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BoxyCharm May 2019 Spoiler #4!


We have a new May 2019 BoxyCharm spoiler thanks to boxycharmsneakpeek! (If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The May box will include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Some variations of the May box will include a Milk Makeup product.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio – Retail Value $22

The Colorette Blush Trio is available in three shades:





GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser – Retail Value $28


First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream – Retail Value $34

What do you think of the May spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you sign up now, I believe the April FOMO box will be your first box. Click here to see exactly what you’ll receive. (Also, it looks like Boxycharm is doing a FOMO box every month for new subscribers, so to get the regular May subscriber box, you would need to start a subscription in April if you don’t already have one.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Blush is so on trend! Drag for girls is out and natural is in. If we could only get those social media ppl to quit whoring out to every brand and teaching girls and bois that we need 20 products for a cute look that would be great. But they only get their freebies if they teach club makeup for day looks. Too bad. I’m not buying it and I’m not watching their videos anymore.

    • I agree, make-up these days is crazy ridiculous. From an artistic point of view, yes it is beautiful when they are done. However, do we really need 4 layers of product on your face let alone the blush and highlighter and so on. I keep toying with the idea of starting a channel dedicated to nail art, DIY projects and classic makeup looks. Simple, pretty, and easy without needing to have 24 products on your face at once.

  2. Mac Factor is still available overseas. I import it. A lot of new makeup is crap compared to the good stuff developed in the 50s.

    • I love Mac Factor, I still have a lot of their lipsticks. Too bad they dont sell it here anymore. I buy their product at duty free when I travel internationally.

      • Max Factor powder is fantastic. It’s the original base and setting powder all in one. Too many women are terrified of older formulas or anything with a scent but will wear 60 layers of primer, concealer, color correcter, foundation, etc. OMG just put some powder on your nose and get on with the day. Max Factor powder is my shield against the world.

  3. Blush palette is the worst item ever ! I have found I have a plethora of blushes and have narrowed it down a few I use. So my teen gets that. I’m not excited for a thing. But it happens

  4. I just saw in instagram that the blush palette is a variation item, you’ll either get that or the milk makeup blur stick. So all the spoilers so far a variation items.. kind of annoying not knowing ANY of the items are for sure..

    • I am so disappointed with the May box. I got variation 1 with the cleanser and the blush palette. The blush palette is so underwhelming I can’t even say. I receive constantly Red Lipsticks which are useless for me because I can’t wear red. My beauty quiz said pink preferred. I would be happy with the coconut Creme and a milk stick, but I am always on the short stick of the end, get wrong colors and low quality, tired of all the YouTube influencer getting the high end value items, and when I open my box the way off. I will cancel my subscription.

  5. Larena, Interesting and odd have two very different definitions. They are in fact not interchangeable. Words are used to convey thought. If you are going to attempt to be a SJW word police, please at least look in a dictionary first. You may have a right to your opinion, as Courtney does, however, you have no right to tell others how they must act or speak. Courtney, you said nothing wrong, and you are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions.

  6. I am so excited about the Alamar blush palettes. Whichever of the two lightest I don’t receive in my boxy, I’m going to buy on my own. They’re so beautiful and I love supporting a Latina owned brand.

  7. I actually love Boxycharm, I have canceled only because I have so much. I have this thing about not throwing something out but using it, and also opening up 1 thing at a time, and completely using it. I see so many complaints and that is your prerogative, but I personally think that this is great for 21.00 and have no complaints. I like this box have been wanting to try the glamglow. The blush palette is a miss for me, as I use my lipstick or gloss for blush, that way it is a perfect match. I may sub this month. I just don’t understand the moaning and groaning, I never dreamed I could get quality products at such affordable prices. Sometimes I see people on her complains and it really calls it home for me how spoilt we have became.

    • Agreed! I don’t think most people realize how hard it is to curate a box that will please EVERYONE. As a makeup lover, I’m grateful for anything I get and I love trying new things.If I don’t like it, I can sell it or give it away! If I am continually dissatisfied, I’ll cancel!

  8. I am not too fond of this box or June’s box. I’m not interested in blush or skincare. I prefer eye palettes, lippys,brushes etc. I’m pretty new to Boxy and I’m trying to build my makeup collection. I cancelled for June’s box. If I see something down my alley in the future, I’ll resub. 🙂

  9. If I don’t get my right color this time according to my quiz answers I will be fine with boxycharm and boxyluxe. I’m not wasting any more money as a women of color on makeup in these boxes that don’t pay attention to my color scheme.

    • Done with not fine with them

      • Exactly. I got the darker variation of that CoverFX palette & I really was only able to use the highlighter which was a shame.

