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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!


We have the full spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code AVRIL25 to save 25% off your Oui Please subscription!

FYI – Oui Please shipping is delayed:

  •  VOL. 5.1 Renew & Relax edition boxes are to begin shipping in small batches the week of April 20th.
  • VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are shipping as scheduled (end of May through June).

Volume 5.2 will include:



Customization is now open.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. It’s the end of the week, does anyone have movement yet on their box? I do not!

    • No movement here. Same as always, “Shipment information sent to FedEx”

      • Same here. And now they are sending 5.3 spoilers without having shipped a single 5.1 or 5.2 box….

    • Me neither…

  2. I see there are two new reviews on the OP FB page from people who say they have received their boxes. However, the cynic in me wonders if they are from real customers or people affiliated with the company. One person refers to the box as having a “slight delay.”

    • The person who stated that there “was a slight delay due to Covid” is affiliated with OP. I googled her and she is a digital content manager for a company NOT named OP or The French Connection, but she also has a blog where she shills for OP.

    • I guess I feel a bit ridiculous for even feeling shocked. But I do. I am just stunned that people are claiming to have their boxes but they are affiliated with OP. I just would never have believed it.

      • It’s such a horrible business practice, I can’t wait for my refund to come in so I can be done.

    • I hate what OP has become. No credibility. No integrity. They were in trouble before, but they certainly will not survive this.

      Everything they do to mitigate the damage caused from their lies just makes them look more dishonest.

      • Yes, they are liars, but not good liars.

      • Yep, perfectly stated. The negative toxic feelings I get from their lies and business practices makes me realize I will never be ok giving them $ again. There are a lot more honest small businesses I’d rather support.

  3. I have been thinking a bit about the other French theme sub boxes and I took a look at reviews on MSA for My Stylish French Box and Luxe Provence.

    I used to sub to the Luxe Provence box but I needed to refresh my memory. It looks like Oui Please gets a lot more attention on MSA than these other boxes. I wonder why that is? I loved the Luxe Provence box and they were VERY consistent. Never had any trouble with them. I think the other box certainly looks interesting.

    It would be great to see these other boxes reviewed as consistently as Oui Please so we can compare them.

    • Ann I think this is because they pay MSA to promote their boxes and sends free boxes for them to review.

      • Oh really?! How stupid of me. I had no idea. I am sure somewhere they tell us that but I never noticed.

      • In MSA’s defense, it did NOT advertise the OP Memorial Day 35% off sale on subscriptions. At least one other subscription review website DID advertise it.

    • I got my first My Stylish French Box today. It is a quarterly box and the spring box was advertised as shipping in May. It did, in fact, arrive in May despite COVID-19, and shipped directly from France. I am so pleased with the box. It contained a green wine bottle recycled vase by Q’ de bouteilles, two beautiful wax rose sachets from Carriere Freres, a large scarf (mine was in a small pineapple print, though prints varied) from Petrusse, two porcelain espresso cups labeled “toujours” and “amour” from Sophie Masson, pearl drop earrings (the pearls look like suspended clouds) from Gisel B, a pollen and ricin face scrub by Apicia, a daffodil painting on an antique book page by Pierre Yves Bonnot, an antique book by Victor Hugo (in French language, but will look great on a shelf even if I can’t read most of it!), and gorgeous flower printed paper napkins by Francoise Paviot. Everything was beautifully packaged and it came with a magazine-quality pamphlet explaining all the products and vendors in the box, and the latest issue of My French Country Home Magazine (which was a great escapist treat with gorgeous photos of Normandy). This box is expensive ($250 a quarter, which includes shipping), but, in my opinion, the curation and quality are worth it. Oh, and it actually ships when it says it is going to ship!

      • Thank you for posting! I have been wondering about this box. It has been on my radar but I haven’t seen enough reviews to pull the trigger.

      • Thanks Laura! That sounds like a great box and may be something for us to consider going forward.

    • They clearly say in the reviews for Oui Please that they get the box for free.

  4. Today’s 0P Insta story shows tons of boxes piled up in the warehouse… So they are definitely working on our boxes which is great news.

    • I got an email from Ashley that they’ll refund my annual and it takes 7-10 business days. Hopefully it’ll go through. Next time I’m tempted by this box I need to read through these threads, no deal is worth being lied to over and over, just can’t trust anything they say and don’t want to support a business with these practices.

