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I Am Old Now - A Persona Vitamins Review

Persona Vitamins Review

What Is Persona Nutrition?

Persona is a vitamin subscription that provides a 28-day supply of vitamins and supplements that are recommended for your unique needs. Members get access to expert nutritionists and an app with tools to help support their new regimen. Persona currently offers 84 different vitamins (including vegan options) that start at just $0.06 per day.

I like Persona because their nutritionists help me assess my supplement needs, instead of me blindly guessing what I should take on my own. Their custom packs help me feel confident that I’m getting the right doses of the right supplements at the right time. Plus, I can just toss the packs in my bag instead of schlepping around bottles or taking the time to make my own packs.

by Marne Orenich, Aging MSA Reviewer, Vitamin Taker
August 14, 2019| 27 comments

About this Vitamin Subscription

The Subscription: Persona

The Cost: Varies based on what’s included in your personalized packs, but supplements start at just $0.06/day.

What You Get: A 28-day supply of personalized vitamin packs, plus access to nutritionists.

Ships to: US only

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This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • Easy online assessment that personalizes your recommended vitamin regimen.
  • Designed with a team of experienced medical professionals.
  • Access to licensed nutritionists.
  • A well-rounded, easy-to-use app.
  • Flexibility to add or remove vitamins from your pack month-to-month.
  • Vegan options.
The Cons
  • Suggested packs can be pricier than buying bottles of vitamins in-store.
Is It Worth It?
  • If you don’t mind paying a little more to feel confident in your vitamin regimen and like the ease of portioned packs, then YES.
I’d Recommend Persona If
  • You don’t know where to start when choosing vitamins.
  • You’d like to supplement your regular diet.
  • You want a simple fool-proof pack of vitamins to take.

Why did I try Persona?

There have been many times throughout my life when I’ve tried to start taking vitamins, but it rarely sticks. Within the last six months though, my body has been starting to finally show its age. In addition to various aches and pains, I have entered a fun pre-arthritic phase at 39 years old. (Darn the 20-year-old version of me for straining my knees riding fixed-gear bikes!) My orthopedic doctor basically said to me, “This is your life now. Get acquainted with Advil and ice packs.” On top of that, being an adult brings all sorts of wonderful stressors, as well as changes in skin and hair.

I was lucky enough to have someone suggest that I begin taking anti-inflammatory supplements to help with my knee troubles. And I thought while I’m at it, why not explore supplements that could thicken my hair, help with my memory issues, or support my body with nutrients I’m missing in my diet? (Hey, I have a lot to tackle!) Before trying Persona, I was already taking glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, turmeric for inflammation, biotin for my hair and nails, and gingko leaf for memory*. I wondered whether Persona’s suggestions would mirror what I was already doing, or offer some totally different insights.

Getting Started

Persona start assessment screen shot


I hopped on Persona’s website to get an assessment of my supplement needs and to see which products they suggested for me.

Persona assessment question screen shot


Persona had me enter a bunch of basic information like my gender, age, whether I was pregnant or breastfeeding, and if I followed any special diets. They also asked about allergies, how many servings of certain types of food I eat each day, and about topics like drinking, smoking, and how active I am. There were also more in-depth health questions about specific conditions. The whole thing took me less than 10 minutes.



Medical Advosty Board screen shot


While the algorithm processed my results, the wait page introduced Persona’s medical advisory board.

What Persona Recommended for Me


Suggested vitamins in list


Whoa, boy. I was only taking four supplements at the time I took my assessment, but Persona suggested eight different products (and a total of ten pills, since there are two in each dose of the multivitamin and spirulina supplement) to address all of my concerns. Of course, I don’t have to commit to this list⁠. There’s a “Remove” button for every item and⁠ an “Add Supplements to Your Pack” button at the bottom of the page that lets you shop their whole inventory a la carte. I liked that Persona split my results into categories to give context for why they suggested each one. (I need help with my memory, don’t eat enough greens, and my energy tends to slump*.)

