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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!


We have the full spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code AVRIL25 to save 25% off your Oui Please subscription!

FYI – Oui Please shipping is delayed:

  •  VOL. 5.1 Renew & Relax edition boxes are to begin shipping in small batches the week of April 20th.
  • VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are shipping as scheduled (end of May through June).

Volume 5.2 will include:



Customization is now open.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  2. Still no box for me.
    Has anyone gotten a complete box?
    At what point do we give up on this box ever coming?

    • I think most people abandoned hope months ago. There’s 2 months before the end of the year. Their first box, 5.1 was shipped out in Jun/Jul and most people mentioned only receiving a partial box. If subscribers wanted a second box, OP sent them another partial box in Sept/Oct filled with random stuff, mostly leftovers from the 5.1 box and small ticket items from 5.2 but they named this the 5.2 & 5.3 box. It’s more than obvious they don’t have the cash. Better to file with BBB, TAG and FTC to get your money Back before they close and you’re left with no refund.

      • I agree 100%. Almost 1 year and only 1 box sent (which most got a half empty box). I think a subscriber would have to be mad crazy to still think they’re going to get a full box. Horrible part is, they received some 5.3 swimsuits but choose to sell them and collect the cash instead of sending them to paying subscribers….and people think OP cares about them? Nuts!

  3. Just got my 5.2/5.3 partial box.
    OuiPlease did send the box the day they said they would. However, they didn’t include the item from the shop that I asked for (but they also ignored my request for it to begin with even though they replied to that specific email).
    Items I got: nail polish, honey, ring, socks, hair duo, fall in love serum (got this in 5.1) and a random dish towel that shows a picture of the Opinel spreader on it.

    • Wow. That is a sad sounding box, Niki.

      • Yes, it is indeed a sad box. Guess they won’t be giving the swimsuit to anyone. I wonder what their response would be if subscribers asked to be sent the swimsuit?

    • HI Noel just posted a YouTube unboxing of 5.2. She got the fancy French press most didn’t get and the candle no one got after telling Oui Please she has an unboxing channel. Disappointing to see You Tubers get products regular subscribers are missing.

      • OP probably made a one off order of the products to fill this particular box. Hopefully potential subscribers are smart and will look for additional reviews.

      • It’s funny because the candle seemed like a leftover from somewhere in their warehouse. It didn’t have a lid, the label had a tear in it, and she said the scent was really weak. They seem to have scrounged it up so the YouTuber would have as complete a box as possible.

      • It looks like Noel got a Samo candle! That’s from an old box, 4.6 I think. It’s not the candle that was promised for 5.2.

  4. I tried to work with this company and be understanding that they are a small business dealing internationally during this Covid pandemic. But unfortunately the inconsistencies in their stories, Extremely late subscription boxes with missing items and lack of customer service response drove me away from doing business with them. I had been a customer for over a year (first bimonthly, then annual membership). Boxes before the pandemic we’re missing items and were late (although just a couple weeks, not over 6 months like we see now). I purchased many items from the shop as well, some good quality and some skincare products that came with an odor and discoloration that you would find from being expired or sitting in a hot warehouse for too long. I finally reached out and asked for a refund for my remaining boxes. It took posting on their Instagram for their customer service team to reach out and respond to my email. After some back and forth they agreed to issue a refund within 7-10 days. As others have commented they didn’t meet that deadline. I emailed them for an update on when it would post with no response until I posted on their Instagram as well as filed a complaint with the BBB and Texas AG. They promptly returned my email and issued a refund. I would have stayed with this company as a long term customer had they shown some integrity. The only way I was able to get responses from customer service was posting on their Instagram. They are more concerned about chasing away Potential new customers than taking care of the customers that they already have.

  5. OP is now advertising the 5.4 box. What a joke! So 90% of subscribers didn’t get the 5.2 box, no one received the 5.3 box and now they’re advertising the 5.4 box that is going to ship Nov/Dec? Laughable. This would be believable if it said Nov/Dec of 2021. If this box goes out, I’m betting on Jun 21’.

    • I beg to differ… This box needs to be SUED!!!

      • Working on it…

    • I had to laugh when I saw that the post we are all posting on still says 5.2 is being delivered at the end of June. And that was the late shipping date!

      Still no box either partial or whole for me. Wondering if they are hoping some of us will just forget they owe us merchandise.

    • I received this email last week from them with the title
      “It doesn’t have to be this way,Where did it all go wrong? It’s not supposed to end this way…Give us one more chance to make it right.” With a 20% code.
      I find it hilarious. I thank to god that I got my refund.

      • Omfg that is hilarious! It all went wrong when they started lying, over and over again, to their subscribers. And then not owning up to it but rather blaming it on a being a first time mother. I’m thankful too Saima I got my refund. I do not do business with such deceitful business practices.

      • I was amused when I got that email too.

  6. I received the yearly subscription for Christmas 2019, and I’ve only received two boxes (one is partial). Never once have I received a full-sized skincare product. I requested a refund, and they never did it, so I asked to receive boxes instead. HUGE mistake, as I haven’t received a box since… maybe June? This is getting insane.

    • Mary, you can get your refund. You need to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General (online), the FTC and the BBB. I guarantee you’ll get your money back after you file with all these orgs. Just shoot them and email and you’ll see it how fast they respond.

      • Thank you both for the tips! I will do that! ❤️

      • The response I got from TX Attorney General was that this was not something they will get involved with but would keep my complaint on record.

      • The TX AG will take action if enough complaints are made — he may take action once he realizes that the OP problems are widespread and not just a one off.

      • My husband says TX AG is really busy with the Google issue.

    • Mary, I suggest if you want some sort of resolution in form of items direct message them over in Instagram and do it ASAP. I still can’t believe that bathing suit is in the store now. And the 5.4 is there. Maybe I can believe at this point. Good luck.

  7. I received a partial 5.2 shipment today (I requested it). Everything was there except the candle, French press and face mask. I don’t care about the latter two, I already have a French press and don’t do masks.

    One thing I noticed, curious if anyone else noticed this – the entire shipment smelled like the Armenian papers. I thought for sure there must be a pack in the box, but there wasn’t. I’m thinking they may have scented the OP storage facility.

    I think the ring is cuter in-person than online.

    • I got my partial shipment today too after requesting a couple weeks ago. Same items as Lauren got for 5.2, an additional blanket and the Codage serum from 5.1, and the Respire after sun cream from 5.3.

      There was a scent from the Respire and slightly from the blanket, but didn’t smell like the papers.

  8. Seriously??? They just do not know when to stop, do they??? I just got an email saying “No, this is not a drill. You really do get all of this…8+ full size items in every box.” I mean, that is FALSE advertising. They have not sent out a full box with 8 full size items in a very long time!!!

    • I know, it’s ridiculous! Just close already! They have to keep advertising to get more subscribers to pay for products to fulfill orders that should have been sent out half a year ago. It’s going to snowball on them at some point so might as well leave with some dignity.

  9. I still have no 5.2 and 5.3. My 5.1 box was missing the serum. I emailed them last week and requested the partial 5.2 and 5.3 shipments, told them they could substitute items from the Shop for items they did not have in stock and let them know which items from the shop I would like. I have not heard back and have had no movement on the tracking number they sent me in July. I have an annual (6 boxes) subscription and have received 3 boxes (1 missing just a serum). This is concerning but I hope they pull through. The subscription box model just is no longer profitable enough to be sustained by small companies.

    • I have a few nice quarterly sub boxes. Norlii and Margot Elena and Mostess have no difficulties getting me my boxes when they are due.

      Honestly, this just looks like outright theft to me at this point. If you can’t give people their stuff don’t charge them.

    • I also emailed them last week and just got a response last night, so hoping you’ll hear back today. Like you, I also asked for an item from the shop to substitute for some of the missing items, but they didn’t acknowledge that request in the response I got.

      One thing I noticed about the 5.3 add on Facebook is that it no longer shows the swimsuit as one of the items in the box. In it’s place is an aqua blue tote bag.

