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My Lume Review - What Surprised Me About This Deodorant

My Lume Deodorant Review

Does this natural deodorant really protect for 72 hours?

2.5/5 stars


  • Natural, gentle, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • You can use it wherever (externally) on your body that you need odor protection.


  • You have to let it dry after applying.
  • Odor protection wasn’t as promised.


I was enticed by Lume’s gentle ingredients, clinically tested efficacy for odor control, and the suggestion that it can be used on more than just your underarms. On paper all that sounded great, but the actual experience of using this water-based cream deodorant was a miss for me.

by Christen Russo, MSA Reviewer, Natural Deodorant Explorer
September 2, 2020| 93 comments

As I continue on my quest to find the best natural deodorant for me, I couldn’t skip over Lume. In terms of what Lume doesn’t include—leaving out potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum and sulfates, as well as common sensitive skin irritants like baking soda and essential oils—it’s in good company with the other natural deodorants I’ve tried.* But two things that set it apart from the others is that its formula has a creamy consistency and that it’s marketed as a product you can use for odor protection on any external part of your body.

Lume deodorant is sold both in stick form and in tube form. Both contain the same creamy formula; the only difference is that the tube deodorant must be applied using your hands, whereas the stick acts as an applicator. I decided to purchase the stick so I’d have the option of using the applicator, but I am comfortable applying deodorant with my hands—I learned this from my first-ever natural deodorant experience, with Schmidt’s jar deodorant. (I found Lume‘s consistency to be more lotion-like than Schmidt’s.) Read on to see how using Lume went for me!

*I’ve tried by Humankind, Myro, Kopari, and while our reviews weren’t written by me, I’ve also tried Native and Schmidt’s.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this product. (Check out the review process post to learn more.)

Lume Deodorant Quick Facts


  • $13.99 for a single bar
  • $12.59 when you subscribe
  • Subscribers can choose to have as many tubes as they want delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months.
  • Changes and cancellations to subscriptions must be made 3 days prior to the upcoming billing date shown on your My Account page.


  • Ships to the US and Canada at varying rates.
  • Free shipping available on any order over $20.


  • Deodorant sticks are 2.2 oz bar-style twist-ups that contain a water-based cream deodorant. You can apply with the stick or your fingers.
  • Lume also offers 3 oz deodorant tubes that contain the same water-based cream deodorant, meant to be applied with your fingers.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Aluminum-free
  • Baking-soda-free
  • Naturally scented (no artificial fragrances)
  • Vegan
  • Silicone-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Talc-free

  • Unscented
  • Lavender Sage
  • Juniper Berry
  • Silver Spruce
  • Jasmine Rose
  • 3-pack (includes Juniper Berry, Silver Spruce, and Jasmine Rose scents)

Ingredients: Water, Mandelic Acid, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Starch, Isoamyl Laurate, Sodium Acrylate/ Acryloyldimethyltaurate/ Dimethylacrylamide Crosspolymer, Caffeine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Isohexadecane, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Sodium Lactate, Panthenol, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Tocopherol, Polysorbate 60, Lecithin, Pullulan, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ethylhexyglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Silica, Fragrance*

*Lavender Sage is scented with only pure essential oils, while their other scents also contain naturally derived, skin safe botanicals. All of their ingredients are phthalate-free and they entrust Berje with all of their scent sourcing. Lume’s unscented products do not contain any essential oils or added fragrance.

While Lume does not contain any peanuts, tree nuts, or sesame, their mandelic acid is derived from almonds.

Lume deodorant ingredients.

My Lume Deodorant Review

The Feel

2/5 stars


The Promise: “Water-based cream that rubs in like a lotion.”

The Reality: A very wet experience with the applicator; better when you use your hands.

Despite all the talk of the creamy, lotion-like consistency of Lume deodorant, I wasn’t expecting it to be as thin as it is. I wouldn’t call it “runny,” per se, but it’s much less creamy than the body lotion I use after shaving my legs. Lume does advise very clearly that a little goes a long way and to start small. They also suggest it might take up to a week to get the hang of finding the appropriate amount to use. I gave it a week of use with the applicator, and I was kind of miserable every day that week. I released the smallest amount I could—one twist of the dial—then gave it a swipe under my arms and rubbed it in for 4-5 seconds like the directions suggest…and then stood there with my arms out waiting for it to dry and praying for it to not get on my shirt (my prayers were not answered) for a few minutes. I had to wipe some off, then try reapplying a few times, and honestly it just made a mess and didn’t feel good.

I then took to using my hands to apply this deodorant, and things were much improved. I feel firmly that applying by hand is the only way to go with this stuff; it’s the only way to stop it from being wet wet wet and getting all over my clothes.

Speaking of getting all over my clothes, when I used the applicator, the lotion-like moisture transferred from my pits to my shirt every time I applied it, and darkened the armpit area of my shirt. It did come out in the wash, so no long-term stains, but it also had me changing my shirt every morning after already getting dressed—I’m just not interested in starting my day with soggy underarms. Two mornings I did remember to apply Lume before putting a shirt on, and that solved the wet shirt issue, but it didn’t solve my having to stand and wait for my pits to dry. However, this wasn’t an issue at all when I used my hands to apply.

The Scent

4/5 stars

The Promise: “The detoxifying power of the juniper berry (which isn’t fruity) combines with bergamot’s crisp citrus.”

The Reality: Fresh, pleasant, and unisex.

I tried the Juniper Berry scent because I love gender-neutral, nature-inspired aromas in the products I use, and it did not disappoint. I agree with Lume, it’s not fruity at all—it’s a fresh take on a vague fir scent, it’s subtle yet energetic, and it’s perfectly unisex. I did catch faint whiffs of it early in the day, but it faded quickly and by afternoon my nose couldn’t detect the scent, even when I stuck my nose in my armpit and took a big whiff.

The Odor Protection

2/5 stars

The Promise: “Clinically proven 72-hour odor control.”

The Reality: Required multiple re-applications throughout the day.

72 hours of odor control is a serious promise to make! I was equal parts skeptical and ready to witness a miracle going into my odor protection assessment. Unfortunately I had no such luck—not even close. I wasn’t able to go a single day without reapplying. It has gotten hot here where I live, but I’m also in my air-conditioned house for much of the day, and I found myself needing a reapplication even on low-exertion days. While my experience did improve once I started using my hands to apply this cream deodorant, bottom line is Lume was not as lasting as other natural deodorants I’ve tried.

