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Oui Please 1.5 Box Spoiler Pictures!

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Thanks LoanneΒ for sharing these pictures with us for her Oui Please box (Vol. 1.5):



Have you received your box yet? Let us know what you received! (I’m hoping mine shows up soon!)




Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have been strongly considering this subscription but I really dislike the lottery notion of sending different people different items, sometimes substantially so. This approach can breed not only disappointment, but sometimes resentment, and I don’t want to support this business model. We are not buying lottery tickets here, we are paying for box of quality items and yet some people are receiving better quality than others πŸ™

    • Yep! exactly.

  2. YAY! I’m so pleased with my box!! This is my third box, including the Mother’s Day box and its the first I’m really happy with. (The Mother’s Day box was pretty good, but not great.)

    I did get a Sencha and Bourbon scarf!! πŸ˜€ Honestly, I was reeeeally hoping for one of the Rubi and Cube scarves, but I’m not complaining at all. I’m so happy that I didn’t get anything I was dreading (belt -would never fit) and only minimal beauty products. And the only perfume I got was the little rollerball-size spray (the name escapes me, atm.)

    I was worried that the bracelet wouldn’t fit my 7.5″ wrist, but it did!!! Certainly no room to spare, but it fit and I’m thrilled. πŸ˜€

    I received:
    Sencha and Bourbon scarf
    the heart-shaped soap
    The black tea (red container)
    the mustard
    the almonds
    the smaller perfume

    The total RV, even at their prices (which didn’t seem as bad as it has in the past, for my items anyway) is a bit on the lower end at $310, but I’m okay with that since I like almost everything.

    The last box, I put everything up for swap except for the nougat (which was surprisingly yucky.) This time I’m keeping almost everything.

    I’m actually tempted to sign back up for the next box. … Maybe when I see the spoilers.

    • The “Princesse Marina de Bourbon wallet” only markings on the actual wallet are Made In China. It only came in a ‘Princesse Marina de Bourbon wallet ” plastic bag. The wallet could me any brand it mine feels cheap. I do love the rest of my box though except for the unsealed mustard. I do not look food that is not sealed and the jar opens so easily, same with the tea, loose leaf and so seal. The almond were great though and had a seal. I also loved the perfume, Sencha scarf and bracelet, though the bracelet looks to be missing a piece compared to the picture in the booklet. Three food items is too many though, nuts, mustard and tea and the bracelet is nowhere to be found online and the made in China tag on it is a big disappointment for French box. May or may not renew annual sub, still have two left for the sub. They need to get more uniform in what they give everybody and start delivering on time. I am owed two more prepaid boxes by the end of year. Also I love the purse perfume I got and the lotion is okay. The personalized super soft casual scarf makes the box for me though. Totally my style.

  3. Sigh. I’m going to stop reading as I’m so bummed reading about all the people who got the Sencha and Bourbon scarves. It’s put me off enough to not renew. I’m happy for them, really. But I paid money too. I guess that’s one way to get the subscriber base small enough to handle small run artisans. My 2 boxes reduced.

  4. I just received my box and opened it up today. I will say, I was very disappointed in the fact that I did not receive a scarf or clutch purse as it was heavily advertised on their instagram page. This is what I did receive:

    1. Marina du Bourbon Vamp Perfum – OuiPplease retail price $160 (found it on google for $23)
    2. Salome Charly Bracelet – $50 (artisan handmande item so I feel like this is a fair value and I love it)
    3. Ripaste Belt – selling online $43 (39 euros; meh)
    4. Concept du Provence body milk – $14.30 (13 euros on their website; love the smell)
    5. Historae Rollerball Perfume – $27.5 (25 euros on their website – gave to my sister)
    6. Historae Soap – $8.8 (8 euros on the website – way too strong & smells like grandma)
    7. Route de Comptiore Tea – $10.40 (9.5 euros on their website – I think i will like this)
    8. Savor & Sens Musturd – $10?? Not available on their website currently (meh)

    Grand Total = $187 (with Ouiplease’s value of perfume $324)

    I got the values from these products directly from their website if I could find it.
    I paid for a one time subscription and used a 20% off discount code. While I will say that I like mostly everything I got overall, the box’s contents are worth about what I paid for them, so there’s not a lot of “value” there.
    The fact that they are overvaluing the perfume to make it seem like there was a big ticket item, when in fact it was not bothers me a little bit but I do like the smell of the perfume and I will likely use most of the items that I did receive.
    One other thing that bothers me is the mustard, I really wish that French subscription boxes would stop supplying them in their boxes! I like mustard, but I find that I have no use for them cause they tend to be obscure versions of it.

    • Oh no!! I’m sorry your box was so disappointing! I despised my last box and put it all up for swap.

      Not to make it feel any worse, but yours sounds like my nightmare box. I almost never wear perfume since it’s SO rare I find one that I actually like. The belt would undoubtedly be useless for me since I’m plus size. And the body milk is the one beauty product I did not want at all. (I have dso many body lotions/creams/butters, it’s nuts.)

      Do you think they anticipated that so many people would dislike the belt? What do you think of it? Some people say it’s good quality, others don’t.

      • Honestly, I cannot tell what it is made out of. It seems to be leather or some sort of substitute. While it does seem to be nicely made, it is still a bit of a disappointment. I did write them an email, and they have responded that they are sending me something “sweet”. Still will not be renewing however.

  5. Okay so I finally got my box, and I got the scarf that I wanted, but I still will not be renewing my subscription. While the scarf is beautiful, the toner leaked in my box and got on the scarf and everything else! Even if my scarf were in pristine condition I still would not renew-I think the lack of shipping notifications, the major delay in parcels, and sending things that differ so variably in value has turned me off. I’ll be sticking with my new fave sub box-Rachel Zoe’s box of style. Hasn’t let me down yet and every thing in the box is stuff I love.

    • Send them an email. I had the same issue where most of my box was ruined as well. They promptly sent me replacement items. I don’t know if they really thought the unsealed toner through. And it smelled so bad! But it’s worth a shot. Especially for how much the box costs.

