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Seed Probiotics Review + Exclusive Coupon

Liz Cadman
ByLiz CadmanMar 12, 2020 | 42 comments

Updated 5/29/2020 based on Seed’s updated formulation.

Seed is a new probiotic/prebiotic that caught my eye for a few reasons: the science behind the formulation, the ingredients, and if I’m being totally honest, the packaging. (It’s gorgeous! And it turns out Seed has thought a lot about sustainability in packaging, too.)

If you aren’t familiar, Seed is $49.99 a month, and they offer a 30 day risk-free guarantee. You can also save 15% off your first month with coupon code MYSUB15.

I’ve been taking it for over 60 days now, so I wanted to give you my honest take on this probiotic subscription, what you should expect, and if I think it’s worth it.

What I am looking for: A gentle, allergen-free probiotic. 

First, I should give you some context on what I’m looking for in a probiotic supplement. I have a super sensitive stomach, so a probiotic that can help my gut health is the dream, but of course, trying out different probiotics can actually upset my stomach, so finding the perfect one is quite the challenge.

I’m also intolerant to gluten and dairy, so in addition to needing a probiotic that would be gentle on my stomach, I also needed an allergen-free one. I have tried multiple probiotics over the years (ranging from super pricey ones to relatively inexpensive probiotics from Nature Made), and hadn’t found one I loved enough to keep ordering.

Bascially, my stomach/body is pretty high-maintenance when it comes to any type of supplement. I am a challenge when it comes to vitamins/probiotics/and just about anything else. And while everyone’s body is different, I’m hoping that if a supplement doesn’t upset my stomach, it’s a good indicator that it should be gentle enough for most people.

Now, let’s open the box, and let me walk you through what you should expect in your first shipment:

First, let’s talk about the lovely (and sustainable) packaging. The Synbiotic (Probiotic +Prebiotic) comes in a frosted green glass jar. And the capsules even coordinate:

In addition to the standard-sized jar, you also get a mini tube of a jar for travel:

This should hold at least a week’s worth of doses. After this initial shipment, you’ll receive your refills in a slim mailer to restock the jars – again, they are doing their best to minimize packaging, and keep things sustainable. (The refill packaging is made from corn foam which disolves in water. I never thought I’d say this about figuring out how to properly recycle/dispose of packaging – but disolving the corn foam was fun!)

Also, see that mycelium tray keeping the jars in place? It’s made from mushrooms and it decomposes naturally in the soil within 30 days! (Check out all the details on their packaging here.)

And they even have space photography incorporated into the info booklet! They are checking all the boxes for me!

OK, now on to the actual supplement!

Can you see the second capsule inside the outer green capsule? Seed uses a 2-in-1 capsule to protect against stomach acid and ensure that the probiotic makes it to your colon. (The outer capsule is the prebiotic, the inner capsule is the probiotic.)

Here are the basics of this formulation:

The Daily Synbiotic combines clinically-verified, naturally-occurring probiotic strains (not found in yoghurt, most supplements, or fermented foods and beverages) with a new class of patented plant-based, non-fermenting prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga mushroom and pine bark.

It’s the first to take a Microbe-Systems Approach with strain-specific benefits beyond digestive health, including heart health, skin health, gut immune function, reproductive health, gut barrier integrity, and oxidative stress.

The Daily Synbiotic is free from: Dairy • Gluten • Soy • GMOs • Binders • Fillers • Flowing Agents • Excipients • Preservatives • All 12 classes of allergens defined by (EFSA) – European Food and Safety Authority

It adheres to the following diets: Vegan • Vegetarian • Ketogenic

My experience trying Seed: 

I started the first few days taking only one capsule (per Seed‘s instructions), and went up to the full dose of 2 capsules on the 4th day. I experienced no stomach discomfort even in that first week, (PHEW!), and it has easily become part of my morning routine pre-coffee. (Seed recommends taking the Synbiotic on an empty stomach.) The capsules have no taste, so they are easy to swallow with just water.

Any difference after 2 months?

The Daily Synbiotic is supposed to help improve: gastrointestinal function, gut barrier integrity, cardiovascular health, metabolism and energy production, gut immune function, and oxidative stress.

