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Love With Food Deluxe Box Review + Coupon – March 2021

Ragan Buckley
ByRagan BuckleyApr 5, 2021 | 2 comments

Love With Food Deluxe Box
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Love With Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box. They send only natural and organic snacks and donate a meal to charity for each box sold. They offer three subscription box options:

  • A smaller Tasting box with 7+ snacks for $9.99 per month
  • A Deluxe box with 15+ snacks for $19.95 per month
  • A Gluten-Free box with 10+ gluten-free snacks for $24.99 per month

This review is of the Deluxe box, which is $19.95/month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Love With Food

The Subscription Box: Love With Food 

The Cost: $19.95 per month for the “deluxe” box. Save with longer subscriptions.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 40% off your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Snacks that are organic, natural, and/or free from artificial ingredients.

Ships to: The U.S. for free, and many other countries at varying rates.

Love With Food Deluxe March 2021 Box Review

The box usually comes with a generic card. It was also a little late, although this has been slowly improving. I do not know why the box was plain instead of labeled this month. I could do without the paper squiggles, though.

On to the items:

Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps, Original (0.75 oz) – Buy 6 oz for $3.49

We’ve had these before, but it’s been awhile. There were two crunchy but kind of sweet corn snacks this month. (The sweetness is just natural to corn, I still think these could work with a savory dip or spread.) These had a nice texture and were fine on their own, if a bit plain. They did tend to stick to my teeth as I chewed. These come in some additional flavors and I’d be interested in trying those, too.

Bush’s Bean Chips, Spicy Nacho (1.5 oz) – Buy 24 Bags for $35.99

There were several supermarket brands this month but seeing as I haven’t been into a regular supermarket (only Whole Foods, since my husband and I have been splitting shopping during COVID-19 and I do Whole Foods because I have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, while he does Publix and Target) for a long time, there are definitely some products I might not know about. These are actually really good, as well as being new to me. I love the nacho flavor, which includes real cheese, and they get the texture just right for this type of chip.

Moon Cheese, White Chedda Black Peppa (1 oz) – Buy 12 for $24.99

I don’t honestly notice a difference in flavors or brands of freeze-dried cheese. It is all very salty to me. Like, I find it really good on the first bite but then I can’t finish a whole package of it because it’s too salty? Anyway, this reminded me of most other freeze dried cheeses except it had black spots (pepper) in it too. I can see why this comes in subscription boxes, as it’s keto-friendly and that’s a popular diet, and it is a flavor I haven’t had before.

KIND Energy, Peanut Butter (2.1 oz) – Buy 12 Bars for $14

I do eat this brand a lot, but I stick to the nut-based, lower sugar products. This one tastes good, but has 13 grams of sugars, 10 of which are added sugars, which is kind of a lot for a single food item. This one has oats as a main grain but some interesting inclusions like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and millet (although it mostly tastes like oats and peanut butter). Still, it’s nice to try one instead of buying a whole box and hoping you like it (which I have been known to do to hit the free shipping limit).

Sun-Maid Bites, PB&J (3 oz) – Retail Value $6.95

Here is our second supermarket brand of the month (well, Moon Cheese may be as well, or KIND for that matter), but this is a product that I didn’t even know existed, and a fairly large, multi-serving bag, as well. I did like these; they tasted almost exactly like you’d expect from the name and picture. Love with Food does often contain some kid-friendly food, and I’d say these qualify, or at least this is something I think I would’ve liked as a kid (granted I am 43 so my memory may be off…). They did not go stale for at least the couple of days between taking photos and finishing the bag, either.

Nora Seaweed Snacks, Tempura (0.9 oz) – Buy 6, 1.6 oz Bags for $24.99

I’ve had this snack from Vegancuts before and I like it. But I eat seaweed snacks most days of the week (high in iodine, which I don’t get a ton of in my diet otherwise). This has a fried/battered part that has a nice crunch. I don’t know if I would buy these because they’re honestly kind of expensive, but I am never sad to see them in a snack subscription box. The spicy tempura ones are good, too.

Kracklin’ Kamut, Sea Salt (1 oz) – Buy 12, 1.4 oz Bags for $20.89

I think this is a repeat item but it’s been awhile since I received it last. Kamut is an ancient grain that is related to wheat. I’m not sure this is the best grain to be cooked and presented in this manner, as the pieces are kind of hard and also small enough to require a spoon. I like the flavor, though, I think sea salt works here although I usually find it a bit plain. But I’m probably going to keep eating kamut as a freshly-cooked grain instead of like this.

Prince of Peace Lemon Ginger Chews (4 oz) – Retail Value $2.19

Inwardly I groan a little bit whenever we get a bag of this in Love with Food. Because it happens, often. They do vary the flavors a little bit (it’s not *always* lemon) but I just really don’t eat these very fast because they’re kind of hard on my teeth – they’re just SO sticky. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the flavor, it’s just that ginger chews are not something I typically eat and it’s hard to get through a whole bag of them before the next bag comes.

Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate (0.35 oz) – Buy 4, 2.8 oz Bars for $19.99 (found here for $17.99)

This is sweetened with stevia rather than sugar and I’m honestly not a fan of the flavor of stevia, but I think the chocolate is strong enough here to kind of cover up the stevia aftertaste, so this works well enough. (The fact that most of the sweetness comes from erythritol, a sugar alcohol, helps, because I eat a lot of things with sugar alcohols so I notice them less than other artificial sweeteners.) This has a fair amount of fiber as well (although a lot of high-percentage chocolate products do; this one is 70% cacao).

