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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

We’ve got spoilers for the May 2021 New Beauty TestTube.

This editor-curated collection, which celebrates 15 years of New Beauty, costs $29.95 and has a retail value of $200+.

New Beauty Test Tube Spoilers May 2021

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Floss Lip Advocate
  • Dose & Co. Unflavored Collagen Peptides
  • Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste in Herbal Citrus Peppermint
  • Hello Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Daily Concepts Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber
  • Glo Skin Beauty Anti-Stress Drops G
  • U Beauty The SUPER Hydrator

New Beauty TestTube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they deliver deluxe and full-size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

Want to learn more about New Beauty TestTube? Read our reviews here.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (90)

  1. I subbed for a year and could kick myself for not skipping this subscription. It’s super expensive with the added shipping and I’m unhappy with at least half of the stuff. The only two things that save this box is the U Beauty and the Glo Skin.

    Come on Test Tube, you can do better.

  2. Test Tube is a horrible subscription. Their tubes have been horrible, plus I tried to cancel 3 times and was told 3 times not to worry that my subscription won’t auto renew and it did! Horrible customer service! Test tube I hope your reading this! And refund my money!

    • Watch out for Test Tube! They are now saying they have no record of me calling to cancel and won’t refund me! I thought you were a better company than this New Beauty! Very disappointed

  3. Alright, Alright, Alright….I’m done with test tube now.

  4. Has anyone else not yet received the VIP box? This is my first time ordering one so I’m unable to gauge whether or not it’s taking too long. (No shipping confirmation email, either.)

    • When did you purchase it? Just asking because the latest one went on sale on 4/21, but that one’s not scheduled to ship until June. If it was the earlier box for the April event, then I recommend reaching out to New Beauty. They usually send out a shipping email once it’s shipped.

      • Thanks, Luna & Jessica, looks like I’ll be happy in June!

    • Was it the 11th awards vip box that was for April? Or did u buy it after the April event? If it was the the awards vip box it should be there. They send them out for the live event which was I think April 21. If you bought after the live event then they won’t be shipped out until June.

      • Why June? I did buy it after the live event while they had it discontinued to $99

      • Bcuz they will be sent out in June

    • Did you order the NB VIP awards box or the NB test tube?
      The awards box was back in April and you should have gotten it around the 21st. The NB Test tube won’t ship for while. I don’t think they have even billed people yet.

  5. This tube finally gave me the push I needed to call customer service and cancel my account.

  6. I give all my tooth paste to my son I get from my beauty boxes he has never had to buy tooth paste ever

  7. I really wish I wouldve called to cancel or skip.

  8. I have at least a gallon of hand sanitizer in various size bottles in my closet. I don’t use it at home, haven’t been going to the office and can’t leave it in my car because apparently it can explode if it gets too hot or cold (I live in Texas.) I’ve donated them to homeless and women’s shelters, passed out the little ones to homeless people and still haven’t put a dent in my stash.

  9. I always try to be positive and upbeat when posting on here as so many people are not. Knowing that NewBeauty always reads and comments on the comment thread here on MSA I am going to say how I feel. New Beauty Test Tube has always included new inventive products but this curation feels so common and lacking. I do hope it picks back up with the next curation as I really love this subscription. We should not be receiving hand sanitizer or toothpaste in this subscription.

    • I agree and I JUST joined in again after a year or so without NBTT. This is NOT the way to encourage me to stay!

  10. Toothpaste✔️ , hand sanitizer ✔️face scrubber soap✔️, bovine collagen for old joints ✔️ All this 15th (in dog years!) anniversary box missing is dentures glue & personal hygiene wipes (most of us probably still have that natural deodorant & tape to hold eyelids up sitting in the “to swap” box) Very appropriate assortment for the nursing home. I wonder now that we don’t get the paper booklet how many people won’t be able to read the tiniest font on the bottle even with glasses on and assume that “CBD calming drops” is the stuff to take sublingual before bed. Great job Test Tube!

    • Funny you should say this, I sold a bottle of the CBD calming drops not too long ago and got a message from the buyer wanting to return them because they “tasted weird.” I had to explain that they aren’t for consumption.

      • Even the sublingual tastes weird! I remember my husband’s comment: “this tastes like I kissed a lawnmower.”

    • OMG, you made me laugh so hard with your comment!

    • I wanted the eyelid things I have one lid that droops from losing weight but it’s the only thing I wanted in that box lol

      • Ps. If anyone wants to trade the eyelid things for the red lipstick from allure this month hit me up lol

  11. I was thinking of finally subscribing, but not for hand sanitizer, toothpaste, a collagen supplement and anti stress drops. This one is a bummer.

