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Bombay & Cedar Mystery Box Review – October 2020

Bombay & Cedar is a luxury subscription box for women that offers a Lifestyle Box filled with aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle items for $49.95/month and a Beauty Box with 5-6 deluxe or full-size beauty items that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free for$31.95/month.

Recently they had a moving sale where they sold 3 different sized mystery boxes containing items from past boxes:

  • Petite Mystery Box – Retail Value of over $100 for only $25
  • Deluxe Mystery Box – Retail Value of over $175 for only $45
  • Mega Mystery Box – Retail Value of over $250 for only $65

FYI – These boxes were offered in limited quantities and are currently sold out.

This is a review of the Mega Mystery Box for $65.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About this Mystery Box

The Subscription Box: Bombay & Cedar Mega Mystery Box

The Cost: $65 + free US shipping

The Products: Your box will be filled with items from their previous boxes along with other goodies for a total retail value of over $65

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for $29 Flat Rate Shipping, Internationally for $39 Flat Rate Shipping

Good to know: “Due to the steep savings, returns and exchanges are not allowed.”

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Bombay & Cedar Mega Mystery Box Review – October 2020

This is one subscription that I’ve had my eye on for a while. They always seem to have a nice range of items from quality brands that appeal to my style and every once in a while there is something that just really intrigues me. I was excited to see what kind of items they would include in this mystery box. There was so much inside this box, I didn’t know where to begin!


Sprinkles Tea Towel by PinkyUp – Retail Value $9.99 (from the August 2020 box)

Let’s start with a nice pop of color! This tea towel measures 20″x32″ and is a blend of linen and cotton. I really love how bright and cheery it is. I love to keep decorative tea towels on our oven and dishwasher handles and this will be a great one to display or to use for serving!


Cocktail Glasses by Viski – Retail Value $28.99 (from the August 2020 box)

This is another item from the August 2020 box and while I have plenty of cocktail glasses, I really love these! I should probably gift them but I have a feeling they will be making it into my cabinet soon enough because they’re just too pretty. I love the clean aesthetic of these! They are really classy and not bulky at all. My husband and I love to drink Old Fashioneds and these will be nice to serve them in.


Blemish Drying Lotion by Zabana Essentials, 1 oz – Buy a full size 2 oz bottle for $12.00 (from the Sept 2020 box)

Fortunately, I don’t have a need for this blemish drying lotion at the moment, but considering all of the Halloween candy that’s in my home right now, I am sure I’ll be reaching for it soon enough! When I do breakout I love having something to put on it to dry it out. I am hoping that this green clay and zinc lotion will do the trick! It also contains moringa leaf, burdock root, aloe vera, and witch hazel to aid in healing and detoxifying your skin and reduce inflammation. I like that it is organic, 100% natural, and made in small batches. This 1 oz bottle is pretty small, but I have a feeling that a little bit will go a long way.


Parrot Tulips in a Vase Paint by Numbers Kit by Elle Cree – Retail Value $35.00 (from the July 2020 box)

I have not done a paint by number since I was a kid and I love how intricate and grown-up this kit looks! I took a lot of art classes in college including painting, and while I loved it, I am not very skilled in this art form so this more structured approach is very appealing. I love that this kit provides the colors for you along with two different size brushes, one of them so small that I can hopefully achieve some precision with it! The painting looks very time consuming, but I know that this will be an activity that I find relaxing. I love putting on some music and just creating something and this little kit having everything together makes it easier for me to set aside that time for myself. My daughter and I have already decided that it should go in her room since it will complement her pink walls nicely. I’m excited to sit down with this one!


Cheesy Garlic Artisan Brew Bread Mix by Soberdough – Retail Value $9.95 (from the May 2020 box)

It’s the season of baking for me, although this year I seem to have taken it up year-round, and this cheesy garlic bread sounds like it will be delicious! This dough is made from all-natural ingredients and I’ll just need to provide 12 ounces of beer and some grated cheese for this recipe. I love how the instructions include different types of beer you can use for the beer taste. I’m all about simple, so I’m looking forward to making this one! It looks like Taryn received one of these kits in her May 2020 box, although in a different flavor than mine.

FYI- I wasn’t able to locate any of the following items by looking at previous reviews so to the best of my knowledge these are all new items that did not come from previous boxes.


