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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Box

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a new subscription box from Rachel Zoe. I am a huge fan and love her taste, so I think this may be my favorite subscription box launch of the year so far!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Sticker

The packaging on this box is fabulous – it definitely feels like you are unwrapping a luxe gift!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Packaging

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Items

The Subscription: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $100

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Letter

The box comes with an info booklet with Rachel’s styling tips, and a letter from her introducing the box. This season’s theme is all about the beach!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Info


Each brand also included a coupon code for Box of Style subscribers.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Satchel

Cambridge Satchel Company Large Push Lock Cross Body Bag – Value $150

This was the hero item that was spoiled in advance for the box. (I love that they share the highest-value item in advance). I don’t own any white purses, so I was looking forward to this one!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Purse Open

It’s made with a sturdy white leather (with detachable crossbody strap), so you could use it as a clutch too. The size is pretty perfect for a grab and go summer purse. It has enough room for my wallet, phone, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, etc. It doesn’t have any interior pockets though, so I’ll probably use a small cosmetic bag to keep my lip gloss and makeup together.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Protective Bag

It also comes with a protective storage bag. I really like this purse. It’s a classic shape with classic colors, and it still feels very current.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Mara

Mara Hoffman Sarong – Value $98

This sarong was designed exclusively for the Summer Box of Style! This might be my favorite item in the box. I’ve always loved Mara Hoffman prints, but I never owned any of her pieces until now!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Wrap

The fabric is a lightweight wrap, and the colors are so vibrant! With the rainy weather we’ve been having in Pittsburgh, I don’t think I’ll be using it as a sarong any time soon, but it works great as a scarf. (Rachel also recommends trying it as a head scarf or as a halter dress).

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Peel

O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face – Value $44

This brand is completely new to me – and I’m already impressed with the product packaging!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Bottle

This product is designed to exfoliate your skin in less than a minute. You spray it on, let it sit for 3-5 seconds, then use a washcloth to gently exfoliate, and then rinse off.

I love that this is a super quick use skincare product! The natural scent is fabulous too. After using it I couldn’t tell a difference in my skin’s appearance, but it did feel smoother. (And that is good enough for me to keep using it!)

Rachel recommends using this before applying self tanner.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Lip

Too Faced Color Drenched Lip Cream in Spice Spice Baby – Value $22

This is one of the most moisturizing lip cream/lipstick products I’ve ever tried – I love it. I’m not normally a lipstick person, but this one is perfect for me. The pigment isn’t as strong as most lipsticks – instead it gives a nice sheer color coverage.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Bronzer

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer – Value $34

This bronzer is highly pigmented, and has a good amount of shimmer, but still the overall look is matte – which I love.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Nippies

Bristols Six Nippies Skin Covers – Value $26

Rachel included Bristols Six styling tape in the first Box of Style, so I think getting a styling tool/accessory in every box can probably be expected.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Subscription Box Review Nippies Open

These are reusable, and Rachel included them since “Summer is the season for sheer, gauzy, and lightweight fabrics. Nippies are the perfect styling accessory when a bra would be distracting. They mold to your body, work with your natural curves and go unnoticed in the best possible way.”

Rachel also suggested using these in shoes as heel pads or insoles.

I still haven’t used my styling tape from the last box, but I’ll store these with tape for some future styling need!

Verdict: I love everything in this box – it feels so luxe and fashionable to me. The value is great too – about $374! What do you think of the Summer 2015 Box of Style? I already can’t wait to see what the Fall box hero item will be!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box today. I stay away from spoilers so except for the bag it was a complete surprise. I love it all. I love the purse the most and plan on using it this weekend, glad to have received it in time. The sarong is beautiful and I love the too faced cosmetics. Nippies are useful for me since I’m small so it’ll be fun to try!

  2. I will sell the box for cost plus shipping to whoever wants it. I haven’t even unwrapped the items. Son is leaving for college next month and I’d rather use the money on books.

    • are you still looking to sell it?

    • I’m interested in new summer box if you’re still selling it for cost.

      • Hi i will buy from you. Please send me your email asap 🙂

    • Did you find a buyer?

  3. I guess I shouldn’t complain since so many of you haven’t even gotten your boxes…but I’m going to anyways! I bought this box specifically for the white purse. First day I go to use my beloved white purse a metal pin falls out of the metal snap part and it falls off along with a spring inside it. I got the pieces back together-do you know how hard it is to find a spring that tiny?! I cannot manage to get the thing put back together. Appears there is something wrong with the pin 🙁 I certainly didn’t buy this so I could get in my car and take it to someone who can fix it and charge me $10. This sucks. I did email them.