While I am ready to take whatever I need to help my body feel its best, I admittedly had some hangups about my results. First and foremost, I wasn’t seeing some of the key supplements I was already taking on Persona’s recommended regimen. Luckily, Persona offers nutritionists to help with concerns like mine.

Utilizing Persona’s Nutritionists


Screen shot of Nutritionist, Erica

I opened the chat feature on Persona’s site and was connected with Erica, who has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. I felt assured that I was in good hands.

I was concerned with why turmeric, which I’d been taking, wasn’t in Persona’s suggestions for me (although they do offer it) and why I didn’t see glucosamine offered at all for joint health. Erica let me know that turmeric wasn’t suggested since it can sometimes conflict with the Advil I often take. After I explained that the Advil wasn’t an everyday thing, Erica made a note in my account and added turmeric back into my order for me. She ended up making a few other changes to my list as we chatted, including adding UC-II (their joint mobility support supplement) to my regimen. I appreciated that, as we talked, Erica sent me links to more information about each supplement, so that I could understand exactly why she made the changes she did. I think I had her attention for a full 20 minutes or so answering all my questions⁠—our conversation really made me confident that I was getting the exact supplements for my needs.


Updated vitamin suggestion list


Here’s what my recommended regimen looked like by the end of my chat with Erica. It includes 11 supplements in all, including calcium/magnesium with vitamin D3 for bone health, PMS, and blood pressure, vegan Vitamin D (because of my limited sun exposure), Culturelle daily probiotic for gut health, turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, two foundational vitamins to fill in my nutritional gaps, green tea extract for energy, spirulina as an anti-inflammatory, a “Hair, Skin, & Nails” formula for obvious reasons, UC-II for joint health, and “Brain Elevate” for memory. I was really satisfied with all the info Erica had given me on each supplement, as well as how thoroughly she addressed all of my worries.

My First Persona Delivery

Once I settled on my personal pack, I completed my order and patiently awaited my new vitamin regimen to arrive. (If you’re signing up for Persona, remember that you can get 50% off with our link!)

Persona order info screen shot

You can check past, current, and upcoming orders in your account page and make changes to future orders. I was surprised that I didn’t get an order confirmation email nor any notification when my order shipped, but I noticed a tracking number in my account page. As you can see, I made the order on 6/24, and it arrived in Pittsburgh on 6/26, just two days later.

  • Persona box

    1 of 3

  • Side of Persona box that says "five trillion combinations only one you"

    2 of 3

  • Open Persona box with booklet on top

    3 of 3


    Here’s what my order looked like when it arrived. Everything arrived in a compactly packaged box, and there’s an information booklet sitting just under the lid.

    • Front of Persona booklet

      1 of 16

    • page one of Persona booklet that says "only one you"

      2 of 16

    • "good health is a habit" Persona booklet page

      3 of 16

    • "how to take your supplements" Persona booklet page

      4 of 16

    • other side of "how to take your supplements" Persona booklet page

      5 of 16

    • "Our promise to you" Persona booklet page

      6 of 16

    • list of promises on Persona booklet page

      7 of 16

    • Description of nutritionists help

      8 of 16

    • photoss and profiles for 6 nutritionists

      9 of 16

    • page explaining partnership with

      10 of 16

    • photo of child to accompany description

      11 of 16

    • photo of hand holding iphone with Persona app on screen

      12 of 16

    • short description of Persona app

      13 of 16

    • Give $20, Get $20 referral explanation

      14 of 16

    • photos of people to illustrate referral program

      15 of 16

    • "hello from the founders" letter

      16 of 16


      The booklet acquainted me with the myriad of benefits that come with my new Persona subscription. There are tips on how to take your supplements (with water and food is preferred), information about their FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices, and details about the up-to-date science Persona follows. They also promise that their nutritionists will make sure you aren’t taking anything that interacts with your current medications. Persona has an app, too, as well as a referral program, and a partnership with Vitamin Angels, which is helping to fight malnutrition.

