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My Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Review—What did we think of this vegan brand?

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyJan 27, 2022 | 24 comments
My Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review—What did we think of this vegan brand?

My Schmidt's Deodorant Review

Is this vegan brand the best natural deodorant?

3/5 stars


  • Aluminum-free, vegan, cruelty-free formula
  • Vibrant, all-natural fragrances
  • Moderate odor protection


  • Long day? Expect to reapply.
  • Not the best texture
  • Not an antiperspirant. (Most natural deodorants aren’t.)


I like the variety of bold scents Schmidt's offers, but its odor protection and texture weren’t quite as impressive as what I experienced from other brands.

I just tried Native's Coconut & Vanilla deodorant and was really pleased with the results of their natural formula. But the Schmidt's Naturals brand has a ton of interesting scents—things like "Moon Flower" and "Water + Wood"—that I'm curious about exploring. Schmidt's makes an aluminum-free, coconut-oil-based solid deodorant stick that relies on baking soda and mineral-derived ingredients to ward off odor. The brand offers fragrance-free bars and sensitive skin formulas, too, and if you purchase from the Schmidt's Naturals site, you can "subscribe" to get new bars sent to you every 1-4 months.

Read on to see what I thought and to decide if Schmidt's Naturals Deodorant is right for you! Interested in other subscriptions that could make your life a little easier? Check out this list of personal care subscriptions recommended by our readers!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this product. (Check out the review process post to learn more.)

Quick Facts


  • Full-size bars start at $8.99


  • $2.95 US shipping for a one-time purchase, or FREE shipping when you subscribe
  • $10.95 shipping to Canada (No subscribe option)
  • $11.95 shipping worldwide (No subscribe option)


  • 3.25 oz solid bar in a plastic twist-up tube
  • Schmidt's also offers deodorants in 2.65 oz and 0.70 oz. sizes


  • Aluminum-free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phtlalate-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Sensitive skin options
  • Mineral-supported odor protection
  • Charcoal + Magnesium (Featured in this review)
  • Rose + Vanilla
  • Bergamot + Lime
  • Lavender + Sage
  • Ylang Ylang + Calendula
  • Cedarwood + Juniper
  • Fragrance Free
  • Water + Wood
  • Waves
  • Moon Flower
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Check out their Sensitive Sticks collection, too!

Here are the ingredients for the Charcoal + Magnesium scent I tried for this review:

Maranta Arundinacea (arrowroot) Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), Euphorbia Cerifera (candelilla) Wax, Natural Fragrance, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) Seed Oil, Magnesium Hydroxide, Carbo Activatus (activated charcoal), Tocopherol (vitamin E; sunflower-derived)

My Review

The Feel

2/5 stars

The Promise: “Smooth. Aromatic. Luxurious.”

The Reality: Grittier than I’d expected, both out of the tube & throughout the day.

I was really surprised by how much I disliked the feel of my Schmidt’s deodorant bar. It isn’t the first brand I’ve tried that incorporates baking soda in its recipe, but it is the first where I actually feel the baking soda. The texture reminded me of a fine sugar scrub, which wasn’t exactly pleasant rubbing against my recently shaved underarms. And compared to other natural deodorants I’ve tried, it seemed like that texture stuck around through the rest of the day. 

At first I wondered if the texture had anything to do with the Charcoal + Magnesium scent I picked, but a friend of mine had also tried Schmidt's in a different scent and felt the same. I think it might be the baking soda adding the grit to this formula. The good news is Schmidt’s offers a line of “smooth and creamy” sensitive skin deodorants that don’t include baking soda. Native’s baking soda formula didn’t bother me one bit, but if I tried Schmidt’s again, I’d opt for the sensitive collection, just to avoid the gritty texture.

The Scent

4/5 stars

The Promise: A top-selling, mineral fragrance, “reminiscent of freshly fallen rain.”

The Reality: A bold, fresh, unisex scent without the sharpness of commercial fragrances.

I tend to prefer earthier, unisex fragrances for my deodorant—some floral fragrances feel too “pretty” for day to day, or clash with the actual perfumes I want to wear on top of them. Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium bar is listed as a top-seller, and after trying it, I can understand why. The crisp scent reminded me of salt water and ocean beaches. While it’s not floral nor powdery, it’s not aggressively masculine, either. Nor does it have that sharp, in-your-face quality that you find with mainstream men’s deodorants. (Thank goodness!)

That said, Schmidt’s natural fragrance is a bit... louder than other deodorants I’ve tried—if other natural deodorant scents have been at a 3 or 4, Schmidt’s turns the dial up to a 5 or 6. I could see myself finding a floral fragrance and using it in lieu of a low-key perfume on a special day.

