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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2019 Box Spoiler #4!

We have a new spoiler for the 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box will include:

Eve Lom The Moisture Cream – Retail Value $150


UMA Oils Pure Rest Wellness Oil – $85 Value

Simply apply this oil blend to your pulse points to promote peace of mind — leave the day’s stresses behind and sleep easier than ever. Pure Rest works to naturally relieve nighttime restlessness. All of the brand’s botanicals are grown on a 100-acre meadow, which was carefully chosen for its nutritious soil. Putting your head to the pillow and chilling out will be easier than ever.


Your choice of Alexis Bittar Earrings or Bracelet:

It’s that time of year when adding a little something special to your outfit is a must. Choose between two Alexis Bittar designs — the long leaf earrings or the studded hinge bracelet. Both come in a soft pink lucite that matches just about everything in your closet. We consider them to be timeless classics.

Alexis Bittar Long Leaf Earrings


Alexis Bittar Studded Hinge Bracelet

And the box also includes:

Skin Worldwide Vara Slippers

Slide your feet into these soft, plush slippers when you’re relaxing at home. The machine-washable design will be perfect for the Winter months ahead. Nanoparticles of jade within the fabric lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees, so you won’t get too hot when you crank that heater up. This pair is about to be your new favorite.

Your size choice of Small, Medium, or Large

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $275

Are you going to buy a box? (Check out my review of the 2018, 2017201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (148)

  1. If anyone wants full spoilers (found on reddit):
    Alexis Bittar – Studded Hinge Bracelet (RV: $145)
    Londontown – Lakur Enhanced Colour in Starstruck (purple/grey color with sparkles) (RV: $16)
    RMS Beauty – Signature Set Pop Collection (Bronzer/highlighter/Lip&Cheek palette) (RV: $45)
    Courant – Catch: 1 in Bone Wireless Charger (RV: $80)
    Skin Worldwide – Vara Slipper in Heather Gray (RV: $80)
    Agraria San Francisco – Lavender & Rosemary Scented Crystal Candle (RV: $40)
    UMA Oils – Pure Rest Wellness Oil (RV: $85)
    Eve Lom – Moisture Cream (RV: $150)
    Vital Proteins – Lavender Lemon Beauty Collagen Stick Pack Box (RV: $32)
    Anna – Pedra Coasters, Set of 4 in Natural (RV: $80)
    Godinger Silver Art – Lumina Set of 4 Double Old Fashion Glasses in Smoke (These are still in the box since I will probably gift them) (RV: $45)
    Neiman Marcus Gift Card – $25

    • Thank you!
      That looks like a lot of beauty. I wish there were more home/fashion items. Still excited! Lots of gifts and fun stuff for me.

    • I am very happy! It is way better than I thought!

      I can’t wait for Liz to post about it!


  2. Fedex didn’t have the box yet, they had the tracking num from Tuesday.

    People in the East coast, Fedex received your boxes?

    • I’m in the West coast and my status has been listed as “label created” since Tuesday 🙁

    • Mine is moving… through Cali. Set to be delivered on 12/12.

    • Fedex has my box and it’s moving, but won’t be here until the 12. Dying to see what’s in there!!!!!

    • I’m on the East Coast and my tracking still shows label created.

      • Mine finally started to move 🙌🏻 Will be here on the 16🙉.

        Let’s hope that Hawaii 📦 arrives today 🏡🙏🙏🙏 and we can have spoilers!!!

      • Mine is moving and should be here on the 16th too!

        I want to see what else we are getting! Please give us spoilers. We have waited and waited! 🙏🙏

      • It’s delivered! Heading home now…stay tuned for spoilers!

      • 😍😍😍😍
        Looks like Liz know it and went a head and post the spoilers. I really was more excited for your report than for the oficial one 😅
        Thank you for all your updates though ❤️

      • waiting! thank you!

      • Here it is!

