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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box: Customization Open For Annual Members

FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box Spoilers Round #2 + Coupon!


We have more spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2019 box!

All subscribers will receive:  

Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler ($23 value)

MakeUp Eraser in Original Pink ($20 value)

In case you missed the previous spoiler, all subscribers will be able to pick one of these five items:

Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65 value)

UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow ($65 value)

Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle ($48 value)

Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set ($70 value)

R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner ($64 value)

What do you think of the spoilers?

We also have the Add-On + Customization schedule for the FabFitFun Winter 2019 box!

Select Access Dates:

  • Add-Ons: Nov. 1 – Nov. 5
  • Customization: Nov. 2 – Nov. 5
  • Bill Date: Nov 7

All Access Dates:

  • Add-Ons: Nov. 14 – Nov. 18
  • Customization: Nov. 15 – Nov. 18
  • Bill Date 2: Nov 20
  • Bill Date 3: Nov 27

Starting this Winter, we will be implementing some exciting changes to make your membership experience more efficient and enjoyable. Back in June, we had announced our Long Term Shipping and Billing Improvement Plan 193 based on the feedback we collected from many of you. We are now excited to share these plans being further put into action.

First, starting in Winter, we will be moving to 3 separate billing dates (previously 2). This change will reduce the average time between billing and shipping for each of the groups. It will also help prevent shipping overlap between each group as we will begin shipping only one group at a time. Select Members will be billed and shipped exclusively within the earliest group.

  • Group 1: All Select. This includes APO/FPO/DPO address which will be automatically upgraded to Select status to honor our Active Duty Military. Stay tuned while we continue exploring other ways to verify Military in future seasons.
  • Group 2: Non-Select Members who purchase Add-Ons or add additional items to their Box during Customization and Non-Select Members who live in CA/UK/AK/HI/PR.
  • Group 3: Non-Select members that don’t fall into group 2.

The second notable change is that we’ll be launching 2 separate access windows for Add-Ons and Customization!

Select Access Add-Ons + Customization window will be exclusively for Select members. If you are an active Select member you MUST customize during this window.

All Access Add-Ons + Customization window will open after Select-Access closes. Non-Select members will have the exclusive opportunity to customize their box during this window. During this window, Non-Select members can shop Add-Ons which will ship with their Winter box.

Please note that while Select members do have access to shop Add-Ons in the All Access window, they may only purchase the specified max of the same item between both sales. For example, if a certain product has a max of 3 and a Select member purchased 1 of the product in the Select Access Add-On window, they would only be allowed to purchase 2 of that product in the All Access Add-Ons. They will also be subject to additional shipping fees because their main order would have already begun processing with the earlier shipping group.

What do you think of the new changes?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code FALL50 to save 50% off your first box! (As of the post publication, your first box will be the Fall box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.


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Comments (95)

  1. Man the customizations were so disappointing to me. Not one thing besides the blanket was I Interested in. Maybe I’ve just been a member too long because it’s getting old . . The Add ons too were the same as always so I just got a mega mystery bundle for the surprise lol. Nothing that really interested me in the add ons though. This is my last one and not renewing. Time to move on I think.

  2. There boxes always have an item or 2 that I’m interested in but not enough to justify the box price. I wish they had a mini version – lol! In the meantime i’ll settle for picking up those few items through various Facebook groups.

  3. Luckily, I did not renew so this is my last box as I have been increasingly underwhelmed by each subsequent box. The customization options were disappointing.

  4. Beverly do u have to get it or can u cancel yours ? I’m not getting this one isn’t worth it all fillers in my opinion

  5. I am so disappointed in customization options for the winter box. There is no ‘wow’ factor and I am finding I have too many masks I haven’t gotten through from previous boxes. There aren’t even options I would like to gift. I miss the variety the boxes used to have.

    • Sorry correction my last comment was for vanessa my mistake

      • I’m not sure, as an annual subscriber, if I can cancel a specific season. If anyone has this answer I’d appreciate it.

  6. Once again their website isn’t working. I log on to access the add ons and can’t get on? I’m not sure why they don’t better prepare for these dates?

  7. A wash cloth? Really?!?! I can get them for $10 for an 8 pack. How is this wash cloth better than a cotton one I get from Walmart?
    I love hai products and perfumes tho. I really want that blanket. I hope they don’t run out

    • It’s not a normal ‘wash cloth’. I’d look up reviews, it’s a pretty fantastic product.
      The MakeUp Eraser doesn’t require you to use cleanser, so if your skin is sensitive, or if you’re not wearing a lot of makeup and don’t want to use cleanser, you don’t have to. It works great for me as a pre-wash helper, and gets most of my makeup off (including eye makeup), without irritating my already super-sensitive skin.
      It’s a popular and effective product.

