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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!


We have the full spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code AVRIL25 to save 25% off your Oui Please subscription!

FYI – Oui Please shipping is delayed:

  •  VOL. 5.1 Renew & Relax edition boxes are to begin shipping in small batches the week of April 20th.
  • VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are shipping as scheduled (end of May through June).

Volume 5.2 will include:



Customization is now open.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. I got shipping information (and movement!) for box 5.5, which is the last box in my subscription. I’ll post when it arrives to report if all the items are there. I’m also waiting on a Bangle Up bracelet as a substitute for the serum and matches in box 5.4 that never arrived.

    • Hi Susan, did they ever send you anything?

      • I did get a box, but the box I received was not 5.5. It was a bunch of stuff from previous boxes, nearly all of which I had received before (bathing suit, spreader, chocolate bar, parrot earrings, mango body milk, etc.). I emailed them and actually sent it back to them and am now waiting on 5.5. They did send me the Bangle Up bracelet separately and it is very nice.

  2. I’ve just had the most maddening exchange with OuiPlease. This is a warning to everyone not to place orders from the shop. For context, I am no longer a subscriber and would never in a million years purchase a box again. After the exchange I’m describing below I will never buy from the shop again either.
    So, against my better judgment I purchased a Bangle Up bracelet from their shop three weeks ago, when the new bangles got listed. Surprise surprise, the item was not in stock. I emailed them a week after placing the order to see what was up. I was told the bracelets were shipping that weekend. Today I reached out to see if there was an update. Answer: “… unfortunately, there is no new update regarding the bangles. As soon as I hear something I will let you know. Merci!”, which didn’t clarify if the bracelets had even been shipped from France. I asked if they had. Answer: “As of this morning, no, they haven’t been shipped to us. Merci!”. I wrote one last time mentioning that I was told on 3/26 they were shipping that weekend and asked when they expected them to ship. Answer, which has me fuming: “I understand that you’re anxious to receive the bangles! However, I cannot give you the answer you are expecting because I don’t know the date you are requesting. When I have a date to provide you with, I will let you know. Until then, please understand that asking multiple times does not make items arrive quicker. I will respond to your message when the items arrive so that we may progressively move forward. Thank you!”
    Uh? “Asking multiple times does not make items arrive quicker”? [the person means “more quickly” btw]. Like you’re doing me a favor in replying to a legitimate question about an item I paid for and is nowhere to be seen? What preposterous assumption that customer service can shush me as a nuisance, when they are not upholding their end of the deal — and lying, as per their usual MO. I have been gracious and patient over the years knowing that (some of) the items eventually show up, and have supported their business occasionally after my subscription ended since I like Bangle Up bracelets. But man, this condescending message is just ridiculous.

    • That’s terrible! Thank you for the warning.

    • Thank you Frankie for the warning. My shop orders always came right away, which made the box situation even more laughable. I’m amazed that they are still playing games and haven’t folded at this venture. How sad to run a company in this manner and have to say by day spew out lies and deleting mostly patient and honest inquiries. I’d be irked too if I got those answers topped off with that patronizing reply. I hope you are able to resolve, good luck! That treatment was clearly arrogant.

    • They’re reaching new levels of scamming subscribers. Looks like with your reply, they’re adding products to their shop that they clearly don’t have and grabbing the money. Not sure what they’re doing with it at this point but it’s safe to say they’re just digging a deeper hole.

  3. Hi all,
    I’ve been really bad about keeping up with the lack of boxes…too much life transitions this last past year. I finally sent them an email 3/6/21 – readdressing an email of missing items from 5.1 dated July 2020:

    ‘Please —

    This was the last email I sent to you to resolve the issue of a missing item.
    I’ve been patient don’t you think?
    But I have not received any additional boxes since this email:
    I have not received box 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.6 which were supposed to be included in my annual subscription.
    I would check my account every so often and it will say ‘Processing’ but later it says ‘Completed’ and
    I have not received anything!

    Please investigate and send items!
    Thank you.’

    And (drumroll…) this was their response today 3/9/21:

    ‘Thank you for reaching out to OuiPlease. I apologize about the delay in response – there has been an influx of inquiries and it is taking me longer to respond to each.

    I see your missing items were never notated, which is why they were never sent. I am so sorry about this – it was definitely a big mistake on our end. I have added the serum and Terre de Mars to our “missing items” list and will have these sent ASAP.

    We are deeply sorry about the extended delay and understand that it’s frustrating. I reached out to my fulfillment team and unfortunately, at this moment, we are missing most of the items for Vol 5.2 and are unable to ship this edition to you. Our team has placed orders for all the items included and all remaining Vol 5.2 edition boxes will be shipped as soon as the items deliver – we anticipate on completing shipment for this edition at the end of March. If you prefer to no longer wait for the products for this edition to deliver, I can offer to swap your box with one of our future editions. Please let me know your thoughts. I was notified that we are to include substitutions in our Vol 5.2 edition for the Christophe Robin hair duo ($23) and the soy candle ($12), as we are not receiving a shipment of either of these items. I apologize about the inconvenience. At this moment, I am unaware of the items we are shipping in their stead, however, I want to assure we will include items comparable in value.

    They also notified me they are awaiting the final shipment from Nach, which should deliver next week. As soon as the shipment delivers, your Vol 5.3 edition box will be curated and shipped to you. We apologize about the delay in shipping your box. We understand that the delays are extremely frustrating, and we are doing everything we can to get back on track with our shipping schedule. We are to include substitutions in our Vol 5.3 edition for the Christophe Robin hair mist ($39) and the Respire after-sun cream-gel ($15), as we are not receiving a shipment of either of these items.

    We are deeply sorry about the delay in shipping your Vol 5.4 edition box. We have ordered a second batch of products which are scheduled to deliver next week. At that point, all pending boxes will be curated and shipped. We promise your box will be on its way to you very soon!

    Our Vol 5.5 edition is scheduled to begin shipping late March. Customization for this edition has not yet opened, so be on the lookout for a separate email notifying you when the form has been uploaded to your customer portal.

    Please feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.

    We truly appreciate your continued patience and support!’

    Not sure whether to wait – or swap the 5.2 for a future box…

    • That is awful that you haven’t received any of those boxes! I really don’t know which is the safer bet, waiting for items to come in from the past boxes, or choosing a future box that may not ever come or will have similar missing item problems. They should definitely offer you some kind of additional compensation for all the boxes that didn’t arrive.

      I emailed them recently because I still haven’t received the serum or the matches from 5.4 (I’ve given up on the French press and other missing items from 5.2) and noticed they have a bunch of new bangles in their shop. I asked if I could get one of the bangles as a replacement for the serum but they said that the serum is supposed to be arriving “next week” and they can’t make the substitution.