      • Pocket in back of booklet with info sheets

        1 of 13

      • info sheets spread out in group

        2 of 13

      • List of Marne

        3 of 13

      • FDA disclosure on back of sheet

        4 of 13

      • info sheet on CBD Hemp Extract supplement

        5 of 13

      • Brain Elevate and Hair, Skin, Nails Info sheets

        6 of 13

      • Turmeric and Green Tea Extract Info Sheets

        7 of 13

      • Spirulina and Cal/Mag info sheets

        8 of 13

      • UC-II and Vegan Vitamin D info sheets

        9 of 13

      • Foundation Multivitamin info sheet

        10 of 13

      • Culturelle Daily Probiotic info sheet

        11 of 13

      • Nutrition facts for all pills

        12 of 13

      • continuation of Nutrition facts for all pills

        13 of 13


        In the back of the booklet, there was a pocket that contained a list of all of the supplements in my packs, as well as details about each specific supplement. I also received some information about Persona’s CBD Hemp Extract, which can be added to any pack. All of this information is also available online and on the Persona app, but these physical copies will come in handy for quick reference.

        Starting My Regimen

        • Persona Vitamin box upright

          1 of 5

        • Nutritional info on side of vitamin box

          2 of 5

        • Personalized pack coming out of box

          3 of 5

        • Several personalized packs coming out of box

          4 of 5

        • close up of loose vitamins

          5 of 5


          Here’s something I didn’t expect. I was blessed with not just one, but two separate daily pill packs⁠—one I am to take in the morning and another for the evening. Both the morning and night packs come clearly marked with my name, a list of the pills included in the pack, and the time of day at which I’m supposed to take them. The packs themselves are in a big roll inside of a box, which acts as a dispenser. I have the box sitting on my desk at work as a looming reminder of my new routine, but the packs are perforated so I can easily tear off my evening pack and take it with me when I leave for the day. I tend to take my morning pack after I get to work and then toss the evening pack in my purse to take later with dinner. My morning pack includes one of my two foundational multivitamins, a daily probiotic, spirulina, green tea extract, joint mobility support, and my memory support. In the evening, I take another multi, turmeric, calcium/magnesium, vitamin D, and my hair/skin/nails supplement.

          While I was used to taking vitamins at my desk when I got to work every morning, I was having trouble remembering to take my evening pack home with me. My schedule differs depending on whether I have plans with friends, am eating out, or am just staying home, so I don’t have a regular routine to trigger me to take my supplements. That’s one big way in which Persona’s app can be of service. Specifically, the app has reminders that I can set to help me remember when it’s time to take that evening pack.

          • Persona App Home screen

            1 of 4

          • Persona App "Program" screen

            2 of 4

          • Persona App Reminder screen

            3 of 4

          • Persona App "Contact Us" screen

            4 of 4


            This is what the home screen of the app looks like⁠—swipe to see screens from a few of my favorite features. You can do almost anything from the app that you’d want to do on the full website, like view your regimen, read supplement information, and contact nutritionists. You can also do things like refer friends to Persona to earn credit, update your shipping schedule, set reminders, retake the assessment, and fill out “check-ins” to track improvements in your wellness.

            Value Comparison

            One of the big concerns I had with getting such a personalized set of vitamins was what the cost would be like. With my old regimen, I purchased full bottles of what I thought would help me in quantities of anywhere from 60 -120 capsules. I tried a varying range of brands, including Nature’s Bounty, Sports Research, and Whole Foods. It’s really hard to compare apples to apples in this scenario since Persona offers its own supplement blends for certain concerns, but I can at least do a loose comparison between the supplements I was previously taking and the supplements Persona recommended to replace them.

            My old regimen consisted of turmeric, biotin, gingko leaf (for memory), and glucosamine/chondroitin (for joint mobility support). My initial calculations showed that my original regimen cost me about $0.54/day. Persona suggested taking turmeric, their Hair Skin & Nails support, Brain Elevate (for memory), and UC-II (for joint mobility support)—a regimen that costs me $1.56/day.

