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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Looking for Stitch Fix Kids Reviews? Read This!

Lacey Volk
ByLacey VolkJun 22, 2023 | 6 comments
Looking for Stitch Fix Kids Reviews? Read This!

My Stitch Fix Kids Review

Plus: How To Get The Best Fix For Your Kids

I've tried Stitch Fix for my own wardrobe before, and I know other reviewers have had a positive experience with this increasingly well-known styling service and clothing subscription box. But I'll admit, the idea of using a personal styling service for my kid initially felt a little indulgent. After all, my son Bennett doesn't usually care about what he's wearing. But Bennett really needed some new summer clothes, and I'm often too busy caring for Bennett and his baby brother to worry about a trip to the store for clothing shopping.

Stitch Fix Kids promises to take the hassle out of shopping for kids clothing. Just like the original Stitch Fix program, Stitch Fix Kids takes your child's sizing information and preferences and does the shopping for you. You can try the pieces they pick for you in the comfort of home and return anything that doesn't work out for free.

Could Stitch Fix Kids help me find some new clothes for my growing preschooler? I decided to give it a try. See what I thought of the service, and find out whether or not I recommend Stitch Fix Kids!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this Fix. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review products.)

Stitch Fix Kids FAQ

What is it?: A styling service and clothing box that uses your preferences to choose a box of 8-12 clothing and accessory items that your child can try at home. With Stitch Fix kids boxes you can keep the pieces that work for you, and return what you don't for free within 3 days.

Cost: $20 styling fee per Fix, which goes towards the cost of any pieces you choose to keep in your Stitch Fix kids box. Individual kids' clothing items typically cost between $10-$35. (You can set your preferred budget when signing up.)

Sizing: Children's sizes 2T-14

Ships to: US and UK with free shipping and returns

Good to Know: Remember, Stitch Fix also offers personal styling programs for women and men, including petite, plus, and maternity sizing. Check out our monthly Stitch Fix reviews to learn more.

Ready to try Stitch Fix Kids? Sign up here!

Stitch Fix Kids Overview

How It Works

Here's how Stitch Fix Kids works. (If you've ever tried a personal styling service, this process should be pretty familiar to you):

  1. Complete a style quiz, which will cover your child's sizing (2T-14), favorite colors, and styles, as well as your budget and other preferences. You can also let your stylist know specifically which types of items you're looking for, either generally or just for this Fix.
  2. Pick a date for your Fix to be delivered. When I scheduled mine, I was able to choose a delivery date within 7-10 days of my order.
  3. You'll be charged a $20 Styling Fee, but that fee will be applied toward any pieces you decide to keep from the Fix.
  4. Once you get your Fix, you'll have three days to try things on, and decide what you're keeping and what you're sending back. (You do get a discount if you decide to keep the entire box!)
  5. Check out online, indicating what you're keeping, plus any returns and exchanges you'd like to make. You can also leave feedback on what you received for your stylist to consider next time.
  6. Pack your returns in the included pre-paid envelope, and drop them at the post office.

Is Stitch Fix Kids a subscription?

Not unless you want it to be! Stitch Fix Kids offers a few different options, so you can schedule Fixes according to your needs. Order Fixes whenever you need them (a great idea if you're shopping for a special occasion, like a vacation or fancy event), or set up recurring Fixes that arrive on a schedule that fits your needs. Find out more here.

Getting Started

As I mentioned earlier, my son Bennett is in desperate need of shorts for summer, as he has outgrown a lot of last year's pairs and some of the pieces I had stockpiled from end-of-summer sales in a bigger size. This kid is growing so fast!

So, when I requested our Fix, I let the stylist know that shorts were my number-one need, but that I was also looking for casual, lightweight, easy-to-care-for summer clothes and warm-weather pajamas. I also requested a pair of shoes and specifically asked for a style that could take some abuse. (Bennett goes through shoes like they're made out of cardboard.)

Stitch Fix Kids asks so many thoughtful questions in their styling quiz—I could request pants without zippers/buttons, note Bennett's favorite color, and even mention a few of his favorite things, like trucks and dinosaurs!

As promised, our Fix arrived about a week later. So, how did our stylist do?

Our First Fix

The Experience


Bennett and I loved the surprise of opening and unpacking his Fix. Bennett was so excited that he was throwing things around and dancing and generally being his silly self. I thought it was really cute that the papers in the box had Bennett's name at the top!


Here's everything we got in our first Fix:

  • 4 pairs of shorts
  • 6 tees
  • 1 pair of pajamas
  • 1 pair of shoes

Ready for the first outfit?