    • Me neither! Always wrong colors and lower value products! When contacting Boxycharm about that I got an apology that’s it. I’m so fed up. You get so exciting about each box and then you get low quality.

  10. How does everyone feel about blush palettes back to back months. In June we are getting the tarte one right? Errr..

    • i have way too many highlighter/blush pallets, im almost 30, i just dont do the highlighters, i prefer more of the natural looks, i wish we had more of a choice, like substitute these highlighter palettes for nail polish or facial cleansers and moisturizers. what are some other good boxes to try? any recommendations?

      • New Beauty’s Test Tube. Bi-monthly w/ magazine subscription. Averages around 25 per month. I’ve received full size products (most are full size) from pricey names like Pericone as well as organics and a bit of makeup. Love it.

        Personally, my second Boxycharm 3 month subscription just renewed, and looking here…just sick of clown colors. The last eye pallet was simply garish. They get 3 more boxes to change my mind.

  11. I hope to get a milk product but I don’t know what the ratio of some is… sometimes it’s a majority or half and half…other times it’s like 1/10 of people.

    I also don’t really want the cbd stuff. It’s still so new and under-researched in my opinion.

    • CBD is not new, it’s just newly trendy, which is both annoying and good. Good because it brings awareness to a very under recognized plant compound and annoying because of how many people are trying to make a buck off of it and creating sub par product. I became a huge fan of CBD when my grandma was diagnosed with lymphoma 5 years ago. I did a ton of research on it and began implementing it into my life. I make my own balms and such for topical pain relief and also take it orally for anxiety and depression relief (and other things too).

      I have mixed feelings about CBD skin and beauty products for a few reasons.
      1. The CBD I get is organic and triple independent lab tested for purity. Cosmetics and body care does not have to go through any rigorous testing and the results do not have to be posted on the products. I don’t really like that.
      2. The amount of CBD contained in most of these products isn’t going to make much of a medicinal difference. The dosage will simply be too low to get the therapeutic effects.
      3. The mark up is insane. The amount of money you will spend on makeup and beauty products containing CBD is crazy when you compare it to how much you would pay for a small container of pure CBD isolate (think a markup of 100x or more)

      CBD is amazing stuff and I really hope this new trend doesn’t ruin it/bring down quality/give it a bad name when people are expecting to see miracles (which they aren’t going to get from the beauty product version of CBD).

      • What CBD brand do you use? I’m interested in organic CBD 🙂

  12. OK just to clear this up …. I was not stating that men wearing make up is odd. I was not stating the model was odd. I was not stating using men to model make up is odd. I was not subtlety condemning anyone or making any form of comment on the issue what so ever. in fact I explicitly said I have no problem with men wearing make up so please take all your hate judge mental Ness lectures and your rants and direct them elsewhere. If you read an insult or offense into my comment that’s on you . I explicitly stated my opinion and I meant exactly what I said. For all you know I am a man wearing a glorious full face of make up right now!

    I was stating that was an odd choice of a photo to use to advertise a contouring palette because I personally can’t see the contouring shadow underneath the facial hair NOT making a judgment on the man wearing the contour. Good for him! Great for him! Self expression is a beautiful thing and expressing yourself and embracing your beauty through makeup regardless of gender is wonderful! Some of the most beautiful models I’ve seen are the men in the MorpheMe spoilers and I envy their skill with makeup and aspire to do half the job they do! That’s all that’s it nothing more nothing deeper nothing to infer or get all twisted up about. I was not making any form of value judgment whatsoever about the content of the photo!

    Can we all go back to bashing boxy now instead of me?

    • I am older, I must admit it will take a while for me to get use to men wearing make-up. Why are we always bashed now a days for simply stating an opinion?

      • Me too Shari. It is shocking a bit. I am sorry it is. I haven’t seen it and I live in Vegas where anything goes.

    • Courtney, I am with you 100%. I thought that it was “interesting”, mildly said, advertising cheek product where your cheeks covered with hair. One thing is to watch Jeffree Star, another thing to watch guy trying to apply blush over his facial hair LOL.
      P.S. I know, I know, I should not laugh, but cannot help smiling over such “interesting” thing.

    • I agree 💯 and I’m not trying to be hateful or anything but it makes no sense to use a model with facial hair for this

  13. Well that took a turn.

  14. Did anyone else receive an email from boxycharm about a week ago asking if you’d be interested in CBD products. And to fill out a survey. Thinking the variant will be one of the Kush items

  15. Not happy about that blush!!! I’m pale and cool toned orange looks awful on me and it’s all orange! I’m so unhappy. For three months the very sent the worst colors for my skin tone!!!