Can I notice these differences? Honestly, for most of them it is tough to say for certain, and in cases where I do think I’ve seen improvements, I can’t always isolate the contributing factor(s). For example, I think my skin’s health has improved recently, but I’m also taking collagen supplements and always trying out different skincare beauty products thanks to subscription boxes. So it could be a combination of those things + Seed, it could be just Seed, not Seed at all, etc.

One thing I do feel relatively confident I can attribute to Seed is less bloat/stomach discomfort. And that’s a big deal for me. I also feel like anything I can do to improve my gut health is going to be very beneficial to my longterm health, so even if this was the only benefit from Seed, that’s more than enough for me.

Do I recommend Seed?

Honestly, if you already have an inexpensive probiotic that is working well for your needs, I’m not sure you need to upgrade. But if you haven’t found the right formula for your body yet, I definitely would recommend trying it. (They offer a 30-day risk-free guarantee, too, so that should give you enough time to see if it’s a good fit for you, and if it isn’t, just get a refund.)

Personally, I’m very impressed by the research and care that has gone into every aspect of making this product (including the packaging). I also appreciate that probiotics are all they do. Unlike other supplement companies that can have a large range of vitamins, probiotics, supplements, etc., Seed is only focused on making the best probiotic possible.

For now, I’m happy with the results, I’m continuing my subscription, and I’m probably going to end up signing my husband up for the men’s version, too.

If you’re interested in trying Seed, learn more about it here. And save 15% off your first month with coupon code MYSUB15.

"Seed’s Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically-studied, naturally-occurring probiotics strains (not found in yogurt, most supplements, or fermented foods and beverages) with a new class of non-fermenting prebiotic compounds (built around a patented whole fruit extract) sourced from Indian pomegranat... read more.
Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!
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I discovered this through FabFitFun and decided to give it a go. Note: I think I’ve tried every single brand in existence for the past 15 years – okay maybe not all – but a ton. I’ve been taking this for 13 months and I’ll never go without it as long as it continues to be this effective. And when I say this effective – the big big deal for me is that I have been able to stop taking claritin (antihistamine) every single day. My allergies have always been horrible and I hated having to take Claritin daily. I didn’t go into purchasing this thinking that it would solve that issue but a terrific added bonus. It doesn’t upset my stomach or cause other issues.

Now, ny husband – he can’t tolerate it.he ended up in the bathroom a lot 🙂 so he’s trying something else.

Customer service: yes – that could be improved. Because my husband has almost a full bottle left, I asked them to skip the next shipment. They didn’t stop it in time and I was ticked. They refunded me the $$,apologized, and I got a free bottle out of it.


After doing significant research on this company I am appalled at their lack of customer service. They raised $350m dollars and they don’t have anyone to answer the phone or get back to you? I did not want a subscription. Naturally they overcharged me and just kept sending me product and charging me. I have been in the natural formulation business for 15 years. This company is smoke and mirrors. I am saddened I was fooled by their sleek packaging. Spend money on customer service guys. You failed.


I’m in agreement with what you wrote here, as I have also received appalling customer service. I emailed the company to request for assistance with a subscription and did not receive a response until a month later. When they did respond to me, they activated my subscription without confirming first, and I was immediately charged for the subscription the soon after. They have declined to process a refund for me, but I hope my experience serves as a cautionary tale for everyone.


Thanks for your honest and thoughtful review. I’m appreciating all of the comments.


Taking SEED caused a blockage in my small intestine. My doctor at Emory is almost certain that this was the root cause of my blockage. He is filing a complaint and report with the FDA and my attorney is looking at options to hold SEED accountable. When I contacted Seed with all my doctors findings and my 6 night stay in the hospital bill, they were very rude and quit responding to me. DO NOT USE SEED…. IT IS BAD.


I have acid reflux and take pantoprazole every morning on an empty stomach. Wondering how long I should wait after taking the medicine before taking Seed capsules. Anyone else have this issue? I am really hoping this works for my digestive and bloating issues.


