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Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review – February 2019

Look Fantastic February 2019

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box from the UK that includes at least 6 hand-picked items along with an issue of Elle UK magazine.

Look Fantastic February 2019 open

The box includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body products curated around a theme.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Look Fantastic February 2019 all contents

About this Look Fantastic Box

The Subscription Box: Look Fantastic Beauty Box

The Cost: $19 a month + Free Shipping ($16 a month with an annual commitment)

The Products: At least 6 handpicked skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body products curated around a theme plus 1 issue of Elle UK magazine.

Ships to: US, UK, Canada, