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Hungryroot Review – Everything You Need to Know About This Meal + Grocery Subscription

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseJul 28, 2021 | 49 comments
Hungryroot Review - Everything You Need to Know About This Meal + Grocery Subscription

Hungryroot Review

Everything You Need to Know About This Meal + Grocery Subscription

If you're looking for a meal kit delivery service that sends all the ingredients you need to streamline the dinner process, there are plenty of subscriptions out there to choose from. There are low-cost options, kits for vegans, and meal kits that specialize in customizing meals to suit your particular palate. Most of these services are dinnertime saviors, but what if you want more than just dinner sent to your front door? If you're looking for a delivery service that will also send you groceries, Hungryroot might be the subscription for you.

Here at My Subscription Addiction, we know the meal kit landscape like the back of our hand. We've reviewed all the big meal delivery services, and we know them backwards and forwards. We like that Hungryroot takes a unique approach to meal prep, and we think there's a lot to be said for a meal kit that's designed about actual grocery items. But Hungryroot might not be the best subscription for everyone. Is it right for you?

In this Hungryroot review, we'll tap into our subscription expertise to help you answer that question. We'll look at Hungryroot's claims that they send "healthy groceries" and "simple recipes." We’ll consider things like cost, difficulty level, convenience, and taste to help you determine if Hungryroot is the best meal kit for you. We'll even look at competitors in the space to see if there's another meal kit that might be a better fit. Ready to learn all about this grocery and meal kit delivery service? Let’s launch into this Hungryroot review!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Hungryroot Pros & Cons

Hungryroot Pros

  • Hungryroot is a delivery service that sends you all the groceries you need to make meals that are quick and easy.
  • Need snacks, breakfasts, or lunches, too? No problem. You can add additional grocery items onto your order.
  • Since you can add individual items to your order, the price is variable. The cost depends on the grocery items you order, not the number of meals.
  • Hungryroot offers endless customization. You can build meals from any grocery items you choose.
  • Recipes are ingredient-driven and easy as pie. They only contain 3-4 different ingredients.
  • Looking for kid-friendly meals? Hungryroot allows you to create meals around ingredients your kids will love.
  • Signing up for a Hungryroot subscription helps you save time on meal planning, cuts down on food waste, and helps ease mealtime stress.
  • It's easy to pause or cancel your subscription online.

Hungryroot Cons

  • Hungryroot isn't your typical meal kit delivery service, which can take a little getting used to.
  • The online ordering portal can be confusing to navigate.
  • Want to try a single box? You're unable to cancel your subscription until after your first box has arrived, making it more likely you'll forget to do it.

All About Hungryroot


How does Hungryroot work?

In this Hungryroot review, we'll go over all the things you need to know about this grocery and meal delivery service, but in case you're new to meal subscriptions, let's start with a quick overview of how Hungryroot works. The first thing to know is that Hungryroot is a recurring subscription. When you sign up, you're agreeing to receive groceries on an ongoing basis. You'll enter your credit card information when you join, and you'll continue to be charged until you decide to cancel. Here are the steps you can expect to follow when you sign up for Hungryroot:

  • Choose your plan and personalize it: when you join Hungryroot, you'll set up the details of your subscription. How many people do you need to feed? Do you eat vegetarian? Do you want dinners? Breakfasts? Extras? You're invited to personalize your plan to make sure it works for you.
  • Set your weekly delivery day: most subscribers will have several different delivery days to choose from. Some people prefer to receive meals at the very start of the week, while others like to receive deliveries mid-week. You can select your preferred weekly delivery day when you join.
  • Pick your groceries for the upcoming week: after you enter your dining preferences, Hungryroot will automatically pick groceries for you each week. However, you can always log in, override your auto-picks, and hand-select your own items.
  • Check back regularly to skip weeks or set your menu for upcoming deliveries: don't want to receive a box every single week? No problem. Log into your account to manage your upcoming deliveries. In your account portal, you'll be able to skip shipments, pick out what meals you'd like to receive, or cancel your subscription.