    • Sadly it happened to my friend too. Her purse broke into pieces the first day carrying it. I honestly think Rachel Zoe has more subscribers than she can handle so everything looks great but is of poor quality. Usually Cambridge is a top notch company so I feel like they may have sent out purses in bulk to RZ that didn’t pass their quality control. My friend emailed too and got no response.

      • I did get a response back from their customer service and it was actually within a few hours. Of course I now have to send my broken one back and pray that they have another one for me and that I can actually use the dang thing before summer is over! At least they did answer me. lot of hassle though.

        HI Shari,
        Thank you for contacting The Zoe Report! We are so sorry to hear that but are more than happy to send you a new bag. We will be in touch soon with a return label, once we receive the defective item we will send you a new bag.
        Team Zoe

        • I asked my friend and she got the same form reply. She decided against it though. She said she didn’t want to pay more money to ship it back and hope the new one didn’t fall apart. She just cancelled. I hope your replacement is ok. Just pathetic for a sub box of this price point. I don’t get this one and probably won’t.

          • “We will be in touch soon with a return label” means Zoe is paying for the return shipping so at least she won’t have to pay to exchange it.

            I think this is a reasonable way for them to handle this so some people don’t attempt to con the company into sending them free stuff. (Not that your friend is doing that, I am sure she is not and I am sorry to hear about the bag! I am going to double-check mine which I love so far. But you may be surprised what some people will try to get away with. This isn’t a cheap item.)

            Good luck to your friend and Shari!

          • Good point. I’ll make that point next time I talk to her.

  4. Any word on what the included extra is? I also got the email that mentioned there would be a bonus surprise extra included to compensate for the shipping delay, but…. I haven’t seen a single person receive anything other than whats shown in Liz’s review and is in the included enclosure booklet. Anybody? Oh, and can someone post the customer service email that got an actual reply, please. I’d like to send them a message as well, but so far haven’t gotten a reply from the contact us email on the site. Thanks in advice for any help! 🙂

    • I received more or less the same email as Christina. I emailed them at the contact email listed for Rachel zoe box of style. Mine said that UPS had picked the boxes up in the wrong order, it was out if their hands. I’ll post the email later when I’m in front of an actual computer. They said they would offer done kind of compensation BUT it never says that there is anything extra included in the box. I tend to believe that someone sent the orders out wrong. I sent my email on Saturday and fit a response last night so they must be swamped.

      • Thank you auto-correct! My Email to them was a little unpleasant, for that I’m sorry. Getting these sub boxes out must be stressful and crazy! I don’t care when boxes are late … I just like to be kept in the loop.

    • I received the email about my box not shipping until mid-July, saying there would be a gift included to compensate for the wait. There was only the six items that were posted about here. I don’t know if they changed their minds, if they ran out of the item, if they forgot. I realize this is a new subscription box, but they’ve had MONTHS to get all this stuff ready. Horrible customer service and communication is not acceptable from a company of this caliber. Imagine if Rachel Zoe was styling an actress for an awards show… months in advance, then all of a sudden she tells them, “oops… your dress and accessories will be coming two weeks after I guaranteed…” so the actress ends up receiving the items after the event. Do you really think Rachel would be hired by that actress again? SMH. I think I’ll be canceling my subscription.

      • So, you got Ann email telling you that your box wouldn’t ship until mid July and you would receive “something” for your patience. It sounds like you have received your box already and it’s only the 15th. That means your box shipped early despite the email you received. I believe the customer service people, I think the boxes did ship out of order.

        I receive several subs each month … none arrives any early than the 8th of the month. Some show up at the very end of the month. I remember RZ telling us that boxes would begin shipping in July but I don’t recall being promised a delivery date. My objection is that they didn’t keep its in the loop.

        • We were guaranteed shipping on July 1st. My box arrived on the 14th. The shipping label was created on the 3rd, the box didn’t leave the warehouse until the 9th. I’m not worried about receiving “only” the items I paid for, I’m just miffed that the 8th was my sister’s birthday and I planned on gifting her multiple items from a box that should have arrived on the 6th… If I go by how many days it took to get from the warehouse to me. So I’m the skeez sister who looks like she didn’t plan ahead and only delivered a partial birthday present.

