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BeautyFIX June 2021 Box – Available Now + Full Spoilers

BeautyFIX June 2019 Spoiler #3!

We have the third spoiler for the June 2019 BeautyFIX subscription box exclusively for MSA readers!

Each box will include:

Colorescience – Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-On Shield SPF 50 in Medium or Fair


NIA 24 – Age Recovery for Decolletage and Hands



COOLA – Mineral Liplux SPF 30 in Skinny Dip, Bonfire, or Tan Lines

What do you think of the June BeautyFIX spoilers?


BeautyFix is $24.95 a month.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (84)

  1. Huh the subscription option is totally removed from the website. Am I missing something?

    • I agree. I was waiting for the box to be available and now it’s not an option. What happened?

      • It will show up in the next few days, this happens pretty often with Beauty Fix.

  2. If I sign up today will I get May or June? I really want June box. I’ve bought the Colorscience power at Costco before and I really like it. I wonder if it’s the same size? Anyone have codes for first time subscribers?

    • There are very rarely discounts for BeautyFix (like once or twice a year). If you ordered right now you would get May. Wait until the June box shows as available on their website (I would guess June 2-4).

  3. 😥😣 very fair here. I don’t get tanned in the summer either.

  4. I am so glad I found this box, been subscribed for 3 months now and I love it!!

  5. I’ve been waiting for this powder!! So excited. Definitely getting this box.

  6. I’ve been really wanting that powder. Guess they sucked me in

  7. Looks like a good box and Spf is life, but sadly my budget is limited and video game x beauty collabs only come once in a blue moon.

  8. REPEATS! C’mon Beautyfix, are you taking cues from Birchbox???

    Soon they’ll be increasing their price, too….WATCH!

  9. Not dissing everyone’s spf needs…but we got the exact same two products last year. At least change it up Beautyfix!

    • I’m not complaining about the repeats!

  10. So far this is a repeat of last year’s box, but that’s fine with me. Love it! The powder goes on lighter than it looks and I use it as a setting powder rather than the main sunscreen like I do with my Supergoop.

    • The Nia is a cream instead of a sunscreen, which is fine because that Nia sunscreen was really drying. It doesn’t budge though so if you don’t want to burn ever that stuff is great.

  11. Liz, is there any confirmation on the size of these items?

  12. I’m so excited for all of these and it would be a great box as is. But there will be more products. I would love a bright 💅🏻 and a hair product.

  13. Does anyone know how they determine which shade you’ll get? I can’t remember if there’s a quiz on Beautyfix.

    • I don’t think so

    • Seems to be random since I don’t see any personalization

      • I wrote and asked – there is no customization. It’s random… which seems like a bad idea, especially for two light shades.

  14. Loved this product last year, but I need to see sizes before I subscribe.

  15. I agree I’d take the medium since I do enjoy a little color in summer 🙂 I’m not baking my skin so I wrinkle but I like a touch of color 🙂
    Just don’t know how they know which color to send to people :/

  16. Got this last year and absolutely loved it. So happy to get another this year! You can remove the brush to wash it, too! Beautyfix never fails me 🙂

  17. Finalllly…. Here we go!!! After skipping the past 2 months, Im back!!!! I hope the medium is not too light, in the summer people are tan so they should at least have a 3 shade range instead of 2. Maybe a light, medium and tan. Nobody is really a fair in the summer.

    • I am. I am always fair. I don’t tan. I live in Minnesota and wear sunblock when I go outside. I think a lot more people are worried about skin cancer than used to.

    • Ummmm Some of us are actually.

      I am a natural redhead that goes from wearing Porcelain foundation/powders in winter, to my lovely tanned shade of Fair in summer. So while I do get some color, I never get beyond Fair, but at least I am not translucent in Summer as I am in Winter.

    • I am. It’s called caring about skin cancer and skin damage. Sunscreen every morning.

    • That’s not true. I’m the same color year round because I always use a ton of sun protection. I’ve had skin cancer six times and I’m only 37. I’m not taking any chances and I recommend others don’t either because losing chunks of your face is miserable. I regret every tan and burn I’ve ever gotten and I don’t even have any wrinkles. I don’t look like I have had a lot of sun damage at all, according to my dermatologist.

      • So sorry to hear that Jennie! I used to tan when I was younger as well. But now that I am older, in the spring/ summer, I use a self tanner to add some color. Sooo im a bit tanner now & normally use a medium year round but am a shade darker right now.

      • I’m so sorry that you are dealing with that and wish you good health.