    • If I had a dollar for every OP reply “we’re shipping next week”or “at the end of the month” I’d be very rich. I lost all respect and hope when they gave me the shipping line 20+ times and I’d suggest you do the same. Do you honestly think they’ll ship at the end of March all these boxes?

      I think you best bet is to cut your loses and file a BBB claim or take them to small claims court to get back your money. There’s hundreds of subscribers in this position with them.

  4. I really wish my subscriptionaddiction would keep up with the ouiplease box posts like they used to. Literally adding the disclaimer that they are not shipping out boxes and everyone has issues. They used to do that and it was a way to keep ouiplease and boxes causing problems trying to steal money in check. Feels weird that this site no longer does that

    • I don’t think they’ve posted about OP since this post, which is almost a year old. While it would be good to have the disclaimer updated here, I’m glad they are no longer promoting/sharing the box.

      • I agree with you, Mary. I subscribed because of this site, despite reading member’s reviews. They spent a full year without sending a full box, not keeping track of the missing items, ghosting everyone. I am glad my subscription is over and I can say I got scraps and not the actual items.

      • Since MSA is one of the biggest sub box sites, I would love to see them keep up with OP but more of a warning post. Like “here’s the advertised items in box 5.5 but FYI subscribers received the 5.1 box 7 months late and no one received the 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 box”, “we don’t recommend”. Because OP deletes all negative comments and has removed their FB reviews, I think it’s ESSENTIAL to have as many outlets where potential subscribers can know the real truth. MSA is on top for a Google search so they should really be an avenue for warning ⚠️ people. I’m surprised trust pilot doesn’t have more reviews.

      • I’m glad they aren’t advertising a corrupt business practice by posting about OP. Customers were lied to repeatedly. OP has their own website ppl can follow if they’re interested and they seem to send weekly emails.

    • Agreed! I received a partial 5.1 box, and nothing since. I tried to reverse the charges, but it’s been too long – so I just have to hold on and hope they eventually ship something.

    • I wish they were stepping on our behalf since almost all of us only ordered after learning about the company through MSA. While I don’t hold MSA responsible for their bad business practices at all, I feel they could at least intervene. They’d be able to get more results than we could. We do come here for info and links to reputable companies and like to think this is a pretty safe and vetted site.

      • Well put. It seems from a recent GlobeIn post that MSA intervened there and got a response.

      • Hi Taren! We’ve reached out to Oui Please for an update, and will share their response on MSA as soon as we hear back. Stay tuned!

      • Ladies, I think it’s great that MSA will contact OP but let’s be honest, does anyone actually believe Jessica will be honest? Most of us have been dealing with this for over a year now and we have all witnessed the constant lies over and over again by her. Most of us have had our comments or reviews deleted off social media. Some, like me have been blocked on social media for telling the truth. A huge portion of us have requested refunds only to be ghosted by them. This company is running off the hard earned money of all of us and none of us have anything to show for it, besides maybe one half filled box in a year period.

      • Hi Mallory, whatever happened with this? Did Oui Please respond?

  5. I am owed three more boxes from them and have not received one single item from 5.2, 5.3, or 5.4. I have been a loyal and good customer and don’t understand why I have not recevied anything at all. I contacted them in early December when they promised to send out to me what they could but all they did was make a mailing label with Fedex and never sent it – the label still says PENDING. The poor customer service is bad enough, but the promises made in emails by specific people (that are being broken) is particularly ugly.

    • No disrespect Holly but why are you even dealing with this? Why aren’t you filing a BBB complaint to get back all your money? I’m sure you got a great deal but it’s not wroth the $65 per box. You’re not going to get the advertised box. You’re not going to get the French Press from the 5.2 box and it’s missing the candle and face mask too. The swimsuit from 5.3 is made in China and it’s not lined and has no support. Plus this box is missing the Christophe Robin hair mist. They advertised the full size 30ml Anne Semonin serum for the 5.4 box and actually it’s only 15ml. More false advertising. And no subscriber has received this serum or the matches yet. At this point I don’t see how this is all worth it dealing with this mess.

      • We can’t get our money back it’s too late to do a charge back. I was still owed two boxes when I took a vantage of the black Friday deal in 2019 November, it ended up being around $460. Since then I’ve received one box so I’m owed the six box subscription and an additional box from the prior year. Since it was November 2019 when we are re-upped we cannot do chargebacks. As for BBB, they don’t care, were complained and filed and OP doesn’t seem to care.

  6. There is a new spoiler on their Instagram. Something from Rivedroite Paris

  7. I got the clip/brooch and the chocolate bar in the mail today along with a “more to come” note. I already received the tote, lipstick, and macaron soap, so I’m still missing the serum and matches. Still no French press from 5.2. Box 5.5 is the last in my subscription and I haven’t seen anything about that yet.

    • To those of you who received the clip/brooch: what’s the quality like? I am considering purchasing one from the shop, which is now restocked, but was wondering if it’s worth it.
      Thank you 🙂

      • I got the palm one. It is nice! It looks just like the picture and has some weight to it. The clip mechanism part seems to be strong and of quality. It’s got pointy grips on the bottom and felt fabric to protect the top part. I would be careful if clipping to a more delicate fabric because of the grips. I haven’t worn it yet. I got an email for 35% off with code WINTER35

      • One note – it is more of a bronze gold than a yellow gold if you are picky about gold tones. They show both color tones in the pictures, so I wanted to clarify!

      • I received the multi-colored jeweled one shaped like a wreath. It has the same clip mechanism that Shannon mentioned. The jewels are pretty and seem well attached. It’s not cheap looking. I’d say it looks like something you could get at a store like Macy’s rather than a place like Claire’s Accessories.

  8. How is everyone getting ahold of Oui Please? I’ve emailed the [email protected] email a few times this month and they won’t respond to me. I’ve yet to receive a single item from 5.3 or 5.4. Wondering if I have to resort to commenting on an instagram post to get them to contact me.

    • Hi Niki.
      Actually. You should. I’ve always had results by kindly but firmly sending DMs in Instagram. To me I see it’s gotten the most results by those of us who’ve had more luck in getting what is due in our subs. Just be careful as I know some they will tend to block or ignore, the very aggressive posts they will just delete. Really don’t know why some get action and others do not to this day. My advice is go there and sincerely ask for them to make good. Sorry you didn’t get anything yet. Best of luck. The Oui shop is dwindling so better now than later imho.

    • I didn’t get my refund until I posted a review on Facebook, but that option is gone now. 🙁

    • I guess some have had luck but after my initial email about what I was owed, I never received another reply from them again despite all my follow ups. I messaged them on IG and got the basic response “send a dm and we’ll look into it”. No follow up and I continued to post until they deleted my messages and blocked me. I went the BBB route and thankfully got a refund for this nightmare. I suggest you do the same, this is not worth the headache.

