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Looking for Rocksbox Reviews? Here’s My Experience with this Jewelry Rental Membership Service

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyMay 9, 2023 | 14 comments

rocksbox rental jewelry unboxing experience

About Rocksbox

The Cost: $21.00 monthly rental fee, plus free shipping both ways

What You Get: 3 pieces of trendy designer jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings) that you can rent for as long as you'd like. Swap your set out for new pieces at any time, and use your $21.00 monthly membership fee to purchase pieces you can't live without.

What We Think: Rocksbox is a fun, convenient way to keep your jewelry options fresh without breaking the bank, especially if you're a fan of more modern, trend-conscious styles.

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Getting Started

Signing up for Rocksbox is actually kind of fun, especially if you're the type who loves doing quizzes and talking about style.

Once you've input your information, you're asked to fill out the Rocksbox Style Profile. Rocksbox lets you select the types of jewelry you like or want to try, choosing by type of jewelry, metal type, and trends.

My favorite tool they provide is the wishlist—we'll get to that in a second. First, it's time to answer the picture-based questions in the Style Profile, which cover things like what finishes you like, the shapes and silhouettes you prefer, and what your general style is.

It's helpful to know that whatever you enter in this profile isn't set in stone. In fact, I think it's smart to go back in and update your profile every few months, or as you see new trends you'd like to try.


I think it's also good to know that the jewelry in the questionnaire is relatively indicative of the types of pieces you'll get from Rocksbox. If the aesthetic isn't quite grabbing you, then this might not be the right jewelry subscription for you! (Don't get discouraged—there are lots of other great jewelry subscriptions to try!)

At the end of the questionnaire, there's a space where you can write in any other open-ended information that might be helpful to the stylists. (Colors you never wear, shapes you're loving, style icons you're trying to emulate, etc.)


Once your style profile is complete, it's time for my favorite part of the Rocksbox process—filling out your wishlist! The wishlist is a list of pieces from Rocksbox's collection that you specifically want to try. There's no limit to how many pieces you can add, but Rocksbox recommends adding about 30 pieces of jewelry to start. Members can add to their wishlist by simply clicking the star at the top corner of each listing.

And just as with a regular online shop, you can click on each product to see further details and add it to your wishlist from that page. This details page also shows you the retail price and the Rocksbox member price for each item. Remember—you only pay $21.00 per month to rent a set of Rocksbox jewelry, but if you want to actually purchase something, you can do so for the member price minus your $21.00 membership fee, which is treated as a credit to your account.

You can add literally any jewelry piece you like to your wishlist. And better yet, you can rank the jewelry pieces you added to your list based on how eager you are to try them.

I think this is a really awesome feature. Rocksbox stylists will include at least one wishlist item per set, but which wishlist piece or pieces show up is based on availability. It can feel a little random, so being able to prioritize what pieces I want most helps the stylists deliver a better experience.

And much like the style profile, you can change what's on your wishlist at any time. Rocksbox will remind you to add to it if you have fewer than the recommended number of pieces of jewelry in your wishlist. I should also mention that if you don't fill out any wishlist items, Rockbox will still send you a set using your style profile to guide their choices.

Designers & Styles

Rocksbox features a handful of designers whose pieces cover a nice spectrum of modern jewelry aesthetics. Popular brands include Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Slate, and Sophie Harper.

Jewelry pieces include delicate, understated looks, edgy styles, bold statement pieces in bright colors, minimalist shapes, and more. I will say that after a year of using Rocksbox, I found that the aesthetic tends to be more modern and trendy. Even the more feminine, dainty designs have a hip vibe to them. Their selection has my personal style fully covered, but if you're looking for something more traditional or classic, your options with Rocksbox might be more limited.

Quality, Care, & What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

rocksbox rental jewelry kate spade pouch

The thing I've been most impressed with in my Rocksbox experience is their quality jewelry. The reaction I get most when I tell people that I'm trying a jewelry rental service is "Rental? Are you wearing jewelry that's all beat up?"