Bakery on Main Monster Cookie Decadent Granola (1.1 oz)

This one is not yet available for purchase but I feel like I’ve eaten about 16 pounds of it because I keep getting it in snack subscription boxes (like all three of the ones I review). I guess it is OK but I’m honestly a bit tired of it. If you prefer granola with fewer inclusions this may work for you; although it does have chocolate chips it is not loaded with them. It also has sprinkles but the problem with sprinkles in packaged foods is that if there is any moisture content, whatsoever, they start looking a little bit washed-out and pathetic after awhile. Anyway, flavor-wise this is fine, I’d just like to not get any more in food boxes for a few months at least.

Harvest Snaps Crunchions, Sour Cream and Onion (0.75 oz) – Buy 3, 2.5 oz Bags for $14.99

I was excited to see this when I opened the package. It just looked like something I would like, and I was right – these were delicious. Favorite thing in the box for sure. These are made from red lentils with some rice and they have real dairy and they are just crunchy and salty and they taste really good.

Goya Maria Cookies (0.88 oz) – Buy 16, 7 oz Tubes for $13.64

Here is another supermarket brand. I was familiar with Goya beans and such, but didn’t know that they made this sort of thing as well. These taste a lot like the cornbread crisps from up above. They have a little sweetness from the corn base and some sugar but they’re not sweet like you’d think of from American brands (these are a product of Spain).

Welch’s Juicefuls Mixed Fruit (1 oz) - Retail Value $2.31

Here’s yet another supermarket brand; for what it’s worth, Welch’s products appear fairly often in Love with Food and they’re never things I can have because they always contain gelatin. I give them to my husband. He says he thinks kids would like them but couldn’t think of anything that really stands out about them compared to other fruit snacks (except the gushy centers I guess).

Honey Stinger Organic Cracker Bar (1.5 oz) – Buy 12 for $28.99

I’ve had other products from this brand before (like stroopwafels) but this was new. It wasn’t bad, but it was odd. There is literally just a saltine cracker inside there, it feels a bit like eating a chocolate-dipped vending machine peanut butter cracker snack. This allegedly has 10 grams of plant protein, which is nice, but of course with honey it’s vegetarian but not vegan (fine by me as I am a vegetarian; Love with Food is probably not a great choice for vegans to be honest).

Zee Zee’s Birthday Cake Soft Baked Bar (1.3 oz) – Buy 24 Bars for $26.99

Remember what I said about sprinkles with the granola? That is kind of a problem here as well. However, I do generally like the flavor and texture of these bars (we’ve received several in past Love with Food boxes) and this one tastes about like you’d expect from the name. Think of these as soft, somewhat healthier cookies (there is whole grain and a little protein, which a lot of cookies lack, but a LOT of sugar, like 13 grams of added sugars per bar). These are nut-free and dairy/egg-free, but technically don’t count as vegan because they contain confectioner’s glaze.

You Love Fruit Mangoes A-Go-Go (0.5 oz) – Buy 12 for $26.95

This is kind of expensive for what you get but you may be able to find a better price elsewhere (this one is from Amazon but a third-party seller). I really can’t tell the flavors of these apart but it is possible that’s because Love with Food always sends ones that include mango? I mean, this is OK but you just don’t feel like you’re eating very much because it’s little silver dollar sized circles on waxed papers. I’d rather have larger pieces of dried fruit, or fresh fruit. On the other hand, this probably travels pretty well, and I can see why kids might like it even if they balk at trying fresh mango.

Verdict: There were 16 items in the March 2021 Love With Food Deluxe Box for an average value of about $1.25 per item. This was a decent Love with Food box. There weren’t nearly as many repeats as usual and, even though there were some supermarket brands (e.g., Bush’s, Welch’s, Goya, Sun-Maid) those products were new to me. Actually, there were a lot of products that were new to me overall. I don’t even mind a handful of repeats when I make a lot of new discoveries. The highlights were the Bush’s chips and the crunchions, I guess I was in a savory snack mood the week I opened this box.

On another note, shipping is getting back on track for me, although it had been pretty delayed in past months. I note that there is still no snack shop although a comment on a previous review leads me to believe that may be back in the near future. Not sure what is going on with the plain box this month and I guess the packing material kept everything from sliding around and getting crushed, but it also made a big mess when I opened the box.

 To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’d receive April's box as your first box.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 40% off your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Value Breakdown: At $19.95 for this box, you are paying about $1.25 per item.

Check out our past Love With Food reviews and the best snack subscription boxes!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the March 2021 Love With Food box? What’s your favorite snack subscription?

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Ragan Buckley
Ragan Buckley
Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She's now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn't give up beauty boxes entirely).

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The paper squiggles made a mess and took up a lot of room! There were at least 16 treats in our box and most were what I would call savory as opposed to sweet. I was shocked to see the ginger candies because several years ago I wrote LWF after I broke a tooth on one. I strongly recommend sucking on them and not crunching them.

We skipped LWF for a few years and the biggest changes are a smaller box, no pairs of items (which we really liked), and more snack items and fewer sweets.

I never got a tracking number for March and our box arrived April 5.

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I think I got a tracking number for March? Now I don’t remember. I sometimes feel like we get the ginger candies every single month, I’m always worried about them pulling my permanent retainer off my teeth (I already had to deal with that once, early in the pandemic when all orthodontist’s offices were closed, though it wasn’t the fault of the candies that particular time).

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