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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Packing Box

Oui Please is a relatively new subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. This is their second mailing, and it’s already one of my favorite new subscriptions – everything about this box screams luxury and thoughtful curation!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Reve

The packaging for Oui Please is phenomenal – it would make an excellent gift. (Or gift to yourself!)

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Merci

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Box

This is the box within the outer packing box. It is so well made and a keepsake in itself. I’ve been using my first box to store my notecards from subscription boxes, and this one will soon go to use too!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Open

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Items

The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products. (The first box is shipping December 11th, and has the theme “Paris, I miss you.” They are advertising that it will have a value of $400.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

Check out all of my Oui Please reviews and the Oui Please Swap Page!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila

The box comes with a mini mag Et Voila – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 1

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 2

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 3

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 4

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 5

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 6

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 7

I really wanted the Ripauste Leather Bracelet – hopefully someone lists it on swaps soon!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 8

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 9

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 10

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 11

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 12

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 13

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila  14

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Et Voila 15

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Zadig

Zadig & Voltaire Scarf – Value $150

The info magazine lists two options of scarves subscribers may receive (Green Scarf, $150 or Blue Scarf, $175). This scarf seems like equal parts green and blue to me, so I’m not sure which one it is, but I’ll use the lower value.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Scarf

This scarf is made with 100% Modal, and the fabric is so lightweight and soft.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Wrap

This is one of my favorite items in the box – the colors are perfect for me, and will go with most outfits.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Socks

Ozone Over the Knee Socks – Value $35

(49% Viscose / 21% Angora / 28% Nylon / 2% Spandex)

These socks are listed as Knee High socks in the info mag, but I think they are actually these over the knee socks. These are really soft and warm, plus I love the look of long socks sticking out a little above boots, so these are a win for me. (I wish I didn’t need warm socks right now though!)

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Tin

Florence De La Peschadiere Necklace – Value $60

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Necklace

This necklace is really well-made, and it has a unique look:

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Chain

It is beautiful but just not for me, so I will hopefully try to swap it for that red leather bracelet!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Envelope

Le Dernier Sou Bracelet – Value $25

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Bracelet

This bracelet is made with a vintage coin from France. I like that it is adjustable, and I’ll probably wear it with a bracelet stack this summer.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Earrings

Charly James Gold Plated Earrings – Value $50

These earrings are made with leather and gold-plated claws. I love the simplicity of the materials, but I think these may be a little too bold for me – they may get gifted or swapped.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 BB

Myriam K BB Creme – Value $40

I really like the scent of this BB Hair Creme, and from what I can tell it is a hair mask I assume you can leave in for a few minutes. (I’m trying to find exact instructions on their site, but I did find this somewhat amusing video).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Mascara

Sothy’s Limited Edition Black Mascara – Value $26

This mascara went on without any clumping issues. It’s more of a lengthing mascara than a volumizing one, so the result is a very natural look – I like it as an everyday mascara.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Lebon

Lebon Toothpaste in Cinnamon Mint – Value $10

Luxury toothpaste = something I would never buy on my own, but now that I have it I love it! The scent of the cinnamon flavor is great, and I just love the gold packaging.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Cleanser

Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel – Value $48

Nominoe Gentle Foam Face Cleanser (1.7 oz) – Value $14

This eye gel is supposed to reduce dark circles, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines. (It gets pretty good reviews too).

This Nominoe line is made with natural ingredients and is a good size for travel.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Caramels

Hediard Caramels – value $25

These look delicious! They have dairy in them, so I couldn’t eat them (maybe that’s a good thing), but my husband tried them and loves them!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – March 2015 Tea

Palais Des Thes Lemon Black Tea – Value $13

I drink tea all the time, so this is perfect for me – I love all things citrus too. I may try swapping for the other tea variation as well: Orange Blossom Green Tea.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $496 (or $521 if the scarf is worth $175). One thing to keep in mind with Oui Please is that each box varies so everyone’s value for this box may be a little different. I was looking at Instagram to see the different variations everyone received, and it looks like I received 1 or 2 more items than most subscribers. (There were also a few people who received both the scarf ($150) and the sweater ($200), so comparing number of items isn’t always the best method).

I emailed Oui Please just to make sure I didn’t get any preferential treatment, (I paid for this box, but still wanted to verify), and to understand a little more about how they determine who gets what. For example, I wanted to know if it is possible for two subscribers to get the exact same items, but for one of them to get additional items as well.

Here is what I learned: They create the different variations prior to fulfillment, and when their inventory allows, they may add an extra item or two for some subscribers. They don’t select certain subscribers to receive the extra items, but they do keep track of who has already received extra items, so they can make sure each member will receive a special treat during the year. So I guess this is my treat box!