I took Seed for a month and it really did help with constipation. I found that I only needed one capsule in the morning. I found it more effective than other probiotics but reading the other comments I’m not sure if I want to continue. I’ve gone through 60 capsules and was going to re-order. Something doesn’t feel quite right with this brand though. Customer service are not good at all. The jury is out on this one – it definitely helps with daily bowel movements but I’m not sure if it is doing any damage long-term to gut health.

Juan Perez

Do they have a kids version or is this safe for kids ??

gentjana Macmillan

I’ve been taking seed for almost a year. I had no previous stomach problems besides a occasional reflux. Lately I’ve been having a lot of reflux so I thought I’ll stop seed and try a different probiotics. From that point on my stomach issues have gotten so bad I can’t sleep at night. I think seed was helping some part of my stomach like the bowel movement but destroyed some other parts like my acid production. At this point 2 months after have stopped seed I’m still in bad condition and don’t know what is it from. I’m getting colonoscopy to see what has happened. I think seed is like something that gets your body depending on it if used for a long time. Don’t trust it.


I have been diagnosed with a very serious autoimmune disease and became constipated due to it (never had that problem). However, I always had an issue with bowel movements that were on the runny side (sorry tmi). After a month of seed-no constipation issues WHATSOEVER. And bowel movements are perfect. I didn’t change anything else. I am so happy with this product. Got two other friends to try it-and they said that their constipation issues also subsided and they have better bowel movements.


How long did it take to have normal BM’s. I have only being taking it for 4 days so I am hoping to see results soon.


Company has to work out alot of kinks. Before you pay the high monthly fee, know that they aren’t reliable in sending probiotic. I’m on my second month and been waiting 9 days so far to get my second shipment. At this point I’m goign to have to go through transition all over again. Customer service didn’t seem to care. I’d try someone else. Company with slick marketing who doesn’t seem focused on retention.


I recently ordered this because I was very impressed with the science/research that the company has done. The last line of this article says, “For now, I’m happy with the results, I’m continuing my subscription, and I’m probably going to end up signing my husband up for the men’s version, too.” As far as I can tell this company has one product. It is not gender specific. Am I missing something?

Shirazali Karim

I was wondering if the ingredients include L-gasseri. Thank you.


I started SEED in October and ramped up according to instructions. I take it when I wake up in the middle of the night, 3am or so. Then I take my thyroid medication when I get up, around 6am.

Lately after I’ve taken SEED my stomach aches, like Liz I’m a delicate and complicated one!

Myy stomach is aching throughout the day and I feel like I’ve now got a chronic indigestion which is new for me. My thyroid medication has not changed.

I plan to stop taking SEED for a week to see if it’s the culprit. Who knows, with me it could be anything! But it is weird that after a few months of SEED I don’t feel good.

I wrote to them hours ago asking to suspend my subscription and they’ve not gotten back to me. In the past they were quick as bunnies at replying.


Hello, I too have been taking seed and had to stop: reason one, my thyroid medication does not work along with seed probiotics, the second issue being I have IBS as an underlining issue? After me taking seed probiotics for three weeks I broke out into hives all over my body (small tiny blisters all over causing pain and me to itch like crazy). I talked to my doctor and she said that I was allergic and I needed to stop. She prescribed me medication with a topical cream but this didn’t even cut the pain. If you take thyroid medication Its best to get an opinion as to what probiotic is best for you.


Curious to hear what you’ve discovered? I just started Seed and also take Synthroid (thyroid meds). I have been taking Seed right before bed, about 5 hours after dinner. I too have a “tender tummy”…so far so good.


The product is just okay. The customer service of Seed is awful! I subscribed for nearly a year and then shipments started being shipped later and later. The latest shipment was shipped 10 days after I ran out. Not worth it.


Agreed! Absolute worse customer service. Late deliveries, unable to reach anyone. Nightmare. Thinking of cancelling my subscription because of this.


I want to know how anything funded by Bill Gates can be of any benefit other than ultimately to him. And I note that all the review pages are funded reviews – lack of independence. No thanks.


Do you know for sure if Seed is funded by Gates? Can you share a link?


Bill Gates doesn’t own this company. He’s also pledged to give away 95% of his income to research and development.