            But wait! While I was calculating the cost per pill for my original vitamin regimen, I realized I was not taking nearly enough of two of my original vitamins. I completely glossed over the fact that the bottles recommended that I take two pills three times a day for one supplement and one pill twice a day for another. I had only been taking one of each before! If I actually took the recommended amount of pills, the daily cost of my old regimen would rise to $1.47, which is not so far off from Persona’s $1.56! To me, this another argument for using Persona. The pre-portioned pill packs make it impossible for me to make such an oversight about dosage. Also, I’d take 6 fewer pills to address those four specific concerns (joints, hair, memory, and turmeric) using Persona vs. the regimen I was using.

            Of course, I ended up getting Persona-recommended vitamins for more than just those four concerns—in the end, my Persona order included 11 pills in total ($3.42/day, or $95.76 for the full 28-day supply). Remember, I have complete control to omit or add any supplements I’d like to my order, so I’m not locked-in to pay that amount moving forward.

            So, what’s the verdict?

            Persona took the guesswork out of which supplements I should take to address my body’s changing needs. I love that they give me easy access to real nutritionists, who can answer my specific questions. And having everything I need neatly divvied up into convenient packs is a real time saver for me (and it prevents me from spacing on how many of each supplement I need to take). Persona’s website and app made changing my regimen super easy, and I like that I can always retake the assessment when aspects of my life or health change.

            My only hesitation is the price tag for all of the recommended supplements, especially given the number of supplements Persona recommended I take. But I do have full control over what I get, and I know that I can always turn to their staff for guidance. This old body may have a newer lease now that I’m filling in some of these nutritional gaps.

            Tell me about the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced during your vitamin journey. Do individual, curated packs help you take supplements more regularly?

            *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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            Written by Marne Orenich

            Marne Orenich

            Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.


            1. Hey Marne!
              Have you noticed a difference in your pain or energy levels since using their products? I just signed up via a discount code via my job; after googling reviews. I read your review and decided to give them a try. Just would like to know if they’ve been beneficial.

            2. Thanks for the great and through review Marne. I decided to take advantage of the 50% off offer, and am glad I did. My vitamins arrived today, and I am thrilled to have them in a individual package, so great for travel, and remembering to take. I really appreciate the little bag they sent for travel too! I am impressed with this company, and will probably add a few more next month.

            3. Marne, do you take any other daily medications than the Advil? Something that immediately jumped out at me is that they aren’t cross checking their supplements against medications someone is currently taking. Nutritionists don’t have the training to do that, either, unless they have taken further skills training. There are lots and lots of medications that can’t be taken with certain supplements because they cause adverse reactions, and there are also some medical conditions that prevent you from tolerating some supplements (I have both). If those things aren’t being checked against each other, I would worry that someone could get a bag of supplements and take them without knowing, and then have a big problem.

              • When you fill out your profile, they ask you what medications you take and only suggest ones that are ok to take with your medications. One of mine wasn’t listed. I reached out, and they gave me info about it.

                • This was a great review Marne! Curiosity got to me and I tried the quiz to see what it recommended.

                  I have hypothyroidism (and no thyroid now), and I have to take a hormone which a lot of supplements interfere with. I also have been told by my doctor to take calcium and D3, which I have to take at least four hours after my thyroid hormone to avoid absorption issues. I also deal with energy, bloating, and sleep issues all related to my thyroid problem, so normal supplements don’t really fix those problems as much as getting to the right hormone level will help fix them. I did mark hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s on the quiz before I got my results.

                  My suggested supplements did not include calcium, despite me marking that I get 0-2 “servings” a day (I have to avoid it at breakfast time, so I probably do get 1-2 servings, but not a lot). I tried to add calcium separately, and I’m sure it’s because of my medication (levothyroxine) but it absolutely wouldn’t let me, even though I am supposed to take it. I’m sure they would add it if I contacted them, but I was just curious to see what was recommended.

                  Interestingly, they also recommended green tea extract, which includes caffeine and for me caffeine does not help at all with my afternoon fatigue issues (in this case hypothyroidism beats caffeine no matter what I do), but didn’t recommend Vitamin B12 or iron, both of which do help (and my iron levels are frequently low due to hypothyroidism). I have a feeling iron also wasn’t recommended because it also interferes with thyroid hormone absorption, and I have to space this one out from my calcium as well. This isn’t nearly as complicated as dealing with multiple thyroid surgeries and being very hypo, so I just space them out throughout the day and it is fine.