Pacific Ocean Tub Tea by Cee Cee & Bee, 2 oz – Retail Value $4.75

Look at those big pieces of seaweed! In addition to the wild-crafted kelp, this also contains sea salt, bladderwrack, and essential oils. I love that a portion of the proceeds goes back to protecting the beaches. To use this tub tea, I emptied the plastic package contents into the muslin bag (which was a bit tricky with those long pieces of seaweed) and then I closed it up and set it in the tub. It definitely has a distinct seaweed smell, but it didn’t bother me much, it just wasn’t the usual pleasant smells I get from bath products! It definitely made my skin feel softer after a soak and I loved that the mess was contained and I could just pluck it from the tub and dispose of it!


Eyeliner Pencil by Nanacoco in Dark Brown – Retail Value $2.00

I wear brown eyeliner most of the time so I’m never mad to get a new one. Especially one that comes with a brush at the end. I was really surprised at the low retail value because it seems like a decent eyeliner, but this one does contain parabens, FYI. This color pairs perfectly with the next item I received. You can also see it swatched below.


Shimmer Shadow Eyeshadow Quad by Glam & Grace in Sandstone

I couldn’t locate this eyeshadow quad on the Glam & Grace site, but I did find that they are a non-toxic clean beauty company which I appreciated. This quad features four gorgeous shimmery shades in colors I would definitely choose on my own. They are handcrafted, made in small batches, and free from parabens and preservatives. While I love the cute palette, the pans themselves don’t seem to be stuck in there very well, it’s just a piece of double-sided foam underneath, so I probably wouldn’t take this on the road with me for fear it would break.

Here they are swatched from top left to top right and bottom left to bottom right underneath a swatch of the eyeliner from above. These shades are totally wearable and I love the shimmer.

Here is my everyday look using this palette and the eyeliner. It applied much better with a brush than my fingers and there was minimal fallout. I thought it wore well throughout the day and the pigment was decent.


Ultra-Nourishing Shea- Gloves by AvryBeauty – Retail Value $3.00

Winter is coming! These shea gloves will be so nice to use when my hands get really dry. It looks like they are made to use as part of a self-manicure so I’ll probably use these when I finally set aside some time for a little self-care!


Lavender Sage Hand Creme by Avry Beauty – Retail Value $7.49

This hand lotion is from the same company and this time the lavender scent is accompanied by sage. It looks like this company is more of a salon retailer so I had to get my values from Amazon, although I am not sure that’s the most reliable source for purchasing these. The scent is light and pleasant, but the lotion is a bit sticky for me.


Small Half Moon Bag in Wine Squares – Estimated Retail Value $35.00

I really like this canvas half-moon pouch! It’s just so cute and I think it would be great to store some lipstick or other smaller items to keep in a larger purse. It seems to be durable and well-made. While I couldn’t find this pattern available, I linked to a similar one and it seems that these bags are all designed and sewn in Maine and hand silk-screened. This smaller size is 9.5″x 5.5″ and it’s already proved useful since I was able to fit the eyeliner, eyeshadow, lotion, and gloves from this box inside of it!


Sanitizing Elixir by Distill in Rosemary Mint – Retail Value $29.99

I used to have a bottle of sanitizer that I kept by our back door for when the kids needed a quick pump, but it ran out at the beginning of the year and I bet you can guess why I haven’t been able to replenish it just yet! This glass bottle is much nicer looking and it smells really good with the rosemary and peppermint. The consistency is almost like water, but it works well to make your hands feel clean leaving the lightest scent behind. I haven’t noticed it being drying on my hands so far. In addition to the really unique bottle, this is actually a unique product upcycled and distilled from corn. The alcohol content is 80% which makes it seem pretty effective! Considering how sought-after hand sanitizer has been this year, this bottle felt like a luxury item!


16 Very Useful Greeting Cards by Alice Scott – Retail Value $5.99

What classy and beautiful greeting cards! I really love the black and white designs on everything and those striped envelopes are too cute. My son, the animal lover, thought these were so cool and I loved the variety of animals and occasions on these cards. I know these will come in handy and they will be a stylish card to give out!


Gigi Card Case with Keychain by Shiraleah in Jade – Retail Value $18.00

This little wallet is such a nice color and I love the gold accents. Sometimes I like to head into a store with just my money and my keys and this little wallet will clip onto my keyring so I can keep everything together. It isn’t incredibly spacious but I can fit a little cash/coin in the center zipper with two or three cards on the outside.