Omg Bill Gates has how many homes..and one of the biggest boats ever built…been hiding at his estate in France since the virus….so much for saying he is giving his money away…no way spending it….💕🐾🐈😂😂😂😂..but telling us how great he is to third world countries….😂😂😂😂😂😂…maybe USA where he made his money…he is a huge joke….😂😂😂😂😂😂 all of the ones who make their billions here but do not put much back here…..all mouth …😩😩😩😩😩😩

valmarie leonard

I am predisposed to major and dangerous diverticulitis episodes that require going to the ER. I have tried following a proper diet, but doctors don’t seem to know what causes the episodes. Honestly, I have not experimented with any probiotic, but the PA at the hospital suggested Seed. My gastro system causes other discomforts, but nothing as horrid as the colon inflammation! What do you think?


I’ve had diverticulitous too. I am on my third day of Seed so it’s too early to tell. When I’ve had more time on it, I’ll try to post some information about my experience.


Steve any more info about your experience? Are you still taking seed? Thanks!


I want to know if I were to take it in the morning on an empty stomach, how long do I have to wait before eating or drinking coffee??
Also, how long before I can take my other sups/ vitamins?

valmarie leonard

I am predisposed to major diverticulitis episodes, and need help to prevent them. I have tried following a proper diet, but no doctor seems to know what the causes of the inflammation of my colon are. Honestly, I haven’t experimented with any other probiotic, but the PA at the hospital suggested I try Seed. What do you think?


Liz – Can you share how long you’ve been taking this supplement and are you still taking this, and your husband? Asking as my daughter has an autoimmune disorder that affects her skin severely, HS, and hair loss, alopecia; so, she is on a special diet avoiding certain foods like night shades, etc along immune suppressing medication. She also gets digestive issues; so, we’ve been researching this product & I found your helpful review; appreciate your reply!

Mary Ann

Along with a good probiotic you need to research Ivermectin. Research it! Don’t just read the copy and paste articles. Look at demodex mites. Consider the fact that all diseases are linked to parasites. I’ve been taking Ivermectin periodically for years. And, I get it the equine paste either online or at a farm store. Gut heath is imperative! Eliminating pathogens is essential. They go hand in hand.


On my second month, thanks to your review! My digestive issues are so much better. Full disclosure, during week 3 and 4, they got a little worse. Seed has really helped me more than other probiotics.

Liz Cadman

OMG that is so great to hear that Seed is helping you! Thank you so much for letting me know!


I’ve suffered from Seborrheic dermatitis since a kid, I’ve been taking Seed for 3 months and my face is completely clear! I haven’t had a flare up in 3 months.


You mentioned having to take it on an empty stomach, recommend taking it in the morning? Also, when taking other medication like thyroid meds which also need to be taken on an empty stomach and separate from all other meds, would this be ok to take at the same time?


The way I do it is to take my thyroid pill when I wake up and 1/2 hour later take the seed like they recommended for meal! Then15 to 1/2 I take my other supplements!


Regarding your thyroid med, you have to wait 2 hours before or 6 hours after taking any kind of food or vitamin with calcium before taking your thyroid med. Furthermore, the vitamin biotin effects your numbers on your blood test ( thc levels).
I also have to take thyroid med. I had thyroid cancer, and had my thyroid removed.
Be blessed


i was just reading about it…interesting and it seems, the marketing is exquisite..humans, the earth..recycling, was thinking maybe too much hype..but your review did help might consider the 30 trial…


This brand is AWESOME! My husband is off his stomach medicine after 2 months of using Seed, and we both have had major digestive health improvements.

Becca Veldhuis

Hey Jane, what stomach medications was your husband on? My sister is on stomach medication and has been for years and I want her to try these, so curious since it helped your husband if it could help her too!!!

Meli Mendoza

Thanks! Helpful insight for sure. Reading this convinced me to try it.

Jessica Compton

Thank you so much for this review. It is very helpful! Very thorough and the part about the packaging made it a complete bonus in my book. Well done. :~)

Liz Cadman

Thanks! Glad the review helped! 🙂

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.