Trying On

Flapdoodles McGuire 2 Pack Short Sleeve Shirt - Cost to Keep $20.00 (for both tees)
Flapdoodles Kelani 2 Pack Print Combo Solid Shorts - Cost to Keep $24.00 (for both pairs)
Native Miles Holey Poley Slip On Shoes - Cost to Keep $35.00

I loved this matching, mismatched set! The tee and shorts were both packaged in pairs. (Not pictured here are the other half of each pair—some solid-black shorts and a blue T-rex t-shirt.) The quality of all of these pieces was really nice and definitely worth the price point ($10-$12 per piece) in my opinion. Plus, the dinosaurs!

The Native shoes were next level. My son LOVED them. I'd seen the brand online before, but they always seemed a little pricey to me. In person, they're worth the price. They're sturdy, they cover Bennett's toes (he hates sandals), they're easy to clean, they're waterproof—they're literally everything I was looking for in a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, they were just a tad too small on Bennett—Stitch Fix makes exchanges super simple during the checkout process, but because our issue was more about width than length, we decided to send these shoes back.

RUMI+RYDER Classic Everyday Sport Short - Cost to Keep $16.00
Cotton On Kids Short Sleeve Interactive Graphic Tee - Cost to Keep $16.00

These shorts were amazing! They're more of an "activewear" style than I'm used to seeing in kids clothes, and they are made of a lightweight, quick-dry fabric. If I could have bought 10 pairs of these shorts, I would have; they're exactly the type of item we were looking to find. Bonus: They have pockets that are perfect for stashing all the random rocks and pine cones Bennett likes to collect throughout the day.

And this shirt was just so cool. Bennett and I loved the sunglasses and the holographic print, but what we really couldn't resist was the surprise row of dinosaur spikes on the back of the shirt.


The spikes led to lots of pretending to be a stegosaurus and general jumping around and showing them off. The quality is great for such a unique piece. It even has a slightly curved hemline, which seems to make the shirt lay a little nicer than a plain tee and adds extra length for tucking in or covering up. Bennett has already worn this shirt several times—we just got this box last week, so it's safe to say this one is a hit.

Everything Else

Around this point, Bennett was a little overexcited, so we paused on trying more things on in front of the camera. Here are the rest of the items we received:

Flapdoodles McGuire 2 Pack Short Sleeve Shirt - Cost to Keep $20.00 (for both tees)

This is the 2-pack of shirts featured in the first outfit. The quality was equally nice on both, and I thought $10.00 per tee was reasonable, too. The fabric felt more substantial than many tees we already own, and the designs are so cute too.

Odin & Ivy Classic Short Sleeve Graphic Shirt - Cost to Keep $12.00
Tailor Vintage Donny French Terry Shorts - Cost to Keep $18.00

This was one outfit my son didn't seem to have any interest in at all. I suppose I didn't realize that when he started getting into dinosaurs, he stopped being so much into construction gear. For me, the quality on this look was fine (neither amazing, nor poor), but I just thought the design felt a little babyish. I didn't care for the "fueled by sugar" message.

The shorts were really nice. They were a bit heavier than the other styles we got, and I thought they might be a little warm for the summers where we live. The higher price on these pieces also made them a little less attractive to me compared to our other options in the box.

Flapdoodles Zacharias Crew Neck Color Block Shirt - Cost to Keep $12.00
PX Teo Short Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt - Cost to Keep $14.00

You can't wear character tees all the time, right?  I thought these were totally cute basics that would blend seamlessly in with Bennett's wardrobe. They were nice and lightweight, too. The prices weren't bad, although I did find myself wishing these shirts were packaged as another 2-for-$20 deal!

RUMI + RYDER The Classic Short Sleeve Two Piece Tight Fit Sleepwear - Cost to Keep $24.00

As I mentioned earlier, I miscalculated the correct dinosaurs-to-trucks ratio, so we didn't end up keeping these pajamas. But I was happy that our stylist found something that I requested! I think these would have been a great fit for us otherwise.

This set was really the only item in the box with a price that I felt was a reach. Maybe I am just not willing to spend as much on PJs since Bennett just sleeps in them, but $24.00 is nearly twice what I normally pay for pajamas.

Is Stitch Fix Kids worth it?

I thought Stitch Fix Kids did a great job at making the shopping experience easy and convenient for parents and kids. Here's my breakdown of the service, as well as what you should consider before trying Stitch Fix Kids for yourself.

The Price

I was happy that Stitch Fix Kids sent Bennett and me pieces that respected the budget preferences that I set when signing up. If I decided to keep everything in the Fix, my order would come to $143.25 for all 12 pieces, or just under $12 for each item. (That's my total including the $20 styling fee that I paid upfront, which goes towards anything I decide to keep, as well as the 25% discount I get for keeping the whole box.)