The Odor Protection

3/5 stars

The Promise: Natural odor protection from a mineral-enriched formula.

The Reality: Solid protection for a low-key day, but things get funky by evening.

Schmidt’s did a fine job curbing odor at my sedentary office job, but I noticed it wearing off when I got into my car to head home each day. The lingering fragrance masked any funk pretty well, but I felt like the magnesium- and baking-soda-powered formula started to lose its oomph around the end of my 8 hour day. During intense workouts (which for me, include 90-minute roller derby practices), I noticed that the formula felt like it was easily melting/rubbing off of my skin. Again, Schmidt’s did a good job of masking the funk, but after a point, I didn’t feel like it was curbing odor. 

One last thing. While you probably won’t see the same yellowy stains that you’d get from an antiperspirant (as the yellow is usually a result of the aluminum salts in antiperspirants), Schmidt’s may leave grayish stains on your clothing after awhile. Schmidt’s recommends staying away from tight-fitting clothing and synthetic fabrics (a bummer, since I have plenty of both in my closet) and avoiding over-applying to cut down on excess oils. Unfortunately, I sometimes found it necessary to reapply or add an extra layer to get more odor-reducing power out of the product. 

Good to Know

Natural Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants include aluminum salts that actually prevent you from sweating by blocking your pores. Deodorant, on the other hand, only curbs odor (often by targeting the sweat-loving bacteria that causes odor in the first place). Now, there isn't any compelling scientific evidence that says you shouldn't use antiperspirants (check out this Teen Vogue article for all the details). Some consumers have expressed concern about aluminum salts impeding the body's "detox" process, but as Teen Vogue explains, sweating contributes to a negligible amount of detoxing. ("Detoxing" is primarily a digestive process.)

All that said, if you're curious about natural deodorant, go for it! (I certainly did!) But know that because the formula is aluminum-free, Schmidt's deodorant is not going to stop you from sweating. If you're ingredient-conscious (and odor-conscious), it's a great choice. But if you're at all concerned about wetness, I would look elsewhere.

"Armpit Detox"? Tips for Going Natural

There can be a bit of a transition period when switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. Some sources refer to this period as an "armpit detox," which sounds more intense that I found it to be. Essentially, in the absence of an antiperspirant, your armpits are getting used to sweating again, and in doing so, they may get a little extra stinky.

A few tips based on my experience:

  • Do your research before picking a natural deodorant. The better quality product, the easier it'll be to wean off commercial antiperspirants.
  • Tote a bar of your new deodorant with you in a purse, pocket, or even the glove box of your car (so long as it's not too hot), so you can always reapply in a pinch.
  • Give your armpits some extra TLC in the bath or shower to clear out pesky bacteria.
  • Don't lose hope! I promise, the funky period does come to an end.
  • If you're still having a rough time after a few weeks, and especially if you're experiencing stinging, redness, or rash, rethink the deodorant you're trying (or better yet, check in with a dermatologist). Just because ingredients are natural doesn't mean they get along with everyone's skin. There may be a better match out there for your needs.

Shipping, Returns, & More

How my Schmidt's deodorant order arrived. The stick was wrapped in paper & tucked in a plain white bubble mailer.

Placing Your Order

For the purposes of this review, I opted for a one-time purchase of Schmidt’s Natural Charcoal + Magnesium Deodorant Stick (3.25 oz) for $9.99 + shipping via their brand’s website. Schmidt’s is available from other retailers, too, including physical stores. Sometimes it’s even listed for less; Target’s site lists a slightly smaller version of this bar (2.65 oz.) for just $4.99.

If you buy directly from Schmidt’s, US customers have the option to “subscribe,” in which case Schmidt’s will send you a new deodorant every 1-4 months, depending on your preferences. You can add other Schmidt’s items (which includes soap and oral care products) to your subscription, too, and each shipment will include a free gift. 

But unlike other brands with subscription options, Schmidt’s doesn’t offer a discount for signing up for automatic shipments. Subscribers do get free shipping with every order, but the price of the product itself is the same as if you’d ordered it as a one-time purchase.

Shipping & Tracking

I placed my order (via the Schmidt’s Naturals site) on a Monday and received an order confirmation email shortly thereafter. However, I didn’t receive a shipping email until that Friday. (Other brands I’ve ordered from shipped my package within a day.) The shipping email included a USPS tracking number as well as a summary of what I’d ordered. My Schmidt’s deodorant arrived that Monday morning (so exactly a week after I placed my order).

Tips & Tricks

I found that my Schmidt’s deodorant was pretty sensitive to heat or cold. It’s not a deodorant I’d risk forgetting in the car in the summer, and if you leave it in a chillier bathroom overnight, you might find that it’s a bit stiff in the morning. Given that the formula already felt a bit gritty going on, I tried to wait until I’d just come out of the shower before I applied it, so that the heat from my body (and in the room) would make for a smoother application.