Now that I’ve addressed value (which is amazing), I’ll give my verdict on the items themselves. I’m so thrilled with the curation of this box. The whole experience feels very authentic, and I love that when I look up these items to get links and values I need to use Google Translate because the site is in French! This is my current favorite luxe box, and I’m thinking of buying my mom a subscription as a gift the next time they offer 20% off an annual subscription – I know she’d love it!

What did you think of the second Oui Please box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Just letting everyone know the Luxor box (new luxury box) is opening enrollment for march 20th-april 20th

    • Thanks for sharing Ava. Here is the link to the website to sign up for notification when the box goes on sale:

      It’s going to be a bi-monthly subscription (including spa, beauty, “treasures” from around the world), $95 each shipment if you sign up early, $125 if you sign up after the initial launch. It’s scheduled to launch March 20th and stay open for sign up until April 20th. So I guess the first shipment would probably go out in May. I hope they release a spoiler item during the launch.

      • Thanks for posting both! This looks interesting. I was super excited when oui please came out but never got around to signing up. And neither box have had anything exciting in them for me, maybe this one will be the perfect fit!

      • I’m thinking of trying this one, thanks for the link

    • Is anyone signing up for the new Luxor Box? The order site went live today. I’m really tempted!

      • I did…! (sign up for Luxor Box) Hope it’s a good one. I figure I sign up for the first so I’m not sad that I missed out, and if I’m not impressed, I will cancel future boxes. I posted in the Ipsy section about it because I was surprised there was no report on it on here…makes me a little worried!

        • I did too,but I am a little worried since they basically said no spoilers.

  2. Still feeling like everyone’s disappointment in a $400 value for a $100 box is a bit silly…sorry! 🙂

    I would do the same thing if I were OuiPlease (add more to Liz’s box) so that subscribers and potential subscribers could get a review of more items. Maybe their explanation isn’t “honest,” but it appears that various subscribers, not just Liz, receive extras, and they have chosen to do it this way so that we all get to feel special once in a while.

    That said, sending a S sweater to a L woman is clearly a mistake and it seems clear that they are working to rectify it. But it is only their second box, and I don’t want them to hold back the extras in the future for fear that people will flip out because they didn’t get the socks/toothpaste/etc./ that someone else got in addition to their box.

    • Totally agree!

    • What’s up with box envy?
      They promised us $400 value. As long as we each get that $400+ value then it’s all good. I’m grateful for what I got.
      A $400+ value is great no matter which price we each bought the box. More than double for every one of us. I think that’s fabulous.
      I’m glad we don’t all get the same things so we can swap for what we like better.

  3. I absolutely adore my box and am still really thrilled with it after seeing Liz’s post. HOWEVER, my box is identical to Liz minus 4 ITEMS, which seems really flawed!!! Mine didn’t have the Mirium K hair, toothpaste, socks or bracelet (more than $100 in items), and I didn’t have anything additional in my box that Liz didn’t have. My box was still valued over $400 at least so I’m still happy.

    • Same here, mine hit the $400 mark but only had 8 items. 🙁

    • It would have been nice for 4 people to each get an extra item rather than 4 extras for one person.
      I always think that about the lottery too. Why give 1 person 22 million when 22 people could each get a million. It could change 22 lives instead of one!

  4. I might be the only one that missed this, but I thought i’d share. Oui Please has 2 emails listed on their site on the right (support and press) in addition to the “form” (general) on the left of the contact page. When I used the form, which was what my eyes instantly went to (i didn’t even see the support email address) I never heard back. Once I realized it was for general inquiries, I used the email on the right ([email protected]) and they got back to me the next day. Hope that helps somebody.

  5. I think I’m going to sign up for the annual subscription, I don’t know what kind of shoes they would ever send unless it’s a pair of ballet flats or something. I just don’t understand why shoe sizes don’t include half sizes. I’m a size 6.5, so should I note 6 or 7? Some people say that OuiPlease doesn’t look at the sizes, but I would think in the instance of shoes it would be a must unless they wanted a lot of customer complaints.

    • I wear 7 1/2 and put 7. But it really does depend on the type of shoe. Don’t forget to use Ouinormandie for 20% off a yearly sub.

      • Thank You! I tried Ouinormandie and it didn’t work, but Ouiprovence seems to work. This is also one of the first subscriptions that looks like it charges tax. Even so, that would make the cost of each of the 6 boxes $93.82 for me here in Chicago, and that is still quite a savings.

        • I agree! I seem to always get charged sells tax. But I live in a state with it so I am used to it! That code worked for me yesterday, so they must have just changed it to the new one. Good thinking! I figured even if I get box envy I will definitely be getting my monies worth paying less than 100$ a box so I am going to try to look at it positively lol.

  6. I really think they would do way better if they didn’t make the values so far apart and at least reach the 400$ mark for all boxes. It makes no sense to do a bonus box and not advertise that. IF they did advertise that and kept track of it then that might even encourage more people to join. However, I am a sucker and I signed up for the year box yesterday with the 20% off coupon. I know for 85$ a box I will be getting my value back…even if I have a little box envy sometimes.