How much does Hungryroot cost?

When you sign up for a subscription to Hungryroot, you'll first need to decide how many people you want to serve with each meal and how many meals you'd like to receive each week. The basic plan starts at $59.94 and consists of three 2-person meals. You can add on breakfasts, lunches, additional dinners, snacks, and grocery items for an additional cost. If your order is under $70, shipping costs $6.99. Orders over $70 ship for free.

Does Hungryroot have different plans available?

With Hungryroot, plans can be customized to work for families of different sizes with varying dining preferences. The smallest plan costs $59.94 and consists of three 2-person meals, but you can add additional servings, meals, and grocery items.

Where and how does Hungryroot ship?

Hungryroot delivers to most of the contiguous U.S. You can check to see if Hungryroot delivers to your zip code while signing up.

Good to know:

  • Delivery days vary by area, but most subscribers will have several options to choose from. You can change your preferred delivery day at any time.
  • A signature is not required, and you don't have to be home to accept the box.
  • Food is kept cold in transit with insulated liners and frozen gel packs.

How is a Hungryroot delivery packaged?


Hungryroot's box, paper cooler, and food protector are recyclable. The cool packs can be opened and the gel can be discarded down the sink or diluted and used as plant food. As for the ingredients and groceries, Hungryroot recommends checking individual packaging for recycling details.

What recipes does Hungryroot offer?


Hungryroot is not your average meal kit delivery service. The recipes are ingredient-driven, and meals typically contain between 3-4 different components. As such, the recipes are easy to make and usually on the table quickly; however, don't expect to learn complicated cooking techniques or prepare meals with a wide variety of fresh ingredients. The good news is that recipes are highly customizable. Interested in a recommended beet and goat cheese salad but not into beets? You can change up the dish by swapping out ingredients or tweaking the recommended ingredients.

Here are some recent meals we've spotted at Hungryroot:

  • Roasted Salmon + Asparagus over Rice
  • Chile Limon Chicken n' Guac Tacos
  • Cheesy BBQ Chicken Stuffed Peppers
  • All American Cheeseburger with Baked Beans
  • Nothing Beets It Veggie Sandwich

Are Hungryroot recipes hard?

Hungryroot takes a simple and straightforward approach to recipes, and they're very easy to make. Because the meals are ingredient-driven and only contain a handful of ingredients, there aren't typically a lot of steps involved in the cooking process. This streamlined approach to cooking means dinner is quick and easy.

What ingredients and tools does Hungryroot NOT provide?

When you sign up for a Hungryroot subscription, you'll receive only the ingredients that you add to your cart. You may need to provide salt, pepper, water, and oil, and we recommend checking recipes after ordering to check for additional items you may need to provide yourself. In addition to these basic ingredients, you'll also be expected to have essential kitchen tools available like cutting boards, knives, bowls, baking trays, vegetable peelers, zesters, measuring cups, and pots and pans.

Does Hungryroot accommodate dietary restrictions like allergies?

If you have allergies, you can indicate which foods you'd like to avoid in your online profile. Hungryroot will be sure to take this into consideration and only show you recipes and groceries that align with your dietary preferences.

Is Hungryroot's food tasty?


Hungryroot sends high-quality grocery items, and their meals are very tasty. Since the recipes tend to be on the simple side, the flavor profiles aren't always as complex as you may find in other kits. This sometimes results in meals that seem overly simplified, but it's always possible to add a side dish, additional ingredients, or fresh herbs to jazz things up. The prepared items like sauces and dressings tend to be big on flavor and very tasty. If you don't mind meals that are a little simple, Hungryroot is likely to make your belly happy.

Is Hungryroot convenient?