    • I’m bummed myself, you would think they would do a little “extra” higher end products especially being Mother’s Day :(. Not looking forward to receiving this

  12. This is the 15th anniversary and they give us hand sanitizer and toothpaste?? We also usually get 8 items but there is only 7. I am happy to get the u beauty hydrater bcuz I’ve been dying to try it with the other ubeauty product i love but its only 10 ml!! This has always been my favorite box and I think alot of us feel that way but I feel like it is slowly going downhill. This one should have been better than normal since its the anniversary but sadly I feel like I will be canceling soon. Im going to give it one more chance.

  13. This is horribly depressing. The TestTube has really deteriorated. If I get one more hand sanitizer in a box that’s supposed to be about beauty, I’ll scream! We hear about Covid 24/7, they could at least give us a bloody break from it in a BEAUTY subscription box!

    • Agree!!
      I liked hand sanitizer as an offering at first when it was scarce for a hot second, and I don’t mind sanitizer and masks as add ons for subscriptions that sell those, but beauty boxes really don’t need to be reminding us about the state of the world. We know.

  14. No! Another toothpaste and hand sanitizer?!

  15. I really like this tube after 2 weeks in the hospital with coved 19 this is a good recovery tubeLike the collagen the anti stress drops. And I can use a hand sanitizer

    • Just wanted to make sure that you are aware that these are face serum anti stress drops and not CBD drops you take to calm you down. Hope you recover quickly from the virus.

    • Also, this hand sanitizer is not the minimum 70%.

    • I am glad you are home from the hospital and doing better!!

    • Deborah,
      Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you enjoy the tube! Glad you’re back home now!

  16. Depressing.

  17. might as well spend the extra $17 to get a see new skincare subscription

    • See new is great

  18. I am curious, what does everyone do with their TestTube boxes? I have two boxes from previous subs which on the one hand I feel are too pretty to just throw out, but on the other hand, they are just clutter to me, I can’t think of anything to use them for. 🤷‍♀️

    On a separate note, this is one horrific box. 🤦‍♀️

    • You could wrap the tube with a pretty paper or wallpaper pattern and use it to store brushes, spatulas and serving spoons or silverware (with or w/out the top).

    • Pens, pencils, and crayon holders. Lol

    • I would love to do something cool and upcycle the tubes but I’m not crafty. I put them out for recycling and my BIL always thinks it’s a mistake and brings them back in!

      • Right??!
        Like, I would also think it’s a mistake to put something like that in the garbage! 😄

      • I have one tube in my bathroom. That houses my toothpastes dental floss. At least it is covered under the sink

    • I travel a lot and i use my tubes to pack anything that i don’t want to spill, leak or get crushed (toothpaste, perfume, shampoo, hair gel, etc). All my stuff comes through perfectly! And they fit in any crevice of the suitcase so nicely. My offer daughter uses them to store makeup items, such s as brushes, eyeliners, etc. and my youngest daughter uses them to store craft supplies such as paint brushes, pipe cleaners, etc. They are also nice when having an outdoor party to put plastic utensils in as they don’t tip over easily, just bundle up a few napkins and out then in the bottom of the tube to build up height and then add the utensils in!

      • That’s a great idea

  19. Normally I look forward to and love my New Beauty Test Tube but this one looks bad. Another hand sanitizer and toothpaste? At least there’s no dry shampoo!

    • 😂 I hadn’t thought about that. However, they did have some in the latest VIP box so it will probably be in the next tube. It’s the Klorane Detox dry shampoo

  20. Hopefully, the Glo Skin Anti Stress drops is full size. If so, it’s valued at $125. It contains CBD, which is very calming. This is a brand new product for Glo Skin. Another tube of toothpaste is annoying.

    • Check their website and it’s full sized. The U Beauty hydrating is valued at $48 and I’m looking forward to try it too. Not a bad box for me based on these two products.

  21. For $30, I’m ok with this tube. I’ve been wanting to try that Glo brand for a while, so I’m glad that’s the hero item.

    I’ve never gotten the VIP boxes. The last one looked phenomenal, but it looked like a good 1/4 to 1/3 of that box had items I had received in previous Test Tubes. The couple of boxes before that I didn’t think were very special. And they do need to feel special for the price – $99 if you get them in the limited-time sales, and about $50 more if you miss out.

    So by my calculations, I would either spend $400 a year MINIMUM for the VIP boxes, or $180 a year (or $150 if I get an annual sub) on the tube with hero items that would likely be included in the VIP box anyway. The latter seems like a better fit for me.

    The only thing stopping me from getting an annual is that you apparently can’t skip boxes. On the other hand, most of the times I’ve skipped, I ended up regretting it. They do have legacy tubes available, but they’re about $10 more than sub price.

    • You are right, there are some repeats in the VIP box. Fortunately, the few repeats have been things I will use. However, I have found I use more from the boxes than I do from the tubes so it works for me. The boxes also tend to have mostly full size items.

    • The last VIP box was pricier with a higher value (I think it was $800+). I did not get it but of course I wish I did once I saw the reveal.

      • The last box was their awards box so it was a higher price and value. The price has gone back to what it was before.
        Sorry you missed it. The next one is in June. I have cancelled all my other subscriptions except for See new skincare. I get enough in the VIP boxes to cover what I need.

