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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.5

Liz Cadman
ByLiz CadmanNov 5, 2015 | 44 comments


Oui Please
2.6 overall rating
159 Ratings | 62 Reviews

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. This is their fifth mailing.


The packaging is gorgeous and I’ve been reusing the boxes for storage.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products worth $400+

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

Check out all of my Oui Please reviews and the Oui Please Swap Page!


The box comes with a mini mag – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).


This magazine is great for finding items you wished you had received! (At least there are swaps!)


Historiae Orangerie Du Roy Candle – Retail Value $50

I love the pop art design of this candle. And I like the scent too! Here is another look:



Le Route des Comptoirs Agrumes Tea – Value $20?

This is a sweet orange tea, and it smells so good! I’m a tea drinker, so this is perfect for me.


Concept Provence Tonic Lotion – Value $10?

This toner is paraben-free and made with some organic ingredients. The scent is a pretty perfume strong, though. So I’m not sure I will use this.


Historiae Bouquet du Trianon Perfume – Value $28

Another scent that isn’t for me! I do like the little velvet case for this travel perfume, though. I think this will be gifted or swapped.


Salome Charly Bracelet – Value $54

This piece is a great fit for me. I love the mix of the gold metal and wood materials. Here it is on:



L’attelier Roasted Almonds – Value $10

These almonds are made with only organic almonds, organic cane sugar, sea salt and organic butter. My husband Eric has already called dibs on these!

Savor & Sens Tradition Walnut Flavor Mustard – Value $15

(I couldn’t find this one online, so I’m using Oui Please booklet pricing). This walnut flavor is interesting – I’m excited to try it.


Rubi & Cube Scarf – Value $120

This scarf is 30% silk, 70% cotton. I love the colors!


Since this is such a beautiful piece, and I don’t regularly wear more formal scarves, I’m going to do a giveaway for this at the bottom of the post. (I know not every Oui Please subscriber got a scarf in their box, so since this isn’t something I’d wear all the time, I’d like to send it to someone who would!)

Verdict: This box has an estimated value of $302. (Since these items are all from France, I did conversions from euros on many of the values. So this number may be off a little bit). I think the box I received is fabulous, but looking at the comments on the Oui Please 1.5 spoiler post, I think it is really important to call out how much boxes vary subscriber to subscriber. Honestly, this box feels like more of a gamble than most subscription boxes, so I would advise looking at the comments on that post if you are considering subscribing.

What do you think of the Oui Please 1.5 box? (Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!)

(Winner will be contacted by email – make sure to enter with an email account you check frequently. Winner must be a US resident age 18 or over).

(FYI – if you do the refer-a-friend entry option in this giveaway, you’ll get the entries for that once the friend has entered the giveaway).

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Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!
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Oui please 1.6 spoilers are out and includes 1951 MAISON FRANÇAISE CLUTCH! I’m already a subscriber and wondering if I should get another one!! I love Oui Please, and I love French product!

Liz Cadman

I reached out to Oui Please to see if all subscribers will be getting the clutch. I’ll post when I have some info!




Yeah! I got the same box as Liz but my tonic leaked so most of the outside boxes were stained. The scarf is a beautiful blue and mauve color. The candle is green and pink outside and the tea is in the container. Same bracelet but the paper got stuck on the wood black part so I am trying to carefully pick it off. I’m very excited to have gotten a great box! I did subscribe annually with a coupon 20% off about 3 boxes ago. I am not a blogger – so it was a nice surprise!


I signed up at the beginning, last December, for one year with a 20% discount. I was so excited for this box, and expected to have a year of wonderful bi-monthly packages arrive at my doorstep to take me away to all these exotic French locales…. but that’s never happened. Not only did I never receive my tracking info after the first box, but the shipment schedule, as as everyone knows, has been very haphazard. I wont be renewing, which is an easy decision, no temptation to renew at all. I think I realized that after the wrinkled cardstock circular “coasters” advertised as being worth $20.00 in the 4th box (Immediately they sailed with disgust into my paper recycling bin – oh, SO sad!) This last box included mustard, almonds and a tin of loose tea, like mostly everyone else’s box, too. My big ticket item was the Marina de Bourbon Vamp perfume, which I like, but am very sad that the booklet claims it is valued at $160.00 yet many folks have said they’ve seen it online elsewhere for 75% less than that. Since I signed up, I have a new credit card number which I have not updated on their site so I wont have to worry about them billing me for next year. I seriously doubt they can last another 6 boxes with all this bad feedback and serious “box envy”.