    • Spoke with Oui Please via Instagram messaging. Turns out my account was accidentally marked as all orders being completed. They said they’d send me my boxes at the end of this week after their next shipment comes in.

      • Accident? 😂
        You may get a shipping notification in a couple days but I guarantee you, you won’t get 2 boxes next week. We all know too well they’re “shipping this week” line.

  9. Well, I just got the chocolate bar and clip. I had contacted them 2-3 weeks ago since ppl were reporting that they were getting stuff, and they told me they could send out these items that week, and the serum and matches the following week. I haven’t seen any tracking info yet on the second batch, so it’s back to their website to follow up. I’ve given up on missing items from the earlier boxes (the tea press, etc.).

    I do strongly advise anyone waiting on stuff to contact them. It wasn’t until I emailed them that I saw motion on the recent items and boxes. The squeaky wheel definitely has more chance of success with this company.

  10. Got my 5.3 box today. I got the swimsuit, Bobby pins, bar of soap, fancy lipstick, dove earrings which were my pick, and nail polish. No book. Slowly but surely the boxes are arriving.

    • I received same box as you today.
      I am happy and done. Too bad such a well curated box (but for the not-French items) had so many issues. This was my fave sub, along with Little Lace Box. I go way back!

  11. Update: I received tracking from Oui via USPS. I’m expecting this to be the missing items from 5.4.

    • Shannon, I hope you receive more then I did. I did not get the bag,serum or matches. I got the clip and a small chocolate bar. I’ve contacted them and all I get is yes you’ll be getting the missing items soon.

      • Thanks Donna! I did get the clip and chocolate bar. I had already received the bag in my previous box. Oui informed me that they were still waiting on the serum and matches. They said they will send those out when they receive the shipment in. Hope we all get all the missing items soon.

  12. I finally got my 5.3 box. It felt partial..? I got the swimsuit which I was disappointed. It is very thin material with no support. Oh well, I took a chance there. I got the earrings I selected, the burning papers, the small hair duo set, a bar of soap, and the after sun lotion. The bar of soap was the only full sized item. I didn’t get the pamphlet with the descriptions and such, so that is part of the reason it felt partial (and lack of substantial items.) While I certainly understand the pandemic has caused issues for the company, they could have done a waaaaay better job managing the situation. The lack of communication on top of making promises they couldn’t keep really left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Watched a video about this unboxing with this swimsuit and I guess the tag says made in China. The lady also compared a swimsuit from this brand with the one OP sent. Lots of differences especially support and lining. She said the one OP sent was like a leotard. Would you agree? You box looks partial cause they didn’t send the lotion, Bobby pins or spreading knife. At this point you’re lucky you got something.

      • Do you have a link for the video? Tried to find it but didn’t have any luck. THanks.

    • Just received a notice from usps instead of fed x. I have a package coming. It’s supposed to have the missing items in it. Fingers crossed. I’ll let you all know when I know. At least they are responding.

      • Just received a French chocolate bar and a gold clip. No green canvas bag, no matches no serum. I contacted them to see if it was on its way.

    • Hello,
      Has anyone received the missing items from box 5.4? I’m supposed to be getting them Saturday by USPS instead of Fed x. Don’t know what I’ll get but I’ll post the contents of box.

      • My 5.4 only had the tote, lipstick, and macaron soap. I had a shipping label created by Fedex on 12/22 for what I assume are the missing items, but nothing has happened since the label was created. There has been no movement at all.

      • I’m still waiting for my 5.1 box items from the partial box they sent me in July!! I know I’m not alone cause I commented on IG and I had several ‘Me Too’s’!

        Would love to know what you received. I somehow believe they won’t be giving you the Ann Semonin face serum, unless they give you a mini. They only sent 3 of the 7 products so I’m looking forward to hear what you got from these scamming liers!

      • A few weeks ago I contacted OP about some missing items from 5.2 (which was my last box of an annual — thankfully I did not have to go through the stress of 5.3 and 5.4), after reading a comment here about people reaching out successfully. They actually replied to me on the same day, and sent me the missing Blancreme mask and the nail polish (full disclosure, I was one of the lucky few who received the French press, possibly because I kept asking on IG). In the end, with the exception of the candle, I received every item that was promised for that box. My suggestion would be to email them periodically to inquire about any missing items. It does look like they are receiving some shipments here and there. Perhaps if there are people still waiting on that face mask and/or nail polish they’ll be able to send at least those out to you. Hopefully everyone will be made whole.

      • Just received a very small chocolates bar and a metal clip. No bag, no serum and no matches.
        I emailed and asked if the other items were coming soon.

  13. MSA did year in review for other boxes so here’s mine for OP 2020:

    Jan/Feb 5.1 box- subscribers received this box last week of June and into July. Original advertised items were jelly confit, throw, lip balm, incense papers, bracelet, hair pin, serum and body cream (or oil). No one received the confit. A good portion of people received only a half box that was accompanied by a note promising to ship out their remaining items. Only 2 well know Youtubers received their remaining items. Everyone else still waiting.

    Mar/Apr 5.2 box- in Sept they offered to send a hybrid box of 5.2 & 5.3 out with what items they had, if you requested it. Original advertised items for 5.2 were suppose to be glass french press, candle, socks, nail polish, face mask, CR hair mask duo, ring, and honey plus dipper. No one received the advertised candle or face mask. If you requested a partial box, the majority received socks, CR hair mask duo, ring, sunscreen from 5.3, nail polish and throw from 5.1. Some also received the honey and spreader from 5.3 or items from the 5.1 box. All partial boxes were different. A couple Youtubers received the french press, though it was a different brand.

    May/Jun 5.3 box- some people report receiving this box in December. Original advertised items were black swimsuit, after sun gel, lotion, bar of soap, bobby pins, earrings, spreading knife, and CR hair mist. No one received the Christophe Robins Rose Hair Mist. Boxes all seemed to be different, some had swimsuits, others didn’t. All boxes included items from previous boxes.

    July/Aug 5.4 box – it seems like the majority of subscribers received this box in Dec though there are still comments on social media of labels being created but no boxes shipping for some subscribers. Original advertised items were canvas tote, lipstick, Ann Semonin face serum, chocolate bar, matches, brooch, and macaron soap. Subscribers only received the fabric tote, lipstick, and soap from the advertised 5.4 box. The remaining items people received were the smaller items from previous boxes like the CR hair mask duo and bobby pins.

    Sept/Oct 5.5 box- not advertised, no one received a 5th box this year.

    Nov/Dec 5.6 box- not advertised, no one received a 6th box this year.

    Each subscriber varies, some report only receiving a half box for the entire year while a few report receiving 4 boxes (the 5.3 & 5.4 just arrived). The majority only received 2 boxes. Negative comments still being deleted on social media.

