least they could do is throw one in every box.

      With that said, I’ve been waiting for another FFF that I wish I had since I stopped subbing to them a year ago and this is it. I love everything in here, but naturally, it is sold out. *queue the violin*

    • Every time I see these (Cards) , my heart “shrinks” ! And the mascara, And the body cream that we’re already fed up with. Ughh can’t get over the disappointment just can’t help it ! Oh! And the little star ! Oh my.

      • Y.A First of all the “Little Star” Is for Kids under the age of 18 that are Dying of Cancer! It’s called the “Starlight Foundation” They grant the people their dying wish! How do I know?? Because the Starlight Foundation sent my Sister Karla to see George Strait & Sent her to Orlando for a Cruise & Sea World before she died!! My Sister Karla died at the age of 17 in 1994 so they have been around for years! This is where I draw the line you can crab allyou want about Makeup but that “Little Star” meant an awful lot to “Karla Kay Will” before she died!! Shame on you!!! **Google Sioux City Journal Obits** she died Aug 23 1994 & they granted her last wish!! Sorry for my rant to all you wonderful ladies & thank you Liz for all you do!

        • Sorry for your loss. And truly sorry about that. I wasn’t aware of this issue. Now I am aware. Thanks to you.

          • YA Thank you very much!

        • I don’t think it’s a rant at all… And totally justified, especially considering that Liz explained the star pin in her review. I’m sorry for your loss, and am happy to hear the foundation was able to bring some joy to Karla.

          • CMB: Yes. Liz did explain it in her post, however, I did not go through this part. Until (GrowAheart) explained what this “little star” means. And now I’m aware of it. And will wear it to support the foundation. I’m not a horrible person. End of discussion please.

          • Thank You very much. Yes it brought her & us many happy memory’s full of Love! ❤️

        • So sorry that hear about your sister. I am so pleased to know that Karla got her wish to see George Straight before her passing. Thank you so much for educating us on the Starlight foundation. I am real familiar with the “Make a Wish fountain ” but wasn’t familar with the starlight. When I get my star I will wear it proud and think of sweet Karla!

          • Thank you very much Penny! Blessings!

        • GrowAHeart, I am so sorry your sister, Karla, passed away. It must have been truly wonderful for her to get her wish to see George Strait and go on a cruise. That foundation sounds like they do incredible things for families. Your rant wasn’t terrible at all, and I wish you all the best as you remember your sweet sister.

          • Thank you very much Candace! Blessings to you!! 💕

        • Growaheart
          I’m so sorry for your loss and the blessing this group made for your sister and others. My father had cancer and underwent a bone marrow transplant and while we were blessed, I cringe whenever people say “prayers were answered” because I know people I saw pass away had family that prayed just as hard or even harder. Supporting these charities is rewarding knowing they help create good memories for the families to hold on to.

          • Kat thank you very much! I’m sorry your father & you had to go through that. Blessings to you! 💕

      • You took the words right out of my mouth,entirely!

  7. I like it. Will use and gift. Have already cancelled though. Have never liked spring and summer boxes. Wish they would have given the option to add on the Editors Box.

  8. I’m excited about the box and will use everything (although I’m a bit overloaded with body lotion at the moment). I will join the chorus of those disappointed there wasn’t a fitness item – with the new year starting I wouldn’t have minded something to help me get off to a new start.

    I am glad I subscribed for the annual so I could pick some colors! While I normally prefer silver jewelry my experience with layered necklaces has not been good – so many tangles!

  9. I’m so glad you posted this review so early! It’s a nice box, but I don’t love it $50 worth so I went ahead and cancelled. I love my Rifle Paper Co. planner so I wouldn’t use this one, and I just wasn’t that excited about anything. So I feel good about canceling and spending the $50 on another box 🙂

    • It was sold out so fast and without any spoilers by the way. Lucky you, you won’t be spending your well-earned 50$ on it whatsoever.

  10. I LOVE this box! It’s so chic and I really feel like they curated a great selection of items. I’d rather have fewer expensive items than more cheaper items. I love skin care so I’m super happy with the creams. Only thing I’ll swap is the necklace as I don’t wear jewelry. Well done FFF!!

