Oui Please Volume 4.4 Box Spoiler #5!

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We have a new spoiler for the Volume 4.4 Oui Please box! (Thanks for the heads up, Cathleen!)

Each box will include:

Discover the newest Fifth Sense Lingerie Swimwear Collection this Summer. This one-piece swimsuit features seam details at the center front tie and adjustable straps on the back. Ready for the French Riviera? Value: $100 USD

Customize your box here.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Payote timeless espadrilles are made in the south of France with the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship.

The Passionate people, natural materials, handcrafted processes… At Atelier Aliénor, we like finding beauty in authenticity.

These authentic French espadrilles are handcrafted in the South of France. The sole of the espadrilles are made of jute thread and recycled textile fibers.

The striped cotton canvas, entirely hand stitched to the sole. Discover the different colors! 

Customize your box here.


Focusing on simple, intuitive shapes and the use of authentic materials, Bachca Paris crafts innovative and long-lasting hair and makeup brushes and accessories that simplify – and elevate – your cosmetic routine.

Discover in your June Box, this beech wood brush is crafted with nylon pins that easily detangle hair, while gently massaging the scalp. MADE IN FRANCE


A tender and delicate combination of flowers, timeless and graceful. Delicately hand enameled, each Les Néréides Paris jewel represents little scenes we could imagine in an untouched and flowered garden. Each piece is unique.

This Summer discover the atelier’s latest Dazzling Discretion collection, the poppy flower bracelet. Each piece in the collection is hand enameled, 100% made in France, and brimming with imagination and charm.


The skin is a living organism that needs to be properly nourished. Its needs change every day and are influenced by seasons, your environment and your life rhythm. 
To meet each skin nutritional needs, Codage Paris has created “Nutri-Elements”. Inspired from the Periodic table of elements, these cocktails of active ingredients work synergistically to best answer a specific skin need.
SERUM N°03 is a genuine elixir of cellular replenishment, especially formulated to detoxify and restore brightness to lacklustre skin. A concentrate of active nutrition, this skincare quickly erases signs of fatigue and revitalizes skin.
The Concentrated INTENSE MOISTURIZING body milk is an ideal ally for dry and sensitive skin. Its formula is highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid, which has plumping and moisturizing powers, and is enriched with shea butter and baobab oil for intensely nourished skin. Suitable for all skin types.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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  1. Shipping notification on the 9th. Still no movement on my box. C’mon now.

    • Same here. I want to love you Oui Please, but you make it so hard!

    • Same for me. Sent them a note yesterday, haven’t heard back yet.

  2. I want to give Oui Please some much deserved praise. Looking at the spoilers for most of the major subs, Oui Please has knocked it out of the park from a curation standpoint. There is variety, quality, and no beach towel!!!! (As of yet)

    • Yes, it must be hard to provide choices (different colors and sizes) like these for a sub box. Much praise if they can pull something like this off!

  3. Well, I may be in the minority, but I think this swimsuit looks really trashy. The idea would have been lovely if it had been a different style. But aside from the lack of coverage (hello nipples!), the cut is unflattering and cheap, and it will look pretty bad on almost everybody. Plus how can you possibly wear an unlined swimsuit? Swimsuits are supposed to be thick so you can swim comfortably, this one will be impossible to wear in the water. And the brand is… Turkish!? Go figure. Maybe it will work as a summer bodysuit, for people who like that kind of stuff. I’m bummed about this one because the other spoilers looked good.

    • I don’t think there is anything trashy looking about this suit, and I’m curious to see how it ends up looking on as I also don’t agree with the assessment it will look awful on everyone. No swimsuit is a fit for all. I personally like the details and will hold off judgement until it’s here. We all have a different vision of trashy? Either way, at least it’s an original curation 😀

    • Other than it being unlined, I don’t see how the cut is “trashy”….. it’s a one piece, and conservatively cut at that….were you wanting 1920’s bloomers? I do wish it were lined.