        And I also agree! Some of use are fair even in the summer. They sent medium out last year and honestly, if I use enough to get a decent amount of protection, it’s wayyyy too dark for me. I wish we had a choice, but yeah it’s a heavily discounted beauty box. The powder is ok for touchups and as a setting powder if you don’t use too much if you’re fair, but that of course, doesn’t give you enough spf alone.

      • There’s a lot of new research and findings on sunscreen and skin cancer, related to lack of vitamin d from the sun, not via vitamin pills. I’ve always slathered sunscreen on myself and daughters, we lived on Oahu for ten years and Florida before that, I’m really rethinking the old information regarding it. I definitely would if I had skin cancer that many times. That’s so scary.

    • ….except for the many of us who are. I’m fair 365 days a year. Tanning is not a thing my skin does. I go from very fair to fair to flaming red and blistered. There is no middle ground.

      • Do you burn through clothing as well?!?!?! I have to wear sunscreen UNDER my clothes just to avoid burns while fully dressed. LOL My ex hubby didn’t believe me, until I forgot one summer day and he saw it happen. He never teased me about it again, just made sure I always carried extra SPF 50 with me.

        Not everyone tans, and some people’s “tan” IS fair. 🙂

      • I burn through clothes also, especially tee shirts and swimsuits. It’s really annoying.

    • My daughter and I are both pretty fair year round, never need medium tones of anything. She’s part Irish, and I just can’t get out in the sun much.

    • I am. Tanning beds and using cooking oil to tan have me buying way to much Korean skincare. Factor 50 all day in my world.

  18. Liz, are we able to choose the color? Any word? I love this powder, but the last time they sent it out it was medium only and it’s way to dark for me. And at the $65 value (I think that’s what it is), it killed me that I couldn’t make it work. Thank you!

    • Same thing happened to me too!

  19. I’m on the fence about this one too! But maybe if the next spoilers are good . I skipped
    Test tube so I want something and BF is 50/50 right now ,
    can anyone tell me how do they determine regarding powder concealer who gets light and who gets medium ? Can’t remember if they have beauty quiz since I cancelled a few months ago thanks

    • I was thinking the same thing about the shade range!!!!

  20. YAY!!!! I was hoping to get this product! It has been provided in other boxes but I was not a member yet so I’M Very happy! I’m ok with repeats especially if they are functional.

  21. completely excludes darker complexions 🤷🏾‍♀️ Makes it easy to skip. Thanks Beautyfix.

    • I agree I got it last year and I am golden tanned African-American and it was still too light for me. From what I saw when I clicked on the link they have at least four shades so I don’t know why they don’t try to include more shade ranges.

    • Totally unacceptable! I fall into that light/medium shade range that virtually ALL these boxes consistently send out but it’s really unfair for people of darker shade ranges to miss out on all these products!

  22. The Nia cream is NOT the same one from last year. That was a sunscreen and it was awful. The worst white cast I’ve ever had from any sunscreen product ever and nothing I did helped it ever absorb.

  23. Why are people saying the Nia is a repeat from last year? Let year it was a sunscreen. This is a completely different product.

    • I think 2017 they offered this item.

    • It’s a repeat of Sept 2017, but the product has been renamed. Then it was called Sun Damage Repair for Décolletage and Hands.

      • I’m fine with repeats that we’re over a year ago. I use up the products faster than that so no big deal here. 😂

  24. This looks like a repeat of last year!

    • Your right… I just googled it. The lotion was in there last year full-size, this brush on coverage was there last year full-size and they had a sunscreen lip balm. Still looks like decent box.

  25. I received the lotion and the powder in previous Beautyfix boxes and I don’t mind receiving them again. I hope they are both full size.

  26. Does this box have full sized products or samples? If samples, do they tend to be generous, or more along the lines of Birchbox, a.k.a. barely there? Haha

    • Also curious if there’s a coupon code for first-time subscribers. Thx!

      • no coupon code for first time subscribers.

      • I’ve personally only seen two coupons for beauty fixing the past few years. There’s always hope, right

    • It tends to be both full size and samples.

  27. I am intrigued, I haven’t tried a powder SPF 🙂 If the color isn’t right for me hopefully it will work for one of my girls.

  28. Yay!!

  29. I want to love this box, but just not feeling it yet. Leaning towards canceling, but I’ll wait until the next spoiler comes out.

  30. In the ‘product details’ they put ‘NEW!…’ (not sure whether it’s really new or been there since last year)
    Hoping that this one is the new & improved formula with better & more consistent dispensing mechanism.