Lavender Infused Cotton Swabs by Revele

I didn’t detect any lavender scent on these, but I like the idea of them being infused with lavender! This is an essential oil I use frequently when there is any sort of skin irritation so I feel comfortable using these for cosmetic purposes. I wasn’t able to locate these online anywhere so I’m not quite sure what they retail for.


Mini Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags by California Home Goods

I already have several of these charcoal air purifying bags around my house (I think they work okay?), but I don’t have any that are this small. I know these will be perfect once I figure out what space needs them. I like that they have a little ribbon to hang them with – they would be great on a rearview mirror to keep your car smelling fresh. These bags are filled with 100% natural bamboo charcoal which helps to absorb odors. They are fragrance-free and reusable; to keep them working, you just place them in the sun and they’ll reset so to speak. I wasn’t able to verify the retail price for these either.


Purifying Peppermint Body Cleansing Shower Powder by Nude & Crude, 2 oz. – Retail Value $14.99

This stuff really scents your shower! I love the refreshing scent of peppermint and in this case, it should “address oily, congested skin while stimulating the senses to enhance mental focus.” This would be great in the mornings to wake you up! This little carton is good for 40 washes and the contents are eco-friendly and gently cleanses your skin without the use of harsh chemicals. I poured about a half teaspoon in my hand and mixed it with water and was able to get a decent lather to wash with. The smell was very invigorating mixed with the shower steam!

Verdict:  Over the years, Bombay & Cedar has offered some really cool and unique items in their boxes. I always love all the tea accessories and diffusers – all of that innovative stuff is what really appealed to me and unfortunately, I didn’t receive anything that really fell under that category for me. There were a lot of cute things in here that I liked and will use, although nothing that I just had to have. I can’t say it was a disappointment because there are so many items I will be using, but more so that it was not quite what I had hoped for, although I did enjoy the broad mix. I liked that it included everything from kitchen items to makeup & pampering items to some more artsy items like the painting and greeting cards and even some great accessories like the half-moon bag and wallet. I wasn’t able to find all of the retail values, but what I do have comes to just over $211. This doesn’t include the charcoal bags, cotton swabs, or the eyeshadow quad though, so I think we are pretty close to that promised value of $250. Overall, it did have the feel of a box of leftovers, but I think that’s kind of what I signed up for knowing it was a moving sale! My favorite finds are the hand sanitizer, the half-moon bag, the eyeshadow quad, and the shower powder although I know I will use a lot of the other items, too!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, this box is currently sold out.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $65 with free shipping which means each of the 17 items has an approximate retail value of $3.82.

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Written by Brandi Dowell

Brandi Dowell

Brandi has loved the idea of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013. Now that she’s a mother of 3, she loves finding unique boxes to educate and entertain her kids while enjoying some more pampering boxes for herself. Her favorites these days are Lillypost, KiwiCo boxes & Wicked Good Perfume!

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Comments (48)

  1. Agree. They finally sent the mega box after I emailed them. It really was the dregs of the warehouse. An oil diffuser for about$15, charcoal bags, 2 “journals” like what kids have, other small stuff that amounted to about $15 (I’m being generous here). I feel foolish to have wasted $60. Not any thing I can give for gifts, even small ones.
    I though B&C had nice boxes. Maybe they got a good deal on a closing dollar store. Lol

    • The dollar store was exactly what I thought when I opened my box. I’m also embarrassed, but it was so bad as to also be comical.

  2. After over two months, I received the $45 mystery box today. Hahahahaha it was pretty terrible.

    There were maybe 8 items, I would put a value on most of them at $1 a piece. Let’s look

    Red lip liner
    Orange lipstick
    Two identical lined notebooks
    A multitool
    A trial size micellar water
    An eye lash curler
    A toothbrush
    The detox tea
    Bath bomb

    So ten items. Haha Haha ten hilarious items.

    I’ll stick with the fabfitfun mystery from now on.

  3. Wow – I feel so tricked. My $65 mystery box had less than half the number of items, and nothing great at all. My daughter couldn’t believe it cost $65 – the “retail” price of the items was less than that. What a disappointment. I think they gave a great box to MSA so they would get a good review, then sent junk to the rest of us. I ordered the annual at the “special pricing” but will not be renewing. It is about the same price as my other boxes, and less than half as good. I love ME, FFF or causebox, all of which are the same or cheaper.

