Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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rachel zoe box of style summer 2019 spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the Summer 2019 Box of Style!

Here are the full spoilers:

rachel zoe box of style summer 2019 spoilers

Summer is all about travel, friends, and relaxing outdoors. In terms of style, that translates to effortless essentials that can be worn with everything in your wardrobe. From a versatile crochet bag to on-trend lucite earrings, every item in this edition is intended to make you feel glamorous and carefree.

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Machete Kate Hoops in Opal or Tortoise – $44

“Summer calls for playful earrings. This of-the-moment lucite style comes in a choice of opal or tortoise and looks great with everything from a caftan to jeans and a tee.” xo RZ

  • 1.5″ in diameter.
  • Stainless steel, hypoallergenic post.
  • Made in Italy with Italian Acetate

Missoni Home Rufus Terry Beach Towel – $220

“My love for Missoni runs deep. I never have a pool party without draping every piece of outdoor furniture with my extensive collection of Missoni Home towels. It’s a dream come true to be able to share this obsession with you.” xo RZ

  • 63 x 35.5″
  • 100% cotton
  • Made In Portugal

Danielle Nicole Macramé Handbag – $100

“Crochet is a huge trend for summer. The wooden handles on this lined bag are beyond chic, and we added a cross-body strap for versatility.” xo RZ

  • 21 x 11″ (Handle and fringe included)
  • Braided 46″ crossbody strap
  • Hand crafted in India

Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hr Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel – $24

“People underestimate the power of eyebrows, they literally transform your face. This gel keeps them in place flawlessly.” xo RZ

  • Invisible-finish suited for all brow colors
  • Strong, flexible hold
  • 7.0 mL

Glo Skin Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 40+ – $38

“SPF is a must year-round but particularly during the summer. This hydrating moisturizer is oil-free, lightweight and boasts protection of SPF 40.” xo RZ

  • Lightweight with broad spectrum protection
  • Cruelty-free (PETA Approved)
  • 1.7 fl. oz.

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  1. I bought almost the same towel (same design/different colors) at Nordstrom Rack for $45.

    • That’s where I saw it! I think that was the price for a bath towel but still.

  2. I don’t know how I did it…..i don’t know how I survived…..Was it God? …..Was it inherent survival instincts, I just never knew I had? Or was it just sheer, unbridled defiance in the face of another “you cannot do this”! But alas, I did! I Did! Today, I said “No more”! I stepped out of that shower, and I swatted my arm blindly through that wall of thick steam until I found what my senses recognized to be my favorite lump of 100% ring spun cotton in the shape of a towel. I clutched it in my palm, drug it from the bar and crammed it into my wet face before moving clumsily through the motions of pat, pat, , rub, rub repeat. I stood there….. dry and basked in the glory of yet another successful shower experience when the reality of the situation hit me like a Mac truck. My head felt dizzy, my legs like jelly l, I steadied my balance by grasping the edge of my sink and taking a few deep breathes iiiinnnnn….and ooouutttt…. I felt a warm calm wash over me and I stood there, naked, but NOT afraid with this limp, eggplant colored, ball of damp cotton in my now dry hands and I said to that ball of cotton thread with the wonder of a child………” But, you only cost $7.99″?

    *Moral of the story* Prepare to have your mind blown.

    An $8 towel works the same as a $200 towel. But a brain that buys an $8 towel doesn’t necessarily work the same as a brain that justifies buying a $200 towel.

    • 😂😂😂😂 that was awesome.

    • Prolific…truly prolific.

    • LOVE THIS!!!

    • You had me on edge! Love it

    • I read your comment to my husband and he couldn’t believe I didn’t write it. It sounds exactly like something I’d say. I LOVE your sense of humor, Dani!

    • hahaha! Love it!!!!

    • Haha, thank you! . It dawned on me “I have too much time on my hands” more than once while typing it out but in the middle of a slow work week a chance at a good laugh always wins over good time management.

