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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

ByMSAMay 4, 2021 | 127 comments

NewBeauty TestTube
3.6 overall rating
117 Ratings | 26 Reviews

We’ve got spoilers for the May 2021 New Beauty TestTube.

This editor-curated collection, which celebrates 15 years of New Beauty, costs $29.95 and has a retail value of $200+.

New Beauty Test Tube Spoilers May 2021

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Floss Lip Advocate
  • Dose & Co. Unflavored Collagen Peptides
  • Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste in Herbal Citrus Peppermint
  • Hello Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Daily Concepts Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber
  • Glo Skin Beauty Anti-Stress Drops G
  • U Beauty The SUPER Hydrator

New Beauty TestTube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they deliver deluxe and full-size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

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New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Where are the spoilers? Ugh I got billed today, better be a good box cos I was going to cancel.


I was just charged on June 26. I assumed it was for the July tube.
I was charged on May 7 for the May shipment


I JUST got billed for May/June, isn’t that really late?


I just got billed yesterday too but its for Julys testtube. I really hate how every time a new testtube comes out every other month, we get billed on such different days. Like I got billed yesterday on the 26th but other times it will be on like the 3rd. They REALLY shouldn’t bill until the spoilers come out so we know if we want it or not. They used to put out spoilers first but for months now I’m getting billed, then releasing the spoilers. So frustrating! I’m just praying that July’s tube will be better than their last tube which was their 15th anniversary tube with hand sanitizer and toothpaste. I know I speak for a lot of us when I say NO MORE TOOTHPASTE AND HAND SANITIZER!!! I can go to cvs and get 99 cent toothpaste and hand sanitizer. Fingers crossed this months box will be great.


Along with the whacky billing non-schedule, NewBeauty always has site issues and account errors. It looks like they now use Shopify, so I hope that helps.

They tried to charge me on the 26th as well but they have old card info. I didn’t even know until I received a “we miss you” email. So, I logged in to update it and I cannot find a way to edit my billing info. “Shipping address” has two fields, one of which says, “Do not ship, PA” LOL. So I guess I’ll have to re-order my TestTube subscription.

I did get some possibly useful information: NBTT Ships August 23, 2021


I just now received my may box and I’m so mad! I received the same box I received in March!! And they will not let me post anything about it on their social media. I’m canceling after 1 year I have had enough from this company.


Hi Susan,

We’re so sorry to hear this! It’s an uncommon instance and we’d like to make things right. At your earliest convenience, please call (888) 974-6042 or email us [email protected].


The husband just stated that the toothpaste in this box “tastes like rancid crab.” I trust him, because he got food poisoning in Thailand from rancid crab. Use at your own risk.


My goodness this is the most disappointing Box I have ever received from them I love the tubes they come with and I love being able to purchase the VIP boxes even though I did not see the text message so I paid a $140 rather than a $100 that was very hard to suck up. This is the most disappointing Box I have received from them. I know they are capable of getting much better brands and I would love to see some good products like Sunday Riley that’s when I 1st signed up because that was a product in the Box. What about ole henriksen and thrive, Saturday skin, Charlotte Tilbury, It seems like they send a lot of the same products I would also like to see a high end make up product here and there. RMS. Some good cream blush. SOMETHING. come on. And I think there should always be a good hair product at least one. Ever seen try


This month’s tube is horrible! I’m canceling.


We’re sorry to hear this TestTube was a miss for you! We’ll strive to do better.


Good luck! their website said my account didn’t exist, they didn’t respond to 5 emails, fortunately there was fraud activity on the card they had on file and it got cancelled that way! Yay!


It is so easy to get ahold of them unlike so many other subscription services all you have to do is call.


Middle of month and still not gotten it yet !


I started out being a nice person but the moreI think about test tube the moreI am pissed they can go to hell


This company is extremely shady with its auto-renew policy for annual subscribers. They don’t tell you when it will auto-renew and they will auto renew based off the first tube you receive so you may have paid for the initial annual subscription in December but they will charge you without any advanced notice during the following October, for example. They also don’t do partial refunds, so you are locked in once they charge you for that auto-renew for the next year. Their website is laughably bad, probably intentionally so, which further makes it difficult for you to tell when your subscription is up for renewal. This is how NewBeauty gets you–a coupon code for the initial annual subscription and then make it nearly impossible for you to cancel the subsequent year’s auto renew.