          I did recieve an email about 30 minutes ago saying that the extra is coming separately. I’m hoping it’s something my sister will like, to make up for giving her the rest of her gift so late.

          • Where did you see that we were guaranteed shipping by July 1st? With every subscription box I’ve ever gotten there’s no guaranteed shipping or delivery date. And I’ve definitely never seen that the Box of Style (or any other box) had guaranteed shipping by the 1st of the month.

      • I just got an email saying that the extra gift is being shipped separately.

    • The email I got is copied/pasted below. UPS tracking now says I’m supposed to receive my box tomorrow, so we’ll see! I have to say, usually I’m pretty impatient with customer service snafus, but it seems like the issue really was with UPS and not with Box of Style. Plus, I’m getting $300 worth of great (and some totally exclusive!) items, so I’m still excited about this box even if it arrives a little late.

      “Hi Christina,

      Apologies on the delay, we’ve had a lot of traffic over the weekend and are doing our best to get in touch with everyone before the day ends. We looked into your order and it seems your box never left our warehouse. Our sincerest apologies, we’ve had difficulties with UPS over the last week causing all of this shipping mayhem!

      Your box will ship today and have a complimentary gift included. Again, our sincerest apologies.

      Team Zoe”

      • Please post back detailing the extra gift.

  5. After reaching out via email, Facebook, and Twitter, I finally got a response from customer service. They said my box never left the warehouse, it should ship today, and they’re including a complimentary gift. Also said they’re trying to get in touch with everyone who reached out to them by the end of the day today, so hopefully everyone who doesn’t have their box yet will get a similar email.

    I’m disappointed because I really wanted to use the sarong for my beach vacation this weekend, but I appreciate that they’re being super apologetic about the situation and including a little gift to make up for it. Sounds like it’s UPS’s fault and I’m sure the people at RZ are completely swamped trying to take care of the problem.

    • I emailed last week and never got a response from them. My box has been in the “label created” phase for almost 2 weeks. I think they way they handled this situation is crappy.

    • I haven’t heard anything back from them. However, when I check my tracking number apparently the box was picked up from the warehouse yesterday and is scheduled for delivery on July 20th. I hope so! For reference, I’m in NYS about 2 hours north of NYC. I am very close to shipping hubs though so we’ll see.

      Even with the delayed shipping, I’m feeling good about the RZ box. I actually purged a few subs this am. Bye bye Glossy Box and Nina Garcia (the hair box was a let down but I find I’m not crazy about the earlier boxes either!). I’d rather save my money for LE and SE boxes!

  6. I just received my box today (West coast) and also had the email for shipping on July 3rd so hopefully some of you that have not received will either receive today or tomorrow. I think the box is great with well thought out items. Of course, nothing less than what Rachel Zoe would put her name to. Can hardly wait to see what the next box brings since Fall is my favorite time of year.

    • Can’t wait to see the Autumn box!:)

  7. Unfortunately, I NEVER received my Box of Style – I only received an email stating it has shipped, but the tracking number NEVER left the warehouse! I have been trying for over a week to reach “customer service” via email (Rachel Zoe does not publish a phone number on their website) and have been completely ignored! I am so upset and frustrated! I was looking forward to getting my Box of Style for 3 long months…and now they have my $100 and won’t return an email! As far as I’m concerned, it’s a ripoff and I would steer clear of a company that doesn’t have a decent customer service department. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues?

    • I also am getting no response from them! My tracking number is also not moving. I imagine we’ll get the boxes at some point but im seriously starting to think that I don’t want to do business with companies that are”unreachable”!

      • My box had not shipped either. I reviewed an email 10 days ago saying it shipped but hadn’t moved!

    • I’ve been in the same boat, I emailed last week and go no response. I just checked my tracking today though and it’s finally moved, it says scheduled delivery is this Friday. I’m definitely mad about it too though, getting it 2 weeks after it was “shipped” no apologies, no extra, no nothing. I’m canceling after this one and never again.

  8. Comment

  9. Am I the only only who received a shipping notice dated 7/3 but when I check UPS, my box has yet to be picked up?? I wouldn’t mind if RZ customer service would be upfront with me. I’m going to email them today!

    • No, you are not alone…the same thing happened to me too. I emailed them last week and was told they would update but still haven’t heard anything. So frustrating! Let me know what they tell you please!

      • It’s annoying because so many others who received that July 3 ship notice have received their boxes already! I guess it will bee my fall box!