      • This is the kind of information I need in my life, thank you!!!!

      • Thanks for the heads up ! I should have looked the product up. I just have this fear of wet things left in my shower going mouldy so I use face wipes. I know that’s not good for the environment though.

  8. Winter box is available now.

    • Im AA with course hair. But if you can’t use the product, don’t pick it. Simple. Stick to what you know. I still loves me some FFF

  9. It’s funny how many comments here say they don’t want hair products. Not everybody is like you. I WANT hair products. I HATE face products. Seeing hair products actually gets my subscription and face products pushes me to cancel. So if anybody of importance is reviewing these, that’s my 2 cents on this.

    • Not everyone here is white, Lizzie. Different hair types have VERY different needs. Even for good hair products, one size most definitely does not fit all.

      • How did this turn into a white thing?!!
        All she said was she likes hair products, so do I. I love them. There is NOTHING in these boxes that every single person will want. Someone before mentioned hair care products being too personal. Isn’t everything?? Some like silver, some like gold, some don’t want jewelry. Books are personal, hand lotion is personal, skin care is personal. It ALL is. Some will like, some will not.

      • I’m white but the problem isn’t that “not everyone will like it” here. It’s that pretty much none of the products they include for hair work for black hair ever because it is different maintenance. People have different skin, sure, but it’s not exclusive based specifically on race. Also, the most common type of skin is combination meaning that products will likely work on at least a portion of someone’s face. If they’re going to include products that won’t work for an entire ethnic background then they should be customizable options.

      • Whether you just dislike it or can’t use it, is irrelevant, you still aren’t going to want it. And more to the point, then pass the info to FFF, Lizzie sure can’t do anything about it. But I agree, customization for those additions would be nice.

      • Idk how this turned into a race thing either. But I’m multiracial, curly hair & looooooooove getting hair products in boxes, just like Lizzie, whatever race she is, lol. I am probably going to be selecting or adding that shampoo & conditioner set. And to be honest, it looks like there is something for everyone in this first spoiler round.

      • How do you know Lizzie’s ethnicity?

      • I love hair products and I’m Asian. I must be consider as white then.

  10. How can I sign up for this winter box? I tried on the site but it is only fall!

  11. I am very excited for this box. Everything I am gonna need is in this box and I won’t have to worry about shampoo & conditioner, detangles, etc. I can’t wait for more spoilers.

  12. I was so excited about the first spoiler round (wanted a few of those products, but would only veer get one), but this round is just ok, don’t really need or want either item (the makeup remover is terrible imo, I own one). Need more spoilers.
    Also, I signed up for winter boxes early last year and then felt punished come Black Friday deals (especially with pop sugar), so no hurry

  13. So excited about this! I remember doing a survey that asked us to suggest specific products we would love to see in boxes and I listed Dry Bar Prep Rally! Cool to feel like our suggestions are actually listened to. I don’t use much product in my hair but this is one of my favorites. It’s super lightweight, smells great and is so easy to use. If you aren’t excited about it, I would imagine someone would be more than willing to swap for it or it would make a fantastic gift!

  14. This is the problem with FFF, they should take a few of the items from the first spoiler as items everyone gets in the box instead of having all the good items as choice.

    • It’s deliberate. They want you to sign up for annual. They’re a business after all

  15. Both very useful to me!

  16. I agree that the hair products have been too many lately. However the Prep Rally is one that I use so I’m happy to get it. I’ll be swapping the wash cloth.

  17. Cancelled. That Dry Bar detangler makes my thick hair look super greasy the next day and I don’t need another gimmicky makeup removing washcloth when the plain ones I get at Target work just fine 😜 None of these items are exciting to me which I guess is a good thing – my wallet will be happy!

  18. At first I thought this was a customization option, which would’ve been great IMO, but these are both widely-loved brands and would make great Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers for anyone not wanting to keep them.

    • Wait why are we gifting our loved ones the junk that we dont want lol

      • I make separate custom boxes for my sister and sil each Christmas. It’s made up of sub items I thought they would prefer. And each box is themed (kind of like the old monthly popsugar boxes that always had 1 food item, 1 beauty item, 1 home item, 1 fashion item etc.) They each swear it is the gift the most look forward to each year.
        Sadly, I have canceled most of my subs (will be canceling PS after winter) so I may have to start shopping Marshall’s. But they would be so upset if they didn’t get their customized boxes.

      • Just because it doesn’t work for you personally, doesn’t mean it’s junk. I have box items that I just toss or give away, but some things I pick up with the intent to gift to someone. My best friend and I have the exact opposite skin type, so we always give each other skincare we hate because it works great for the other person. I’d love to have a friend gift me a nice candle, or dry bar product etc. I don’t care how they got it to begin with

  19. I agree on no more hair products. I have curly hair and avoid silicones and drying alcohols. In addition, anything scented causes migraines. My girls still have the Aveda to use from last box!

