FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the first spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Summer Box with this coupon code.

For the first spoiler, there are actually 4 items! FabFitFun sent us all these items early so I can help answer any questions you might have about them + decide which item you are going to pick!

All subscribers will be able to pick one of these four items:

(Update: If you want more than just one of these items, you can add additional items for $15 each.)

Option 1:

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel Set – Total Retail Value $45

(You get both of these items if you pick this!)

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – 75 ml Value $20

Bum Bum Cream:
-Scent: Pistachio and Salted Caramel
-Fast-absorbing body cream
-Helps tighten and smooth
-Ingredients: guarana extract, cupuacu butter, acai oil, and coconut oil

This is the travel size. Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel – Retail Value $25

Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel:
-Scent: Pistachio and Salted Caramel
-Deeply cleanses and hydrates for soft, smooth skin
-Gentle formula foams into a rich, creamy lather
-Ingredients: Cupuacu butter, coconut oil, and acai oil

This is the largest size version:

Option 2:

Sutra Professional Marble Mini Travel Blow Dryer – Retail Value $60

This travel size hairdryer is dual voltage, has and has two speed options.

-Diffuser nozzle
-Concentrator nozzle

-Color: Soft Touch Marble
-Infrared-generated ceramic heat
-1200W powerful ionic motor
-2 heat/speed settings

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of the size:

Option 3:

Vix Paula Hermany Lotus Towel – Retail Value $50

-59-inch towel

This beach towel is 100% polyester. Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

Option 4:

Spiritual Gangster Robe Jacket – $60 Listed Value

(This is one-size only.)

This robe jacket is lightweight, so it works well as an actual robe for Summer, as a swimsuit cover-up, or a jacket. It has a collar that detaches at the torso to work as a wrap belt if you want to tie the wrap closed, too.

Here it is on:


(The fabric is 100% Rayon. Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry.)

UPDATE: Here’s a picture from FabFitFun showing the robe on different models:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want to pick?

Reminder – annual subscribers will get to pick their items on May 8th at 9 a.m. PT. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on May 11th at 9 a.m. PT. If you want to pick on the 8th, you still have time to upgrade.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Im thinking either the towel or the hair dryer. I really don’t need the hair dryer because i never use one. But the towel i can use for the pool this summer. The sdj i love the lotion only this one. The green one smelled weird to me so I gave it away. But the body wash it doesn’t lather. I have the trial version. And I’ve noticed im constantly adding to my body sponge just to get some lather on it. If that helps anyone decide about the sdj.

    • I currently still havva huge tub of Bum Bum ftom when they were selling the “biggie” tubs for $75 n rarely use that. Im one of the minority who absolutely LOVES the coco cabana mucho more n I tear thru those tubs. Lol. Last thing on earth I need is another shower gel. Especially one that doesn’t lather well. Thank u for sharing this info btw! Easy pass for me on the SDJ

      • I am in minority too…I enjoy the coco cabana more also.

        For myself I like the robe…(but the naming of it is like strange)

      • Hey girl I will buy the left of the big one from you! I’m in Canada and it would be easy to ship let me know! Victoria instagram: missvickixoxo

    • It did. Thank you!!

    • Hey! ! If you’re looking for a great shower gel, try the ones from Rituals! I got my first one in a Macy’s box last year and I’m HOOKED! Luxurious lather with minimum amount of gel, and they all smell sooo good lol!! I LOVE FFF! I wish they would include these!

      • I got hooked on Rituals when Boxy Charm sent a full size Happy Buddha shower gel a couple of years ago. I am addicted to many of their fragrances. Unfortunately, my two favorites were limited holiday scents. It would make me reaubscribe to FFF.

    • I’m freaking out and panicking I can’t even tell you how much I spend on these edit sales not to mention my subscription but I don’t do annual I feel like I never want to pay that kind of money up front when the time comes which is bull because I spend all this money and then I miss out on options that I want really torn right now because I don’t want to login when I can see that I don’t get to pick the items I want anymore don’t know what to do I really want that lyrical gangster wrap!!!

  2. Want all four options. Oh no!!!! How is this possible? First choice maybe sdj, then robe then blow drier then towel. But yep. Want all four.

    • God me too girl Meeee tooooo I want all four!!! And then some. It’s gonna be a great summer 🏖 ☀️ 🕶

  3. So, that is not one size fits all. Jeez, did FFF learn NOTHING from the last robe debacle???? Stop making products for skinny minnies only! There should be a larger option. This is so rude!

    • Are all the models shown considered “skinny minnies”?

      • Maybe she means there’s no option for size 14 up.
        Because the models are from size 0 – 2/4 – 8/12 – 12/14 & it looks kinda tight on the 12/14 model already.

        • I’m a size 6 and the robe in the last box was small on me. 🤷‍♀️

          • Same, I wear a size 2 dress and would have appreciated more fabric on the spring robe.

          • I am size 6 and that thing is like a tent on me! WTF!!! Is it maybe bc I am only 5’3″? I love it but it’s gigantic.