As for external use other than my armpits? I did try Lume on the creases where my buttocks and thighs meet, as that’s the only other part of my body that sometimes gets a little sweaty throughout a regular day. It was fine! It was like rubbing lotion on the backs of my legs. I don’t have a persistent issue with odor on that part of my body, so I can’t speak confidently to whether or not it worked, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at the least.

Side note on the clinical proof to which Lume refers. They actually post the results of the clinical testing right on their website, but I must say, it really doesn’t sit well with me. The absence of specific data, paired with patronizing language (“real women” with “real body odor”), made me feel distrustful of the study Lume cites throughout its product pages. I’d be remiss not to shout from the rooftops that every single woman walking this planet is “real,” and so is her body odor, however faint or powerful it is.

Good to Know

Natural Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Most deodorants you’ll find on the shelf are antiperspirants, which are meant to inhibit sweating (and therefore reduce odor) by using aluminum salts to block the sweat glands. Non-antiperspirant deodorants allow the body to sweat naturally, but contain ingredients that curb odor by addressing the bacteria that causes it. While some early research linked the use of antiperspirants with Alzheimer’s and cancer, according to Teen Vogue there is no compelling scientific case to prove it; still, consumers are increasingly wary of using body products that contain unnecessary chemicals. Some consumers also have concerns about interfering with the “detoxifying” process of sweating, but Teen Vogue clarifies that sweating is really only responsible for a “negligible” amount of detoxification.

Lume is not an antiperspirant and will not stop you from sweating. Lume does contain some ingredients to help reduce wetness, but it is not designed to block sweat. This company stands behind their odor protection, and suggests that many wearers of natural deodorant become less bothered by wetness, as long as there is no odor.


What is an “Armpit Detox?” Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

You may have heard tell of the 2-4 week transition period that’s typical when switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. Some sources call this period an “armpit detox,” which sounds kind of intense, but it doesn’t have to be. Everybody’s body reacts differently during the transition, but generally what you can expect is to be a little extra stinky for a time while your armpits adjust to sweating regularly again.

Here are a few tips for getting through the switch:

  • Research your options before choosing a natural deodorant. If wetness is a major concern of yours, Lume might not be a great first place to start. But if you’re mainly looking for an odor protection option, perhaps Lume would work better for you than it did for me!
  • Bring your new natural deodorant along with you for a bit—carry it in your purse or work bag so you can apply an extra layer if you feel you need it partway through the day.
  • Rest assured knowing that you’re probably way more aware of this smelly phase than anyone else is. It’s likely not as bad as you think! And, truly, it will come to an end.
  • If you experience any stinging, redness, or rash, it’s time to stop using that deodorant and give your precious pits (and, in Lume‘s case, your privates) a little break—and maybe even check in with a dermatologist if it’s bad. Sometimes even natural ingredients don’t work great with everyone’s skin, and there are all sorts of other natural deodorants to try out there.


Shipping, Returns, & More

Lume deodorant package.

Placing Your Order

For this review, I made a one-time purchase of Lume’s Juniper Berry deodorant stick directly from Lume’s website. Lume is also now available for purchase on Amazon and at some Walmart locations, in limited scents and for a greater cost than on Lume’s own site. Since I bought a single stick, my deodorant cost $13.99, but if you subscribe to receive it on a recurring basis (every 1, 2, or 3 months), each stick costs $12.59.

Standard shipping costs $2.99, but is free for orders over $20. Lume offers a 2-stick deodorant bundle where the second bar only costs $9.99, totaling $23.98 for 2 sticks (that saves you $4). Lume also sells natural soaps (in all the same scents that the deodorant is available in) and deodorant wipes, which contain the same active ingredients as the deodorant tube and stick—so you could try other products to help save on shipping, too.

Shipping & Tracking

I placed my Lume order on a Friday. The only shipping option available to me was Standard Shipping for $2.99. I promptly got an order confirmation email, and a shipping confirmation email with tracking showed up the next business day (Monday). My order arrived just two days later, on that Wednesday, and I was notified via email both when it was out for delivery and once it had been delivered.

Customer Service

Lume has an extensive FAQ if you have questions about how the product can be used, but if you have additional questions or concerns about your order, you can contact them using the form on their site. You can also email [email protected]


Lume offers a money back guarantee on your first deodorant stick or tube, even if it has been opened, as long as it’s your first purchase. They will refund you the cost of the deodorant, but you pay for return shipping. Any subsequent orders are final sale.

My Experience

After a couple of weeks of use I came to the conclusion that Lume deodorant isn’t for me. While I did like the scent, the consistency was too wet for my preferences and the odor protection didn’t hold up in comparison to other natural deodorants I’ve tried. For a smooth but dry deodorant application, I recommend Kopari. For reliable odor protection I like by Humankind or Native. But every body is different! What works for one person may differ from others.

Have You Tried Lume?

Did you try Lume and love it? Did you share Christen’s experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Lume and other natural deodorants in the comments!

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Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Comments (93)

  1. I tried Lume as most deodorants do not work for me. Baking soda is the best thing I’ve found so far. Lume I tried for about 4 months. Didn’t not prep my shirts as I know they are clean and hold no stink, even wore tank tops that dont go into my pit area. I stank. One thing I notice even if Lume had worked for me was if the cream happened to dry out in ones arm pit the bits of product really hurt as they where sharp. Very unpleasant…. think sand but sharper. Never have encountered that with any other product.