    • Hi Christina,

      Thank you for letting us know! This is such a bummer – we’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your box. 😔

  4. I want to see more reviews of this box.

  5. I got the mega box to. but I only have 12 items I don’t know if they gave me the right box. how many items did everybody else get that got the mega box

    • Hi. I ordered mega and also received only 12 items (really bad ones such as purple lip gloss). In any case, when I contacted them, I was told that it wasn’t based on number of items but retail value (which is also way off in my opinion).

  6. I got the $65 box, and the contents were exactly the same as a friend’s $45 box! I worked out the retail value and I was definitely sent the medium box. I emailed Bombay and Cedar and got a response that my friend was lucky to have gotten the more expensive box in error… so i responded with a full retail value breakdown proving that was not the case. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

    • already heard back, and they are refunded the difference in box cost! Super fast response.

  7. I got the Deluxe ($45) box and was so happy I am thinking about subscribing…am I being tricked? I received Kafe coffee candy, We are Wild solid block, pomegranate oil lipstick, Cougar 3 shades eye palette, Shiraleah mini wallet, tropical headband, peppermint and mandarin essential oils, South Mane bath bombs, Erase mascara remove wipe, Essential Rose Life detox tea, and air purifying mini bags.

  8. I bought the $45 box and was very disappointed in the selection. I didn’t not find that it had the promised value at all. 🙁

  9. I am patiently waiting for mine and looking forward to using items as my stocking stuffers 🌲for Christmas

  10. I got my mega box about two weeks ago, and I was pleased! I also got that cute tea towel and the beer bread mix in the same cheesy garlic flavor, and I got the eyeliner pencil, shower powder, and lavender shea hand gloves too. What was different in my box was a package of bath bombs, the smoothie starter bombs from a previous box, a plug-in essential oil diffuser and two essential oils, a hemp balm stick that looks pretty dang cool, a headband with a citrus print, a set of colored pencils in a cute tin case, and a facial serum. It was worth the $65 to me, and the colored pencils match wonderfully with the journal with a built-in zippered pouch I received in my previous Bombay & Cedar mystery box. So far I’ve loved both mystery boxes, and would definitely order again – although shipping does take a grip.

  11. Why can’t everyone get a box with nice stuff like this?
    I got the mega-box last time and my stuff was old, some unsealed, dirty, not many items from previous boxes and disappointing.

  12. I would have been thrilled to get this box, mine was terrible with lots of make up and I think 2 lifestyle products. This was a major disappointment.

  13. I subscribed to the quarterly lifestyle box back in August. I received a shipping notification Oct 31st (after they told me it’d be shipping the second week of October). It’s now the second week of November and no movement. The next box is scheduled to to take payment out the first week of December. I’m going to be very upset if I don’t have my first box before the second one deducts from my account. I’m considering canceling but that doesn’t seem to go well for people either.

    I miss the days of old school Popsugar Must Have and Little Lace Box. Ugh.

    • I don’t miss LLB only because of how they handled their exit. Really left a bad taste in my mouth. I really miss PS. Yesterday I Marie Kondo’d my swap items. Holy cow it was a lot. I still had items in the pink PS monthly boxes and nostalgia creeped in. I really liked the mini as well. With the special collabs and the holiday boxes it really was the best sub.

      • Agree! Loved PSMH boxes monthly. When they went quarterly, item had less total value n were repetitious. Some of the makeup/skin products were thrown away, expired. I have more hats, totes n throws than relatives to pawn them off to. At least the booze from Robb Vices doesn’t expire and the wine from Vine Oh doesn’t last long after it arrives.

      • I miss PSMH so so much. My favorite item was always the food related. With PSMH I didn’t have to worry about gifts,
        thank you cards, etc… I got plenty of gifts for friends, assistants and would keep some of the stuff myself. They also had an amazing Better than Black Friday deals.

        Im happy I didnt get this mistery box. the contents are over the place. I dont know… overall is is a weird mix of items.

    • I got my box last week, not bad but was definitely expecting a little more wow factor. Definitely no PSMH or LLB vibe.

    • Ohhhh god me too. First black Friday without them i believe too. My favorite box company by far❤

  14. I realized a long time ago that most mystery boxes are not good! They’re usually old, leftover zombie products that nobody wants. They’re just trying to get rid of excess stock.

    • I havent purchased anything from Bombay & Cedar, but I agree. Often when you buy two or more of mystery boxes, they contain the same things.