        Alexis Bittar earrings or bracelet $145
        Londontown nail polish in Starstruck $16
        RMS Beauty Signature Set POP Collection $44
        Courant Catch:1 charger $80
        Vara Slippers $80
        Agraria San Francisco Crystal candle $40
        UMA oils $85
        Eve Lom cream $150
        Vital Proteins Sticks $32
        Anna Pedro agate coasters set $80
        Godinger Silver Art set of 4 glasses $45
        Neiman Marcus gift card $25

      • My post with the retail values didn’t port, so here’s another try with just a list of items:
        Alexis Bittar earrings or bracelet
        Londontown nail polish in Starstruck
        RMS beauty signature set pop collection
        Courant wireless charger
        Skin slippers
        Agraria San Francisco crystal candle
        UMA oil
        Eve Lom cream
        Vital proteins stick pack box
        Anna agate coasters
        Godinger set of 4 old fashioned glasses
        Neiman Marcus gift card 25 dollars

  3. I was offered one of these boxes by Popsugar and declined and they are still sending it to me. It’s getting marked return to sender when it shows up.

  4. Received my tracking info! Smartpost California to New York will be 8-10 days but I am EXCITED!

  5. Weight is 12 pounds!

    • I keep checking here to see if anyone’s received it and can let us know what they got!

      • That’s why I’m here too. Hoping someone on the west coast received it and can fill us in while we wait!

      • I am West coast. Popsugar offered me one of these boxes and I declined. Still got a tracking number. It’s getting sent right back.

  6. I just got my tracking. But it will take forever to get to me. It always does.

    I hope Liz will review it now!!!!

  7. Here goes nothing: I got a shipping notification! Let’s hope for redeeming items for the rest of the box. Full spoilers to come soon…

  8. Mine will be here tomm and I’m in Hawaii! There’s gotta be spoilers somewhere…anyone receive their box yet?

    • I received my shipping notification today. So excited. Have not been able to find any more spoilers which is actually kind of nice. 🙂

    • No mine is processing. I am dying to know what else is in it!

    • Me asking google the time in Hawaii hahaha. We need spoilers!!

      • Lol!! Unfortunately it now says it will be delivered tomorrow by 8:30 pm instead of today :(((

      • Ohhh nooo!!! One more day of waiting 🙁

      • Packages all over are being delayed. All the delivery services are massively short staffed.

      • Yes they are in my area. UPS is taking until 8:30 pm to deliver some of my packages.

        And I get packages a lot that are delayed by a day or two.

  9. Is anyone else concerned that there has been zero updates in emails from popsugar in over 3 weeks? I get more updates from a $10 subscription than I do with this one. I came on here to see if there was any new information but nothing.

    • I agree I’ve been coming back to this page just to check for updates.

      • I agree too.

        PS is so secretive. The thing has sold out.

        They will release spoilers when they start shipping.

    • Totally agree! I ordered on 10/10 and nothing has been sent to me about my order. Does anyone know when they might be shipping? I was hoping before Christmas

      • I believe that they said they would start shipping on Dec 6th which would be this Friday!

      • That is the date I ordered mine. Tracking still says processing.

        PS said that they would ship by December 6th so maybe we will hear something soon.

      • I just got an email that mine has shipped. So I’ll wait impatiently as the box makes its way from
        California to Pennsylvania.

      • Me too! It takes at least 10 days to get to PA. Someone please post a list of contents once you receive your box!

  10. I’m right there with you… I just want to see the full box revealed at this point so I know what I’m in for when it arrives.

  11. With the sheer number of people who are cancelling their orders and disputing the charges if it doesn’t get canceled there is no way this box sold out. I have a feeling they just pulled it and it will show up at a huge discount during their next warehouse cleaning sale. Or Neiman Marcus will give it at a huge discount or gift with purchase.

    • Perhaps subscription boxes are not for you.

      Do you have actual numbers to say a lot of people are cancelling? MSA represents only a moderate representation of people who purchase the box/or are lurking with no comment.

      You spend a lot of time berating PS. Too much time actually. If this troubles you so much why do you continue to purchase boxes?

      • Yes I do as a matter of fact. I don’t subscribe anymore but they sent me a Winter box for free not that it’s any of your business. This is an opinion board not just only if you agree with amyr blog.

      • How did you get a free box?

      • They sent me a free Winter box to show my social media followers.

    • People cancelled their boxes left and right. People cancelled the boxes left and right. People are cancelling their orders left and right.