  2. I am so glad to find this thread and to find that I’m not the only person who’s had an iffy experience with Lume. I have been using Lume since August of 2020 (and we had a 90-110 degree heatwave in Eastern San Diego). Before Lume, I had tried Schmidt’s and Native and got terrible rashes and pain from both. Lume (Coconut fragrance) worked for about 2-3 months consistently to keep odor at bay for 72 hours. I found out early on that one of the fragrances (Tangerine) just did not work with my chemistry and actually made me smell WORSE than going without deodorant altogether. I am finding that in the last few months, having tried out other fragrances after finding that the coconut that had worked well for me started smelling more and stopped preventing my odor (began to smell kind of mildewy/ more prevalent “clay” smell as is often described on their website), Lume has just stopped blocking my armpit odor altogether. I bought the Juniper Berry and find that it again makes me smell worse, like the Tangerine did. I do not tolerate floral fragrances well so I won’t try any of those. I’ve learned that my left armpit tends to smell badly (like ONIONS) and my right armpit doesn’t smell very much at all, with or without deodorant. Lume once kept all onion smell away (which I’d never known I’d had in the first place), but I am currently frantically trying to find a deodorant that is natural and works well, because I am tired of being stinky (and in Winter! Come on, what gives?). The kind of sweats that I have had lately are more just “stifled armpits under a warm shirt,” not even workout sweats. And yet I’m now reapplying midday… Which is not something I have EVER had to do, and I have never known myself to actually be a stinky, oniony person. I am rather disappointed in Lume and I’m really hoping to find something that works soon.

    • Have you been eating a lot of onions or garlic lately? Because we do actually sweat them out oer pores, so when you’ve upped your onion intake, you’ll know it. Lol

  3. Not as natural as claimed. It contains silicones and fragrances. You seriously do not want those things on your delicate parts. Try something really natural, like a regular rinse or vinegar. It will restore your natural balance and encourage positive bacterial flora so you don’t stink.

    • Everyone’s body is different with different chemistries and different bacterial cultures on their skin. It’s no surprise that even Lume fails at times.

      I just got on medication that increases sweat production and so after 48 years of needing absolutely NO deodorant at all as long as I showed every day or two, I suddenly had a damp, soggy smell under my pits within a night, and a strong smell “down there” within a few hours where I literally used to have NONE (again as long as I washed w/I a day or two.

      I have tried Lume for a short time now and it’s awesome–NO smell at all, and even a little less pit sweat!

      I do hope it continues to be effective though!

  4. Lume works beautifully for my daughters and we have had no problem with rashes. I do think it’s been reformulated because the scent is rather offputting. It doesn’t linger, however, and it doesn’t bother my girls and, most important, the odor protection still works well. We only use it for armpits.

    • It works GREAT for my family. I do find that at times, my daughter has to use daily. She never sits still and is always cartwheeling and running around. She needs it almost daily BUT it works MUCH better than every other aluminum free deo I’ve purchased for her in the past. My husband, who works out everyday and is a firefighter and massive sweater, he does not have to use daily. It works very well for him. His armpit odor used to smell like musty deodorant. But now, I smell no odor at all. I just made my second purchase of Lume and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  5. I’ve been looking at this stuff for awhile. The ads are catchy! After reading these reviews, I think I’ll pass. Way too many fungal infections reported! Thanks for the honest reviews!

    • I purchased Lume deodorant a month ago two weeks I developed a rash under my arms. My friend purchased Lume deodorant and now she’s complaining of rash on her body. In the trash it goes.

      • I used it under my breast because it always gets so sweaty under there. I developed an awful rash after a few uses. I went straight to Google to search it up, which is how I found this thread. Yeah…in the trash it goes for me too.

  6. Bought the unsented bundle. They smell so bad.
    I got less than 9 hours before the smell was so bad I needed a second shower.
    5 days following there instructions I got a fungal infection everywhere I used it. Stop using it till the rash was gone and boom day one less the 6 hours had a bad fungal infection rash everywhere I used it again. Waste of $$$ and now I have dr and RX cost on top of that due to the infections it caused.
    I made a 1 star comment on Lumē site and they will not post negative feedback. My dad gave them a 1 star review they will not post negative feedback. If I could give them a negative 5star rating I would and blast it everywhere to everyone.

    • I developed a horrible fungal rash as well in all of the creases they say to use it. So disappointed because it did work for odor control but so not worth the pain, itching and money wasted on medical visits and prescription ointments to treat it 🙁
      I have three unopened sticks left:(

      • same thing happened to me. Wherever I used it a fungal rash formed. The pain and burning is unreal. I was disappointed because the Lume works in every other way.

    • I got a terrible yeast infection, as well, from this product. Literally took me MONTHS to get rid of it. Absolutely terrible.

  7. I was very impressed. I purposely did not wash under my arm for three days after using Lume and I can not, I repeat i can not smell anything. This stuff is awesome. My chemistry match the product. I love it. I have always had a problem with underarm odor and now I can say I’m very happy this will change the game. Thank you for developing this. Nothing is one size fit all but this fit me.

  8. Do NOT buy this product… The marketing is cute, that that is the best thing about this product. I am sitting at my desk writing this because I can actually smell the horrid scent of this product as I write. I am not an overly smelly person, but I do sweat a ton when I work out and let’s be honest, that sweat smell is the WORST. It is embarrassing and gross, so when the Lume ad popped up on my screen, I figured I would give it a shot. I work with skincare/body products as a living, so I feel like I should warn you all. I smelled a million times WORSE after using this… Save your money, buy Freedom Deodorant…

  9. Just placed an order to try Lume (two tubes of Warm Vanilla) before I found this review. It gave me pause but I’m still hopeful because I’ve never had any intention of using it as an underarm deodorant. I’m on a medication that makes me sweat like mad with the slightest physical exertion: if I climb a single flight of stairs I’m suddenly drenched like I just ran a marathon. So I use the strongest antiperspirant I can find for my underarms! Even that doesn’t keep me completely dry but there’s no irritation or bad smell, so that’s all sorted. Unfortunately I sweat a lot EVERYWHERE, and when I’ve tried using the industrial strength antiperspirant between my legs out of sheer desperation it’s been way too irritating there, so that’s why I’ve ordered Lume. If it works for the smell in that area, even if not for 72 hours at a time (which kind of seemed unlikely anyway), I will consider it money well spent! Fingers crossed…

  10. I tried a whole sampler pack of scents and got their natural soap and followed to the letter their instructions for all the things and stuff with it for over a month utilizing all sample tubes. I wasn’t a fan of the scents, except the Tangerine, that was okay. My body went through a whole transition where at first it was great, odor gone and would be gone for almost 24 hours, then 2 weeks in got way worse where my armpits would smell after only a couple hours, and unfortunately fr there things never improved, and then the ultimate bad news hit. I ended up developing fungal infections in all of the creases I used the cream. The Dr explained that without wetness control and with their ingredients formula, all of the good bacteria was being eliminated with the bad, and leaving a moist haven for fungus to take up home. So that’s been fun. Will not be using again…

    • Me too. I used it on my rear crease for weeks and I started getting fungal infections (which I’ve never had before) in just that region where I applied it.