  7. I received a reply to my inquiry about the sweaters.

    I asked if there was a way to request I not be sent clothing – they’ve said they’ll make a note not to include clothing in my parcels and they’ll make it up to me in my next parcel that my experience wasn’t “flawless” 🙂

    I still want to love this subscription (can’t say enough good stuff about the Myriam K line they’ve sent out – most noticeable improvement from any hair product I’ve ever used!) so that’s enough that I’m in for OuiPlease 1.3.

    • I know I’m asking this late in the game but…the myriam k bb creme…how are you using it?? I tried it per the box instructions, towel dried hair, worked it in, style as usual…and just – ugh! My hair was super dull, lifeless, felt and looked grimy, it was the total opposite of the description of what it was supposed to do! How is it that you are so happy with it? What am I doing wrong? Should it be left in then rinsed out? I can’t find clear instructions anywhere online. Can someone please advise? Thx!!! : )

      • I looked it up on a French language site. I cannot recall where now or I would include the link. It is a hair mask. I left it on ten minutes and rinsed it off.

  8. You lucked out for sure, both your boxes have really high values, include more items and are well rounded, what I’d expect from this sub. I’m really not getting why the values are all over the place and others are receiving clothing that doesn’t even match their noted sizes. If they would equal the value across the board this would be a great box.

  9. Hi Everyone,

    if any of you has the sweater they don’t want in either color let me know. Love to swap with you!

  10. I’m not sure I fully accept the “bonus” items explanation they gave. You’d think that if they were selecting people at random to “gift” they would make that clear to the chosen subscribers, along with the policy that everyone will supposedly receive something extra eventually. I guess that’s the other issue: what if you don’t want to stay subbed for a year or longer? I’ve been very pleased with box boxes I’ve received but it would be nice to know if this is a real company policy or an off the cuff explanation for padding a box for review purposes. I guess I’m a born skeptic but it seems rather odd that they would have this policy yet never mention it to subscribers. You’d think that they’d use it as a “stay subscribed” incentive….

    • ^^ These were my thoughts too. I’m not really buying that explanation and I’m kind of worried about all of the comments below from people who are “so excited” about their “bonus time”…

      • Maybe Liz was just really lucky 2:2 times? 😉

        I am not buying this explanation either.

    • Liz received everything I did, but her necklace is the different color and came in the cute tin. However, she received three “bonus” items that I didn’t: the toothpaste, bracelet and socks, making her box value $70 over mine. I understand the concept of a bonus item, but 3? It made a box I felt generally happy and exited about, a little disappointing.

  11. Good evening everyone, there is a 20% coupon code for the Ouiplease box. It is Ouinormandie. It will work on the annual subscription. Hope this helps everyone save a little money on their luxury box!

    • Now OUIPROVENCE rather than normandie – just used it successfully.

  12. I wear 1x, which was not a choice on the preferences, so I didn’t put a size. They sent me a M white sweater, so I sent them a message using their “Contact Us” page, and they sent me a nice email immediately saying that they would replace the item, and emailed a prepaid return label.

    So far, the customer service has been GREAT for me, but let’s see what they replace the $200 sweater with. Hopefully, the $175 scarf and perhaps another item. I’d take another tin of those caramels! I’m addicted! YUM!

  13. After getting the girls don’t cry sweatshirt in the last box, and after seeing the Unseven brand of tee shirts (how horrible can it get?), I removed all my sizes, and I got the box Liz had, green scarf instead minus the toothpaste and the hair product. So I only got 10 items, but much happier than the last box.

    • Be careful with the size removal- I had no sizes listed and they sent a medium…….. when I wear XL. So beware no size listed just means they will send a random size

  14. I just picked up my box… there was a little mixup it got sent to my billing address vs. my shipping address, it’s been sitting there since Thursday! I was excited to see what variation I would receive and I am very happy! I think I would have been happy with most any variation, except for the Unseven tote and buttons. I think the value and variety of products is outstanding. Here’s what I got:

    Z&V Blue scarf – love
    Charly James earrings – I know a lot of people don’t like these but I do and I like that they are really light weight
    Peschardiere Necklace in Blue & Brown – Love this necklace but I would prefer a different color combo, so I am going to see if I can swap for a different color
    Riposte Leather Bracelet – Love this too!
    le dernier keychain – This is useful and will come in handy or I might swap
    Talika eye cream – I am always looking for the perfect eye cream, so I will definitely try this out
    Sothys mascara – ditto above, I love trying out new mascara
    Nominoe face wash – I thought I might swap this but changed my mind because of the natural ingredients, I’ll try it out.
    Hediard carmels – I would usually be excited about this but I have cut refined sugar out of diet but my husband will be happy
    Orange Blossom Tea – I’m also not having caffeine, so I will either give this as a gift or swap

    • I received an almost identical box to yours with the exception of the leather bracelet; I got the gray knee socks instead. I was very pleased with the options included as I also had no interest in the tote (or the sweater for that matter). My only wish is that they include the home goods category again for future boxes. They originally advertised the box as fashion, accessories, epicure, beauty, and home. The booklet only mentioned the first 4 categories this time. I’m still using the candle from the first box and would love to see a home decor item in the next box. But in general I was very pleased with the items themselves and the total value of my box. Definitely worth what I paid.

