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FabFitFun Summer 2019 Add-On + Spoiler Schedule!

Yay! We have the schedule for the FabFitFun Summer 2019 box!

UPDATE: Check out the first spoilers for the Summer Box!

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • Spoiler 1: May 2nd 11 AM PT
  • Spoiler 2: May 4th 11 AM PT
  • Summer Add-Ons for annual subscribers: May 6th at 9 AM PT
  • Spoiler 2: May 6th 11 AM PT
  • Box Customization opens to annual subscribers: May 8th at 9 AM PT
  • Summer Add-Ons for all subscribers: May 9th at 9 AM PT
  • Box Customization opens to all subscribers: May 11th at 9 AM PT

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA40 to save $20 off your first box – you will receive the Spring Editor’s box with that coupon!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (75)

  1. I am looking for the schedule of when my credit card will be charged and when I can expect that box, thanks

  2. I received the mystery item and for me it was the Dr. Brandt Pore No More Cleanser. So far I love it, the Generation Clay Mask is a great follow up, seriously my blackheads have reduced by like 70% and I’ve used that combo three times. I also used a gift promo code and for the mystery bundle I got the Whish Rose Hip and Lotus Firming Sleep Mask, Way of Will Uplift EO trio, and a set of Kocostar Watermelon Sheet Masks. This box was LOADED and so far I’m loving everything I’ve tried! Thanks for your reviews and spoilers, I really feel like I got the most out of my box bc of you!

  3. When are the full spoilers revealed for the summer box?
    If this has already been asked & answered, I apologize for asking again…

  4. Well I just received an email finally to explain why one of my edit items we’re missing. The item Murad.. anyway they just finally let me know that they were out of stock at the time and they will not receive any until the end of May and I can get a refund to my card or keep on waiting guess what I chose refund

  5. I was just thinking this morning that I need a travel hairdryer since I travel for work and split my year between two locations! And I spent last weekend on Pinterest planning the decor of my future marble themed bathroom, so it’s defo the hairdryer for me.

    • Sounds like this spoiler was meant for you! 🙂

  6. Just want to throw out there that I’ve subscribed to many FFF boxes over the years, cancelled and resubbed a few times, and all of my boxes have shipped and arrived in a timely manner (for subs, at least) I’ve always gotten them within the month from subbing and the spring editor box shipped really fast, like a week, from purchase. But I did jump on it the day it was released. Maybe it’s my zip code?

  7. Annoyed that FFF hasn’t posted the spoiler.

    • I’ve been waiting since 11am CT 🙁 nothing yet. Hope this is not the way they do costumer service… i haven’t received the editor box yet and i am already starting to worry about regular boxes….

    • It just posted- 4 choices!

  8. Did the 1st spoiler come out yet?

    • is it out yet

  9. Came for the 11am May 2nd spoiler .. it’s almost noon and there is nothing … where it at though??

  10. FFF really messed up for my Spring 2019 box and they never shipped 3 of my products. When I contacted them about it they said they did not have one of the items any longer and instead send me a duplicate item of something that made my skin severely break out. When checking the sunglasses are still available if you are a new subscriber. I guess screw over our consumers that have already been loyal is their M.O….. I still haven’t received the items they messed up on. and I plan on canceling this service as this is not the first time they have messed up an order of mine…. it’s ridiculous.

  11. I was disappointed after the edit sale. I got an email notification (two days ago) that some items were out of stock after my stuff had already shipped and was almost to me, they said we could cancel and get a refund if we wished. I just got an email today (now that my items delivered) and said they couldn’t get anymore items and would issue me a refund. While yes, the refund is nice, the delay in information kinda sucks and should be better. I think they should also issue credits to the customers whose orders could not be fulfilled. Lots of time during the edit I can’t even place an order for items I want because they’re listed out of stock, which is also disappointing. Usually if someone has items in their cart they count that as taken out of stock so I’m surprised this happened to so many items.

  12. My edit sale items won’t arrive until sometime next week. Some will never come. I started as seasonal, have been annual for 2 years, and I’m not renewing my annual subscription. I will purchase the summer box making use of my credits. FFF has serious problems and is currently more interested in sweeping them under the rug than addressing them.