      • Same here 🙁

    • I also had the same experience. I NEVER have gotten yeast infections until using Lume on my
      “Privates” where it is advertised safe to use . I used only used in creases of where my hip joints meet my crotch. I was so excited because I did smell better but less than a week developed a yeast infection. So sad!

      • Had the same experience. Never had a yeast rash in my life. Took me months to get rid of the rashes in every space I used it. Couldn’t use DO for months. I was a smelly hot mess.

    • I used this for 5 days and got fungal infections everywhere I used it. Stopped using it till the rash was healed and tried again fungal infections on day 1.
      Oh the smell. Made my BO way way stinker maybe because of the fungal infections this was a horrible thing.
      And to top it off if your review is not positive Lumē will not post it for people to read. They are crooks.

  11. I was soo excited to try this. I am just not a big fan of how my lady purse smells. I shower I do stuff. Tried these oils. Nothing works. Am I the only one that think this stuff stinks and not in a good way. Don’t put these different scents if that is not at all what they smell like. I have an amazing nose by the way. I smell many things.
    I am sad about this. I don’t like the way it smells and it doesn’t help with my own odiferous emanations. Soooooo very disappointed. FYI don’t say money back guarantee when you don’t do that. It’s only if this or that. If you stand by your product you need to take it back if customers are not happy. Unless you know you product is crap.
    I guess that is all I have to say.

  12. I wanted to like this stuff, and the ads were hilarious! But alas, after using it for several months, I realized that I was fighting a rash or something. Went back to my Primal Pit Paste (now Pretty Frank) and after healing and waiting about 2 months or so, I tried the unscented kind again. (had thought it might be the Juniper Berry).. Turns out unscented ALSO has me itching like crazy! I don’t know what is happening, but I’ll stick with Pretty Frank for now.
    Oh, and of course, I bought enough for free shipping. I’ve never had an allergic reaction before, so now, I have a bunch that I can’t return. story of my life.

  13. I started using Lume about a year ago, and it has been interesting. As an underarm deodorant, my bigger issue is how it reacts to my clothing, not me. Note I treated all of my existing garments without any odor issues, it was my brand new clothing that had never been worn that had issues. If I wear Lume with a tank top or clothing that doesn’t get tucked into my armpits, it does last all day. If the clothing is right in my pits about halfway through the day there is this awful odor I cannot describe but it is in my brand new and washed shirts. I don’t understand it so eventually I just went back to using an antiperspirant serum every couple days with the Lume. It seems to work well.

    As deodorant it was a loss for me but I still use it because it works great everywhere else! I train a lot so my feet and body get funky from all the sweat from exercising so the Lume has been amazing for that! Added bonus, my workout clothes don’t have that body odor funk most do.

  14. I had a similar experience – lasted no where near 72 hours. Didn’t even last a full day. It’s false advertising and I’m sure all those glowing reviews are fake. They would not give me a refund either. Awful product. Awful company.

  15. I wanted to love Lume, too. I had been using conventional deodorant and it worked ok, but I usually got stinky after heavy exercise. So I was really intrigued by their Facebook ad, especially the one with the bikers. I chose the juniper scent as well and I’m not crazy about it, but it doesn’t linger. Anyway, Lume worked AMAZING at first. There was no stinky break in period and I really did experience 72 hours of odor-free protection, even with doing martial arts and hitting the gym.

    After about a month of using it, it failed catastrophically one weekend when I went camping and didn’t bring it along. I drove a few hours to the campground in my air conditioned car and when I got there, my arm pits reeked of onions! It was so bad and they stayed like that the whole weekend. I don’t know what changed, but since then, Lume hasn’t lasted more than a day and usually lasts less, even if I’m just sitting at the computer all day. The worst part is the strong onion smell. My body odor used to smell a bit like curry powder from the spice aisle which actually wasn’t too bad and was never very strong, but now when Lume fails and I lift my arms, my poor husband can smell onions from several feet away. Time to try something new!

  16. I ordered the sample tubes-it worked on my feet but not last on my underarms. I worked 8 hours yesterday and applied a small amount per their info. It didn’t last beyond 8 hours but going to try to reapply at break time. My guess is that everyone’s body is different. Not worried about sweat but do not want to have armpit odor while working my retail job.

  17. I really like Lume! I agree it has a weird yeasty-rancid type smell when you apply it but the unpleasant smell doesn’t last. I have to apply Lume 2 times a day for full ordor control but that’s not different than other deos I’ve used. I especially like that I can use it in folds and creases (ahem!) anywhere – as a plus-sized gal I was self-conscious about body odor, and not just in my pits, especially on hot summer days. Now I use Lume after a shower and I’m good to go. Less is more. I was unable to use other natural deodorants because they caused a rash for me but Lume does the job! If you are used to an antiperspirant, your pits will feel wet using a cream deodorant because you are sweating, and it does not absorb any moisture. I’m glad people on this thread are finding what works for them, no matter what it is – so many options for different preferences. But Lume ahs worked for me!

  18. I fell for Lume’s hilarious facebook ad & ordered both the tube & the bar.
    It arrived pretty quickly & I was excited to give it a try.
    I don’t sweat much or have issues with stinkiness but I just wanted to give it a try in comparison to my usual spray deodorant…
    Well, I was unaware that even the bar was like a cream so when I brought the deodorant to the top and it came out of the 3 slits looking like lotion, I was startled.
    The scent was overwhelmingly like play doh, I didn’t smell Jasmine Rose at all.
    I was turned off by the play doh smell but applied it anyway…
    I made sure not to use too much but it instantly felt wet & goopy, (I applied it to my armpits) a feeling that didn’t sit well with me.
    I blended it in with my fingertips, which also was strange because I wondered how applying something of lotion consistency to your under- arms is a good thing…it felt thick & goopy & wet.
    I knew instantly that I didn’t want to go through this every day…in fact, I didn’t even want it on me a second more!
    So, I wiped it off with a towel & threw the stuff in the trash.