        • I got the shipping notice on 7/3 and no updates or notice until 7/9, which it now says anticipated arrival is 7/14. Who knows.

          • I have emailed them but still have no update.

        • Exactly! Emailing won’t help because all they say is that they’re trying to work it out with UPS.

    • You’re not the only one! U emailed them Saturday. I expect them to reply today.

    • I am in the same boat. But I never even got a shipping notice until I emailed them last week. It shows a label was created on 7/3 but nothing beyond that. They said there were some issues with UPS….I hope I get sooner than later. I have also not received my Causebox which is weird. Maybe I am cursed:)

      • I haven’t gotten a response back yet in any form. According to UPS, a shipping label was created 7/3 but the package hasn’t been picked up yet. That doesn’t seem right! If they were going to ship late, just tell us!

        • I received a response from them:

          We’re so sorry about the delay! We’ve heard back from our warehouse that your tracking should be showing movement by this evening.

          • I really hope they get everyone’s out by today.

    • Same thing happened to me…glad I’m not alone, and that RZ is aware of the issue. I’m going to email customer service today to see if they have any updates. Maybe if they get a ton of questions they’ll be more proactive about figuring out what’s going on with UPS. Hopefully we all get our boxes soon!

  10. Rachel Zoe sure knows her way around a sub box! This one was great too!

    As for the Nippies, I am also a big-busted girl and would never go braless. But, I think there are uses for these. I have a friend who, how shall I put this delicately… has rather big nips. She is so funny, she wears band-aids on hers to cover them since even a bra doesn’t help. I’m totally going to send these to her. They are perfect and probably less painful then band aids. 🙂

    One more possible use for them… my husband is a runner and he also wears band aids on his man-nips because otherwise they chafe and can bleed from his shirt rubbing on them when he runs (who knew male runners had such issues!?!) – I wonder if he can wear these too?? I always get excited when there’s items in my sub boxes that the husband can use. LOL! 🙂

    • I am soooooo excited to receive my summer box!! I missed the spring box and was bummed. Does anyone know if I would automatically start receiving the next boxes, fall, etc. Or do I have to sign up each time? I’m hoping it renews like a regular subscription, I don’t want to miss any upcoming boxes. This looks like it will be a new favorite for me, and I get a lot of boxes!!!

      • I may sell my sarong if anyone is interested. It looks like a beautiful print, I just don’t have too much use for a sarong.

  11. Ahhh! I loved this box! Is is possible to be better than the first?! I was orig worried about having this white bag, but it is so classic and I actually love the white for summer/spring! And it is so well made and easy to clean! Cant wait for Fall! This is my fave box too.. For sure!!

  12. I just came here to say that while this box is FABULOUS – I love all things Cambridge Satchel and have carried their satchels exclusively for 3+ years – Rachel’s declaration that pasties are great for those times a bra is ‘distracting’ made me belly laugh. Maybe for a B cup and below. If me and my DDDs left the house without a bra I think there would be A LOT of distraction!

    • Lol I am short and skinny but I have a 42DDD chest and I feel the same way. I think it’s against the law to be that big with no bra lol

    • I am a big chested girl too and I use them all the time. I wear them to help with the ‘HELLO LOOK AT HOW COLD I AM!!’ problem when I wear thinner t-shirts and blouses 🙂

      • They make padded bras in big sizes to fix that problem. Panache makes awesome padded t-shirt bras in big sizes.

  13. FAIR WARNING- be careful what you wear with the purse, I wore it out for the first time today and noticed my jeans dyed the back of the purse blue. Guess I have to wear all white with it lol.

    • Wow, I would have not expected that!

      • It wasn’t even raining nor were my pants wet for it to transfer. I still like it though.

    • Next time you wash your jeans, try adding distilled vinegar with the detergent to set the dye. Works like a charm for me!

      • Great idea!

    • Stacey, did you take the dye off the bag. i am sorry to hear that happened. I wonder if the magic eraser would take it off?

      • I’m afraid to rub the leather, in fear it will rub the white off. I like the magic eraser idea though.

        • Hi Stacey, I had the same issue with one of my other bags too. I looked for solutions online and found out baby wipes worked great! It didn’t take all the stain out but most of it. It was most probably because I found out the stain a bit late. 😀

    • I carried/wore mine while wearing a hot pink sheath dress and while dressed in black and navy, no color bleed issues. I think the issue is probably with the clothing more so than the bag. I mean white is a pain in the rear to keep clean no matter what. Now I want to go check all of my dark clothes for possible color transfer! And I’m wondering if I’ve had this happen without noticing it.