  6. Okay, I knew that my box was coming and I had my fingers and toes crossed for the Sencha and Bourbon scarf and horray, I got one! I’m sorry to hear about the disappointing boxes, this is the first of three that I am pleased with. My box included:
    The Trie bracelet-looks nice stacked with the Objects Obscurs bracelet from the last box. It’s well made and definitely has a “I bought this in France” coolness factor. I’m glad everyone got the same type of jewelry item this time.
    Concept Provence Facial Toner, smells clean and the price is fair. I will use it.
    Dynastie Marina de Bourbon perfume-I haven’t opened it yet, but it sounds like the most “me” scent of the three so I’m happy.
    Sencha and Bourbon scarf in cotton jersey (tag says cotton and silk) in beautiful melon colors (pale green and orange). Okay, this is the BEST item I have gotten in a sub box ever. It’s soft, it’s beautiful, it’s handmade, it’s French, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s got my initials on it. I’ll be commenting on her FB page because it is gorgeous.
    Historiae Perfume-while I’m not thrilled about 2 perfumes, it’s the best option of the 3 for me.
    Savor & Sens mustard-I’ll use it, I love fancy food items I would never get to try otherwise
    L’Attelier almonds- see above, also love anything sweet
    Agrumes tea- I like a fruity tea.
    The value is there for me, and depending on how the next 3 boxes go I may sub again with a coupon.

  7. Has anyone else received a Princesse Marina de Bourbon wallet (not in the booklet) ?

    • I’ve seen a couple of comments that others have gotten them as well, seems like and upgrade over the other offerings!

    • Yes – I got it.

      • Did it mention any price or any tags at all? I couldn’t find it online.

    • the wallet..really pretty…I listed it only because I have another wallet almost exactly like it…but it is a great wallet

  8. Just got my box and was so pleasantly surprised. This was my second box, the first one I really enjoyed as well, but it had none of the more unusual or special items. My 1.5 had:
    Salome Charly Trie bracelet
    Concept Provence body milk
    Sencha & Bourbon cotton scarf w my initials (it’s pastel melon colors, light honeydew green on both sides with a light cantaloupe shade of orange in the middle lengthways)
    Historiae candle in Orangerie Du Roy
    Historiae purse spray in Hameau De La Reine Marie Antoinette
    Walnut flavor Mustard
    Perle D’Amour Tea
    I love every item and am beyond pleased. I do feel terribly for those that did not get any items they wanted. I can absolutely see how getting perfume you can order from Amazon rather than a nice scarf or leather bag would leave you feeling very disenchanted with the sub and not wanting to renew! Variety is the spice of life, but I can’t understand how they fail to see the extent to which they frustrate their customers with such major discrepancies in the overall value (not just “retail price”) of the boxes. I have an annual sub and would def renew as of right now…we’ll see after the next few boxes when inevitably I’ll end up on the other side of box envy!

  9. WOW!! This is the best box I’ve ever gotten from OuiPlease. I’m sorry to hear others faired less well. I got:

    Trie Bracelet (black)
    Princesse Marina de Bourbon Orange Leather Wallet
    Sencha and Bourbon Cotton Scarf with my initials
    Historiae purse spray (Hameau de la Reine – not in the book)
    Historiae soap
    Walnut Mustard
    Roasted Almonds
    Perle D’Amour Tea

    • Is the wallet interior cute? Baby chance you could post a picture of the inside?? Thank you!!!!!

  10. I’m sad to report I think I got the worst box! The big ticket items are a perfume (that is $40 on amazon) and a tote that they claim is worth $100 dlls and when I opened it it had a tag saying it was 38 euros and that crossed to the sale price which is 18 euros! I completely understand that this is a business and of course they get good deals with the brands in order to put the boxes together. But this plastic tote has the same quality of the 2.99 whole foods totes plus a zipper…. and to send the tote with the super sale price and then claim is 100 dlls its just ridiculous.

    My box looks like this:
    mustard, almonds, shower gel, tea, black salome charlie bracelet, perfume and tote.

    I’ve had good boxes and not so good boxes before this one, but between the lack of consistency, the unreliability of shipping times and this tote I’m absolutely not renewing my subscription. I subscribe to boxes to get a treat on the mail once in a while, to discover new brands and get things that I wouldn’t buy for myself, this box is disappointment on a pretty box, so I’m out.

    • Ana, I got the same box. So did another subscriber. My tote doesn’t have a zipper though. Just an open tote. For it to be the high price item is beyond ridiculous. It’s the worst box ever. It’s weird, but I feel like it’s a box with nothing at all of value in it. The bracelet is nice but doesn’t make the box worth what I paid for it.

    • I’d love to see a Pic of the Euro tag. Are you on MSA? I got the same box. Tote w/ stripes. If I got the personalized scarf it would be a diff story. But yeah, I’m out after my last box next month.

      • I’d love to see that photo also. My tote had NO tags on it all. I wonder if Oui Please took them off?

        • Mine doesn’t have actual retail (professional looking) tags. just this handmade tag with codes and prices. send me your email and I’ll send you a pic.

          • Hi everyone. My tote has a pink “pauline pin made in france” tag sewn into the seam on the side.

      • hi! yes I’m on MSA send me your email and I’ll will send it to you.

        • can you post it on the thread on MSA?

        • Duh! (to me). I MEANT thread on MUT (makeuptalk). Sorry. I’m tired. Long work week!

          • There are forums here where she could post!

    • Count me in too, exact same box. The tote is ridiculously overpriced. I kind of wish now I HAD gotten the belt. Thankfully, I will use most of the items but I feel this box in no way adds up to the $390 or so dollars Oui Please claims. I cancelled already so this is my last box.

      • Some of the totes were cute prints, but if you were sent the tote you should have at least gotten an extra item. Oil cloth tote/bag does not equal a leather good, or a hand dyed, or designer scarf. Oui Please is getting better about this, but obviously some are still getting disappointing boxes.

