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Vitamin Subscriptions Compared: Ritual vs Vitamin Packs vs 3 More

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Vitamin Subscription Boxes ComparedI started researching various vitamin subscriptions to answer a few questions for myself: how are all these brands different? What makes them stand out? Which ones are the most affordable and will supply me with everything I’m looking for in a supplement regimen?I’m not a healthcare expert or a doctor or a nutritionist, so I can’t speak to the health benefits of various vitamins and herbal remedies… but I can show you the difference in how these products are priced, what types of products they offer, and other things to note. Remember, you should always talk to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Ritual vs Care/of vs VitaminPacks and More

We looked at the Ritual, Care/of, Vitamin Packs, VitaFive Gummies, and Honest Company Bundles. Here’s the low-down on the pros and cons of each service (with a handy reference chart at the end, too):


1. Ritual: For women who want a high-quality, one-and-done multivitamin

Ritual Essential Daily Vitamins for Women

Price: $30 for a 30 day supply

Ritual is kind of the grown-up, Instagram-friendly version of the Flintstones vitamins that any children of the 80s remember. Their product focuses on the 9 most essential nutrients for women’s health, editing out many of the nutrients in your typical multivitamin that most American women don’t need.

Vitamins in Ritual

Ritual is also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, GMO-free, and manufactured in the USA. The vitamins also use “beadlet-in-oil” technology that allows them to keep nutrients in their original forms and closer to what’s found in food.

Do Ritual vitamins work? We found that they’re ideal for people with sensitive stomachs, as they use a unique form of iron that is formulated to prevent that nausea that can come with taking a multivitamin– and our review found that claim to be true for our tester, Liz. Their latest formulation includes peppermint, too, to overpower the typical “fishy” vitamin taste and smell and make their formulation pleasant and palatable.

2. Care/of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs: For those who want style, convenience & personalization

Example of Care/of's outer packaging

Price: Each vitamin is priced individually; they range from $5/month for vitamin B12 to $25/month for the prenatal. Most selections are around $8/month. Shipping is free on orders over $20.

COUPON: Use code MSA50 to save 50% off your first month!

Care/of packages your vitamins together in daily packs so you don’t need to open a bunch of bottles every morning. This service is also notable because, in addition to the usual multivitamins and individual supplements and minerals, they also offer some herbal & Ayurvedic supplements, probiotics, and some specialty products, too.

Care/of's daily packets

If you take their quiz, Care/of will make recommendations for you– but you can manually update your pack to add and remove anything you like from their product selection, making this one a bit better than VitaminPacks for getting exactly what you want and updating your preferences over time. They also provide a lot of background information on each supplement, including citations for actual medical studies, information about where they source their raw ingredients before testing & manufacture in the US.

Even though the pills themselves aren’t as pretty as Ritual’s, Care/of‘s packaging is really cute. Having your vitamins out in plain sight is half the battle for most of us in remembering to take them, and Care/of’s box definitely looks cooler than any of the others we’ve seen– perfect to leave out on the kitchen counter, where you’re more likely to take them every day.

Check out Ragan’s Care/of Reviews to learn more.

3. Vitamin Packs: For those who have different morning and evening supplement needs

Vitamin Packs daily packet

Price: VitaminPacks does not publish a price list, but we found their individual supplements to range from about $3/month for prenatal vitamin packs and vitamin D, to about $40/month for a specialty vegan multivitamin. Shipping is free on orders over $20.

Like Care/of, VitaminPacks also puts together single-serve packets for you, but they take it one step further: if your supplement routine is more complex, they give you separate packets for AM, PM, and bedtime. This is great for people who take a bigger variety of vitamins including some that need to be taken with food and others that are suggested before bed to aid with sleep issues.

The Vitamin Packs quiz is also a bit more complex and asks about any current medication and a wider range of health concerns than Care/of. For some supplements (but not all), they may also be more affordable.

The downside? VitaminPacks is currently way less customizable online. You still take a personalization quiz and they’ll put together a packet for you based on your answers, but there is no way for you to add individual supplements from their suggested pack unless you talk to one of their staff nutritionists. If you want that level of control but still prefer a daily packet, Care/of is a better choice. But if you just want direction without overthinking it, or if you want to talk to a professional first, VitaminPacks makes the process pretty simple.

4. VitaFive: For people who don’t love taking regular vitamins

Vitafive's daily packets

Price: Most VitaFive vitamins are $9, probiotics are $14, and you get discounts if you have 4 gummies in your pack.

VitaFive is the only daily vitamin pack that focuses on gummy vitamins! Whether you’re a kid at heart or simply loathe taking regular supplements, these daily packs make it easier and maybe just a bit more fun.

