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NSFW SlutBox by Amber Rose Review – September 2019

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichOct 21, 2019 | 20 comments

Slutbox Review - September 2019

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SlutBox by Amber Rose is a lifestyle and beauty subscription geared towards sex-positive people (often containing lube, condoms, pasties, and other sex-forward items). It’s $29.99 a month and tends to be a little controversial because of its name as well as some of the items included. While they’ve ditched the loud pink “SlutBox” emblazoned packaging, they still send a curious, random collection of makeup, apparel, and accessories in the now plain brown box.

NSFW – this post may not be safe to read at work due to the name and some of the contents. 

open Slutbox with metallic wrapping coming out

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group of 5 items with slutbox

About this Adult-Themed Lifestyle Box by Amber Rose

The Subscription Box: SlutBox by Amber Rose

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping to the U.S. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle items with a sex-positive flair.

Ships to: The US and Worldwide (an additional International Flat Rate shipping charge may be assessed in checkout – usually $15.00)

SlutBox by Amber Rose September 2019 Review


This may be the most pared down version of an info booklet I’ve seen from SlutBox. It has shrunk from its glorious magazine down to a double-sided single card in an envelope. The front of the card has an illustration of Cher and Dion, the lead characters from one of my favorite movies: Clueless. On the back, you’ll find descriptions of the five items they’ve sent.


SlutBox Silk Sleep Mask – Listed Value $30.00

This is probably the best item of the box this month. I don’t always wear sleep masks at home, but when I travel they are a necessity. I become a high maintenance princess when it comes to sleep and I need complete silence and darkness to be able to relax. This silk mask comes in black and arrives in a branded Amber Rose carrying pouch which is a nice touch. The mask is soft and comfortable to wear, so I’m on board.


SheOrgasms Daily Orgasm Supplement, 4 ct. – Listed Value $8.00

You can buy a 12 ct “sample pack” on the SheOrgasms website for $20 which would have been a better quantity to try out, but oh well. SlutBox has included a pack of four pills with somewhat vague instructions that say you can take any amount from one to all four at a time 1-2 hours before having sex. They’re supposed to “enhance orgasm intensity, increase vaginal lubrication, heighten body arousal and sensitivity, enhance energy, focus, and mood, and increase libido and desire”. That’s quite a tall order, so my first reaction was to down all four and see what happens. When looking at the website, they sell these as more of a daily supplement than a one-time boost, so that makes it even more unclear as to what I should expect. There’s also this disclaimer: “Please note this is a supplement so you may not feel effects on your first time. It may take up to a week of taking daily”. Uh oh. Classic supplement bummer. In the interest of time, I wasn’t able to fully test these out (ahem), but I did pop a couple in the middle of the day just to see how they made me feel. All I can say is that they made me feel “weird”. Kinda like when you take Sudafed and your whole body just feels kinda strange. I get a similar feeling anytime I’ve tried CBD gummies, to be honest. A few hours in, my heart felt like it was racing which I didn’t find ideal. I don’t think these are for me, haha.


SlutBox Pink Makeup Bag – Listed Value $12.00

I guess they had leftover makeup bags from July’s box? A classic SlutBox move is to send an old product that we’ve already received as a “mystery item” but including something we just got the month before last? Sheesh. Perhaps everyone got something different, I can’t be sure. Anyhow- this is a very large bag and holds a lot but it’s not custom- it’s simply unbranded completely. I put a bunch of beauty products I wasn’t using in it and gave it to my friend Megan who has two daughters in their early 20s so that they can enjoy it.


Raeka Beauty Turmeric Lemon Peel-Off Mask, 2.5 oz. – Retail Value $29.50

I’ve received this same product from SlutBox before, but only in a smaller version. It’s nice to get a full-size product in this box, but I wish it was something different since I didn’t really enjoy it back in January. The consistency is a thick opaque gel that comes in what looks like a bottle of body wash. Something about this has a really strong plastic smell that isn’t super inviting to me and prevents me from really liking it since I desire a relaxing spa-like experience with masks. I’m a little shocked at the price tag for this since there are masks out there that are just as much but feel more special.


Appeal Cosmetics Forest Green Gel Liner – Retail Value $21.00

I’ll be honest, I’ll probably never wear a green eyeliner but I suppose it’s more interesting to receive than a black one. This gel pencil from Appeal is quite creamy and was easy to apply to my lids. Once on, it doesn’t actually read too intense or wild, so perhaps I’ll change my mind on the deep green. I am warming to it!

Verdict: Oh, SlutBox. You are such a weird and wonderful discovery each month. This is by far the simplest box we’ve received from them in terms of quantity and sort of “phoning it in”. The duplicate makeup bag that we just received 2 months ago and the full-size version of a peel-off mask I already received and didn’t like was a total let down. The eyeliner turned out okay and the sleep mask was definitely a winner. That leaves the supplements that made me feel kinda amped up but didn’t really make me feel super sexed-up or whatever they’re supposed to do. They were at least a fun experiment and definitely fit the “slutty” theme that this box sometimes completely abandons. The total listed value of this box comes in at $100.50 which seems great for a $29.99 box. Although I could confirm a few of the values of the items online, I don’t personally think that they’re worth that much. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but sign up to get the November box.

From SlutBox:

SlutBox ships once per month, mid-late month. If you subscribed on or before the 14th of the month, you will receive the current month’s box with our regular shipment. If you subscribed after the 14th, your first box will be the next month’s box, unless otherwise stated.*

SlutBox is subject to availability and all boxes are limited edition. 