          • Weird, I’m a size 16 and it fits me perfect.

          • Size 14 here, the last robe fit me perfectly! I guess it depends on your body shape 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • Doesn’t look like it closes completely on the size 8-10 model either actually. And yes, looks too tight on the size 12-14

          • Exactly – I could see it not fitting correctly on a six who is busty or tall…

      • Yes, when you are a size 20, like me, a size 12 is mini… so, yes, they are.

        • Thank you Elizabeth and callmeinge. Yes, this is what I meant. This robe looks good on the smaller girls, and does not even come close to closing on the 12/14 girl, or even the 8/12 either really. So it has no hope of fitting me.

          I’m just saying, if they are going to do clothing items, they need to have different size options. Calling this stuff “one size fits all” is a complete joke.

          • But there are three other options. It’s not as of this OS robe is the only option. I’m large chested and size 8- so most of the OS is small on me too, however, knowing that, I’ll make choose one of the other 3 items.

          • I agree, but to be fair it says “one size only” instead of “one size fits all”

          • I agree. They should reclassify this size as “one size fits small”.

          • I agree! Considering the average size of a woman today is between 16 and 18, to have a robe in 2 consecutive boxes that completely ignores the larger, curvy girls is upsetting. I loved the Mumu robe and was so disappointed that it didn’t fit. A major box item, useless, because there was no option for the curvy girls. So to offer another similar option and not address that issue is kind of insulting. Especially when they send pics that the robe barely fits the 12/14 model. And yes, there are 3 other options but that isn’t really the point. Anyone larger than a size 10 really only has 3 options. If FFF is going to offer clothing it needs to be be all inclusive sizing or not at all!

          • If you message FFF CS, they have a limited number of plus size robes which can be added to the Summer box at no cost. 🙂 I messaged them this morning to get added to the list.

          • I read on the Website that there is on option to email them if you need a bigger size while supplies last.

          • On the Website it states if you need a bigger size they have them and you can email them while supplies last.

          • The size 14 lady has the robe tied in the front, so I don’t see how you can say it doesn’t come close to closing! I do understand your frustration, but these are subscription boxes, so there’s only so much they can do, with sizes or otherwise! I’m sure you could find a robe/kimono very similar to this somewhere else. It’s not that unique! I had the hardest problem choosing from the wine glasses, exercise bands, and necklace, because I didn’t really want any of them! I figured I’d choose the wine glasses and gift them to my daughter. Does anybody know what the other 4 items that everybody gets will be?

    • Not rude. The previous robe was actually wayyy too big for me, I looked ridiculous. If a one-size option is the best they could do, I think the size is fair and meets the middle mark..

      • My robe is huge on me and yes I eat! And I’m small but not skinny by any definition .

      • I agree. It wasn’t fitted or cute like the pictures on me either and would have appreciated a size down on the last one as well. I think you can’t please everyone and the vast majority of subscribers works best in the range they offer. The good thing is they give other options 🙂

        • On the Website it states if you need a bigger size they have them and you can email them while supplies last.

      • It IS rude when every robe from every box is too small. The average size a US woman wears is size 16, & FFF doesn’t even bother to include anyone that size (or above) in their photo. If they’re so willing to automatically disclude half the population, sizing should swing in favor of the plus-sized gals every once in a while. That would be fair!

        • Popsugar & Sunday Riley both had sized robes in boxes recently. It does seem weird to include another one and not offer any size options.

          • I think the difference has to do with fabfitfun being traditionally (years ago) a fitness focused box versus some of the other fashion subs.

        • Size 16 is the average? Really? I am from Europe so have no clue. Is that big? Weird that the sizing stops at 12-14 then.

          • Yes, the average size of a woman is between 16 and 18.

        • I believe the adverage size of an American woman is a 10.

          • It’s 16/18, I looked it up before responding because I remember reading about it somewhere….10 years ago it was size 14. Here’s the link to the article: https://www.byrdie.com/average-body-weight

          • Google it…. the average size of an American woman WAS a 14. It is now 16 to 18.

        • I work in an extremely busy retail store and our average selling sizes are 6-10. Some way smaller and every now and then plus size but it’s rare.
          I’m a 6/8 depending on the for and I love the kimono!

          • Congrats on being a size 6. My 18 year old daughter is a size 0. The senior prom dress I just bought is a 00. Not sure where she came from, but I do remember pushing her out over 18 years ago. I am currently a size 14, 5’7″ at one time, but slowly shrinking, in height at least. I hope to get back to a 10 by Summer, but it may require more work than I am willing to put into it. Women of larger size may no gravitate to the store you work at simply because your store does not offer larger sizes. Regardless, the current average size of the American woman is 16 to 18. The fact that FFF is dissing a large portion, no pun intended, of their target market I’d unfortunate. I did get the last robe, never opened it as it is for my daughter as a birthday gift in July. If it were for me, I am sure I may have been disappointed.

      • Completely agree! I’m petite and was so surprised the last robe fit well.

        None of these options are useful for me so I’ll most likely get the towel and gift it.