    • Seriously.

      5.1 – partial box, no additional items sent
      5.2 – partial box upon request, no additional items sent
      5.3 – shipping label created, no movement
      5.4 – shipping label created, no movement

      • Important to note that all these boxes that people received DID NOT contain the big ticket items: French press, swimsuit, Ann Semonin serum, or brooch.

    • One very important note I forgot to add. None of these delivered boxes came with the promised over $300 value and that’s factoring in their insane MSRP prices.

      OP says only full size items are given and that is most definitely not true. The after sun gel, CR masks, lotion from 5.3, and serum from 5.1 were travel sizes.

      Boxes did not come with the promised 8+ items.

      Lastly if you look at the tag you’ll see items were made in China and India.

      • When I finally got shipping info on 12/22 I was excited to get the bathing suit. I had communicated with Ouiplease and told them I would wait for it and the earrings and they assured me they had my size request etc. I also took a partial box prior to this with no hero item. My box has not moved and now I keep reading what the recent boxes contain. Let’s see what happens.

  14. So disappointed (but not surprised)! My 5.4 came and only had the canvas tote, the lipstick, and the macaron soap. Everything else was filler: the ring that I already got in box 5.2, the christophe robin hair duo again (for the third time!), bobby pins (already got in 5.3), and honey and dipper (already got- can’t remember if it was 5.1 or 5.2). I agree with other posters who are fed up with the lies and cover ups of OP. I have been watching their facebook and instagram pages closely over the last few days and negative comments disappear within an hour or so.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever been as annoyed with a company as I am with OP. They are featured in a Dallas News article about how wonderful and altruistic they are because they include a pamphlet and label in every box to encourage people to make a donation to Genesis Women’s Shelter. I have never received a pamphlet or mailing label in my boxes. Feels like they are straight up lying to everyone about everything at this point.

    • Yes, they are straight up lying…in so many ways. Over the past several years I’ve subscribed on and off to over 25 different sub boxes. A number of these boxes had issues…but there is no doubt in my mind that OP is hands down 100% the shadiest sub I’ve ever subscribed to. They really need to be put out of business for fraud.

  16. I received a partial 5.4 box on Christmas Eve including the bag, adorable macaron soap duo and lipstick in the color I selected. The rest was filler from previous boxes. I was really looking forward to trying the serum, pin and chocolate. I hope they are still planning to send the rest of the missing items at some point.

  17. I have a shipping label created 12/15 and a second shipping label created 12/22. Add it to the shipping label created July 16th. No movement. Oui Please creates labels all the time, but they never ship anything.
    They said they were shipping 5.2 and 5.3 in August. Nothing. I’ve received one box out of a six box subscription purchased over a year ago.
    Congratulations to those who actually received something. I’m following this to see what others are getting.

    • Seems they are sending boxes to some subscribers but not all. Not sure how they are deciding who gets a box but at least some people got the 5.3 box. Doubt they will ever send a full 5.2 box. And why should they, they got away with sending a partial 5.2 box to subscribers who wanted it (filled with all the cheap items and missing the big ticket ones).

      I wiped my hands clean with this disaster months ago and it took a lot of time to get my refund. They refused at first (which is crazy bc it was six months and no box) but I kept at it and filed a complaint with the BBB. Got all my money refunded. Btw a merchant filed a complaint too, seems OP didn’t pay for their products (5k). I would highly suggest you file with the BBB, they’ve shown you what kind of business they are.

    • I received a shipping notice in 12/22 and actually got a pang of excitement, as people have gotten boxes recently. However, it hasn’t moved – the fedex expected delivery was today. I had communicated with them a few months ago that I would wait for the swimsuit box, as that is what I really wanted. They said it was past swimming weather and offered the next back (5.4? I’m losing track), but I expressed that I really wanted to wait on the swimsuit definition. Fingers crossed that the box moves. Happy early New Year to all who have stayed on this very long and quite ok’d thread 😊

      • Sorry for the errors in my email. I need to clear the sleep from my eyes. I think you get what I was trying to say. The last line is – quite OLD thread 😂

      • Sorry for the errors in my email. I need to clear the sleep from my eyes. I think you get what I was trying to say. The last line is – quite OLD thread ( which I am getting waiting for this box!) 😂

  18. I just got the 5.4 – what a disappointment.

    From the 5.4 insert they JUST sent out this week, 5.4 should include:
    – serum (did not receive)
    – clips (did not receive)
    – chocolate bar (did not receive)
    – matches (did not receive)
    – canvas bag – got it
    – macaron soaps – got it
    – lipstick – got it (and in the color requested!)

    Stuff from previous boxes in this shipment:
    – burning papers from 5.1
    – CR mask minis and ring from 5.2
    – bobby pins from 5.3

    Why would you send out the box insert containing all that stuff you KNOW you aren’t shipping?

    Once again, missing the hero item (the serum). At this point, I would have been happy if I had just gotten that and nothing else. The value of the items received was under $210, using their inflated retail values for everything but the ring (I used the price they have listed in the shop, not what was listed in the original product list). Plus I really hate the scent of those incense papers – I had to wash the throws (multiple times) when I got them the first time in 5.1 because they stunk so bad from being in the box with them.

    One more box in my sub, we’ll see what (if anything) comes. It doesn’t bode well that they haven’t spoiled anything 5.5 yet, plus their shop right now has like 12 items, half of which are different scents of the soap that came in 5.3.

  19. I received my 5.3 box today and within it was an apology letter for the delay. Not sure what reference was to high standard of customer service was given as I never received valid information about delivery of this purchase ( after many attempts!) until a few days ago. I wondered if it had to do with any pressure from my bank or other investigations from inquires I had made about this company.

    About the products in this box: The swimsuit is large on me, not quite the expected fit given the noted measurement chart I went by. I do like the earrings and also received a ring that I saw listed in their shop.
    I also received; bobby pins and a utensil spreader, a large soap and small *CR hair care set. An *after sun product. And a *honey face mask.

    I have a question for anyone reading, none of the listed *cosmetic type products I received ( listed above) were safety sealed in any way. Is this normal for those products?

    Thanks for any info!

    Best Wishes everyone!

    • All my CR products have had the seal on them.

  20. Hi Noel has an unboxing video up now if anyone wants to see the 5.3.

  21. I’m really confused because I got the 5.3 box a week ago, got a notification that another box is expected to arrive on 12/24, and then got another notification that *another* box is expected to arrive on 12/28. My first box was the 4.6, so my annual subscription ends with 5.5. I am assuming that the box arriving on 12/24 is the 5.4 box, but what is the box that is arriving on 12/28? I haven’t seen any spoilers related to a 5.5 box. Is it going to be more leftovers (which I already received in my partial 5.2 and my 5.3)? That would be a very disappointing, yet unsurprising, end to my subscription. Or could it be the French press that I never received?