      • Interesting! I just saw that the swimsuit is on sale in the OuiShop.

      • @Emilia – Unbelievable! So they’re going to sell the swimsuit and not give it to their subscribers who have been waiting for 6 months! Jessica is really a class act….

      • Gasp! The swimsuit is actually there. No idea how they know what size you need if you bought. But. Wowsa. I can’t believe they even have some to put up for sale. Didn’t see that one coming. They never cease to render me speechless. I hope some of you who didn’t get anything yet at least get this.

      • @Lily, that’s right! Just noticed to that there are no sizes listed. That’s just priceless.

      • I think the tote bag is supposed to be in 5.4.

      • I think the chances of getting struck by lightning is more probable then getting the 5.4 box.

      • How are they selling the swimsuit for $140 but not shipping my box? Wow that is frustrating.

      • To: Exhausted
        It’s simple really, it’s a scam. They are more interested in selling the swimsuit to make money then actually shipping the boxes out, with the advertised swimsuit in it. People need to stop waiting for a box that will never come, people get your money back.

    • I just got a response to my email saying that they would ship my combined 5.2 and 5.3 boxes tomorrow with all of the selection in my email to them plus additional items for my inconvenience. I gave them a long list thinking they would pick from the list. I can’t wait to see what I get! Honestly I have a french press and I have difficulty finding swimsuits that I like. I’m happy to get items substituted for those.

      • I’ll be very curious what you end up with.

  10. I posted yesterday but it doesn’t seem to have gone through. My partial 5.2/5.3 combo box arrived yesterday. It would be more accurate to describe it as a partial 5.2/5.1 box, because the only thing from 5.3 was the Respire after sun balm. From 5.2 I got the hair duo, ring, socks, honey with dipper, and nail polish. Then there were a bunch of 5.1 repeats: the throw (in a different color, at least), codage fall in love (I got oh my cold in my 5.1), the nereides bracelet (exact same gold flower with blue string), barrette (identical to the one I already got), and the lip balm. They also threw in this little earbuds holder case from Ateliers August that is on sale at the OuiShop. I’m disappointed that I didn’t even get the spreader from 5.3 since I’ve seen other commenters have received it.

    • I got another package today to my surprise containing the Yield glass French Press if you can believe it. It was just in a box with packing materials…I also know someone else who got one last week. So really I repeat I see no true patterns here and it was just sent out of blue and I had not messaged them anymore after my partial box. I wish those luck who have had less luck in getting movement, but just an update I did in fact get the correct one afterall in a pretty honey limited color they offer these days from Yield. This has certainly been an interesting saga.

    • That is a sad, sad box. In what alternate universe does a single trial sized item count as a partial shipment of a box that promises to contain 8 or more full sized items? I also know that the Opinel knives were available for a period of time in the OP shop. I guess they were too busy selling them to keep enough of them to provide to subscribers.

    • That is a sad box. There wasn’t even a big ticket item, just sad crummy stuff. It makes sense you got a lot of 5.1 stuff. Imagine how many people got refunded for this box, most people didn’t wait the 6 months for it to arrive. Only the people who has a couple boxes left got this box, I imagine. They probably have a ton of 5.1 stock.

  11. Just got an email offering to renew my subscription for 30% off.

    R-E-N-E-W a subscription they still owe me five and a half boxes on, while they aren’t responding to my status update inquiry for 5.2.

    That and the 60% off shop code … I’d say the cash-grab game is strong with this one.

  12. Paid in March and still haven’t received a box. Was charged again before I cancelled so now owed 2 boxes. I don’t want these partial boxes unless they guarantee I will get the items which I don’t believe them if they say they will. They’re not giving refunds as I can see from all the comments. They won’t give you your money back and they don’t send you your items. Catch 22. This has been a truly horrible experience.

    • If I were you I would get a chargeback from your credit card company.

    • I agree. There may be nothing you can do about the first charge — but the second should absolutely be a chargeback.

      I have also been thinking a bit about this. We have been treating this as a Dispute but at this point it seems more like Fraud.

      I would suggest that people who have purchased a subscription and received two boxes or less out of a full year should actually file a Fraud charge. You will need to document it. Screenshot posts here and rating on BBB etc.

  13. So today I received my shipment of items to make up for the 1951 clutch that I never received from the Fall 2019 box. In all fairness they DID ship the items I selected (the Maradji throw, Christophe Robin duo, and lip balm) and I received them within a few days of making my selection.

    However, the Christophe Robin duo is an absolute joke- both of the items are sample sized! I’ll be lucky to get two uses out of each product, and I have short hair! So much for their claim of full size items…

    All in all, I’m just thankful to be done with this joke of a company. I do hope they face legal for the terrible way they’ve treated customers, but I’m not holding my breath. No doubt the founder will try to use her pregnancy as an excuse in court (just like she did here)…

    • Yes the hair duo is very tiny isn’t it? The after sun I got was a rather small tube too. I’m happy to hear more people are seeing some activity anyhow.

  14. They posted a 60% off shop coupon on FB today. I’ll let you fine folks do your own speculating.

  15. A miracle has occurred!!! I actually got my refund today, after many threats and relentless contacting! I wipe my hands of Oui Please….sad as I really wanted them to get their crap together as it’s one of my favorite boxes, but I cannot support, or afford, a fraudulent company.

    • Wow, congrats! That was most definitely a miracle as one of your posts says you demanded your money a week ago. They actually refunded in the 7-10 day window……that is the miracle!!!

      • I actually asked for it a few weeks ago, then demanded on Sept. 3, but a miracle nonetheless. And the actual amount I should have been refunded, which was surprising. This was supposed to be the first box in my new annual sub…that I bought back in December. They are so far behind that I just finished my prior annual, bought in November 2018. Had looked forward to the earrings, but whatever. I don’t see them lasting for more than 1-2 months more.

  16. There’s an update on the OP covid-19 page:

    “VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are shipping in small batches as we receive all of the goods. If you are okay with receiving your box now as a partial shipment along with your V5.3 please email [email protected].

    VOL. 5.3 is also shipping in small batches. If you are okay with receiving your box now as a partial shipment along with your V5.2 please email [email protected].”

    • Oyyyy. Truly a bad sign. And then what??!!! If you accept a partial box it’s marked complete and we are supposed to trust them we will get the big ticket items in some dream sequence “when they come”? This is kinda what they told me and I’m hoping when I open my box today it’s not filled with items I already got. I only have 2 left. This is becoming a farce. It’s truly ridiculous to watch the excuses.

      • They’re doing this Just to reduce the number of refunds. It’s keeping the money in their pocket and buying time for them since people will believe they’ll get their other items soon. When in reality they will probably never see those items ever. Just ask any old subscribers who had missing items if they ever received them. Maybe 1 out of 10 did and they had to work hard to receive it.

      • Let us know what you end up getting…

    • Funny how they didn’t mention the people who received the 5.1 box half full. When are we getting the rest of our box?

      I would NOT recommend receiving a partial box. You will never get your all your items as I and probably everyone else haven’t received any items or email about this.

    • My translation — we have some of the items for 5.2 and some of the items for 5.3 and can’t get the other items we promised. We don’t have enough money to complete the boxes and pay the shipping cost to mail the 2 boxes. So email us if you are willing to accept one box (partially 5.2 and partially 5.3). That way, even though we also probably only sent you a partial 5.1 box, we can claim we sent you 3 boxes when you do a credit card chargeback after we close up shop. It will be interesting to find out which of the 5.3 items they have — I suspect it will not include the bathing suit (since the retailer left a “please call us” message on OP’s instagram a couple of weeks ago.)

      • 💯the truth!

      • Ok. I waited until after my belated birthday dinner to open this as I suspected I’d be a tad deflated. Keep in mind I was told my box would be sent (and according to them was delivered on August 29th). I really feel this just was a bold face lie. I kindly asked as it was to be sent in my birthday week LAST MONTH and I came home to no box, no updated tracking and being told it was delivered. When I inquired how do they know or can I please have the tracking info I never got it but then was told I’d get “what they have”. Then I saw my old number have movement and honestly no idea what was to arrive.

