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My Subscription Addiction
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Wait, Am I a Vitamin Girl Now?—My Honest Review of Care/of Vitamin Packs

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillySep 2, 2020

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As is probably the case for a lot of folks out there, I first heard about Care/of vitamins on a podcast. If you don’t know, Care/of is a vitamin subscription service that sends you 30 days worth of personalized supplements each month. The individual vitamins start at $5 for a month’s supply, and you can add or subtract from your recommended order based on your needs/budget. (Use code MSA25 to get 25% off when you try it for yourself!)

Care/of sounded like such an easy wellness trick. I’d never been great at doing things for my overall health before, but with Care/of’s help… could I be a vitamin girl?

To find out, I’m partnering with Care/of to see just how simple shopping for vitamins can be.

I’m healthy, but not healthy

I’m pretty active—I play roller derby twice a week, and I try to find time for things like yoga to de-stress. I wouldn’t say I’m an unhealthy person, but I’m definitely slacking when it comes to nutrition, which means I doubt I’m getting the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals my body wants.

Which vitamins are right for me?

Okay, back to Care/of. I’d considered taking vitamins before, but let’s face it, the vitamin aisle is kind of a nightmare. SO many options! Do I get a multivitamin? Or should I get individual letters? What does K do again? Is that other lady in the aisle looking at me? What vitamins is she getting?

Care/of’s site, by contrast, is a friendly, calm, quiet place full of warm colors and pretty photography. Care/of's mission is to alleviate the confusion that can come with supplement shopping. The magic starts with a quiz that gives Care/of a general sense of your needs. The multiple-choice questions are softballs, like “Do you have trouble falling asleep?” and “Any skin concerns?” Easy peasy.

At the end of the quiz, Care/of served up a list of recommended vitamins and supplements. Every Care/of vitamin or supplement has a whole page of information to go along with it, including scientific studies and sourcing details.

Vitamins, supplements, & adaptogens, oh my!

Ready to see my final pack? Drumroll, please! Here’s what Care/of recommends I take each day:

I decided to keep everything they suggested in my pack, but you can easily add or remove items as you see fit.

I should mention that this whole process took about 5 minutes total, including the time I spent scrolling through the about pages for each product. I found it super user-friendly and confusion-free.

Not to brag, but I take vitamins now

I got my Care/of box the other day, and spoiler alert, it’s just as cute as they make it look in all of their ads. I sat mine on my desk in my office, next to my computer.

For me, there have always been two hurdles in the way of my becoming a full-fledged vitamin-taking wellness queen. Figuring out which vitamins to take was the first—that’s no longer a problem thanks to Care/of. The second, slightly bigger hurdle is actually remembering to take my vitamins. Now, I’m not all the way through my first month’s supply yet, but I’ll say things are looking very good for my new vitamin routine.

Not only do I have this (very stylish) box staring at me each morning, but the packs themselves make it easy to tote them along with me wherever I go. I’m aiming to make vitamin taking a morning ritual, but if I inevitably forget to reach for a packet until 6pm, there’s nothing stopping me from tossing one in my jacket pocket as I head home.

Oh, and did I mention that Care/of also has an app to nudge you when it’s time to take your vitamins? It’s great for folks who need extra encouragement!

So, what’s the verdict?

Care/of definitely took the stress out of vitamin shopping for me. It’s kind of amazing that I’m doing something good for myself but expending basically no effort. Now that my vitamin pack is picked out, Care/of will keep supplying me month after month, so I can stay consistent in my new routine. The packs are fun and convenient, the pills are personalized to my health goals, and the process of figuring out which vitamins to order took mere minutes. I’ve literally spent longer just standing around a vitamin aisle and walked away with less (if anything at all).

Care/of turned me into a vitamin girl—but what about you? Have you tried Care/Of or any other wellness subscriptions? What’s your biggest hurdle in becoming a wellness queen?

Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
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