Considering that this box covers at least half of the clothes my son would need for the whole season, I think that price is pretty darn good! I was pleasantly surprised.

Working with a Stylist

I was surprised by how much I liked this part of the process. I got exactly the types of items that I was looking for, and I can tell that our stylist really took care to find items that she knew Bennett would like.

Here are just a few points that I was impressed to see covered in the Stitch Fix Kids styling process:

  • Potty training? You can request pants without tricky zippers or buttons.
  • Picky about comfort? Request shirts without collars!
  • Favorite colors or special interests, like dinosaurs or glitter? Let your stylist know, and they'll seek out clothes to match.
  • Don't like character tees? You can request to stick to basics!

I felt that Stitch Fix Kids did a great job delivering on what we requested. The only missed opportunity that I noticed was that there wasn't a single red item in the box since Bennett's favorite color is red and they explicitly ask for favorite colors during the style preferences quiz. But I also didn't specifically ask for red items—I appreciate that they prioritized the kinds of pieces I did ask for.


Was Stitch Fix Kids easier than going to the store? Absolutely. The only hurdle for me was keeping my kid from tearing off the tags on the Stitch Fix clothes as we tried them on. (Returns need to include the tags!) Otherwise, the whole process of signing up, going through the box, trying things on, and figuring out what to keep and send back took less time than it would have taken me just to drive to the store and back.

It was also great to have someone else do the shopping for me—I didn't have to search online or at different stores to find clothes that fit my son's needs (and my budget). And I didn't have to bring my kid to the store and try to shop while he tries to hide in racks of clothes or run off to the toy aisle.

Returns are easy, too. Stitch Fix provides a shipping bag and prepaid return label–I just brought the package to work with me and had our usual mailman pick it up.

My Tips For The Best Kids' Fix

I can already see myself turning to Stitch Fix Kids for Bennett's fall wardrobe. If you're thinking of trying this styling service for yourself, I recommend keeping these tips in mind to make the most of your experience:

  1. Wait until you need more than 1-2 items. Remember that there's a 25% discount you get if you keep the full Fix, which makes the prices more competitive. I think using Stitch Fix Kids is ideal for when your kids go through growth spurts, or at the change of the seasons—any time you need to pretty much replace their entire wardrobe.
  2. Give your stylist lots of feedback. I told our stylist that my son and I are outside literally all the time and that I needed pieces that are easy to clean and durable. I was super happy with everything we got from that perspective. Your stylist wants you to be happy, so don't be afraid to ask for exactly what you want!
  3. Be honest about your budget. Don't say that you're willing to spend $100 on shoes if you're only willing to spend a quarter of that. You can also let the stylist know in your notes that you're willing to spend more on specific things. In my case, I said I was willing to spend more on shoes if they could stand up to my puddle-stomping kid, and my stylist totally delivered.
  4. Involve your kids! This is one thing I regret not doing. If I had asked my son to take the style survey with me, he probably would have told me that he wasn't really interested in truck shirts anymore. I went through the survey with him later, and it was also really fun to hear him talk about his favorite colors and other preferences since they seem to be changing on a daily basis these days.

What do you think about Stitch Fix Kids? Have you tried this styling service before?

Learn more about this service by reading our monthly Stitch Fix reviews. And find out about more great subscription boxes for kids here!

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Lacey Volk
Lacey Volk
Lacey's introduction to the world of subscription boxes was Julep Maven, but she quickly moved on once she discovered there were subscriptions for cooking, coffee, and art supplies. Current favorites include Crate Chef and Ecocentric Mom, and she's looking forward to trying more.

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Nicole Rieder

That dinsoaur top with the spikes on the back is so cool! I can’t blame Bennett for loving it! So fun!

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Amarilis Amador


I really love Stitch Fix Kids because you can set up when you need. I started using it because my daughter is very picky with clothes because she had a sensory issue. She does not tolerate certain textures especially with clothes. She only wears soft fabrics, sleeves are an issue and jeans. There are some seasons when I can not find anything for her because the styles there are have textures she can not tolerate. So I started to set up deliveries when I could not find anything else. The site lets you customize all of that, textures, types of clothes and styles. It is a dream come true.

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Lacey Volk

Thank you for sharing your experience! I do think Stitch Fix kids is great when you can make really specific requests and have a hard time finding those items elsewhere. <3

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Oh I loveeee Natives. For myself and the kids I work with at camp!

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Lacey Volk

Seems like they are really sturdy! We have some knock-off crocs that he usually wears in the summer, but the soles on the Natives definitely seemed sturdier to me. I am on the lookout for a different style that fits his foot better 🙂

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