  15. I’m really happy overal with my second Oui Please box. I received:
    Les Petites White Sweater in size M (I’m a size small, but I like how this size wears on me – and it is SO soft. I am a fan.)
    Ozone Knee High black socks (wish I got grey or patterned, but these are still practical and will be used)
    Charly James earrings – I don’t have pierced ears, but I do think they’re cool.
    Myriam K hair cream
    Sothys Mascara
    Talika Eye Gel
    Nominoe Face Cleanser
    Hediard caramels in the tin (LOVE the cute tin and these are yummy!)
    Palais Des Thes Lemon Black Tea

    I came up with a RV of about $451 for this box. I won’t use everything, but I will use most things and I love the sweater (wearing it now) and I’m honestly pretty thrilled with Oui Please so far.

  16. First off, haha that video is so funny! I also can’t figure out whether the BB creme is a rinse or leave-in treatment, I’ve been leaving it on for a few minutes in the shower and my hair does feel softer. However, I’m not surprised that the company would single out high-profile bloggers to receive fantastic boxes – no one should be surprised!

    My box:
    1. Les Petites… blue-red sweater (in L, when I added XL to my profile but the loose style fits me just fine and it’s actually very nice!)
    2. Ripauste red leather bracelet (kind of a let-down when the Ripauste site shows mostly beautiful pouches and awesome handbags with lights INSIDE the bag)
    3. unseven tote and badges
    4. Palais des Thés lemon black tea
    5. Lebon toothpaste in fresh mint
    6. Talika eye gel
    7. Sothys mascara
    8. Nominoe foaming cleanser
    9. Myriam K BB creme (of course And it does smell great!)

    The box adds up to over $400 by both OuiPlease’s prices and my research with the conversion from Euros to dollars. I must admit at first I was a bit underwhelmed by my box but I started to like it more once I tried on the sweater and started using the beauty products (since my box seems beauty-heavy.) Was hoping for the charlyjames stuff since I liked their site the best but hopefully I can get some stuff in the boutique, whenever OuiPlease updates their webpage and hands out the discount to annual subscribers :/

    My only real gripe after trying out the stuff is that unseven is a company based in Austin, TX (not even Paris, TX!) and the style is questionable. Also I agree that L’Occitane is not hard to get at all and I was hoping that OuiPlease would spotlight brands that are hard to obtain in the US.

    • Oh, I forgot that I also got a Le Dernier Sou keychain, for a total of 10 brands!

    • If you are interested at all in a trade fro the Ripauste bracelt, I am on the swaP board. 🙂

    • I have the CJ earrings and would be happy to swap if you want. I am also on the swap board.

  17. My box is the same as Liz’s except I didn’t get the hair cream or toothpaste – those must be the bonus items. I personally love this and can’t wait for my bonus time! The jewelry is definitely much nicer looking in person (and on) than in any photos I’ve seen. The necklace I got is the red/green variation shown in the book and came in a pouch instead of the tin – I really like the blue too! Maybe only the blue came in the tin? The coin bracelet is really cute on – I honestly thought it was blah until it was on my wrist. The earrings are edgy and so light you can barely feel you are wearing them. The caramels are to die for! The scarf is beautiful and so soft. I would have loved to receive the sweater as well – awesome for the few that did!

    Sad to hear anyone had a bad experience but this is only their second box and I’m sure they are learning from their mistakes.

    Can’t wait for 1.3!!

  18. ugh – So disappointed in this box. I should really stop looking at what other people received – *box envy*
    I rec’d:
    -White Les Petites Sweater – $200 – In M – when my profile has S (more xs) Giveaway – too big for me
    -Rope Bracelet – $25 – ???
    -Gold Plated Earrings – $50 – I can’t wear earrings – Giveaway
    -Tote Bag & buttons- $20- no idea who the people are – giveaway?
    -BB Cream for hair – $40 – will try
    -Sotheby’s Mascara – $26 – will try
    -Lebon Toothpaste – $10 – in fresh mint, seriously?
    -Talika eye gel – $50 – will try
    -Hediard Caramel box – $25 – Yeah! something I like
    -Lemon Black Tea – $15 – Giveaway
    Total $461.00, but will giveaway over 1/2 the items. 1 item I’m excited about – the tin of candy

    • You may be able to swap a lot of what you don’t like. The sweater is in high demand from what I have seen.

