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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!


We have the full spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code AVRIL25 to save 25% off your Oui Please subscription!

FYI – Oui Please shipping is delayed:

  •  VOL. 5.1 Renew & Relax edition boxes are to begin shipping in small batches the week of April 20th.
  • VOL. 5.2 Spring Renaissance edition boxes are shipping as scheduled (end of May through June).

Volume 5.2 will include:



Customization is now open.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. Excellent comment.

    I wonder what really happened to the company. I can remember receiving only one box at the end of 2019 and then I canceled to economize, I think. That one box was beautiful though. High-end packaging and interesting items including a scarf with a gold print that I love.

    Unboxer Abbadabbs had lots of trouble getting an Advent calendar from Look Fantastic, which is owned/operated by the Hut group same as Oui Please. Customer service was unresponsive and finally she received a refund.

    I didn’t see that video and am subscribed to Look Fabulous now. I love it. It comes from England and there has been no problem with delivery. Maybe a few days late but nothing terrible.

    So one overseas box seems to thrive and the other is in the toilet.

    • Theresa, OP is not owned by The Hut Group. The owner is Jessica Bufkin who lives in Texas. There’s only a few employees who work there but it’s mostly run by the owner.

      • The owner’s name is Jessica Barouche.

      • That’s her maiden name. Her married name is bufkin

    • To the best of my knowledge, Oui Please is not part of The Hut Group, which owns Glossybox, Lookfantastic and Beauty Expert. I may have missed the acquisition, but it’s not something that I am familiar with.
      I really hope everyone receives the boxes that they are owed. I’m glad I got out when I did. Good luck everyone.

      • Thanks for correcting me. You’re right about Glossy Box, not Oui Please.

        Good luck to all who continue to wait.

  2. Omg. I just got the email spoiler for 5.3. A bathing suit? I am sure it will be here by next summer. The rest of it is also not looking good for me. Glad I am almost out.

  3. Just wanted to update you guys, I received the refund a few days ago after more than dozen emails and 2 months of pestering.
    With the current situation of the box, I am glad that I cancelled it. I hope they improve their business practices.

    • So glad you got your money back. It is a relief to be able to walk away.

  4. I see elenaduquebeauty has an unboxing on IG that seems to be a random collection of items from several boxes.

    • I saw that too. Seems like OP is trying to trick more people into subscribing to their box by showing a video of box that has double the items then what the’ll really receive. Deceptive business practices.

  5. This is an open letter to Oui Please.

    I wanted so much too love your subscription box as much as I love Paris, but your shipping and censorship on Facebook has really changed that for me.

    I have loved every single item that you have sent even though some things were not made in France. Even the tacky dessert plates that looked like you sourced them from a Parisian souvenir shop found a fondness with me.

    I loved the swimsuit, adored the bags and shoes and the hair barrettes that are pretty much useless on my thick, long locks. I loved it all.

    I loved your curation so much, I told my friends, uploaded unboxing pics to our 2500+ Facebook page on subscription boxes and considered your box, with the ultimate price tag, to be the ultimate gift for myself.

    I see now that I was deceived and foolishly waited for something that is a dismal disaster. I see that I could have saved the $600 and simply flew to Paris and sent myself on a weekend souvenir spree. But I paid you to do this for me as I was homebound prior to COVID. I am sad that you have not delivered. I guess I should be angry about what you’ve done, but mostly I feel pity at what you have lost and for what others have lost because of your inability to deliver on what has been promised.

    A promise broken and I want to think that was not your intention. But without a letter of explanation and silence from you, I can only think differently. I sincerely hope this finds you well and nothing has happened to you or your family that has caused you to be ruined.

    It is plainly obvious that you need help. Both professionally and personally.

    It is equally obvious that a lot of ladies are passionate about French things and willing to pay top dollar to acquire them. What is unthinkable is your brilliant marketing strategy and your inability to deliver what is arguably the most expensive premium subscription box out there that was paid in advance.

    The last box was a sad disaster and looked like you had simply tossed everything in the box. I guess I should not complain since I received everything as others have not. But it was inconsistent at best and you know it.

    You also know that we are here in our mutual ire and looking for some sort of communication from you. An entire community of like-minded women waiting in contempt for you to respond. Your response so far has been inadequate, insufficient and insulting at best.

    I suspect that this open letter will be as neglected as all the others. It is doubtless that we will neglect to file fraud complaints. I think I will start with my state Attorney General. The FTC. The BBB and then expect you to remediate the problem you have created. I patiently wait for your reply.

    • Amen!