Hungryroot is definitely convenient. When you receive groceries from Hungryroot, you'll save time meal planning and grocery shopping, and picking meals from an online selection helps streamline the weeknight dinner process. If you ever struggle to plan a menu for the week, feel like you need new recipe inspiration, or don't feel like hitting up the grocery store, Hungryroot will most certainly add convenience to your routine.

What do MSA reviewers say about Hungryroot?

We've had a couple different writers try Hungryroot. Curious about what they have to say?

Rachel's Hungryroot Review

  • Review expertise: Rachel is a writer who's penned a lot of lifestyle reviews for MSA, but she's also something of a foodie. She's a health conscious diner who reviewed Hungryroot in early 2020.
  • Eating profile: Rachel prefers to limit gluten and soy, and she tends to reach for vegan meals.
  • Thoughts on Hungryroot meals: For her Hungryroot review, Rachel subscribed to the service for a full month. Let's take a look at what she had to say about a few of the meals she ate during that time.
    • “Cheesy” Lentil Salad & Pasta- Rachel enjoyed a few pasta dishes during her month with Hungryroot, but this one was a standout. She writes, "The smoky green lentil salad added texture, visual appeal, and the vegetable component I like to have with my dinner. This meal was beyond perfect on a chilly, rainy evening. The ultimate comfort meal!"
    • Veggie Noodles with Beyond Bolognese- This meal was another winner for Rachel. She says, "I don’t consider myself a “foodie” per se, but I suppose it would be hard to deny that I’m a little snobby about what I eat. Some days though, a girl just wants to feel like her belly is being hugged—this meal was exactly the hug I was craving! It had a nostalgic, Hamburger-Helper-esque vibe to it, despite having fresh, healthy ingredients that are, in fact, quite sophisticated."
    • Sesame Ginger Stir Fry - Last up, Rachel went with stir fry, and she liked it but found the sauce a little unnecessary. "This meal was definitely most along the lines of what I’d normally eat, sans the sauce. I did add a bit of it, but certainly could have done without and been just as happy (maybe even more), especially since it had a lot of sugars and a surprisingly high fat content."
  • Verdict: Rachel tried Hungryroot for a full month, and she enjoyed it. She found many of the sauces to be a bit much, and she also supplemented quite a few of the meals with items from her own pantry. But, overall, it was a good experience. She says, "The food has all been largely fresh and contained natural ingredients—a big plus in my book. On their own, the dishes are somewhat neutral in flavor, but there is lots of room for additional seasonings and/or embellishment."

My Hungryroot Review

  • Review expertise: I've been writing food reviews for My Subscription Addiction since 2014, and I know my way around the kitchen. I've tried a lot of meal kits over the years, and I tend to approach meal kits with a critical eye.
  • Eating profile: I eat anything and everything, though my favorite meals tend to feature global flavors and interesting techniques. I'm also a sucker for comfort foods like pizza and tacos.
  • Thoughts on Hungryroot meals: I can safely say that Hungryroot is unlike any meal delivery service I've tried before. The approach to building a menu by choosing different grocery items took a little getting used to, but I was able to build some tasty recipes. Spicy Vegan Chorizo + Potato Tacos and Blackened Shrimp Summer Tacos were both tasty, but I found the recipes a little too simplistic. I would have appreciated something fresh in the tacos (cilantro? salsa? guacamole?) and the salad could have used some additional veggies or croutons. The flavors were nice, and everything was easy to prepare, but I couldn't help feeling like I could have made something better with my own recipe.
  • Verdict: I like the concept of Hungryroot, but I don't think it's a great fit for my lifestyle. I enjoy cooking, I like working with fresh ingredients, and I don't mind extra steps if it means bigger flavor. Hungryroot is just a little too simple for me. I like that they allow subscribers to pick up more than just dinner (I certainly enjoyed having my weekly groceries delivered to my door along with my recipe ingredients), and I think this subscription is a great choice for those who enjoy simple dishes and straightforward recipes. It's just a little too simple for me.

What do MSA readers say about HungryRoot in their reviews?