      So yeah, a bit sale is going to be soon. 🤣🤣🤣

    • The spoilers they released made this box a major dud for me. I asked to cancel it and was told it was a final sale. Nope, nothing is a final sale until it is shipped and received…so, after three times of being denied a refund, I finally disputed the charge with my credit card company and voila! I got my $275 back today (two weeks after submitting the dispute)!! I’m so happy. I’ve canceled my renewal subscription and will say adios to this subscription box! I think I’ll sign up for Beachly instead.

      What sucks for PS is that when someone disputes a credit card charge (called a “chargeback”), it has the potential to increase their credit card processing fees since the processor deems them a higher risk the more chargebacks they have. Maybe next time they will learn it’s better to just refund the customer their money – especially on the Neiman Marcus box.

      • Same here, I open a dispute with my credit card and they refund the amount. Bye bye Popsugar!

      • Glad you got your money back too! I don’t understand why some people were refunded – supposedly no questions asked, others were refunded – by lying and saying they wanted to choose a different option…and when I asked nicely (twice, third time I wasn’t nice) they refused. Oh well, got my money back anyway and the experience left me no longer willing to spend my money on this subscription.

    • I (tried) to cancel my order several weeks ago, but they refused, so I disputed it with my credit card company and got my money back. Lo and behold, I get a shipment tracking email today! They better not ship me this stupid box because it’s getting sent right back to them. Never again…this company is the worst. I don’t need this box of junk – I don’t care what else is in it.

      I know someone else (Amanda??) on here had to dispute it with their credit card company also – did you get a tracking email as well?

  12. First they say they are sold out

    Then earring sell out

    Then the earrings come back

    Then the Size M slippers sell out

    Then they say the box is sold out

    Then they say all the slippers except for the M are sold out

    At this point I don’t know what they are doing.

    I am getting the feeling that they are playing games and lying.

    If they are really partnering with TJ Maxx or Marshals then they should not use Neiman Marcus as a partner.

    When will we see spoilers? Probably not until next month when they ship. FFF, Ipsys and RZ spoil their boxes but PS acts like they have something to hide.

    • I like the way Popsugar only gives a few spoilers and leaves a few items as a surprise. It’s more exciting to open this way.

    • People are cancelling their orders left and right as well as threatening to dispute the charges if they don’t get cancelled. No way did this box sell out. They probably just stopped taking orders and will unload it during their next warehouse sale.

  13. This box is SOLD OUT!

    • wow!

      do believe PSMH when they say the have “X” amount of boxes left but then items appear months later in the PSMH website sale

    • No freaking way! They probably just decided to split the rest of the boxes for Thanksgiving warehouse sale.

      • Lol I agree. People are cancelling their orders left and right. No way did they sell out.

      • People are canceling orders left and right. People are canceling orders left and right. People are canceling orders left and right.

  14. I don’t get why they are allowing to cancel the box to some customers and no to others, this is even more frustrating. I hope my credit card solve this 🙏🙏🙏

  15. How were you able to cancel the box? I was told it wasn’t an option :(.

    • I sent an email asking if I could cancel considering this year’s box is different than previous boxes and they cancelled mine.

      • Hmm, I will try emailing them again and this time I will not be as nice.

  16. Confirmed, the exact same cream and size, in tjmaxx $30. In the box if you do the split (at $800 box value) you are paying $51.5 fot it AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙁

    • Exactly! The slippers can also be found for a discount.

  17. I did the same thing – I also get FFF and the slippers look nicer. Tried to cancel but was unable. Hello gifts, eBay, or swap.

    • Ugh…I tried to cancel, but they said no refunds and linked to the Terms and Conditions (which ironically do not mention the Neiman marcus box)….so….I submitted a dispute with my credit card company to try to get my money back. What a waste of $275 if it’s not successfully resolved through my dispute.

      • I did the same. I hope it resolves through the dispute.

    • I think the FFF slippers look cheap. FFF box is terrible. Glad my subscription is done.

  18. The earrings are sold out.

    I think that they are so pretty. They are the large leaf earrings. I believe that there are two sizes of the earrings.

    If we get the Pop Palette and a throw then I will be really happy with the box after all.

    Maybe there will be a snack or hot cocoa in the box.