    • Hey ksolomon55! I got the small in the white sweater but would much rather have the medium. I emailed Oui Please about it but haven’t heard back. If you haven’t given it away yet, would you be interested in swapping?

      • Hey! Sure – That’s sounds great…. I have never swapped before, but it totally works for me.

        • Kris – I just emailed you via the comcast email address listed on your original post. Comment on here if you didn’t get it (it could also be in your spam folder since my email address isn’t in your contacts), otherwise, we can chat more via email!

  19. I am an annual subscriber and will be canceling my subscription. Not only did I list my size as a small and received an XL sweater but their customer service has been terrible. They didn’t even make an attempt to let everyone know boxes would be shipping late and I had to email three times to get a response about tracking then was sent a tracking number to an entirely different state! When I eventually posted on their Facebook (as is effective with Popsugar) they deleted my post, apparently to hide their issues from people browsing their page. I don’t even want to attempt to switch out the sweater size because I know I will be frustrated by their poor customer service. Regardless of bonus items, the fact that Liz got an email response and I was ignored/deleted shows preferential treatment. Really poor business practices. I had such high hopes for this subscription box.

    • I normally wear a xl and recieved a medium- I know you said small but just in case you want to compare French size to US the narrowest bottom of the sweater is 14.5 inches when laid flat. If this works for you I would be happy to sweater swap 🙂

    • So listing a size didn’t even help? Wow…

      I wonder how Les Petites feels knowing their 200$ sweaters are a source of ire instead of envy – it has to be one of the priciest includes in a subscription box not curated by Tim Ferriss, lol.

  20. I so waver on getting this box BUT
    1) boxes not of equal value
    2) very high price if you do a one off $175
    3) always finding I would trade at least half the items
    4) having brand names in large articles like the scarf is a real turn off for me

    You ever keep thinking WOW I want this box (because you love the idea) but when you see it you are glad you didn’t

    The next Provence box will undoubtedly have something Lavender in it . Provence has fields and fields of lavender fields. I do love that scent. They also list the brand L’Occitane in relation to that box. Sorry I do not consider that a luxury French brand and there are L’Occitane stores all over America including about 15 of them within 70 miles of where I live. LOL and I’ve probably been in them at least that many times.

  21. Am I the only one wondering how honest Oui Please is being about how they record who gets “bonus items” each parcel, and that Liz’s box was purely a stroke of luck? It seems that subscription bloggers regularly get benefits over the common customer (just a general comment–of course Liz is NOT at fault for that and I commend her for identifying this as a possible issue!!).

    It makes sense why a company would send the better boxes to bloggers, but it is misleading to future subscribers and unfair to current subscribers. I also thought that each parcel was supposed to contain a minimum of 11 items, but I suppose that’s a whole different issue.

    • I am not a blogger and rarely even comment but it’s worth noting that I think they are being100% honest. Why? Because I was one of the lucky ones that received both the scarf and sweater. This box is great and while I will not use everything I will most likely give items (i.e. sweater & jewelry) to my nieces. Between a few items in the last box and the scarf I feel like I’ve already received the annual subscription value. BTW the scarf is amazing and one of my favorites (& I own a lot of scarves including several from French designers).

      • If it’s their policy they should let all subscribers know it. Does it mean everyone will get bonus items within a given year or is it more random than that? Those kinds of questions could easily be answered by proactive communication. And it would definitely help alleviate box value envy. Granted for those who bought just one box it’s of little consequence but for others it would be a legitimate reason to stay subscribed. To me it seemed more like a quality control issue, as in “we just randomly toss items into a box; if you’re lucky you’ll get extras if not, tough luck.”

        • Instead I’d one person getting 3 extra items (nothing against Liz) they could have made 3 people happy with 1 extra each. It would spread the happiness around! !

      • MET – You were definitely a lucky one to get both!! However, I interpreted Oui Please’s response to Liz’s inquiry as being about the quantity of items, not the value. Now if you got the sweater, scarf, plus 10 other items, then you’d have your “bonus box”!

  22. I was thinking about subscribing, but after seeing this box I think I will wait. Not to insult anyone’s taste, but the necklace looks like something I could have made myself, and the bracelet looks like it is an elastic cord/ribbon with a coin? Again, could have made that myself (granted my coin wouldn’t have been a vintage franc, but still).

    Also, the sweater thing is a real problem in my eyes. I would have been one of the ones who didn’t list a size since I am a 1X (and that’s an American 1X which is probably a French 7X!). I would be very upset to receive a high value sweater that I couldn’t possibly wear.

    I am on the team that feels that the disparity in values is too large. A few dollars here and there is fine, but not the amount that is happening.

    Le sigh….

