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See New Skincare March 2021 Box – Spoiler #1!

See New Skincare Box September/October 2020 Full Spoilers!

The September/October 2020 See New Skincare Box is available now and we have full spoilers! This box will starts shipping on 9/3.

The See New Skincare Box is a $44 bi-monthly beauty box filled with green beauty items that focus on cruelty-free, chemical-free, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

The September/October Box includes Honua products:

Pa’akai Cleansing Cream $16 Value

Līhau Face Mist $18 Value

Māhealani – Moonlit Glow Balm $82 Value

‘Aina Invigorating Face Mask $38 Value

The Subscription Box: See New Skincare Box

The Cost: $44/box bi-monthly 

The Products: An assortment of green, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced beauty and skincare products.

Ships to: The U.S. for free 

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See New: The Skincare Box

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Comments (75)

  1. when will the honua review be up?

  2. Hi! I am new to this box and was wondering about the pricing. It is either bi-monthly or quarterly and still the same price. Am I missing something here? 😉 Thank you!!

    • There used to be a 5 or 10 percent discount for prepaid subscriptions, but it doesn’t look like it’s available any more. But then, it used to be $52 a box until pretty recently, so there’s a significant discount already. I received this Honua box yesterday, and everything inside looks lovely.

      • Thank you so much for replying. I get it now lol. It takes me awhile lol. I received mine yesterday as well. My first one. And the products are lovely. Wish I subscribed the last one. But now I am.

  3. I am in love with this brand but unfortunately I haven’t been able to try to much of it because of the price but thanks to new skin care box I can now. So so excited!!!!

  4. wow. this box seems too good to be true! just subscribed!

  5. i wish they give a preview BEFORE they charge you for the sub so i have the option to skip if i want. I signed up for 3 boxes, this will be box #2. I would have skipped this one to holdout/wait for something more exciting if I was able to preview upcoming boxes first. oh well. not terribly sad bc it does look interesting but bummed only getting 4 products with 2 of them very small “deluxe” sample size.

    • I think I have a solution for you. You can have your bill date moved. I get charged in October, a month after spoliers are sent out so if I don’t like what I see or in this case, product overload, I just go online and skip my October box.

      • so smart!!!! let me see if I can change mine for the next billing.

  6. I sent their customers service a question a few days ago but have yet to hear back, so I was wondering if one of you here could help. Ok, I live in New Hampshire, and the state does not have sales tax, including for in-person le online purchases — regardless of where the online store is based out of, nor does it matter where the manufacturers for the brands they carry are. However, when I tried subscribing, I saw that there was a $1.89 tax. Now, $1.89 isn’t a large amount of money, but it did make me confused because I could not figure out what kind of tax that was (and I still haven’t!). I’ve searched high and low online for information, but from everything I’ve found, there just should not be any reason for me to be taxed for this subscription. Does anybody have any idea what tax this is? This is the first time I’ve seen any kind of tax applied to an online order to be shipped here, ever. While NH does tax for purchases of prepared food, that doesn’t apply to this subscription service at all. I am so confused and hoping to get an answer before it’s too late for me to subscribe. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • I’m unsure about the tax but I’ve had good luck emailing them at hello at see new skincare dot com

    • Hi Tammy, if you ever heard back from them, could you let me know too. I’m in Alaska, the states does not have any kind of sale tax neither. This is the first time ever I saw sale tax apply to any of my orders. I was wondering about the same thing. Thanks!

      • Sorry for taking so long to write back! Customers service wrote back and said that they were switching to a new checkout system that would be more accurate. If you are inaccurately charged, just let them know and they’ll fix it right away.

  7. I so did not need more skincare but I am all about this line of products ever since trying the sunscreen moisturizer in Causebox. I subscribed!

  8. Not for me. I have gotten the balm and the mist in BH box. They are really not that great IMHO. Also have tried the cleanser from petit vour box and I liked it, but not enough to sub.

    • I would really just like to know what blue tansy smells like!!! Can anyone describe it?

      • I know what blue tansy smells like, but have no clue how to describe it, lol. To me, it has a bit of a tangy smell, but that’s all I can think of. 🙂 I’m horrible at describing scents though, so I can’t wait to hear how others describe it!