  11. I’m a bit disappointed too, but it’s not bad with the $10 off coupon. I’ll definitely be cancelling though – am glad I did not do the full year. The planner is never something I’d use, but I can gift that to my mom… the candle is good… the necklace – not something I’d wear, so hopefully I can sell it, the thank you cards – yuck. The mascara and lotion I’m fine with even though I have a ton… the face peel I’m uncertain about. I think people are disappointed because there isn’t really much “wintery” about this box – except maybe the “cheers” cards are kind of New Years-ish. This seems more like a non-seasonal popsugar box to me.

    • The face peel is amazing best part of the box I already ordered more on amazon as it was cheaper. They also make a body peel and it is fantastic. The necklace isn’t worth more than 10.00

  12. It is underwhelming but still a good value – sono complaints here. I saw the fallbox that is why i subscribed for a year. i will definitely use the planner and the necklace. Thank you for your review.

  13. I love this box! I still have most if not all the “fit” items from this box unopened and listed on the swap site, so I’m perfectly happy there weren’t any in this box. I’m even less likely to work out when it gets pitch black out by 5:00.

    I wish we could have selected the scent of the body lotion though! Really want the winter one and not the tangerine. Hope they didn’t base the decision on the candle selection as I only picked the blackberry solely based on the fact it was the gold one. I probably would have preferred the other scent if they had both been gold. To me the lotion scent would have made more sense as a select option than the planner.

    I will certainly use everything though! I don’t subscribe to any other boxes other than Popsugar, so I’m not drowning in beauty products and love getting them in these boxes. Especially lotions, mascara, etc.

    • If I get the winter lotion, I’ll swap you for tangerine.

  14. I’m wondering about the disappointment.. what exactly did people want?
    This box seems lovely to wrap the year up! A candle to unwind, a planner to take a step back from electronics, a face peel for a fresh start! Maybe spring will have lots of fit items for the new year and New Years resolutions! (Who wants to jump rope when you could have a Christmas cookie? 😛 )This is a wonderful box of things I’d never buy for myself but am very happy to have

    • AMEN Kelly!! Well said!! I also feel the same as you! I too would not have thought to buy a single item for myself but with that said I will use absolutely EVERYTHING in this fabulous box!! I think with each month FFF is getting better! I’m just thinking everyone who is not happy with this box 📦 probably should not be getting Sub boxes! Just how I feel… no pun intended for anyone! Btw… I love what you said about the Cookies 😂 who wants to think of loosing weight in December??? Merry Christmas to you Kelly!! 🎄

      • Merry Christmas to you too ☺️🎄
        I also see a lot of “who needs another mascara/lotion?!” Perhaps people have too many beauty boxes and get too many samples so they’re getting bored. I limit myself to FFF and now Allure becuase of the Black Friday deal!

      • This was the first time trying something like this. I ordered because of the fall box reviews and images. This box was nothing like the fall box. I love the lotion and face peel. Being told the necklace was worth 75.00 to find out its worth 10.00 and just costume jewelry was disappointing. And to say because someone is disapointed they shouldn’t order is ridiculous. How is a company to grow if new customers don’t come in. I ordered the box to try it out to see if this would be a great way to do birthdays and Christmas for my large family. There would have been 8 yearly memberships. Now there will be none.

    • I don’t understand why people are disappointed with this box either. While I don’t think it has the wow factor that the fall box had I am certainly not disappointed. That peel is amazing and I’m happy to be getting more. I’ve never tried this brand of mascara so looking forward to that. Thank you cards aren’t something I’d spend $24 on so I think it’s fun that I’m getting them. The planner will go to my mom. She likes writing appointments down. Always love getting candles and if I don’t like the necklace for myself it will make a great gift. And lotion is always a good thing anytime of the year. People who get upset about too much mascara/lotion are most likely suffering from burnout. It’s part of being a sub addict…lol

    • I thought the last box was amazing. This one … well, there’s not much in it I’ll use. I like the necklace and I’ll use the peel. Maybe I’ll use the lotion, depending on the scent. That’s about it. I don’t light candles often because of my cats and I don’t use thank you cards, planners, or mascara. That’s two or three items out of seven that I’ll get any use out of. Luckily, the box was less than the price of the necklace or I’d be really down. I would have loved a fitness item. I like working out especially in the colder months because I’m inside more and new fitness items give me initiative to get up and use them. haha I’m glad I have add-ons coming. I’m excited about them. 🙂

    • Hi there. I’m one of the complainers. I would have wanted something more consistant with the past curation of this box. I subscribe to a few different boxes and they each have their own appeal to me as a brand/box concept. I’ve been with FFF since the beginning. And while there are often items I don’t personally use, I have always found the box well rounded wih a variety of different types of item (all fitting within their overall theme.). Personally, I always most enjoy the fitness item and home item, and the non-jewelry fashion items. I also love how each box reflects the season well. With the exception of the planner and maybe the candle (the two items I like from the box) there is no winter theme.