        • I also got the bag and it was a disappointment :-(. How can a vinyl/plastic bag be valued at $100? I actually laughed because in the item description booklet, they had a little note about how the designer’s artisanal accessories honor the French leather good traditon….etc but where is the leather here lol! Anyways, my box contained the almonds, perfume, mustard, leaked shower gel, bracelet and tea. Yes, it does feel like something was missing or that I should have gotten 1 more item. There were only 7 items in the box versus 8 or 9 in the boxes of others. Those members actually got a leather item or scarf lol. Sigh. I also went on Facebook and it appears that they are reviewing and deleting off some of the comments. Right before my fb page refreshed, I saw that comments for one of the posts had 10 comments but after the refresh, it went down to 5 comments. OMG! None of the comments left were “negative” as well. Are they trying to deceive the new customers into signing up? Once my subscription is up, I will probably cancel. I agree that getting a little surprise a month can be satisfying but when the items are overvalued and there is a sense of being deceived, it just doesn’t sit too well with me.

          • I think I have the same box but my shower gel leaked all over everything and stained by bag. So annoyed with them!

          • My problem with the Pauline Pin items was that Oui Please marketed that brand very heavily, and every post up until JUST before the boxes went out were pictures of their leather bags. I really expected that most boxes would include a leather good given that both PP and Ripauste were spoiler brands. Turns out that the PP items were the most disappointing.

          • I posted this elsewhere, but the PP bags in this price range are leather!

    • I completely agree. I was really jealous after seeing the first box and was so excited about it that I got an annual and since then have been really jipped on the boxes. Box 1.2 was spotty and just a mash of items, 1.3 was meh, 1.4 fit the theme if nothing else. I really tried to be open about their curation however, this box was just a hot mess. I feel like I keep missing out and as an annual subscriber, never get one of the coveted items like the scarf or in the past, the purse.

    • I got the same box and can’t believe the tote. I was counting on a clutch considering all the social media spoilers ?

  11. Just received my box and was really disappointed not to receive anything from the accessory section of the book. Guess you can’t win them all.

    • Me too. The only non-fragrance products were the bracelet, mustard and tea.

      • If you didn’t get any of the options I think it’s grounds for an email. Being disappointed in the tote or belt is one thing, but it’s a whole other issue when your box is missing a whole category. πŸ™

        • True but I’ve had such good boxes in the past (while others have not) so I will probably just leave it as is…. It is a startlingly odd box though.

  12. I just went from subscription remorse to box ecstasy with the receipt of one beautiful soft blue green personalized scarf. There are more things in there I know, but right now I’m dancing around in my scarf, with my husband pondering my sudden state of delirium. I had all but lost hope after my previous boxes that gave me the sense I was the last one picked for the team. That’s all you had to do, OuiPlease, take note. And don’t lose hope, Sub Sisters!! Maybe they really are tracking subscribers to spread the coveted items among us.

    • This comment makes me smile…BIG! I’m so happy you are thrilled with your box. I’ve had those moments, not this time, but I’m hopeful it will happen again ?

    • Lucky you. Yeah, I’m not there. I’m not resubscribing. I seem to never be on the receiving end of the BEST items. Even the first box, people literally got the same box as me + a 1951 clutch. Not me. But really happy for you.

  13. I sometimes wonder if the companies we would all like to see in these boxes read comments on sites like this stating that their items are overpriced and not worth it and then decide not to participate in the various subscriptions to avoid negative publicity. I understand that people are disappointed because they believe the box is not a great deal or it doesn’t contain the items they thought it would, but people who subscribe to any box (whether it be one-time or annual) are doing it to be surprised and happy. Instead of being envious of other people’s items and derogatory toward the merchants and artists, why not focus on the fact that subscription boxes are designed to make us smile? If you do not like something, swap it. If you cannot swap it, donate it. Either of those options will keep the happiness going for others, and you will probably feel pretty good yourself. Smile, because any day you receive a package in the mail is a good day!?

    • True, but at the same time, it isn’t friends sending us a box of gifts, it is a service we pay for. You wouldn’t send 100.00 to a company, and they send you a box of literal junk, and be happy about it just bc it was surprise, would you? I don’t really sub for the surprise, but more for the heavy discount on good quality, luxury items. Out of 3 OP boxes, this one was the only one that I liked at all. The previous ones, I don’t think I actually kept anything or used anything from them. So, pretty much a waste to me. This one, I immediately either used, or put away every item to be used at some point soon, rather than throwing in the swap pile, or the forgetting-someone’s-birthday gift pile.

      • Thank you. To expect you should just be happy receiving the shaft just because you are getting a box in the mail is sweet, but unrealistic. Since you paid for the box- in some cases $150. You should expect each box to have a similar value. If I got a similar value to everyone else, but different items, that would not bother me as much as getting a much lower value box with no big ticket item.

  14. Ok, I have to admit, I actually got a really good box:
    Sencha and Bourbon scarf; a pale, orangey color with my initials
    Salome Charly bracelet; black
    Dynastie perfume; purple bottle
    Historie; soap and orange travel perfume
    Concept body milk and body scrub
    Walnut mustard
    Sugared almonds
    Tea in the red container

    This is the best box by far, that I have gotten. If they would just keep to this level, I would LOVE them. But, my first 2 were pretty bad…

  15. Do your bracelets have 2 stones? the booklet shows 2 stones. the one I have shows 1 stone. I wasn’t sure if some of the earlier ones have 2. There are 2 small “tags” hanging off.

    • ok not stones but cherry wood. and the “tags” are varying lengths, I figured out. wondering if there was supposed to be 2 wood pieces.

      • The model in the booklet is wearing two bracelets. There are two variations of the wood shape.

