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How Do You Purchase or Return RocksBox Jewelry?

Rocksbox is one of the most popular jewelry subscription boxes on the market. The goal of this post is to provide answers to common questions. If you want to learn more about Rocksbox check out our Rocksbox reviews, coupons, and other news.

How do I buy pieces from my Rocksbox set?

Rocksbox allows you to purchase jewelry from your Rocksbox set in an easy two step process with the reusable envelop and pre-paid shipping label included in the original shipment. Once you’ve received your box, you can keep as many pieces as you like.

  1. If you’d like to return all pieces: Simply send the pieces in the reusable envelope with the pre-paid shipping label
  2. If you’d like to keep 1-2 pieces: Send the unwanted pieces back with the resusable envelope and pre-paid shipping label. Log into your Rocksbox account and purchase the items you kept.
  3. If you decide you’d like to keep all three items: Purchase the items by logging into your Rocksbox account. You don’t have to worry about returning the box.

If you’re unsure about a purchase, feel free to wear your jewelry for as long as you like until you come to a decision. There’s no time limit for Rocksbox returns, so you can wear your Rocksbox set for as long as you like. You can also order a Rocksbox set as often as you like and return your set whenever you want.

How do I return the pieces from my Rocksbox set without being charged?

Returning Rocksbox jewelry is easy with the reusable envelope and pre-paid shipping label included in your original Rocksbox shipment. Make sure to include all 3 pieces to prevent charges. Any missing items in your shipment will automatically be charged to your card on file.

How long can I keep my Rocksbox jewelry set?

There is no time limit to keeping your Rocksbox set. You can keep the set for as long as you like. You can also return your set as often as you like. There is no additional charge – the billing is the same rate every month.

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Written by Nathan Parcells

Nathan Parcells

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