  22. I was one of the subscribers that got the swimsuit on box 5.3 – maybe because they were set to send me the 5.4 and I asked for the 5.3, which arrived three weeks ago. Well, 5.4 arrived, I got the Laduree bag, 2 macaroon soaps, and the lipstick. Everything else was repeated, another Christophe Robin, another ring, another Papier d’Armenie, another set of bobby pins. I am glad I am done with this sub. Awful experience with delays and boxes sent with missing or incorrect products. I hope you can all get something so you do not lose all your money!

    • Question for those who got the 5.4 box: did anyone receive the brooch/clasp they have been spoiling…?

      • No, no brooch was included. Also missing the serum, matches, and chocolate.

    • I just received this exact box which I guess is 5.4. I never received the 5.2 or 5.3 box. This was missing the brooch/clasp, serum, and chocolate. Guess they substituted the ring ( which should have been in one of my previous missing boxes?) and the hair duo and bobby pins?

    • I just got this exact box today. I can’t remember if this is my last or second to last box with them but at this point I’m happy to just get something for what I paid. It’s pretty clear that this box is not profitable for the owners running it and it needs to go out of business. They’re keep promising certain items and then falling short on cash to deliver them in time.

  23. It’s a miracle! Yesterday 5.3 with the swimsuit, soap, earrings, spreader, after sun lotion, Christophe Robin duo, Bobby pins and a Blancreme face mask with honey and today 5.4! (Still no 5.2 but I have renewed hope)

    I received: a Camille de Soos “Bosco” ring
    A mint green Laduree bag
    A four ounce jar of Hedene linden honey and a honey dipper
    Another Christophe Robin hair duo, the same as in 5.3
    Le Rouge Francais lipstick
    A green and a blue macron soap in a pretty little box
    Another package of 24 Bachca rose gold Bobby pins.

    3/7 were spoiled I think, and I think the honey was spoiled for a different box but I never received it. The ring is in their store so I’m guessing it was in an old box too but I never received it. The hair duo and Bobby pins are clearly repeats from 5.3.

    Overall I’m happy! I bought an annual last year at like 45% off and while the wait has been frustrating, the three boxes I’ve received (I also got 5.1) have been good for me. I love this ring especially. I hope everyone gets their boxes and is as happy as I am, and that 5.2 comes for me someday.

  24. I have another box on the way. I assume it is 5.4. It’s been scanned in by Fed Ex with expected delivery on 12-24.

  25. What a debacle oui please. Got my box without swimsuit. Missing items from my previous box. The cheap items in this box one were ridiculous. A soap, a spreader hair pins repeat respire and a body milk. So shameful. I paid quit a lot for my annual. So happy to be done with this box and because of oui please all other subs will never get another annual from me so tired of being burned by these expensive boxes. And the nerve to send me ads to buy items in their store. How about you take those items and give them to all the people you oh.

    • This is a believable review, you got a box w/ no swimsuit. I reached out to them after seeing these 6 or 7 sudden reviews of boxes coming with swimsuits. Requested the swimsuit box and they shipped me a box too. 2 packs of hair pins, soap, respire, lotion, hair duo and bird earrings was all I received. Nothing more. No swimsuit. Hair pins made in China. Beauty items not full size at all except soap. Earrings cheap. I would guess this entire box costs $25 max. As far as I’m concerned there is no 5.3 swimsuit box.

      • I suspect they had a limited supply and only sent them to a few lucky people whose boxes went out in the first batch. My last box was 5.2, so I’m no longer a subscriber, but something similar happened to me: my box arrived in a batch that was shipped earlier than those of other people on this thread, and for some mysterious reason I received the French press, but many on this thread didn’t.

      • Hi Karen.
        I’m not exactly sure why you phrased the first line the way you did…but I assure you my box did finally come with a swimsuit in my size. If I could add a photo I’d show you and I too believe they sent out a small batch and I am sorry and have no idea why they send some people things and others not. I wasn’t expecting anything honestly so I consider myself surprised and lucky. But please let’s not start implying again people are not being honest…we all are just trying to find some light to this situation and trying year. My best advice in fearing they only had so many swimsuits is message on Instagram. It’s how I got the French Press after weeks, if not seek a chargeback.

      • I actually did receive my 5.3 with swimsuit and everything as promised except a hair mask instead of volumizing spray. I j ust received 5.4, though, and that was pretty much all recycled products. A ring I’ve already gotten, the honey from 5.2, the hair mask duo for the THIRD time, bobby pins again. I thought they had gotten it together after 5.3 came pretty much complete, but I guess not.

  26. I got my 5.3 box today (I reached out to OP on Instagram after seeing other people commenting on getting their boxes, and they promptly shipped it). I’m one of the people who said it was okay to send me a partial 5.2 box, so I got some duplicates- the hair duo and the respire after sun care were in both my 5.2 and 5.3. In 5.3 I also got my size/color swimsuit (it has NO support at all! not good for a fuller figured woman), parrot earrings, spreader, bobby pins, small body milk, and soap. A notice also came in my email that 5.4 has shipped for me. Just one more box after that and I am done! Still never got the French press from 5.2 (they gave me another maradji throw as a substitute).

    • Same story as Susan. I received 5.3 today. It was in a pretty blue box with a ribbon and overall lovely presentation. I got my correct selections. As others reported, I received the Christophe Robbin duo product instead of the spray. There was a hand signed apology note as well. I’m happy to see that they are finally getting boxes out and hope everyone that is still owed boxes receives them soon. I also got another tracking number – that I assume is 5.4.

    • I bought the bi monthly box in early June. Just got notice fed x has a box. I’m supposed to be getting 5.3 and 5.4. This notice was just for one box. They have been good about communicating with me the last six months. It’s been frustrating not getting a box. Hope things are going to move faster now and that this box was worth the wait. Good luck to others waiting.

    • Oh ladies I just got notice my two boxes are out for delivery. I will let you know what I get. From everything I’ve read it’s a toss up. I had them cancel my subscription. This is too much stress. Hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Received 5.3 and 5.4 I think. A lot missing and duplicates. Each box had the christoph robin hair mask and I received a package of Bobby pins in each box. I commend them for trying but didn’t not get a full box in either one. After six months I’m glad I received something. I asked them to cancel my bi monthly. I hope they have for me it wasn’t worth it . Hope others have done better.

      • Donna- I’d love to know what you got in your 5.4 box besides the duplicate hair pins and hair mask? So far they show this box including a canvas tote, serum, brooch, choco bar, matches, lipstick and soap. This isn’t the promised 8+ items and it definitely isn’t $300+.