  16. I am anxiously awaiting my box also. Was hoping today but no luck.

  17. Well I still don’t have a box…shipping notice or answers to my requests for shipping info…UGH πŸ™

  18. Mine is due tomorrow, hoping for a scarf but would be happy with anything other than the totes only because I have so many already. FYI the theme for 1.6 is “White Winter in the Alps”, “shipping in December”. (we’ll see about that lol, but it sounds like a fun theme, hoping for cozy-chic items)

  19. So do the people who have received the nicer boxes always get the nicer boxes or do they mix things up? There’s a huge difference between a rubber belt left over from the disco era and a monogrammed cashmere scarf. I’m seriously astounded by that difference. It’s ridiculous to say that since the artisans make limited number of items but everyone gets. If that was true, there’d be a limited number of the charley bracelets available. I don’t mind there being a variety in the items, I mind such a discrepancy in the value and use of the items. Box envy! Even that I can live with provided I don’t have it every edition, sigh.

    • The sencha & bourbon scarf is not cashmere. At least mine isn’t. It is Jersey cotton.

      • Mine is also cotton. But I agree, there are a lot of discrepancies with the boxes, always has been with Oui Please. I got a good one this time but not the past 2. Hit or miss, which is very annoying.

    • That’s been the business model from day 1 so people shouldn’t surprised that the boxes will differ from person to person. I have received a few great boxes and some okay ones but have always liked all of the items for their uniqueness, quality and value since I purchased the annual sub with the discount.

    • It’s hard not to have box envy when I received that brown belt.

      • I really did not like my last box. I understand completely

    • I got the $220 scarf, but my box only had seven items, whereas it seems like most people’s had eight. And one of mine was just a jar of almonds. I wouldn’t have minded more items with the values spread more evenly.

      • You probably got the best box there is. I would be more than happy to trade boxes.

      • I didnt get a $220 scarf and mine only had 7 items.

        • I didn’t get the scarf, I got a small oilcloth tote grossly over valued at $100. But I to only got 7 items. One was almonds.

          • I also only received 7 items and no scarf…and 3 of my items are inexpensive food items. I received:

            small oilcloth tote (brown//blue modern print)
            stone bracelet (black)
            jar of mustard (filthy/stained)
            jar of almonds
            container of loose tea (pretty)
            bottle of shower soap (grapevine)
            box of perfume (purple)

            I imagine it has the lowest value of all the variations and nothing in it feels special, luxe or curated tbh, it really all looks very random together.

            This is my third box in an annual subscription. It hasn’t really been worth it for me and I definitely won’t renew when my year is finished. I am very happy for everyone who gets great boxes and really like their items though!

          • Rochelle
            We got the exact same box.

          • JanMarie,
            That’s so weird that this would be an assortment they would send to others too. It is disappointing. I thought mine was just the exception. I’m sorry you didn’t get more items either. It really feels like another item is missing right? It would even seem empty and not well curated for a PSMH regular box IMO- and that’s a much lower price point. My box didn’t feel very french either, did yours? I’ve seen a pretty, floral tote which would’ve felt more french & more curated with the tea & perfume I think…Maybe that would have helped. My tote is modern & american looking. I hope you got the pretty floral one! Of course, I wish we both got a scarf, clutch or candle too πŸ™‚

        • I only got 7 items. My “big ticket item” was the oilcloth tote.

      • and one of mine was a jar of almonds. it’s a pretty good box tho. but yours sounds better.

  20. I really like my box this time! I got:

    1. One of the sencha & bourbon scarfs in a green ombre like color with my initials (love it!)
    2. The marie de bourbon perfume in the dynastie vamp (would like to trade for madamoiselle)
    3. the almonds
    4. The concept provence body wash
    5. the mustard
    6. the bracelet in black
    7. the tea in the white tea blend
    8.the historiae eau de toilette in the orange de joy. (love citrus scents so this is good for me)

    I felt that this time I got a really great box. Love all the scarf choices and glad I got one. I was up in the air on whether to continue this sub, but I think I will continue to sub for another year. Hopefully we will still be able to sub for the 20% off even if they raise their prices a bit. If not, I still think about $110 a box is pretty good for this box. I just may have to drop some of my quarterly boxes and some of my monthly boxes to continue to afford it.

    • Nice box! I haven’t received mine yet and hoping for a scarf πŸ™‚ I will also continue an annual sub if there is a discount code.

  21. Just received mine in Atlanta, GA

    First time I am very happy with it and nothing broken. Seems that I was lucky and my box was very well curated. I like home products and cooking so it was great. I am also french and it was nice to see some good items.

    I received:

    -Sencha&Bourbon scarf, in cantaloupe/honeydew 2 tones with my initials. Great quality, very soft cotton. The tag (not the one on the scarf but the one that comes with it) is made of poppy seed so you can plant them. Very cool. -130$
    -Princesse Marina de Bourbon wallet (not in the booklet) in orange leather. While not my favorite color at all it is very nicely made. Cannot find it on their website.
    -Salome Charly Trie bracelet – 50$
    -Concept provence body scrub grapevine flower scent – 20$
    -Historiae fragrance, hameau de la reine – 40$
    -Moutarde savor&sens noix – 15$ .
    -Attelier amandes caramelisees – 15$
    -Route des comptoirs reine de damas – 30$

    Total: 300$ without the wallet.
    Picture of my box posted here:

    Very happy with no inflated price perfume.

  22. In TN. Annual subscriber. No shopping notice–just showed up like every other box. πŸ™‚
    My box:
    Senche Bourbon scarf with my initials
    Dynastie Vamp perfume
    Walnut mustard
    Concept Provence grapefruit body scrub and shower soap
    Charley bracelet
    Historaire perfume
    Green tea

  23. I received my box today. I would like a Rubi & Cube scarf also if anyone has one they wish to trade for something.

    Anyway, I was initially excited to see a scarf in my box. I quickly realized it was not the Rubi & Cube one. I sighed with disappointment. Then I opened the Sencha & Bourbon scarf that I was given. I noticed my initials on the paper surrounding it. I opened it and it is truly lovely. My initials are on the scarf label too…simply fantastic! This scarf made the box for me!

    I like this sort of box because fun things arrive that I would not normally select for myself. I wish they did not send giant perfumes though. It is too big and too personal.