    • I hope you are a writer… that was simply awesome! I feel the exact same way, but my words would have never been put together so effectively. That sums up my thoughts on this box… all I could come up with was “ewww… a $200 f***ing towel. R u serious? Mmph…savin’ some coin on this one. Thank heavens for MSA spoilers.”

    • Some people are brand snobs

    • ROFLOL

    • 😂😂😂

    • I read this comment to my husband too and he was like well you can buy the box cause I don’t want you buying it @ full price. He said it will be my special towel. I can’t find any real reviews on the towel but excited to give it a try

      • Actually I bought a few really discounted on Rue la la. A brand name clearing house. Great deals.

        Any how the towels are very soft. I am a soft snob.

        But I don’t know about the rest of the box?

        I liked the scarf from the spring box. Which is all I really wNt.

    • That has to be the FUNNIEST review that I have EVER read. Whoever you are, you should quit your job and become a writer (if you are not already doing that for a living). Thank you for that hilarious review, it made my day!

    • Love it 😀. I needed a laugh today.

  3. The cost of that towel could feed a family of 5 for a week.

    • I know, right!? A $220 fricking towel? Come on!

    • I agree! Plus for a $99 box I would really hope to get more then 5 items. Most of the retail value comes from the towel. Sorry but I would not pay over $20 for a towel.

      • That’s what really bothers me, only 5 things… More is better in this case!

  4. I’m thinking about resubbing. I really want the towel. The earrings are cute too. Don’t think I need the purse though, and the beauty items are fine. I feel like there should be one more thing here for the price, although the towel is super bougie.

    • I bought the EXACT same earrings at Target last week for $10

      • I doubt the Target earrings were made in Italy.

  5. If that’s style, I’ll be unstylish with pretty things.

    • this 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Pretty sure my grandma has those earrings.

      • My thoughts exactly! 🙂

        And the “crochet” bag is actually a macrame.
        Macrame is basically tying knots, no hook of any kind is involved in the process 🙂

    • RIGHT??!!

  6. I love that there is finally a purse in this box that is on the casual side. I hope this goes on sale.

    • I have no doubt that you will get this for a much better price if you hold off. The earrings can be purchased at Walmart, by most likely the same Chinese manufacturer. A dupe of the towel, in quality anyway, can be found at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. The purse, most likely at Walmart or the previously mentioned stores. The brow stuff is clear, so grab yourself an inexpensive tube of NYX at Ulta. The other stuff, never heard of the brand, so NO.

      • Yeah I am definitely not paying full price for this. But people seem to hate it and the spring box went on sale for fifty, and I do like this box fifty dollars worth for sure. I don’t honestly doubt I could get all this even at Walmart for fifty dollars. Even 75 is might be hard with the sunscreen. Right now I pay 15 for the sunscreen that I use, a drugstore brand of brow gel will cost 10, the earrings, what, 15?, beach towels at target are going for 25ish, and the purse, maybe 20? Yeah even if I’m high at 85, I do think these items are better than what I would find at target. I would be on the fence at 75, I would go for it for 50.

      • The earrings are made in Italy—not China. So they’re going to be better quality and without the guilt of sweatshop labor. And if you consider the value of the box ($426) and the price ($99), you end up paying $10 for the $44 earrings 💁🏻‍♀️

        • I wear lele sadoughi and her earrings run around $150-$300. They are made in China. Therefore, these earrings in the Zoe box are a great deal!

        • and without the guilt of financing a communist regime as well. That’s actually one aspect I really like about this box–all of the items are not made in China.

  7. Ummm…I don’t get it. Obviously some people love this box, but cheapo-looking plastic earrings, a tacky purse that I wouldn’t be caught dead with, and a 200-dollar towel? Puh-leeze. If you’re into 200-dollar towels, then I guess this box is for you. Otherwise, I won’t lose sleep over it. I’ll stick to FFF.

  8. I like the Missoni towel but I bought one at Century 21 for $50. The bag and earrings are not my style. I want to like this box but it just isn’t right for me. Glad others love it.

  9. Based on the reviews, I might be one of the few people who dislike many of the items in this box. The bag definitely isn’t my style, regardless of how great the brand is. I’m glad everyone else is so excited for it, though!