    • Well I’m 5’2 and barely 80lbs and every one size fits most is comically huge on me. Is that rude too? Just don’t pick the robe.

      • Thank you ! No one thinks that insulting thin girls (skinny Minnie’s) is rude. But apparently fashion designers need to come up with a magical size that fits size 0 to 20 or more. Yes, because keeping it to “one size” cheapens production and it’s the only way a bargain box like FFF can do fashion. Come on 🤷🏻‍♀️ People, just choose another option!

        If anything the robe looks best on the size 14 lady. It’s much too shapeless for the smaller ladies! I am 5 9” and size 6 and I will pass on this because it will look baggy on me. I think size 10-16 will rock this style and Good for them!

        I will go with the bum bum lotion and am happy with it!

        • All good points. I guess the larger problem here is that one size never fits all…whether it is too big or too small, if you want a good fit, an item needs a size, most of the time.

          • They really should offer different sizes. Happy Rebel had 2 sizes for their velour robe

        • The point is that they should offer a variety of sizes or don’t offer it as an option at all. Fat girls are tired of being ignored by designers and I’m sure that the 00’s are too. The difference is 00 ‘s many times have other cute options available to them, while fat people are largely ignored. But, ya know what? Its exasperating that women of different sizes and shapes even have to explain WHY they feel left out and it’s completely ridiculous to invalidate someone’s feelings by telling them to just pick another option. Would you say that to a fat friend’s face? It’d be nice if people would start showing a little more compassion online and try to see it from their point of view. It would make a nicer space for ALL of us. P.s. my comment isnt directed solely at the person I replied to, but all the people telling the O.P to just pick something else. Her opinion matters too.

          • Actually yes I would tell a plus size friend to just pick another option. It’s a sub box item not life or death.

          • You can always make a big robe smaller by talioring it. You can’t make a small robe bigger so it’s still an option for smaller people if its something they really like. But even if I loved it, I’m out of luck. Look at it from that aspect

          • It makes me sad for you that you feel it is OK to downplay someone’s feelings. Of course it’s not life or death. That’s completely besides the point. How hard is it to include petite, average and plus sizes or to not include it at all it it’s not financially feasible?

          • I just said it myself that it won’t be a good fit for me because it will be too big and I will pick something else. LIFE. So yes, I would say the same to a plus size or petite friend.

            Also, look objectively at the picture. The larger girl looks so much prettier in the kimono! Guys, a kimono is not a robe! It’s supposed to be worn open and this style looks like sleeves are pretty roomy (not sure about the back) but looks friendly to most average sizes.

            Someone is saying that popsugar and Sunday Riley boxes had sizing options but again, missing the point that FFF is a bargain box that costs in average 50% less than the other mentioned boxes. The quality of the kimono is probably not the best and you guys keep focusing on sizing.

            I got a diffuser from FFF last season and learned my lesson. It was horrible!!! Unless it’s an established brand, I avoid appliances on FFF or I pick it knowing that it’s a $5 quality item and prepare myself for that.

            The same with others: Bags are flimsy , the floral robe was cheap. jewelry always terrible and with inflated prices. The list goes on.

            The stuff that is good and worth it is skin care, makeup from known brands or anything that you can google and find at different retailers.

            I try now to stay away from their house brands etc. That includes ill fitting one size clothing 😘

          • I don’t think anyone should be forced to pick another option become of the size issue. They should not offer this robe in the box but rather as an add on.

          • Omg your comment is perfect!!!! I have a large history with my weight and it’s so tiring to find something cute on me. I’m 5’7 and used to be 360lbs. I have lost 160lbs but I technically am still considered obese. I lost the weight but in the process I had extreme medical complications and needed two surgical places feeding tubes. I would get comments of people saying I shouldn’t need a feeding tube because I’m fat. Like how ignorant can people be! I needed it because I couldn’t eat anything by mouth or drink and my body was leaching calcium from my teeth and bones, and my electrolytes were causing an irregular heart rhythm. In August I had skin removal surgery where they cut of 12lbs of skin and tissue from my belly. However I had issues after that too and couldn’t exercise not even walking and couldn’t wear my garment so my thighs are huge from fluid collection. My pre tummy tuck pants are to small!! I had to buy a size up in jeans which is insanely frustrating. I have a very long torso and short legs. So my arms are muscular but upper arms have soo much loose skin that I can’t do anything about, my abdomen is smooth and flat (and trust I’m wearing a crop top this summer!), and then my thighs are just very large and swollen. It’s a battle I can never win but I just found out I have gastroparesis and my stomach doesn’t move at all. I’m trying to avoid getting a central line placed again, and luckily he won’t put in another feeding tube because I had to many issues with them. I’m seeing an oncologist Wednesday because they are concerned about more problems. I’m 24 and feeling 94. So I would love for FFF to have clothing items that you can get tailored to your size. They can ask all your other features like skin tone, hair texture, and I feel that I’d ask your measurements then they should give you the right size garment. You wouldn’t even have to allow a choice of size, just that if everyone who picked it, they would get the size that coordinates with their measurements. I wish they had items like these in the box for everyone, not as a choice, but but for all again using the measurement option for all. I didn’t need a second expensive eye mask because I had gotten one last year from the same brand in the box. They could have used the money for a sweater or pair of shoes. My body is a weird size variant right now so I’m skeptical to get one size fits all items, but I love shawls and kimonos in the summer. I want them to be more inclusive. I also on a side not would love if they offered gold earrings. I’m super sensitive to stainless steel, silver, nickel, and copper. So I need titanium or gold.