  19. I fell for Lume’s hilarious facebook ad & ordered both the tube & the bar.
    It arrived pretty quickly & I was excited to give it a try.
    I don’t sweat much or have issues with stinkiness but I just wanted to give it a try in comparison to my usual spray deodorant…
    Well, I was unaware that even the bar was like a cream so when I brought the deodorant to the top and it came out of the 3 slits looking like lotion, I was startled.
    The scent was overwhelmingly like play doh, it didn’t smell Jasmine Rose at all.
    I was turned off by the play doh smell but applied it anyway…
    I made sure not to use too much but it instantly felt wet & goopy, (I applied it to my armpits) a feeling that didn’t sit well with me.
    I blended it in with my fingertips, which also was strange because I wondered how applying something of lotion consistency to your under- arms is a good thing…it felt thick & goopy & wet.
    I knew instantly that I didn’t want to go this every day…in fact, I didn’t even want it on me a second more!
    So, I wiped it off with a towel & threw the stuff in the trash.

  20. Yes I have tried Lume and I love it. I ordered 8 the first time. All Jasmine Rose and 1 lavender. I bought 4 tubes and 4 normal. 3oz ones and 4 2.2oz ones. I took my shower then applied to my pits, under my boobs, my crevices in my thighs and my privates. I LOVE IT! I ordered my first 8 on Facebook. Then two days later went to Amazon to read reviews. I dont always trust Facebook reviews for things and someone said Amazon also sells Lume so I went to look. OMG. The reviews were horrid!aide me scared. Id just paid like $117.00+ and these reviews are horrid! Well, I am glad when I got mine it wasnt what those reviews said. I love mine. I love the smell and it works wonderfully for me. I gave my mother one. I am using the lavender on my 8yr old sons pits and it also smells good. So 3 days later, I ordered 4 MORE! Got them yesterday. I may give my Fiance sister two. I really am in live with Lume.
    Samantha S. In Atlanta, Georgia

    • Hey, just a heads up for you: and you shouldn’t use anything containing lavender essential oil on boys. It can lead to gynecomastia

      • Wow! Thank you Sarah! I had no idea about that!

    • I’m with you Samantha S. I love Lume!! I used it for the first time yesterday. I got the unscented tube. My primary reason for purchase was for my butt. Not that I stink there more than most, it’s just I wanted to see if it would work. I don’t need it in my girly bits. I’ve been using an unscented stick deodorant there for years and it works great!! It works ladies! It takes just a pea size like it says. I know this sounds really disgusting but the only way to tell is sniff test. Even after several BM’s(I’m not lying) no odor!!!!

  21. Decided to try Lume after seeing it advertised and reading lots of reviews…I ordered the bar bundle deodorant trio and tubes…I honestly was not a fan of the ones with fragrance, found them to be funky smelling but I do love the unscented soap and deodorant. The fact that little goes a long way and it’s cruelty free was a bonus for me. I feel fresh EVERYWHERE after using the soap, it lathers well and a dab of the tube deodorant for private areas keeps me feeling fresh all day and night and even into the next day! I thought about ordering the wipes but haven’t done so yet. I definitely will order more soap bars as I have very sensitive skin and if I’m somewhere without my Lume unscented bar soap I use baby magic baby soap, the only other soap that I’ve used for years! I give Lume a 👍and will continue to use it!

  22. I have been using the tube Lume for 2 years and turned my whole family on to it. I love it. I can apply pea size amount to underarms and it lasts 2 days, through showers. I do a lot of hiking and I’m amazed how well it works. It did take some time to get used to still sweating but at least I don’t smell. My husband, who is 6’2” 225 lbs, runs and works out 6 days a week also loves it. Sorry it didn’t work for you.


  24. I wanted so badly to love Lume. I’m a stress sweater and have tried all kinds of products from natural to prescription. I tried it last winter, thinking I could make it through the detox period more easily when it wasn’t hot outside. I really really gave it a good shot. I bought natures miracle and sprayed my shirts before I washed. It did almost nothing. It would work for maybe about 2 hours and then the sweat smell would start to mix with the lime smell and it was sour and terrible. I would reapply and that would be ok for another hour. I had to carry a tube everywhere and reapply constantly just to keep the smell away, in the middle of winter. I kept up with this routine for 2 months to give it a really good shot. I read that applying a glycolic acid toner onto your armpits first can help. So I tried that in conjunction with the Lume, still no go. The only pro was that it did make me feel fresher around my underwear area.

  25. I implore you to try their new formulation! I’ve been a diehard Lume fan for a while and their new stuff is even better. you mention the liquidity of the deodorant and i understand what you mean. but their new stuff is much more lotion-like. i love it!

    • Interestingly my experience with Lume has been the opposite. I loved the old formulation. It worked as advertised, controlling odor for at least 2 days with 1 application. With the new formula I have to reapply halfway through the day. Very disappointed.

      • Yes. First few containers bought were amazing. The next order not so amazing. Why do you change a already great product. Didnt even work a few hours in the humid weather this time!

  26. I just started a new job working in a hot warehouse for 12 hours a day. Let’s just say Lume did not work for me. I sweat profusely and work close to my coworkers. Apparently, I cleared my work area with my body odor that Lume was supposed to eliminate. This was after spending time during my breaks to use Lume wipes and then reapplying the deodorant and changing into clean clothes 3-4 times during my shift.