        Also, did you get a swimsuit in your 5.3?

  27. Received a very lovely 5.2 in exactly what I selected. I have not tried the bathing suit on and it seems to be made of a weird thin material that I’m not used too, it is not my favorite thing in the box. Presentation looked thoughtfully put together and the person even matched the color of the box and tissue to the bathing suit. Was really beautifully packaged.

    Much to my surprise, I got an email that 5.3 has been sent to FedEx!!!!!

    • It sounds like you got the 5.3, that’s the one with the bathing suit. 5.2 was supposed to be the French Press. I think you have 5.4 coming.

      Glad you got something but it makes me wonder why they are selecting certain people? I am waiting for the 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 box. No notifications for me. Why would they not send me the 5.3 too?

      • I just got a tracking label created late last night, so you might get yours today! The box hasn’t made it to FedEx yet though. I think it’s for 5.3, I had emailed OP earlier this month asking if they had the rest of the items for 5.2 and 5.3 and they emailed me back early last week saying they got the last of the items they needed and would ship my box in a few days.

      • Same question. They are picking and choosing who is getting their boxes.

    • Karen, I did not get the chocolate bar, serum or bag. The 5.3 had swimsuit very thin and revealing, Christophe Robin hair mask and Bobby pins and a spreader the I guess 5.4 had Bobby pins Christophe robin hair mask lipstick . That’s it. I have emailed them so we’ll see if they send what I’m missing.

  28. I have a box on the way too! It’s moving through the Fed Ex system.

    • As if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder…I indeed got my 5.3 box. It included everything but the spray (though I got the hair duo). I never imagined a week before Christmas I’d get the swimsuit. As others have said, it was packaged rather nicely and the soap made it all smell amazing. Really looking back at my annual I must give them that…for me, I got all the bigger ticket items and at end of the day I did get extras for the couple things missing and then some. So to be fair I have to say they somehow pulled it off. Sadly the way it was all handled was a shame and I feel lucky I got the last box in full even though it’s months late. I’m sorry to all of you who had worse results or strain than me. I really liked this box when I started and I wish things went along differently. Good luck to all of you and have a safe and happy holiday.

      • I am happy for you. I still haven’t heard anything from them. No shipping info. I’m sure I am not alone. But indeed, happy holidays to you guys who got it. Still waiting for a shipping notice to end this lousy year on an up note!

      • Ha! Months and month ago when they first spoiled that swimsuit, I commented somewhere that the suit was gonna be awesome…when it arrived in December ;-). There’s always hot tubs, right? Anyways, it’s great that people are actually getting boxes, and what’s more, ones that are relatively complete. I jumped ship on OP a number of months back, and did get a refund…but happy that the current subscribers are getting boxes. Well, at least some of them are!

  29. I opened the box last night – it’s the 5.3 box – everything but the christophe robin spray was in there, which was a shock. There was another christophe robin mini mask duo, which was perhaps a substitution for the more expensive spray?

    Contents: swimsuit in the requested size/color (after the whole thing about the swimsuit company reaching out to them via social media b/c they couldn’t reach them otherwise, I really thought the swimsuit would not be in there); hoop earrings (not parrots so must be the doves); after sun cream; bar soap; small body milk; bobby pins and spreading knife plus the aforementioned addon of the CR hair mask minis duo. As others have said, the earrings come in a very cute little bag.

    Now if I could just get my terre de mars body care and confit from 5.1 and the honey mask/scrub, candle and tea press from 5.2…. I was really looking forward to that tea/coffee press, too:(

    I’m shocked and happy to have gotten an almost complete 5.3 at this point. Best wishes that everyone waiting for it gets one soon:)

  30. I am not a OP plant. I am a frustrated subscriber who was shocked to receive the 5.3 box yesterday. I too sent multiple emails this summer requesting a full refund and only received run around emails in return. I saved all of my correspondence with OP because of the negative comments on this page. I finally decided not pursue anything further with OP because it seemed to be a tremendous hassle and waste of my time. I just accepted it as a loss and moved on in what has been a very difficult year. I am sincerely sorry that many have not received their promised boxes or refunds. As I said earlier I will wait to see what happens with my last couple of boxes. If I get them, then great. If not, this company isn’t worth any more of my precious time or energy. I think dealing with this company is stressful enough, and one should not have to also deal with accusations of being deceitful or a OP plant from fellow frustrated subscribers.

    • I agree 100% with you Claudia. Several people jumped to the wrong conclusion instantaneously, and made some baseless accusations. All of us ‘plants’ expressed a lot of frustration with OP and I don’t think a true plant would be that critical. I understand that fake comments have happened in the past, which is hugely frustrating and not okay. But to immediately attack your fellow posters? Also not okay.

      It’s depressing to see that only one of them even posted a partial apology yet. Especially given how quick they were with the accusations.

    • I’m glad to hear you got your 5.3 but I’m still waiting on my 5.2 and a response to my emails to them about it.

    • For me it’s not ‘if I get them great if not oh well’. I’m fighting OuiPlease to get my refund because it’s the principle. You fight businesses that scam you out of your hard earned money. No matter the amount. You don’t let them get away with this. I received 1 box in an annual that I paid 11 months ago. I have received no tracking or box in the past week.

  31. All I have is “label created” on 11/18.

  32. Hey – I got a fed ex notice as well, I think they must be sending out a batch. I haven’t gotten the box in hand yet to see if it’s the swimsuit box (in part or in full) – but it has actually entered the fed ex system (not just a shipping notice from OuiPlease).

    • I out of the blue also go a notice and now actual movement on a box. My last box was the summer in my annual so I really have no idea what will come tomorrow but color me shocked. As said before, their ways are impossible to follow and I indeed hope it’s with a suit. I will share.

      • I have a box scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

  33. I also received my 5.3 box today. It had my swimsuit in my size and my earring choice in a nice storage bag. I really like the earrings. It also included the spreader, the Respire after sun lotion (50 ml), blencreme mango body milk ( 75ml), a large bar of panier des sens grapefruit soap, Bacha bobby pins, and trial size Christophe Robin duo. It was packaged in a nice silver box with a satin bow. I am actually shocked. I received a partial 5.2 a couple months ago. From all these comments I figured I would never see anymore boxes. I have a couple more boxes left in my annual that I bought in 2019. I’ll just see wait and see what happens with the remaining boxes.

  34. I got a beautiful box today with my bathing suit in the right size and my choice of earrings. I am so surprised to say the least. Everything was packed just the way it used to be in the white box with the bow tie.

    • Wow. I can only hope I get mine too. No shipment info.

      • No hate “Nettie” but I don’t believe this, this seems like a comment from OP. As others have commented on IG, no one is getting anything, including their refunds. All OP does is delete real comments and promote their business despite only shipping 1 (partial) box this year (not 6). Oh and nice try with the 12 days of giveaways contest.