  16. I was so hoping we would be getting both skin care items which I personally would love. They spoiled them first so it looked like we would get both but now it is either or. Sadly disappointed. I do not need another black mascara or black eyeliner for a long time. I also have more pallets than I know what to do with. Do not get me started about highlighters. How shimmery can on woman be???

  17. No FOMO here.

    I don’t want any of those. So glad I canceled.

  18. It IS weird for me to see men putting on makeup. That is my opinion and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. Y’all shouldn’t care about what I say either.

    • I get you.

    • I don’t mind guys putting on makeup, but the facial hair just makes it odd.

  19. So let’s just say the box comes with a blush palette and the rest is a surprise… we used to get three definate items and two varies now it’s one and four varied… pretty soon it’s just going to be Russian roulette with this box

  20. Will we actually get the blush palette for our skin tone? With the cover fix one I got the wrong one for my skin tone.

  21. If they hadn’t already charged my card, I would have cancelled this month. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t wear blush and I am getting on in this box AND the boxyluxe next month. I can think of waayyy better boxes to spend $50 on and not get crap I won’t even use. Like seriously done, too many mascaras, too many blushes and not color matched products to me. I just can’t do it anymore.

  22. So the Milk product you could possibly receive will be a variation within the variation…

  23. Translation : influencers will receive a milk makeup product.

    Subscribers will get something ridiculous from jonteblu, starlooks, doucce, etc.

    • Exactly.

    • 😹

    • True that

    • Hahah!!! So sadly true

    • So true 😂

  24. So FINALLY we get a newer and much more exciting brand (I LOVE Milk products)!
    Oh but wait…only a select few will get it. This IS Boxycharm after all.
    THIS is why Ipsy Plus is trouncing them. Only a limited number of variations, they’re all quality items, and most you can add on if necessary. And of course their ability to customize not just one, but several items from every box. Oh and then there’s the superior customer service…
    Sorry Boxy maybe if you’d thrown EVERYONE this bone you might have begun to restore your relationship with your customers and started to give Ipsy Plus some competition. But this half-a**ed stunt that’s mainly just for show on social media (mainly to attract more customers by possibly misrepresenting what they’ll be getting) is honestly an insult to those of us that have been sticking it out for years, particularly since they started Boxyluxe, and waiting for them to work out their growing pains and start treating all customers fairly and like we’re actually valued. If this was supposed to be a part of that they failed miserably since not everyone will get one. If it was just to reel in new unsuspecting customers, it’s probably a smart (albeit somewhat misleading) move.

    • I don’t want to sound ungrateful because for $21 bucks it really is a good deal considering I can gift the items I won’t use and part of the fun is looking at all the stuff in the box since there are variations, but…I am full up on blush, highlighters(soooo many highlighters), and black eyeliners. Is this happening with anyone else? I’ve never opened the drops or used the wander beauty blush/highlighter from Dec. Luxe beyond swatching. I wish they’d include another spongelle.

  25. Yeah I really hope I get the Milk product I hate blushes and I don’t even know the brand

    • Everyone is getting the blush palette. The brand is owned by a former Boxycharm employee. So far her products have been very good. Hopefully this is good too.

      • I don’t care for blush palettes TBH I never owned one tell recently I actually found the lipstick or gloss your using on your lips makes for a beautiful matching blush.

  26. So in other wordS, A few select people will receive milk make up and the rest of us will receive a brown Ofra or Smashbox lippy or a jonteblue eyeliner or butter mascara.

    For all of you concerned about the FOMO box…I resubscribed in April for one day after being canceled for three months and they sent me the regular April box not the Phil mobi I resubscribed in April for one day after being canceled for three months and they sent me the regular April box not the Fomo box So it seems like they have it worked out if you’ve ever been a subscriber you will get the regular box

    • For the fomo box you had to be a new subbie meaning an new email. I got it. Always read the comments and small print.

    • That is what it said on the main page when you subscribed in April. Any new subscribers would get the FOMo and previous charmers would get April box . Same thing with this month. New charmers get fomo and precious ones will get may

    • The FOMO box is ONLY given when that months box is sold out. So my advice would be if you want to sub or resub and avoid getting the FOMO then try to do it at the beginning of the month before they sell out. Or wait until the very beginning of the next month (1st) I’d like to say just email boxy and check first BUT you can’t trust them AT ALL bc they could sit there all day telling you one thing but then turn right around and do/say something totally different! So good luck with that lol

    • LMAO This string is hilarious. I live in a very liberal section of the country where LGBTQ+ are accepted and welcomed as everyone else, and there’s zero controversy over men, women, or gender neutral people wearing or not wearing makeup. To see that this is still an issue amongst some people both amuses and saddens me.