      • OFFERING XXS TO 3X MAY BE A BETTER THOUGHT FOR FFF. Asking for a honest response on size in a survey to their membership might be a good idea. Not offering clothing type items might be better to avoid this backlash.

    • Well I’m 5’2 and barely 80lbs and every one size fits most is huge on me. While I would love an extra petite option I don’t expect them to cater to everyone and I don’t take it personally. Just don’t pick the robe.

    • As I’m bigger than a 14, I used my last robe as a kimino type but just taking out the tie thing. I love it as a kimono!

      • Hi Stacey! That’s a really good idea! I’m an XL and I’m so glad that you’re using the robe as an open kimono. It’s just been making my closet beautiful thus far! I’m going to do the same thing wearing it with a tee and denim leggings. Now I think that I will definitely get this black and white robe! Thanks for the idea Stacey! 🌷

      • I agree. This new kimono/robe/jacket doesn’t even have a waist tie. The ties hang down from the collar so even tied it wouldn’t overlap like a traditional robe. It seems to me it is meant to wear open.

    • I’m definitely not skinny lol and the last robe fit ok.

    • Agree 100%

    • I am also disappointed that, for the second box in a row, I have had one less item to choose from because I am a size 18 and would not be able to wear the Kimono/Robe. I have been dying for a lightweight robe too.

      Yes, it’s life and I am not crying over it but it makes me wish I hadn’t paid for an annual subscription. I no longer think that this box is for me.

    • Just an FYI they are offering a free plus sized one in addition to the choices IF you are 16-22. You just have to contact CS and let them know.

    • That’s actually the reason I quit Box of Style. Not just the clothing, but the jewelry was just intended for a slighter framed woman than I am. I agree about the robe, but at least there are 3 other choices for items.

    • On the Website it states if you need a bigger size they have them and you can email them while supplies last.

    • Right!!!!!

    • I agree👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 What about the bigger girls??? 🤦🏼‍♀️ smh FFF

  4. I think that I am just going to use my referral link to send myself an invite to sign up for a 2nd box since I want two customization options in the first category. Because then you basically receive $10 off for the referral, and then on your main account you receive the $15.00 credit. So for basically an extra $10.00 you receive a 2nd box.

    • I though you can only send welcome box?
      That’s a great idea!
      Please post if it works! Thanks.

    • I thought the same thing but never got my $15 referral…I don’t know what to do?

    • Did this work?

  5. OMG!! These are the best spoilers ever!!! I hope I can get all 4!!!!!

  6. Maybe the bumbum duo… a polyester towel, a rayon robe, and the smallest hairdryer I have ever seen lol. Other than the Sol, I wouldn’t pay the 50% increased addon charge for these other things. Some better fabric is in order stat! ;D Hopefully the next spoiler is better, I have 2 fff subs and so far this is not giving me tingles.

    • Renee, I agree about the fabric! Would be interested in the towel or robe if they were cotton. I steer clear of polyester and rayon. When the “this or that” poll came out with this towel, I didn’t realize it would be polyester.

    • Agreed. I am someone that wouldn’t willingly purchase a polyester towel at this point of my life. It is rare to find cotton in a sub box though.

  7. Surprised it is 4 things to choose from instead of 2/3 and now to add on is 15 rather than 10 🙁 (not that I have been able to add any choices for the last couple times now, they all sell out too quick).
    If not for the possibly too strong scent I would like the bumbum option. As it is deciding between lotus towel and the cover up.
    One thing I am happy about – RAYON instead of poly for the cover up!!! 😀

    • That towel looks like it’s microfiber. That is absolutely a NO GO for me. Those particles get into the water system every time you wash and are terrible for the environment.

      Excited about the Bum Bum, though. FFF might get me back for another summer box.

      • The Lotus towel is 100% polyester if that changes anything

        • “Microfiber” is not the content of the fabric, but the thinness of the threads that make up the weave. It is usually made of a polyester/nylon blend but can have other synthetic content.

        • Nope, even if it’s not microfiber (but I’m pretty sure it is), I’m trying to reduce use of “plastic” fabrics. Regular polyester fiber is also polluting our water systems. I don’t think we can get away from polyester 100%, but I can reduce what’s not necessary and a towel is an easy one.

    • Rayon gets super weird when wet, just a heads up if you plan to use it over a wet bathing suit! It gets sort of stiff and crunchy. It’s fine again when dry, but is a pretty awful choice for a garment likely to get wet.

      • Im thinking of getting it to use assa boho/ kerchief style tablecloth actually. Too thin and too small to realistically be utilized as a “towel” for ME personally. Could even be utilized assa valance of sorts? I really like boho style items n thats what this lotus towel mimics IMO. Though I DO wish it were more colorful for the summer season. I could always dye it I suppose

      • Correct! I bought the rayon kimino robe in a recent FFF Sale. Very pretty. Very feminine and I enjoy it. But its a mess when wet

    • I know it’s a bummer they are charging $15 now for an add on instead of the normal $10 which was a steal

  8. Can the diffuser be used on other hair dryers?

    • I’m not sure? I can get you the measurements of the diffuser if that helps?

  9. Love the SDJ!!!

  10. I have a question. My FFF annual membership runs out on May 10. Will I lose all my customizations and add-ons and have to just start over and re-subscribe after May 10? Or will they send me an email where I can just update my information for another annual subscription? Just wondering how this works.

    • Unless you cancel it stays with you, meaning you can go about as an annual when add ons open.
      To compare, I am quarterly but still have access to fff before my membership renews each time.
      So long as your card is on file and all your info is correct they will just rebill you when the time comes (if not, go correct the info now 😉 ).

    • It auto-renews, so there shouldn’t be any issues. If you’re changing payment methods, just change the info before the renewal date.

      • Oops, must’ve been typing when Marina posted her reply 🙂

    • They will automatically charge you unless you canceled. You should renew your subscription now and you won’t lose your ability to customize. You can also email them directly or update your payment method in your account.

    • I believe that the annual, just like the seasonal, is an auto-renewal subscription. So unless you go into your account and cancel your sub, you’ll be automatically billed for another annual subscription on the billing date after you’ve received the fourth box from your current sub.

    • Mine ran out just before spring box and I received an email telling me I would automatically be billed for my renewal at same time as add-ons and to go to account page if I wished to cancel. So I think you will be okay.

    • Thank you all for the info! That is good to know! I don’t want to miss out on any of these goodies 🙂

    • Unless you specifically go into ur account and cancel your subscription will automatically renew. If ur currently annual, your card on file will b charged for another full year. If you’re currently seasonal, it will charge you only for this summer box.

  11. I will pick the Sol de Janeiro and pay the $10 for the towel. We have a pool and they seem to disappear like socks in the washer.

    • Just a head’s up but apparently for this customization group add-ons will be $15 each per the FFF community post.

    • It will be $15 to add on any of these.

      • Wow…for some reason there was no other reply when I posted and now I look like I am just repeating what they said. Sorry about that.

        • That just happened to me too 🙂 You can’t see new comments until you refresh, so other people probably typed and posted their answers after you came to this page.

    • Right? I have a big extended family that comes over to swim and no one ever brings a towel so I have a bunch.

    • It was announced it’s $15 dollars an additional item with this group of spoilers.

      • Oh cool so you mean that not all add ons will cost us $15 then?

        • Some additional options are $15, some are $10, and some are $7.

    • You mean you’ll pay an extra $15 now. Just an FYI

  12. Anyone know the quality of the hair dryer? (Liz??). Thinking of doing it as an add on.

    • Im currently going online to read reviews on it as well. I have long, thick hair. I want to know if this dryer will hold up. You can review it online by googling it.

  13. I love the SDJ stuff but I can’t handle that scent. It gives me a headache.. too floral so I’m going for the blow dryer. We just bought an RV so I’ll put it in there. It will be perfect.

    • FYI, it actually has caffeine in it which is a migraine trigger so even having it absorbing your skin might give you a migraine if you’re sensitive. I know that happens to quite a few people including me.

      • Caffeine is not a migraine trigger.. caffeine is the first ingredient in most migraine medicine. There’s a reason why it is. Do not spread misinformation!

        • Caffeine can also be a migraine trigger for some people. It is for my daughter. It is one of those odd things that can be both. Migraine triggers are extremely variable from person to person… no one should assume that someone else’s trigger or aide will affect them the same way.

      • Seriously. I’ve suffered terrible migraines for decades and work with neurosurgeons. Caffeine is used to TREAT migraines. It’s not a trigger. It’s a vasoconstrictor. The reason doctors tell migraine sufferers to limit caffeine use is so that your body isn’t overly adapted to it, and the remedies will be more effective. But it absolutely does NOT trigger migraines!

      • No, for some people the sweet smell of pistachio and caramel is a headache trigger. A cup of Starbucks and 2 caffeine-laced Excedrine migraine are a headache cure for me. I liked the SDJ at first, and then the smell set in. My entire family ordered me to wash it off immediately. I like the towel.

  14. Wow I must be the minority but I think that this is a fantastic selection and I want everything except the blow dryer. That robe doesn’t look like a robe it looks more like a shrug which I absolutely love wearing with a tank top in the summer And a pair of Capri jeans just like what Liz is wearing easy to dress up and easy to dress down. I think that towel is beautiful and I must be the only person that’s never received a Turkish towel so that’ll be my first towel out of any of my subscription boxes. Guess I better start saving now. When does annual selection open ?