    • If it is true that you are a plant Nettie, shame of you. This is a group of people who did not get what they paid for. No one is complaining about a wrong color. All we want are the boxes we paid for. It’s just rotten and unethical.

      • Hey – give it a little time before calling someone out! (I would comment to Lynn as well, but don’t have the option). I know OP has been bad all around, but there are now 3 posts about recent shipments (including mine). If you guys had taken a breath and waited a bit to see if anyone else posted, it would have prevented flaming someone who was probably just posting an update.

        If we can’t support each other here in our mutual frustration at OP, and keep everyone informed, what’s the point?

        My box is supposed to be here in a few days. I’ll post the contents at that point.

      • I’m with Suzy & Lynn. OP could have easy wrote all 3 reviews. They have in the past. I have a group of subscribers who I’m connected with and OP told a couple of them they aren’t sending these boxes, only the 5.4. Why would a company with little cash flow buy stuff for the 5.3 box? What about fulfilling the 5.2 box? Why not send out the missing items from the 5.1 box in which half the subscribers received a half empty box with a promissory note?

        Again, a business that has relied on new subscribers to buy products to fulfill boxes aren’t going to waste their time fulfilling old boxes, they are buying the low cost items for the new 5.4 box to keep subscribers. Nice attempt OP but anyone who knows you see’s this is bs. We also see all the comments you delete and people you block.

      • I am not a OP plant. I received my 5.3 box yesterday as described in my earlier comment. I also sent multiple emails this summer asking for a refund of my annual subscription. I have saved copies of all my interactions with OP because I had been reading all these horrible comments for months. After a couple of run around emails, I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle or my time to keep pursuing it and decided to accept it as a loss and move on. I was honestly shocked when the box showed up yesterday. As I said before, I’ll see what happens with my last couple of boxes. If I get them, then great. If not, this company isn’t worth wasting another moment of my life energy during this already difficult year. I’m sincerely sorry that many have not received their promised boxes and I certainly hope that you will receive your refunds or boxes. I think that the hassle of dealing with this company is frustrating enough, and one should not also have to deal with accusations of being a plant from fellow subscribers.

      • I am truly sorry if I offended anyone.

      • Hi Suzy,

        I got a label created and no movement, then I inquired last week about the shipment. They would ship me 5.4, but I asked for the 5.3 before and the swimsuit and mentioned it to them. They shipped the box on Monday (5.3). The box is the white OuiPlease box, but smaller in size, here is what I received: swimsuit, spreading knife (got one in my last box), Respire (which I was sent in my last box), Blancreme, earrings, soap, bobby pins and the perfect hair duo (which I also received before). My last box was partial with a mix with the socks, the honey, and these other items and a Kodage serum.

      • It’s a small Holiday Miracle that anyone received anything – happy for those who got some items. If anyone is interested in swapping the butter knife and/or the earrings, please let me know. I’ll check the swap site, but I know not everyone is on there. Thank you!

      • Hi Kika,

        I also took a partial 5.2. I emailed several times with them about 5.3 and they wanted to skip to 5.4, because they said they were waiting on the bathing suit. I would be happy to get the suit and whatever else they throw in. They have not responded to me in a month and my box still just says processing. No shipping info. Thanks for the information.

      • I am not a “plant” in answer to your statement and that of Lynn. I have been a member for several years of MSA and have over 800 swaps. Shame on you for jumping to judgment as I was letting fellow members to be on the lookout for their box. Thank you, SheilaM, for your response.

  35. I just realized that there is a way to leave reviews of Ouiplease on Trustpilot. That could be a way to warn potential customers.

    • Oooh, good catch! I’ll go try to leave a review there this week. However, I am not sure how they calculate their stars because it looks like they have only 1 star reviews, but Trustpilot has them rated at 2.8 stars. Weird.

  36. I’m a bit panicked today. I renewed last year on Black Friday. I have gotten one box from that subscription, no 5.2 for me yet. Will they try and auto renew? I’m mostly posting so everyone watches their credit card statements and makes sure there isn’t a new annual charge.

    • Same situation here. I only received one box from last years annual. I hate to have to charge back my card but i am seriously thinking I am going to give my CC a call since I haven’t received a response from oui please yet.

      • OP subscriptions don’t auto renew but who knows now a days with them actively scamming people. I would suggest you ladies file complaints with the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau so you can get back your money for the 5 boxes they owe you. It took me almost 3 months but was worth it to get my money. If you have active social media accounts you should call them out too. Just don’t let them scam you, you’re not going to get all your boxes.

    • Their website says that annual subs do not auto renew (just the “bi-monthly” one). We shall see.

      • Thankfully OuiPlease annual subs do not renew. I had the same concern back in April and mine wasn’t automatically renewed.

    • I did the same thing but was still owed 2 boxes from the previous year. I was hoping to just extend it all and have it be prepaid. I’m still waiting on 5.2, and it’s been way too long to do a chargeback. So frustrating.

  37. Am I the only one waiting for 5.2 still? I told them to ship it when it was complete and have gotten nothing!

    • I just got an email for customizing 5.4, and the one clip is called “oh God”, which is fitting lol.

      Thing is. 5.3 was my last box in annual. I really wonder what they shipped out to some. I got no tracking. They added if you picked before you will have to resubmit options. Who knows?!

    • I don’t think they’re planning on ever sending 5.2 boxes. They did send people who requested it a grab-bag of what they had but they never purchased the hero item, the French press and I doubt they will buy it. For anyone that requested the what-they-had bag would have received the remaining items for this box and what was left was sold in their online shop. I think your only option is to get the 5.4 if they even send it.

      • Same goes for the 5.3 swimsuit box. No one is going to receive this box. The only items they purchased for this box, the spreading knife and travel size sunscreen was already used in their what-they-had boxes.

    • I purchased the annual last November and received one box, and one partial box. What a joke. You’re not the only one not to receive anything. After 6 weeks of emails, opening a BBB case, and spreading the bad news about this company on social media, I finally got my refund. I don’t think they’ll ever fulfill these orders, and their blatantly misleading ads (I never received a full size beauty product, as was advertised) need to be exposed.

  38. I don’t even know what box. I am supposedly getting at this point 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 I have no idea.

    • I went back through my emails and they originally told me my 5.2 (which I still haven’t got) would ship June 1. LOL.

  39. So I got a shipment label notification from them today! No idea what box it is for. Maybe a partial 5.4? Will update when something actually moves as label creation is only the first step.

    • I also got a shipment notification but there is no information on fedex yet. It is probably the 5.3 box with the swimsuit. I hope it gets shipped soon!