  27. Box is looking to be pretty good. I hope that I get the Kush Mascara. It’s AMAZING.

    • That would be awesome(!), because I totally spaced on getting that mascara during the Sephora sale last weekend. I was right there too at the Milk display, but what happened is what always happens with me… I got distracted by newer (to me) things. I discovered that Milk had a Kush mascara primer and lip balms, so what did I end up getting, and not getting??? You guessed it! 😀 I thought about going back to get it, but I’m going to be good and let that one trip be the only one I make during the sale. I figured I’d just get it during the next sale… if I remember. lol

  28. I went to there ig page hoping to find a code the other day before there was spoilers. I just wanted the skin care box so I figured I’d sub just for that reason. But honestly I dont want to see dudes putting on makeup!

    • I am not bothered in the least by it. Wear make up if you want to wear make up.

    • Are you just jealous that he does it better than you?

      It’s 2019. As long as its not hurting anyone, who cares what others do 🙂

      • Exactly! And historically some of the best make up artists have been men. Anyone remember Max Factor?

      • I can bet that a lot of people on here forget that Max Factor was even a makeup company, let alone one that was started by a man.

      • Yes….and it was the best makeup in the 70’s….I miss the 70’s…

    • Makeup is a form of self expression, and people of all sexes should be able to enjoy it without judgement. Props to Boxy for showcasing the fact that we are all human and being inclusive.

      • Exactly, Brittney. :o)

    • And people should be allowed to express their opinions without being criticized or attacked for it. Agree or disagree on the substance.
      I couldn’t care less if a man wants to wear make up that I do find the picture oddly amusing having a man with a beard putting on blush or bronzer when the entire purpose of sculpting is hidden by facial hair 🙄 Seems odd

      • Allow me to introduce to the fabulous world of bearded queens! Some of the finest carving, strobing, flexing you will ever see.

        And frankly, humans, all humans have facial hair. Whether you wear it or shear it shouldn’t be a factor in your makeup choices. Scultping happens all over….

        Odd, weird, strange could really benefit with being replaced with interesting. If it’s new to you, let it be interesting. Odd, weird, strange are implicit with the onus of otherness and wrongness. We can do better than ostracize those who are different from us. We can not like it, that’s totally cool, but subtle condemnations errode the beauty of personal expression.

      • well now, that’s just being nitpicky. Someone saying the word “odd” in NO WAY is a “subtle condemnation”. It really gets tiring when people look for reasons to be offended. Courtney in no way “condemned” a man for using makeup. Maybe re-read her post again.

      • How would you feel if someone called you odd? What if you were oddly amusing?

        Using words like odd, strange, or weird when you see something that is new to you is a gut reflex. One that can be altered to reflect more openness to new ideas. Altered to being flexible to the parameters that frame your world. That reflex needs to change. “Seems odd” needs to be replaced with “that’s new to me” or “that’s interesting.”

        No one should be made to feel mildly amusing or odd. Let alone for something as simple as putting on blush. Whether or not she (Courtney) cares, the subtle aggresion of it being odd and amusing is the issue. That’s not nitpicky that’s reframing your worldview. Until we all learn to embrace new things as new and not threatening it’s going to be a long haul.

        It’s easiest to begin with small changes. This is one of them. Strive for interesting not odd.

      • People call me odd all the time. I AM odd. I’m weird. I love it.

        I think you really need to grow up

      • It wasn’t a social justice issue comment … it was a marketing comment…🙄 it’s fairly difficult to form an opinion on a contouring shadow under a 5’oclock shadow unless you happen to have X-ray vision hence why the picture is an odd choice for the item.

      • Apparently you missed the entire portion of my post that said I have no problem with men wearing make up or selectively chose to ignore it . That’ll teach me to form an opinion and Share it!

      • NOT a value judgement about The content of the image…

    • If it bothers you, just think of it as a person putting on makeup. It’s a face, what difference does it really make in the grand scheme whether it’s a man or a woman’s face.

    • Why not?

      • Larena, in response to your earlier”statements”, perhaps you could rephrase it to “in my opinion” or “I think”. If what you have written are indeed facts could you cite your sources? Let’s all agree to disagree and not be offended by others’ viewpoints. Thank you, ladies or gentlemen.

    • I agree with you.

    • I love seeing men express themselves with makeup. Why should women have all the fun?