    Except for that aromatherapy oil and those slippers I mean. I wear perfume and won’t use the oil . I am giving the slippers to an 82 year old lady who lives in assisted living. She will love them.

  19. Ugh! So, I finally purchased the NM box and $460 of the RV are solid ‘nopes’ for me. I was really hoping there would be a ‘wow’ of some kind – but the Eve Lom was the nail in that coffin for me. I emailed PopSugar and had them cancel my order (which they did).

    Maybe next year…

    • Really? They told me no returns or refunds……

      • I would be suspicious of anyone claiming they got a refund. Popsugar has never allowed it before. The loophole is asking them to cancel your order because you changed your mind about the customization you picked. They will tell you to cancel and reorder. So in theory you can just not reorder but if they see enough people doing this they will say too bad you’re stuck with your original pick.

      • I doubt MizzMo (or anyone else) is lying about getting her order cancelled…

      • …and getting a refund for it…

      • I never said she lied. I said it’s unlikely she asked and had Popsugar say sure. People are using a loophole that Popsugar is almost certainly going to close.

  20. These are the only items I would be a little excited about, but definitely not in a box worth $275. I think I have gotten both these items in much cheaper boxes.

  21. Yeah, I think that’s such a strange marketing pitch.

  22. This is my first year ordering the NM box and I’m excited. I really like Eve Lom (and it’s typically very expensive). The earrings will make a great gift, as will the slippers. And the oil sounds nice too, either for myself or for a gift.

    • I am too. And they sell thousands of boxes so people canceling left and right as they say on here are sure nothing a making a dent with the sale of this box

  23. I literally just saw the eve Lom moisture cream at Marshall’s today.

    • crazy! do you recall price?

      the RV is $150 so that leaves about $300ish for 7 more items, it’s kind of strange as what at neiman’s is in the price range no matter how one splits it? confused!!

    • I saw it at TJ Maxx!! I feel Eve Lom was a lux brand about 3-4 yrs ago. Now it’s a box filler. They had this for about $50 and the balm cleanser for $30. Thank you #next

    • I saw it when I went dumpster diving this morning.

      We elderly cat women do that.

      • Lol!

      • I wouldn’t be so sceptical, amyr. I’ve seen Sisley products for $300 at my local Winners in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve purchased Kevin Aucoin, by Terry and La Mer there. I understand that you are upset about having bought this box and not particularly liking it, but accusing people of lying isn’t going to make you feel better.

      • Amyr just accept that you are disappointed by this box rather than being so snarky to everyone else. I regularly see luxury makeup and skincare at my local discount stores that is far from expiration. Sometimes it’s as simple as the box they were in was crushed and the department store refused it. Some brands make products specifically for discount stores.

    • I think Popsugar has been partnering with Marshalls/TJ Maxx on their boxes for some time. Not even kidding – I have seen many of their items in the discount bins there for years now.

      (Nothing against TJ Maxx, love me the Maxx, but not for $275.)

  24. I can’t believe I wasted $275 on this box!

    • I believe you may be able to cancel still. I’m just not thrilled and I’m really on the fence with this one. But they’ve dropped all the big spoilers and it’s about $300 of value left for the other 6 items. Yeah this box definitely isn’t popsugars best!

      • Thanks! I just sent an email asking if that’s an option.

      • Those slippers were beaten with the ugly stick.

      • I emailed them to switch the cuff to the earrings and because they can’t switch they cancelled the order and told me to re-order with my new selection… So you can always pretend to do that if you get any pushback!

      • I messaged them to switch from the cuff to the earrings and they cancelled the order and told me to re-order it with my new selection…. So you could always just pretend you want to change your selection & they will cancel it if there is any pushback haha :p

    • I felt the same way and sent an email with my order number and asked them to cancel since the box has not been sent and it’s still processing. I received an email this morning stating my order was canceled and the charges have been reversed. So, you should be good 🙂

      • I feel as if they really know this box is a big flop. they actually released 4 spoilers when they only have done 3 spoilers for all the past boxes. however I also think that they are reading our comments! good for them because lets be honest the box for the price we are paying could have been curated so much better. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the winter box to be a success though.

