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Henny+Roo Chicken Subscription Box Review – November 2019

Henny and Roo November 2019 chicken subscription box review

Henny+Roo is a chicken subscription box that ships you treats, toys, and other useful products for backyard chickens and their keepers!

This box is being reviewed by popular demand!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About Henny+Roo

The Subscription Box: Henny+Roo

The Cost: $39.95 a month with free shipping. Save with longer commitments!

The Products: Useful and fun products for backyard chicken keepers. This box includes a mix of toys, treats, and other chicken necessities as well as the occasional chicken-themed home item.

Ships to: The US

Henny+Roo November 2019 Chicken Box Review

The gross, cold, and wet weather continues, but the girls did venture outside today! I jumped on the chance to treat them and grab some photos for this post.

Our box comes complete with an info card explaining all of the items arriving this month.

Let’s see what is inside our box!


Legend’s Calendula Salve, 1 oz – Retail Value $14.00

Salves and balms are go-to’s for me, especially in the winter when my hands get chapped. Will also has a job that keeps him outside most of the time, so his skin really takes a beating in winter winds. This calendula salve is heavy and moisturizing, perfect for this skin-SOS season. I ended up dropping this little pot into Will’s work bag and he has been using it on his knuckles and (in a genius move) the tips of his ears that often peek out of his work beanie and get red and dry.


Flock Party Corn and Mealworm Snack Mix, 2 lbs – Retail Value $6.49

I wanted to thank the hens for braving the gross weather so this party mix was the first thing I opened! It has loads of cracked corn and mealworms, which is basically like the human equivalent of cookie dough to chickens. They are obsessed. I hand fed them a little bit then scattered some for foraging.

Satchel gives it two wings up.


Cedar Crest Layin’ Large Rations, size unknown – Buy 10 lbs for $25.00

This second little pack had layer food inside. Though my girls are pretty old and getting an egg is a rarity these days, I still thought they should get to enjoy the yummy blend of corn, oats, and barley. This stuff also has a lot more protein than their typical food.

Here is a rare “chicken grain glitter” shot. They eat so fast they sometimes shatter individual bits and they explode into little corn fragment fireworks.

I sprinkled an additional handful on the ground so they could scratch and peck at it. Hopefully, it encouraged them to also take advantage of the wet day to seek out some yummy bugs.


New Pioneer Magazine – Retail Value $10.95

Will is always excited to get an expensive magazine in this box. The “off-grid” section especially caught his interest, because without me reigning him in, he would totally become one of those preppers living in a bunker in the middle of the woods. As always, this magazine is full of info about a more self-sufficient lifestyle, a theme that works well in a chicken box.


Hydrogen Peroxide, 4 fl oz

I really appreciate when this box sends first aid basics. We actually don’t have any peroxide in the house right now (fine, I spilled our last bottle, okay?) and this is an important item to have on hand for injuries to humans, dogs, cats, or chickens, all of which we have in my faux-farm.


Happy Holidays Stemless Wine Glass

This plastic stemless wine glass made me chuckle. It says “Happy Holidays, Mother Cluckers!” on it, along with a chicken and a laurel wreath. I am pretty thankful it isn’t glass because I am clumsy! It fits a nice amount of wine, and is truly the sort of holiday tone I identify with.


Henny+Roo Home Sandalwood Candle, size unknown – Retail Value $15.95

I was really surprised to see such a nice candle in this box. Henny+Roo has recently launched a home decor box and this appears to be from that line. It is really, really nice! I didn’t see the exact size, but I would guess this large candle is around 16 oz. It arrived in a white porcelain vessel with coordinating lid. The beautiful sandalwood scent was strong and lovely, easily filling my living room. I am really impressed with this addition and hope we see more of these candles in the future.

Laying Box Liner

Our last item comes in every box and is a super handy laying box liner. This helps keep your eggs clean after the hens leave them in the elevated boxes they use to lay. Since our girls seem to have finally stopped laying, we will just use it to add to the coziness of the nesting boxes because they do like to sleep in them.

See ya next time!

The Verdict: As usual, Henny+Roo is freaking CUTE! Even with the dreary weather, my girls love their treats, and I love the items in this box for me too. Will certainly appreciated his new magazine and the super useful-to-have-around peroxide.  Normally during this time of year, I experience pretty minimal interactions with my hens (the usual daily visit to open their run, make sure they are warm, have water and food, and look healthy). This box gave me a reason to coax (ok, beg) them to come outside of their run and stretch their legs. It was a really nice change of pace, and with the snow we have been seeing, I hope we can continue the trend.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will be the welcome box or the January box. Per Henny+Roo:

Orders placed the 1st – 10th of the month start with a Welcome Box, renew on the 15th, then continue the following month, shipping on or about the 5th of the month. Orders placed the 11th – 31st start with next month’s box.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $39.95, meaning each of the 7 items inside has an average cost of $5.71.