    • Jayne, I totally agree about the sweater, I got a size Small in my box and I’m normally an XL, but I figured French sizing would run on the small size 🙁 I think there should be an option on the site to put in plus sizes (if they are ever able to find plus-sized French clothes haha) so that every subscriber could put something in the size category rather than having to leave it blank and be sent whatever extra sizes Oui Please had on hand. Then, the larger ladies could get something they could use, like the scarf!!

      • Dude. Why would you send subscribers random clothing sizes. MAKES NO SENSE. I’m truly baffled by this.

  23. Just an FYI to those who do not have their sizes listed for their subscription. I did not have my sizes listed and they sent me the white sweater in Medium….. too bad I wear an XL

  24. Can anyone tell me where to look for a tracking number? I’ve checked my email; inbox and junk folders and I signed in to the OuiPlease sight (there is no link, as far as I’ve noticed). I’m a yearly subscriber and I didn’t receive any tracking info for the first box but I recieced that one promptly, I’m starting to feel at this point that I may have been forgotten…

    • subject to my tracking email was: Bonjour! There is an update on your OuiPlease account.

      I almost deleted it bc it just looked like a billing invoice. If you look at the very top, just under the logo, it list the tracking #. It is easily missed since it does not stand out. Also, it is not a link to the tracking, just the number listed in the same font and color as the rest of the email.

      Hope that helps

    • I had to email them for my tracking number as my account isnt updated. Though I only have a label created on March 2nd and nothing else. I am giving it until Wednesday before I email again.

  25. I understand everyone’s box envy, but statistically speaking we should all come out evenly by the end of the year (for annual subs at least, sorry to monthly folks that feel cheated). And maybe you will get your extras on a month where you really wanted them!!

    Regardless, the value is unbelievable. For my $86, I received a Z&V scarf, earrings, necklace, bracelet (coin), eye gel, face wash, yummy caramels, and tea? That’s amazing!! I would have purchased the eye gel and caramels myself, so everything else is just gravy.

    That said, I think we can all agree that not putting down your size DOES NOT fare well. I had my large size included, and I received the scarf instead. So I think being honest (even though I hate writing my real size lol) worked out for me.

    This is my favorite box of all of them (and I like my sub boxes), and I really can’t wait for the next one.

    • I went back forth with the sizing, as I really didn’t care for either sweater offering. (I haven’t received a box yet, I’ll get the third one) That said, after reading through a lot of reviews it seemed to work in your favor to list it so I have. One of the spoiler brands for the next box is much more appealing for many more people than the last two, so maybe I won’t have to hope for a scarf.

    • Where do you go to list your sizes and such? I just subscribed, but nowhere did I get a questionnaire asking sizes/preferences/etc. Did I miss something??

      • Hi Jennifer! It is a bit hard to find, since as I recall it doesn’t prompt you to include them. On the website, go to “My Account” and log in, then after “My Subscriptions” is “My Sizes” and you put them in there.

        • Thanks, I found it!!

  26. I got the sweater in the size I had listed and I got the red leather bracelet so I feel very fortunate!! I really wanted the earrings and the necklace so I was able to swap some items for those things, so all in all this was an amazing box!! I wish there would have been some variation in the earrings like there was last box but that is just a minor criticism. This is my favorite “luxury” sub.

  27. I wanted to purchase this box when it was first introduced but kept holding off and now after seeing the last two boxes I’m glad I did. There is too much discrepancy in value for each box. I would rather that we all got the same items rather than some get less items in their boxes and some get more. The price point is high for this box so consistency with items for each subscriber is the least Oui Please could do.

  28. I want this box so bad but I want a coupon! I’ve seen them give coupons to Makeup Talk. You should see if you can get one for your users Liz! Oui Please!

    • I think Liz is the only person I’ve seen who got the toothpaste. Thank you for clarifying the extra items in your box. It’s nice to know that they plan on treating subscribers at least once a year. I do love me some bonus items!

    • ouiprovence works – I just used it. 20% off a yearly subscription and free shipping.

  29. I thought a long time about subscribing to this box initially. I am so glad that I waited. And now I doubt I’ll subscribe. I just hate the disparity in value between the boxes. I know that would bother me every month.

    It’s okay….better for my wallet.

  30. I really liked my box and feel that OuiPlease listened to subscribers after the first box about values and seems like less disparity this time but still could use some improvement. Also really like the magazine with information. Still trying to figure out the annual subscriber discount for boutique with no luck.

  31. I would never get this box. I get bitter just looking at the vast differences between the boxes. Reading the reviews is like a train wreck.

  32. I am happy with my box but was looking forward to the jewelry. I got two necklaces in my box , no other jewelry (not really my style). They came in two separate types of bags. One in a velvet bag the other in a cream cloth bag. Without the second necklace my box would be right around the $400 mark. I was wondering if I was suppose to get the earrings and it was a mistake because it seems everyone received the earrings. I e-mailed them about this on Friday but have yet to receive a response.

