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GQ Best Stuff Box Winter 2022 Review

Carlos Lamborn
ByCarlos LambornDec 5, 2022 | 7 comments

GQ Box
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The GQ Best Stuff Box is a quarterly men's subscription from GQ magazine that's $50 a box with free shipping. The box features $200 worth of products the editors have curated after testing and finding them to be the best in their class. Although this subscription is geared towards men, women love it for themselves as well. This quarter's box is about prepping for the Winter.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

First Impressions


This quarter's box continues the new design and updated index sheet. It's larger, which keeps me from squinting too much. I also noticed that each item includes a code for a discount at each manufacturer.

Inside the GQ Best Stuff Winter 2022 Box

Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet - Retail Value $70


Handcrafted in USA, this thin leather wallet aims to give you an handsome, mature option to ditch your oversized wallet. Made with Chromexcel leather tanned by Horween in Chicago. It has no linings, rubber or glue – only stitching, which comes with a lifetime warranty. It measures 3.7 by 2.5 inches and just 0.1 inches thick. I love the tan color, which the maker's website doesn't even offer. I received the same wallet (in red) in my first GQ Best Stuff Box back in August 2020. Although I no longer use it, it was the wallet that sent me down the rabbit hole of small wallets. My current wallet is even smaller. I personally prefer the natural look of this quarter's wallet to the red one. Although the scratch across its face is a bummer. I can tell you from experience that it is a solid wallet.

Sealand Gear Small Upcycled Toastie Storage Bag - Retail Value $42


I'm a sucker for dopp kits and toiletry bags. I was immediately excited by this bright orange storage bag from Sealand. They are handmade, upcycled, and come in three sizes. I'm assuming this is the largest size, based on the price. I am also assuming these are made from upcycled "Ripstop," a woven nylon threaded material that resists tearing and ripping, a tough fabric that won’t fail under stress. This adds to the durability and water resistance, according to the website. The site also says all bags have three pockets, but mine only has one zippered pocket on the inside front. The bag looks cool and feels tough. I've gotten a lot of dopp kits in my time at MSA (I'm not complaining), but this might be the nicest one.

Depend on the style/color of the bag, the price is a little different on the maker's site. GQ has this one listed at $45, but the site has it for $42.

Asobu Ultimate Coffee Mug - Retail Value $30


I'm a big coffee drinker and I love a good mug. We have quite a collection at our house. In fact, I have one very similar to this one, which I love. It's constructed with copper lining, double walled stainless steel, and a ceramic inner coating, complete with an adjustable splash proof lid and an easy-hold round handle. It's 5 inches tall and holds 12 oz. The maker's site offers several colors, even plaid and sweater. However, I am a simple man and enjoy the black mug most of all. Now, the site said it's "the ideal mug for at home or on the go," but if your idea of "on the go" involves a car, a mug with a handle is not ideal. Walking your kid to the bus stop? Absolutely. Driving your kid to the bust stop? Not so much. My only complaint with mugs like these is it keeps my coffee too hot for too long and I have to wait even longer to drink it.

Trade Coffee Trial - Estimated Value $18 (Value varies)


Great idea to include a free pound of quality coffee with the insulated mug. I have received a trial to Trade Coffee in the Fall 2021 box. I remember that their selection is huge and the coffee I chose was amazing. However, I also remember that they force you to sign up to receive the trial. Although it really was easy to order, receive, and enjoy the coffee and then walk away, I'm not a fan of having to sign up for free trials. Having said that, Trade Coffee is pretty solid and quality coffee.

Value will vary depending on which coffee you select. I just went with the value GQ had in its booklet.

Lab Series Anti-Age Max LS Lotion - Estimated Value $41


What would a GQ Best Stuff Box be with out at least one anti-aging cream? The website says, "Provides a visible lift for sculpted-looking skin. Firms, revitalizes and moisturizes for a healthy, youthful look, while reducing the look of lines and wrinkles." I can't speak to the long-term effects, but I will say it looks, smells, and feels great. While I'm not personally concerned with wrinkles just yet, I'll take anything that helps me feel more youthful.