      • Hi Kc,
        I asked for a refund too and I’d advise you to just do a chargeback with your cc/bank. Ashley told me the same thing and it’s been over a month of me waiting for my refund. Ashley gave me the same timeline and after the 10 days I contacted her and she’s been ignoring my emails ever since. Trust me, they will not refund you in these 10 days, you have to claim a chargeback. There’s other posts about this too in some of their old threads.

      • You will most definitely need to file with your credit card in order to get them to fulfill the refund. I paid via Paypal, and had to file a claim. They finally ~initiated~ a refund, but did not actually send the funds through, in spite of multiple requests from Paypal for them to do so over a period of time. I had to escalate the dispute, and Paypal is now in the process of attempting to force them to actually fund the refund.

        This is completely unacceptable. So done with this company and its fraudulent ways.

    • I saw that too but I’m a bit skeptical. All they’re showing is empty cardboard boxes, no products or full boxes.

      • The story Anne referred to was up yesterday – it showed some OP staff putting products in the boxes. That story expired after 24 hours and is no longer visible. Now there are new stories, one of which shows piles of white boxes and like you mentioned, no products. I don’t see why they should post misleading videos about filling up the boxes (think about it — that would be actual, conscious fraud), so I’m cautiously optimistic we will see some movement by the end of the week.

      • @Steph, the story Anne referred to was up yesterday – it showed some OP staff putting products in the boxes. That story expired after 24 hours and is no longer visible. Now there are new stories, one of which shows piles of white boxes and like you mentioned, no products. I don’t see why they should post misleading videos about filling up the boxes (think about it — that would be actual, conscious, planned fraud), so I’m cautiously optimistic we will see some movement by the end of the week.

      • It’s the end of the week, anyone have movement yet? I don’t!

    • That story also shows boxes being prepared for frontline workers…which is a nice gesture but perhaps a bit tone deaf when you have so many unhappy paying customers right now.

    • As an update: after reaching out to Paypal again and then again with a strongly worded email to Ashley, the refund finally hit my Paypal account this morning. So, my long saga with OP has come to an end.

      • Good for you! I am sure it is a relief.

      • It sounds odd to say, but congratulations on (finally) getting a refund. It’s sad when a win is just getting your money back with no interest.
        I really hope that everyone else either receives a refund or actually receives their boxes.

  5. I got an email response that they’ll process my refund in a few business days for my annual sub. They may be packing up boxes to ship now but that’s what they should’ve been doing in feb prior to our labels being made 3/3. The lies I’ve seen on social media and blogs make me have no regrets leaving this sub. Now I’ll look into my stylish French box (similar items it seems but more reliable). At this point I’m willing to pay more for a company that is honest and reliable than deal with this con any longer.

  6. Has anyone received 5.1 and/or 5.2 yet?
    Please reply. I have been away and want to make sure I did not miss my deliveries. Thank you for your help.

    • Nothing here. My shipping label from 3/3 shows no movement. Very disheartening that the only person on this forum to receive products (including products from our missing 5.1 and 5.2 boxes), only received them after sending OP her draft complaint to the TX Attorney General.

      • It did seem weird to open the boxes and see items coming soon in 5.1 and 5.2! I thought the same.

        The items from those boxes received included the honey (5.2) which was truly delicious (tried some last night) and the resilience cream, hair accessories possibly the Les Nereides as I had not seen that particular one before and something else that I think I am forgetting (5.1)

        I mean the good news is that a lot of this product must be here in the US already.

    • No one has received any of those boxes yet. In fact, OP said they have been shipping for the past few weeks and last Friday they came on here or Insta and admitted they haven’t even started shipping the 5.1 boxes yet…..but they were starting that day. Oh and apparently 5.2 will ship after 5.1.

    • No, my 5.1 hasn’t shipped. I track it everyday. I’m so fed up with this company!!!

    • I’ve received neither and have gotten the run around that it is shipping “later in the week” for more than three weeks now 🙁

  7. This is what arrived in my boxes today. I have not figured out all of the pricing. On RV it may be a bit light for six boxes at $300 per box, so you can see what you think. I miss those MSA Forum chicks who knew everything about everything. I still have no idea what some of this retails for

    I tried posting this earlier but it did not go through.