At MSA, we don't just publish our own in-house reviews. We also invite our readers to rate and review the meal kits they've tried. Here's what Zack had to say about his experience with Hungryroot:

"Hungryroot is great when it works, but quality and inventory control are significantly off, and the typical delivery will have a missing/wrong/expired/damaged item. Their customer service is lacking, and I and friends have emailed them with no response. If an item is wrong, there is an option on the site to get an automatic credit on your next delivery -- it's just a bit disheartening to need to use this on nearly every delivery. Once you get in the habit of logging in to edit your meals each week before the cutoff time, and navigate the particular oddities of the site, it's much simpler than grocery shopping. For a person like me who wanted to ease in to cooking regularly for myself, it's a healthy, customizable, and mostly easy solution -- but with serious quality/inventory control issues and a pretty hefty price, I don't know that I'd recommend it." -Zack

Mary made a point of sharing how she's had trouble navigating the Hungryroot site:

"I've been using HungryRoot for a month. Love the food. But their site is difficult to negotiate. They occasionally send things I didn't order and leave out ingredients I need. "But we were out of such and such and substituted-" is not acceptable without communication. I recently stopped ordering tofu based meals because of household preferences. I put tofu on the "never eat" list and deleted the meal that contained that ingredient. I then added a different meal. I received both the meal that I deleted and the meal I added. Also, extras I didn't order at all--bringing my total which should have been 135.00 to 220.00. Their competitors all show the total as you make choices. It's at the top and it's visible at all times. HungryRoot provides a link at the bottom that says, "Order and pay" an amount that is not a reflection of the total and without seeing the rest of the charges, you really don't know. The 85.00 overage could have been corrected had I known." -Mary

If you'd like to learn more about Hungryroot and read even more reader reviews, you can visit our Hungryroot brand page here.

Are there alternatives to Hungryroot?

If you like the idea of a meal kit delivery service, but you're not sure Hungryroot is the right subscription for you, there are a few competitors that might be a better fit.

Hungryroot vs. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery subscription that provides delicious, crowd-pleasing meal kits to cook at home. It's one of the most popular meal subscription services out there, and the weekly menu is huge. Let's outline some of the key differences between these two subscriptions:

  • What you get: Hungryroot sends grocery items and recipes that are designed around them. HelloFresh is a traditional meal kit that sends the individually portioned ingredients you need to make chef-designed recipes.
  • The food: Both companies send tasty meals, but the "vibe" is a little bit different. Hungryroot sends simple recipes with few ingredients, while HelloFresh is more likely to feature international dishes and global flavors.
  • Price: HelloFresh is priced competitively, with meals that average $8.99 per serving. The cost of Hungryroot varies depending on how many meals and additional grocery items you add to your cart.

Hungryroot vs. Home Chef

Like Hungryroot, Home Chef offers a fair amount of recipe customization, but these meal solutions differ quite a lot. Let's take a closer look at the differences between these subscriptions:

  • Customization: If you'd like to have the flexibility to swap out proteins or add additional meats to your meals, Home Chef has you covered. If you want to have control over every single ingredient, Hungryroot might be the better choice for you.
  • Recipe complexity: Home Chef's recipes aren't expert-level by any means, but compared to Hungryroot, they can sometimes be a bit more challenging. (Check out the difficulty rating on Home Chef's meals if you want to keep things beginner level.)
  • Price: Most Home Chef meals cost $9.95 per serving.

Hungryroot vs. Dinnerly

If affordability is a must-have, check out Dinnerly, a wallet-friendly meal kit delivery service with crowd-pleasing meal options and kid-friendly entrees. Dinnerly cuts out unnecessary expenses to keep their per-meal price low, and it's a great choice for those on a budget. Let's see how these two subscriptions stack up:

  • Price: Dinnerly starts at $4.69 per serving.
  • Subscription style: Dinnerly is a traditional meal kit delivery service, whereas Hungryroot is designed around grocery items.
  • Meals: Both Dinnerly and Hungryroot send simple straightforward meals that are easy to make. Dinnerly may skew slightly more kid-friendly, but they're both great for picky eaters and families.