    I received:
    Sencha & Bourbon scarf
    Dynastie perfum – purple bottle
    Concept Provence – Tonic Lotion – will trade
    the mustard
    La Route Tea – slightly bent which is odd, but it is fine
    Historiae Perfum – nice purse size, great bottle but I will trade it
    Salome Charly Bracelet in black – I do not like it and will trade it

  24. Mine just arrived!

    – Rubi& Cube scarf, not pictured in the catalog, with a tiffany blue border and I’m not sure how to describe but rust/orange geologic patterns… Cotton/silk, nice quality. I’m a pale pinkish brunette and it makes me look a little ill, but it would be stunning on a redhead or someone with darker skin.
    – Route de Comptoirs tea, the green one. Packaging is gorgeous. Strong anise scent.
    – Walnut mustard, super tasty, but no seal
    – Concept Provence body milk in Grapevine Flower
    – The Historaie perfume in Bouquet de Trianon, oh wow it is heavy on the tuberose, so now I can imagine what Marie Antoinette smelled like
    – Jar of roasted almonds, delicious!
    – Tiny bracelet, which is really cool looking but seriously, i can’t even clasp the thing.

    I hope they do more food items in the future — so lovely to have unusual options for guests and treats for very day.

    • Also, just now I was absentmindedly reaching for a jar on the table to grab a few candied almonds and ended up with a fistful of mustard. I should pay more attention.

  25. I’m a little disappointed in my box. I got 2 perfumes… To me, perfume is such a personal preference it is a huge gamble for them to make the highest ticket item a perfume that may not go with one’s personal scent. I did like the bracelet, however, mine was assembled wrong and does not have a clasp. I’ve contacted them for assistance. I like the belt, but would have loved it in black since I mostly wear black over brown. I’m trying to decide if I should cancel this sub or give one last shot.

  26. I got my box today ( in San Francisco). My box is identical to the spoiler photo except my parfume is the purple version, and the clutch I have is a beautiful pumpkin kind of color (tiny clutch!). Everything in perfect condition, although there is no special padding for liquid item.

    There are so many lovely goodies in the magazine, but I just did not luck out. I would love to have
    . hand soap/shower soap instead of the parfumed milk
    . fragrance in pink bottle rather than the purple one
    . candle instead of the historical parfume and soap
    . scarf instead of anything in the box
    . the other varieties for the tea

    I might be strange, this is still one of my fav boxes — despite shipping delays and box envies πŸ™‚

    Not sure if anyone noticed, the packing slip actually dated July 16, I would have been thrilled to get them beginning of Aug.

    • I was having major box envy with the scarves but I suppose I’ll just have to live with it. I also wanted the candle more than anything. And yes, it’s still one of my favorite boxes despite the unpredictable shipment. It’s like a bad boyfriend you can’t shake ?

      • Yes, unexplainable ?

  27. I really liked the first two OP boxes, but once my annual sub runs out I don’t think I’ll be renewing. I think in order to retain customers they should show what the “big ticket” items will be and give you the option to choose which one you want to receive and then let the rest be a surprise. If they did that I would renew! but in my opinion OP has been getting worse and worse each box :/

    • it’s the build up…. agree though. the first 2 boxes were great. looks like this box might be nice for some. others not so much.

    • I agree.
      The theme never really means anything either. Nothing from Loire in this box. Sencha&Bourbon is from San Francisco. I hate to pay in advance for 1 box when I still have not received the previous one. Too many beauty items. I am still waiting for mine (arrives today) but this is really the last one.

      • Sencha & Bourbon is currently based in Paris. I think it only started in San Fransisco. There is a background video on the company on their crowdsource page for KissKissBankBank.

  28. I am in Houston and got mine today. The face tonic leaked all over the box. Ruining the packaging, making everything stink and unable to use, gift or swap. So much leaked it warped the box. I live in Houston and had this box been in transit another day the scarf and candle would’ve been ruined as the black filler paper stained everything else as well. How my scarf survived I will never know but thank God. I have sent an email with photos and will post their response.
    The fact that an item with no seal wasn’t better secured surprised me. The cap took half a twist to come completely off. 200 ml of liquid is a lot to get spilled. The perfume box was busted up, damp and the seal broken. My tea packaging was ruined. The nuts packaging was ruined. And frankly I couldn’t eat them with that smell on the jar.
    I too got the mustard and it also lacked a seal, the label was partially rubbed off and mine didn’t have that pop sound either. The bracelet with enamel embellishment is so small and that packaging wet from the face tonic. I have tiny wrists and it is tight. Makes me think of that ring from a few boxes back.
    I want to love this sub. I really do. I think the idea and attempts at curation are good. But I’m done. I’m so fed up with the build up , the shipping and then huge let down. My whole room now smells like an old lady. (I don’t want to throw the items away in case they ask for the damaged ones to be returned).

  29. Did anyone get the scarf?

    • Box just delivered – I got a Sencha & Bourbon cashmere scarf in sage green. It’s soft and beautiful and the big surprise is that it’s personalized with my initials on the label. Along with the scarf, I got the Salome Charly bracelet in black, the Concept Provence facial toner, the Historiae fragrance and soap, the mustard, the roasted almonds and the tea in Perle d’Amour (which smells amazing – can’t wait to try it). I didn’t get any Marina de Bourbon perfume, but I’ll take a scarf over perfume any day. I’m beyond thrilled with my box!

      • are you a blogger? instagram? annual?

        • I got a scarf and am not a blogger or annual subscriber.

          • was yours monogrammed? just curious. that sounds pretty major πŸ™‚

        • I’m an annual subscriber who bought using a coupon. I’m not a blogger and not on Instagram. I did send Liz photos of my Oui Please box a couple of boxes back, which she published as the first full box spoiler for that box (I live in Austin and was one of the first to receive it that time), but no other real social media presence. I don’t know why I was picked for a scarf except maybe my name was fun to personalize (written as on the scarf rather than km – I think it looks really cool).