        So…what I got was a hand written note saying sorry and here’s partial 5.2 and 5.3. So really they assumed for me… but JP was pretty on the nose with what I too feel is the deal here. I wasn’t aware it was going to contain items from BOTH in this shipment. So I believe they said the 5.3 was to have 8 items. I got 11 from both. With a couple duplicates from my last box. I too feel they can dance around a refund if you get “some things”.

        I got a throw AGAIN in thankfully a different color and a smaller size Codage serum…same one as I chose last box.

        From 5.2 I got the socks, nail polish, honey and dipper and the ring. I knew the French Press wasn’t coming, pretty things but argh.

        From 5.3 I got the earrings, the spreading knife, the after sun cream (which is a travel size), and that’s all she wrote in 5.3…not impressed and I usually like everything in these boxes.

        I did get a round milk bar soap and a jar of tea I guess as my consolation prizes in addition to the duplicates. My jelly and candle was missing from 5.1 and I had a product also missing from the one before I realize. So do they really make up for the bigger ticket items I’m missing? they are nice but no. The items I really wanted I know I’ll most likely not get, and the extra or replacement items were duplicates are low ticket items (not to mention many of the products I did get were smaller than advertised). So really yes I am glad I got something as I feel for those who are in worse shape than me but this is just deceptive business. I feel this was my parting gift from a sinking ship. I wish I had better to report. At least this time I actually did get it sent and only half duped. Please do what you can immediately before it’s too late is my advice. Good luck ladies. I hope I helped a bit. P.S. I can’t believe I’m still talking about this.

      • You are correct. My longer explanation will post in a bit but this bathing suit isn’t there nor is the French Press. The rest I agree on too. I got three items from 5.3 and one was tiny travel size (after sun). The knife and earrings were cute but I’d never say you’re getting your money value.

      • Thanks for posting your box contents, Lily. According to OP, here are the box contents and values claimed by OP for 5.3
        Luz Bathing Suit $165
        Nach Bijoux Earrings $75
        Christophe Robin Hair Mist $39
        Respire After Sun 50ml $10
        Panier des Sens 200G bar soap $7.80
        Blancreme Body Milk $10
        Bachca Bobby Pins $5.50
        Opinel Spreading Knife $10
        plus more spoilers to be revealed (yeah, right — probably had to say this since the After Sun is clearly NOT a full size product, as OP promises 8 or more full size products in each box).
        I’m not sure if your Milk soap is a replacement for panier des sens soap. Assuming it is, you have received 1/2 of the items having a value of just under 1/3 of what you are supposed to receive (assuming the throw and codage are replacements for the missing value of 5.2).
        I know OP charges every 2 months for those on a bimonthly subscription. Those poor people would have paid $150 in January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, and September/October (not sure what day of the month or which month the subscriptions get charged) for a total YTD of $750 and may not have received a single complete box. I think we can all agree that no one has received anywhere near $750 in value from 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.

      • So basically the two “hero items” are missing. i definitely do not need another codage serum

  17. I just took another look at the OP shop, since it appears that OP is substituting shop stock for the missing candle, mask and french press. The combined value of those 3 missing items is $97. There are only 31 items today in the shop, down from 36 yesterday. One of the 31 items is out of stock, 1 is a OP gift card, and 2 are box subscriptions, so the real number is only 27. Of the 27 items for sale, 9 are men’s items and 5 are cheap Bachca barettes valued $10 or under. I strongly suspect that there are not enough items in the shop to make all subscribers whole. In case anyone wants to attempt to contact OP to request box substituions (good luck with that), here is my list of shop items valued at $40 or more:
    Les nereides sunfower bracelet $60
    maradji throw $70
    Faguo backpacks $95/$115/$95 (men’s items)
    Les perrettes earrings $40
    Faguo belts $43 (men’s items)
    La mariniere francaise shirt $95
    Codage serum $40
    L’atelier du vin wine opener set $51 (men’s item)
    Little marcel shirt $52
    As others have stated, the fact that OP included an item (the Opinel spreader) spoiled for the 5.3 box in the 5.2 box that was sent to at least some subscribers causes me to question whether OP intends to send out the 5.3 box.

    • You’re 100% right. OP is grasping for straws at this point and it’s no fault but their own. All their constant ‘we’re shipping’ lies and ghosting subscribers who are owed a refund does not equal happy customers. Like me, you agreed to refund me then ignored all my followup emails and blocked me on social media when it’s been 2 months and all I want is my refund. You better believe I have tried to warn everyone and have posted numerous reviews of what happened to me. They should have shut down in Feb and restructured. Personally, I feel really bad for all the people waiting for a box or refund…you’re likely not to get anything at this point.

      • For what is worth, I bought some items from the shop a few days ago taking advantage of their 60% sale and they have already shipped. This just goes to show that they do ship fast when they have items in stock… I hope everyone still waiting gets boxes soon and that OP keeps afloat long enough to make all customers whole.

    • I took the offer of a partial box slice. I am not dealing with the refund hassle. I did get everything except the French press, candle and mask. I got another maradi throw, Codage serum, les nereides bracelet, a sunscreen and the knife from box 5.3 in total they sent me 10 items. I’m just glad my annual is over

    • Only 20 items left in the store now. This is not including the 1 out of stock item, gift card, monthly and yearly membership.

      Not sure they will have much with 60% off happening.

      • Aka close out sale

  18. I sent them numerous messages via FB, IG And all were deleted. I finally tried the nice route and wrote them a DM via IG and asked when they expected my box to ship since I would be moving and was concerned about a change of address(untrue) they responded the same day and asked me if they could send what they had and in the future would send the missing items. I thanked them nicely and said I accepted their lovely offer. I received my box albeit without the French press that I didn’t want anyway with over 10 items. I am just happy to be done with them as this was my last box in the annual. Take whatever you can get at this point as I see Oui please going the way of 5th Avenue.

  19. Question for the ladies who just received their 5.2 boxes: Did you see any change in your FedEx status from “pending” to “shipped,” or did the box just show up? I’m still “pending” on FedEx (and still have 3 more boxes to go after this one…). Thanks and I’m glad that people are finally getting some stuff from OP!

    • Hi Susan, my fedex tracking changed when they shipped the box.

      • Thanks, Elizabeth!

  20. Yay! Something happy to report! Got my 5.2 box yesterday. It’s a different than what is posted. It came with a kind handwritten note apologizing for the delay. The items are very nice including a nice French pairing knife and a rainbow long sleeve shirt that my daughters are fighting over. I did get several of the items from this box including the socks, the honey, the seashell ring, nail polish. I’m relieved to get anything at this point just five more boxes to go LOL.

    • Just got my box as well. No French press but I have three of those and nobody in my family wants it so I’m not mad. I didn’t get the candle or face mask however they gave me another throw, a body cream, knife spreader and another codage fall in love as well as a bracelet, socks, ring, Christophe robins hair duo, honey and nail polish. Happy I got my last box in the annual and won’t be renewing. Goodbye Oui Please. I wish you all the best of luck getting your boxes

    • @Taren, is the knife an Opinel brand spreading knife? The Opinel knife was a spoiler for box 5.3 but was available in the OuiShop until recently. Also, did you post anything on OP’s instagram or was the box sent without your taking extraordinary measures? Did the note explain why the items were different from those that were advertised?
      It seems like OP is sending out boxes NOT with all of the items that were spoiled, but with some items from their shop. That would explain the dwindling stock in the shop.

      • I was excited for the Opinel knife, but certainly NOT a bathing suit as we come in to winter!

      • I was thinking the same thing about the knife. If people are getting this then what substitute will they make for the 5.3 box? Well actually I don’t think anyone will receive this box.

        How strange that Cindy got 10 items and Taren & Elizabeth received 6. This is a bit haphazard.

  21. I received 5.2 today after commenting about the delay on Instagram. It had the socks, ring, honey, nail polish from this box. It also had the hair products which I think are from 5.3 and the throw in yellow from box 5.1. I had 2 boxes left on my annual and I’m sure I’ll never see another thing. It’s clear they are out of money.