      Unfortunately, it seems FFF has become especially makeup/beauty products heavy. (I believe they have their own makeup line now or something called ISH, but I could be way wrong about that.) And they have transitioned away from the variety they used to have. So, though I don’t mind some beauty products, I am dissappointed to see FFF has changed it’s direction and abandoned it’s unique curation.

      I am taking the time to respond to your “what exactly did people want” question because I know this website is very well respected by the subscriotion box companies. I hope there is a slight chance they will read the many comments here and consider returning to the curation style that made them unique (and worth $50 a box.)

      • Very well said Mary Beth ! Thank you !

      • You explained it well. There’s literally dozens of makeup boxes I’d subscribe to if I wanted make-up, but…I don’t. I miss the fit stuff, and having snacks was nice too. I’ll use the candle, notes, and jewelry but…the rest will go into my ‘Saving for Swaps” corner that is rapidly expanding.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Kelly! I’m really looking forward to the box & I got a lovely blue mandala yoga mat &towel for add-ons so I created my own fit part for the winter box. It was more than I planned on spending on a yoga mat, but most of the reviews were so positive& my mat is super thin&tends to wrinkle.

  15. So disappointed with this box 😞. The only thing I like is the planner. I can get cheap nice looking candles anywhere and don’t really care for gold jewelry. I subscribed mainly for the “fit” portion and am very disappointed this box didn’t have any fit items. At least I don’t feel bad about cancelling now.

  16. Absolutely Best box ever! I will never cancel my seasonal I love to pick what I want! Actually I think the face peel could be a part of the fit because your taking care of your face! May #FabFitFun should change their name to #FabFunAmazing Box. Thanks FabFitFun I don’t know how you do it either!

  17. I like the box but wondering what the fit item is?…

    • Sorry I missed that part in your description. I would’ve loved a fit item for the cold winter months =(

  18. Hmmmmm, the Fall box I gave a 10 ,, but this?? Noooo no no no,,, sadly disappointed. Will give it a 2 only. I’m now more excited for my add ons.

    • Me to. I ordered back in October been anxiously awaiting now I’m really bummed out about it. Hopefully the add on’s will help to save this box. Definitely won’t be referring anyone. What a let down!

      • I feel the same way! This is my first box and I have been waiting since Oct too. After watching videos of past boxes I was so excited to get this box. I opened it and was like this is it? I guess I was expecting a lot more items than just the seven that came in it especially after watching videos of past boxes. On the fence on whether or not to try one more box or just cancel.

  19. Has anyone been able to cancel this box? The online chat rep is telling me mine has shipped and can’t be stopped despite the fact my account has no ship date or tracking number. I’m not happy with this box and would prefer not to receive it if possible.

    • Belle, I would be more then happy to buy your box from me. Reply if interested please. 🙋🏻

  20. Eek. I feel like I spent $50 on a candle. 3 beauty items!?!? I considered cancelling after I saw the planner spoiler and now I really wish I did. I don’t know anyone who uses a planner and I don’t really like to gift beauty items. I feel bad because my mom ordered one for herself (at my recommendation) and one for my sister’s gift and I know they won’t like this either. No great gift card? No winter accessory? First world problems, I know, but I’m pretty disappointed.

    • LOL:) I’m a major first world problem girl myself! I love my planner but with this one I’m creating a list of first world girl resolutions like “eating halo top ice cream for every meal” or ” buying fresh flowers ” or trying ” cook foreign food week” then I’ll see how many I keep.

  21. Not thrilled with the mascara, and I just won’t use the planner since I already have a passion planner. But everything else is pretty solid. Would have loved a winter accessory like gloves but that’s just me. I think this is a solo box overall. I may slip the mascara into my moms stocking and gift the planner to my brother.