    P.S. – Someone please post comments on the towel once you receive it! I’m dying to know how a $220 towel is so different from a regularly-priced towel! Does it moisturize while it dries? Does it wash itself? Does it convert into a beach umbrella or tote?

    • Lol! That’s an insane value for a towel.

    • It’s Missoni. That’s the reason. There are loafers and then there are Gucci loafers. There are bags and then there are Hermes bags, etc. Missoni is a very high end label. Granted, I’m not sure the craftsmanship that goes into a towel, but Missoni is a high end label known for their crocheting and vibrant coloring.

    • “Does it convert into a beach umbrella”?! I just spit my drink out!! I’m crying!! 😂😂😂

  10. This is the first box in awhile that I love each item! Look forward to this box! 💜

    • Me too! The towel is fantastic! I LOVE Missoni!!!!

      • The towel is amazing some people here have never had an expensive high quality towel or they wouldn’t be so negative. This is always a high end box. I really wish people who had bad things to say would keep it to themself. I wouldn’t go on a fabfitfun review and say. Look at that cheap junk you can get in a 99 cent store. I wouldn’t want to be rude to all the people who live 99 cent junk:)

  11. I love this box!! Missoni is super luxe. The bag is super fun and on trend (and Rachel loves the 70s— luckily I do too!). I think the earrings will be cute and I’ll use the skincare/brow gel. I’m a happy subscriber! 🙂

  12. LOVE the towel and the bag, though I would probably trim the fringe a bit. The brow gel is on the boring side for a cosmetic, but useful. Earrings are fine, and I’m always down for a good SPF moisturizer. Seems a lot of people aren’t familiar with Missoni, but it’s very much in line with Rachel’s overall aesthetic. I do miss the inclusion of an “insider” stylist item like she included in the earlier boxes.

    • I think this sub box is heavily geared to her aesthetic, which I love! It’s definitely not a box meant to please everyone, like fff is. I always find it strange when people complain that they don’t like the particular style of items in a certain box- Rachel has always been all about macrame, hoops, and Missoni. That’s her thing! Why do people always expect things to be tailored to their own personal taste? I’m not a fan of Pusheen so I don’t subscribe to that box or read the spoilers, it seems like common sense, but I guess it isn’t to some people.

  13. Love love love! I’d never shell out $220 for a Missoni towel, but in a $100 or less (coupon codes) sub box?!? Perfect! That’s fancy and amazing quality, as well as the iconic Missoni print.

    Love that bag…again, prob wouldn’t buy it but I’m gonna rock it! Benefit brow products are always great. I’ve never been disappointed in her skin care additions and many brands have become favorites (Tatcha, Osea.) Love the earrings as well. I’m very happy!

    This is totally Rachel Zoe’s style. All of her boxes are. If you’re not a fan of the prints, or boho chic, or sunglasses, or the jewelry, then maybe you have a different style. I order this box for HER curation, not for mainstream, universally liked, practical items. This box IS Rachel Zoe to perfection. And that’s what I ordered. Yay! 😊🤙

    • I agree 100% with you. If you don’t appreciate and/or like Rachel’s style, then this is not the subscription box for you.

    • I agree. I am very excited for this box. I enjoy that the pieces and products are not what I would choose and will rock them! It is a nice way to update my look in unexpected ways.

  14. This is a great box for me, I’ll use everything and I loved that you could “add on a second box” I wanted both earring colors and having 2 of the Missoni towels will be great bath towels for my boys! Love the box!!

  15. While I’m excited for some of the items in the box, I feel like Box of Style is getting really repetitive. How many towels does one person need? And Benefit Brow Gel? I used to love with Box of Style would introduce me to brands I hadn’t tried or ones that were more high end. I do always love the jewelry and the bags, but it is beginning to feel like repeats after repeats in different styles.

  16. Oh man. I love it. Hope a coupon.

    • There is a coupon right now that is for 25 off. I used it last night and was able to make a choice on the earrings. I dont know if it is ok to post code but Google around.