  25. The jewelry is pretty MEH, bordering on ugly. The skincare isn’t a real thrill for me — never heard of that oil and I don’t need another moisturizer. The slippers are the only thing I’m somewhat interested in but i’m getting slippers in my FFF box. Pass for me!

  26. I have a feeling that this year is the last time they will do a Neiman Marcus box so they aren’t really trying.

  27. People are actually buying this box? Lol ok then. Just go to beyond elderly lady depot and search the clearance aisle for all these things!

  28. Is it just me that is bothered by a pair of slippers that is meant to lower body temperature so that one can turn up the heat and use more energy than necessary? In an era of global climate change and environmental destabilization I find these slippers to be abhorrent.

    • OMG 😭😭 im crine 😭😭

      • Nope nope nope, not for me but like in years past, some will be ecstatic over the box.
        No need to fuss about it. Opinions are like butts. Everyone has one but better to share them discriminately.

    • Well don’t subscribe lol Not being mean or anything…Just Sayin!

    • It’s just you 🤣

    • I’m less concerned about that and more concerned that if your body temperature dropped ten degrees – as these slippers promise – you would be in severe hypothermia.

    • I know plenty of people who wear slippers in warm weather for various reasons such as hard floors, traveling and concerned about the cleanliness of the hotel room flooring. I usually only use the heat in my home two to seven days a year, so cooling my feet wouldn’t cause me to use more heat.

    • What? No one is increasing increasing their heat just so they can wear slippers lol. Most likely, the concept is that it’s winter time and people *already* have their heat on to keep everyone alive and well. The slippers allow someone to remain comfortable without overheating.

      Besides, it isn’t like everyone lives in a cold climate. This is a great concept for people like me who live in a tropical area. If anything, it’s saving energy here because the AC wouldn’t need to run as cold.

    • I saw it at TJ Maxx!! I feel Eve Lom was a lux brand about 3-4 yrs ago. Now it’s a box filler. They had this for about $50 and the balm cleanser for $30. Thank you #next

    • Yeah, I think that’s such a strange marketing pitch.

  29. Dismal box, sadly.

  30. I wanted to splurge this year because I’ve enjoyed previous PSxNM boxes but never got one. But none of the spoilers are calling my name, sadly. Everything is ok, but I would have to love something to bite. Oh well, hopefully I’ll like the regular Popsugar box. I miss their monthly boxes and holiday specials. That was a much better setup imo!

    • I actually feel the same way! I actually was about to purchase for the first time, but after seeing the spoilers I held off. Nothing is moving me. It’s just ok. But I can’t spend that much money on just ok.

    • Me too! I was so bummed that I missed out on last year’s amazing box. The curling iron, clutch, and speaker more than covered the cost of the box. I ended up being lucky enough to purchase the curling iron from someone. However, I would have looooved to snag that whole box. I was really looking forward to ordering this year’s box — until I saw the spoilers, that is. Just one really great spoiler would have done it for me. Unfortunately, the oil and eve lom moisturizer taking up so much of the RV is a dealbreaker for me (not to mention that my slipper size is sold out). I hope those who ordered this box end up enjoying it.

  31. I’ve paired down my beauty subs. These days I have been spending my money on lifestyle boxes & want good full size skin care included.
    I would love this box and both skin care items if that jewelry and slippers were different jewelry & slippers. Something luxe. Oh well

  32. i would love a sound machine for sleeping

    • There’s a white noise machine in the current Ellen box. I LOVE it!

  33. I wonder why so many boxes are including so much skin care? I get enough beauty boxes for those. I like the other items that I didn’t know I would want/need/gotta have.

    • Same. I don’t want the skincare at all. Hoping the other 7 (or however many) items are not skincare and fit the indulge theme for me. (That is the theme, right?!)

    • I’ve paired down my beauty subs. These days I have been spending my money on lifestyle boxes & want good full size skin care included.
      I would love this box and both skin care items if that jewelry and slippers were different jewelry & slippers. Something luxe. Oh well

    • It costs next to nothing to produce and gets marked up to an insane profit margin just like cosmetics, so skincare is a reliable old standby for these boxes. Their retail value inflates the value of the box, yet the manufacturer can provide them for the boxes at extremely low cost.