I'm happy to report that the answer to that question is not in the least. Rocksbox regularly delivers shiny, like-new jewelry with all of their pieces intact. Each item comes tucked into a velvety drawstring bag before being carefully packed into the Rocksbox box and bubble mailer, which limits the risk of breaks and scratches during delivery.

rocksbox rental jewelry care instructions

Rocksbox also always includes a care card with each set, recommending how best to keep your rented pieces happy and healthy while in your possession. I've gotten in the habit of always taking my jewelry off at night and giving them a quick wipe down with their velvet jewelry bag.

Of course, accidents do happen. Your membership cost covers "normal wear", which I've taken to mean anything that either 1) is essentially a quality issue with the item itself (like a stone falling out of its setting) or 2) something Rocksbox can easily remedy (like a missing earring back, gentle tarnishing that can be polished away, etc.).

Anything more significant than that, Rocksbox evaluates once the item gets back to them. The worst that can happen is a you-break-it-you-bought-it situation, but I recommend always letting Rocksbox know as soon as there's an issue. The more transparent you are with what's going on with the item, the more helpful the Rocksbox Customer Delight Team can be in remedying any problems.


Unboxing My Latest Rocksbox Subscription Set

rocksbox rental jewelry packing envelope

I'm always impressed by how quickly my new Rocksbox sets arrive. My first box ever arrived pretty quickly, too—it was only around a week before I had my cute little box in front of me.

Rocksbox comes wrapped in a simple-looking bubble mailer with a big R on the front. A pro tip—be tidy about how you open the mailer, as you'll want to reuse it later! Rocksbox uses specific mailers that have a second adhesive strip inside of them. Carefully slice open one end of the mailer, and you'll be able to reuse the envelope for your return. Pretty cool, huh?

rocksbox rental jewelry inner box

Inside the mailer, you'll find gray-blue boxes that hold each Rocksbox set. The cardboard is smooth and sleek, the Rocksbox logo is printed on the lid in metallic gold letters, and best of all, there's a bright pink bow holding the box shut. It's tied perfectly so that it unfurls beautifully with a gentle tug on the ribbon. It's seriously like a moment in a movie!

rocksbox rental jewelry box with ribbon

Inside the box, the aesthetics are just as good. There's a booklet of information sitting on top...

rocksbox rental jewelry cute unboxing

...and gold- and pink-flecked tissue paper wrapped snuggly around the jewelry inside. I've held on to a few of these bow-tied boxes and most of the sheets of tissue paper. They're amazing for gifting—just pop some floral stickers over the logos, and you're good to go!

rocksbox rental jewelry time to shine booklet

rocksbox rental jewelry stylist note and product list

Let's take a look at the booklet first. This folded card included a note from the person who curated this box as well as a list of the products inside.

On the product side of the booklet, you'll find all of the items visually listed out along with their member and retail prices. They also do a handy breakdown of what you'd pay to keep everything, including the $21.00 monthly fee (sometimes referred to as your "Shine Credit") and any other credits you have attached to your account. I've got some Forever Credit on there, too. I'll talk more about the different credit types once we take a closer look at the pieces I got!

rocksbox rental jewelry how it works

The back of the booklet lists out the next steps, including how to return your current pieces for a new set.

rocksbox rental jewelry return shipping label

I already mentioned the reusable shipping envelope, but Rocksbox also always provides a pre-paid shipping label. Just stick this over top of the existing shipping label on the bubble mailer so that there's no confusion when it hits the post office. I drop my return packages off with our office mail carrier, but you can drop yours in a mailbox, or take it to the post office, too.

rocksbox rental jewelry rocksbox care card

Here's the care card that I talked about earlier! There's one in every box to remind you how to best maintain your awesome new jewelry.

rocksbox rental jewelry box and all items reviewed

Now let's get down to business... Time to try on some Rocksbox jewelry!

rocksbox rental jewelry perry street pearl earrings

rocksbox rental jewelry perry street hoops

rocksbox rental jewelry white pearlescent hoop earrings

rocksbox rental jewelry earrings on model

Perry Street Lyla Hoops in Mother of Pearl - Retail Value $45.00, Member Price $38.00

I've been SO eager to try this style of hoop earring. I'd seen similar styles at shops online so I was really excited when I saw this pair on Rocksbox's catalog. And into my wishlist it went!