  17. This box looks like its curated by an old hippie, except for the sunscreen that kills fish that peta approved. Is Rachel Zoe losing her touch? I expected edgier selection from her.

  18. I need to dig in the attic and find the macrame purses and plant hangers I made 😂. But seriously, who wants to relive that?

  19. Could you show us the crossbody strap on the bag?

    • If you go to the Box of Style website and click on the pic of the bag you can also see it there. It’s a long braided strap. Very cute.

  20. The 70’s are back baby!!! I absolutely love this box! Plus everything just goes so nicely with the white beach coverup from last Summer’s box. That Missoni Home towel is EVERYTHING! I have a few Missoni Home items already so I already know the quality and how expensive they are. To receive one of these items in a sub box is amazing! I’m so excited!

    • I am 😍 IN LOVE 😍 with this box! Finally, a trendy LINED purse that’s crossbody and perfect for summer! Please send quickly—I cannot wait! In fact, im considering ordering a second box to get my hands on another towel and the second color earrings. So far, I have loved all of the nicer earrings in my RZ boxes. SO happy with this box!

  21. My god, did Jesus sew that towel? $220? Sheesh! Pretty good box though.

  22. Absolutely love this box! But I can’t afford it right now (nor do I want to pay $100 when Spring was half off yesterday). I am a big ole hippie so it’s not surprising I like the non beauty items. I am also over the moon that there is nooo yellow gold! That is a huge win in my book.
    The Missoni towel is the first towel I have seen offered in a sub box that actually looks like a real thick towel!
    For once I’m glad to read that a lot of ppl don’t like this (or are fed up with CS) so there’s some hope for a cheaper box lol

    • Here’s hoping you can get it at a deep discount on it! Maybe along with a new subscriber gift. Personally, I don’t love or hate the spoilers but I love hearing about when people are excited for a box <3

    • I admit I had the exact same thought 🙂

  23. This is actually a great box even if not really my style. The Missoni website has towels very similar to this one for $252. The purse is beautiful and on trend just not my style mostly because of the fringe. Earrings again not my style if I went to purchase but I could probably use the cream ones when part of the box. Same with brow gel, I wouldn’t purchase but would probably use occasionally when part of a sub box. Oil free moisturizer with spf, I’m sure most of could or should use that. The towel alone is more than half off Missoni retail price so I think this box is a great value. The only reason I’m not super excited is it’s mostly not my style but that’s on me, she can’t suit absolutely everyone every box.

  24. I actually like 4 out of the 5 items in this box! The only miss for me is the Benefit since I tend to ignore my eyebrows. But maybe it’s the one thing I actually need. LOL Of course I don’t need a Missoni towel but it sure would be fun to have. And the bag is definitely outside my comfort zone but I’m intrigued! So glad they’ve skipped the “one size fits all” synthetic cover up this year.

    • I’ve actually just started using a brow gel and I love it so I’m looking forward to this one. It makes just enough of a difference on my face that I notice something looks better, but I’m not sure what.

  25. It’s actually comical to include a $220 beach towel😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t take this seriously

  26. A lot of mixed reviews on this box it seems. Just goes to show how different box subscribers are. Personally, I’ve been following this box for a while and this is the first one I would actually consider purchasing – but only if it goes on sale, and if the past is any indication it eventually will. Maybe not the most exciting items, but I would use every single one of them. I like good quality, practical items. Although I probably wouldn’t use the handbag for it’s intended use. I’d likely hang it on my wall and store stuff in it. It looks like one of those knitted wall hangs that come in a lot of fair trade centric boxes. Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out. I don’t want to part with $100 for it (my FOMO isn’t that strong for this), but for $70 I can see myself grabbing one.

  27. Woah mama! Hold the phone! A TOWEL! Seriously, what gives. At least there aren’t any sunglasses and this will probably be the only Missoni piece I will ever be able to afford!

  28. Oh my gosh I need this box, I’ve been a Missoni fan for years! Hoping for a good coupon.

  29. “I never have a pool party without draping every piece of outdoor furniture with my extensive collection of Missoni Home towels.” This sentence is so beyond pretentious. Bananas.