    • Monday!

  15. I’m thinking of subscribing. I want to try bum bum cream and I need a new hair dryer badly.

    • Go to Sephora and get a sample of the cream. It is a potent smell. I am okay with many fragrances, but not that one.

  16. For me, it’s the roundie and/or the SDJ. I have no need of a cheap hairdryer when I already have both a Chi and a Dyson, and the robe won’t fit well across my huge shoulders.

    • Which dryer do you prefer?

    • Same here with the dryer. I have a chi pro and a t3. It’s just so cute though 😂

  17. They were all tempting but it’s either Bum Bum or the towel for me. I’m going to go smell the cream in person to help me decide. I’m leaning toward the towel today. If there is a buy option I might do that.

    • Get a sample of the SDJ. I liked it on the first try, then just no.

  18. I’m really liking the towel! But..I don’t want to use it as a beach towel. Do y’all think it would look tacky as a ‘throw’ on a couch?

    • Cb, I love it too and a great idea. It seems to fancy for a towel. Now if our dining table was round …

      • Ooo good idea. Of course I have a 2 year old boy, so no matter where I put it, I foresee him wearing it as a cape anyway lol.

    • I think it could be used fora multitude of things, go for it! Im gonna use it fora cool table cloth

    • I love the look of it, but since it’s polyester, I’m sure it’s thin microfiber, which I hate.

  19. Do not tell me they’re going up $5 on extra items! That’s not right especially with what’s going on with the spring edit sale items! Besides that $10 was fair!

    • what is going on with spring edit? I got the three items I ordered?
      Yes some will be $15 and some less that is what I read

      • A lot of the items we bought are out of stock which they didn’t let us know before we paid. I still haven’t received several items from the edit sale and was told it may take 10 weeks before I get them!

        • That is so awful. Sorry to hear that.

        • 10 weeks!!!

        • I am still waiting for the 19 items I ordered. I have received 6 notifications from FFF regarding out of stock items. I can’t believe that, with my large and very expensive order, there weren’t better inventory controls.

  20. Cancelled fff with the last box and dont regret it at all. I was hoping the summer box would bring me back, but so far not happening. Cheap hair dryer, one size fits none robe, towel and the mini size lotion isnt a big deal to me. Hopefully the next round of spoilers are better.

    • Same here, I can go and buy Bum Bum for $20 on line, not interested in the shower gel. No need for the dryer and nope on the robe 👘

  21. Going to go with the SDJ, I absolutely love that stuff. I stopped using heat on my hair 5 months ago, so no thanks for the hair dryer. Picked up both towel variations from FFF summer box loser year, and ended up snagging the rob last seasons box. Great spoilers!

  22. Not liking any of this. I don’t need any more creams or bathing products.

    I haven’t used a hair dryer in a decade.

    And the roundie, hasn’t this already been done already? We just had a robe on the last seasonal box!

    After the Great FFF Spring Shipping Debacle, they really needed to come up with a good box.

  23. FINALLY, I get the chance to try the Bum Bum cream everyone has been raving about!

    I don’t know about the scent though. Can someone tell me if that combo smells good? I have eaten pistachios, but never noticed a scent.

    • It is heavenly. It smells like summer. I am addicted to it.

    • I’m one of the weird people that find it revolting for some reason. No clue why since everyone loves it. It just gives me a headache

      • I’m weird too, then. I found the scent so revolting that I couldn’t even use it on low parts of my body (far from my nose) and threw it out. Definitely NOT pistachio!

        • I ordered it online from Sephora and promptly returned it! It gave me a headache by just smelling it!

        • I LOVE how the Bum Bum moisturizes my skin but the scent not so much. The raw tobacco in it comes thru sooo strong to me that its often overpowering as well

      • I wanted to love it so badly, but it gave me a terrible headache as well! I gave it to my daughter who was especially grateful! 😂

      • I can’t tolerate the smell of Bum Bum either. It gives me an instant migraine. The one time I used it I had to get in the shower again to wash it off and I could STILL smell it. It’s potent!

        I guess I’m going for the robe even though I haven’t worn the last one. I just bought an amika mini dryer and I don’t care for the towel at all.

      • It gives me a migraine. I can’t even give it to a friend or my kids. I have two different scents and they both make me so sick. I donated mine, but I swear everytime I go through to see what I’ve got put away, I find another one. It’s like I got two in sub boxes (that I actually remember getting) and they had babies!

      • I thought I didn’t like the Bum Bum Cream, then the Coco Cabana came along. :P***

        I’m still not a fan of the Bum Bum but my mom loves it so I’ll get it for her.

    • I’ve used it and couldn’t do the scent. It smells artificially sweet in my opinion. The scent is not light but something that knocks you over. You either love it or hate it.

      • Omg the way that robe/ cover up has the worst cloth straps EVER! It’s looks like it would never close completely. Its look super stiff too. I just feel like thats all we see for summer. Robes, towels of different materials, lotion, sunglasses( normally. I can do without most of these items and I’m sad because I felt the same way about this last spring. I thought the editors box was way sweeter then the regular one. Sorry for my boo hoo mood.