What an awful company and what an awful box for this month. No more filler items like hand sanitizers. The tubes in recent months have gotten noticeable lighter and with more empty space inside.



We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.We really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

Your feedback helps us do better.


Wow, this is eye-opening, thanks.


Couldn’t agree with you more!! I am currently disputing them charging my account after I have tried to cancel the subscription 3 times! The reps would say that it won’t auto renew not to worry. Now after they charged my account, they say there are no records of my calls trying to cancel. Horrible company! And the customer service reps are rude as all heck!


I agree. Their customer service is absolutely horrendous. It’s a lot of “I’m sorry you FEEL this way” when it’s their shady practice in the first place that leads you to contact them.

Overall, NewBeauty Test Tube’s strategy seems extremely shortsighted. They may lock customers in for an additional renewal period due to their intentionally difficult cancellation policy, but in the process, they lose customers like us for the long haul.


I know a bunch of us have been waiting and wondering when this will ship, well I just got a email saying it shipped. I REALLY can’t wait to get this SPECIAL 15th anniversary testtube containing hand sanitizer and toothpaste. So exciting!! 👎 😂


I am so disappointed in this Box I cannot even believe this was their 15th anniversary like what are you thinking? I keep this subscription only so I can have access to the VIP boxes which are worth every penny when you only pay a $100 you get over $700 worth of products.

The Other Lee

I don’t think you have to be subscribed to NBTT to get the VIP boxes. At least I hope not, I just canceled.


Not gonna lie; used to be thrilled getting this sub when I first subscribed because of some really dynamic products. These days it comes across like dumpster diving at TJ Maxx and Ross store. I feel they can’t sustain their original goals of creating excellent shipments with how the quality has declined and the constant refrain they give about working on their website is causing me to sprain my eyeballs due to constant Tony Stark eyerolls.


Why in heck! Does it take so long to get your tube! It said they mail them the first week ofMay.I get tired of receiving my tube in the middle of the month.Ready toCancel myself

Maque Garcia

I used to love these boxes , but they keep coming with more and more not exciting stuff and also repeated things. We can get our own toothpaste and sanitizer. I wish they went back to being creative and putting all the interesting stuff to try


I agree with you I think they should be sending out surveys or something for us to rate the products something because I have been with them from when they offered the Sunday Riley good genes or lactic acid whatever it is and I stayed with them because of their VIP boxes but I have received so many toothpastes and hand sanitizers. Also a lot of products from the same brands like glo skin beauty. I think I have received collagen and stuff from them a couple times now also. With a company like that I guarantee they can get their hands on some really great products so I don’t understand what the problem is. It’s so frustrating I just wish there was a way for everybody to speak up because reading these comments apparently everyone feels the same way I mean I did look up to see how much I could sell my pure collagen for because I definitely will not use it and it does look like it will go for around 40 bucks so I guess the Box is worth it but it’s not exciting at all the only thing I liked this month was the tube literally


Boy, I cancelled this subscription just in time!!! What happened to them? They used to be one of the better beauty subscription boxes out there. Shame.


Has anyone received a shipping notice?


I haven’t.


I subbed for a year and could kick myself for not skipping this subscription. It’s super expensive with the added shipping and I’m unhappy with at least half of the stuff. The only two things that save this box is the U Beauty and the Glo Skin.

Come on Test Tube, you can do better.


Test Tube is a horrible subscription. Their tubes have been horrible, plus I tried to cancel 3 times and was told 3 times not to worry that my subscription won’t auto renew and it did! Horrible customer service! Test tube I hope your reading this! And refund my money!


Watch out for Test Tube! They are now saying they have no record of me calling to cancel and won’t refund me! I thought you were a better company than this New Beauty! Very disappointed


Yes, be careful. Get the person’s name you are talking to and a confirmation number. They pulled that on me last year and I had to do a chargeback with my credit card.

Josette Lantis

Alright, Alright, Alright….I’m done with test tube now.


Has anyone else not yet received the VIP box? This is my first time ordering one so I’m unable to gauge whether or not it’s taking too long. (No shipping confirmation email, either.)