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (23)

  1. Those chicken photos are just all kinds of cute and adorable! What precious girls you have!

    The Henny & Roo reviews are my favorites to read on this site. I have read every bit of these reviews so far, and I don’t even have chickens, LOL (though I wish I did)!

  2. Hi Megan, thank you so much for the third instalment / episode of the Adventures of Satchel and Dizzy (in this month’s episode, the part of Will’s arm will be played by Megan’s arm). I love this box so much and your (and your family’s) utterly charming reviews. The Henny & Roo people seem like they have a good sense of fun as well as understanding what is trending in chicken circles. My girls would so love this box if we were in the US. Unfortunately for our girls we are in Australia so having it on forwarded would cost a bit too much – mainly because they pack a serious flock’s-worth of treats in every box. Loving it all, thank you!

  3. FYI. they also sell items, like the motherclucker glasses, on their website, without having to sub to the box.

  4. that stemless motherclucking wineglass tho

  5. Cute! Love your pic of the glitter grains! There is truly is a box out there for everyone!

  6. Great review. LOVE seeing photos of your girls! Just curious – on an average week, how much time do you need to spend caring for your chickens?

    • Hey Beth! Chickens are super low maintenance. As long as you keep their food and water stores full, they basically take care of themselves. I think the majority of work is on the front end, mainly building or buying a coop that is waterproof, large enough, and predator-proof! We also built a pretty large run, though the girls spend most afternoons free-ranging. We have a really large food dispenser and a heated waterer, which means we don’t have to worry about it freezing in the winter, which has made them even easier. We do clean out their coop ever so often, but not too often as we use the deep litter method (which also gives us compost). I think we spend more time just making sure they are happy than actually working on them. If I had to calculate an hour per week guess, it would be really, really low. Maybe less than an hour of actual work per week? Chicken chores never really feel like chores!

      • Really?? Wow. That’s super great news. This spring, definitely!

      • Hi Beth, please excuse my jumping in here, but I wish I had researched a bit more before we decided to adopt the chicken that arrived on our back verandah one day. Many people report their chickens as a really low maintenance pet, but it depends a lot on how well you set up your coop, and how well your chicks cope with your climate and conditions (e.g. cats, foxes etc.). We decided to fill out our flock with adorable silkie chickens but it was only when we were leaving that the breeder said ‘don’t have them near draughts, let them get wet, or have them too hot’ and I realised I had signed us up for a life of coop expansion, bringing them inside during heatwaves, blow drying them and all the laundry that came with it! And they need to be secured at night too. So it depends a lot on the type of chicken, your environment, and your setup. There are some weeks I would only put 2 hours p.w. into looking after them, but a few weeks where I would have a 15 hour workload, just because we selected chickens for their affectionate and fluffy characteristics rather than their suitability for our backyard. I highly recommend checking out a few backyard chicken-keeping forums to read up on the work and care necessary for the chickens you have in mind. I wish someone had told me about this before we decided to bring the chickies into our family. Now they are here, though, we love them and would be hard-pressed to give them up. Good luck with your future chicken-keeping adventures!

  7. I love your reviews for this box, I think your chickens are so precious. I do miss Charlie and Will’s arm, though, those characters.

    • Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoy reading about everyone. Will works for a company that is always slammed during the holidays, so his arm has been busy elsewhere, sadly! Charlie is averse to wet leaves and basically a big baby when it is cold. Both should be making more appearances again when spring starts to roll around! I will give them both your greetings! 🙂

  8. I am soooo tempted to jump on the Henny and Roo Home Box. There is a 25% code on the site bringing the price of the box just under 60 bucks with free shipping. I’m trying so hard to be good, but I love the contents of the box!

    • The candle is def. great! I am curious about this box too. Maybe I can see if we can review it.

  9. I want to live on the farm with Chris Soules and have llamas, mini donkeys, and a sloth. #daydreaming

    • alpacas are my goal. and like 384238947 horses…

  10. This is the cutest ever! I could not have imagined chickens would have their own sub box!

  11. I want some chickens and beehives and a mini donkey. Someday …

  12. I love this box. It makes me wish we still lived in an area where we could have chickens.

  13. I don’t even have chickens but I love seeing this review each month!

  14. This is my favorite review. I’ve always wanted a small farm. We have the dog,cat and bunny but wouldn’t mind a few chickens, couple alpacas and maybe a goat or two. Love reading all about your “girls”. That wine glass is funny and now I guess I’ll have to check out their “Home Decor” box.

    • This made my day Katie! I never would have thought that the girls would be so beloved. I highly recommend chickens if you can have them in your area. They are so easy and rewarding, as long as you only have a couple of hens.

  15. I look forward to this review every month, it’s so fun!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Yay! Thanks for reading Ashley <3

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