VitaFive options availableTheir product selection is a little more limited than Care/of and VitaminPacks, but VitaFive still covers the basic needs for most of people: they currently offer a multivitamin, a probiotic, vitamin D3, vitamin C, calcium, biotin, melatonin, and omega 3. Five of their eight current options are vegan, and all are manufactured in the USA.

Check out our VitaFive Reviews to learn more.

5. Honest Company Health & Wellness Bundles: When you want options for the whole family

Sample bundle from Honest Health & Wellness

Price: This Honest Bundle is $35.95/month for two vitamins from their catalog (your choice)

Honest’s Health & Wellness bundles are an easy and flexible way to get supplement for your whole household, with products for women (multivitamin, prenatal, and nursing support), men, kids, babies, and toddlers. Select any two of Honest’s vitamin products for the $35.95 bundle price, and you can also add-on up to three additional products from their product catalog for 25% off. The best possible value is if you subscribe to their Whole Food Prenatal, which regularly retails for $39.95– otherwise, the rest of their products are around $20/each, so you end up saving about $5 per month vs retail.

Honest mostly sticks to the basics; you’ll find only multivitamins here, with a couple of different options like gummies and powders for their kids’ products.  Honest Company vitamins are non-GMO, gluten-free, free of some common allergens, and are manufactured in the US. You can reschedule shipments and change out your product selection easily online, which is nice for busy families who may not remember to take their vitamins daily and don’t need a refill strictly every 4 weeks.

Check out our Honest Health & Wellness Bundle Reviews to learn more.

Which vitamin subscription is the best?

Here’s a quick infographic to help you review the five services we’ve outlined above:

Vitamin Subscription Infographic Comparison Chart

Turns out, they’re all just a bit different! There’s really something for everyone, and many of these options are more affordable than I suspected at first, too.

PillPack also came up in my search as a brand that focuses on prescription medication refills through the mail, but you can also add vitamins– so all of your medication and supplements can be packaged together. I haven’t had a chance to research them as thoroughly yet, but I like the added convenience factor if you also take a daily medication, and if they accept your insurance.

Personally: I’m considering switching from Care/of to VitaminPacks based on price, but I’m on the fence because I really don’t like that I can’t customize my subscription online. (And it’s worth noting that VitaminPacks isn’t always the cheaper option, although it worked out that way for the vitamins my doctor recommended to me.)

Which vitamin subscription would you choose? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Lacey Volk

Lacey Volk

Lacey’s introduction to the world of subscription boxes was Julep Maven, but she quickly moved on once she discovered there were subscriptions for cooking, coffee, and art supplies. Current favorites include Hello Fresh and Honest Company, and she’s looking forward to trying more.

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  1. I’m really suprised to hear all these great reviews for Ritual – I tried it for 3 months and didn’t notice anything (except bad breath until they added the insert). I switched to another brand that offers fish oil and probiotic and definetly see and feel the results!

  2. I don’t get the enthusiasm for this. The vitamin and supplement industry is very loosely regulated in the U.S. That includes supplements like these in subscription boxes.

    Quoting from the article: “Dietary supplements are subject to far less stringent regulations than over-the-counter and prescription medication. The FDA classifies them differently from drugs. So the companies that make and sell them aren’t required to prove that they’re safe for their intended use before selling them, or that they work as advertised, or even that their packages contain what the labels say they do.”

    You have no idea if any of these contain any of the ingredients they claim, or if they are contaminated or what. “Trust us” seems to be the standard for this industry. Be careful.

  3. I’ve been using Ritual for 3months too and love the simplicity of 2pills/day, I almost never forget to take my vitamins this way! And def been feeling more energetic =)

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for putting this together! I’ve been wanting to try a vitamin subscription but didn’t know where to start. It’s so nice having all of the information in one place!

  5. Has anybody tried Harvey?

    I understand you send them a kit and they determine not only what vitamins you are deficient in, but what versions of the different types of vitamins you can or cannot absorb based on your genes.

    I believe its $99 for them to run tests on the kit, then $150 consult with a holistic physician for 60 min. It’s much less than going to a function medicine physician locally, and a lot more time with one. It doesn’t include the vitamins, but at least you would know what exactly your body needs.

  6. I’m into my 4th month of Ritual and I have never felt better. I feel more awake and energized, my skin looks good, and I sleep better. I don’t know if it’s the vitamins, because I started weight watchers around the same time, but I’ve lost about 15#. I haven’t had the bad food cravings that always derailed my weight loss in the past. I think the vitamins have helped to that degree. I’m 43 and a vegetarian.

  7. Ive been using Rital for a few months and love it too. Its the first time I’ve ever found something that gets rid of my afternoon slump.

  8. I’ve tried Care/of twice, and they charged my card without any advanced notice. They wound up refunding me, but I find their subscription to be very difficult to pause / cancel. I had no items selected that I wanted shipped, but they wound up charging me and shipping me something anyway that I didn’t want.

  9. I have been using Ritual for a few months and I love it.

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