We may be sisters from different misters! (Though I still have my coasters for some reason.) I’ve never been happier that my credit card was compromised a few months ago and OuiPlease doesn’t have the new number for an automatic renewal!


While this box was better than the last couple I’ve received from Oui Please, I am SO over this sub. I regret purchasing an annual subscription. There are some beautiful items but there are also a lot of duds and it’s a complete crap shoot as to what you end up with. I will be moving on.


I do think they have excellent taste and I like the products they pick. Since I paid for an annual subscription with a 20% off coupon the value is still met for me every month, and I love my bracelets this month, but agreed that I have major envy for people who have received clutches and bigger ticket jewelry (though I love my one scarf and tshirt). My frustration this month was receiving two perfumes, a perfume soap and a heavily perfumed lotion as my major items and I’m super allergic to fragrances. Last box was all heavily perfumed lotions, I would prefer more variation in that regard


Everytime a ouiplease review comes up I get excited but it’s quickly replaced by frustration. Why ouiplease! Whyyyyyyy?

I mean, I already know “why” from their previous comments about the variations, but the curation and value are not balanced enough for it to be working well.

Ugh, subs are usually a gamble but this sub is double.


Liz, you are too good! Thank you.

I am not an annual subscriber. It was just way too expensive for me to do so. But I’ve been buying every box since1.2 when the coupon was available. For this box, I purchase 2 and in both, perfume was my ticket item. I was so frustrated when I opened the box, I actually kicked it away and scared my boyfriend. Like Candie said below, it’s just not right to have such varied products as big ticket items. It’s not honest. What’s more valuable, a perfume that’s supposedly $160 bucks but you can find it on amazon for $40 or a hand made, personalize scarf, that you can’t even buy even if you wanted to. I feel duped and taken advantage by this company. Oui please was my favorite sub, but it’s time for me to move on.


This comment makes me sad. Sub boxes are supposed to be little gems and surprises that make us happy. As it stands, the majority of the comments about Ouiplease is how we are disappointed with we have received and “box envy” is prevalent. Maybe we should all revoke and cancel. I don’t want to spend $100 on a box only to feel that others had I better. Leanne, I hope you get the BEST box ever next time!


Not sure if anyone form Oui Please reads these comments, but they should! In order for this box to become successful – they need to make it a little more standard on what everyone gets. Perhaps – do the annual subscribers first – and they should each get one of the more valued items – in this last box.. perhaps do the skarves with initials for them as a thank you. I now have been getting 2 boxes and my second box had not one accessory item – lots of perfumes, lotions and food. Yes , the bracelet was in all boxes and it appears almost all also got the nuts, mustard and tea. But, when you see others getting purses and beautiful skarves – it is upsetting! Fine to have a variation in colors or styles of products- which makes swapping fun…but when they do such varied items… this will not work! I fear a lot of swappers will cancel after the delay in getting the boxes and the odd mixture of items they send. I do kove the comment Liz made about the booklet which lets you know what you wish you would have gotten….too funny!!!


Signed up for an annual sub, but I’m out once I’ve fulfilled the terms of the agreement. 3 more boxes. Might take a whole year to get those, though!


me too. I was really looking forward to the Ripauste clutches that were spoiled and I got what looks like a dollar store tote. I did like the perfume and bracelet so this box isn’t a total loss, but I’m planning to email OuiPlease about the extremely over valued tote and my disappointment.


I liked the box I got, though of course I liked some other variations more. I really wanted the candle, but was able to swap for it thanks to one of the lovely MSA swappers. Now I just have to swap for every variation of tea – the one I got was amazing!

I have to say though, the second I saw your box, my first thought was, ‘nice blogger box!’ It’s not just the one-off nice box for you, it’s every box. Maybe you could have one of the lesser known reviewers sign up under a spouse’s name?


I agree that there might be some better boxes going to Liz. A little weird, but I received the exact same tea as she did but mine wasn’t in the nice carton. Glad there is only one left in my annual subscription but I’ll miss not getting the great Oui Please storage box cause sometimes it’s my favorite item.


Ok, I thought it was just mine. My tea didn’t come in a carton and it was dented.