                  The other supplement recommendations were a multivitamin (which also interferes with my thyroid hormone absorption, but I guess not enough for them to exclude it, even though I would), a probiotic (I don’t have a problem with probiotics, but I don’t think I need one), two sleep supplements, three digestive supplements, and vitamin D. Out of 9 recommendations, none of them are what I’m currently taking. Besides avoiding calcium which interferes with my medication, I don’t think any of the recommendations are helpful for me.

                  I do have very specific requirements because of my health condition though, so maybe this is good for people who want to take some supplements and aren’t sure what, and are healthy already (and can afford to spend a lot on vitamins?). I currently take calcium+D3 together, vitamin B12, fish oil, and iron (a few times a month). Nothing I am already taking was recommended. I could add them (except calcium and iron) if I wanted to, but I was left feeling like rather than trying to give individualized recommendations, it gave me a general supplement for each category, and that wasn’t all that helpful for me because it didn’t address what my problems actually are.

                  One other concern with non-medical professionals recommending some of these supplements is that unless you know the underlying cause of a problem, such as “sleep problems” or “digestive problems”, supplements that are not needed and could be harmful might be recommended. I was having major muscle twitching and breathing issues after my thyroid surgery while I was very hypo. I found out that it could be caused by either a vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency, and I bought some magnesium supplements but found out from one of my numerous post thyroid surgery blood tests that my magnesium levels were actually pretty high already, so I don’t take magnesium. Additionally, taking supplements that supposedly support better sleep, digestive health, or energy might prevent someone from seeking actual medical attention for real medical problems that need treatment.

                  I am also 39 years old – and while my energy level is often worse than my 69 year old mom’s, I don’t think 39 is all that old and I am just going through an energy depleted phase of my life right now while I get to the right thyroid hormone dose/combination. I still run most mornings, and I’m probably more fit now than 10 years ago, despite my health issues.

              • I think the company is a very sophisticated scam operation. They wildly over-charge and charge an outrageous shipping fee. I really question their claims (my doctor thinks I was a fool to get suckered in) and recommended a real nutritionist at Mass. General Hospital to determine if the stuff they sold me has any merit. I don’t know if you work for Personal, which is owned by Nestle. Your very favorable review is just too slick, so I think you do. If not, you are throwing a lot of money away just to get your little packet. If you are legitimate, you must have a lot of discretionary income to pay for vitamins.

            4. These types of subscriptions make me suspicious, mainly because they are marketing their own health advice to you. An MSN is not practically meaningful and since supplements are regulated by the FDA you don’t even know what you’re getting unless the products are independently tested. I do take several supplements, but they are the brand and dose my doctor has recommended as tested and proven. For all I know this company is completely legitimate, but they don’t need to be, so who knows?

              • *NOT regulated

            5. I was getting ready to be insulted if the box theme was “I Am Old Now” LOL. This 45-year-old is wonderfully young, and without supplements. Here in North America, it’s rare for us to be deficient in vitamins and minerals.

              • Oh, Dea! The title is completely a reflection of how I feel these days and not about anyone else’s age. I used to never feel physically “old” until this year when I was told that I have pre-arthritis in my knees and basically there was nothing I could do to about it aside from taking ibuprofen and icing them. It really bummed me out. It was suggested that I try anti-inflammatory supplements (as well as altering my diet to include more anti-inflammy (as I call it) foods). OF COURSE, there is no proof that supplements will do anything for me, but it gave me a little bit of hope to relieve the excruciating pain I felt walking up and down stairs. I’m willing to give anything a shot.

                • I’m so sorry to hear you are dealing with pre-arthritis knee pain. My mom has osteoarthritis in both her knees and it is frustrating how little she can walk these days.

                  In addition to ice and ibuprofen, her doctor recommended some knee strengthening exercises (basically exercises that strengthen the muscles around the knee including quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and hip muscles) which can take some pressure off the knee itself, weight loss, and she has tried both cortisone and gel shots, which gave her some improvements . The doctor said she would probably need a combination of these things to see relief.

