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Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Full Spoilers + Coupon!

Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Spoilers Round #2 + Coupon!

ByMSAApr 2, 2020 | 48 comments


Oui Please
2.5 overall rating
164 Ratings | 67 Reviews

We have more spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code AVRIL25 to save 25% off your Oui Please subscription!

Volume 5.2 will include:


A go-to routine to detox and rebalance the scalp, as well as repair and deeply nurture hair. The Perfect Hair Duo creates healthy and shiny hair. It resets and refreshes the scalp and hair for lustrous, bouncy hair. Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt: 40ml. Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil: 50ml.


With its gel texture, this face mask from French brand, Blancrème repairs your skin with its sweet, mild hints of honey! The nourishing action of sweet almond and sunflower oils add the finishing touch to this mask. Once applied, your skin is nourished and protected with a light honey fragrance. Ideal for dry skin.



Atelier St Eustache’s socks are made of two materials: a transparent polyamid yarn, thicker than tights, and a strong coton, knitted on the tip and the heel. Say bonjour to your perfect new statement piece.

Available in 2 colors, ATELIER ST EUSTACHE’s socks are graphic, poetic and architectural. They stand out from other socks by being transparent. Real foot jewelry, these socks will enhance your style!



Classy in Glass. Discover our French glass press available in 2 colors. Sturdy and heatproof, borosilicate glass can withstand extreme temperatures and is dishwasher safe. Not a coffee drinker? It’s just as useful for brewing iced or hot tea!


Hédène Paris honeys are a product of traditional French know-how. Hédène picks the most beautiful wildflower parcels of France to produce its honeys. Sweeten your day with gourmet miel de tileull and an adorable wooden honey dipper.


Refined lines inspired by architecture, Camille de Soos jewelry is handmade in Paris.


Nail-friendly, vegan, cruelty free and trend-setting—nailmatic shakes the nail polish world to move to a more conscious beauty.

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FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I work for a company that ships to 150 countries. I can tell you that shipping/customs around the world are horribly delayed. Items we import are taking weeks for clearance into the US and items we ship that would normally arrive inappropriate week are taking 4 to 8 weeks for delivery to some places.


When did you start seeing delays Kim? These boxes were originally supposed to start shipping to customers on 2/15. France didn’t go on lockdown until more than a month later which is why I think we’re all a bit skeptical of the coronavirus excuse.


Agreed Mary. Plus I have other Euro and British sub boxes in which I haven’t faced any issues in receiving my box. They order the products too late imo. They should order them in Jan or even Dec. clearly they don’t do this.


Gotta love auto correct…lol


To long-time annual subscribers: have you always gotten all your boxes even as late as they are? I also just signed up for the annual, so I’m facing what everyone else is facing. But if I know that they are good, at least, in sending all of them, then I’m ok with that.


I signed up last March and have gotten four boxes so far. I feel confident that the last two will arrive, but I will not be renewing my subscription. Beyond the shipping delays, something was missing or misrepresented in three of my four boxes.

Vol. 4.3 (my first box) — The scarf and bag were tiny and not what the spoilers showed. When I emailed about my disappointment, I was told that they were surprised by the size of the scarf too, but they had to use the photos provided by their vendor. They offered an additional necklace to make up for the scarf (I declined) and said they had a new shipment of larger bags and offered to send me one (I accepted and it was shipped promptly.)

Vol. 4.4 — Everything arrived as promised. My shoes were too small (totally my fault), and I mentioned that in a comment here. Ashley replied that I should email and could return them for a new pair. It did take me some time to send back my shoes and then they didn’t have any in my size in stock. However, I was told some would be arriving soon. Months went by. Ashley suggested I select something of a comparable price in their shop. I found a pouch I liked which was more expensive. I asked if I could get that and pay the difference in the values. Ashley said that wasn’t possible so I asked for them to send my shoes back which they did promptly.

Vol. 4.5 — Spoilers showed two masks and tea but only one mask and no tea arrived. When contacted, OP said customers were only supposed to get one mask, and the tea was turned back by customs. I was offered a $25 coupon code that was good on a $50+ purchase from the shop (I didn’t use it.)

Vol. 4.6 — There was no bracelet in my box. I was told that a shipment was coming at the end of January, and it would be shipped right out. However, I have not received it yet.

I actually think the boxes I’ve received are great and worth what I paid with a coupon. However, I can’t support a company that isn’t honest and transparent. I can be patient and understanding when communication is good, but to flat out lie and say boxes would ship on February 15 when we all know now they didn’t have the product in stock was the final straw for me.


Bonjour DonnaG!

We appreciate your patience during the extended delay in shipment shortly after subscribing. I want to assure we keep track of all boxes, therefor, you will receive all boxes included in your subscription.

All of the products included in our boxes are imported directly from France. Unfortunately, France was affected by the health issue before we were in the US. With that said, when shipping labels were printed, we were still awaiting a couple of products to complete curation of the boxes, and now, due to the fact that we are following CDC guidelines to keep our employees safe we only allow one to two employees in our warehouse at once to avoid contamination.