Is Hungryroot worth it?

We've covered a lot of info in this Hungryroot review, but one big question remains: is Hungryroot worth it?

If you're looking for a grocery delivery service that will help streamline your dinner prep, Hungryroot is a great choice. The recipes are easy to make, contain a limited number of ingredients, and taste great. The customization options make it easy to omit ingredients, avoid certain foods, and tailor shipment to suit your particular tastes and dietary requirement. If you like simple meals and want to receive groceries along with your dinner recipes, you'll probably really like Hungryroot.

The recipes can sometimes feel a little basic or overly simplistic, and navigating the website takes a little getting used to, but these are issues that are easily overlooked by many happy subscribers. There are Hungryroot fans on both the MSA review team and in the larger community of readers, and many have given Hungryroot's flexibility, customization, and pricing a giant thumbs up. Given how easy it is to choose your own recipes, this is a subscription that works for vegans, picky eaters, and gluten-free diners alike. If you're ready to sign up, just make sure you understand that you're signing up for a subscription. You'll be charged every week (unless you skip) until you decide to cancel.

Ready to subscribe? Make sure to sign up using our coupon below to ensure you get the best deal.


You can try Hungryroot for yourself here:


Have you tried Hungryroot? Head to the comments section and let us know!

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Hungryroot is an all-in-one recipe and grocery service. Hungryroot gets to know you,
delivering healthy, full-size groceries and easy-to-follow recipes that fit your life.
Hungryroot’s mission is to make healthy eating easier.

Lindsey Morse
Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker, cold brew coffee addict, and rosé aficionado who loves writing about food and wine. When she’s not sharing her love of subscription boxes with the world, you’ll find her in the podcasting studio, perfecting her cake decorating techniques, or cursing her way through the New York Times daily crossword puzzle. 

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I canceled after the first delivery. Not so much because of the poor quality of the food, although the asparagus was slimy and the tips of most of the stalks were mushy and were disintegrated. But my biggest issue was how their program description is so deceiving. I signed up for the 2 SERVING option that included 6 dinners and 4 lunches and 5 snacks. I received 5 recipes, two servings each and all the 5 snacks. So I reached out to complain about all the missing lunches and the one missing dinner. It turns out, their 2 SERVING program means the total number of servings, meaning the recipes that are for two servings don’t mean for two people. I was supposed to eat one serving for dinner and one for lunch, and forget about my SO. She was just supposed to watch me eat?! I put in a complaint to my credit card company siting deceiving plan description, and requested a partial refund. I would’ve never signed up at $130 to cook 5 skimpy dinners using half wilted vegetables. The snacks were an apple, a mini bag of chips and a couple of meat sticks. So you can def. do better on your own, making these simple recipes – usually 3-4 ingredients.

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I’m just about done with my third box, and for the most part I love it. I’m vegan, and order just for myself, getting three recipes a week (that’s 6 servings, because each is enough for 2), some snacks and sweets. On these last two boxes I edited the orders so I got just what I wanted, which was nice. So far, no terrible issues, though in the first box the mushrooms had a little mold (I chalk this up to packing the order the day before shipping, then shipping taking another day – even with the cold pack, it’s not ‘refrigerator-cold’), and the blueberries were almost squishy. Everything has been edible though (aside from cutting off the moldy bits), and delicious. I really like the sauces, and the recipe combinations (mostly just three ingredients, including a veggie), the incredible ease of preparation!, and how fast from start to finish. Yes, they’re simplistic, but I tried Green Chef previously and it was quite the opposite. I did add up how much everything in my first box would have cost had I gone to the store myself, and I calculated it was $30 more through Hungryroot, but I’m an impulse shopper and would have spent that $30 on things I don’t need, easily. I’m currently doing a box every other week, and keep telling myself I’ll cancel, but turns out I’m really having fun with it, and on delivery day I get really excited! It’s worth it, I think.