    • The Christophe Robin hair duo is part of 5.2. But it certainly looks as if OP is supplementing partial boxes with items from the store for those who complain repeatedly on Instagram. Knowing that the french press has plenty of US availability yet is not included in the partial boxes certainly suggests that OP is experiencing financial issues. And the items in the store seem to be dwindling, so I suspect OP cannot make everyone whole.

  22. They removed the shipping date info for both the overdue boxes. Now there’s no mention of when they will arrive. They also nixed the Covid info in the shipping info area and the Covid link isn’t working.

    What’s interesting is in the faqs section they now say that you will be charged bi-monthly REGARDLESS of shipping delays they might be experiencing. Also, they added all sales are final and it’s up to them to give refunds on certain orders that haven’t shipped. I guess they wanted to say that if they haven’t shipped your box in 9 months they can decide to not refund you and you must wait for your box which never arrives. I laugh at this because legally they breached their agreement by not sending a box in 2 months so everyone is legally owed their money back. Nice try OP.

    • I am so glad I got my refund when I did.

      Seems insane that they are able to keep taking money from unsuspecting customers when the ship is clearly sinking. Did anyone file with the AG’s office and hear back?

  23. This thread is 5 mos old and has 846 comments on it so far. WOW! This must be a first for MSA!

  24. I am SO over all of these lies. I have been a loyal supporter of Oui Please and they seemed to really turn it around for a little while, but now it’s going downhill fast. I asked the owner a few months ago if this box was missing any items and was assured that all items were in and would be included in the box. HAHAHAHAHA! Clearly not the case.

    Now I am wondering if all of the times we were told “the items are stuck in customs” if this were all lies too. I never saw any of the items become available, and it’s highly suspicious that SO many of their items are being seized by customs. I think they were never ordered and purchased. More lies.

    I demanded a refund. If I do not receive a refund, then I will go after them legally for fraud. They have insisted that a refund is coming in 7-10 business days. Well, they have 2 more days for me to see the refund, and then the gloves are off. I am tired of companies preying on people. This business has been run terribly. She has other businesses, all focused on “luxury” and while I don’t know how her other ones are doing, Oui Please is very clearly on their last legs.

    GET YOUR MONEY NOW IF YOU CAN! I am sad -I really loved this box.

    • Just chiming in! I ordered my box in June, now it is September and NOTHING. All the emails I send to bounce back. BUT what really upsets me, which is why I am posting, is that they are doing a TON of advertising and marketing online. I don’t know if you guys are seeing it, but they are paying influencers and marketing/ad dollars, but can’t ship out boxes. Just beware to anyone who is thinking of purchasing, they are not to be trusted.

      • Yup, I only saw one influencer who received a box, double in items then what anyone would receive. I ordered in March and have nothing yet.

      • Ugh. So sorry to hear they roped you! A few of us having been trying to warn others, but OP has taken down their FB reviews, blocked comments and delete anything negative posted. It’s maddening. I always hope that someone will search for the company and find this thread before ordering. In the meantime, I’ve been flagging all their ads as scams whenever they pop up in my feed. Not sure anything will come of it, but we can always hope.

      • I am finally at my wits end with OuiPlease. I used three Of their email addresses to try and contact them and all bounced back. Not a good sign. They assured me by email a few months ago that I would get the rest of my boxes. And they were not very warm in that email. This is my second go round with them. I subbed in the beginning and they were late but showed up and I loved the items. I tried again in Spring 2019. Now, I would just like to be done. When Little Lace Box (which I loved) was folding, they gave me my money back. I am giving until the end of the month before I write a letter to the Texas Attorney General. I would like to see if all the sales lately are to complete people’s boxes. Hard to imagine if they are still selling new subs.

      • Hi SuzyM,

        I feel right now the best way to contact is on Instagram. Leave a message and say you will DM them. I think I saw a day or so ago the new email might be [email protected]??? My tracking they claimed my box was shipped with and “arrived” now magically has movement and coming Tuesday. I know it will be all random items they have. No French Press. They don’t have it ladies. It’s from Florida / Yield and in stock online for whoever really wants. The shop looks empty and they just had a 60 percent sale and to me this is a last gasp of air. Get what you can now I’d suggest. The insane part is the barrage of new ads and lovely social media posts. Sad to dupe Peter to pay Paul.

      • Thank you, Lily.

      • Suzym- don’t wait until the end of the month- they will be done by then.

      • You’re right

      • Thank you!

    • If they had the products they would ship the boxes, end of story. I don’t believe for a minute this is a custom clearance issue. This is a money issue. They don’t have the cash flow. They heavily market because they need new subscription/store purchases to be able to buy the products for the previous boxes that need to be sent out. Look, they sent one box out this year and half of them were half full. Plus, they aren’t giving refunds in 7-10 days. The only ones who get them are people who file claims against them. Most people have to bother them for at least 2+ months before they get refunded.

      Only one person, a YouTuber has received the 5.2 box and it contained a different french press and 3 items were not included that have been advertised (they included other items in its place).

      I urge everyone to get their refund whilst they can. This business is definitely closing down and when they do, go luck trying to recover your money. With all their lies do you actually believe they are just having clearance issues and you’ll get your box for sure? And you can get your $ if it’s past your credit card date. You just need to file complaints with Texas Attorney General, Consumer Action Org, FTC, and BBB. They will refund you same day if you do this, their 10 day wait is nonsense.

    • This is just sad. I understand your feelings since I loved the box. I got my money back luckily but I really want the French press and hoping to get it from the shop. I looked online and find out that Yield French press is American based company from Florida. I am not a snob and don’t care if something is from US, China or France. But my point is that it doesn’t looks like a custom or shipping issue.
      They are so used to telling lies that it’s becoming there second nature. The owner of the company has no integrity. The last time she was on MSA, she tried to play the new mommy card and no one bought it so that was the end of it.
      I encourage everyone to file complaint with TX AG, FTC and BBB, so there’s at least a written proof against this company.

      • Absolutely no integrity! It used to seem that their issues stemmed from lack of organization, but now it seems it has turned into downright fraud. Luring in new customers to purchase subscriptions when they know full well they will not be sending them “every two months” as they are still promising, is fraud.

  25. Do NOT order from this company – my refund failed due to the funds not clearing at their bank.

    • Follow up ASAP. You may still get it. Ask them to find the account and resend it to you.

      Every single person still owed something on this thread should try for a resolution this week.

    • There has been other people on this thread who mentioned OP cancelling their refund. I’d contact them ASAP

    • WOW. That is concerning. VERY concerning. If a refund can’t clear its bank, how is it going to pay for products for its boxes?

      • My guess is they are NOT paying for the products for the boxes…either they aren’t getting ordered, or they’re ordered but not paid for so not being sent…hence the massive delays. Or at best, they’re paying for only some of them. There is no other excuse for why their products are allegedly so delayed from France. Yes, there’s a pandemic, and this could explain some delays. But other companies…including other international sub boxes and international goods companies…continue to process orders and provide boxes with minimal, if any delays, so clearly the pandemic is not the issue causing OP’s MONTHS LONG delays. In one of the hundreds of posts on this thread, a while back, I saw someone note that one of the companies that was supplying one of the items that was supposed to be in one of the OP boxes (that should have already been delivered), had made a comment on Insta asking OP to contact them. So clearly their communication is bad with their vendors, as well, if the vendors are having to attempt to reach out to them via social media!

    • Helen, was the refund via Paypal? If it was and you’d filed a claim, Paypal should be able to help you with it–you will need to call them. This happened to me. Initially it didn’t clear their bank, but then Paypal made them put it through again and it finally did. Good luck!

  26. Has anyone else noticed that the number of items in the OP shop is dwinding? I don’t know if it is just regular attrition due to sales or whether OP is supplementing incomplete boxes with items on its shelves (or, worse, preparing to leave some subscribers without promised items without substitutions). But the number of items in the shop is down to 3 pages, and half of the items for sale are leftovers from the men’s box. There are also much fewer “high dollar” women’s items and many more “low dollar” women’s items than OP carried a year ago in its shop. Concerning, in my opinion.