    • This company lost all my respect the moment they started lying to us about shipping their boxes. Every week telling us they are actively shipping boxes out now in small batches when they should have said we don’t have all the products yet. Four months of straight out lies.

    • They don’t care and their actions show it. I’m hoping MSA will review my stylish French box and perhaps reach out to that company to see if they are willing to offer a deal for new subscribers since there are plenty of us in search of something new and worthy.

  6. Has anyone heard from OP on when our Mar/Apr 5.2 box is really going to ship? Like not make a shipping label but actually ship the box out. I have an annual and have only received 2 boxes in a year. This is insane.

    • I PMed them via IG and they told me the printed out the labels to get ready to ship but they aren’t expecting to ship till atleast two more weeks

    • @Jennifer, I just heard back from OP about this question and basically they have no idea. Products are delayed. They’re hoping to ship the boxes out within the next two weeks, but I have my doubts. Hopefully we’ll get something in September. This is the last box of an annual sub that I purchased in April 2019. I have not renewed my subscription, and at this point I have no problems with waiting, since I no longer have any high expectations. Sooner or later it will arrive. Let’s just hope the box is complete. I’m sorry for the people who purchased 5.3 for the swimming suit, though. At this rate, they’ll get it this winter.

      • omg I forgot about the people who ordered the summer box. Can you image ordering this in May thinking you’ll have it for the summer and now summer is over with. I don’t think they’ll get it this winter, probably next summer 2021. My subscription is going to take 3 years to complete.

    • It’s so frustrating! I still have 4 boxes left since doing the Black Friday subscription in November 2019. Other boxes, like FFF and Paper Source, have sent out their fall boxes early, yet OP hasn’t managed to get their spring box out yet??

    • Make sure they do not bill you again on your anniversary before giving you a full six boxes.

      That is what happened to me a couple of years ago. They would bill at my anniversary for the two subs I had with them but then I realized I didn’t actually get all of the boxes.

  7. I finally got my refund after being ghosted for 2 months by posting on Insta at least twice a week. They deleted all my posts of course but at least I have my money back.

  8. And now it looks like they are shutting down comments on their IG account. Burns me up to watch them take advantage of people. I tried leaving a review on Cratejoy, but they didn’t publish it for some reason.

    • Mary this is because they have received so many negative comments. OP would delete and the people would post again calling OP out for it. The main focus was their Bacha barrette that says “made in China” on the back of the package and the throw/blanket says made in India on the label.

      • Also, people were demanding their refunds that OP was ignoring.

    • Plus there’s a new YouTube unboxing video with a woman who bought the Jan box and has had $150 deducted for that box plus they took $150 for Mar, May and July. She points out the made in China and is one who got the “your other items are on the way” note.

    • Oh and unless you sub through CrateJoy they won’t let you review on their site.

      • Thanks for all the information Steph! That’s a bummer about the Cratejoy reviews, but I guess it makes sense.

  9. Has anyone had movement on box 5.2 yet? My shipping label was created on July 16 but nothing has happened since then.

    • Ditto. Label created 7/16, no movement. I expect it’ll show up sometime around Halloween.

      • Not to mention the missing items from the 5.1 box

      • Sorry I can’t help. I canceled my subscription, but a partial box (5.1? with blanket) was sent to me in error last week. I won’t be getting any more boxes. Good luck.

      • On one of their Insta posts it says they will start shipping in 2 weeks. 100 bucks says this will not happen.

      • You can’t believe a word OP says about shipping. When they say they will ship middle of July, they mean they will print labels at that time that will go nowhere for quite awhile. Look at home many times 5.1 was going to ship and was allegedly actively shipping before the box was actually shipped. Bottom line — don’t believe anything OP says.

      • Same for me, they said they would post the boxes on the week of the 15. July is over, and nothing was shipped. I am owed 3 boxes, then I am done!

    • Same story here – label created on July 16th, no update or movement since then. And given their recent track record on food items, I am guessing we won’t get the honey that was in the spoilers which I was really looking forward to!

    • Another shipping label created yet, I came on here to see if anyone was receiving. I’m still waiting.

      • Sorry AutoCorrect, that was supposed to say “I haven’t even had a shipping label created yet“

      • Try to get a refund and run, don’t look back

  10. Now OP somehow managed to make its reviews on FB disappear. You can’t leave a review anymore because the review button is gone. This is not right.

    • Now they have this YotPo Testimonials tab where it looks like maybe only those who are hand-selected to review the service get to post something. At this point, they are just blatantly trying to rip people off.

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