    • Some of those dudes do beautiful makeup and are a total inspiration! I say live and let live and if you don’t want to see it, just go on to the next thing. The world needs to support the differences of people and I love that makeup brands are now including men! How dull it would be if everybody was the same.

    • Wow really? It’s 2019.. maybe venture out from that rock you’re living under! Traditional gender roles are a thing of the past.. 🙄

    • Heather expressed her opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. At the same time men have been wearing make up probably longer than women: warriors with face paint, 17th and 18th century dandies along with wigs. Fashion trends come and go, and many women don’t wear make up like myself. What to me is offensive is when we critique and criticize others’ opinions.

      • Oh, and Courtney expressed hers. I lived in the Soviet Union for a year, that was enough for me (as in toeing the part line).

      • “party line”

    • Why do you care if a guy is putting makeup on? It’s his face to do what he wants with it. People get online and say things that, I’m guessing, most would not say the same things in person. Words can hurt. I was raised that if I had nothing nice to say, say nothing. Of course you are free to your opinion, but have you ever met or spoken to a man wearing makeup? I’ve met and talked to drag queens and found those I talked to to be very open and accepting of all people. It would be nice if everyone tried being more open minded. With all the real issues in the world, a guy putting on makeup is the least of my concerns.

  29. If I get the Milk product, it’s sure to be a black mascara or eyeliner so I just can’t get excited about it

  30. Not happy that only some boxes will get Milk product. All the YT beauty influencers will get them while we all get a crappy product variation.

  31. I was considering going back for May until I read about the “FOMO” box. So before I can sign up for a box I actually want, I have to pay for a box of leftovers? No, thank you.

    • If you use the same email that you used before you canceled you shouldn’t get the FOMO box

  32. Sigh. In six months I have gotten maybe five items I actually use. I’ve given most of them away. Thankfully this is my last month.

  33. Cant wait i just hope i dont the coconut im highly allergic to coconut alot of the products i get on boxycharm so is awesome really love it

  34. Ok, boxy, I’m back, take my money for the very last time

  35. I feel like Boxy and Ipsy GBP are going to go balls to the wall trying to beat each other out in the coming months… and I am here for it. Send it all my way! We don’t have to choose lol

    • Boxy has gotten better for sure, but GBP is bringing more of the popular brands. I’m totally with you on this, let em duke it out.😂 I’ll just sit back and reap the rewards.😊

    • Omg I have always loved boxy but my GBP has been killing it! And my regular glam bag as well! I got face hero this month a 25$ mascara lip pencil illamasqua toykyo milk lip gloss and a wander beauty palette. The skin care has been epic w/gbp! I got murad face serum $85 last month!

  36. “SOME variations will include”.. some being the key word there… typical boxycharm… good luck ladies!

  37. Wow, I’m impressed. I would definitely subscribe if I didn’t just hate Boxycharm CS SO SO MUCH.

  38. I just re-subscribed. I couldn’t resist the Alamar palette, and I’m hoping for good variation luck 🤞🏻

    • I would have had to really consider doing that – if it was the newer Alamar eyeshadow palette. The blush one, nope.

      • I’d prefer the eyeshadow, too, but the two Alamar products Boxy has sent so far have both been great.

  39. i vote kush mascara by milk makeup 🙂

    • same ! or any Milk Kush product

    • I agree! I’ve been wanting to try that!

  40. This box looks great. I’m excited to receive it.

  41. Omg I’m so excited!! Not one product is ‘meh’, that Alamar blush palette is looking at me since its launches, I’m sooo happy that it’s included in this month box!!!

    • I have the light alamar blush trio…it is amazing!!!! I cant stop using it! I am hoping for the medium in my box!

      • If you’re aiming for the medium, I suggest changing your skin tone to medium in the beauty quiz, if it’s not already.

  42. Finally a new product… But figures its in “variations”… Please let me get that box!!!!!

  43. June is my last month with BoxyCharm

    • Yup! Me too.

    • Well I hope you guys have received your April boxes I’m still waiting s for mine, that was supposedly sent back because of the wrong address and they keep saying they will send me April’s box but not tracking number! Oh but they didn’t hesitate to charge me for May! I want a refund for both April and May! This is bs

  44. I got excited first, then i saw “SOME VARIATIONS will have Milk”. I have two more boxes left and I will be done with this bs.

  45. Milk as a variation brand ? Man I really hope the Box with it in it !!

    • Lmao

    • Oops, meant to say I hope the box I get has the milk product in it !

  46. So everyone gets a stupid blush palette to match the dozen other blushes we’ve gotten, but only SOME people get the milk product?! Come on, boxy!

  47. BEST BOX EVER!!!💄💄💄💄💋💋

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