    • The scent is kinda floral. It gave me a headache. I was bummed. I liked the cream but I couldn’t handle the scent.

      • Would you say you were bum bummed? Hahaha

        • 😂🤣

    • It smells sickly sweet imo. Like fake Bath and Bodyworks sweet. I would definitely recommend getting into a Sephora to test it out yourself before selecting.

    • It is a nice scent but it is strong and it lingers a very long time. So, if you are sensitive in any way to scents this will probably not work for you. I loved the scent, it was just too strong for too long and ended up triggering a migraine for me.

    • I describe the scent of BumBum Cream as being what happiness smells like.

  24. Might skip this box. Since I am seasonal I have a feeling the pickings will be slim by the time I get to choose.

    • That is my fear. I want the Bum Bum cream, but so does everyone else.

      • That’s exactly what I’m thinking! Everyone’s going to want the SDJ stuff & the seasonal members (such as myself) won’t get to select it as an option. That will be disappointing. I’ve been wanting to try it, but it seems like every single time it’s in a sale it’s gone in an instant!

        • It does look like everyone wants to try the SDJ duo, but I wouldn’t worry. The scent is strong and very polarizing. I’m willing to bet a lot of people will put this up for trade 😉

      • You’re safe with me lol. Im annual n wont be selecting it. Don’t get discouraged. You may be surprised

    • Fyi, even with early customization options, everyone is guranteed their first choice. Annuals will have first priority for obtaining a 2nd option, so it may not be available as a 2nd option for seasonals is the only thing.

    • Do you get to see if they are out of stock of your choice before you get charged for the box? I am still waiting for my Spring order…since March 30th. So most likely will not continue with them…..but was wondering, since we see stuff on 5/11 and Billing is 5/17, is there a commitment before you get to see what’s left?

      • Everyone is guranteed their first customization pick in each category 🙂

      • I thought I was bad because I have been waiting since 4/3, but 3/30 oh no! I finally called CS yesterday and spoke to someone who created a ticket. What reason are they giving that it’s taking THAT long? Wow!

  25. Wish they would have plus sized options for the kimonos, robes, and such…
    This has made me consider cancelling my subscription.
    I’ve suggested it several times and on the emails I have done for their surveys.

    • At the bottom of the post you’ll notice different sizings of the robe up to size 14 with pictures of people wearing them.

      • Yeah, that’s not plus size, though.

      • Size 14 is not plus. Anyone over a size 14 would have no use for this item. Even the pic was a 12-14, so not sure if it would even fit a 14.

      • the robe is one size, they are just showing how the one size fits people of different sizes.

    • I agree! I know that there were a LOT of disappointed subscribers, who were expressing their discontent over the lack of sizing (myself included). I was hoping FFF would be more receptive & avoid this mistake again. Not everyone is a size 14 or smaller!

      • Yes if we get to pick things why not get to pick plus sizes? All the clothing options are of no use to me or my family and friends. And I’m still trying to find out if the juice beauty eye serum I bought is old because it has a 17 in the numbers and can’t get a straight answer …

  26. SDJ and/or Sutra hair dryer for me. I already have a towel and robe/duster/cover up from BOS

  27. Liz can you tell us what you think of the quality compared to the robe from the Spring box? I loved that one!

    • Yay! So glad you liked the Spring robe, too! I wear mine all the time! I’m happy with the quality of this one as well. I think the quality is the same. This piece seems more like something you would wear out, whereas the other robe is more of an at-home piece if that makes sense?

      The fabric here is lighter and sheerer, too. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you Liz! One last question, does it have some stretch like spring’s? That is probably my favorite part about that one! I wear mine constantly!

        • No stretch with this one.

          • Aaaahhhh. Now that information was quite valuable to me. Thank you so much Liz! And thank u to who asked this question 😉

    • I like my robe from the Spring box too. I especially LOVE the hi/lo hem. Ensures my “caboose” isnt exposed when sitting or standing up etc.

  28. Yayyyyy! The Bum Bum duo just perked up my disappointing day with Ipsy GBP!!! I’m so happy that I am gonna be able to get that! I do have a full size I was saving for the summer so this will allow me to break it open lol

    • Same LOL I was so irritated with Ipsy this morning (about their new system deleting my years of reviews that resulted in a bag of things I don’t want) I LOVE this cream and am happy there will be tons of it on the swap site LOL

      • Oh my gosh! I didnt know that happened with ipsy!! Did that happen to everybody’s?? I got lucky I guess because both of mine are pretty ideal. Yikes

      • Did this happen with everyone? I’m curious because my ipsy plus was disappointing as well.

    • My Ipsy GBP has ONE item I’ll use, and that was one they let me pick after sending me countless highlighters that I opted out of a long time ago.
      My regular glam bag is a bust too.
      IMO the robe from spring is a joke – feels cheap feeling and scratchy. Donating that. I have no idea when I would ever use a travel hair dryer. EVERY hotel has a hair dryer. I happen to like the SDJ shower gel. I’ve bought a bunch from their site. The towel is a maybe because it’s $15, not $10, and this robe is only a better color but I have zero interest.