          • wow. I so want to see! πŸ™‚

          • Congrats – sounds lovely!

          • On social media somewhere in the spoilers, Oui Please mentioned that Sencha and Bourbon personalizes all their scarfs and I was wondering how they would do that for a sub box. Crazy!

          • If you want to see what the personalization on a Sencha & Bourbon scarf looks like, here’s a link to an instagram post (not my scarf, but to get the idea). Initials are printed on the label (not sewn).

            According to the magazine, there were five scarves available: three different printed scarves from rubi & cube and two different types of scarves from Sencha & Bourbon (cotton or cashmere). Mine is marked cashmere but at first I thought it was cotton. It is a very fine jersey knit, almost like t-shirt material but very soft.

  30. I think I am one of the first people to have received my box (I received in on 10/26) and I did not get a belt, I got the leather bracelet (in addition to the other bracelet they sent as well). I’m in Houston, TX.

  31. I received my box today with the mustard (which wasn’t sealed…as in no pop and seems to be hardly screwed on when I checked the seal–anyone else’s like that?) and the dreaded belt in a brown color. The belt is at least a couple sizes too big for me on either my waist or hips, which is disappointing, especially since they do have my sizing info in my profile. Cannot wait for my yearly sub to be done with. Each box is an embarrassing reminder of how I wasted my money. Not worth the discounted price to me unfortunately… My favorite thing by far is the box itself, which I actually like better than anything inside of it. Sorry to be such a debbie downer, just a little peeved after zero communication, the box being so late, Oui Please RVs being much higher than reality, and getting incorrectly sized items. I really do hope others are happy with their items.

    • Unfortunately, I’m with you on all of this. I’ll just be happy when the annual sub is over. What a mess and an embarrassing waste of money!

      • Me too, no scarf, no belt, no clutch. Hand soap, body scrub, 2 perfume, candle, mustard, nuts, bracelet and tea. One more box and I am done. I probably will never sub for an annual ever again.

        • … candle? What kind? I haven’t seen anyone get a candle in this box yet.

        • I got the belt but I would have been very happy to receive the candle!

    • In fairness, while the perfumes and tea appear to have inflated RVs, I thought I ought to mention that the RV on the Salome Charly bracelet is not inflated (per the brand’s website), and the RVs for the Concept Provence products and Historiae soaps also appear to be reasonable.

      • The little oilcloth bag is definitely inflated.

        • No kidding about the oil cloth bag!! It was laughable and looks incredibly tacky – in my opinion, equally pathetic as the paper coaster blunder in 1.4!! OP has been the most frustrating, disappointing sub box experience ever. I never thought a sub box would be so deceiving, have such poor customer service, and just be so…inept. As someone who signed up for an annual sub at the first box, it is unbelievable the number of promises they’ve made and then taken back ($400+ value, discount in the shop, promised/promoted items in boxes that are never included, etc). I think a lot of people also forgot that along with the promised value they also promised a minimum number of items, which has also disappeared from the picture.

          In regards to the original comment, I respectfully disagree that “in all fairness,” we should be okay with inflated prices simply because some of the items in the box did not have inflated prices. I think that in all fairness NO items in the box should be listed with values that ridiculous and misrepresentative of the real price.

  32. I got the mustard walnut flavor, Carmelized almonds, shower gel smells good, marina de bourbon dynasties perfume, the Charley bracelet (I love this) Pauline pin bag it’s cute and loose tea. here is my pic

    • That’s a cute tote; I love the pattern. You got pretty lucky this time!

  33. Based on the lists of items received in these comments, it looks like OP failed to procure the beautiful caramel and fruit paste jars from the August spoiler post! Did anyone receive those?

    • looks like everyone is getting mustard

      • So disappointed. I was really lioking forward to getting the caramel or a fruit paste. I already own plenty of french mutard. UGH. Of course at this point i’d be happy to even get a shipping notice !!

  34. So glad I cancelled

    • I completely agree. I received the exact same leather bracelet earlier this year (February, I think) that others are receiving now only it was in pink rather than blue. This sub isn’t bad per se but it’s frustrating as hell.

      • OMG! That’s it exactly!! It’s not as much about what is in the box (once it finally lands on our doorsteps), it’s all the BS and promises and lack of communication and ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS ABOUT WHAT COULD POTENTIALLY BE IN THERE but will never be in there. And the excuses and delays. In the end, the roller coaster ride… is it worth staying on?

  35. There is no where on the internet that sells Marina De Bourbon Dynastie Mademoiselle perfume for $160, it is always < $40. I hope the parfume in Oui please is special edition or something similar that justifies the additional $120+

    • I was reading through reviews on Amazon and I did find some indications that it is sold for more in France:

      Marina De Bourbon Reverence Eau-de-Parfume Spray, 3.3-Ounce
      Great fragrance but wears off quicker than others
      By queenbee on November 8, 2013
      Size: 3.3 oz / 100 ml (Brand New) Verified Purchase
      I bought a tiny, expensive bottle of this perfume at the Palace of Versailles in France because I loved the fragrance. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a large bottle for a reasonable price (downright cheap for French perfume) on Amazon once I was back home. I dock it a star because this perfume isn’t of the same quality of other nice French perfumes (Guerlain, Dior, Chanel). It seems to be watered down/not as concentrated and as a result is not very long lasting, Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing – I like wearing this to work because it’s not too strong and even if I do put too much on it wears off relatively quickly. No one wants to be the extra perfumey gal at the office anyway.

      Rouge Royal by Princesse Marina de Bourbon for Women – 3.4 oz EDP
      Smells Amazing
      By Mar Lo on January 5, 2013
      Size: 3.3 fl. oz. Verified Purchase
      My local perfume shop was selling a 1.7 oz bottle for twice the amount. Smells Soooo Good, this is definitely going to be a staple

      Rouge Royal by Princesse Marina de Bourbon for Women – 3.4 oz EDP
      great value/great smell
      By Tess on May 12, 2012
      Size: 3.3 oz / 100 ml (Brand New) Verified Purchase
      I first bought this perfume when visiting Versailles in France. It really has a wonderful smell and I love it. Unfortunately it fades and I have to reapply, but it is difficult to find a scent that I like. The value on this site was amazing!!! I will buy this product online again for sure!!!