    As for Makeup Eraser, maybe I get too many boxes but I feel like this has been in many, many boxes already, so it falls flat for me.

    I am trying to be conscious to only get boxes where I use ALL of the items.

    • I have curly hair too! Just curious what stuff u avoid. My hair is so dry and trying new stuff.

      • You should try deva curl. That stuff is amazing.

      • I avoid anything with silicones (-cone), certain alcohols, waxes, anything that would coat my hair and weigh it down. Look up Curly Girl Method, I follow that except I do use a shampoo for curly hair. Plus anything scented. Deva Curl is good if your hair likes protein, but there are cheaper options, it’s fragranced too.

      • I would also give Mop Top a try! It’s a little cheaper than Deva Curl and their stuff is awesome! They also go by the curly girl method so no parabens, sulfates, silicone, etc

  20. This is looking to be a great box. I love both R&Co and Drybar products but haven’t tried Prep Rally yet.

    • Super excited this is in the box. I absolutely love the Dry Bar Prep Rally. It is actually one of two sprays I alternate between. Go light on it if you have fine hair.

  21. I was giving serious consideration to cancelling my FFF subscription as the last two boxes haven’t wowed me like the first 6 did. Plus I was not excited about the Pick this Pick that options over the last few weeks BUT these spoilers have made me excited again.
    I will plan on choosing the Kate Sommerville and adding the R&Co if I can or vice versa.
    I am almost out of my Orlando Pita Play from a couple boxes ago so the Prep Rally will come in handy. I also have the Makeup eraser in my online cart for Sephora so now I do not have to buy it!

    • YaY!!!! Cant wait. Love hair stuff.

  22. Not thrilled by these but that’s no big deal to me – I routinely give what I don’t want to my sons’ girlfriends.

    The thing that’s irritating me: Where are the remaining customization spoilers? They are usually out long before this; I like to plan what I’m going to pick. And we pick in 2 days! What is going on with that?

    • Right? I’d rather know the customization spoilers before add-ons start.

  23. I love hair products! So far so good.

  24. I’m looking forward to cancelling my box as here are 2 more items to collect dust in my closet. I liked all 5 of the previous spoilers (of course) – they’ve been doing this lately, all the best products are in the same category and we’re forced to pick one or pay more (which: forget about it) and then the products we all get are meh. I realize that some people will like these but I will use neither. I don’t think either is fab, or fit, or fun. I’m sick of hair products in this box and I guess the next spoiler will be some cheap jewelry.

    • I agree. Hair products should be a choice not sent to everyone. I have straight hair that only handles shampoo. Any other hair product make my hair oily and flat.

      • I “LOVE” every FLIPPIN’ thing in this box! I’m SO excited! I think I’ll get 2!

    • Exactly, I unsubscribed last week.

    • I hadn’t gotten boxes in the last year and signed up again with fall box as my 1st… NOT EVEN CLOSE to what their boxes were a couple years ago!!! Not impressed at all!!!

    • Almost Exactly me. Was hoping to be wowed. I am not. Watched $10 given out to people who upgrade (Loyalty? PEH!).
      And canceling after this box after YEARS.

  25. I resubscribed! This box looks amazing!

  26. Okay, FFF. I re- subscribed. 😂

  27. Hi, just to clarify, if I want to sub, is tomorrow the day to ensure I don’t get the heinous fall box?

    • I went there today and it still said fall box, so I would definitely wait until tomorrow.

      • Dang, these spoilers are making me wanna re-sub! Not gonna do it unless all of the other spoilers are this good too, though.

    • By far the worst box ever!!! Why do you think it’s all over the internet for $24.99!!! Scarf was only decent thing!!!

  28. I wonder how well the detangler works on wigs?

    • It works if it’s human hair

    • If it is human hair, not extremely coarse & well taken care of I’d say you could realistically expect average results. I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed to add a bit of something more heavy duty for some tangles. However, it should help blow drying & styling results. Not sure if that makes any sense, but hope it helps! I personally love it on my fine yet thick hair that is mid back length.

      • Thanks. These are synthetic wigs but she uses detangler and hairspray on them so hoping this will work too.

  29. I Like!

  30. I’m excited to get both of those. I still haven’t made up my mind which one to pick though in the choice. Looks like I’ll be getting at least two.

    Has anyone tried that shampoo and conditioner? How is it for curly dry hair?

    • I would look on their website and see what the recommendations are the duo. Have you tried Deva Curl?

