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NSFW SlutBox by Amber Rose Review – July 2019

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichAug 8, 2019 | 39 comments

SlutBox Review July 2019

2.2 overall rating
33 Ratings | 3 Reviews

SlutBox by Amber Rose is a lifestyle and beauty subscription geared towards sex-positive people (often containing lube, condoms, pasties, and other sex-forward items). It’s $29.99 a month and tends to be a little controversial because of its name as well as some of the items included. While they’ve ditched the loud pink “SlutBox” emblazoned packaging, they still send a curious random collection of makeup, apparel, and accessories in the now plain brown box.

NSFW – this post may not be safe to read at work.

Pink wrapped package spilling out of cardboard box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Group of items around SlutBox

About this Adult-Themed Lifestyle Box by Amber Rose

The Subscription Box: SlutBox by Amber Rose

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping to the U.S. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle items with a sex-positive flair.

Ships to: US and Worldwide (an additional International Flat Rate shipping charge may be assessed in checkout – usually $15.00)

Good to Know: This month came in a plain paper box which leads us to believe that a new box design is coming.

SlutBox by Amber Rose July 2019 Review

It’s that time again, friends. Yes- time for the newest SlutBox review! Love it or hate it, SlutBox still exists and we are still going to review it to satisfy the various needs of our readers. Buckle up for the ride.


Over the past 3-4 months, SlutBox has really seemed to be phoning it in. Just over a year ago when it started, there was a lengthy zine that was undoubtedly the best part of the box, which has since been replaced by a shorted info booklet and supplemental digital SlutBlog. The letter from MUVA at the beginning of the booklet is perhaps the shortest yet and uses the buzz phrase “Hot Girl Summer.”


CocoLube, sample size

First things first: there is a sample of some lube. I know it’s a favorite item of our readers (wink wink), so we can all rest knowing there is yet another new brand lubrication to try out. This one is coconut-based, super slippery, and smells lovely. It’s accompanied by a coupon code and a short info sheet. It’s not included as an item, so we’re just going to call this a free sample.


SlutBox Custom Makeup Bag – Listed Value $12.00

The first item is a glossy hot pink makeup bag that is quite roomy at 10.5 x 8 x 4 inches. The booklet says that it’s “custom” but we all know that that isn’t true. It’s completely devoid of any branding on the outside or inside and is simply a large vinyl bag that is large enough to fit all of your makeup and or travel items while on the go. This bag fits everything for this month’s bag inside with room to spare.


Orange SlutBox Bucket Hat – Listed Value $15.00

Whoa boy, I really dislike this hat. Are bucket hats a cool thing now? I know there are people who can pull this off, but I am not one of them. Orange is also probably one of my least favorite colors, so this was a huge miss for me. As for it being “custom,” I also have to throw a little doubt out there even though it at least has a tag on the inside that says “SlutBox.” You’d think there would be some sort of design or something on the outside, but no. It is 100% cotton though, so it should protect your melon from the hot sun while being easily machine-washable.


Leven Rose Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Retail Value $29.97 (Found here for $11.97)

Although I often see castor oil as an ingredient, it’s rare that I receive a 100% pure version (as well as organic). As it says on the back of the bottle, there are several uses for this product to improve your hair and skin. The consistency is a lot thicker than I imagined and is almost like thin honey. It’s ridiculously hydrating though and as soon as I put (accidentally way too much) on my skin, I could feel the effects. I’m quite impressed with this product and might even take the plunge to use this as a hair mask or on my lashes. SlutBox got this one right!


Perfectly Posh “Dew Me Right” So Soapy Bath Bar – Retail Value $12.00

This soap has such a strong fake cucumber scent that it made everything else in this box smell like it once it was opened. It began to give me a headache so I had to banish it from my office and am just going to avoid it.