  14. Nice I like the bag and the lipstick looks like a nice shade 🙂

  15. I missed this one and i am so sad. It’s my birthday month and I am looking to treat myself, so if anyone wants to sell their whole box e-mail me at [email protected].

  16. I am so excited about this box, but it might be a while before I get it. My mailing address is a PO box, which wasn’t a problem for the first box, but this time they sent it UPS. Well, UPS doesn’t deliver to PO boxes, so when I got an email from UPS that it is undeliverable, I went to pick it up at the facility, and they can’t find it! Tracking shows it should be there, but 3 people have looked & it is nowhere to be found. 🙁 UPS asked me to get in touch with the folk at RZ and have them request a tracer…here’s hoping I have that amazing box in my hands soon!

  17. Received mine today! I liked everything but enjoyed more the contents of the first one. I wear the sunnies everyday and
    have received tons of compliments. Although only 2 boxes I think the formula gor future boxed will be the same: 2 accesories; 2 to 4 stylish beauty items and a practic fashion solver (which I love and hope she keeps including them afterall she was first known for being a stylist. ) I hope she includes a necklace soon!

  18. Love everything in this box! Missed out on the first one but I certainly don’t want to miss out on any more. My shipping notifation came on July 3rd and showed no activity but I came home from work on Wednesday and it was on my porch! I live in Souther CA Inland Empire area.

  19. Love everything in this box. I need a second sarong if anyone selling theirs.

  20. Except for the Nippies which I would have zero use for (I never go braless in public and I don’t care what shows when I’m indside, lol), this box looks great! I just dropped two of my monthly boxes in order to justify getting this one 4 times per year, so I hope future ones are just as good! Question: Do you guys all have to pay for sales tax, or just Californians? Just curious… That 9% really adds a wallop to the final bill!

    • I had to pay tax too – I’m in Washington State.

    • Yeah I’m in Texas & had to pay sales tax!

  21. I am a sucker for good packaging and she hit it out of the park with doing subscription boxes. The taped up packages that are individually wrapped, makes me feel like it’s a present and carefully thought out. The booklet is so beautifully done, with descriptions and style tips that are practical. This is the only sub box I get now and think others need to take a cue from her. I’ve been eyeing this purse for awhile so that alone pays for this box for me. Love you RZ!

  22. I ADORE this box!!!!!! Best. Box. Ever. The sarong (the colors are breathtaking!) is my favorite, and I really love the purse too. I’ve been wanting to try a face peel, so perfect timing! I would never ever have thought of buying nippies, but now that I have them (and know what they are, LOL!), I think they’re genius and am excited to give them a try (also love that they’re reusable!). I like the lip color they chose as I think it’ll be flattering on all skin tones. I could’ve done without the bronzer, but I’m still okay with it as I can maybe try and use it as eyeshadow. Overall, the box was absolutely fantastic and made for a very fun and fabulous Friday, especially after coming home from a long day (wearing my Tom’s sunglasses, of course!)! A+++ on Rachel Zoe’s first two boxes – THIS is how you do a luxury fashion and style box!!! And I love that she’s so involved in the process, even making videos to inform us on why she chose each specific item. I’m already itching in anticipation for the fall box (my favorite season!) – perhaps we’ll see a knitted cardigan or throw? 😉

  23. I love this box! The shipping email indicated that there would be something extra due to the delayed shipping. Does anyone know what that is?

  24. I just received my box. I really love the purse. The sarong is larger than I expected. I will probably use it as a scarf though just because I will get more use out of it. I’m not a tiny thing by any means and it would also work well as a swimsuit cover up too. The mask, lipstick and bronzer will all be used for sure. I was going to cancel this since sub only because i have been spending too much lately on subs but my oldest daughter informed me I’d be nuts to let this one go, I agree I’m keeping it.

  25. I received my shopping notification on July 3 but my box, according to UPS, still hasn’t been picked up. Sigh. Always with UPS these days are there problems. They insist upon delivering my packages to my neighbors so I’m forever stalling my neighbors house. Annoying!

  26. This is my second box and love everything. I will watch for another box or not, will probably switch to annual. At this point I am ditching Ouiplease when my annual is up in Dec. After Ouiplease, I have to be very careful not to go in to an annual sub. I think companies do annual subs to raise capital because they do not have the money up front to pay for orders.