The other Lee

Did you order the NB VIP awards box or the NB test tube?
The awards box was back in April and you should have gotten it around the 21st. The NB Test tube won’t ship for while. I don’t think they have even billed people yet.


Was it the 11th awards vip box that was for April? Or did u buy it after the April event? If it was the the awards vip box it should be there. They send them out for the live event which was I think April 21. If you bought after the live event then they won’t be shipped out until June.


Hi Jodi, New Beauty sends their VIP boxes out a few days before their live events, and their next live event isn’t scheduled until June.

Jodi Finn

Why June? I did buy it after the live event while they had it discontinued to $99


When did you purchase it? Just asking because the latest one went on sale on 4/21, but that one’s not scheduled to ship until June. If it was the earlier box for the April event, then I recommend reaching out to New Beauty. They usually send out a shipping email once it’s shipped.


Thanks, Luna & Jessica, looks like I’ll be happy in June!


This tube finally gave me the push I needed to call customer service and cancel my account.


I give all my tooth paste to my son I get from my beauty boxes he has never had to buy tooth paste ever


I really wish I wouldve called to cancel or skip.


I have at least a gallon of hand sanitizer in various size bottles in my closet. I don’t use it at home, haven’t been going to the office and can’t leave it in my car because apparently it can explode if it gets too hot or cold (I live in Texas.) I’ve donated them to homeless and women’s shelters, passed out the little ones to homeless people and still haven’t put a dent in my stash.


I always try to be positive and upbeat when posting on here as so many people are not. Knowing that NewBeauty always reads and comments on the comment thread here on MSA I am going to say how I feel. New Beauty Test Tube has always included new inventive products but this curation feels so common and lacking. I do hope it picks back up with the next curation as I really love this subscription. We should not be receiving hand sanitizer or toothpaste in this subscription.


I’d add to your comment to say that this isn’t bad curation, but a complete lack of curation. There’s nothing “curated” to this tube. It’s haphazard, lacking in substance, and not worth the cost. I’ve subbed this for over a year and swore I’d unsubscribe after last month but got lazy and didn’t…I for sure am now.


Yes I agree and I believe this is the 3rd time I have received toothpaste and also hand sanitizer and this is supposed to be their 15th anniversary? I just do not understand why we would not get some Sunday Riley, ole henriksen, elemis, olaplex, SOMETHING. The only thing that I liked this month was the tube I mean I will try the glo skin beauty but it’s very disappointing. This is the only subscription that I keep that I have to pay shipping for and not cheap either.. I have a pet peeve with paying shipping


I agree and I JUST joined in again after a year or so without NBTT. This is NOT the way to encourage me to stay!


Toothpaste✔️ , hand sanitizer ✔️face scrubber soap✔️, bovine collagen for old joints ✔️ All this 15th (in dog years!) anniversary box missing is dentures glue & personal hygiene wipes (most of us probably still have that natural deodorant & tape to hold eyelids up sitting in the “to swap” box) Very appropriate assortment for the nursing home. I wonder now that we don’t get the paper booklet how many people won’t be able to read the tiniest font on the bottle even with glasses on and assume that “CBD calming drops” is the stuff to take sublingual before bed. Great job Test Tube!

Denise Atkinson

I wanted the eyelid things I have one lid that droops from losing weight but it’s the only thing I wanted in that box lol


Ps. If anyone wants to trade the eyelid things for the red lipstick from allure this month hit me up lol


OMG, you made me laugh so hard with your comment!


Funny you should say this, I sold a bottle of the CBD calming drops not too long ago and got a message from the buyer wanting to return them because they “tasted weird.” I had to explain that they aren’t for consumption.


This is the 2nd CBD calming drops I have received and I never tried them but I will be a 100% honest with you I did think that you were supposed to drop them in your mouth I almost gave them to my 21 year old son because that’s right up his alley good thing I didn’t because I definitely would have instructed him incorrectly. I am not the only ditzy one I guess. I just figured it out last night because I received my Box a couple days ago and I was like really the only thing I like this time is the tube that’s disturbing and then I said well let me read about these drops because I can’t sell them on eBay they keep getting taken down because you’re not allowed to sell CBD products.


Even the sublingual tastes weird! I remember my husband’s comment: “this tastes like I kissed a lawnmower.”

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.