    • Interesting. I was the Ann who received a big box of stuff to make up for six missing boxes from 2017.

      I noticed they included quite a number of clothing items that came from their store and were never in sub boxes. This did not bother me at all because I simply wanted roughly equivalent dollar value of items.

      I was pleasantly surprised that they also sent a Maison purse and other pretty desireable items.

      I guess they were house cleaning? Throwing whatever in a box and sending it out?

      Now what I got in that box is starting to make more sense.

  27. No full boxes received this year! A half box 5.1 delivered in July. Only a label made on 5.2 box. No communication at all! That have not replied to any of my emails. They blocked me on IG after asking about my box. Then asked on FB and they have not answered me either. Too late to file a chargeback on cc.

    Jessica- see you in court!

    • Hahaha love your last comment! How many people do we need for a class action suit??

      • no definitive number for a class action – usually at least 20-30. Problem is, there does not seem much to go after. I’ve thought about it…

  28. FYI they are shipping out in small batches as they receive the products. No definitive dates but as shipments come in.

    Same goes for 5.3 boxes: will start shipping in batches when they receive all the products.

    • That doesn’t make much sense. You would think that if an item is delayed, the entire shipment is delayed, rather than coming just a few pieces at a time over a longer period of time. The “shipping in small batches” was the line they gave us during February, then March, then April, then May, when they in reality were not shipping at all! So I’m not really buying it!

      So far it seems a you tuber, one person on this thread who was vocal on Insta, and possibly a 2nd on this thread who is out out of town, have received their boxes…anyone else even seen movement? Also, those boxes were missing items or didn’t have the spoiled items, suggesting they were put together to send to people who were vocal or they knew would be posting videos…

      • I got the “small batches” excuse from them today, too. I have no 5.2 box and no movement on my shipping label since created in mid-July.

      • I was one who was told was shipped. It seems unlikely it ever was / “lost” with the tracking info I have and vague answers I got which I must say are polite and timely for me, however just a tad foggy and with no box or real tracking info…well hard to trust. I’m supposed to be sent what they have, we will see. And they do not have the French Press I’m told fyi.

      • Lily- that because they sold all their French presses on the online shop to stay afloat. And did you see Alexandria received a different one. It’s embarrassing to see them still trolling for new subscribers. At what point do you just close and fix all the issues first?

      • Hi Pamela.
        I am aware of the cheaper press which Is why I was told, as I specifically today said, “I really at this point don’t want another press and all I care of”. At least they were honest this time and said they don’t have this so I’ll get what they got on hand right now (allegedly). I never saw the press sold on their shop like some of the other items. If so I missed as now I’ll buy one elsewhere full price as it’s only reason I waited and didn’t ask for refund. I see this press lots of places so the Covid supply explanations etc really are just stalling.

      • Did anyone actually see the French Press in the OP shop? I didn’t.

    • Well. My update now that I’m home is…no box. Scratch me from the list of someone who got theirs. Customer service really never gave me tracking and telling me it was delivered but I’m just blindly going off of my old tracking info which isn’t in system and other number is still pending. I was told they’d now ship out a PARTIAL box of 5.2 then 5.3 “of items they have there”. Sorry ladies. Wish I had better news. I am having better luck as my messages always are being replied to but really I still have no real tracking or answers at the moment and just dreaming I’ll get something I feel at this venture.

      • Following, as I’m still owed 6 boxes that I prepaid for. Too late for a chargeback, conveniently.

      • Hi Taren, obviously it’s your choice but I would highly recommend getting a refund. I was late for a chargeback too from my credit card but I wrote them an angry email as it’s been 7 months with no box. I told them I have all docs ready for Tex Att Gen, BBB, FTC and all my social media accts. I gave them 2 days to decide on refunding me immediately. They refunded me immediately

  29. This is so horrible. I guess if you make a you tube video you get extra items or replacements as for the rest of their customers their stance is too bad just wait. I have subscribed to almost every box out there and have had some really negative experiences including losing over a thousand dollars from 5th Avenue style. These experiences really make me shy away from annuals because of these practices. So disappointed with Oui Please. Just send my final box so I can wipe my hands of this horrible company.

    • Oops. What happened with 5th Avenue Style?

      I subbed to that some years ago and loved the
      Lancaster bags I got through them but then cancelled most of my subs.

      Did they go under and leave people hanging?!

      • Yes, I Had purchased 4 boxes and a limited edition one. I never received not a one and they just disappeared

      • Oh my God Cindy. That is so horrible. Ugh. I hate when a sub box seems good then they Little Lace Box us. That is the worst.

      • That’s horrible. Same thing happened to me with Luxe Pineapple Express when I prepaid for a year. And now this. I’m so sick of companies doing this to people.

    • Word. I will never buy another annual after this experience (except Causebox, who I trust!)

    • I’m still bitter about 5th Avenue. I had @$1,300 in but was able to get @$900 from Paypal. The rest was on Amex and they denied me the chargeback so I was “only” out @$400. It’s a shame because it really was my favorite sub and I received some very nice items which continue to be favorites.

      • How many years ago was this? I think you usually have about three years to seek restitution but I don’t know if the parent company has dissolved. If the parent company still exists as an entity you can file a small claims suit against them. This is still possible even if you don’t live in that state although getting there and back can be an issue.

  30. So now in addition to removing all the negative comments from their Insta account (which is basically all of them), OP is now blocking people as well. I made a (completely truthful) comment about needing to file a credit card claim in order to get my refund. Apparently they didn’t appreciate that and now I’m blocked from their account. 😂. Of course it’s their right to block people as they please, but maybe instead they should fix the constant multiple issues that cause people to have to file claims because they’ve only delivered 1 (incomplete, in most cases) box in 8 months.

    This company is a dumpster fire.

    • They blocked me too a month or so ago. It was a reply to someone who was ghosted by them and waiting on their refund which was promised months ago.

    • Lol…They blocked me too!

      I look at their IG daily for entertainment purposes. Their new post today has 43 comments before they deleted every thing. They avg 10 angry customer comments a day now.

      • So let’s see…they’re removing Insta comments, they removed reviews from Facebook because they were all negative, noting shipping problems or missing items (except the ones that were written by the mother in law or friends/employees); they seem to be a bit behind removing the negative comments from FB because there are a few on there still from the most recent posts…though they’ve scrubbed clean the older post comments; they’ve somehow gotten reviews removed from the BBB, as well as recent complaints being unreadable. (By the way, in the most recent readable complaint on the BBB, OP responded and noted that the 5.2 box would ship by “mid July.” LOL.)

        As much as they’ll try to claim it, this is NOT a Covid issue. These problems have been going on for YEARS. How is this company still in business?

      • AH- easy, collect money, don’t send product out. They’re still in business because they keep collecting money every 2 months. I guess most bi-monthly subscribers thought they would stop getting charged because no new boxes were coming but they were so wrong. Alexandria didn’t realize it and had $500 gone before she even received one box. Plus think of all the new subscribers wanting the French press or swimsuit, they all paid and received nothing. I don’t know the validity of this but one person wrote that OP said they kept charging to keep their business afloat.

  31. Anyone else receive the 5.2 besides Frankie? No tracking movement on my end. I know all the previous lies but this was promised to be sent last week of August.

    • Nothing here. Fedex info still says “Estimated delivery date: Pending.”

    • No box and no movement….seems weird only one person has received it, unless they are not planning to send the boxes to all the subscribers.

      • For what it’s worth. I think my box came too. I am away right now but I had posted and asked a few times calmly on IG and they always responded to me rather quickly. They said was going to ship and though I didn’t get updated tracking they said was delivered a couple days ago. I will update when I get back if it’s true. I really can’t follow along why only a couple people got boxes so far. Nor why I was one who did. I wish everyone luck. I honestly was 50/50 if would eventually come but last time I was also. A strange business for sure. Hopefully they aren’t just goin to send a few out because they don’t have the products. Too hard to speculate or predict all things considered.