  27. i really wish I had gotten this box – and the spring one too. I bit the bullet for the yearly sub based on the high quality of the first two, so fingers crossed. It seems like fall subscriptions have been open for quite a while, so I wonder if anything will change as the box is curated for a larger audience (I’m assuming it’s larger anyway). Keep up the good work, Box of Style team!

  28. Love everything but the bronzer.not a big bronze fan but will use it as an eyeshadow.i am in Las Vegas and just got mine today.the sarong is just ok.not my favorite but i like it enough to keep it.for those worried about sizing i am 5’3 115lbs and theres tons of extra room so i imagine it will be fine for most.

  29. I could kick myself for not getting this box! Love it all.

  30. Great box. Wish I would’ve gotten in before it sold out, but I bit the bullet and bought the 3x subscription so I’m excited to see what Fall has in store.

  31. Why do my comments always get removed? It’s very annoying.

    • Since you changed your display name the comments weren’t auto approved. Everything should be visible now – just approved them! 🙂

  32. Probably my favorite box ever….

  33. FAVORITE BOX EVER. So glad I was able to purchase this box from someone. I will be keeping everything!

  34. Oh man! This box has given me some serious envy 😉 If anyone wants to sell their peel, lipstick and/or sarong, send me a message!
    [email protected]

    • I sent you an email earlier. I am open to selling these items if you haven’t already found them. Let me know…

      • Thanks everyone for responding….I was able to get all three items I coveted and thinking how I can budget to order the fall box. These RZ boxes are the best out there….a reasonable price point and great products that you don’t see everywhere. This box seems fresh and trendy without being out there. RZ understands women!!

  35. I love EVERYTHING in this box! Well, except for the Nippies–those are a little weird to me, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy at some random point in my life where I have to wear a dress that I can’t wear a bra with.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to get my box! At first I wasn’t too excited about the sarong since I never go to the beach or anything, but I’m glad it’s small enough that it can be used as a scarf, too. I’m also really interested in trying the Mineral Peel.

    • I have some sticky cups like the Nippies and find them very useful for summer shirts with a sheer or crocheted back when I don’t want the bra to be visible.

  36. Omg, if anyone wants to swap the entire box, I would love it. I’ll buy it in full. [email protected]

  37. i have never for a second even considered a box with this high a price tag…until now ! you all better hope i dont cave and sign up cuz that means the next one is sure to be awful…thats how it always works for me : )

  38. I had already put a few items up for swap after getting the spoilers, but now that I have everything in my hands, I am not parting with a single item. I love everything! I Love the size of the purse and I was not expecting the sarong material to be so beautiful! Oh yeah, an I read on the Nipples website that the recommend them for nursing mothers to use as breast pads for the early months when you are still leaking milk everywhere. Since I am due in a few months with my second babe, I will be interested to give that a try. Very VERY excited.
    PS. I am in Portland, OR and my box arrived Wed. for those of you still waiting, not sure if that helps with tracking geography at all?

  39. LOVE this box. LOVE. One of my favorite boxes ever.

  40. As a plus-size person, I am thinking that a sarong that is small enough to start as a great scarf will not be big enough for the other parts of my body. We’ll see when I get it!

    TF’ Lip Creme is indeed a nice lipstick. It’s not my favorite (that would be Nars’ Audacious line), but it’s a good one.

    When I first saw the fashion take last time, I thought I would have no use for it. But her tips showed me that it’s a solution to a long-standing problem I’ve had, so now they’re a wardrobe mainstay for me! Therefore, I have hope for the nippies. Already, the shoe thing sounds helpful!

    My box sat around with no movement after I got it’s tracking code on July 3. But it did finally start moving on the 8th. Tuesday, baby! Can’t wait! 😀

    • Tamara,
      If you want to sell me the sarong and/or lipstick if you do not want them, let me know 😉

      • Amy I have the lipstick if you want to buy it!

        Email me at [email protected] 🙂

      • We’ll seeeee… after I have them in hand. 😀

    • The sarong is quite large. I am a size 16 and it still has lots of extra drapey fabric left in the back when I tie it like a halter dress.

      • Cool. 🙂 I’m larger than a size 16, though. ::blush::

        • I’m a size 2 and I was literally swimming in sure you will be fine.

          • The sarong fit me perfectly and i’m on the larger side (size 14 or so).