  27. First off, just want to say that I am so glad I found this article. It’s been very helpful- the comments are great as well. So I’ve been trying Lume on and off for a while. Just a quick disclaimer- I am insulin resistant which causes darkening and thickening of the skin on certain areas of my body- the number one place being my underarms. This makes underarm hygiene very tricky especially since the skin is so sensitive and susceptible to heat rashes. Also, I have quite a bit of professional experience working with individuals who are challenged when it comes to proper hygiene (mostly due to genetic diseases). Anyways, I second what everyone else has been saying about finding an enzyme laundry detergent for your clothing while trying out Lume. It also helps to not wear the same clothing too many times in a row due to the bacteria building up. Once you have that covered, I have a few tips to offer that will help you transition to a natural deodorant, such as Lume. My underarm skin is still adjusting to Lume (I’ve had great success and no issues using it on other areas of my body such as under my boobs and private area) but these tips have helped both myself and clients I have helped in the past #1 Be gentle when washing your underarms. Stay away from harsh exfoliants or acids (I’m looking at you St. Ives and apple cider vinegar). The skin on your face is similar to that of your underarms- both need to maintain a healthy PH level to avoid becoming too inflamed or even worse- both dry/inflamed and oily. If your skins PH is out of whack, you might as well skip the deodorant for a week and give them a rest (that includes no shaving) to let your skin calm down. #2 Don’t waste your money buying those fancy jars of armpit detox scrub from Ulta or the drug store. Instead, buy a jar of bentonite clay and some aloe Vera juice (both can be purchased online or in a natural foods store). Mix the two together until it’s a liquid consistency (avoid it becoming a thick paste- remember, your underarms are sensitive when it comes to exfoliating). Slather on two thin layers to your underarms (put some on your face as well as a mask if you like) and let it sit until totally dry. Do this once a week to help clear out any built up gunk (leftovers from antiperspirant and natural deodorant as well as bacteria). #4 (This is the most important) after you get out of the shower, the first thing you need to do is prep your underarms and wherever else you’re going to apply Lume. These areas are where bacteria love to grow which are dark, warm, moist areas of the body. Sweat and friction of the skin just adds fuel to the fire. So, to prep your skin for Lume after a shower, you gently rub your underarms with a clean towel (towels do a great job of exfoliating the more sensitive areas of our bodies) and then dry them completely using a blow dryer on a cool setting . Once the area is totally bone dry, apply Lume with your fingers. Use the blow dryer again (don’t forget- cool setting only) to help dry the paste onto your skin (depending on your skins biology, it’s not going to dry completely FYI) Lastly, if you are someone that is switching from an antiperspirant to Lume, this process is potentially going to take months to work so remember to have patience. It’s going to get worse (and stinkier) before it gets better!

    • This is great advice. Thank you!! I have found that Fresh Umbrian Clay bar is a godsend. It is pricey, but seems to last for literally years. It has always worked beautifully on my face and pores, but I find it also does a wonderful job under the pits and any areas that need some detox. I have never used it in any…err… super intimate areas because it seems as it would be too drying. But I have used it in the general bikini area when I’ve had an occasional inflamed follicle or ingrown hair. Fantastic!

  28. I’ve had the worst problem with regular antiperspirants leaving residue and buildup on my clothes. I switched to an “invisible” antiperspirant that I could go 48 hours with before reapplying but I still have the issues with residue. So I’m open to trying natural deodorants. Lume caught my eye because I deal with BO around my privates sometimes so I bought the sample pack with 5 different scents. When it arrived I immediately sniffed all of them. I thought the described smell was faint but all the formulas had a funky “spoiled” smell to them in my opinion. I read another review that called it “medicinal” but I think spoiled is closer to it for me. I decided to try them anyway, starting with “unscented” because it was my least favorite. I think Lume stinks right out of the tube but that funky spoiled smell dissipates within half an hour or less. I use a pea size amount on each pit and it covers well. I thought I’d miss the anti-antiperspirant aspect but I guess I don’t sweat as much as I thought I would. I tried going the advertised “72 hours” but it doesn’t last that long. I can go about 48 hours before I need to reapply, sometimes a little less if I have been sweating more than normal. I’ve been using it about 2-3 weeks now. I’m not sure about a detox period because other than smelling oniony after 48 hours my experience with it has been the same as day 1 and it’s comparable to using the antiperspirant except there’s no residue. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it once the sampler pack is gone but I’m sure I’ll at least use those up. I haven’t tried any other brands yet for comparison.

  29. I bought Like, and at first, it didn’t work at all. I tried it and felt like I had BO after only a few hours. However, since I had already paid for it, I figured I’d use it until the stick was done, and after about 2 weeks, I was no longer getting BO even after working all day outside in 100 degree weather. It also works on feet. I felt like I had to get rid of my flats and after washing them and then wearing Lume on my feet, I haven’t had stinky feet again. So yay for Lume. I think you should give it a fair try for a good while. I apply in the morning with my bra on before I put on a shirt to prevent it from getting on my clothes. Good luck!

  30. I haven’t tried any other types of natural deodorants but I tried Lume and it worked great for me! I have used regular deodorant/antiperspirant (Secret) and found that at the end of the day I didn’t sweat, but I still had an odor. It was frustrating!! So I gave Lume a try. I don’t like that on a really hot day I still sweat, and no, it doesn’t work 72 hours, but I don’t have to worry about odor anymore. It is so nice not to have to worry about what I smell like after the end of a long day!!

  31. Disappointed. I bought the bar soap, wipes, stick, AND tube. First in lavender sage. I smelled like manly BO. I bought coconut crush and it was nice for an hour before BO was there. Considering that this may be a detox period I wasn’t ready to give up. Im a month in and giving the unscented tube a try now. I’m still not impressed. I have a tube of juniper berry to try as well but I think my search will have to continue. Wetness is a problem for me. It’s grossing me out. I’m glad I tried it so I know to check it off of my list.

  32. I’ve been using Lume for 3mths and my arm pits stink so bad and so fast after applying. I have new clothes still the same, I even treated my old clothes like they said to get older odors out, still stinks. I do like it for chafing where my legs and hips meet, its been hot 100+ and no irritation like I normally get. I canceled my subscription but may buy again for chafing after I try some of the other brands listed in this article.

  33. Just received an order for this deodorant. I think I may have got a faulty batch because it just plain smells like wet cardboard with an undertone of old lotion. Had no tangerine smell in the slightest, also didn’t help with odor in the least and actually magnified it. Using hands to apply it was fine after the shower but as the day progressed I was more embarrassed by the whiffs I caught of myself. Back to Schmidtts for me. Wish I would have seen this review before I purchased it.

    • i just got the Lume sand and bloom sample pack (because I wasn’t sure about the scents) and all 5 of the mini tubes had terrible smell and almost none of the claimed scent. Not wet cardboard to me but something more unpleasant. The only one with a barely detectable and slightly acceptable smell is the coconut one. I’m only on my 2nd day, but yesterday I kept getting wiffs of the awful underlying Lume scent and am glad I’m testing this during quarantine where I only have to stink out my family and not my coworkers. I’m going to test for a while longer in my pits and also on my feet and lower areas, but I’m disappointed so far with the product smell.