    • Alexandria Ryan just posted a 5.2 unboxing on You Tube. She was missing 2 of the 3 products Frankie was missing and got different substitutions. My guess is Oui Please has limited sample product and are sending boxes with those samples to You Tubers and those complaining and posting loudly on Instagram. Oui Please admitted the 5.1 boxes sent to Facebook reviewers / influencers last spring were compiled with samples.

      • Ha! I just went to watch her unboxing video. Yep, she definitely got extra skincare — aside from the Codage serum, a cleanser and serum from Leonia (?) — plus the originally promised nail polish. However I also noticed that her French press is different from the spoiler. Mine is the same as what promised, with the copper thingie on top. She received a different brand!

      • Ah you’re right Frankie. She did get a different french press. I think yours was smaller? I love how she pointed out it was made in China. I’d be pissed if she received 3 more items in her box than me. On IG they said they sent her another box with her missing 5.1 items. Wonder if they are doing that for all or just her since she’s on YouTube?

      • The french press the youtuber received sells for $18.99 on amazon (though in black, not stainless).

      • OMG no way did they send the YouTube reviewer a $19 coffee press.

        That is actually horrifying.

      • MSA did not let me post this for some reason so I’m trying again. The French press I received is from Yield and it retails for $85.

      • Looks like the black french press on amazon is now gone, but the same brand the youtuber received is available in red (8 cup glass la cafetiere — only 1 left) for $15.99. Seems like another bait and switch, similar to the wax warmer they substituted in a previous box. As noted by others, OP seems to be a dumpster fire.

      • It’s probably gone because OuiPlease bought them out, hoping that nobody would notice.

      • The youtuber’s extras are pretty pricey. The Leonia anti oxident cleanser sells on Leonia’s website for 24euro and the serum visage sells for 53euro. Maybe everyone who gets the “cheaper” french press will get the leonia to make up the value? Somehow I doubt it.

  32. I received my box. It was nicely packed in a black, branded box with the magnetic closure. The French Press is very nice (it was very securely packed) and I was glad the socks were in the box, although they feel a bit scratchy, but I like that style. The honey, honey dipper, ring, and hair products were there as well. Several items are missing:
    Instead, there was a Codage serum (n.3). I’ll follow up with OP but I guess they just replaced the three missing items with the serum, which I had already received in the past. I suppose it could have been worse, but it’s not the best way to conclude my relationship with OP.
    I hope you all get your boxes soon!

    • Thanks for the update Frankie. I guess they have so much negativity that they decided to ship the boxes incomplete instead of waiting for the other items to arrive. I can’t imagine subscribers who received partial 5.1 boxes and now will receive partial 5.2 boxes. Maybe this is why they’re not shipping others as it seems a lot of people still don’t have movement.

    • I KNEW IT! Another incomplete box from OP. TYPICAL!

      • @Jennifer, your comment made me laugh. Yep.

    • Frankie, FYI there’s a Youtuber who got the 5.2 box but had an additional 3 more items in theirs. They received the nail polish, face cleanser and serum. Not sure if it’s because they gave such a horrible review for 5.1 but it’s Alexandria Ryan

    • You might be correct Laura. Although myself personally I really wasn’t as vocal on Instagram as others were why I mentioned I “calmly” reacted here and there and truthfully with this box and last box, I only DM’d them once and another to ask about tracking when they said they’d ship. As for who gets a reply and what comments get deleted and which stay seem to not follow much of a pattern to me. Myself, I figured I’d post when I saw one person had their box shipped on an older post who had since disappeared from comments who was way more vocal and angry…so I couldn’t even give an idea a best way to approach. I have observed no real patterns so my brain told me best to not be too harsh until I had to be, as I’ve seen some say they’ve been outright ignored and or blocked. Sorry I’ve got no other input or advice from my process both times. I have to be honest and say they’ve never fully ignored me when I’ve reached out.

      I had hoped the recent activity and more movement lately was turning out like the last box, and honestly against the odds, we got our items for the most part. But a week later I fear the idea they had some samples or limited numbers on hand could be true as Laura suggested. I hope this isn’t the case. The shop has new items and I see half off again but last time this happened also, so to me I can’t say this or the swimsuit vendor comment indicates what’s truly going on. It’s both frustrating and perplexing to watch. I will later in week post when I get back to home what I find waiting for me. So sorry I wish I had better answers for those with zero communication with them. I almost feel guilty I had better luck to see so many can’t even get a DM back.

  33. I wonder if even their suppliers have trouble getting a response from them. I see Luz Collection, which makes the swimsuit in their box, left a note on their IG asking if they can contact them right away.

    • Oh that is just sad — anyone want to hazard a guess why OP wouldn’t be responsive to a vendor from whom they are sourcing product? My guess would be a collection issue rather than a shipping issue. Of course, it could also be “you contacted us months ago but never followed up, so we no longer have the product.”

      • My guess would be OP never paid them and the ‘suits’ are still sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be shipped once payment had been made.

    • Mary- that supplier just left another comment on their Insta in another post. But their comment was directed to another supplier asking if they had any news on the box.

      • I wonder why that supplier chose to go with a public comment on IG instead of a private message… That doesn’t bode well at all!

      • I wonder if they are getting questions directly from customers who are frustrated with OP?

      • The supplier probably went public because OP hasn’t been responding to their emails and calls — you know, just like OP treats their customers, for the most part. The supplier may also have read some of the IG posts on OP’s IG and is starting to understand the issues OP is facing and the number of unhappy customers OP has. I suspect that at least some suppliers provide heavily discounted product to OP, hoping to attract repeat business from OP customers. That is much less likely to happen with OP’s unhappy customers.

      • Mary, you might be right. OP customers who have learned not to trust OP’s statements may have contacted the supplier(s) to verify if there is, in fact, a shipping problem. Now, I wouldn’t expect that the supplier would reveal information to the customers, since ITS customer is OP and one would think that the supplier’s duty of loyalty would be to OP. I know several people previously reached out to a hair care company when only 1 packet of product was included in the box rather than the set of packets that had been spoiled. OP’s story in that case was the supplier misinformed OP, but the supplier quickly discredited that story. Maybe OP customer’s have learned to distrust (and verify) anything OP tells them.

    • This definitely does NOT sound good.

      • And OP deleted that comment yesterday on their IG so they definitely are still reading these comments. Crazy that suppliers are trying to talk to each other to gauge what is happening with the cough cough “August” box. Maybe OP pulled the plug?

  34. Has anyone seen movement on their 5.2 boxes yet? Their last email indicated they should’ve shipped by now. No movement on the tracking I was given last month.

    • Their last email said all boxes were to be sent out last Wed 19th (absolutely no movement on mine) BUT their Covid Statement said they’ll start shipping last week of August. I saw a comment online that someone said their email from them indicated they don’t know when they will ship because they haven’t received all the items yet. I tend to believe this more and guess they just say their shipping every two weeks hoping to get the product. I just want my last few boxes.

    • On Instagram they have commented on a few individuals comments that their box left their facility. So maybe this means they are now shipping all boxes?

      On another comment someone wrote OP emailed them that they are ‘anxiously awaiting shipment from France’ so this means they don’t have all the items yet?

      • I’m one of the people they replied to on IG saying my box left their facility. I see no movement on the Fedex tracking yet, but will update if there’s any change tonight or tomorrow morning. If they actually shipped my box I’d imagine other boxes are on their way too. Hopefully we will all have movement soon.

      • Surprise surprise— there has been no movement on my box. I can’t believe they actually lied so openly on IG.

      • I’m more surprised when OP tells the truth than when they lie/fib/misrepresent. Their telling the truth happens so seldom.

      • It is hard for me to keep up.

        So you guys are still waiting for 5.2 so that should have been April?

        And then 5.3 would have been by June?
        And then 5.4 would have been by August?

        And it is September. In one more month she will owe you 5.5 too.

        Are people getting their money back successfully?

        Consider trying small claims court – see what the COVID rules are as some of this is being done online.