  13. Be patient with the Editor Box shipping. It’s going to be worth it. 🙂

    I got 9 items in mine.. They let me pick 2 items in some categories that I didn’t know were open to multiples but the CS Rep urged me to. ( I kept the chat log, LOL). I did pay $10 extra when I added a second item in a category. 😉

    In addition to the ” You get a trinket box, Way of Will cuticle oil, LaVIda body lotion, they stuffed my 5.1 Lb box with:

    Beach Please striped towel for our pool ( never too many!) AND THE
    Yumi Kim makeup case
    Venus Williams gym bag AND THE
    ISH eye palette
    Murad eye cream
    Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara ( my fave, maybe second to the H2O proof). AND THE
    Tarte™ Rainforest of the Sea™ drink of H2O hydrating boost
    AHAVA Foot Cream
    dp HUE AVC hair masque

    I had cancelled because I didn’t have my box by last week.
    I’m signing up for a yearly subscription ASAP! I am totally blown away by $30 for $410 retail value products which aren’t ” private brand” ( well, maybe ISH is.. but I like the colors. ;)).

    Be patient as they are doing a SUPER job over-filling the boxes. I’m still in shock.
    Love love love FFF after being really lukewarm due to the ” This thing or that one?” quizzes, which was their choices, not mine. 😉
    The boxes are SO MUCH MORE!!!

    I’m SO excited for the Summer box and I just can’t hide it. ( with love for the Pointer Sisters!)

  14. My edit sale box hasn’t shipped. Time to cancel, tired of being screwed around. Also, for those getting credits, they’re offering some $15 and others only $10…

  15. JUST got my shipping notice…my edit purchases.. bought april 1.. will be delivered April 30th ugh

    • Better than me, I got the murad serum and they dont even know when it will ship 🙁

      • I can tell you at the end of May yep end of May. They just sent me an email to let me know to they offered me a refund to my card or I can just sit around and wait some more. I chose refund

  16. Hello fellow FFF Subscribers,

    I have always added the max (3) mystery bundles with my add ons and the edits sale. I will not be doing that anymore. I love getting them, it is just the items I usually get I already have them. Multiple items does help for gift giving but, I just like a little surprise. Does not end up being a surprise.

    Disappointed in Austin Texas

  17. I just received an email from fabfitfun and they told me that there was a shipping delay and I should look out for tracking order by the end of next week however they did say they were going to give me a $15 coupon to put towards the summer box.

  18. I subbed for the spring box with mystery bundle on 4/12 and still hasn’t shipped. Not impressed so far tbh. Hoping it is worth it.

    • The thing I hate about FFF is you only get your box early if you’re an annual subscriber or if you have add ons. I am neither and while other people got their box in Jan and Feb, I got mine late March early April. It sucks bc the hype is already over and you feel disappointed.

      • The spring customization did not happen until mid February so no one got it in January (spoilers hadn’t even come out yet in January), and they take a few days to package then ship after Feb 15th or so when the sale closed so even annuals mostly got it in March, and many even later even with add ons. If the products don’t excite you on their own, you might think about cancelling since it doesn’t seem like the items are the draw for you if longer shipping times are a dealbreaker and leave you disappointed. I guess for me, I don’t much mind when I get it because if I like the items, it’s a really good deal on things I could not otherwise afford to pay full price for. It’s part of the deal with this service, you buy at a huge discount but get it a little later. But maybe that’s just me?

      • Same. I agree.

      • Ohhh noooo…im a sekect …and WAIT WAIT WAIT

    • I subbed the day before you (4/11) and emailed them after seeing my first summer box email. I probably would not subbed if I knew I might get billed for box #2 before seeing box #1

  19. The spring box was my first and I LOVED IT!! I’m sooo excited about FFF I also ordered from the edit sale but I still haven’t received anything. I got a purchase confirmation and that is it! 😭😭😭😭 I just read the comments and I’m TERRIFIED that something horrible has happened to my edit order!!!! 😬

  20. I’m giddy! I just put in my first order for the Spring box on April 12th (with a mystery bundle). I decided to do an annual sub shortly after (with the $10 credit for add on’s) so now I am good until Summer 2020. I love the idea of customizing more of the box AND get early access.