  31. Totally, I agree!! I have in my profile preferences that I do not want hair care products, last month we all got the aveda which I appreciate many were likely stoked about but this is two boxes in a row with hair care items I won’t use – wish they would put more generic items (housewares, candles, etc) for the items all subs receive.. expectations lowered

    • Just an FYI, those profiles don’t actually mean anything for your particular box. They use the aggregate information collected from everybody to make decisions on what to put in the box as a whole. It’s really misleading. But putting you like or dislike hair products on their won’t actually affect what they put in your box in less the entire community says they don’t want hair products.

      • That makes sense.. a bit frustrating but meh, what can you do?? Can’t please everyone, of course. It has been a slice FFF!

  32. Yay for the makeup eraser, but boo to the detangler. The Dry Bar products has one of the strongest scents, so not good for anyone with severe allergies or migraines.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I have chronic migraines and avoid most scented products. The stronger the scent; the longest lasting scents are definite no go’s for me. Even if I love the scent, my head rebels.

      • I have chronic migraines too and odors are usually a big trigger for me but weirdly Dry Bar products do not trigger my migraines and I love the scent. Obviously everyone is different though😊

    • I get drybar products just because I love the scent, but if you want something unscented you may want to gift this one and make someone else very happy 🙂

  33. I was so excited for the blanket from the initial spoiler but this one is disappointing for me, I don’t use hair products with silicones in them and the first two ingredients in the drybar spray are alcohol based, which is so drying for your hair! Sad panda that these are the products all subs receive, will have to wait and see what the other spoilers are but I think I might have to pass on this box… 🙁

    • Where exactly do you see alcohol?? The first ingredients are water, two humectants, a silicone and then fruit oils!

      • Anna, my mistake you are right it was the two ingredients after water I was looking at, from what I can find these are both alcohol based. But if there are any chemists out there please feel free to enlighten us! Regardless, silicones are a hard pass for me I stopped using 3 years ago and my hair has never been healthier. Wish we could swap out these two with some of the cozy options from the first spoiler!

      • I’m with ya there! No SILICONES in my hair and it has been a game changer!! My hair is so shiny, zero frizz and is growing at a much faster pace (I think it’s just less breakage).

  34. Yay! I already know who I’m gifting the dry bar to! Happy to see a makeup eraser too. If I don’t keep it then it will be a great gift for my friend.

  35. Omg yes!! I’m about out of mine!! Looks like I will have alot of add ons 🙂

  36. Why are the hair products never as a customization but always sent to everyone? I have straight hair that gets oily with anything except regular shampoo. I washmy hair 2 to 3 days a week (shower daily). Yet FabFitFun sends me hair products for frizzy hair or products that will oil up or flatten my hair in every box. Just put them as an option so only people who want hair products get them.

    • I have straight fine hair and use this dry bar product every time I wash my hair. If you don’t need a detangler though you probably don’t need this product.

    • I have fine, straight hair and I can tell you that this one is practically weightless and smells fresh.

    • I agree – I have curly hair and don’t use silicones or sulfates …hair products are too personal!

      • Sulfates give me sores and SILICONES kill the health of my hair. I’m reading lots of folks do not want hair products over and over but they keep slipping them in.

  37. Do Add-Ons open at noon EST?

    • For annual subs: Tomorrow 9am pt, which is 12et I believe 👍

  38. Best. Box. Ever!

    • I know, I’m so excited. I can’t decide if I’m going to do a couple add-ons or get a whole other box. Thinking I might just have to get a second box.

  39. I won’t use either of these. But at least one zi haven’t seen yet where as the makeup eraser too many times. I am sure many will be happy to see though.

    • At least it’s a full size makeup eraser.
      A lot of people like Drybar. I don’t spend much on my hair. I use all the samples and never have to buy anything.
      Usually we get more choices. Hum

    • I’ll get it when it’ll be 50% off 😅

  40. Omg so happy about the Drybar Prep Rally spray! I have this in a sample size and have been making it stretch forever! It smells amazing and works! Love Drybar products! Makeup eraser is meh but whatever, can never have too many makeup remover cloths IMO because you can’t reuse them so I have a lot that always rotate through the wash!

  41. Okay…. Still not mad at this. I had a bad experience with the sample of that makeup eraser so I’m hesitant about that. But hopefully the full size is better since it’s stitched around the edges. I can’t use detanglers as I have silky hair anyways and it makes my hair impossible to work with, but not a bad product since so many people have dry hair in the winter.

    • I wish they made hair products options and not send to everyone but only to people who choose them. I have straight hair that is never frizzy and obly handles regulae shampoo. Any conditioner or hair products makes my hair oily and flat. Yet FFF overloads me with hair products i will not use. Just annoying. They need to realize half the people dont have frizzy hair .

      • It would make a great gift literally getting it for just a few dollars! Who knows you may like it?

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