  22. I’m really surprised by the negativity because I think its a great box! I’m candle-obsessed, the lotion will be prefect to carry around this time of year, the mascara has good reviews, as does the peel, the cards will remind me to send out thank yous after the holidays, and my husband is in need of an agenda. The only item I’ll eh about is the necklace, but that’s easily giftable (as is everything else!) Sometimes I’m wonder what everyone is looking for in a subscription box and whether the lack of excitement is due to subscribing to too many and being over-saturated with products.

  23. Surprised by all the negativity. This looks like a great box, especially for the holidays because a lot of the items are giftable if they’re not your taste. Granted, the fall box was stellar so it was a lot to live up to. This doesn’t quite have that WOW factor, but they’re not all going to be amazing. I LOVE that mineral peel; thrilled to have more of it. The cards are going to into my mom’s stocking, and I will use everything else. Yes, I have a lot of mascaras and creams from other boxes, but I never mind having more. I get to try mascaras I otherwise wouldn’t bother with and living in the dry desert I got through lotions and creams like water.

  24. So glad I cancelled. Only like the candle . Hope everyone else enjoys it

  25. Ugh. I am so dissapointed- the only thing I will be using from this box is maybe the candles and my add-ons.

  26. I am so excited for my box to arrive (should be here next week according to shipping!). I am a little confused by all the complaints on here…it is a $50 box (which averages out to $7.14 per item) and you get $250 worth of products…to me that is amazing! I will be keeping everything in this box but I think I am going to buy a second box from the member shop (if they have a reserve selection available for members and can guarantee it will get here by Christmas) because I have at least 4 people I can gift these items too. If I can give 4 gifts for a cost of $50 total…that is a win in my book!

    • Hey I’m a newbie. What is the member shop you said in your post?

      • On your FFF homepage there is a “Shop” tab (between Select and Magazine). FFF usually has additional items you can purchase there (different from ad-ons). They typically reserve some boxes of the current season for members to purchase. They aren’t up now but will probably be available sometime early December (I hope!)

        • Thank you so much for your help!

  27. I wish I would have passed on this box. I’ll use the cream, cards (though I have a ton of cards already), the candle will be gifted and I’m not sure what to do with the planner, necklace or mascara. Probably try to sell or swap. This was a fail for me.

    I wish I would not have purchased the annual subscription at the beginning of November. Now I don’t get the $20 credit and don’t love the box.

  28. Liz do we know when the editors box would ship? I would like to use the Black Friday sale but would be getting it for a few items as Christmas gifts.

    • I’ll check with FabFitFun and get back to you asap!

    • It is shipping at the end of december. Probably won’t be able to be used for Christmas.

      • That’s what miine says, I am bummed it willbe post Christmas

  29. 10 Note Cards for $24? Uhhhh I buy 50 packs by hallmark for $3.99. I have LOVED every FFF box and am super happy with the necklace which I’m hoping to sell to recoup some of what I spent on the add ons but this box overall is a bit of a bust. I’m sick of mascara and was hoping for something wintery and fun like earmuffs or a an accessory. Thank You cards are a cop out in sub boxes and are never worth near the retail value they post. Now I’m a bit worried what my mystery bundles will include.

    • Wow, I missed the supposed $24 value. $10 would be a stretch.

  30. Thanks for the awesome review. I just cancelled for this box because it was just repeats of things I do not need. I was mostly interested in the necklace but I can find something similar without getting all the other things I wouldn’t use. It does feel like a very nice giftable box for a teacher or family member that you may not know their taste. So glad I didn’t waste the extra $50 since I went a little nutty for Black Friday!

  31. Not at all excited. The necklace and planner and candle are just meh for me, and everything else is a flop. The last box was nearly perfect for me, and convinced me to subscribe for a year. This one would never have caught my eye if this was the first box I’d seen. But…we’ll see when it gets here if I’ve warmed up to any of it lol

    • I would be happy to buy this box from someone.

  32. I loved the Fall box (my first) but will cancel over this one. No use for another mascara or cards. The necklace is not my style. Nice candles are cheap elsewhere. The planner is OK but I’ve already got a hobonichi for next year. The lotion is something I’ll use, but the exfoliator concerns me. Who sprays an exfoliator around their eyes? That seems foolish.

    Anyway, the value just isn’t there for me and I won’t stick with it at that price point.