As for the price, 1.5 oz. costs $91. This item is 0.68, which comes to about $41.25.

Worn Everyday Enhanced Crew Sock - Retail Value $17


I have long been of the "excited about socks" age. I'll never be upset about receiving a pair in a subscription box. This pair from Worn Everyday is soft and tough. They are made from "Arrowool," which they say is 4x the life of cotton. The website also touts things like superior wicking for an all day dry, impact reducing heel, med cushion footbed, and naturally antimicrobial. There is also a thing called "Wash-Fit," which they say "refits with every wash." I can't speak to all that, but they are soft, warm, and rugged. I'll say that $17 is a little steep for one pair of socks, but subscribers are getting them cheap here. One more reason to dig this sub.

Schmidt's Sandalwood & Citrus Natural Deodorant Stick - Retail Value $9


This is the third item I've received from GQ in a previous box. Schmidt's deodorant was in the Winter 2020 box. I liked it then and I like it now. They come in several great smelling options. Last time, they sent out different scents. This time I think everyone is getting the same one. Sandalwood and Citrus smells true to its name – manly and clean. I just opened a new deodorant stick recently, so I will put this one in the cabinet until I need it. It will certainly get used in time.

Mediheal N.M.F. Intensive Hydrating Mask - Estimated Value $2


I always say "I'm not a mask kinda guy" when reviewing them, but I've done so many now that maybe I am a mask guy? All I know is I always feel bright and shiny after a good hydrating mask and this one was no different. I even went out of my way to shave my stubble so the mask stuck to my face really good. Afterward, I feel soft and ... well, hydrated.

These sell at $20 for a 10-pack. So, for one it's a $2 value.

The Art of Shaving (Various Products) - Value Will Vary


Subscribers will receive different products from The Art of Shaving. I'm not sure how many different ones there will be or what they are, but I received the Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil, which sells for $15 for the 1 oz. bottle. This item is the first in a 4-step "Perfect Shave" system by The Art of Shaving. It adds a layer of protection to your face to help with glide and prevent razor burn. The Sandalwood scent is omnipresent in men's products, but it smells so good I'm not complaining.

Timeline Mitopure Powder - Estimated Value $3.33


Lastly, there is a sample of Mitopure powder that asks, "Can we reverse aging?" The website says each stickpack contains the recommended daily dose of Urolithin A (500mg of Mitopure). Mix it with yogurts, smoothies and other breakfast favorites. I almost just added it to a bottle of water, but after reading the suggestion directions, I opted for a smoothie instead. It tasted fine, but wasn't particularly noticeable – for better or worse. And I can't say I felt any different afterwards, but this is something you need to add to your routine for a while before seeing/feeling any benefits. If they can prove it reverses aging, I'll buy a crate.

I took the price from the website, which says if you subscribe for a two-month supply it comes to $3.33 per pack.


I've never let out so many "ohs" and "ahs" opening a subscription box as I did this quarter's GQ Best Stuff Box. Everything was in the box was eye-catching, thoughtful, and, most important to me, functional. This subscription has a tendency to be heavy on the personal care products. They are always nice, but I was really happy to get this box of useful items. I can't decide between the storage bag or insulated mug, so I won't. Both items are going right into my routine. Plus, the free pound of coffee was a great companion to the mug. I love the natural look of the leather wallet. So much so that I think I'm going to go back to that style over my current wallet. The socks will serve me well this winter. The personal care products were all good, but an afterthought to me. They'll get used, but I'm not as excited about them as I am everything else. I'll say that GQ should be careful repeating items, even if it's been two years. I don't mind the coffee and deodorant, since they get used quickly. The wallet may disappoint long-time subscribers, but I thought it was such an improvement over the last one that I'm happy to receive it again. Despite the repeat items, I'm going to say this is my favorite effort from GQ in my two years at MSA. I'm my opinion, this sub is the gold standard for men's subscription boxes. See below for a value breakdown.