We honestly are doing everything in our power to get back to shipping, as we too are anxious to get our boxes to our customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].

Thank you, again, for your patience and understanding.


I signed up for annual during Bastille Day promo (last July) and have always gotten my boxes, even if delayed except for this one. I live in Texas (about 20 minutes from their warehouse in fact). I also have never had a problem with customer service such as choosing the wrong size for the espadrilles and they sent me a label to exchange it for free, which did take awhile since I had to wait for my size to get shipped to them as it was not in stock. I also requested the chain that would go with the clutch and they put it in my box for free. I did email Ashley and she said that they were waiting on products from France and while they did print the labels in Feb, their products got delayed from their overseas suppliers.


Anyone who’s ever subscribed to OP knows they are often quite late with their boxes, but we all subscribe because we love the contents. Quite frankly, if you aren’t comfortable living with their delays, this box isn’t for you. If you are, the contents are great.

I’m having quite a few boxes delayed – and for example, PS keeps pushing their boxes yet has not been able to mail me a replacement for the box I already purchased. This whole situation just sucks.


I agree that those of us who don’t like the delays shouldn’t subscribe. The problem is some of us bought annual subs before we realized the extent of the company’s issues. I certainly won’t be renewing. I’d just like my last two boxes and then I can wash my hands of them.


This is how I feel about causebox too! The delays just aren’t for me and it removes the fun of it. At least that box for spring gave a good heads up with the virus which is of course super understandable, but the previous delays already ruined it for me. Just waiting for my annual to run out


It feels unethical to me that they are still pushing sales for the next box when they can’t send out the February box and who knows when all the stay-at-home/shelter-in-place orders will be lifted. Feel bad for anyone signing up now who doesn’t realize their track record and the current situation.

Bonjour Mary!

As a small business, we need to continue to advertise our upcoming boxes regardless of the issue we are currently facing. We are just trying to keep our business running and while we also keep our employees safe.

We truly appreciate your patience!


I agree. Their additional spoilers and emails are really starting to tick me off. I’m ok with their typical delay but this is excessive. We had shipping notices way before Covid-19 so that excuse is invalid.

It's me

Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot recommend that anyone sign up for the May box right now. I understand that we are in a crisis with COVID-19, however, every one of my other boxes that was supposed to ship in March managed to ship their boxes in March. FFF even shipped the items from the edit sale on March 31st. IF they had shipped the boxes when they printed the labels, this would not even be an issue. To begin with this box was actually due in February so it was already delayed. Customer service and shipping times hves fallen off to non-existent at this time so I have finally decided to contest the annual charge and say goodbye to Ouiplease permanently. I would not subscribe to the May box since they will probably have a lot of boxes left if they do actually get this box together because a number of people are seeking chargebacks from their credit cards.


I feel the same and I’ve decided to seek a refund myself. I requested one from Oui Please weeks ago because CC companies usually want you to try that first. I got a form letter back with their virus excuses but no acknowledgement of my request or other questions I asked. It’s such a shame. I very nervously bought a one year sub and my first box in December was great and arrived in a timely manner. But I paid for a bimonthly box not a quarterly or just plain haphazard one. I was excited about the February box but it’s not acceptable that it won’t be shipped until 4 months or more after I got my first box. And changing the April box to May is just shady. I will be shocked if they manage to get 3 boxes sent out this whole year. I refuse to be shorted 1-3 boxes and it’s too late to fight the charge for the six I paid for this past December. I will never ever gamble on a company again with such a history of multiple major issues and a trail of angry former customers in their wake. I chose to believe the small number of more recent glowing reviews and hoped for the best. I thought there might be problems but I wasn’t expecting dishonesty, indefinite delays with no communication until customers hounded them and all this promoting of their shop sales and their next box. It’s so inappropriate and insulting to current customers. I should stop complaining and just start the chargeback process already. But it’s such a pain to call and all the other stuff involved and more importantly I’m truly sad I have to do this. I rarely buy a one year subscription no matter how great the reputation and I certainly wouldn’t normally do it for a subscription at this much higher price range. I wish it hadn’t been such a colossal mistake. They really need to hire an outside consultant to help get them organized and operating properly.

Good luck to you, me and anyone else pursuing a partial refund. And to those of you who plan to continue to tough it out.


Does anyone have any guesses on my chances for a full refund? I did a one year sub right after new years. I haven’t gotten a thing and the fact that they prioritize new shop orders over existing contracts says they never will. I have requested a full refund and cancellation of my subscription. Has anyone succeeded at this? I kind of think MSA should stop promoting them at all here.


It’s extremely annoying that they are posting next season’s spoilers when this season’s is TWO months late. And very uncool that they are blaming coronavirus. They could not even give me any estimate of when it would come. I am sad because I have really enjoyed the curation but this, and the lack of communication about it, has been horrible all while they continue to post spoilers. I do not think I’ll be renewing when this year is up.