  21. My Edit Sale items haven’t shipped. I need to decide if I’m renewing my annual subscription. I need to receive my items and see some great spoilers

  22. hi
    Do you know when do they bill, I don’t want to get stuck if I dont like the 1st spoiler

    I also have not rec’d my items from the edit _ i had expected them to ship with the box, but I see now that is not how it works

    • I asked customer service about the shipping of the Edit Sale items. Here’s an excerpt of their reply:
      “Processing for Edit Sale orders usually takes around 2 weeks. You will receive an email with the full tracking details as soon as it ships! Once shipped, it will take 7-10 business days for it to reach your doorstep. Just keep an eye on your inbox for the shipping notification!”

      Hope this helps.

  23. I got my Edit sales items last week, I live in Michigan so I usually get them later than most subscribers.

    • I got my package last week too! I live in Oregon.

    • I get mine pretty early. They’re only 10.5 miles from my house. I suppose it also depends on how many edit sale items you buy. I only buy 3-4 things.

  24. Already? My Edit sale haven’t even shipped yet?

    • The same. Not shipped yet.

    • Same. And I’m an annual and live within driving distance of their warehouse. It stinks.

      This actually happened to me during the last edit sale too: they created 2 different Fedex labels that were never fulfilled – one on Jan 17th and one on Jan 23rd (actually they’re both still sitting on my Fedex account page as “label created”). Then when FFF finally shipped the items on Feb 7, multiple items were out of stock. If the same thing happens again I just might cry. I’m cursed!

  25. I’m also going to sever ties with Ipsy because of their shipping inability 2 ship everything to me in a timely manner going to explore new opportunities. I do love beautyfix it’s awesome. I cut off glossy Birchbox now fabfitfun and Ipsy. I’m enjoying my new subscriptions to different kinds of boxes like

    • Try New Beauty Test Tube, I already have my shipping notice for the May/June box and they sent me the Beauty Report box quickly too.

      • Thank you ..i did cut out most..and feel good .. I feel like there’s a whole world of opportunity that I haven’t tried and here’s a great time to do it

      • I love the NewBeauty Test Tube! Lots of skin care & interesting products.
        My other favorite is Beauty Fix, also because of all the awesome skin care items.

    • Try Hey Mamacita subscription boxes. They are amazing. They aren’t with MSA but cratejoy. Best boxes we’ve ever had every month since December not once have we been disappointed.

      • I looked at this…AND ORDERED!!! Thank you!!

      • Your welcome! You will love the Mamacita box. Best box ♥️

  26. Yeah i feel it is time .. going to (hopefully) sever my ties with FAB

  27. Still waiting for EDITOR’S box and items from edit sale

  28. I thought “spoiler” means there’s an actual spoiler in this article. And it turned out to be spoiler schedule!

    • lol, it’s the photo spoiler of the box illustration – blue background with pink flower. I thought the same thing.

    • Yeah, the title of this post is super misleading. Makes it sound like there is a Summer spoiler. :/

    • Ah, sorry for the confusion!

    • I thought so too. I hate false advertising.

      • It said box spoiler so I kind of assumed it would just be the box. I try to keep my hopes low lol

      • Sorry, wasn’t meant to be misleading. I’ve updated the title. Hope that helps. Sorry again!

  29. When would I need to cancel so I dont get the summer box ?? Thanks

    • I would like to know as well

  30. I’m still waiting for my edit sale to ship. 😞

    • Just got shipping confirmation a few days ago for Edit Sale, but not excited about another sale, they keep coming. How much stuff can we possibly buy/need/want? But of course, I’ll still look and probably buy something little.

      • Unfortunately for me, my wallet and my stuffed house I want and buy way more than I need. I seriously need to cut back….these sales are stacking up….

      • Same. This was the first edit sale I did NOT participate in, and I’m not renewing my annual to FFF for the first time in years. I’m overwhelmed with products and the last 2/3 boxes for me have been a total bust. So this sub was the first on my chopping block. RIP

      • Just a thought. Re sale items you don’t want/need on Mecari or Poshmark!

      • Same here.
        My husband may be right …. I probably need to cut back!

    • Checking the ship information every day but still not received.

  31. Will there be a coupon for a mystery bundle with the summer box?

    • They do that when they want to sell ty he boxes. So it will depend on how sales go.

      • Ok thanks! I’ll wait then and see if they offer it 🙂

  32. I am so excited 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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