Honestly, I think some people just get really lucky. I have a blog, but it’s certainly not well-known at ALL, and I’ve gotten either exactly the same box as Liz or at least a very similar one (this box was EXACTLY the same). It is, honestly, my biggest problem with the sub. I love it, because I have gotten really great boxes each time (well, except for one. but that one – I don’t think ANYONE got a good box on that one!), but so many people get lucky and so many people really really don’t.

Mailbox Junkie

Same here. I have a blog. Its not well known either and I got the exact same box as Liz.
I still think even with all the variation that if you signed up for the annual sub with the 20% coupon that the box is still a good value.
But I do think that for them to succeed they might consider more standardization.


Thanks Liz. So kind of you.


Love the scarf I would totally rock it during the holiday season. Thanks for the chance to win it!


I also received the Rubi & Cube scarf but a pretty sparce rest of the box. The scarf is glorious though!


OuiPlease is my favorite box! It has introduced me to lovely jewelry, clothing, accessories, beauty products and food items. Whether I receive or swap, I have enjoyed this box immensely. I like the varied boxes and look forward to each box. Without them, would we ever have discovered the joy, envy, desire and obsession of the hunt for the Maison Francais 1951 clutch?

Kimberly R

My husband called dibs on the almonds as well! Great review Liz.


the things customers have had to put up with from this “business” are ridiculous. that is no way to treat your customer base , constant delays, open or broken items ,non responsive. it is utter and complete nonsense.


When I saw the review and clicked on it my first thought was “I bet Liz got the scarf” – I hope someone else here got it too! It’s very nice of you to give it away Liz.


But to be fair, this isn’t the cashmere monogrammed one that everyone seems to envy.


Did anyone actually get the cashmere one? I’ve only seen or heard about the cotton ones.


Love the scarf, they are my colors! Would love to own it.


Fingers crossed. I am Sooo hoping o win this scarf. This will be my third box from them and while I love what I eventually get, it has been such a hassle. First box for lost. They sent me a replacement. Second box, they sent to the wrong address. Again sent me a replacement. Now this is my third box and once again it is missing. Apparently delivered. But can’t find it. So once again they are gonna have to send me a replacement. Unfortunately by the time I get any of the boxes I get a bunch of leftovers. I still do love what I get. But it’s the most random haphazard stuff from past boxes. It’s a bummer. I want to love this box. But right now I just can’t. Thanks for the chance to win this scarf xoxo


This box doesn’t seem very well put together. ..I thought they curated to a region or did I make that up? Will be interesting to see the variations


I laughed at the line about the magazine being great for finding items you wished you had received! That’s about all it’s good for, showing you the great stuff that they didn’t send but made you think they would.

Nancy M.

I know that I had read this somewhere– Liz, were you the blogger who had reached out to OuiPlease a while back about receiving nicer/higher-end items more than “regular” subscribers and they replied to the effect that they were planning to give everyone a higher-end item during the course of their subscription? And if it wasn’t Liz, does anyone else remember seeing this– maybe it was after the 2nd or 3rd parcel?

Nancy M.

Thanks for finding this– oh yes– the “BONUS” items–this is my 5th box with them (1 remaining) and I have never received a scarf, clutch, tote, wallet, the hot item of the month that everyone wanted or anything that made my box stand out as ‘special.’ I think that my favorite item of the entire sub has been the nougat candy. I said from the very beginning that I didn’t think that sending boxes of such item/value discrepancy was a good idea at all. Waiting to see if my final box will have the “promised” ‘BONUS’ items. I have already cancelled because I DON’T want this to auto-renew, and since they are so far behind, I don’t know if they will be using the original sign-up date or if they will adjust that to reflect on the shipping of Vol.6– at any rate , I don’t want to take the chance. (I think that mine was scheduled to renew on 6 Dec.– one month away…)


That scarf is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!


I love the scarf. Crossing my fingers!


I’m a little bummed with Oui. I splurged and got 2 separate annual subs. The last 2 boxes I’ve recieved duplicate boxes (meaning 1.4 & 1.5) which totally negates the whole purpose of having 2 annual subs. ? perhaps my mistake for “going for it”. Worst thing, I always seem to get the less desirable selections…thank goodness for swaps!!! Not trying to be a downer but lesson learned. Multiple annual subs are def not worth it!! Huge waste of money!! I think it would’ve been a nice touch had they offered ALL annual subbers a monogrammed scarf…..seriously!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.