      • To me it looks very flimsy and cheap, what can I say 🤗. The combination of spaghetti straps and high bikini cut makes it very 80s looking, straight from a Duran Duran video (trashy for me, surely not for others. De gustibus…). Either way, I suspect it will be unwearable, especially the lighter colors, which are cute but without lining will be too revealing. But perhaps I’ll be plesantly surprised when it comes.

    • My only complaint is the limited sizing. As a L/XL (American), there is no way a L (Euro) will work for me. It will be up for swap.
      That aside, I thing the curation is wonderful this month.

  4. Very pretty. I’m not so sure I can wear one of the bright colors since they are not lined and look like they don’t conceal anything….. guess I’ll have to settle for black.

  5. So glad I don’t sub cause they don’t offer a plus size option.

    • Even their xl is like a US medium.

  6. Not for me, but I appreciate it as something fitting for the sub.

    I’ll get it in a size that will fit my daughter and continue to be the awesome mom I’m always trying to tell her I am ;).

    • Great idea. I will give to my granddaughter and hopefully she will continue to think I am awesome (at 12 I am still lucky to have that status).

    • Same here. Will never fit me but will look great on my tiny daughter just like the underwear did.

  7. ehh if the suit is so thin that while dry it shows your nips, navel and the gusset in the crotch I can’t imagine what shows when wet @[email protected] Looks kind of cheapy, the men’s Oui please swimsuit also looks plain and low end, maybe they are going for super minimalist idk. The rest looks nice, I do wish the pink bicolor shoes were a choice though.

    • Wonder what it would look like if your arms are relaxed as well.

  8. This is such a fun box and actually a cute suit that would probably work on many different body types. But I seriously doubt they are offering this in a size that would accomidate a busty US 14/16. Has anyone heard more about the sizing?

    • When u go to their website to customize it has a size chart.

  9. That bathing suit will look terrible on most people. Even the tiny model has to put her arms up on every front pic to make it seem smooth. The average person has a little more meat on them and everything will show with that bathing suit. And let’s not talk about her breasts. As a 5’9″ woman who wears a size 6 pant and a 34DDD bra, I wouldn’t fit in this suit at all. The torso wouldn’t be long enough and the top part wouldn’t even think of covering my chest. And on top of all that, it doesnt look like a lined bathing suit. Thanks but I will pass.

  10. forget the nipples, I’m a lot more concerned about the stomach and other every little bump etc showing thru as it does for the model in a DRY suit. Imagine what happens when it’s wet. The box still has good value, but I suspect the espadrilles are either not going to fit or fall apart very quickly. I’m glad Oui please is really trying although after my past experience I could not bring myself to try them again.

  11. That bathing suit isn’t even flattering on their models, let alone a regular body.

    • This suit would be more flattering on a curvier figure. The models hips don’t fill it out.
      My hips wouldn’t fit at all but I think my size 12 bff would rock this in watermelon

  12. Just signed up, this box looks INCREDIBLE

  13. I stopped with Oui Please due to all sorts of issues, but this box looks uh-mazing.

  14. Ugh. Every time I go ahead and customize my box and then wham! They come out with another item that needs to be customized! I wish they would just hold off on the customizing until everything is revealed.

    Still – fantastic box.

  15. Anticipating a backlash regarding sizing in 5, 4, 3, 2,1…..

    • ☝️

    • I was more thinking…if the model’s nipples are poking out like that, there’s no hope.

      • Seriously. Maybe one summer but as a nursing mom I’m pretty sure my DDs would be indecent in this swimsuit, even by French standards 😂😂😂

      • Bahahahaha – THIS!!!

    • I’m really struggling to figure out a size…can anyone help? Looks like it runs small?

      • The size charts show sizing in different choices than we have as choices.

  16. I never liked this sub, but I’m seriously impressed with this season. Everything in this box I can see myself using. The serum is kinda skeptical, but mainly because my skin is extremely sensitive. Depends on how the ingredients look I may gift it if to one of my sisters.

  17. Wow. I’m seriously impressed.

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