        It is crazy what people try to get away with.

        Comcast told us one day when we had called them about something else – that they had DOUBLE BILLED us for something for 14 months.

        Then they said they would give us A LITTLE OF THAT BACK.

        Um, you will actually give all of that back because —
        That is totally just stealing from people.

        I talked to supervisors, sent certified letters to legal and finally after a year just went and filed in small claims.

        Then Comcast said they wanted to settle. What would we take?

        All of the money you owe us was the answer.

        They mailed us the check.

        All of that for $400 with a major company. They try to wear you down.

      • Just got a Fedex update — my box has really left the OP facility and should arrive on Friday.

      • @Frankie still no movement for me. I wonder if you’ll get a “full” box? A comment from OP said they were waiting on product from France still. Wonder if they just said screw it (again) and will send everyone partial boxes? They have a lot of hate online.

      • The box should arrive tomorrow. I’ll post an update when it gets here and let you know about the contents. I’m as baffled as anyone that I had movement when other people are still waiting!

      • I was promised my box would ship by Monday but guess what…no movement. Sigh.

    • Zero movement for 5.2 and haven’t received missing 5.1 items from my half empty 5.1 box

      • I am pending this box and another 2 to end this torturous journey with OP. Worst experience ever – they should pretend to offer a box for the Southern hemisphere where the seasons are reversed, so the swimsuit would arrive just in time for their summer. What a sad joke!

      • lol that’s a great idea Joann! Can you believe it’s Sept and our May/Jun box never came and honestly who knows when it will come. I bet we won’t get it until Jan/Feb next year. Those products will really come in handy since I’ll be in the middle of a snow storm. #franceneveratyourdoorstep

  35. I received my second My Stylish French Box today. It’s a quarterly subscription that ships directly from France. I signed up for it when I got frustrated with Oui Please’s shipping delays and poor customer service. I am so impressed with My Stylish French Box. So far, it has shipped and arrived on time in the promised months (May and August) and the curation has been exquisite — all high-end, actually made-in-France items, including a French antique. There are no spoilers other than the theme, so it’s a leap of faith, but I’ve been so happy thus far. The May box contents are on their website and they’ll “reveal” the August box contents (which was a dinner party / entertaining theme) in a week or so once everyone has received their boxes. I realize this box is not in everyone’s budget (it’s $250 a quarter and I have not seen a discount code), but it was welcome alternative to Oui Please for me. I am not in any way affiliated with My Stylish French Box, just providing this endorsement for other frustrated ex-Oui Please subscribers like myself looking for a French subscription box that actually delivers on its promises.

    • Yes – that box is gorgeous. Has anyone visited their website? So many beautiful things.

    • Sounds like an endorsement to me. Ha!

    • Thanks Laura! I see the August box is still available. Does it have a serving dish, bowl or anything of the like in it?

    • Laura,
      Happy to hear you found something lovely to replace the terrible Oui Please. Could you describe a couple items you received? $250 is a lot, but it would be nice to get beautiful things from France.

      • The August box contained:
        1) a deep blue stoneware oil jug from Digoin with a removable stainless steel and cork spout;
        2) bamboo and stainless steel salad servers from Sabre (these are gorgeous and from what I saw online retail for $108);
        3) a white linen table runner from Charvet with an eyelet design;
        4) a box of nine tapered Lucienne candles from Apis Cera (the kind you use in candlesticks, they are honeycomb-colored and textured);
        5) a stoneware pot of mustard from Moutarde de Meaux;
        6) a melamine-coated birch wood tray from Au Bain Marie (custom made for the box) that is white with a dark pink floral and butterfly print (note: this was made to fit in their box, so it is tea tray-sized, it is gorgeous);
        7) a Pierre Yves Bonnet botanical illustration of butterflies and plants on a vintage French book page (also made for the box);
        8) an antique brooch (because it is an antique, they vary), mine was a fish;
        9) Distillerie Bel Air lavender oil rollerball (bonus gift for annual and quarterly subscribers).
        It was all beautifully packaged in their branded white, magnetic closure box (I save them for storage) with everything individually wrapped in tissue, ribbon, and a heavy cardstock magazine explaining what is in the box. They should reveal the box with photos in a week or so on their website.

      • Thank you, Laura. Every thing sounds so nice. I went on the web site and may purchase a couple $25 things. Shipping is $20 though, so maybe I should bite the bullet.

      • Sounds lovely. Thanks for posting the contents Laura!

  36. This is the latest update from their website:

    “VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are expected to start shipping in the last week of August, with VOL. 5.3 following shortly after.”

    Note the language they use — “expected to start shipping” — extremely vague and non-committal. I doubt we will receive 5.2 before October, and forget about getting 5.3 in 2020…

    • Considering their expected “to ship update” has changes 10 times I’m doubtful they will actually ship in August. Same same with this company. You are correct about 5.3, it will never ship in 2020. After 4 months I finally got my refund back from this crap company.

  37. UPDATE 8/13/2020:

    They are still posting on Instagram as if nothing is wrong and they are also deleting every single comment about refunds/frauds/scams/etc. This is completely unethical and I’m frustrated at how they believe it’s completely okay doing this and deceiving people. We are all tired of it. Stop trying to hide from us OP.

    • Of course they are. This is a money grab at this point. They keep collecting and not delivering the boxes. As far as I’m concerned they are going to get as much money as they can and then file bankruptcy.
      There’s 4 1/2 months left in the year and they have only delivered one box with a huge list of subscribers that only received a partial box. They keep lying at every point saying they will deliver in 2 weeks. Don’t we all remember when they said they will deliver 5.2 immediately after the 5.1 box back in May. On Insta they said they are to deliver the 5.3 box immediately after the 5.2 box.
      I look at their Insta all the time and see how they suddenly delete messages. They have about 10 complaints a day from angry subscribers.

      • I’m one of those who received a partial 5.1 box. I’ve heard *nothing* about when they’re sending the rest of it. I doubt they actually tracked who got “partials” or plan to send the items.

      • @Lauren If the past is any indication then I’d say you’ll never receive anything. This has been a major pain point of subscribers on MSA comments and forum. It seems the only way is to keep checking the shop to see if it shows up and then bother them until they send it. Maybe you’ll get it but probably not.

    • I bet you all received this month’s lies, oops excuses regarding the shipments from France. It does not seem to affect outshooting though, only the subscriptions.

      • What irks me is the calendar at the bottom of the email, according to which 5.2 boxes started shipping last Monday. Have you seen any movement on yours? Yeah, me neither. Plus they state on their website that 5.2 boxes will ship in the last week of August. Can’t they at least get their information straight across platforms?

      • I agree….while I am glad they are finally trying to communicate about this, it remains frustrating and still way later than what they last promised.

  38. Excellent comment.

    I wonder what really happened to the company. I can remember receiving only one box at the end of 2019 and then I canceled to economize, I think. That one box was beautiful though. High-end packaging and interesting items including a scarf with a gold print that I love.

    Unboxer Abbadabbs had lots of trouble getting an Advent calendar from Look Fantastic, which is owned/operated by the Hut group same as Oui Please. Customer service was unresponsive and finally she received a refund.

    I didn’t see that video and am subscribed to Look Fabulous now. I love it. It comes from England and there has been no problem with delivery. Maybe a few days late but nothing terrible.

    So one overseas box seems to thrive and the other is in the toilet.

    • Theresa, OP is not owned by The Hut Group. The owner is Jessica Bufkin who lives in Texas. There’s only a few employees who work there but it’s mostly run by the owner.

      • The owner’s name is Jessica Barouche.

      • That’s her maiden name. Her married name is bufkin

    • To the best of my knowledge, Oui Please is not part of The Hut Group, which owns Glossybox, Lookfantastic and Beauty Expert. I may have missed the acquisition, but it’s not something that I am familiar with.
      I really hope everyone receives the boxes that they are owed. I’m glad I got out when I did. Good luck everyone.

      • Thanks for correcting me. You’re right about Glossy Box, not Oui Please.

        Good luck to all who continue to wait.