  34. Wasn’t there a box that had Bauble Bar looking rainbow jewelry that one couldn’t even get the earrings and necklace? I thought it was this one, but I must confused.

    One year, I received an absolutely gorgeous gold plated with pearl hoop earrings and a necklace. That was a good year. This year, I’m glad to just be a spectator.

    • That is the regular Popsugar Winter box with the rainbow stuff

    • the rainbow jewelry is the regular winter pop sugar box!

  35. i just saw that moisturizer at my local TJ Maxx, if anyone’s really wanting it – may want to check at yours.

    • Let me let you in on why I do not buy anything cosmetic at TJ Maxx (if you did really see it there which I doubt).

      All cosmetic products have a shelf life when stores pull the off their shelves. They are expired products. Then they sell them to those cheapo stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall or Ross or Dollar Store, etc.

      Surprise surprise you have bought an expired product thinking you have a bargain when all you have is really begun or as broken down chemically.

      I see this at Ebay all the time.

      That is why I go by batch codes. There are sites that will tell you date of manufacture.

      FFF also buys a lot near expiration. The Korres sleep mask they sold had 6 months until it was expired.

      Personally I hate this box except for the earrings. I wish I had never bought it

      • That’s not always true for FFF skincare. I check, too, and the brands I buy (Grown Alchemist for one) typically manufacture about 3 months before they go to FFF. Most of their products are good for 3 years before opening.

        If I find any product with a short time until expiration in the box, I chat and get a partial refund. They list expiration dates on almost every product in their sales and the majority are good for at least a year. If not, don’t buy it.

  36. And the size Medium slipper is sold out. Only sizes 5-6 and 10-12 are available. A bit short sighted on their part. No go for me.

    • Same. I was considering it until I saw that the slippers were sold out.

    • They have the size Medium back – apparently, I am not the only one who canceled their order – so, you’re good.

  37. Where are the rest of the spoilers for the regular Winter box?

  38. Um no.

  39. Here for the comments

    • Same!

      • same 😉

    • I brought the snacks 🍿🍪🧁🍰🍫
      N the drunks🍾🍷🍸🍹🍻

      • Pass them down 😋 😂

      • I always bring extras! 🍿🍿🍪🍪🍰🍰

      • Thank you! Cheers to not buying it this year! I liked it the years that I bought it, but never loved it.

    • Yup…this is almost as entertaining as the comments for the “Slut Box”. Please…be brutally honest: we are waiting.

    • Same! This is hilarious that anyone is actually spending 300.00 on this.

  40. Wow! Big sad on me. I ordered this box but also get fabfitfun-

    winter fab fit fun:
    Grey slippers
    Fancy moisturizer
    Smelly stuff- at what1/3 the price?

    And the slippers in fabfitfun look nicer😕

    feel a bit like an epic dumdum at this point. I totally was suckered by popsugar again- I have avoided them for over 2 years but wanted a luxury “surprise gift” this year. Should have known better.

    • I didn’t even know what these were until they’d already sold out last year…I was so excited to try this box, because I loved the fun glam items from last year, but I held off after seeing the first spoilers for this one. I’m sure some will like this box, but for the price, I wanted the sparkly holiday items again…will just have to wait for next year I guess 🤷‍♀️😭

    • I am sorry it’s a disappointment for you, Amanda. I don’t like this box, either. I love the idea of a luxury surprise just like any other guy, but I have looked up past boxes and it’s too much of a gamble for a lot of money for me. So I just spent $300 on one piece of jewelry I really wanted.

      If it makes you feel any better, some items might make great gifts or you can resell them. Of course, we want to enjoy the boxes ourselves, but sometimes we have to make do.

      • Thanks for the pep talk! I needed it🌸 I will try very hard to find the positive in the box- there are still more items to spoil so maybe one of them will be fun!

    • Don’t feel bad. I came VERY close to buying this based on last year’s box. It was amazing! Even previous years before it were much better than this one. I’m so glad I waited. I waited too long last year because it sold out around the 3rd spoiler I think. If the first or second spoiler had been even half decent I probably would’ve gambled. You shouldn’t feel bad though. You couldn’t have known they’d completely drop the ball this year. I hope the last few items are better.

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