  34. Hey all,
    Lume didn’t work. I’m a working nurse who sweats, and it didn’t help with the odor. I prepped my clothes and didn’t overuse the deodorant. Didn’t work. Good luck.

  35. Hey all,
    Lume, in my opinion, was my last opportunity to give me relief of malodor when I sweat. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience this when I started with Lume. It’s been a month. I prepped my clothes. I cleaned my pits often. Applied the perfect amount without overuse. To no end. I’m a nurse, and when I work, I sweat. I need a deodorant to keep me smelling fresh. Lume just must not be for me I suppose. When I don’t sweat, I’m fine. Anyway, hopefully it works for you. Good luck!

  36. I wish I saw this review before buying. The ads got me. I’m a natural deodorant junkie and this did not work AT ALL. And before people tell me to wash my clothes, I walk around my house naked so don’t even. I apply deodorant after shower. I found the texture to be gross and my armpits felt slimey for hours. I could’t wait to take it off. As far as smell protection, I felt like I wasn’t smelling fresh after a couple of hours. I gave it 8 days and that’s it. I’m done. I might use this for my feet and donate the rest of the sampler tubes.

    • LOL I wasn’t going to leave a comment but I just had to thank you for the laughs! From one child of nature to another <3

  37. So I have purchased Lume about a year ago (funny ads and desperation for finding natural deodorant got me). I used it, I thought it didn’t work. Kept trying new deodorants, kept going back to regular old trusted Secret. I live in Florida so the humidity here is so insane I am sweaty after taking a few steps from my front door to my car. I also work with public, so I can’t be stinky. Fast forward to being quarantined for a few months and I decided to let natural deos to battle out. Kopari and Tsakesumi both failed, but Lume, to my delight, prevailed. I did have to put my clay mask on pits a few times, but the real problem was bacteria growing on my shirts. After I fully detoxed from Secret, my armpits would never smell, but my shirts did. So I am Persil detergent all the way now. I also pretreat the armpit area with the spray before putting shirts in the hamper. It’s been months now, humidity is 100, and I don’t stink. It’s truly awesome.

    • Gintare, yesss, what a fantastic quarantine story! I’ve never tried a clay mask under my arms before—did you just use what you had or something specific to that area? I’m fascinated by this!

      • They do sell specific masks for armpit detox, but I read the ingredients for a few of them and realized they are not that much different from my face clay masks. So I just used my face masks, which I have an abundance of due to subscription boxes. Money saved! It helps to draw toxins out, although you sort of need to keep your arms up and let the clay dry out. So I slap a mask on my face and on my armpits and lay down for 15 mins 😄. I did it every other day when I was detoxing, but now it’s only needed once in a while when “I get a whiff of my scent” LOL. I think the foods we eat and the stress hormones influence our body scents from time to time.

    • Another great armpit detox/ odor and bacteria eliminating tip that I picked up is wiping down my armpits with BHA liquid exfoliant once in the morning. I personally use one from Paula’s Choice because that’s what I use on my face, but I think any one can work. I use it as an alternative to deodorant most times because I don’t like products with scents in them and it dries quickly. But I feel like using both natural deodorant and BHA is a power duo. I just soak a cotton round in the liquid and swipe under my armpits, let it dry, then I’m safe from stink for pretty much the entire day.

      • That’s great! I’ve never heard of using BHA on armpits–nice tip. I might have to try that out.

        I’ve heard that no matter how much/well one washes her armpits, there are some odor-causing bacteria that soap won’t get. So follow up with alcohol, after showering, sink wash, whatever. I’ve found that very helpful, in addition to putting some X-O Odor Neutralizer in the washing machine with my shirts and regular detergent, from time to time.

  38. I tried posting a comment about clothing prep with enzymatic detergent, not sure if it posted. At the risk of redundancy, pre-washing all of my tops with aforementioned detergent made all the difference for me in regard to how well Lume works. I love it!

  39. Did you prep your shirt(s) with an enzymatic detergent prior to using the Lume? I asked because it seemingly stopped working for me and then I realized that the pits of the shirts stank, not my actual armpits. I then used an enzymatic detergent on all of my shirts and, with the exception of really old and often-worn tops, it solved the problem and the Lume works just fine now. Bacteria does build up in the fibers of material so just a thought.

    • I do have an enzymatic product that I usually sprinkle into wash loads and wash as normal! Perhaps those enzymes are to thank for why the Lume that transferred to my shirts washed out so nicely, though at the time I didn’t think to credit it. That’s a great tip!

      • What enzymatic detergent do you use? Not sure what to buy?

  40. I think it’s so interesting that some natural deodorants work for some people and then they’re terrible for others! Native was absolutely horrible for me. Even after 2 weeks, I still smelled. But after about 3 days of Lume, I was completely smell free!

    You definitely have to experiment with natural deodorants to find the right one!

    • You are so right, Chelsea, it’s fascinating! I’m learning so much about myself as I explore these different natural deodorants and hoping to help others along the way, but comments like yours which share a different perspective are SO helpful, too. Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring!

  41. Been using this product for months now. Never experienced any of the stuff in this review. I cant walk down a street without working up a sweat and decided to give this a go when i saw all the ads. I bought both stick and tube,havent used the tube,yet but ,for me, it works as advertised. I do apply it every other day(when i remember) and i dont feel smelly . I also use the soap every time i shower . The ONLY thing im not a fan on is the scent so i will be purchasing non scented from them. This product helps me feel more confident to get through my workday ,since i walk daily at the office and after at the gym.

    • I really appreciate you sharing your experience, Marian—personal care items really do differ from person to person! I’m so glad you found a natural deodorant that works for you!

  42. Thanks for the review! Saves me the time of trying it. I live in a hot humid climate and am looking for a natural deodorant that actually works. Right now, I use a natural deodorant at night, the Lavanilla, and the Dove Spray antiperspirant in the morning. I just have to, I sweat too much and don’t want to stink!

    • Everyone’s got to do what works for them, right? I’m going to be trying Lavanilla soon!

  43. Wondering why my comment won’t post on this thread when they post on other threads immediately. Is it because it is a favorable review of Lume? Trying for a third time….