    Little Marcel brand
    Pale Purple Blue-lined Tote with tag $65
    Three T shirts with tags in my size $38 and $48 and $48
    One long sleeve shirt with tags in my size $57

    The Little Market
    Small Natural Fibre Oh La La Bag with tag

    Maison Francaise
    1951 XL Silver Pebbled Color no tag no dust bag but did have the chain – I see no wear looks completely new $100

    Pied de Poule
    Set of four dishes kissy lips no tag or box seem in perfect condition came well wrapped $80 – or are these now only $17 per dish?

    Paris 1900
    Soft body cream 3.38 fl oz original came in original packaging
    Beauty Cream for hands 3.38 fl oz no additional packaging

    Rose et Marius
    Liquid Soap from Provence 9.83 fl oz no additional packaging

    Micellar Water 7.03 fl oz 23.21

    Anne Semonin
    Botanical Conditioner 6.7 fl oz in original packaging $32

    exfoliating balm 2.5 fl oz in original packaging $60

    La Savonnerie Royale
    Liquid hand soap 8.33 fl oz
    Set of three soaps all full size all original packaging

    Terre de Mars
    Hand and Body Cream Resiliance 3.3 fl oz $65

    Intense moisturizing serum original packaging .34 FLL oz $38.78

    Body scrub 1.3 fl oz no extra packaging

    Christophe Robin
    Perfect Hair Duo original packaging 1.7 fly oz $50

    Malou and Marius
    Gym tonight mask single package $12.93

    Two full size polishes $24

    Lip Balm full size $10

    Garçon and co
    Wine bottle opener original packaging $58

    Pop up Candle 2.8 oz original packaging $35

    Maison Close
    Pair of black panties in original packaging with tags $45

    Mastering the Art of French Eating book appears brand new $16

    Cheese storage paper a box of it new

    Senteurs de France
    Two individually boxed soaps

    Black truffles and honey 1.41 oz original packaging $20

    Camille de Soos
    Three bracelets one of which is a bangle with a blue diamond the other a thin bangle and one a chain came in small unbranded canvas type bag
    Bangle 250 euros thin bangle 79 chain 59

    Three hair pieces all in original packaging
    Nail kit original packaging $21

    Ateliers Auguste
    Navy leather earphones holder in original packaging $21

    Paper Darmenie
    Deodorize and perfume one pack $7

    Bangle Up
    Slim bangle open on one side in branded Bangle up bag $65

    Les Nereides
    Blue butterfly bangle $60

    • Ann are you satisfied?

    • Be still my heart, someone actually received a package from Oui Please. Seriously, thanks for posting what you received. I recognize a lot of the items from the year that I was subscribed. The Little Market bag was valued at $22 and the hair brush (which I love) was $25 and the accessories were $7 each at the time I received them (amount roughly calculated with the € to $ rate at the time.
      I hope that you love everything and are able to enjoy it.
      I also hope everyone else receives what they have been promised.

      • You might know this already Vicki, but Ann’s boxes are replacement items for boxes she purchased in 2017 and never received. So far, I don’t think anyone has received 2020 boxes.

        Ann, I’m glad you received your boxes and hope you are happy with everything. Must be a relief to finally close the chapter on this!

      • Ann, congratulations on receiving long overdue products from OP! I would roughly calculate the RV to be around $1600 or so? It looks like a pretty nice selection of items from previous boxes and products from the store that never went into a box. I hope you’re happy with your decision and enjoy every single item.
        Fingers crossed we all receive our outstanding 5.1. and 5.2 boxes next 🙂

      • Yes – that is another thing that surprised me but did not upset me – items from the online store that never went into boxes.

        I am OK with that—some people may feel differently.

        Your RV is probably in the right ballpark.

    • Well I found the experience interesting actually. I had no idea what to expect.

      I worried that I would be sent a ton of nail polish for example. But they sent me skincare, hair care, clothing, accessories, jewelry, a food item, two nailpolishes and a couple of more household items. So it was a nice mix of categories.

      I also wondered if I would receive items only from recent boxes or only from old boxes and again it was a real mix which more faithfully reflects that I should have received products from a number of boxes over the course of a year. So that made me happy.

      I worried that I would not receive any items that fall into the more coveted category. But I did receive a 1951 Maison XL and a Les Nereides piece which were both very welcome. I also received four other pieces of jewelry in the more coveted category. I was very happy to get the Little Market tote and Marcel tote. Other people might not be so interested in the totes but for me those were winners.