If you purchased your deodorant stick from the Schmidt’s website, you can return or exchange it within 60 days of your order. (Email their care team at [email protected] or call them at 855-866-9748 with any concerns. They also have a contact form available here.) Did you get your Schmidt’s from a different store? You’ll have to adhere to their returns and exchanges policies if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

Try it for yourself!

Sign up here, or share your natural deodorant experience in the comments!


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Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

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your Schmidts review is spot on!

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I am blown away! I picked up Schmidt’s Charcoal and Magnesium deodorant the other day at Walgreens pharmacy without expecting much. I’m seventy one years old and have had an awful underarm smell for my whole life . Hot water a washcloth and Dial soap couldn’t come close to getting rid of the smell. I have tried EVERY deodorant out there to no avail. After bathing some smell would still be present and after an hour I was afraid if I lifted my arms someone nearby y would gag. I am smell free now. No kidding. I’ve never written a review for any product before. This charcoal magnesium deodorant is amazing!!

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Total agree with you. I am 58 tried them all deodorants and different soaps, but always in a few hour my pits would stink/reek , until i tried schmidt’s charcoal and magnesium. no more stink, no ruined white aluminium clothes stains. i though there is nothing i can do other than shower 3-4 times a day lol which is impossible. i would stink every morning even if i showering at night and used deodorant.
i finally feel normal.

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Dara R McCuistion

I was a long time Schmidt’s customer, but rose black pepper deoderant smelled like a hint of something rotten. It isn’t the pleasant rose scent that you’re familiar with, and the rose is massively overpowered by a sickening, yeasty black pepper smell. By the way, the back pepper oil burns your arms, and I don’t have sensitive skin. Also with the added hemp oil, the paste doesn’t stay on at all. It rubs off and you smell worse than if you wore nothing. How do you mess up with rose oil?
But that’s not the worse part. I called the company and left them a message so they would know. I did this because I had been a customer for a long time. Someone called me back and offered to send two sticks of another scent to replace the rose black pepper sticks that I had bought. Great. Faith restored. But they switched the numbers on my zip code, and several weeks went by with a run around from UPS. Schmidt’s told me they had the wrong zip code and fixed it in their system. More time passed, and I found out that it was lost in transit. I called Schmidt’s AGAIN. They said they would send it again. THIS TIME THEY MISSPELLED THE CITY I LIVE IN BY ONE LETTER. The letter they used doesn’t sound anything like the actual letter, and they have my address on file. I sat on the phone and carefully spelled it out with the agent reading it back. It’s been over a month, and I’ve wasted hours on the phone with UPS and USPS. Hours tracking two shipments they somehow sent to the wrong address WHEN THEY HAVE MY CORRECT ADDRESS ON FILE.

I personally can not see how a company who successfully sells a product nation wide can not get a simple address right. It’s never happened with the countless companies who have sent me items the years. Never. This is how Schmidt’s treats their long term customers.
So the bright side is I have looked up extremely simple recipes for homemade Schmidt’s deoderants. It is too simple to make, and it’s much, much cheaper. You can find high quality and affordable ingredients online.

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I use Schmidt’s because it was on sale at Costco (rose + vanilla scent) and I wanted to switch to natural deodorant. I agree that it is very gritty. For me, however, I don’t think I’ve had an issue with odor. There are times when I use it that I sweat a ton (though that is expected) but other times I use it and my underarms are SO dry that my skin feels a little rough.
Someone commented that it made their underarms brown…I wonder if that’s the case for me too as that is something I have noticed??

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I’ve tried Schmidt’s before, and it really only works for an hour or so for me. It’s gritty and doesn’t go on easily, and it causes my armpits to turn red and itchy. Which is apparently a reaction to the baking soda, so it’s good to know there’s a sensitive formula without out, but honestly my experience with their deodorant so far does not make me want to give it a shot.

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I didnt know they had a sensitive formula.

I bough a 3 pack of the verbena for 6 or 7 bucks at Costco. Its the best natural deodorant I’ve used. I’ve felt the same as the reviewer: grittiness and the funk after my work day on my way home. I saw another review of little seed farm and noticed positive comments about that brand. I just placed an order! #feelinghopeful

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The sensitive skin formula is much smoother and goes on silky, but I use both. My favorite is the lavender and sage. It works best for odor, I think it is the essential oils used. TJ Maxx has the 3.4oz size for $4.99 and the 2.6oz size for $3.99. I have bought it there for years, so it is a permanent item.