  39. Omg. I just got the email spoiler for 5.3. A bathing suit? I am sure it will be here by next summer. The rest of it is also not looking good for me. Glad I am almost out.

  40. Just wanted to update you guys, I received the refund a few days ago after more than dozen emails and 2 months of pestering.
    With the current situation of the box, I am glad that I cancelled it. I hope they improve their business practices.

    • So glad you got your money back. It is a relief to be able to walk away.

      • I agree Ann! I’m so happy I have nothing to do with this box anymore. OP’s issues have not gotten better and it seems to be getting worse.

  41. I see elenaduquebeauty has an unboxing on IG that seems to be a random collection of items from several boxes.

    • I saw that too. Seems like OP is trying to trick more people into subscribing to their box by showing a video of box that has double the items then what the’ll really receive. Deceptive business practices.

  42. This is an open letter to Oui Please.

    I wanted so much too love your subscription box as much as I love Paris, but your shipping and censorship on Facebook has really changed that for me.

    I have loved every single item that you have sent even though some things were not made in France. Even the tacky dessert plates that looked like you sourced them from a Parisian souvenir shop found a fondness with me.

    I loved the swimsuit, adored the bags and shoes and the hair barrettes that are pretty much useless on my thick, long locks. I loved it all.

    I loved your curation so much, I told my friends, uploaded unboxing pics to our 2500+ Facebook page on subscription boxes and considered your box, with the ultimate price tag, to be the ultimate gift for myself.

    I see now that I was deceived and foolishly waited for something that is a dismal disaster. I see that I could have saved the $600 and simply flew to Paris and sent myself on a weekend souvenir spree. But I paid you to do this for me as I was homebound prior to COVID. I am sad that you have not delivered. I guess I should be angry about what you’ve done, but mostly I feel pity at what you have lost and for what others have lost because of your inability to deliver on what has been promised.

    A promise broken and I want to think that was not your intention. But without a letter of explanation and silence from you, I can only think differently. I sincerely hope this finds you well and nothing has happened to you or your family that has caused you to be ruined.

    It is plainly obvious that you need help. Both professionally and personally.

    It is equally obvious that a lot of ladies are passionate about French things and willing to pay top dollar to acquire them. What is unthinkable is your brilliant marketing strategy and your inability to deliver what is arguably the most expensive premium subscription box out there that was paid in advance.

    The last box was a sad disaster and looked like you had simply tossed everything in the box. I guess I should not complain since I received everything as others have not. But it was inconsistent at best and you know it.

    You also know that we are here in our mutual ire and looking for some sort of communication from you. An entire community of like-minded women waiting in contempt for you to respond. Your response so far has been inadequate, insufficient and insulting at best.

    I suspect that this open letter will be as neglected as all the others. It is doubtless that we will neglect to file fraud complaints. I think I will start with my state Attorney General. The FTC. The BBB and then expect you to remediate the problem you have created. I patiently wait for your reply.

    • Amen!

    • This company lost all my respect the moment they started lying to us about shipping their boxes. Every week telling us they are actively shipping boxes out now in small batches when they should have said we don’t have all the products yet. Four months of straight out lies.

    • They don’t care and their actions show it. I’m hoping MSA will review my stylish French box and perhaps reach out to that company to see if they are willing to offer a deal for new subscribers since there are plenty of us in search of something new and worthy.

    • They’re known for verbally abusing to their employees, especially the owner, Jessica. There was a post made about it that I saw a while back from a former employee talking about how Jessica would scream at her employees in front of everyone and how humiliating it was. Employees have no choice but to act under the direction of her, even if it’s immorally wrong, which in this case, is lying to customers. New employees are taught how to lie from day one to customers that have their boxes delayed, and even have a while database of how to address it since it’s happened so many times, it’s normal at this point. They monitor MSA 24/7 and so it’s not surprising that they’re choosing not to reply. My heart breaks for the employees and the toxic work environment that Jessica has created, she really needs psychological help.

    • Wonderfully written. I am so happy my annual is ending with this last box if ever I get it.

  43. Has anyone heard from OP on when our Mar/Apr 5.2 box is really going to ship? Like not make a shipping label but actually ship the box out. I have an annual and have only received 2 boxes in a year. This is insane.

    • I PMed them via IG and they told me the printed out the labels to get ready to ship but they aren’t expecting to ship till atleast two more weeks

    • @Jennifer, I just heard back from OP about this question and basically they have no idea. Products are delayed. They’re hoping to ship the boxes out within the next two weeks, but I have my doubts. Hopefully we’ll get something in September. This is the last box of an annual sub that I purchased in April 2019. I have not renewed my subscription, and at this point I have no problems with waiting, since I no longer have any high expectations. Sooner or later it will arrive. Let’s just hope the box is complete. I’m sorry for the people who purchased 5.3 for the swimming suit, though. At this rate, they’ll get it this winter.

      • omg I forgot about the people who ordered the summer box. Can you image ordering this in May thinking you’ll have it for the summer and now summer is over with. I don’t think they’ll get it this winter, probably next summer 2021. My subscription is going to take 3 years to complete.

    • It’s so frustrating! I still have 4 boxes left since doing the Black Friday subscription in November 2019. Other boxes, like FFF and Paper Source, have sent out their fall boxes early, yet OP hasn’t managed to get their spring box out yet??

    • Make sure they do not bill you again on your anniversary before giving you a full six boxes.

      That is what happened to me a couple of years ago. They would bill at my anniversary for the two subs I had with them but then I realized I didn’t actually get all of the boxes.

  44. I finally got my refund after being ghosted for 2 months by posting on Insta at least twice a week. They deleted all my posts of course but at least I have my money back.

  45. And now it looks like they are shutting down comments on their IG account. Burns me up to watch them take advantage of people. I tried leaving a review on Cratejoy, but they didn’t publish it for some reason.

    • Mary this is because they have received so many negative comments. OP would delete and the people would post again calling OP out for it. The main focus was their Bacha barrette that says “made in China” on the back of the package and the throw/blanket says made in India on the label.

      • Also, people were demanding their refunds that OP was ignoring.

    • Plus there’s a new YouTube unboxing video with a woman who bought the Jan box and has had $150 deducted for that box plus they took $150 for Mar, May and July. She points out the made in China and is one who got the “your other items are on the way” note.

    • Oh and unless you sub through CrateJoy they won’t let you review on their site.

      • Thanks for all the information Steph! That’s a bummer about the Cratejoy reviews, but I guess it makes sense.

  46. Has anyone had movement on box 5.2 yet? My shipping label was created on July 16 but nothing has happened since then.

    • Ditto. Label created 7/16, no movement. I expect it’ll show up sometime around Halloween.

      • Not to mention the missing items from the 5.1 box

      • Sorry I can’t help. I canceled my subscription, but a partial box (5.1? with blanket) was sent to me in error last week. I won’t be getting any more boxes. Good luck.

      • On one of their Insta posts it says they will start shipping in 2 weeks. 100 bucks says this will not happen.

      • You can’t believe a word OP says about shipping. When they say they will ship middle of July, they mean they will print labels at that time that will go nowhere for quite awhile. Look at home many times 5.1 was going to ship and was allegedly actively shipping before the box was actually shipped. Bottom line — don’t believe anything OP says.

      • Same for me, they said they would post the boxes on the week of the 15. July is over, and nothing was shipped. I am owed 3 boxes, then I am done!

    • Same story here – label created on July 16th, no update or movement since then. And given their recent track record on food items, I am guessing we won’t get the honey that was in the spoilers which I was really looking forward to!

    • Another shipping label created yet, I came on here to see if anyone was receiving. I’m still waiting.

      • Sorry AutoCorrect, that was supposed to say “I haven’t even had a shipping label created yet“

      • Try to get a refund and run, don’t look back

  47. Now OP somehow managed to make its reviews on FB disappear. You can’t leave a review anymore because the review button is gone. This is not right.

    • Now they have this YotPo Testimonials tab where it looks like maybe only those who are hand-selected to review the service get to post something. At this point, they are just blatantly trying to rip people off.

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