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Gail Crites

My box had spilled ingredients, the vegies had mold in them despite being “best before” 5 days after delivery, the temp was not cold enough to ensure safety (my yogurt was warm when I tried it immediately after delivery) the recipes are bland. The only thing I liked was the pre-cooked chicken breast – they were tender and delicious. I cancelled immediately – it was easy to do on the web site. I was a good deal with the initial 30% off but had I paid full price it would have been very expensive for the food rec’d.

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I was annoyed that Hungryroot doesn’t have a quick and easy “do they deliver to my area” tool like Instacart has. Instead, there’s a “Take the quiz” button” at every turn with a form to provide my full name, address email, phone number, and choice of plan before even letting me know if they had service where I live. Nope. All I was able to find was a FAQ about how they deliver too “most” zip codes in the continental USA but if they don’t deliver to my city of 1,000,000 people (which means they’re NOT in “most” zip codes) they’re constantly expanding. Nope. If anyone knows an actually useful way to find Hungryroot’s delivery areas I’d still like to at least try it.

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NO Customer Service, Late Delivery, POORLY packed box
I was initially excited to try Hungryroot as my bf just started eating vegan. 1st red flag: you can’t select what you want until AFTER you sign up and give payment info.
I went through the process and really disliked their website. It took several tries to get the order placed.
I was offered a delivery for Sunday and to get ready for dinner. NO WHERE was I advised delivery windows are until 9pm! I unfortunately got that news at 6:30pm via text on Sunday awaiting the box so I could make dinner. 2nd red flag: You cannot reach anyone live. You have to go through a text ordeal, which initially said expect a response in 48 hours. A complete joke.
I sent a barrage of “cancel” texts until someone answered. Not only did I not have dinner at 6pm on a Sunday, but we didn’t have groceries for the week ahead. We had to spend extra money going out to eat and then spend our Sunday evening grocery shopping instead. All because we had the great error in judgement of planning a Hungryroot box.
They stole time, effort and my Sunday evening from me, then 3rd red flag: they *refused* to refund. 16 emails later I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. Monday at 2pm I finally received a Hungryroot email saying they apologized for disappointing me and were going to refund the charges, since the box had still not been delivered. I attempted contact multiple times (including through Hungryroot’s website messaging, texts, Facebook and Instagram) to get information about my order. Hungryroot refused all requests for a refund until the next day and AFTER I disputed their charge, each time saying the items are perishable and not refundable. Think about that. 4th red flag: You get your box whenever you get your box, and they expect you to *eat* those items – but they won’t allow a refund when the box is late using the same “perishable” logic!

Arriving home from work at 5pm Monday, I found a Hungryroot box delivered. Who knows how long it sat there in the blazing FL sun. Automated tracking info told me it was placed on a LaserShip truck at 4am Sunday. 5th red flag: One whole side of the box was soaked in a vinegar smelling oily liquid. This turned out to be pkg of cucumber bean salad smashed open and all box contents covered in it. A package of burger buns was placed at the *bottom* of the box, completely squashed flat. Nothing was even close to being usable. All items were warm, covered in goo (one of the gel packs had also burst) or otherwise dented/broken open/broken.
This experience is a clear indication to me that Hungryroot does not value subscribers and doesn’t care to implement a support structure. In the *strongest possible terms* I urge avoiding this meal kit plan.

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How much did you get paid by Hungryroot to do this review? This review is a sales pitch, and the service is absolutely horrible. You lose all credibility with this review.

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Cooking food is really incredibly easy to learn. The lackluster effort you spend in coming to this website to have strangers decide what you’re going to eat,is much better spent in googling your desired meal, and how to make it. Then do it again next week, and…do you see a pattern here? Why would anyone give their money to these charlatans? You can do it yourself!

