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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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My Review of Care/of’s New Personalized Protein

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyJan 27, 2022

Care Of

I recently partnered with Care/of for my daily vitamins, and I'm smitten with how simple they make vitamin shopping! But Care/of isn't just about vitamins. They also offer a line of "Powders", including protein powders, superfoods, and more!

My diet is mostly plant-based, so I often rely on supplements to round out my daily protein intake. But wow, protein powder shopping can be overwhelming! There are so many formulations and flavors. I’m just looking for a straightforward supplement—do I even belong in the same aisle as things like "MIDNIGHT MATTER ANABOLIC PUMP COMPLEX"?

How do I pick the right supplements for me?

Care Of Quiz

Just as they took the guesswork out of vitamin shopping, Care/Of is demystifying the world of powders. It all starts with a quiz— a short series of easy questions about your current wellbeing and wellness goals.

I like Care/of’s holistic approach to understanding your interests. Whether you’re curious about heart health or healthy hair, Care/of’s quiz makes sure to cover your concerns.

At the end of the quiz, Care/of recommends the supplements (including vitamins AND powders) they think will best support your goals. When I first took this quiz a few months ago, I was impressed by the detail (ingredients, studies, etc.) Care/of provided about each vitamin. I was happy to see them get just as in-depth about their powders!

PS: Once you’re a Care/of subscriber, it’s a good idea to retake the quiz every so often. Not only will it ensure that you’re staying on top your well-being, it’ll also introduce you to new Care/of products that could be beneficial!

Note that you can add or change the supplements in your order based on what you’re interested in trying!

My Care/of Plant Protein Review

Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 full size plant protein

Care/Of Plant Protein powder comes in a couple different varieties. You can get a 15 serving tub of vanilla, chocolate, or unflavored protein for $28, or try a set of sample packets starting at $10. (They also offer whey protein!)


Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 protein powder detail

Care/of's Plant Protein is made from organic pea, pumpkin seed, and hemp protein, plus ingredients you might already have in your pantry, like coconut water, cinnamon, Himalayan pink sea salt, and MCT oil. Two scoops of the vanilla Plant Protein powder contains 18g of protein and just 4g of total sugar. (Chocolate contains 2g of sugar, and the unflavored version has only 1g!) The Care/of recipe is free of fake sugars and sweeteners.

Flavor & Consistency


I’m usually a smoothie gal, but you can also mix their product with cold water or milk for simplicity’s sake. I tried it to see how the powder blends. On the left is vanilla mixed with cold water, and on the right is chocolate mixed with cashew milk.

There's a slight graininess to the powder that stands out in water, but it's much less apparent in milk (though you have to stir a little longer to blend it—use a blender bottle if you have one). And it’s particularly good in a vanilla-flavored plant-based milk.

Both the vanilla and chocolate powders have very, very subtle flavors. Neither had that odd, chemical-ish aftertaste that I've experienced with artificially sweetened protein powders, but there is a heartiness that I think comes from the hemp and pumpkin seeds.

In smoothies, the vanilla flavor disappeared, but the chocolate flavor got yummier when mixed up with a banana and blueberries. Lately, I've been using vanilla protein powder in place of flour in pancakes, but the style I've previously used lead to oddly sweet results. I think the hearty quality of this powder is perfect for my pancake habit!

Care/of's Other Supplements

Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 sample kit super plants

My quiz recommended a few of Care/of's Boosts—packets of superfoods, minerals, and other nutritious supplements. You can nab Boosts a la carte (starting at $7), or try them in a Sample Kit ($15). In addition to individual packets of chocolate and vanilla Plant Protein, the Super Plants Sample Kit includes:

Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 chia flax mix

Three Chia-Flax blends, which add texture to yogurt or extra fiber to a smoothie...

Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 maca

Maca powder, an earthy, adaptogenic herb that may support energy and endurance*...

Care Of Protein Powder May 2019 electrolytes

And electrolytes, which have a really subtle flavor. (They're made with organic coconut water powder, so they have a light taste.) Some folks might enjoy these electrolytes in water, but again, I prefer them mixed into a post-workout smoothie.

The Verdict

Care/of took the confusion out of supplement shopping, yet again! Just as they helped me navigate the vitamin world, Care/of’s quiz pointed me to the right plant-based, nutritious powders for me.

Most importantly, Care/of makes supplements convenient. Their quiz gives quick guidance on what supplements to try, they provide thorough information about each powder, and once you know what you want, you can sign up to get your monthly supplements on a regular schedule. No reading confusing ingredient labels on big, intimidating tubs, no rushing out to the store when you run out of a supplement. They even have an app to help you stay committed to your goals!

Curious to see for yourself?


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Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
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