Rude Cosmetics Pickle My Face Hydrogel Mask – Retail Value $3.50

I was a little hesitant at the sight of this mask because of the word “pickle” but quickly realized they just mean that this is a cucumber mask. Phew! This is a hydrogel mask which means it’s really jelly-like and comes in two pieces for the top and bottom of your face. It’s immediately cooling and although a little slippery, does cling to my face rather well. I bet it’d be even better if popped in the fridge for a bit beforehand. This mask is a bit on the messy side, but it feels nice on and did make my skin feel moisturized and calm.


Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Highlighter/Shadow/Contour in Iris – Listed Value $12.00

Ah yes, Manna Kadar, the reigning champion of beauty subscription boxes. I could not track down this exact product anywhere but $12.00 seems reasonable compared to their other products. As the name implies, this can be used several ways as a highlighter, contour, or eyeshadow, based on your needs. Iris is a glittery mocha color that I may use as a bronzer, but most likely it will get passed on to someone else. Nothing wrong with this powder, but also, meh.


Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner in Black – Retail Value $22.00

I’m not particularly a big fan of Doucce makeup and view it mainly as a subscription box-only brand, but black eyeliner is black eyeliner, so it’s not a bad choice. It’s just a safe one that has been done a million times. I normally reach for liquid liner myself, but a creamy pencil like this one allows for an easier smoky eye look. I have a ton of black eyeliner at this point, so this will probably get donated or passed on to a friend.

Swatches for Manna Kadar and Doucce products on Marne's hand

Here are swatches for the 3-in-1 powder and eyeliner.


SlutBox T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least, we have the recurring “sexxxxy surprise” which we know to always be an item from a past box. This time, I got the same T-shirt that I received in the very first SlutBox. Whomp whomp. It’s a black boxy tee that says “I AM A SLUT” in bright pink lettering, followed by “of the people, for the people, by the people.” On the back, the SlutBox logo is on the back in pink as well. I didn’t wear the first shirt since it’s not my thing, so getting it a second time is a real let down.

Verdict: SlutBox once again had a downturn for me since last month. With the exception of the mask and castor oil, none of the products this month really excited me. The makeup was not bad at all but also nothing new and the “custom” items were not for me at all. The only thing remotely slutty in this box was the free sample of lube, so I’m not sure what makes this any different than the average beauty box. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’ll probably get August as your first month.

From SlutBox:

SlutBox ships once per month, around the beginning to middle of the month. If you subscribed on or before the last day of the month, you will receive the following month’s box with our regular shipment (around the beginning to middle of the month). If you subscribed after the 1st, your first box will ship the following calendar month, unless otherwise stated.*

SlutBox is subject to availability and all boxes are limited edition.

*NOTE: If you subscribed after our cutoff, you may have a chance to be included in a second shipment (quantities limited and opportunity for second shipment is not guaranteed for all members). Members who are included in our second shipment will be renewed on the 20th of the month, in advance of the next shipment. 

If you’re confused about when to expect your first box, submit a request or email us at [email protected]

Value Breakdown: At $29.99 for the cost of this box you’re paying $3.74 for each of the 8 items. 

Check out our past SlutBox reviews and some of our best beauty subscription boxes of 2019!

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Would you wear the bucket hat from this month’s SlutBox?

"SlutBox by Amber Rose is an inclusive, feminist box, built each month to empower, uplift, and celebrate the fierceness of you (and give you all the tools you need to own your space and make your mark). From beauty, fashion, body, and more, SlutBox is packed with essentials every SLUT needs to fe... read more.
Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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I love this review even though the box isn’t great. That said, I’m dismayed to see a Perfectly Posh item in this box – it doesn’t jibe with the rest of the theme, and this box really didn’t seem like one that would support MLM companies. Sigh.


I agree. Not cool.

Kristin Olson

I have to say I was just on vacation with my 16 year olds and guess what all the rage is?!? Bucket hats! One of my girls would so rock that orange bucket hat!!


*Cackles* You mean, like we did, with the Blossom hats?

