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FabFitFun Fall 2020 Box Spoiler #1 Hint!

We have a spoiler hint for the FabFitFun Fall 2020 box!

What do you think? 

The general consensus is that this is Botkier! What kind of product are you hoping to see in the box?

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How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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Comments (80)

  1. In my experience all designs for FFF are totally inferior junk. That Vince Camuto from a few years back looked so bad….

    Watch when they put the little videos they put up. They use a lot of camera trickery so you never know how many oz or size most things are.

    And after the horror that was my Summer Box I don’t care anymore. As soon as my annual expires, I’m done.

  2. I need a new wallet so I’m crossing fingers for that! 😁

  3. I say it’s a Botkier mini wallet…hopefully it’s not a little dinky change purse

  4. I wonder when we are going to start seeing some official spoilers for the fall box? I’m so excited!

    • I was wondering the same thing! Apparently annual will not be able to select on August 1st like their website says. Seems like there’s some kind of delay…

  5. Botkier has cute stuff, so I hope it’s something cute and functional.

  6. Probably a FFF style/version of Botkier. I’m guessing wome vegan leather look alike that will peel and look like trash in a few months lol Maybe I’ll be surprised, but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Hi, can anyone recommend to me a place to mention that I have a whopping 17 (??? how??) starter boxes to send out to people on FFF? TIA!

    • Hey there fellow FabFitFun Beauty!! WOW, that is amazing getting that many starter boxes!! If you are on Facebook, they have a FabFitFun group, and it’s basically all of the members talking about the boxes, spoilers, you name it!! You could always make a post and trust me, you’ll get those Starter Boxes sent out to people in no time!! I hope this helps!!😊❤️ (I’d love one too if you still have them.) Have a wonderful day! Xoxo 💕

      • I would take a starter box if you got one left?

      • Ah yea there only available in the US… Sadly I’m in the UK

      • I have started boxes if anyone wants one.

      • @PatriciaDFord I would love one!! Let me know if you still have them! Thank you 😊

      • Shannon, send me your email and I will give it to them to send u one.

      • @patricadford if you have any left, I’d love to be on your list. Drasinske @ Gmail . Com I can also do a review if you need me to.

      • Patricia Omg!!! Thank you sooo much!!! You are amazing!!!

    • Wow I would definitely take one off your hands if you still have some!

      • I have 9 to give away

      • Dorothy, they will be sending you a email so u can get it.

      • I have some boxes left to share. What’s your email?

    • I would love a starter box! How do you get them?

      • i have some too drop an email ill send you one 🙂

      • I would like a stater box!

      • How do you get these boxes?

    • I would love one

      • I would love one as well

    • I would love a Starter Box if anyone has one! Thanks in advance!😊

  8. I hope you are all correct about Botkier and wrong about it being a wallet, pleather, or a knockoff. I love all the things on the Botkier website except the straw and wicker lines.

  9. I would say that if it is Botkier then it will probably be of lessee quality since they license and manufacturer a lot of the brand items that go into the boxes.

  10. You are probably correct but I’m okay with that I hope it’s a backpack I love backpacks

    • I would LOVE if it was a backpack! Maybe it’s that LENNOX CONVERTIBLE SATCHEL that’s currently on sale. I find whenever something is on sale or they’re trying to get rid of stock, those are usually the items that end up in my boxes (especially for my beauty boxes). Lol. And that Lennox backpack is gorgeous! I wouldn’t complain.

  11. Well I’m pretty sure there will be compression socks. They ordered them from the company I work for and I saw the shipping papers with the fabfitfun name on it.

    • I wouldn’t mind compression socks

    • That would be a weird everyone box option but I could see it in as an add-on or in an edit sale maybe.

  12. If it’s another wallet or passport holder, I’m going to scream.

    • Me too

    • Seriously… me, too. For that matter, I don’t need any more totes or purses, either. Hell, I’m not even going anywhere right now to even use them! lol

      • ANYTHING but compression socks!

  13. There is a company called Botskier thatmakes kitchen gadgets like wine accessories and such, I could see either this company I’m referring too or the hand bag brand as well.

  14. This looks promising! I love that FFF tries to spread out the excitement so that we get to enjoy and complain and get excited about the boxes year round even though it’s quarterly. Sadly by the time I’ve received the box I’ve brooded over it to the point where the box is secondary to the hype. But I’m still glad they do this.