The finish of these earrings has a pearlescent sheen. The shape has a retro vibe to it—they're almost a more sophisticated version of the fluorescent-colored plastic hoops you'd see in the 80s and 90s. The backings are wide, so they feel supportive. I'm tempted to keep these, though there's a coral pink pair also by Perry Street that I might hold out for!

rocksbox rental jewelry cat ear bracelet

rocksbox rental jewelry gold cat bracelet with chain

rocksbox rental jewelry cat bracelet on model

Kate Spade Out West Cat Ear Bracelet - Retail Value $58.00

How cute is this gold cat bracelet?! I love Kate Spade, so I'm thrilled some items from the brand are offered on Rocksbox.

This bangle toes the line between being quirky and chic. I could see wearing it with a very polished professional outfit to inject some of my day-to-day personality into things. The bangle has a little chain link on the back, which isn't terribly functional (I don't foresee this bangle slipping off), but is pretty cute dancing around against my wrist.

You'll notice with this one that there was only a member price listed, meaning I wouldn't be getting a discounted price for this bracelet if I bought it through Rocksbox. That said, I WOULD still be able to put any credit I have towards the price.

rocksbox rental jewelry pearl pendant necklace

rocksbox rental jewelry long pearl pendant

rocksbox rental jewelry pendant necklace on model

Perry Street Kelly Pendant in Mother of Pearl - Retail Value $55.00, Member Price $46.00

One thing I like about Rocksbox is that they try to make each set coordinate in one way or another. This pendant has both the pearl of the earrings and the gold of the bracelet in it, so technically, I could get away with wearing all three pieces together. I don't wear big long pendants like this one that often, but there's something very cool and modern-artsy about this round disc-shaped design that I really like.

How to Leave Feedback & Improve Your Next Set

So... what's next? Once I've had my set and tried out all of my pieces, I can pop into my Rocksbox account to either buy or leave feedback on what I got. I feel like leaving feedback is a huge factor in getting the most out of the Rocksbox service. It only takes a second to do, and it helps improve future sets by explaining what you liked, loved, and what made you feel totally "meh".

On the feedback page, you'll see photos of each piece in your current set. Under that, you can give each piece a star rating, and leave details about what you're looking for in the future. If you're a Rocksbox subscriber, it's not a bad idea to start a Pinterest board for jewelry. You can link to the Pinterest board when you leave feedback each month to give a visual idea of what kind of look you're trying to emulate!

Oh, and don't forget to update your style profile if it's been awhile. Members can find their style profile under the My Account dropdown at the top right corner of the page.

Renting Jewelry vs. Buying Jewelry

rocksbox rental jewelry bow box

At first, I was wary of renting jewelry. Would the process be clunky? Would I even get anything I liked, or would everything just be cheap costume jewelry? I'm the type who loves shopping for jewelry in person and hunting down exciting new pieces. If I used this rental service, would my habits change?

Now, I can only speak for myself, but I love Rocksbox and its amazing rental service. Because of the wishlist feature, in particular, I feel like I still have some control over the types of pieces I get, but there's also an element of surprise that's actually really fun. Plus, the wishlist still gives me that shopping buzz!

With Rocksbox, I feel like I've got my trendy jewelry needs covered so that when I do shop for jewelry, I can focus on really unique standout pieces. So, for instance, I don't necessarily think I'll be a hoops girl forever, but I feel like I've been seeing them everywhere lately and really wanted to try some out for myself. With Rocksbox, I can do that without having to spend as much as I might otherwise to nab a pair of nicer hoops for keeps.

So, since I know that I can use Rocksbox to handle the trends, I can spend the rest of my jewelry/clothes budget on pieces that go beyond what's trending. I feel so much better looking at my jewelry box knowing that everything in there is something I truly love, and not just a pile of trendy looks I dropped too much money on months and months ago, only to wear them once and never again!