  29. Kinda don’t care what else is even in the box becuase I am too excited about the Sol de Janeiro OMG!

    • Are they full size?

      • Seems like shower gel is but the cream is not.

      • The shower gel is the larger one but no, the Bum Bum tub of cream is TRAVEL sized

  30. I like the box itself, not the items. Cancelled spring and not regretting it.

  31. wooh nice! Practical choice for me would be dryer but showel gel, robe, and towel would be nice too!

  32. Hi Liz! Do you know if we can choose more than one of these options for the an extra $10 each? I’ve heard FFF is changing the $10 per extra item option.

    • $15 per item for these. Hope that helps!

      • They are $15 each this time :/

    • It’s $15 per item in this particular category…says so in their community forum.

    • They posted on the FFF forum that these would be $15 for extras.

    • Extras for this category will cost $15, according to the spoiler post in the FFF community.

    • I read in the forum (I think) that we will be able to purchase additional items in each category, but they will vary in price from item to item.

  33. Really unimpressive so far, would be an easy cancel for me if nothing significantly better is revealed in the next week or so.

    • I agree.

    • If these had been the option in the spring box, I never would have signed up.

    • Yeah unimpressed is the best way to express this spoiler. Is there a chose none and get money back option?

    • I agree. I would never purchase any of those options…

  34. Love all the choices! Don’t know what to pick. Suspect I will be picking the “choose all” option

    • Me too. Haha

  35. Wow! I’m not usually in to FFF but I’m loving these. I want the SJ and the travel hair dryer as I travel non stop!! How do I choose 🙁 Good work FFF!

  36. Love!!!! I’m planning to choose the SDJ set but really hope I can add on the hair dryer too…and maybe the robe. It would make a pretty swimsuit cover up even though I don’t really need another one.

  37. I would like to see how the robe fits on different body types before i pick it if possible. It looks great on Liz, but i worry it will be too small for my curvy body.

    • They have pictures of different size people wearing it on the fabfitfun forum.

  38. Argh! Was thinking the bum bum cream was full sized! So far either the robe jacket or travel blow dryer. With travel appliances like that, I’ve noticed quality is cut back as well as size, but it sure would be handy to use occasionally on trips. I’m excited for more spoilers! Love the options so far.

  39. Wow – I don’t want any of those things. Kind of shocked! They just did a robe and a towel!

    • I agree!

      As a plus size, the sizes offered on the kimono are disappointing. Even more so since they just had one in the last box, and there were no size options then.

    • I feel the same! Will probably pick the hair dryer, but weary of the quality.

    • Havta admit that I’m also very surprised to see another robe when we JUST had one. And they havent offered these towels in the actual box since last summer so I’m “ok” with that one

  40. Me likely!!!

    Always wanted to try Bum Bum and I lost my travel size dryer so I def need that and very nice Spiritual Gangster! Love it so far.

  41. what is the value of the kimono? You don’t have that on here 🙂

    • $60. Just added it to the post. Thank you for spotting that!

      • LOL you’re welcome!
        The Robe/Kimono for me!
        The SDJ is all the rage but I smelled it at Sephora and it was way too strong of a scent.

  42. The link to the hairdryer shows 1200 watts. The box in your photo says 1000 watts. Isn’t that a big difference in power? Just wondering.

    • I removed that link. Sorry the box 1000 watts is correct.

      • Wow, I was going to go for the hair dryer but that’s not much power. Long time to dry hair vs. 1800 watts! Thanks for posting that.

  43. So excited already! Yay!!!!! I’ve ever been disappointed when it come to FFF!!

  44. I love the lotus towel (though I wish it weren’t brown) but I can’t figure out why I need it.
    Bum bum cream seems to be hot commodity in the FFF community, so it would be great for trades.

    Surprised they are doing another robe when one was just in a box. I’ve never owned a hair dryer in my life, so that’s not for me.

  45. Honestly those robes lately look worth about $5. This is all a little…meh.

  46. This will be a hard choice since I like them all. Already excited for the simmer box!

    • *summer lol

  47. I want the hairdryer!!!!

  48. I will be getting the bum bum. I do like the towel round a lot but looking at the pictures it looks very small – you can’t even fully lay down on it.

  49. All of these look incredible ! I’m so happy I’ve joined the FFF box. I was blown away by my first (the spring edit) and it looks even better this round. Also, those heels, girl!! They’re gorgeous!

    • Ikr Liz always looks so cute! Eric is adorable too! I have been going through his Menlo reviews, going to pick that up as a gift for father’s day!

      • Thanks!! 🙂 ❤️

  50. If the bum bum cream sells out before I can pick canceling my box hopefully they are stocked up on that

    • Yeah that better stock up on the SDJ!!!

    • Definitely with you on this

    • Everyone will have the option to receive the SDJ as their 1st choice. May not be available as an addl choice however if sold out to select members. This is my understanding of the policy

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