    • A $229 towel,I died.

  30. *Italian* acetate feels like somebody is trying too hard!

    • Lol, that’s what I thought at the *beyond* chic wooden handles

  31. Sweet Lord, NO.

    Can someone tell me WHY that towel is $220?!?!

    • The same reason a white t-shirt can cost $800+ with a designer label in it.

  32. This is the first box of style in a long time that I’ve really wanted. Got the coupon yesterday for the spring box for $50 and still couldn’t bring myself to buy it. But this one is amazing and super on trend. Love it!!!

    • Send me your coupon!

    • Hey there how did you get the coupon I can’t find one anywhere and I’m signed up with them if you could let me no I’d really appreciate it

  33. The first BOS I’ve wanted absolutely nothing from.

  34. I love the bag & the earrings. The brow gel & the towel make it a miss for me. Didn’t missoni have it’s day some years back? I wad so excited & now let down.

    • You might be thinking of the Missoni for Target line from 2011?

  35. Well, Missoni does nothing for me, and none of the rest excites me either. Phew! Easy pass.

  36. Does anyone have a discount code? I didn’t use the one I received yesterday, and now it won’t work. I really want this box.

    • Danielle Nicole posted this discount code on their Facebook page: DANIELLENICOLE25 for $25 off

      • Thank you!

  37. @Liz – how thick is the towel? In comparison to the PSMH towel? Thanks!

  38. I’ll definitely get the box if we can get a sweet discount deal on it!
    Love Missoni, the bag is on trend, the rest is OK. 😉

  39. Sadly missing the WOW factor this box used to have. The bag is super cute but everything else is just ok. I already have earrings like those, the brow setter is not a must. I miss the good old days when this box was truly amazing. I was looking froward to resin scribe but not for this box.

  40. eh…

  41. Glad I cancelled. The bag looks nice but that’s about it. I already have earrings like those, a sample of the brow product ( that’s I don’t use) yet another towel, maybe the glo product but other than that…. totally missing the WOW factor this box used to have. So sad.

  42. Wow. This box makes Spring look amazing. For me, anyway.

  43. Too 70s looking for me, gonna pass and hope for a classic look Fall box.

  44. Not worth $100 for me. Pass

  45. Books looks great except for the chemical sunscreen. Octinoxate are Octisalate are terrible for you and even worse for the environment, unless your goal is to kill fishes and reefs.

  46. Doesn’t look like a bad box to me.

    That Glo brand is actually pretty nice from past Beautyfix experiences.

  47. Am I ready that the beach towel is $220???? Are you fin kidding me?!

    • Seriously. Completely ridiculous!!

    • Right? A towel is a towel… Easy pass!

  48. That towel looks like the blankets my grandma used to crochet for us when we were kids…the pattern just looks super old fashioned to me.

  49. Ummmm Liz Missoni is made in Italy not Portugal. Looks like a knock off or a cheap “exclusive “

    • The Missoni hand towels sold at Neiman Marcus are made in Portugal. Maybe this is just where they manufacture their linens?

      • Oh ok thanks Lauren. Disregard what I said then. They used to be only Italian made.

    • Missoni hails from Italy but the towels were made in Portugal. Actually all the best towels are made in Portugal. I would be concerned if the towels were made in China. Do you actually think that all products are made in the same country a company is based in?

  50. I don’t believe it! I’ll actually have to get this! Maybe even 2!
    Awesome box.

    • I know, I literally said, “MISSONI TOWEL?!” outloud as I was looking at these spoilers! Amazing! 🙂

      • Yes! 🥰

        • I love the towel too. But, I wish for 220, that was a Missoni throw, not a towel. But obviously, that would be a lot more. And throws are out of place in a summer box.

          The way I look at it, I love the bag and the earrings, so the rest is a very nice addition. But do I want it all enough for 100$? That is doable for me, but not every quarter. I actually need a nice pair of sunglasses. Perhaps, I should trade the towel for some classic sunglasses. Just thinking out loud.

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