*NOTE: If you subscribed after our cutoff on the 14th, you may have a chance to be included in a “second” shipment of the current month’s box. (Quantities are limited and opportunity for a second shipment is not guaranteed for all members. Cratejoy subscribers are not included in these second shipments). Members who are included in our “second” shipment will be renewed sometime before the 7th of the following month, in advance of that month’s shipment. 

If you’re confused about when to expect your first box, submit a request or email us at [email protected]

Value Breakdown: At $29.99 for the cost of this box you’re paying $6.00 for each of the 5 items. Going off of the found values and listed values, here’s what you’re paying for each:

  • Sleep Mask: $8.95
  • Supplements: $2.39
  • Makeup Bag: $3.58
  • Peel-Off Mask: $8.80
  • Eyeliner: $6.27

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What do you think about this month’s SlutBox?

"SlutBox by Amber Rose is an inclusive, feminist box, built each month to empower, uplift, and celebrate the fierceness of you (and give you all the tools you need to own your space and make your mark). From beauty, fashion, body, and more, SlutBox is packed with essentials every SLUT needs to fe... read more.
Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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Hi Marne, thanks for another great slutbox review. I am always in awe of your courage, humour and way of explaining sexy things and actions without ever breaching boundaries of good taste.

Back a couple o years ago, I was suffering a loss of muscle mass and an inconveniently low libido, went to the doc and had a blood test that revealed I had 0 testosterone. I am a pretty standard model female but even the most feminine are meant to have some testosterone, apparently. The endocrinologist told me my lack of testosterone was not a problem (for him) but my pharmacist recommended I try tribulus terrestris as a means of building my levels up. I took the recommended men’s dosage for 6 months daily. No improvement in muscle mass, and still far happier watching Dr Phil than the husband. So, did a repeat blood test and still had 0 testosterone reading. My pharmacist stopped recommending it to anyone after that. So, thanks for test-driving the orgasm pills. Just wanted to share my experience with that ingredient (possibly!) in that supplement.

I am now wondering if they are just putting fewer items in the box to decrease the likelihood of ridicule. It’s a bit sad really because I love these reviews, like the be-sexy message and also thought the green eyeliner was awesome. Bring back the fun stuff, SB! Marne has to have more material to work with!


I noticed one of the ingredients in those “supplements” was yohimbe, which has been claimed for ages to be a “sexual enhancer” due to increasing blood flow, which might be why you felt your heart racing. It is also sometimes used in weight loss supplements due to the stimulant effects. I guess the idea is get more blood pumping faster to the genital regions = more intense orgasms? Doesn’t sound safe to take on a daily basis and you’re probably more likely to end up with a racing heart and feeling weird like you did.


Ummm, y’all might want to Google ashwagandha before you take it.


This is just plain weird… I almost miss the pasties.😂😂😂


Dark green eyeliner (Julep box) was the first non-black eyeliner that I was brave enough to wear since it was such a subtle difference. After a while I was able to try different colors and now I change my eyeliner color as often as eyeshadow, even just to add a touch of color to to a neutral tone. I find it as fun as trying new colors of eyeshadow/blush/lips!


Yikes on eating those “supplements”. Beyond the sketchiness of them being tossed in a bag on their own, there is no guarantee what is in those pills. It could be saw dust.

Added to the fact that they are calling the mask “silk” – with no branding. I think this is their worst box yet.


The fact that the “hero” item here is a sleep mask and the “slutty” item in “slutbox” is…four mystery pills in a ziploc with an inconsistently capitalized label is…wow. This really does feel like it’s someone’s literal box of trash.

(That said I’m still weirdly excited to get what is officially going to be the sketchiest subscription box I’ve ever received!! haha)


So where the heck are the rose quartz stones they casually forgot to include last month ? what a FAIL this box is


Considering that 99.9% of supplements are not FDA tested or approved I’d NEVER try these supplements packaged this way. This box never seems to disappoint…on disappointment.


I’m glad you mentioned that. It’s surprising how many people don’t know. So long as you don’t make any medical claims, anyone can grind up a plant mixture and call it a supplement.


I think I have something similar to all of these items, minus the sex pills, in my giveaway bags. I throw everything I wont use or give to my daughter or best friend into bags and friends love to go through and take whatever. No offense to anyone but this is more o a crap box than anything else.


As noted earlier, Marne steps up and takes it for the team. But those supplements are past weird. Quality control seems non-existent. Frankly, I wouldn’t go near them. Marne’s willingness to honestly review stuff will never be in doubt, period. Just don’t do something we would not do.

Marne Orenich

Haha- I am a glutton for punishment! In all seriousness, I probably should be more cautious, for sure. If there really is something I’m unsure about though, I’ll pass but for some reason, I was too curious about this one.


Yeah, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable taking supplements that were just in a little ziploc. At least give me some sort of seal! A blisterpack, something… The mask seems nice, but everything else seems really lame.


I am shocked that you didn’t mention the significance of the change in outside packaging! The fact that it wasn’t packaged in a hot pink box with “Slutbox” emblazoned on it is worth at least $7! Haha!

Marne Orenich

Oh, I mentioned it when it first started happening but then sort of stopped since this is maybe the 4th or 5th one. They teased a new box design a while back but it has yet to manifest…


This is the least slutty SlutBox I’ve ever seen.


Sounds like those “orgasm” pills are just another “natural diet supplement”… And I got a different version of that peel off mask in a New Beauty Test Tube (iirc) and I HATE it! It takes for-EVER to dry.


Haha, I used mine once from the New Beauty Test Tube and hated it. It actually hurt to take off.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.