    • I got one too! FedEx is estimating Friday!!!! I have no idea what box this is……

      • Same! I ordered 5.3 as a birthday gift to myself in July. They offered to send me 5.4 instead a couple months ago. My box comes Friday. I’m thinking it’ll be 5.4, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a mix and match.

      • I am still waiting on 5.2. I accepted partial 5.1. I had been in contact with them, but they did not reply to my last few follow up emails. So disappointing. No shipping notification.

      • Odds and ends was right! My box came today with the following from 5.2: Christoph Robin perfect hair duo, Camille Soos Lotus adjustable ring, Nailmatic nail polish, Atelier Saint Eustache white socks, and the Hedine Paris honey. However, instead of the candle, French press, and honey mask that I believe were also 5.2, I received the bar soap and parrot earrings from box 5.3. I don’t mind a mix of boxes, but it does seem they left out a hero item. Not worth the money, but I will use what I received and don’t plan on ordering from them again.

      • Thank you for sharing Kerry.

        So it’s worse than I feared. They didn’t even send you new items. Just leftover random items from the incomplete boxes. They deleted last post everyone was blasting them on in IG I see. Any bets 1000 posts later when they finally declare bankruptcy? So shameful they are advertising so heavily and still duping people.

    • I also got one and realized I had one one box left of my subscription. Lord. I thought I was done with the stress. God knows what’s going to be in this box and the way they have been shipping I’ll get it sometime next year if at all. I’m not holding my breath or stressing over them any more

    • I think it will be 5.4, I think they just decided to say screw it to 5.2 & 5.3 because they’re not buying the high ticket items (French press & swimsuit) so why even send them, I mean they’re already 8 months behind on these boxes.

      Plus 5.4 looks like it’s filled with super cheap items. A cheap canvas bag, tiny macron soap, lipstick, matches, chocolate bar…I highly doubt this is $350. This is something just to send. Anyhow, would love to hear what this train wreck sends, if they ever do.

      • The matches they claim $40 value on are $13-14 (euro to usd variable) on the ReM site. Between that and the $54 lipstick, should make for interesting unboxing videos.

      • The price attached to certain items has always been inflated for this box… The ring in V5.2 was supposed to be $70. They are selling it for $45 in their own shop now (without added discounts).

      • I didn’t get any update. And my last box was 5.3 and still listed as processing in my account. So really I will be curious to know what those of us who were near end of sub…with last two incomplete boxes will end up with. I agree the latest box is just random inflated items and nowhere near value. And let’s not forget often the items are not full size if a beauty product. I hate they show ads still with a full box which is misleading. How on earth are they still driving us crazy? Please let us know what box it even is if you do in fact get. I fear the prior two are passed over forever. And they bank on us all just giving up.

  40. this box is LOL. I purchased an annual subscription in March of 2019; i think all but one box was severely delayed. Box 5.1 had components missing. Box 5.2 (which was the last box in my sub) never arrived. I received some email in July about how the label was created and “my box is on its way” and…it never showed. I literally have forgotten about this until i saw their promo while doom scrolling on Instagram. I checked here and see people talking about 5.3 and 5.4 already!?
    Between this box and the Be Kind by Ellen scam, I have a new found appreciate for subs that actually try to keep things on track. The business ethic of this is truly unbelievable, but on the flip side, gonna save money in the future not paying for these anymore.

    • FYI, the 5.2 and 5.3 box was never delivered. The 5.1 box was delivered in July with half the subscribers receiving a half filled box (with a note that said “more to come”…lol).

      OP did agree to send subscribers who messaged them a hybrid 5.2/5.3 box that was mostly filled with 5.1 stuff and the cheap items from 5.2 and the mini sunscreen from 5.3.

      I also find it hilarious that they are promoting the 5.4 box for all your holiday needs. The company didn’t manage to get a full box out this year to all their subscribers but suddenly you should use them for all your gifting needs. Ummm sure.

      • This is criminal. I’m so sick of the excuses.

  41. Does anyone remember what’s supposed to be in 5.3? They’re giving me an option of skipping 5.3 because the bathing suit won’t be in it. I don’t remember what else was supposed to be in it so I don’t know if I want to skip it. Anyone have the spoiler email?

    • L – Did they say that no one is getting the bathing suit or do they not have certain size/color selections available? What are they substituting for the suit? That’s a big item! Here’s what I have recorded for spoilers: The bathing suit, Bird earrings, Panier Des Sens product (bar soap ?) Respire Aloe, Christophe Robin Volumizing Mist, Spreading knife, Blancreme body milk, Bobby pins. Of course, you are probably better off verifying what they have directly in case anything else has changed.

      • They said something like “it won’t be of use this year so would you rather skip 5.3.”

        What is Respire Aloe? Hmm. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll ask them what they have. I now regret deleting all the spoiler emails 🙂

      • Respire is the brand. It’s an after sun skincare product. Are you on the swap site? I swapped for one already. I have a hot tub, so could still use the suit right now.

      • I thought they sold all of the bathing suits in their shop.

        I doubt they have any left and this was supposed to be a hero bigger ticket item.

        Substituting a skincare product even a great one for a hero item is not great.

      • Omg what liars! I just saw on IG couple days ago promise they will send out 5.3 by months end as they want to be “complete”. Honestly the bathing suit box looked so much better than the alleged new one…which I doubt anyone will see before holiday if at all. Don’t let them bait and switch you is my advice, they know they can’t fill orders and seems they want to buy time. I got some of the 5.3 items and I warn you a couple were in fact sample sizes also! Sorry dear, hold them to a refund or comparable items.

  42. Has anyone received 5.3? I’m curious to find out if they actually got the Les Néréides earrings…

    • Not yet. The earrings are Nach Bijoux.

      • Oh shoot, you’re absolutely correct!! I didn’t remember that right. They are Nach Bijoux. I think they are so pretty. I hope Oui actually sends them.

      • I actually did…I got the dove ones weeks ago in my “partial box” that they just sent after I DM’d them on IG. They were cuter than I expected truthfully. I also did in fact get the French Press in a honey color by itself out of a miracle. Why I was able to get some results while others not…can’t fathom. I really wanted the bathing suit but after not really seeing anyone get and it making a brief appearance in the shop I feel it’s a pipe dream.

        5.3 was my last box and I’m grateful I got more than most but still angry at the blatant deception still going on and barrage of ads for the next box when it’s nearly a year, most didn’t get any as promised months ago. I too feel by years end they will fold, I’m amazed it’s hung on for this long! They are deleting most comments on IG and still using COVID to hide. It’s beyond robbing Peter to pay Paul at this venture. So so shameful. I too have been trying to warn people not in the know directly, the face they are presenting to public is infuriating. I also feel bad to warn I doubt there are more earrings on the way to send out, I hope I’m wrong but looks like I may have gotten a sample set at the time.

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