The shelter in place happened 16 days AFTER our labels were created!


Yep. And now that they have this totally “legitimate” excuse to hide behind I guarantee you it won’t stop with the February box or the April aka May box or the June aka July or August box…
I honestly feel they think they now have carte blanche to continue taking money without delivering the goods or sending them unbelievably late if they do ever decide to start behaving ethically again that is.


No regrets here about canceling and contacting the BBB. I used to love the curation, but customer service was polite but basically useless. I did eventually get a refund for the unshipped boxes, but it took forever.

carol Ann.

The BBB is essentially just yelp.


Lol right! So many people think the BBB is something important and official and it’s not at all.


I have never subscribed to this box, but I really want the ring. The shell means a lot to me. Is there a discount code for one time purchase? I read a lot of delays and poor customer services, but I still want to give it a try just for the ring.


I’m signed up for this box and would be happy to swap you the ring. If it ever gets here.


No matter how much I like the boxes, I just can’t. Customer service is appalling, boxes are months late, and sometimes things that are promised are simply omitted without replacement. Absurd business model.


I’ve never had an issue with their customer service, they’ve been great with me and I’ve never received a box that didn’t have all its products. Yes, they do struggle with shipping and I’m not sure the reason why it’s not fix yet but for me I knew that before signing up so I’m not bothered too much when boxes arrive late though I do find it somewhat annoying when the shipping label is created only because I love the curation so much I want to use the products now. You never know how long it is from creating the label to getting the box.


I don’t mind waiting at all either, I subscribe to so many boxes that when I do get it, its usually a surprise, I’m an annual and will continue to subscribe, when it gets here it gets here. I love my Oui please so all is good for me!


If you don’t mind when the box arrives, or something missing here and there and/or getting canned responses from customer service (blaming Covid for boxes not shipping out as promised on Feb 15)-this box is a win. For 150 dollars a box, they should be much better.


Maybe it’s just me, but I find those socks absolutely hideous.


I freaking love those socks!!! They are the one thing in the box I want this round.


I could be wrong, but I think that’s a dude in the skirt.


Ohmygosh I just laughed out loud at your comment! Thank you for that…I needed a laugh. And I went and took a closer look…and I think you may be right. 😉


Wow, talk about different strokes. I love them. Was just thinking how I need to swap for every single pair. They are just so freaking cute! I even sent a note to Ashley telling her how excited I am about them. Totally my style. We can’t wear sandals to work in the summer so these are just what I need.
For everyone finding them hideous I’ll take them all!


I agree! If people want to sell on Poshmark later I’m here for it!


Summer? I wouldn’t count on that. We’ll be lucky if we get February’s box (with the Winter-specific skincare) by summer considering it’s not only super late but they can’t even estimate a shipping date. Not to mention that the April box was renamed the May box weeks ago with no explanation. So if they’re calling it the May box and it also gets delayed like February (which it should considering the pandemic is being blamed for the whole thing and we’re not anywhere close to an end to that) we might get it sometime in August but probably not. I’d happily send you my socks but I hope to have received a refund from my credit card company for the remaining boxes in my one year subscription well before then.

I tried reaching out to Ashley weeks ago with some specific questions but all I got back was a prewritten form letter with their excuse for not shipping (or even knowing when they’ll be shipping) the February box.

I absolutely loved my first box back in December and was truly excited about the contents of February’s box. But I purchased a bimonthly subscription not a quarterly one. It’s now going on 4 months since I got my first box with no estimation of when my second will arrive. I’m not waiting around for this December to arrive and I’ve only received three or four of my six prepaid boxes but technically they fulfilled their obligation of “one year of boxes” so they won’t send any more unless they get more money. That’s my biggest concern because many former subscribers have said that’s exactly what happened to them. I gave Ashley/Oui Please a chance to reassure me that wouldn’t happen but they didn’t. Like most people I can’t afford to throw money away, especially now. Companies that exploit the pandemic and hide their shady business practices behind it should be ashamed.

If my credit card company fails me and I end up receiving the April aka May box at some point I’d be happy to send you my socks with no swap required. I worked for a company for years that didn’t allow sandals, open toed shoes or heels over a specific height (2 inches if I recall and I’m short and have always preferred platforms which got me in trouble a few times) so I understand your enthusiasm. Just post something about how much you love your socks and wish they’d sent multiple pairs once you get your box. I’m sure to see it since I am pretty much obsessed with sub boxes and this particular website about sub boxes and spend far more time here than on all social media sites combined. 😁


LOL! They look like they belong on a mime costume.


Completely agree – hideous!


It’s not just you. They’re horrible.


Is this the famous French “sense of style” – black socks with white pants, or sneakers with a long skirt? LOL


Hahaha, I agree! I actually think it’s the ~kooky~ styling (and weird prancing photos) that are making these socks so unappealing to everyone in this thread.

I think they could be cute paired with some chunky mary janes & a mini skirt in a 90’s-style kind of way.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.