      • Blue Tansy smells like like an overly-ripened apple that’s on the verge of fermenting. To me, that’s very unpleasant, but to most people, it smells like a fresh and fruity, pleasant apple scent. I can’t handle it, but when it’s blended in with other ingredients, it doesn’t bother me much. Also, there is no denying the skin benefits of Blue Tansy; it’s anti-inflammation, very soothing, and makes your skin healthier and more glow-y, which I think is because its healing properties can calm your skin down, and soothes whatever irritations that keep your skin from looking its best. It’s not my favorite scent-wise, but I suck it up for the skin health benefits. It’s also a good pain relief! Dilute Blue Tansy properly and rub it on your aching muscles.

      • Tammy, I think I feel the exact same way about blue tansy as you 🙂 I’m not a fan of the scent (which I thought was just me since I’m always reading about how much people love it), but I also suck it up because I know it’s supposed to have some great skin benefits.. plus the products I’ve tried with it so far I’ve really loved.

      • To me it’s kind of a tea smell. It’s sweet and tangy together. Really nice.

      • For me, iit smells like the pollen on the stamen of day lilies…if you push your nose right into the flower! -scent of blue tansy!

    • What is the BH box? Am i missing one lol?

      • I think Nat was referring to her Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

  9. This is my favorite box. The curation, packaging, personal note, and customer service are fantastic.

    • Agree. The personalization is just lovely. So impressed with this box. 🙂

  10. Favorite skincare box, hands down. Im going into my 6th box as an annual subscriber on the every 3 months plan and have bumped up my box each month that I wasn’t set to receive a box. I renewed with the bimonthly option this year instead. I hope this sub stays exactly like it is as it grows in popularity. So many boxes that get too big experience growing pains and what made them special wanes. I’m crossing every finger and toe that this box stays exactly the same, because its perfect!

    • I totally agree with you! I’m shocked (but still touched) that they’re still including the personalized handwritten notes in each box! I’d totally understand if they had to do away with that, and like you said, I hope they can continue to keep with the curations they’ve done in the past. They’re boxes usually feel too good to be true, considering the price. 🙂

      • Yes! They definitely feel too good to be true. I’ve joined a bunch of “start up” boxes that have either gotten too big and lost the original “spirit” of the box or just couldn’t keep up and started going downhill. Please don’t happen, please don’t happen, please don’t happen lol

      • Luna, just letting you know that I subscribed using your coupon code. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Aww, thanks Tammy! 😀 I hope you enjoy your box(es)!

  11. I love everything I tried from this brand but I am on product overload. Decisions, decisions…

  12. I subbed during the kahina box & have been obsessed with See New boxes since!

  13. this is AMAZING. I’m so excited for mine to ship out!!! gimme the glow balm!!!

  14. This looks amazing! That glow balm though!! & the charcoal mask?! I’m so excited for this one!!!

  15. I really have my eye on this box, and will jump on it when I get back to work and this whole Covid situation normalizes a bit more than it has. Right now, I am not working and cannot afford subscription boxes, but I love reading reviews and seeing the spoilers so that when I am able to resubscribe, I will know what I want to spend my hard earned money on.

    • You’re so sweet and kind ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Are these full sizes?

    • They usually all are in See New

    • The balm & mask are full size, but I think the cleanser & mist are deluxe/travel sizes at 1oz each (they sell full sizes of those products at 4oz each).

      • Hi, Luna. Don’t they just have 3 sizes of one and 2 of the other? I think maybe we’re the ones calling them deluxe or travel size, since they just offer different sizes at different prices. 4 oz could be what they call supersized, or something. 🙂 In any case, a value >$150 is definitely a good deal!

      • I totally get where you’re coming from, and you could be right! 🙂 I know different brands have different ideas on what they consider their “full sizes”… I guess I just assumed those were more like travel sizes since I’m more used to seeing full size cleansers at 4oz and full size mists at at least 2oz… but that’s on me, and if they consider the 1oz full size, cool! I’m just thrilled to be able to try the products regardless of size, because it still feels worth it to me! 🙂

    • No two of the products are only 1 oz! I’m disappointed they aren’t all full size it makes the box worth a lot less than their $312 amazing box from May/June.

      • See New normally does 5 full size products. They have featured Honua before and only offered 4 smaller sized products at that time too. It think it’s more of how Honua does business as opposed to See New. #my two cents

    • yes they are

  17. This box looks amazing and I really want it, but does anyone know what this subscription is like? Can I cancel easily right after I buy (on website itself or will I have to email/call)? How soon do boxes typically sell out (I’m going away for 2 weeks in Sept — if I order after I return will it still be there)? Thanks for any advice!!