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My first week was okay, only one item was missing, but the meals were good and easy to make. I have ADHD and recipes are a stumbling block for me, so this made it really simple.
Unfortunately, my second order was quite literally somebody else’s (packing slip and all) from another nearby city, and most of it had items I couldn’t eat due to allergens (soy/tofu).

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D. Monroe

Hot-smoked salmon refers to the temperature at which the salmon was smoked, not to a level of spiciness.

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I wish I read this and the comments before ordering from them …. What a disappointment my first order came warm, did not feel it was safe to eat the protein. So it was a total waste of money… needless to say I canceled my subscription with them only to get charged again for another week of food. It’s impossible to call so you have to email or text them only to be ignored. So now I’m left trying to figure out how to stop them from charging my account again….🤬

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travis E wartluft

I experienced the exact same thing. This service is terrible and not customer friendly at all……DO NOT USE!

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HR is a total fail. Same products all the time–do not pay attention to detail or requests. Cancelled twice and told nothing to do. Never credited for spoiled items which happened on several occassions. Also filing credit card disputes with documented email fails.

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Hungry root is trash. Out of four orders things came damaged, or were on the packing list but weren’t there. Two first boxes were missing main ingredients from all three of the meals we ordered. Blue apron is far superior with customer service and ease. Don’t give this crap company any of your money. If you want health food, buy from your local spot, not this sham of a company.

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Hungry root continued to charge me after I canceled my account and had no access to log into Hungryroot because I canceled my account. They refused to cancel the order the decided to send while my account was a canceled and refused to refund me. First I had paused deliveries then I canceled. Weeks after I canceled, the date came that the deliveries would have been unpaused if I didn’t cancel my account and I got a suprise charge they were unwilling to refund even though it was days before a delivery was scheduled. I wish I never took a risk with this company. Bad business practices

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Just cancelled my acct. 10 minutes ago after I talked to my lawyer. I’ve dealt with these types of companies before. We’re both waiting with high expectations for additional charges. The papers will be ready to file ass soon as the charges hit my account.

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Oh, Dan the man, LoL!

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judith lynn myers

My pasta dish turned out SPECTACULAR. I let it go a bit pass al dente and had a small chicken thigh cacciatore on the side,. It was outstanding.

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Do you have any idea how easily you could’ve created the same dish at a fraction of the cost? I believe you let your pasta go a bit PAST, not pass al dente.

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Who spends this sort of money on food? “my gated community”, says Nicoletta. Ah, right.

I eat 21 meals/week and spend less than $50 for that, and don’t end up with massive amounts of packaging–every one of your 11 tiny items will come in its own non-recyclable plastic package, plus plastic for the ice pack,

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Melissa merritt

Super disappointed with this company and customer service. I ordered my first box and it was ok I took the offer of $20 off each box, felt after seeing the products for vegans I was like ok it’s worth about $70.. and it gave me some ideas, than I lost my job and canceled.. but I got another job and went back within the month they let me order off my account and I waited and seen the day of delivery the amount taken out of my bank acct was a little under $100, that blew up my bank account thinking it would have still been only around the $70… when I’m opened the box there was no way it was worth $100! I emailed them and they said there was no longer a discount because I canceled the second box… they should have told me!!! I would have never gone back than. The customer service is not helping me just saying oh well that’s our rule. I will never order again they got my money and really you can go to the store and get them same stuff way cheaper than even the $70. This was just my Experience so WARNING IF YOU CANCEL they will take always credits or discounts also.

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I’ve been using Hungry Root for about 4 months now. I’m single, work part-time and I’m in Grad school part-time. I order a box every other week because I don’t cook every night. Plus it’s a little expensive on my budget to order weekly and buy grocery staples. I have to say the easy, quick, low-mess, delicious recipes have been a God send! I don’t think I’ve had one item or recipe from this company that wasn’t amazing. My best friend comes over for Hungry Root dinners occasionally and she is also a big fan. I love that the recipes are relatively guilt-free! (I think I gained 10-15 lbs with another meal delivery service, even though my settings were on low-calorie.) If you’re looking for quick, easy, delicious and healthy meals, I definitely recommend Hungry Root!