  41. This is my very favorite box now! I love it, it feels fashionable and the items are super cool. I’ve been into Mara Hoffman dresses lately so the sarong was a great surprise! If they keep this quality they will have me as a subscriber for life. I love Rachel Zoe style and I’m probably the target market for this box… Can’t wait for them to reveal the hero item for Fall!

  42. I was hoping you’d put the sarong on your dress form to get a better idea of the size, but I’ll just have to wait until mine arrives to satisfy that curiosity!

    • I measured the sarong at approximately 48″ by 66″.

  43. I love this box! I like the purse more than I thought i would. It is really pretty so I will use it on special occasions. And the color of the sarong is beautiful! So glad I signed up for her box. I love Rachel Zoe and i have loved both boxes!

  44. I think it means they are still at the warehouse. I got my tracking number on the 3rd, but it just showed that it was picked up on the 9th.

    • Thanks for letting me know…hopefully we’ll get our boxes soon!

  45. Finally broke down and ordered the annual subscription. Can’t wait until September.

  46. This box looks great, I can’t wait to get it! However, I’m wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me…I got the tracking number a week ago and there has been no movement since then. I emailed them to ask about it and they said there was a miscommunication with UPS and some of the numbers have remained idle. I’m not sure if that means my box has shipped and the tracking isn’t updating (hopefully) or that my box is still sitting in a warehouse. Getting a bit frustrated…Anyone else have this happen?

    • Mine still says processing, I haven’t even received a tracking number at all. I just emailed them about it. A little irritating when other people already have theirs in-hand.

      • I agree…I think we should have been contacted about it. Their cs did get back to me really quick though-in a few minutes!

        • Hey a bunch of people on MUT have contacted technical support. Check the Rachel Zoe thread. I think from what I understand was that the boxes are on hold due to UPS and not RZ.

        • I emailed them early Friday and they haven’t responded to me at all yet 🙁 I’m one of the ones whose shipping label was created on the 3rd and nothing since then. Very disappointed in this first ‘box of style’ experience so far.

          • Did you put your tracking number in the UPS website? I received a notification the 3rd as well and didn’t hear anything for a while. But today I checked the tracking number and it did actually ship the 3rd, it’s expected to deliver by the end of day this Wednesday. Hope this helps!

  47. I can’t wait to get mine for the purse, but since the shipping email two weeks ago my box hasn’t moved at all. Fairly disappointing since I was hoping to get it before I go out of town next week.

  48. I love this sub too and my teen son hung the sarong from his ceiling, it looks wonderful!

    • haha yeah i have an old sarong that i used as a window covering for a bit and i’ll probably do that with this one once summer is over

  49. I was hoping the purse would be bigger
    It doesn’t sound like an everyday purse
    Well not for me lol

    • I thought the purse was going to be bigger as well.

    • I carry totes and shoppers mostly and this bag is very generously sized comparatively. It’s the largest cross body bag I’ve seen so far. While I love the convenience of a tote if I’m being honest a more structured, smaller bag often looks more polished. Plus carrying a non-tote is good for the sake of variety. I managed to get almost all of my Chanel GST contents in the purse today and that’s good enough for me. I also often carry a smaller purse and a tote together so I’m not stuck lugging around what amounts to a briefcase all day, especially when I leave the office for lunch. I think women tend to haul around too much stuff on a daily basis and it’s probably bad for us physically. As a mom of 4 (who refused to carry a traditional diaper bag with all of my kids) and a full time lawyer I figure if I can fit in the essentials in a smaller bag it’s large enough and healthier for me. Since I’m already hauling around massive hooters I figure the less strain on my back the better!

      • Me too Erin. 4 kids,big boobs still like to be stylish lol I was pleasantly surprised by how much this purse fit.i am a bit concerned about the white color with 4 kids but the youngest is 8 so maybe it will stay clean.but i still love it.

        • Ps my 4 are all boys so dirt happens here lol

      • Purses are kind of a weakness of mine. I probably have 30 of them…… all sizes and colours LOL. I have a big white one that I got in a swap but unfortunately she never included the strap and then went AWOL. It’s very big to lug around. Anyway sidetracked—–I (for me) have downsized so much…..small makeup bag, wallet, phone, pen, tissues, sunglasses and this is my real downfall – a book. I have a book with me at all times in case I’m waiting somewhere ……and I have a Nook too but I still prefer paper.
        All purses come in handy for something sometime 🙂

  50. I so want EVERYTHING!

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