      I received a lot of skincare but I like skincare and skincare is a big part of these boxes. So I was perfectly fine with that.

      I did not receive fragrance but in my case that is a good thing as I am allergic to most fragrance.

      A big surprise to me was that I actually received items I believe from both 5.1 and 5.2. How odd! But that is good, because it means at least some of the product is stateside and available in plentiful quantities. So I am hopeful you will get your boxes soon.

      I would really have to drill down on the math — but the retail value may still be a bit “light” for 6 boxes of $300 worth of product each but honestly I feel like this addressed a long standing unhappiness for me. I do feel more peaceful about things.

      I don’t have to seethe every time I read a review. I know that I paid $650 and ended up getting well more than that in product.

      I don’t know if this solution would work for others, but it worked for me.

      • I’m glad that you are satisfied and have resolved your issue with OP. I knew you were owed a full subscription worth of boxes, but I hadn’t realized that you paid for it in 2017. (I scrolled through the comments and few days ago, but I didn’t read everything.) You are far more patient with the company than I was.
        I loved the boxes that I did receive, but I couldn’t take unexplained delays and constant excuses when paying so much for a subscription. I hope OP will get their act together and send everyone their boxes. I don’t have faith in them any more, but I am rooting for all of you.

      • I wasn’t patient. I gave up . . . and then read this thread and was so triggered I put my battle gear back on.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for posting all of that detail, as well as your experiences. I still have no confidence that OuiPlease will meet its obligations to all its subscribers, but it’s good to know you received something, even if it took nearly 3 years, legal action and the threat of an Attorney General complaint to get it.

      The only things we can be certain of are:
      – OuiPlease will send you what they owe you when you get ready to file a complaint with the Attorney General
      – you can only reliably get a refund by approaching your credit card company for a chargeback

      • Yes I think you are correct.

        Subscribers must do a credit card charge back. They will not receive a refund even if one is promised. Some people cannot do this as the time window has closed.

        PayPal will help you if you are within the time window.

        Better Business Bureau has been helpful for at least one person.

        The last resort appears to be a fully documented complaint to the TX AG. Everyone who reports having done this has been successful.

        I am so confused as to why this is happening. I am getting my other sub boxes. And OP does have at least some of the advertised product available.

      • Ann —

        All I can think is it is a cash flow issue and they blew all the subscribers’ money on promotion and advertising (the only thing they seem to be turning out are promotional emails, social posts, and paid advertising through MSA and planted reviewers) and now they don’t have the money to pay for shipping. So they are desperately trying to sell more subscriptions to bring cash flow in. However, their best source for new subscriptions, Oui store purchases, and referral of new clients is their existing subscribers and we are all furious and won’t buy more and are warning off potential new subscribers in this forum. That’s the only thing that makes sense. OP has at least some of the 5.1 and 5.2 products in its warehouse as exhibited by the boxes they sent you and what’s for sale in their store. It’s infuriating to see 5.1 and 5.2 products for sale in the Oui store and shipping within 72 hours when no subscriber has received those products.

  8. I’m keeping my fingers crossed our 5.1 boxes are actually shipping this week. On Instagram there’s a photo of OP staff packing rows of boxes.

    • It’s in the Stories section (not on the regular feed)

      • I subscribed to My Stylish French Box (another bi-monthly French box) in April when I got frustrated with the lack of Oui Please deliveries. I got a message the May box was slightly delayed due to COVID-19, but I just got the DHL tracking today and it will arrive on Friday, i.e., still in the month of May as promised. And My Stylish French Box actually ships directly from France! So, as many have noted here, Oui Please’s delay story does not make sense.

        Ashley — If you are reading this, please ship our 5.1 and 5.2 boxes. I cannot imagine any current subscribers will resubscribe or purchase anything from the Oui Please store (which I have done in the past) until delivery performance improves. It’s very sad that subscribers report having to send draft Texas Attorney General complaints in order to get any product.

      • Laura, what did you think of the My Stylish French Box?

      • Mary — I am a new subscriber to My Stylish French Box. My first box arrives Friday. I’ll let you know. It is expensive, but the reviews I read are glowing. There are some brands in common with Oui Please in past boxes, e.g., Rose et Marius and Boissier, but also a number of smaller artisans and usually a vintage item from an antique market.