  33. I love this box! I will use or gift everything. I especially like that I could pick out which necklace, candle, and planner I wanted ahead of time. So excited to get this in the mail soon!

  34. I guess my expectations were too high. The last thing I need is another peel and more thank you cards.
    And no fitness item!? Sucks I paid for this with no discount and paid for shipping to Canada 😢

    • I def agree. I received my box yesterday and I find that it’s too much money for what we get in the box. Especially for shipping in Canada. It cost me over $80 for a box with no discount, because I had a seasonal subscription. This was my second box! I liked the first one and I used most of the items. I was expecting more. I am not too crazy about the planner and thank you cards, which I doubt I will use, since it is old school:). Would be ok to gift I guess, if you have someone that can use it. The neclace is thin and nothing special. All of the beauty items- I can use, but I already have tons of those. I feel like meh. I went shopping yesterday at Joe Fresh and I was able to get a puffer, 2 blouses, jeans and 2 shirts for my son and all for $85!! That was more of a deal. SO, I cancelled yesterday, bcs it gets expensive and I don’t to be stuck with bunch of products I don’t need. Don’t get me wrong, I do like getting the box in the mail and it’s fun opening it up and seeing what is Inside, but I didn’t like seeing the amount charged to my credit card once it was converted to Cdn funds. Bottom line- no next delivery for me.

  35. Eh. Ranks only slightly above the summer box. I am ok with a beauty heavy box but these beauty items aren’t exactly exciting. Maybe I will like those items better in person. I am so glad I have add-ons to look forward to. Seems like every other season is a winner and this is an off season.

    • I agree with you. I thought the last box was amazing. This one … well, there’s not much in it I’ll use. I like the necklace and I’ll use the peel. Maybe I’ll use the lotion, depending on the scent. That’s about it. I’m glad I have add-ons coming. I’m excited about them. 🙂

  36. my first box and definitely the last. It’s it very disappointing.. . Was looking forward to it. Not anymore. A bunch of useless stuff. And I paid that silly exchange rate difference and the shipping to Canada too! A few items, two of them are a planner and a bunch of paper cards ? Really ?! And a mascara? Who doesn’t own a ton of mascaras or tens of body creams from samples and other offers already ? Wish I could refund and buy something useful.

  37. This box absolutely falls flat for me. I have loved every box I’ve received and last winter’s box was way better than this. I agree with others that there are way too many beauty items in these boxes and it doesn’t feel like a comprehensive lifestyle box. I’m glad I added fitness add ons to make this box a little bit better, but overall this is a thumbs down.

  38. Not super excited about this box, but I guess they can’t all be perfect. Tempted to keep my add-ons to make up for the not-to-exciting items in the box.

  39. I’m excited and can’t wait to receive my box. I will use every item in it. I thought the fall box was excellent, but they did it again-Another great box IMO.

  40. Not quite what I was expecting, but this is still a great box! I’ll use every item in here. Thanks for another great review, Liz!

  41. This looks like a great box, can’t wait to get it. It reminds of Pop Sugar which I have been with for a few years. I started an annual with FFF with the last box and love that you can choose the candle, necklace and planner color. I will always keep PS and FFF!

  42. I, too, was looking for the fit item. I’m not seeing too much here that I will keep. Fingers crossed that the next box will be better!

  43. This is my very first box and I am super excited! I love the home items and I can’t wait to try the peel. I like getting a paper planner especially early so I liked that item, although I understand many people use digital. I really think it is neat they choose a charity each time. And I love the stationary.

  44. This is my first box and everything is just ehh for me . I feel like I’ll be gifting the majority of it

  45. this box looks great, can’t wait to get it!

  46. Nothing appeals to me and what happened to the fit item? Glad I didn’t get any add one. Canceled immediately

  47. So glad I cancelled on this one. Not a single thing I like in there 🙁

  48. where is the fit??? im so over this box it keeps disappointing me

  49. Personally loving this box – hoping for silver necklace, but even if it’s not – super happy! Great items to keep and great items to gift 🙂

  50. Dissappointing. Seems like FFF has become just another makeup and skincare sub. There are enough of those already. And what was the fitness item?

    Glad they have a silver jewelry option though. That’s a nice change from other subs.

    • I agree. The fall box was so awesome so I jumped on the winter box but it’s pretty disappointing. sigh.

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