    • This is my first box so I can’t offer advise about cancelling. But the last two boxes sold out before the end of the month so I would consider subscribing sooner rather than later.

      • Good to know, thank you!!

    • You can skip, cancel etc ok their website.

      • On their website.

    • I had an annual that is ending. I emailed them to not renew, and that was all I had to do. There is a place on the account page to manage membership and cancel, but it was not available to me as an annual subscriber. Not sure if monthly has that option.

    • Alli – I know if you preorder a box, you cannot cancel/skip that box. However, you can cancel or skip before you are charged for the next box. I preordered the September box, and without it even having shipped yet, I can go into my account and cancel, or skip the November/December box (which shows as billing on October 24th). I hope that helps!

    • I purchased a 3 box sub and it was really easy to “skip” a box. I haven’t canceled yet because I really like them so I can’t say how hard it is to cancel.

    • Thanks ladies!! I pulled the trigger thanks to your super helpful info.

  18. I love this brand but only getting for my niece … the cleanser is one of my favs and I have a backup already. I have all products except for mask. Which I can wait to try! I love. How you get enough products for a routine😀

    • Can I be your niece?! 😁😁😁

  19. Thrilled! This is my favorite subscription box.

  20. I posted two comments and neither one appeared! The May/June box was worth $312 and contained six items but unfortunately I missed that incredible box. Disappointed that this one is only worth $180 approximately and only has four products. Will be passing but keeping my eye out for future boxes as this one looks promising.

    • Geez. If you are just looking for bang for your buck, I hope you find it. I am thrilled to receive this gorgeous box of Honua Skincare even if it does not meet your standards.

  21. I read the review for the box for May/June that was worth $312! That one had 6 products this one only 4. Unfortunately I missed that other one. This one is only worth around $180 clearly inconsistent values. I’ll be passing.

    • 180 value for $44 though?! I’ll take it haha!

      • I agree Kristy! This is a great value and an awesome way for me to try this brand as I’ve always been curious about it.
        And it doesn’t matter if the other box was $312. These prices don’t mean sh*t. Just because another skincare is sold at a higher price doesn’t make it better.

  22. I read the review for the box for May/June that was worth $312! Unfortunately I missed that one. This one is only worth around $180 clearly not consistent values. I’ll be passing.

  23. Super excited for all these products!

  24. 🤗🤗🤗

  25. I’m super excited to try that glow balm… and of course everything else looks lovely too 🙂

    • Uh yeah, that glow balm looks yummy!

    • That balm is fantastic! I would be all over this box if I didn’t still have some leftover from when Beauty Heroes sent it last year.

      • Good to know! 🙂 I had to look up which BH box the balm came in because I don’t remember getting it, but figured I would have subbed if I had seen it, and noticed that it was in the December box, which makes sense that I didn’t get it since I put myself on a no-buy in November & December for the holidays. I’ve done that for the past few years, and have missed out on way too many spectacular (to me) boxes, so I think if I see a sub box that brings out the beating heart-eyes in me during those months I’ll just go for it instead of living in regret when I see it later reviewed, lol.

      • Does anyone have discount code. I used a code in the past but my subscription is now done and I was wondering if anyone had a new code?

      • You can try HEATHER20 for 20% off. 🙂
        (full disclosure, See New Skincare issued personal discount codes to subscribers to share with others a while ago. After the code is used a certain number of times (I think two) the subscriber gets a free box (I think). I don’t believe there’s a limit to how many times a code can be used. I never shared mine before but I saw others shared theirs in prior posts on MSA with no issues (posts not being removed))

      • Thank you Luna for the code! I’ll try it. I don’t need anymore products. But I just love this box.

      • Luna, how did you did you find your code? I’ve told a couple people to sign up and I’m sure they did but I could never locate on my account what my referral code was grrrrrrr!

      • Hi Shannon! I got it in an email that See New Skincare sent to me. It seems like the codes are just the subscriber’s first name with 20 after it. Maybe you can email See New Skincare and confirm that your code is SHANNON20?

    • Just FYI. I used the discount code and it said it wasn’t valid so I emailed there customer service. Instead of an email back, I got my credit card changed for $240. When I finally didn’t get a hold of them, they said all subscriptions automatically renew at full price and they refused to allow me to use a coupon. I guess the coupon is the one time thing.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I know my code has been used by a few people, so I guess there must have been a certain number of times it could have been used. If you look at prior See New Skincare posts, others have shared their codes so maybe their limits haven’t been met yet…. but I guess that information is coming a little too late 🙁

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