    • Me too! I’m looking forward to getting my boxes. I’m aware of OP’s history but I am rooting for them. This is a favorite box of mine, well worth the price if you have the patience.

  9. Just popping in to see if anyone has received their 5.1 box yet. Doesn’t look like it. I understand that things are in disarray these days, but OP really owes it to their subscribers to at least send an email with truthful updates. This will be the absolute end of the road for me with OuiPlease.

    • That is really what bothers me most. That they were not truthful about it and the boxes were always shipping “next week” or “later this week.” Having a subscription this expensive should not be this stressful. I wish I had not paid for a year in advance.

  10. I started my subscription in Nov 2019 too. Only received 1 box since then. my Vol 5.01 box was said “completed” with a Fedex tracking number. When I went to Fedex and search the tracking number it said that the shipper had never sent them the package.

    I have emailed Ouiplease, and gonna see what they will say about it.
    I will also call customer support tomorrow.
    If both of the above dont work, I am going to file dispute on my credit card company.

    • Lu,
      We will get back to you as soon as we can to address your concerns, we appreciate your patience.

    • Lu- no one has received the 5.1 box. They created most of the shipping labels on 3/3 and according to the OP website they all say completed. But they aren’t. If you click on the tracking number you should see it says that FedEx never received the package. OP has not send out anyone’s boxes yet despite claiming they have been shipping in small batches for the past 2 months.

      If you contact Ashley she will promise you they are shipping and will probably say they are shipping this week. I spoke to her almost 2 months ago and she said the same thing to me. After 3 more weeks of no shipping I asked for a refund. She agreed and it’s been over a month now of no refund and Ashley has since stopped responding to my emails about my refund. Beware.

  11. Just another update on the two boxes of product OP is sending me — to make up for the six sub boxes in never received circa 2017.

    They are very close to my city and will be delivered by end of day May 26.

    I will let you know what they have sent for people open to the same solution.

    If they send me 30 nail polishes I will not be happy-but my 12 year old will be thrilled. Fingers crossed . . . not a box filled with nail polish.

    • Fingers crossed you get that box!

      • Well I know I will get the two boxes of product they shipped as it is already made its way here from Texas. I just wonder what the product will be.

      • I’m glad that you are receiving something from them. If possible, I would appreciate it if you would let us know what you receive. Fingers crossed for everyone.

  12. Liz, and MSA: is there any way you could reach out to Oui Please on our behalf and formally inquire as to what is Actually going on? I’m one of the unfortunates who prepaid for the year with Luxe Pineapple Express before they went under and this is looking awfully familiar and giving me bad deja Vu.
    I am owed a box from last year still and a full year from their December sale prepaid, so it’s an enormous amount of money to be out. I’m worried they are deceitfully treading water so that people don’t request charge backs before they go under and don’t have to pay anyone under bankruptcy protection. I’m a loyal subscriber since their 3rd box and have had often more than one sub with them and love this company but this is unacceptable.

    • Liz isn’t here anymore

      • What? Liz is gone from her site?

      • Yep! I reached out for help 2 weeks ago but I’m sure there’s nothing she can do.

      • Marissa, search for the post entitled An Update from Liz. She said she is stepping back from daily operations, and it sounds like Meghan is filling in any gaps left by her absence.

    • I doubt there’s anything msa can or will do. I don’t think msa has any kind of clout in the sub box world anymore.

    • Well, I meant MSA in general……. can MSA please reach out to Oui Please to find out exactly what’s going on? I really do think they are treading water and not sending our boxes at all by now.

      • I don’t think msa has any pull in sub box world anymore so not sure what you think they can or will do. Just get a refund from your bank. It’s not the job of msa to babysit the companies

      • I’m fairly certain that IF OP chose to respond to MSA or any other entity, truthfulness would be in short supply. Bottom line is that we cannot trust anything told by OP to anyone.

      • I agree. Why would they tell the truth to msa when they lie to their paying subscribers?

    • Taren,
      We apologize for the numerous delays in your boxes, and we are working on getting our V5.1 boxes all shipped as we speak. Regarding your past delays with boxes in 2019, we would love to help you with these issues over email – please email [email protected] where we’d be more than happy to help. Merci!