      • That’s pretty encouraging. I was getting angry, thinking they were purposefully defrauding their customers by drastically inflating the retail price.

        I’d be interested to know what it sells for at places other than Amazon.

        • I love perfume so I looked this one up to see if it was worth swapping for. It’s not.

          This perfume was sold at CVS drugstore (click on my name for link) for $45 for the 3.3 oz. It seems to have been discontinued, as it’s now sold mostly by online discounters for as little as $27 for the 3.3. oz. If you read the description in fragrantica, it sounds like it’s an artificially smelling, sweet perfume, a “Disney princess” sort of smell.

          This is not to say that originally the RV may not have been whatever they say it is – and that may be why the product failed in America.

  36. I’m so confused. I bought the annual, but not until the third box. I’m anxious to see what happens with the renewals for annuals since they’re so behind schedule. Will they renew at the year mark, or not until the 6 boxes? I wouldn’t worry if it renewed at the discount price as I think it’s a great box for that, but I don’t want to be hit with a full price renewal for a year. Am I the only one having these thoughts?

    • It renews at your year mark. So I bought the annual at a discount last dec. I will be charged the full price annual plus tax on dec 6 this year. I have decided at this point that I will not renew, even at a discount, mainly because of the items and the shipping schedule. Yes, someone mentioned that you cannot buy all see things for $87 a box, in my case $95 since I have to pay tax. But their taste in jewelry is horrendous, Perfume is also very personal, and all the rest of the stuff is ugly. Someone on MUT mentioned that it seemed that the first batch that went out all had belts. I normally would have gotten my box by now, but if she was right, I am glad I am still waiting, hoping for the clutch until i saw the picture. It looks worse than I do not know even how to describe without offending anybody. I go to Paris just about every winter, and I have decided that I would do better with my money there picking out things that I like, especially with the euro being that low. I also hate the fact that there are so many beauty/body products. I did not sign up for a beauty box, what happened to the 6 categories? On top of that I am supposed to get a discount from the shop, which I emailed a zillion times with no responses. And now they even took the wording out. So I am just riding out my last 2 boxes. For the full annual price, I can pay for all my Rachel Zoe and 3 PS LE boxes. They make me a lot happier.

      • FYI not true that all early boxes received the belt I got my box yesterday and did not get the belt.

        • I’m so glad to hear that! I’m hoping for a pouch like in the photos. My box should be here soon. *fingers crossed*

        • If you receive yours yesterday, you are not in the first batch. Someone from Houston received her last Friday and she listed the contents on the ouiplease fb page comments, but of course her comments have since been removed.

    • it will renew at full price when it renews.

    • You are not alone – I thought about this too. I just got my third box and I do not want them to renew me until my subscription is up. They are so behind and I am not making a decision until I see what happens with the schedule and contents of my remaining boxes.

      • You can log into your account and the next payment date is a day from when you first sign up.

    • I was starting to think that they went out of business. I was expecting my 3rd box of an annual subscription in September. Now they are a month late and no explanation! I subbed at the 20% off and would hate for them to automatically resub me at full price and then go out of business. Maybe I can tell them now to cancel me at the end of my sub and see if they offer any discounts to resub. That is, if they are still around.

  37. Please no belt. As a size 18 it would not fit my fingers lol

    • yeah, that’s hard. they would say “oh you could trade” but the reality is that no one is going to swap the purse or scarf for the belt. and people who can’t fit the belt are…stuck with a belt. The other thing..they are sending the exact bracelet they shipped before (only in a diff color). I hope that I don’t get that one as I already have it in red (unless it’s coming in black).

  38. I found this code for an annual membership and it works:


    This brings the total to about $82.

    I am still not convinced I want to commit. I am going to keep an eye on how much goes up for swap. But that price is KILLING me!

  39. For me, the decision about whether I renew for another year is riding on this box. I hope I don’t get a belt or the leather bracelet. I am not young enough to wear the leather bracelet without getting laughed at in my law office.

    On another note, does anyone think they will have black Friday specials or offer 10-20% off for existing subscribers to renew?

  40. I got my shipping notice. It is due to arrive on Friday πŸ™‚

  41. No shipping notice yet, but since some people are receiving their boxes without ever receiving one, I have some hope that it won’t take forever.

    Dear God, please don’t let me get a belt!!! I’m plus sized so there’s no way it would fit me. I just hope that I get a scarf (!!) or a bracelet that will fit my 7.5″ wrist.

  42. 1. Trie bracelet $50
    2. Concepts province shower soap scent- grapevine Flower $20
    3. Princesses marina de bourbon perfume scent -Dynastie $160 ($40 on Amazon)
    4. Savor & sens Tradition mustard flavor-walnut. $15
    5. L’attelier roasted almonds $15
    6. La ROUTE des COMPTOIRS tea type- black tea $30
    7. Pauline Pin oilcloth tote 13″ by 11″ $100

    Total value from ouiplease $390
    but value actually only $270 with Amazon price for perfume
    And without the super exaggerated tiny tote price maybe $200

    I actually like this box better than the last few because I got a better variety of items, only one “beauty” product beyond the perfume, and no lotion. HOWEVER…. I received a very small oilcloth tote that they value at $100. That is absolutely outrageous. It is larger than a lunch bag but about half the size of a typical tote of that style in our country. It is a mere 13 x 11″ . Absolutely nobody in their right mind would spend $100 on something made of oilcloth in that size. The extra large clutch from the first box was not terribly different in size, but made of LEATHER and priced at $100.

    • I found one website carrying Pauline Pin. Her larger leather and suede bags are around $130 at today’s exchange rate.