    • I used to work in a spa that sold these brushes. The can be a bit tricky sometimes. The dispensing mechanism has a filter that can get clogged. It will clog easily if you tap or shake it to try to make the powder come out. The powder packs into the filter. You can unclog it by tapping it on its bottom, brush side up, never down or sideways. Or you can gently move the brush in circular motions on your skin until you see the powder come out. When you use the brush, move in gentle circles, don’t smash the brush and keep it clean. I clean mine by spraying brush cleaner onto a paper towel and cleaning the bristles brush side up. If you really don’t like the brush you can always dump it into a spare shaker container and just use a normal powder brush with it.

      • I find that sometimes the dispensers are just faulty. It doesn’t matter what I do. Some work like a dream, and some emit too much product.

        That said, I always have this stuff in my purse. It’s wonderful. And Dermstore is great about returns.

      • So true… 😊

      • Thanks!
        I’ll try the tips & if I got the faulty one, I’ll move it to another container

  31. I still have my powder from last summer that isn’t even a quarter gone because of the color. Also I haven’t even recieved May’s box yet 🤨

    • I got my Macy’s box a few days ago. That’s later than previous ones have been. You can look under your orders on the Macy’s app/site to see when it shipped.

  32. I totally need this sunscreen! If I put sunscreen under my makeup (or any cream really outside of a serum), my makeup pills. I’ve used multiple types of makeups and creams. I experimented with smaller and smaller amounts and longer and longer absorption time, but if I have any cream or sunscreen at all, I cannot wear makeup without pilling. And I always wear makeup!

    • I mix a tinted sunscreen in with my foundation, have you tried that? You’ll get a dewy look, which I know not everyone is down for but in my opinion, it looks nice.
      I’ve had the same issue, usually with matte foundations or too thick of creams.
      And if you get okay results with serums, I would stick with those.
      I use vitamin C and Hyaluronic serums that are moisturizing enough to give some moisturizers a run for their money.
      Regardless, I hope this powder spf works for you.

      • I’ve had BB Cream pill on my face and pilling even without foundation at all. None of my foundations are matte. I have a liquid one with SPF in it (not enough but some) that doesn’t pill as much, but still does if I use a primer or other cream on top of serum. I’ve had oil based and water based foundations pill. I usually have to just use serums if I’m going to work and need to wear foundation. Whenever I hear about people layering products, I’m always SO jealous since I know if I try to layer and reap skin care benefits, I will have pilling.

    • I like SPF in a powder, a setting spray, or primer like Murad invisiblur as my last step. These aren’t sticky and are easy to reapply. On pool or beach days, I tolerate regular sunscreen.

      • Primer doesn’t work for me (pills), but I do like sprays, even if I feel like I need a mirror each time I spray to make sure not much was displaced. I’m really looking forward to trying the powder.
        For anytime longer than about 30 minutes outside, I forget makeup and do the full SPF and hope no one looks at my face much! 😁

  33. I am going to cancel but great products if you have not been a long time subscriber and received these in the past I just have product overload and don’t need repeats

  34. I’ve been wanting to try this, this is a great box so far!

    Side note- I usually get email notifications when these spoilers come out but I haven’t on either spoiler. Anyone getting emails from msa about spoilers?

    • I haven’t received any spoiler emails either!

  35. Looks amazing so far! Every month I tell myself I’ll stop my subscription because I’m overloaded already but here they come with unique items that I don’t have or really want. Love everything so far!

  36. Loving it.

  37. Now I’m hesitating… I got this product from them before. The color is too dark for us Casper girls and the dispensing mechanism is inefficient (application is not consistent, and you cannot even see whether it’s dispensing properly unless a cloud of wasted product is floating around your head).

    Still on the fence. Give me two more spoilers and I can make an informed decision. 🙂

    • Same thing….I hope I get the ‘fair’ color this time..also we got a very similar product from nia 24 last summer….right now im pretty hesitant about this box, might cancel this month

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this product is very frustrating to dispense. I love the concept of a powder versus a cream since it’s easier to reapply throughout the day but I’d like it much better in a compact or a more common loose powder container. I get what they’re trying for but it just doesn’t work for me. Lots of others must love it though since it’s been in the same container for years now.
      The powder is a repeat and so is the cream so I doubt I’ll be getting this month’s box.

      • I absolutely hated that sunscreen. Never was confident I was protected from the sun, which FL is crucial.

    • Funny you should mention that, I am the exact opposite. I am a golden tanned African-American but this color was too light for me. It was ghostly powdery on me when I received it last year. Too bad they can’t let you select your own shade.

  38. I’m totally in!!

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