  33. I want to get this box but I can’t without another coupon. The price point is just too high to pay for a year up front and the per-box cost is too high to feel justified…

  34. I too got a sweater when I didn’t list my size-luckily I am a M so it worked out, but I really wanted the scarf. My box had a value of 456 so it’s still 3x more than what I paid for so I am happy! I may be in the minority but I am obsessed with the earrings-then again I am a 35 year old with a interest in fashion and rock bold lips every day

  35. I love this box! It is my very favorite, my variation was really great, I got the white sweater and it is really pretty. The value of my box was over $400 and I really don’t care if someone else gets more value than me as long as they do honor the over $400 value they promised. Also I have the yearly subscription, which means I paid about $80 for this box, if I had to pay the month to month price I wouldn’t be as happy I guess, but for $80-something I’m trilled. Can’t wait for my next box!!

  36. I recieved a similar box to Liz however I recieved the Unseven bag and buttons and not the bracelet, tooth paste, socks or the hair stuff. I’m happy with my box even though not all of the items are too much taste. I hope they hold to the “treat” box and at some point in my subscription I recieve extras 🙂

  37. My box had a value of $450 and I got white sweater, which I love, so I am happy. Still I think it is unfair that few people got both sweater and scarf. .. it is so wonderful for them, I can imagine the joy, but other people can feel cheated…
    Anyway love this subscribtion 🙂

  38. I want to love this sub. I signed up for a year, but right now am not planning to renew when the year is over. There is just too much of a value variation. I am pretty happy with my box, I liked the scarf, mascara, tea, eye gel, face soap, LOVED the caramels- they are outstanding. I gifted the socks and key chain, so I feel like I received my about $80 ( year bought at a 20% discount value) I don’t think it is worth $150 the way the subscription is working right now. Many subscribers are on social media, and it does leave a bad taste when someone else receives a box with almost a $200 higher value. The dollar value of the boxes needs to be MUCH more fair in order to keep me subscribing.

    There are too many variables in the box. The toothpaste an leather bracelet were inexpensive, but really fun items I would have loved to receive. I don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy swapping for items. The variations will work if there is a greater degree of personalization to the box- ie a survey that lets you say no gold jewelry, favorite colors etc. but if you hate white and got the white sweater when you could have gotten the blue and red, you wouldn’t have been happy with the box. especially the big ticket items! If you don’t like the big ticket item the rest of the box is a dud.

    I really hope that the box continues to improve it has potential.

  39. Liz, that is the blue scarf.
    My box was exactly the same except you also got the socks, bracelet, and toothpaste as well.

  40. I received the same box as Liz, without the toothpaste and hair mask. Very happy with the product quality and curation. However, I do think that the box values should be more standardized…for such a pricey subscription, it seems unfair for the boxes to range from $351 to $496.

    Crystal, I would try contacting Oui Please on Facebook. I did once and they responded within hours to my question.

  41. I really want to get this box but I hate the fact that these comments all agree that the value is SO varied throughout everyone’s boxes for the same season that it scares me too much to commit. Especially with some subscribers not even reaching the value they claim to place in each box and some receiving $200 extra. That’s just unacceptable.

  42. Liz- I got the exact same box as you however you receive 3 additional items- socks, toothpaste and the coin bracelet.

    • And my necklace came in a drawstring bag, not the cute little tin you got.

  43. I really wanted to try this box for the luxury skincare/home/food items, etc but I really haven’t like the jewelry and clothing selections from either box they’ve released. And they’re not the style that my friends or family would want to be gifted either. And although I don’t mind variations in boxes, the $100 to $200 differences in box values just seem so unfair and random. It seems like they would be able put together different boxes that still have similar values. This subscription really does seem like a lottery, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, maybe you’re not.

    • I feel the same way, that’s why I have not subscribed. Maybe if they put a few lucky people will receive bonus items or higher value items as a selling point that would be better. Consider it a lottery, or prizes. Its great that the boxes are unique, yet the uniqueness can be irritating if it is not someones style. If this box was $75 monthly I might take the chance on ordering it, yet not for any more $’s.

      • I think having a regular box (~$350+ value) and a deluxe box ($450+ value) subscription option would help alleviate complaints about boxes varying in value.

    • And I also don’t understand the relevance of their box “Themes”. The theme of this box was “Oui Normandie”. Were the items made in Normandy? Maybe the magazine explains the relevance of each item. I know one of their facebook hints before the box was released was that Normandy is well known for it’s apples and apple cider… why not include something relevant to that rather than lemon black tea?