And really, saving so much money is the major benefit for me. To buy items at Rocksbox quality at retail would cost at least $21.00 (if not double or triple that) per piece. But with Rocksbox, I get three items to try for $21.00. If I love 'em, I can always purchase them. But I personally am really loving the habit of swapping out each set for something new.

Is Rocksbox Worth It?

In my opinion, yes! Each month, you pay a membership fee of $21.00. Even if you only choose to get one set in the month, you're still only paying $7.00 per piece of jewelry. Shipping is free, as are returns.

If you choose to keep something, you also have Rocksbox discounts, Shine Credit, and Forever Credit at your disposal. As you can see with my current set, Rocksbox offers discounted member pricing for many of its pieces. On top of that, your Shine Credit (which is actually your $21.00 membership fee) goes towards any purchase you might make.

Let's use my current set as an example. At retail, the three pieces would cost me $158.00. With Rocksbox discounts, that price drops to $142.00. Subtract from that my $5.00 Forever Credit (from referring friends) and $21.00 Shine Credit, and my total to buy everything in the box would be just $116.00.

The Verdict

If you're a cost-conscious jewelry lover or someone who loves to experiment with cool new looks, I highly recommend giving Rocksbox a try! The quality of the fresh, fashion-forward pieces doesn't disappoint, and I've found that each box is a mix of surprises and pieces you can hand-pick yourself. It's a great way to save money without having to miss out on must-try jewelry trends.

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Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

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Giving this business your time will be wasted. The products are cheap & the prices are outlandishly too high. I caution you. Rent nothing from them. If you require costume peices buy it from a dollar store where you’ll be more satisfied.

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Noel Moeckel

I have asked 3 times to cancel my subscription. It has not happened. I have a new charge again.

Noel Moeckel9070 East Gary Road(155)
Scottsdale, Az 85260

Thank you,

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Say if I only like 1 out of the 3 pieces do I get to buy just the 1 or do I have to buy all 3 ?

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Sushi Q

I forgot to mention a really fantastic part of RB, and this has come in very handy @ Christmas time, bdays…any gift giving time. They also have an amazing clearance section that only members have access to. You cannot use your monthly $21 credit, and I’ve only been able to buy one piece at a time, but prices are amazing and if I remember correctly, shipping is free. Just another perk to being a RB subscriber!

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Sushi Q

If you like one, you just keep it & mail back the other two. You’ll be charged the price given minus your $21 monthly fee. Then, when RB receives your package minus the one item, they’ll get your new box ready with three new items & ship to you ASAP. Don’t forget to update your “wish list.” Your wish list ensures you’ll get at least one item you’ve chosen. There is also a “Top Ten” on your wish list that lets your curator know you REALLY want to try one of those pieces over any others. You don’t have to pick 10, you can pick 5 or 7.
I’m a long time subscriber & love RB (and in no way affiliated with them). Hope this helps!

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Shirly Polanco

I kept calling rocksbox for about a week trying to cancel my subcription. No answer. I left voicemails and email, two days after my last email and voicemail i get an email from them saying they cant cancel it at the moment because a box had shipped out to me and they cant cancel it. Which was a lie two days from their email i get a text and email saying my box had shipped! Really two days ago you told me it had already ship and that it couldnt be cancel. I honestly decided to cancel because you can tell the jewerly was used. And it was not good quality either. I had received earings that we lose and hair stuck on them. Jewelry look cheap as well. Overall really not a subcription service i would recommend for anyone. I thought this would of been different especially with so much competition. Value none, customer service horrible. Just overall terrible.

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Vanessa Borges

I was ready to sign up for my subscription, when I read your testimony and gave up. I agree, if so many companies out there, if you are going to offer a service j.g as to be an outstanding one. I value my money.

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I actually have had the best customer service from them. Every time it’s been fast and helpful. I needed jewelry (a specific look I wanted for a big event) and they made sure I had it. I actually think this is one the best boxes. I love it and but a lot from them, for myself and sales for gifts.