Marne Orenich

I JUST heard that the kids are wearing these now! I feel so old and out-of-touch. 🙁


This is prob the worst assortment of a box that I’ve ever seen wow! Thanks for the review thou ; ) that shirt -really ???? The hat it’s soooo bad ! Wow ! But it’s made me interested enuf to go look at the previous boxes I wonder if they can top this one ???!!

Kim Wilson

Annnddd, Sarah WINS the internet!! Thanks for the LOL ; )


Hey Marne if you’re wanting to gift some of the items you dont like; I’ll take them off your hands. I like tacky stuff 😂 I’d wear that hat! haha


Yikes! An orange hat?
Such stark and daring variety for the lube of the month club


Oh and manna kadar too!
Double yikes!


This is really sad, I was one of the people who was a fan of this box initially. I’m queer, sex positive, and live in a city, so I’m clearly more the target audience–as a result, some of the curation of things like the quartz, that seemed random to others here, made sense to me since it was culturally appropriate. However, there were just too many neutral lips and glittery eye products for my style/limited budget and I had to move on, hoping to pick it up later. However, without the gorgeous box (which I turned inside out and used for storage) and the zine (by far my favorite thing), I can’t see myself going back for more repeat items and shimmery eyeshadow/bronzers.

Marne Orenich

Thanks for weighing in, Heather! While I am not the target audience, it’s good to hear from someone who is. I think that they’ve lost their way since the beginning. That zine was always full of awesome helpful info.

Jenni C

That hat looks like it’s made out from a prison jumpsuit 😆

Jessica T

I work at a prison. I will never wear prison orange clothing. 🤮 This looks like something parents get their kids so they don’t get lost at Disney land.


It sucks when boxes are trainwrecks but what doesn’t suck is reading Marne’s reviews of said trainwrecks.


I agree. I’d never subscribe but always read the reviews. Keep em’ coming!

Marne Orenich

Well, shucks! Thanks, Amy!

Michelle Whitehead

Even Gilligan wouldn’t wear that hat!!


There’s no more magazine, the beautifully decorated boxes are gone, and they’re recycling old products from their first box.
I think it’s safe to say the next box will be filled with pasties and sample condoms and they’ll announce that they’re closing up shop.

Marne Orenich

It FEELS that way, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s weird that they teased a new box design like 3 months ago and we still have yet to see it. The updated design dropped the SlutBox on the front and just said Amber Rose, I think.


We so appreciate Marne taking one for the team again!

What bizarro world does anyone live on where a bucket hat – let alone an orange one – is sexy or slutty?

I would love to see the business plan for this box: “Give it a controversial name to hook people, promise exciting sexy products, then a year out, change the market to the granny sexpot set!”

Marne Orenich

I’d say that it’s my “pleasure” but, well, you’ve seen me in the bucket hat.


Love your Ohio shirt!! I live in the Akron/Canton area 🙂


I’m in Akron too!

Marne Orenich

Yea, Lauren! I’m from Cleveland, originally. I LOVE Akron. Was just there last weekend!


Orange hat, neon pink bag, purple lipstick…. maybe it’s all building up to a slutbox clown car pop up?


Julie that wasn’t very nice…you almost made coffee come out my nose! Haha




They probably felt safe sending out the t-shirt from the first box because they figured no one could possibly have remained subscribed that long.


Hahahahahahaha!!! Omgs yes!

Thank you Marne for taking one for the team! I used to love reading this to see what a train wreck the box was (in the good way) and now I have to read to see what a train wreck they are (in the bad way).





A+ review. D- box.


Every time I see this box reviewed I think, why?? It’s getting close to Oreo status.


Nothing says slutty like an orange bucket hat.

Lee Ann

I’d say you wear it naked in bed with your partner for slut status but no never mind I got nothing beyond that.


That said, the hat would go perfectly with a pair of Spongebob Squarepants handcuffs, a Caillou whip, and a Barney tickler.


Seriously, the only person I know who would like that hat is my eighty-eight-year-old grandmother. She is pretty feisty though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

spoon baby

for all of your scooby doo fantasies 😉

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.