    • Taren,
      We understand your frustration during this time. Our winter V5.1 boxes are continuing to be shipped out in small batches, and we are working our hardest to get them all out as soon as possible. If you are missing boxes that precede the 5.1 box, we’d love to communicate with you via email to get you the boxes that you are owed. We are doing everything that we can during this challenging time for our customers. Merci beaucoup!

      • Ashley, what percentage of the Vol. 5.1 boxes have been shipped?

  13. I wanted to believe “Rachel”… However if you look on Instagram, on one of their sponsored ads (not a regular post) OP mentioned yesterday that “their facility was completely closed until last week.” Uh? How could have anyone been receiving a box if they were actually closed? I wish they picked one story and stuck with it. All these different versions — shipping since 4/20, shipping in small batches since early May, all boxes should be out by 5/22, all boxes will be out by the end of May — this is SO TIRING. If OP communicated honestly and realistically people would not be as upset about a delay. Other boxes encountered delays in April and May, but gave their customers timely and honest updates about the situation. Customers understand when you tell them the truth. But here, the constant lying and lack of transparent communication is just too much. It actually makes me sad. The only conclusion I can reach is that the company is very dysfunctional and poorly managed.

  14. Yes, Ashley, if you respond to anything at all, please respond to this question. That would help us to understand what is going on.

    I was told on 4/27 (Almost 4 weeks ago) that boxes had already started shipping. I’m curious how many boxes you’ve been able to ship in the past month. Since your team seems to struggle with setting reasonable expectations, I think we’d be more confident doing our own math on this. So just give us the numbers and we’ll figure it out.

    • Clarifying – I meant to refer to Liza’s question.

      • Crickets today now that we’ve pointed out their inconsistencies in their responses/lies.

    • Same situation here. And, week after week, no shipment and the last email I got straight up told me they can’t tell me when an individual box will ship.

      I am at a loss of what to do at this point. I paid for a yearlong subscription awhile ago. I would like to complete my subscription (I am supposed to have three boxes left) but at this point I have no confidence I will be getting any boxes anytime soon. I think the last one we got was last year, right?

      It makes me sad they just cannot get this together, because the curation of the box is so great and (when I get it) I have really enjoyed it.

      • I’m in the same boat, and it makes me sad too. This could be a great box with better management and an honest team. However, I have now requested a refund for my remaining boxes. Won’t hold my breath about getting it though.

  15. IAshley, can you answer the following questions.

    Do you have all the products for the 5.1 box? Do you have all of them for the 5 2 box which was supposed to ship this month?

    How many 5.1 boxes have shipped?

    How many 5.1 boxes are left to ship?

    When did boxes begin to ship?

    How many people are working to ship boxes as of 5/21/2020?

    • Good questions Liza. Actually, according to the schedule that “should have been”, based on the fact that the box that arrived around Christmas theoretically should have been shipped in November… 5.1 should have shipped in January, 5.2 in March, and 5.3 is actually the box that we should have gotten in May based on an every other month schedule—so they are 3 boxes behind rather than just 2!!

    • Shall we take a poll to see if Ashley will answer Liza’s Mom’s questions (her 6 questions above)? There’s 3 possible choices: 1) she doesn’t answer. 2) she replies but with a very vague answer, that doesn’t answer the question- like all her replies are. 3) she actually replies finally giving us the truth and answers all questions honestly.

      I’m voting for #2. At this point I have lost all faith in this company especially since for the past 2 weeks she’s been saying that they’re shipping in small batches but finally admitted this was not true.

    • Hi Ashley, looks like you’ve been able to get on here to answer some questions but not others. Some questions you’ve answered twice and some not at all. This question from Liza’s Mom is a big one we’ve all been waiting to hear from you on.
      I have a feeling that there are some things you won’t be able to answer today since giving us the truth now would make it obvious that you’ve been lying for months.
      I think we’re also all tired of hearing that “you’re doing your best in this difficult time” and blaming the problems on COVID. Most of the people who are active on this site are deep in the sub box world and are able to compare the Oui Please experience with DOZENS of other companies. The entire world is going through this. Every other company I deal with is either coming through with orders or processing prompt refunds. Enough excuses, enough lies, enough cheating your loyal customers. Just start delivering what you’ve promised, whether that’s product or refunds.

      • Well said!!!!

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