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Hallie Gottlieb

I thought this was going to be one of those one month and I’m done subscriptions. I was wrong. I’m a hard core coupon budget deal finder chick so rental seemed like throwing money away.
Then the first box came. You’re so right!! The packaging, the bow, the tissue. I felt like I was getting something special.
I find myself buying one piece every month because of that $21 credit.
I had a few issues. One time the bracelet was broken. Another the earring design hung backwards and another pair the edges were not cut well. The company handled every issue with grace and style. I am so used to companies being hard to get a hold of or rude.
Rocksbox responds quickly and with great care. I am very impressed.
My only problem is wanting to keep everything.😘

I would love some edgier pieces but their style , to me, is fairly classic with elegant quirkiness.

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Aliza Khan

Hi. I love your blog posts and depend on them! I wanted to ask, do we get to keep the items sent in the free first month trial box or do we have to return them just like the normal boxes?

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You must return them…

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Carolina Miranda

It is important to note that this subscription is closest in similarity to a clothing subscription box like Stitch Fix. The monthly subscription price ($21/month) covers the membership only, and not the jewelry. The website helps ease the headache of buying costume jewelry if you are like me, I.e. very busy. The cool part is that you can receive as many boxes per month by simply returning the item(s) that you do not want, and paying for any pieces that you decided to keep! They also throw credits into your monthly account that you can use toward the purchase of any items that you do want, on top of the $21 monthly credit. I received my first box pretty quickly after paying for the initial subscription, that was over six months ago, in September. I wasn’t really into the earrings and bracelet so I left those two in the box, but I absolutely loved another set of earrings and I used my monthly credit, plus a $10 coupon that they threw in my account just for being a customer, and I authorized a purchase on my card for the difference. I got very busy and forgot about all of it, except for the earrings that I loved, so I haven’t gotten as much use out of the membership as I could/should have, so I spent $121 for no reason. Luckily, I was spring cleaning and I found the jewelry that I didn’t want, still in tact, never worn, but unfortunately, I threw away the actual physical box that it came in so I’ll have to pay for the shipping to return the items, which costs more money. My fault. I’ve also recently had to change my bank card because my old one expired and I forgot to renew the membership, and before I knew it, I received a couple of intimidating emails letting me know that my account was in collections for $250, which is a steep difference from the actual cost of the jewelry that I did not want to keep, which is a total of $89 so that was a little inconvenient, but not too terrible. The customer service rep was nice to help me reinstate my membership and reminded me to send them my tracking number as soon as I ship the items off tomorrow. Now that I have a little more free time, I’m excited to really take advantage of my membership the way I should have. I will say that when I initially signed up, I was under the impression that I would receive a new box, to keep, for $21/month, which is a steal compared to my other subscription with glamour jewelry box. The trade off being the opportunity to select from different pieces, the rocks box membership is more active, meaning it requires physical action by shipping and receiving, as much, or as little as you want.
In any case, I am proud to be a member of Rocksbox jewelry and I look forward to maintaining my membership and really getting my money’s worth!

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I’ve been a Rocksbox subscriber for years and just thought I would mention re: choice that they have adjusted the process so that you typically get at least something from your top picks each month and it’s incredibly unusual that any of my 3 pieces aren’t from my wishlist. To be fair I try to keep my wishlist pretty big, but I still think it shows the care they take in picking pieces. They also seem to take feedback really seriously and if you request something specific they do a great job of trying to get it for you (or as close as possible). They also give you 24 hours before your box ships in order to swap any or all of your 3 pieces. Of course you are limited to the options available but I find that it’s a really great way of making sure I’m 100% happy with what I get to try out that box. I also appreciate how easy they make it to take a break and their customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered. This is, of course, just my experience but I’ve been with them through a LOT of process changes and I’ve been really encouraged by how they seem to try to improve things and take customer feedback into account. They send out a lot of surveys asking for suggestions and they switch things up based on requests they get. I wish more companies would take their example.

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Nancy Thomsen

Great review Amanda. I too love Rocksbox and I get so many compliments on my jewelry. It is one of my favorite boxes.

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