  44. Your necklace came in a cute tin! Mine came in a simple drawstring bag. I thought the variations of the boxes all seemed pretty fair until I saw that a couple people got scarves and sweaters :/

  45. Thank you so much for asking about the extra items. I felt a little sad when I saw other boxes as I got a lower value one. I ended up swapping my scarf (the green one) for the white sweater (yea!) but had to include an extra item because of the value difference. I was also able to swap the earrings for a pair of the LLB ones that I really love. I don’t know how I feel about this box but will give it another try because in the end I got items I was happy with. Without the swap site though I would have been disappointed.

  46. That scarf is beautiful but why oh why does it have to have the logo plastered on it like that

    • Agreed!

  47. My box had a retail value of about $480.00.
    Although the box does have a fair value, I do feel a lot of box envy. I really loved the leather bracelet and sweaters so I was sad when I did not get either. I don’t really care for the jewelry I received in the box but I do like everything else a lot, so I don’t consider this a bad box by any means.
    I was really jealous of girls getting the scarf and sweater though. REALLY jealous. lol

    • I totally agree with you about people getting the sweater AND scarf. Together those items are already at the promised value of the box, PLUS they got just as many additional items as other subscribers. I’m totally okay with having variations, but the sweater/scarf combo boxes make it pretty unfair to their other customers :/

  48. I am still waiting for my box. I have had a label created since last Monday with nothing else. I am really hoping it leave Texas this week.

  49. I got the other version of the box – the one with the sweater. I’m a little bummed – I had no size listed on my profile so they sent me a Medium. I’m an XL gal, so this doesn’t fit me at all. So 200$ of my box = wasted.

    The Charly J earrings are painfully ugly IMHO. The only reason mine aren’t in a landfill is because I know a metalworker I gave them to so they can re-purpose the materials. The necklace this time around was actually my taste – would’ve loved that one.

    I’m 50/50 about keeping this sub. The amount of usable items isn’t even breaking even with the 150$ cost for me, but I LOVE the Myriam K line they’ve introduced me to so I’m torn.

    • Did you email them about the sweater size issue? That seems to so weird to me to send you a sized item if you don’t have a size listed in your profile. Hopefully they can make it right.

      • I emailed them Friday, no response yet. I noticed a lot of Medium sweaters in the swap site, so I’m thinking this might’ve happened to a lot of subscribers.

        I gifted the sweaters so I don’t want an exchange, I just don’t want this happening again.

      • Lauren (and Liz!), the same thing happened to me! I didn’t put in size preferences because I’m afraid I wouldn’t fit in any of the size categories. I got sent a sweater in size SMALL. I emailed them a few days ago but I’m still waiting for a reply.

        • This is what I figured happened to those of us who didn’t list a size.

          I think OuiPlease has some ‘splaining to do. If they were going to send clothing items they should’ve sent an FYI email to users without a size preference, or made entering a size in the profile mandatory.

          Getting a 200$ sweater I can’t wear doesn’t make me feel valued as a subscriber. I think this box has the best quality items of any sub, but there’s no value in curating items subscribers can’t use.

          For 150$ I just feel like this could have been handled so much better.

          • Lauren I agree with you 100%. A single email with a time frame to update our sizes in our profiles could have eliminated a huge problem. I was so excited about Oui Please but for how much money it is, they should really be more thoughtful.

  50. My box had a value of $351. My previous box had a value around $370 as well. I understand that there are variations but the gap between your box value and mine is substantial. I emailed them on Thursday evening and still have not received a response. I don’t think I’ll buy another box with them.

    • Crystal. Can you list what was in your box? It unfair that some people received bonus items when you did not hit the advertised value. I have no box envy as long as everyone get the $400 advertised value.

      • This is my first box with Oui Please and I paid for a year sub up front. I am very disappointment. I don’t have time right now to list the values but this is what I received but am sure it is very low.
        1. Caramels.
        2. Earrings – leather and gold.
        3. Necklace – orange/brown/white bead – outdated looking.
        4. Tea.
        5. Unseven book bag that says “I miss….. ” with 2 matching pins!
        6. Mascara.
        7. Face cleanser.
        8. Eye gel.
        9. Scarf.

        Huge box envy, the only think I like and will use is the mascara, face cleanser and eye gel and I already have those coming out my ears! The scarf is pretty but not with the logo, plus I seem to get a scarf in every box, lol.

        I would cancel this in a minute if I hadn’t paid for the year upfront. I will open my next box in 2 months and if it is not my style again I will offer it unopened on the swap site if anybody is interested. Going to give it one more box though first. Thank goodness I signed up for PS Resort Box and Rachel Zoe, much more my style, and I am 45 but feel and act 25 : )-

        • Sorry for all the typos above, am in a huge hurry but wanted to post my items 🙂

        • I got the exact same box except I got the hair conditioner instead of the tote. If my box did not equal the $400 advertised value I would contact them. There is no guarantee any of us will like what is in their box but they should honor the minimum value that they publish. (In my opinion)

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