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Let's Talk About Value

By my calculations, this box clocks in at around $247. That's nearly five times the cost for GQ Best Stuff Box. That is including some estimated and varying costs.

For $50 for this box, here's approximately what you're paying for each item:

  • Wallet ($70): $14
  • Storage Bag ($42): $8.40
  • Mug ($30): $6
  • Coffee ($18): $3.60
  • Lotion ($41): $8.20
  • Socks ($17): $3.40
  • Deodorant ($9): $1.80
  • Mask ($2): $0.40
  • Pre-Shave ($15): $3
  • Powder ($3.33): $.67

To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes. As of this post, the box is still available.

Would you grab the "Winter 2022" GQ Best Stuff Box for a guy in your life... or yourself?

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Carlos Lamborn
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.

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Once again, this GQ box delivers way more value than it costs. Great review! Coffee: they may have listened to your past criticisms, because when I signed up for the coffee, no trial signup was required — I scanned the QR code, they asked me some questions, and I got my coffee fast — no need to cancel anything, which was really nice, and one of the reasons I tried at all.
For repeats like the wallet: I get the issue, but I deal with it by regifting: I always have a drawer full of emergency backup gifts, and if I get something like a repeat, into the drawer it goes.
Samantha: I, too, would not be happy with a stained item. That said, my understanding is that Sealand repurposes used fabric. I can’t see the stain, but I could see someone out there finding a stain to add to the appeal of the item — but that only works if the person was able to personally pick it out. I’ve always found GQ Box staff to be quite responsive and helpful; I’m sorry you’re not having the same experience!
Carlos: I’m a disc golf enthusiast too. What are the odds you could start reviewing disc golf subscription boxes? AGL, for instance. Cheers!

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Carlos Lamborn

I did attempt to start reviewing a disc golf sub, but was denied. Not sure what criteria is needed to start a new review, but I suspect it wouldn’t create the traffic needed to warrant paying me to write it. Understandable and believable. Maybe they will see your interest and reconsider. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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The Sealand bag I was sent was stained all across the front 😢 I was thrilled to find a men’s subscription box. After purchasing my first allure box (which I was very happy with), I decided to check out the GQ box for my husband. It’s part of his Christmas gift. I haven’t heard back from either company about my issue yet but I am hoping that this will be resolved. Not sure who would gift something that has staining all across the front with no idea where it came from. Everything else was pretty neat. But I went to put most of it in the Sealand bag and was going to wrap it like that, when I discovered this.

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Hi Samantha. We’re so sorry to hear about your experience and we would love to help you with this! We never want our members to have a bad experience with our Member Care team. We would like an opportunity to help resolve your issue, please contact our Member Care team at 855-932-1103 at your next available moment. Our team will be happy to find a resolution for you.

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Carlos Lamborn

That stinks. Although I have never dealt with GQ’s customer service, I would certainly expect them to gladly replace the item. Please do comment here on how your experience goes. Thanks for commenting.

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The “Sealand Gear Small Upcycled Toastie Storage Bag” is a size small as stated in its name. The size small on Sealand Gear’s website is $35 (https://sealandgear.com/products/upcycled-toastie-storage-bag?variant=39653711085634) and not $45 as GQ Box states in its pamphlet. A bit manipulative in my opinion. Was also very disappointed that it didn’t actually include the 1.5 oz bottle of Lab Series lotion but instead something not even half that size at .68 oz.

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Carlos Lamborn

I think you’re right. They website is not very helpful in this category, but in truth, none of them them have the same details as the bag I received. Mine has a very different handle loop (which I actually like) and a subpar logo patch, when you compare them. Maybe Sealand has made some changed to their items since they updated their website? As for the price, definitely deceitful on GQ’s part. Good catch.

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