    I am surprised by the “meh” review as I am a total Lume fangirl. It works GREAT! You can use it EVERYWHERE and not smell, which is wonderful after a vigorous workout (or a night out dancing and sweating). My favorite is the tube of unscented, but all of the scents fade quickly so you don’t smell like deodorant all day. I have never had a problem with it getting on my clothes, staining my clothes, or anything of the sort. You take a little bit, and rub it on like lotion. Nothing special, and you don’t need to leave your pits flapping in the breeze for everything to dry out; just rub on a little and go. I think Kopari is garbage. It smells great going on, but I don’t smell great after about 4 hours, and am utterly offensive by the end of the day. Most of the other natural deodorants (Native, Schmidt’s, Tom’s, etc) give me a horrible rash and leave me smelling like stanky onions by the end of the day. (Meow Meow Tweet is pretty decent, though.) Lume doesn’t last for 72 hours for me, but I can go a couple of days and if there is any smell, it’s faint.

    Perhaps it all comes down to body chemistry. If you are on the fence, you should try it. I think it’s freaking amazing!

  44. I don’t know why comments are so hit or miss with posting. I posted a long one yesterday.

    I am surprised by the “meh” review as I am a total Lume fangirl. It works GREAT! You can use it EVERYWHERE and not smell, which is wonderful after a vigorous workout (or a night out dancing and sweating). My favorite is the tube of unscented, but all of the scents fade quickly so you don’t smell like deodorant all day. I have never had a problem with it getting on my clothes, staining my clothes, or anything of the sort. You take a little bit, and rub it on like lotion. Nothing special, and you don’t need to leave your pits flapping in the breeze for everything to dry out; just rub on a little and go. I think Kopari is garbage. It smells great going on, but I don’t smell great after about 4 hours, and am utterly offensive by the end of the day. Most of the other natural deodorants (Native, Schmidt’s, Tom’s, etc) give me a horrible rash and leave me smelling like stanky onions by the end of the day. (Meow Meow Tweet is pretty decent, though.) Lume doesn’t last for 72 hours for me, but I can go a couple of days and if there is any smell, it’s faint.

    Perhaps it all comes down to body chemistry. If you are on the fence, you should try it. I think it’s freaking amazing!

  45. I really like Stank Stop, if you are fine with applying by hand! They have a stick, but it doesn’t seem as effective.

    • I’m finding that seems to be the case for a lot of deodorants, Renee—if there is a jar version, it usually works better. Does it really stop the stank like they say? 😅

  46. Oh man, facebook bombards me with ads for this! So grateful that it was reviewed! Will be passing on this one.

    • Glad to help you make your decision, Cat! Which deodorant(s) do you use that you like?

    • You should try it. It’s actually really great.

  47. I tried Lume over a year ago, and it didn’t work one bit on me. Like you, I hated the wet consistency. I even returned it to them to get a (partial) refund – it’s expensive! I rotate between deodorants, and my current favorites are Each + Every (stick), Little Seed Farm (jar), and Silver Falls Sustainability (stick). All are baking soda-free.

    • Your recommendations include some new-to-me brands! I’ll have to look into them! I have a friend who loves Little Seed Farm, so I ordered their free samples last year and really loved the scents. The samples were small so they didn’t last long enough for me to get a real feel of how well the deodorant might work for me overall, but it’s definitely on my list to circle back and try for real at some point.

  48. I tried Lume (also the Juniper Berry) back in December because of their funny ads, and it worked like a dream for the first month! I had zero body odor and I was so amazed I was going to make it a point to write a glowing review everywhere I could. Then out of nowhere, I got an insane rash in my armpits. INSANE. I scratched my skin raw. It was so bad that it actually discolored my underarms and I’m still dealing with it. It was like it promoted a fungal infection rather than prevented it. I had to stop wearing deodorant altogether for a couple months. I’m not sure if it’s because of my sensitive skin or what but that was my experience.

    • What!! I’m so sorry you had this experience, how awful! I’ve never heard of a rash developing so long after using a natural deodorant, that doesn’t seem fair. What do you use now that it’s healed?

    • This happened to me also with Lume. Everything was going great then my armpits started discoloring then burning then turned red with rash. It took a few months for me. I found it really worked with eliminating armpit smells but wasn’t worth the bad reaction. I’ve read that this can happen with natural deodorants to some people.

      • I was wondering if others got the rash too. I started using Lume a couple of months ago and it worked great, then I started having this horrible rash. I’m letting my skin rest for a bit but I am on the lookout for a better alternative (hence reading this blog)!

    • I ordered the 3 piece set of Lume. The tube, soap, and stick deodorant. Guess what? I developed chemical burn under my arm pits by using this item. Needless to say, I had to go to Urgent Care, it burned so bad. I will NEVER use Lume again, and for that reason, I would like a refund. Mind you, I used it that one time. If you look on your orders, you will see my name and address.

    • This is a typical skin reaction when all of the good bacteria get killed off with the bad. Lume kills bacteria. Good bacteria release chemicals that fight off fungus (yeast mainly) and funguses release chemicals that fight off bacteria. If you kill off all the good bacteria, the yeast have no competition and you get a yeast overload infection on the skin which is very painful.

      It could take time to create this imbalance, or it could be due to a change in other habits (new soaps, change in hormones, skin being and staying wetter, taking medications). There are numerous reports of yeast skin infections with lume and I’m not at all surprised. To me, it already smells like rancid laundry (like when you forget and leave it wet), and it makes my skin smell like a mix of rank wet laundry and yeast.

  49. Are you all out of subscription boxes to review? Deodorant is a super personal preference so this series is ridiculous.

    • I think all reviews, by their nature, are personal. It’s someone describing a product or service and rating the experience they had with it. I don’t see how it’s ridiculous. Like Mary below, I’ve wanted to buy Lume because of their ads, so I found this review quite helpful.

    • It was specifically mentioned in the review that one could subscribe to this deodorant, thus it’s a subscription.

      I think these reviews are so informative and really timely. A lot of people are interested in natural deodorant, but have no idea where to start or what the experience is like. This series is so well written, documented, and organized. If I didn’t already have a deodorant I like (Type A) I would scour these to find a good one.

    • Your opinion is not shared by the rest of the thread.

  50. Appreciate the comprehensive unbiased review here. I’ve been tempted by their ads but think I will save my money/

    • Thank you so much for reading, Mary. There are so many good natural deodorants out there! Glad I can help you make your decision on which to try.

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