    • My mystery boxes from Universal Standard and Om&Ah (which has a monthly subscription service too) have been pretty awesome if that’s your style.

      • Katie, please tell me more about the Om&Ah subscription service. I am unable to find it on their website. Thanks and have a great day.

      • Cindy, it’s called “Inner Circle “. $45/month, you’ll get some messages not offered in the line or new ones just coming out.
        They also have a mystery box for $30. I’ve received a sleep shirt n 2 light sweatshirts I absolutely love. Their clothes are so soft n hold up well in the laundry.

  15. Will never do business with this company again. My account was cancelled in July and they continued to pull money from my account. After getting confirmation from Dee that I would get a refund, which has never shown up, they now won’t return my emails. Customer service for this company is absolutely horrible.

    • Dee totally ghosted me.

  16. This box is significantly better than what I got. Mine was garbage. Off brands I’ve never seen anywhere. No packaging either! Dirty items thrown in a box. An essential oil leaked and I was told the pictures didn’t prove something didn’t leak on the box vs in the box. No refunds for damaged items. I will never buy from them again. If anyone needs waxy purple mini facial exfoliating hearts they are at my local Goodwill, which buy the way Bombay & Cedar did agree looked bad and would happily send them again. No thank you!

  17. Wow, I just checked and I placed my order back on September 18! It shows fulfilled on October 21st, but still hasn’t been sent. I’m calling to cancel. This is ridiculous.

    • Mine too, I received an email with a tracking number back in October but until now, it still hasn’t shipped. 🙁

  18. My mega box was vastly inferior to this box. Would have loved the kitchen towel, cocktail glasses, shower powder, or paint by number. I got a bunch of junk for $65.

  19. My box was full of small, cheap makeup and 2 lifestyle items. Sooo disappointed! For $65 it should at least be a nice mix. Bombay and Cedar leaving a bad taste in my mouth. 🙁

    • They put nicer stuff inside this box coz this was sent for review. I still haven’t received mine…

  20. Okay. That is so much better than the box I got. Most disappointing. Mine was ugly, just ugly.

  21. I am so relieved after having read this review! Literally not a single item I’d like to get. Most are boring, some I’d never use, others in scents I dislike. The What-Were-They-Thinking award goes to cotton swabs.

    I got one mystery box last year – it was crushingly disappointing. I decided to sit this one out. Glad I did. For $65 I can definitely be happier with Margot Elena.

    • Try a packet of toilet seat covers. TOILET SEAT COVERS. Unbelievable. I would be ecstatic if I had put that money toward a Margot Elena or Journee Box. Boy, did I learn my lesson.

      • Okie, the award is yours ;))

  22. This was much better than their previous mystery box. I wouldn’t risk it again.

  23. This box is nice. I got one earlier in the year and it was horrible. I’ll never risk it again.

    • Were none of you fortunate enough to receive the toilet seat covers?? I ordered the Mega box and maybe 2 or 3 of the things were items from previous boxes. 90% of it is getting donated. Never again.

      • Sorry, Jeannette, this wasn’t meant in direct reply to you. Must’ve been a glitch. Anyway, this box made me feel ripped off.

  24. My mega box and Fall lifestyle have been sitting for weeks. I emailed them and heard back about canceling both. After requesting a refund I did not hear back with a confirmation. My Mom bought me the annual as a gift but their issues are ridiculous. They canceled my whole subscription because I wanted to cancel the Fall box FYI. Waiting to see if I am credited by my bank.

  25. I ordered a spring one and it took forever for the label to be made, then forever for it to actually be shipped. It was the most expensive box that time, and was really awful – everything felt dirty and picked over. The stuff reviewed above is really nice – I’d love a box like that! Unfortunately I don’t want to risk another $60 going toward a box of trash.

  26. Just emailed them today. Ordered 9/18 mega n deluxe boxes. Got shipping notices 10/21 for both. Got the deluxe but the mega still has not gone to shipping facility per tracking.
    If they have to replace it, will it b the dregs of the warehouse? Deluxe box was ok. No super items but some things I could use.

    • Yeah, my shipping label was created three weeks ago…no movement yet

      • Same, same, same. I have bo idea what they’re doing. Maybe I’ll go for a refund too. 🙁

        On the other hand this is the best Mega Mystery Box I’ve seen from then and I would have loved every, single, item. (Even the q tips) Watch my Fall box/MB be subpar

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