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Hey, I am a single mother with one 8 year old. I am trying to teach myself, and her to eat healthier. we have been trying to eat green for about a month and a half now. Honestly, it’s a struggle. I work a full time very demanding job, on top of helping her throughout the day with online schooling (thanks Covid). Most days she gets herself cereal, yogurt/fruit, or some kind of bar for breakfast, then has something that is thrown together and has almost no nutritional value for lunch and ill make the quickest healthy meal i can for dinner because i tend to forget to eat throughout the day and am exhausted by dinner time. Our hugest issues is that the fresh foods i buy from the store go bad before we eat them, or they are gone in two days, when i need them to last at least a week 1/2. I am wondering if hungryroot will make having healthy meals more realistic without having to feel like I am just wasting money on food that ends up in the trash or does not last us until i can afford to go to the grocery store again?

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that’s odd…because I signed up and our large kit is $185!!! I would much rather pay $130. I wonder why the price difference.

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Slow and not great customer service, and their delivery service is incompetent. They marked my order as delivered, even though they delivered it to a neighbor that doesn’t even live in my gated community, and left it on a random wall next to a random house on the street. They also would not offer re-delivery of food… thank you next

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For those that may not be aware, hot smoked doesn’t refer to spicy. In this case it’s the method in which it’s smoked. Cold vs hot.

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I am about to go on my second bathroom trip in the past 15 minutes due to diarrhea from the sliced turkey breast I was given.

Honestly, the meals that I was given in my first box remind me of the menu at the Fyre Festive. $20 for cheap -quality sliced turkey meat; wrapped in a tortilla with some salad dressing. I could have literally made the exact same meal for less than $5. Not only were all of my meals horribly bland, but I literally felt sick while eating some of them.

Also, to add insult to injury, a tiny piece of salmon (which smelled and tasted like hot dogs) was supposed to be “2 servings” of dinner…I can’t even imagine the “chef” who created these abominations that they call “meals”. So not only are all of the portions terrible, but they are tiny as well. There is no way that they are “2” servings unless you are suffering from a severe eating disorder (and I am pretty thin myself).

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At the ER for my 3 year old who had a severe allergic reaction to dinner tonight from Hungryroot. Upon reading the ingredients lists, which I should have done before ordering, I see a host of lab-created garbage. Not real food at all. I couldn’t be more disappointed. This is a lesson I’m having to pay for the worst way, at the expense of my child. Please don’t be fooled like I was. This is not real food, and certainly not healthy.

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Hi! Just wanted to comment on my experience in case it helps anyone. I have tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, which were good but definitely required at least an hour in the kitchen. Hungry Root appealed to me because of the ease of meal prepping and the nature of mix and matching in order to create variety. It is my 6th week and I love it so far! I am on the vegetarian plan and was worried the meals would get repetitive, but nope! They are varied and tasty. The sauces get boring for me so I just opt for sauce-less recipes every now and then and make my own instead (I’m of Indian descent and a pretty good cook so this isn’t difficult for me). I love that it is portion controlled so I don’t have to worry about vegetables rotting to hell in my fridge, and it’s easier to not overeat since they provide the calories estimated per meal. Loving Hungry Root!

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Wow, thank you SO much for such an incredible, thorough review of this meal service! I just ran across it today, & had no idea what to think of it yet. Everything looks so promising from an initial glance at a new website, right?
Your review touched on EVERYTHING I was looking for, & even more than I had originally thought of. I’m so glad I found you & your reviews, as this was EXACTLY what I needed!! Thank you SO much for your insight, & for taking the time to help us navigate the craziness of ‘attempting to eat healthy,’ amidst the chaos of real life!! ;-). Your reviews are a lifesaver, please keep doing what you do!! 🙂

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