                  Acupuncture can also help some people with arthritis.

                  I hope you feel better – I know how painful it can be. I hope the anti-inflammatory supplements help!

            6. I find it odd for some reason they chose 28 day supply. Marne you are rocking 39, I was thinking maybe 29!

              • Oh, bless your heart! I suppose 30 days would be a little better, huh?

            7. I also thought the subscription box was called I Am Old Now. 😂 Love it! I’m also 39 but my body thinks it is 80 most days. Vitamins are pricey little suckers and I’m overwhelmed when ordering them. I might give a try! Thank you for the review. Most grocery stores now take and will recycle plastic bags. I wonder if they would take the single dose plastic.

            8. Great thorough review of the process!! Is there a lot of info on the sourcing/ingredients?

              One thing holding me back is the SIXTY plastic bags they came in. Not sure how else they could package this. Wonder if those bags are less total waste compared to the containers I buy them in!

              • Great point, this is the epitome of wasteful single use plastic. The plastic bottle a typical vitamin supply comes in would still be recyclable where I live but the plastic wrap would be trash.

              • Hi BG!
                You bring up some really good questions that I realize I didn’t address at all, so thank you for that!
                They do have a section of their website that speaks to sourcing. You can find it here:
                As for ingredients, each supplement has a really thorough page that lists all sorts of wonderful information. Here’s a link to the turmeric from my pack, for instance:
                Speaking to the packaging- I agree that the individual packs aren’t ideal compared to buying a bottle of vitamins and sorting them in the best way you see fit (eg- refillable pill containers, or I previously used little baggies I bought from the drugstore to create my own packs and reused for easier travel). I think one of the things Persona is trying to offer is complete ease. Since the doses come pre-packed, I won’t spend time sorting them myself or having to remember which ones to take at what time. It’s sort of “fool-proof” if you will. I couldn’t find any quick answers regarding packaging materials, but the packs come as a huge roll that you tear away and sort of remind me of the air-filled pillows that many places use to ship things with these days. They miiiight be recyclable, but it’s best to check with their customer service to get the facts.
                Thanks so much for reading!! I’ll probably make some updates based on your questions. 🙂

            9. This is a great and thorough review! It seems like Persona is really doing a great job with providing access to experts and knowledge to their customers. I work in the dietary supplement industry, specifically in probiotics and one thing that concerns me is that they are putting the probiotic with all the rest of the capsules. Probiotics are very moisture sensitive so packaging is very important. I’m happy that they recommended one for you because gut health is very important but I would recommend you to buy that one separately from the pack. That way the little probiotics stay happy and dry until you consume them.

              • Whoa, thanks for that tip, Kassie! Very interesting!

            10. Girlll one, I would have never guess you were 39 and two I thought the name of the subscription was “I Am Old Now” and I was here for it. Really saddened to know it isn’t I Am Old Now lol.
              Absolutely phenomenal review Marne btw and I liked the new feature with the scrollable headings at the top.

              • Ahhh hahaha. So sorry to disappoint, AH! Now I know what to call my subscription box if I ever start one. 😛
                Thank you for your kind words and feedback regarding the headings. It makes big huge reviews like this a bit easier to navigate, right??

                • You are most welcome Marne! I absolutely love reading your reviews. You’re a fantastic writer that could make the most boring topic or product interesting to read! And this was a perfect review to debut the new headings! Glad to have given you a name for your future sub box lol!

                  • We’ve actually used the “Table of Contents” in a handful of other reviews before this one. You’ll be seeing them pop up in the ones where we go more in-depth! Thanks again for the feedback and the love! You’re too sweet!

              • HAHAHA, I, too, came here simply because I thought “I Am Old Now” was the subscription name.
                Funny, funny

            11. Wow, excellent review! Very thorough, you do such a good job.

              • Thank you, Donna! That means a lot to me! 🙂

                • Marne my husband and several other people I know take tart cherry pills for knee and other joint pain. It has done wonders for my husband.

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