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I’ve been using the Rose vanilla scent for about 8-9 months now. I want to try other scents. The texture definitely took some getting use to and I noticed that I started having irritation, itching, and burning when applied after shaving. I noticed in the directions it says not to use immediately after shaving. Since I’ve done that no more irritation. Now that it’s summer the wetness factor is annoying and by the end of day the pits needs cleaning. I would like to try the sensitive version but I may have to do natural deodorant in the cooler months and use antiperspirants in summer.

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I’ve been using the Rose and Vanilla one for more than a year and it has never let me down. I sweat sitting on the sofa with the air on full blast, so this not being an antiperspirant never bothered me (because I found those never worked anyway).

As far as the lasting power, I am pleased with that. I’ve run 5Ks in the heat and humidity of the deep south with this as my deo and there was zero pit stink afterwards!

Also, it may just be my area, but the Walmarts and Targets where I live sell this deodorant for around $5.

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Anna Reilly

I’ve noticed the lower price, too! I think the bars at Target are slightly smaller than the ones they sell online, but just by a few oz. (In other words, they aren’t sample-sized.) If you’re just thinking of trying Schmidt’s as a one-off and don’t want to commit, those bars are a great (and inexpensive) way to do it.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Theresa! Sounds like Schmidt’s was a real winner for you!

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Schmidt’s sensitive (baking soda free) deodorant is literally the only one I can use! I get an awful rash from antiperspirants, and I get a rash from baking soda too. And I tried over a dozen other baking soda free natural deodorants, none of which prevented odor, before I tried Schmidt. I find it works very well, even for 16 hr workdays or tough workouts!
Like most natural deodorants it works best on clean armpits. If I haven’t showered right before applying it I usually use a summers eve sensitive wipe before applying! Those aren’t meant for armpits but they work really well as a refresher.

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I like the scents but the baking soda one causes a rash and turns my underarms brown, so I stopped using it (duh…). I need to try their sensitive formula!

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I like their Lime and Bergamot. I only use it on weekends though.

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My favorite too! I love it so much I wish there was a lotion to match. I’ve been able to find them at Costco(I’m in Seattle) for extra savings. They seem to rotate the scents, so I’ve been hoarding my lime and using up the charcoal scent😀

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That’s how I am with my natural deodorants…. well really I only use them on any day I don’t go to work. I love trying new ones, and I tried switching permanently to them a couple of years ago, but between the funk stage and irritation I ultimately experienced two weeks into it, I decided using conventional on workdays and natural on days off works best for me.

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The cedar wood and Juniper is my jam.

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I use the Vanilla Rose and absolutely love it. I know it is not an antiperspirant, but I am a sweater usually and don’t have issues with sweating or smell when I use this. I also don’t have to reapply during the day, though I am not doing any strenuous activities. Perhaps if you were doing athletics or something you’d need to reapply. I have had great luck with this brand. I know some people are quite sensitive to the baking soda, but I haven’t had any issues with it. I can even use it right after shaving without irritation. I won’t try any other brands now that I’ve found it!

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Anna Reilly

That’s great to hear, Dani! Thanks for sharing. Everyone’s body chemistry and sensitivities are so different, so I’m digging that folks are willing to share their experiences with Schmidt’s in the comments. Have you been using natural deodorants for awhile? It’s been a little over a month now for me since I’ve gone strictly natural, and I’m curious whether the longer I go, the better my body will respond to natural formulas. (In other words, will they feel more effective the further I get from antiperspirant-land?) Just curious!

Thanks again for your comment! 🙂

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I have been using this product exclusively for at least six months now! I do think that the longer you use it, the better it works, yes.

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Same with me, have had really great luck with this brand and the baking soda doesn’t bother me either. And the prices at Target and TJMaxx can’t be beat.

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Schmidt’s has 3 different types. The have a baking soda formula (signature), a magnesium formula (sensitive skin) and a baking soda and magnesium formula (which the charcoal one reviewed falls into). I’ve like both the baking soda formula and the sensitive skin formula. The charcoal (magnesium and baking soda) was my least favorite of the three because of the grittiness. If you don’t like the charcoal, you may want to give one of the other two types a try 🙂

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Anna Reilly

Ooo, great tips, Jackie! My friend who tried one of the baking soda types didn’t love the texture, but maybe I’ll give one of the sensitive skin varieties a try next. There are so many little nuances to these different natural deodorant formulas, so I really appreciate you sharing your experience. Thanks so much for these recommendations!!!

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Thanks Anna! I had better results with their “sport” version, but I agree, the texture is pretty bad. When the rough stuff gets bad, I scrape off the top layer until it gets bad again. They do have some really nice scents and maybe check with TJ Maxx. I found a few in my store for $3-5 for the full size so I don’t feel bad about scraping lol.

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