    • Agree and disagree :). Yes, some items like Glo is a repeat, however, VIP boxes have some very unique items. Like in winter box there was skin medica serum.
      I got annual sub because of the promotion for black friday. It was 20% off.

  22. It’s the Anti-Box. What a depressing collection and waste of my money

    • Agreed. Anti-Box – hahahahaha! True.

  23. Maybe they ought to retire NBTT. Yuck.

  24. This is dreadful. I actually called to see if I could skip as an annual subscriber (they said no.) I can usually count on the Test Tube to surprise me with interesting products, but nothing in here surprises or delights me. I hope other subscribers are happier with this month’s curation! I’ll be looking forward to the next VIP box.

  25. Has anyone been charged for this month yet? I haven’t and I’m not sure why. I can’t find a (reliable) billing date anywhere online and I can’t bring myself to call their customer service (I haven’t had my Wellbutrin yet this morning). Anyone else happen to know when I can expect to be billed for this one? Thanks!

    • I came here to ask the same question!

    • I get billed when I receive the email letting me know it has shipped.

      • Thank you! Have you received an email yet? I have been having some issues with their customer service lately and I am trying to get any answers I can without having to call if I can avoid it! LOL 🙂

      • Thanks, Abbie. I have yet to receive an email and JojoB, I know how you feel!

      • Update: I was billed this afternoon. Like my many prior NBTT experiences I didn’t get a shipping confirmation. (I check my spam folder multiple times a day, so I don’t know why I don’t get these notices.)

    • No I haven’t received the email yet. The NB site has chat for customer service

  26. I’m interested in the Glo CBD drops and moisturizer. If anyone has used the CBD drops, I’d be interested in your opinion!

    • Oh is that what that is? I wonder why it says “G” drops unless that’s a typo? The CBD drops makes this more interesting, but I personally wouldn’t buy something soley for that reason.

      • I had to go to the TestTube page to find out it’s the CBD stuff, so yup, typo? Yeah, I can probably just swap or buy the item separately. I’d have to unload all the other stuff in the box that I don’t want if I get it and I’d rather not do all that.

    • CBD is very calming in skincare. My skin loves it. This is a $125 product, so only paying $30 is a steal. I’m excited to try it and the hydrator serum.

  27. @Test tube if you are reading this is just not what I expect from New Beauty Awards in our box!! Hand sanitizer has no business in this box or the toothpaste. I feel like I can’t trust the awards anymore. I regret buying a year sub. Seriously how can alcohol be new and improved?

  28. I don’t understand why they tout this as the 15th anniversary box then give us hand sanitizer and toothpaste.
    There isn’t anything the slightest bit exciting, new or unique.
    Anyone who gets the NB VIP box has gotten the serum already.
    The U Beauty item is a tiny 10ml sample.
    I’m going to try and cancel but it sounds like that may be a lost cause.

  29. Kind of disappointed with the box. Nothing really new there. I noticed that this box is getting worse and worse. I wont be renewing after my annual prepay is up. I rather to stick with their quarterly boxes. There are so much more excitement there.

    • I agree. The NB VIP boxes are great and you get more than enough to keep your skincare stash full.

      • I wish I had gotten the April 2021 box, all that sunscreen I wanted to try…

    • I agree. I think this box is sliding downhill.

    • That is what I am doing. Letting my sub end. Then purchasing the larger boxes as I want them.

  30. Oof! I got nothing else

  31. I’m excited for this box! It might be my favorite yet. I use the collagen powder in my coffee everyday & its really helped with my peeling/spliting nails. My skin is super sensitive so I’m excited to try the glow drops as well. I can always use hand sanitizer. I have stopped all other sub boxes except this one. Test tube always sends items I would not pay full price to try & I always find a use for every item.

  32. I’m only interested in the Glo Drops, but it’s really small. Please no more hand sanitizer or toothpaste.

    • I think it’s 30 ml? I agree on the sanitizer and toothpaste.

  33. This used to be my favorite beauty box, was hoping this month would be better but nope. Not only do I already have 4 of the items from another box… and hand sanitizer???? Looks like I will be canceling 🙁 Dang it

  34. I’m assuming that we can’t skip if we have an annual subscription? Their website is still saying that my account doesn’t exist so I can’t log in.

    • No you can’t skip. Tried last year while I was in the hospital. No skips and no holds applied to our subscriptions. I was unsubscribed only because I didn’t have an annual subscription.
      I needed to contact customer service. Took 3 emails.

    • Same here and I’ve been subscribed for 2 years!

  35. I like the graphics on the tube better than the contents of the tube.

    • LOL!

  36. Yikes!! 😱

  37. No thank you

  38. Super bummed to see toothpaste and hand sanitizer in this. I was hoping to resubscribe, but not this month.

  39. Ugh. Not interested in anything.

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