  43. I received mine today without an email notice. I got the following:

    Salome Charly bracelet trie bracelet – $50
    Concept Provence body milk – $20 smells great!
    Dynastie perfume in Mademoiselle – $160
    Ripauste leather bracelet in baby blue – $40
    Histoirae orangerie du roy – $40
    Histoirae soap – $10 smells great!
    Moutarde Noir – $15
    La Route des comptoirs tea – $30

    OuiPlease retail value of $365. I paid $87 for the box. Nothing to complain about, nothing to write home about. It still is much better than most of the sub boxes out there.

    I still get excited about opening this box and most of the time, I enjoy the products more than I think I would. For all their faults with unpredictable shipping, I feel this is the most “French” box out there and the price is right! No way I could have gone shopping anywhere for all this stuff and pay $87.


    • I completely agree. This is the one box I really look forward to and find the variations fun. I have gathered some fantastic products and the value is great since I only paid $87 per box.

  44. Didn’t they say at one point everyone would get a scarf?

    • No, they said everyone would get a bracelet and a perfume.

    • I thought I remembered hearing that a while back too. I’ve read a lot of negative comments about too many scarves in sub boxes but I thought these were beautiful and was really looking forward to receiving one :-/

      • I was feeling some box envy when I saw the scarves but I’ve received some fabulous items in past boxes that I can get over it. I even got a few bonus items before.

      • I thought so! I swore I heard we would all get a scarf. Honestly, I’m not a fan of this company, and I’m just waiting for my annual sub to end. Between the inflated prices, the terrible shipping, and the box envy, it just isn’t really worth it.

  45. I like that this box has only one main variable item, though I think the belt/bracelet will be less popular than some of the other variations. It’s a nice box though and I look forward to trying it out this sub for the first time.

    Is it bad that one of the items I look forward to most is the actual box?

  46. I got my box today and this was my first Oui Please box. I received:

    Savor & Creations mustard (walnut flavor) $15
    Concept Provence body milk $20
    La Route des Comptoirs loose tea (orange flavor) $30
    Salome Charly trie bracelet $50
    Eau de Parfum marina de bourbon (dynastie vamp scent) $160
    Orangerie du Roy (15ml perfume) $40
    Ripauste belt (camel colored) $50? But the book says $60
    Bouquet du Trianon soap $10

    Total value $375

    I wasn’t overly impressed but not disappointed either. The body milk smells great and the perfume I got resembles Vera Wangs bejeweled which I love. There’s no way it’s worth $160 though. I will wear the bracelet often and it’s very well made and adjustable. The smaller perfume smells like my grandma and will get swapped along with the loose tea. The belt is flimsy but cute and I would have much rather received a scarf or clutch but with it being my 1st box and having used a 20% off code I knew I would get a belt lol I’m a size 8 and it seems to fit good with plenty of room left. The soap smells nice… Kind of fresh or powdery? With what I paid it breaks down to roughly $15 per item which I do feel is worth it. I know box envy will kick in once I start to see other women’s clutches and scarves but hey… I do think they did a better job with the variations. Fingers crossed for perfume scents that everyone likes!

    • My box arrived today and the contents are exactly the same as Kayla’s. At least the belt fits although it seems to be made of rubber. I see how they do this, for every 50 or 100 boxes they might add a big ticket item. It’s like playing the lottery, there are many $5 winners and a handful (or less) of $100 winners, lol. Fortunately my sister inn law returned from Italy today and brought me some lovely Murano glass. Not a chance I’ll renew. I think someone is living large in Europe off the proceeds of this.
      Not to be negative. The smell of the Historiae is definitely not for me! I would have preferred beauty items!

  47. I haven’t even received a shipping notice yet πŸ™

  48. This box is going in more in the right direction…they seem to have too much of one item in their boxes though. Creams….and this time perfume. To me, perfume is way too much of a personal thing to me that I find it disappointing that the majority of value in this box is perfumes. And apparently you can find the expensive one on Amazon for 40$. If they want to do too much of one item make it food! Food is always a hit. Although this time around I’m not seeing it. I hope I get a clutch. But if this box is like any of my others I’ll be one of the lucky few(or should I say many) that gets a belt or nothing at all.

  49. So you got two perfumes? It is not worth much more than you paid and the curation is just not there. Glad I skipped , but I hope you end up liking it!

    • I purchased the yearly subscription with a 20% of code so I pay a little over $80 for my boxes. Taking that into consideration I’d say the value is there, even if the perfume is sold for $40 (bringing my value down to $245).

      The box has need for serious improvement still, but like someone else mentioned, I think it’s headed in the right direction. I definitely liked this month’s curation better than Vol 1.4.

  50. I’m in Houston, TX and I received my Vol 1.5 box yesterday. I received the following items:
    Salome Charly Trie Bracelet – $50
    Concept Provence Body Milk – $20
    Marina De Bourbon Dynastie Mademoiselle perfume – $160
    Ripauste Leather Bracelet – $40
    Historiae perfume – $40
    Historiae soap – $10
    Savor & Sens mustard – $15
    La Route Des Comptoirs loose tea – $30

    Total value $365, however, I found yesterday that you are able to buy the Marina De Bourbon perfume on Amazon for less than $40. That is a huge disappointment. I do have a little box envy with some of the other things listed in the product catalog as well…. This would have been one of my favorite boxes, but the perfume killed it for me.

    • How does the perfume smell?

      • There are two perfumes. Marina De Bourbon was my least favorite. The scent isn’t bad, it’s just floral and I’m not into floral. Also I found that the scent didn’t last long, very subtle.

        The Historiae perfume has a stronger scent… almost like a more musky/spicy scent maybe? While I generally don’t like these scents in the bottle (as someone mentioned it smells like their grandmother), I LOVE them mixed with my actual body odor…. is that weird? Lol.

        • It’s not weird at all! That’s why they say you just try a fragrance on your skin before deciding if you like it or not. πŸ™‚

      • The Marina de Bourbon Madamoiselle smells awesome if you like light floral scents. It’s very easy on the nose and it’ll be great for everyday! Personally, I love it!

    • We received the exact same items! πŸ™‚

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