    • So true hahaha the waiting isnt the hardest part, it’s the best part. Thinking man I better get that hand cream/better not get that applicator sponge, is very emotional for me haha

  15. Something for the BODY…..

  16. When can we sign up for the Fall box?

    • There isn’t an exact date known right now but it does always show the box in the order summary section of checkout (right now it shows Summer Editors Box). We’ll be sure to do a post when the Fall box is available to order!

      • Perfect! Thank u-

  17. Ugh, I got the pillowcase and brow pencil for my summer box. Does anybody want to swap the pink vase for those two items?

    • what kind of pillow case is it? My box still hasn’t come in yet but I believe that I had selected the vase but am not 100% sure

      • There’s a silk pillowcase that I think was choice 4 for annual subscribers? I am seasonal so I didn’t get to choose. I was able to see my box reveal through the app. It hasn’t actually arrived at my door yet.

      • It’s a pillow sleeve – satin on one side and stretchy jersey on the other. It slips over your pillow or existing pillow case. I chose this for my daughter, who has long, fine, tangle-prone hair.

    • I can switch with ya !!!!!

  18. “Vegan” leather (aka:pleather aka: plastic) coming your way!

  19. botkier…Don’t know the brand, so excited!

    • I bet you’re right! Super cute stuff!

  20. I’m guessing a mini crossbody or tote specifically made for FFF .. kind of like what the Vince Camuto tote was. Fall .. people always want a wow type item. I don’t think they’d do a wallet spoiler.

  21. I suspect is a bag design that Botkier will approve, and FFF will manufacture themselves. It will look like Botkier and have appropriate tags, but be of much lesser quality. This is the FFF model for the bigger name items they mass produce, usually in China.

    • Good comment. I only recently learned that this is what ipsy does a lot with beauty items from big brands. It’s OK with me *if* the company is not scared to state “this is how we do it.” I like honesty.

      • Really? What kind of beauty items does Ipsy do this with? Didn’t know this:(

      • If you think about it that it the not look at outlet store they used to be stuff from there other store now it’s stuff specially manufactured for outlet stores. Same thing with dollar tree and store like it. I used have great stuff, like the stuff that was left but still good stuff name brand. Now it’s all stuff made for discount store which sucks!!! Because I highly doubt surplus stopes which make me think they just toss things away now rather than sell to discount stores

      • Also has been proven that boxycharm is doing the same thing

    • I’m sure Maria is correct. Botkier is mostly imported saffiano leather, but I’m sure we’re getting plastic. I don’t need another “vegan leather” anything. Already regretting annual. Ugh.

    • EXACTLY. ALL of their stuff is leather, so it’s either something I’m skipping, or it’ll be a cheap knockoff. I hope no one actually gets these boxes for brand names.

      • Not “ALL”. They have nylon collection, and there were already rumors about a backpack and a tote from that collection as possibilities for the Fall 2020 box. I am sure it will be one of those.

  22. Botkier 😍

  23. At Botkier prices, it’s a wristlet or card case, I’d say.

  24. Botkier! 💛

  25. Botkier is a purse and tote company,along with some other items,so maybe a purse or tote.

  26. When i looked up Botki a bunch of pictures of boot type heals came up. I’m sure lots of people are actually knowledgeable about this brand (if I’ve even gotten it right) – I’m definitely not, though.

    • I’m hoping it’s one of their backpacks!

  27. Botkier . It’ll be a bag, backpack, or some clutch probably

    • Same

  28. botkier – must be a bag

    • I agree

  29. Botkier? Maybe a wristlet or card case from them.

  30. Bot Ki?

    • The last part is Skier minus S, so Kier, so Botkier. It’s probably one of their wallets. I think their bags are too expensive for a box item.

      • Lol probably but it would be nice to get a purse or tote

      • Hehe, thank you! Never heard of Botkier before 🙂

      • Given that FFF usually manufactures the branded items in their box using the brand’s license/design, we will get a bag but it won’t be the same as what Botkier sells in their stores/licensed retailers. There were both a tote and backpack option featured in recent surveys for the Fall 2020 box so it will likely be one of those.

      • Jen, I imagine you’re correct.

    • I think it’s a botkier care holder

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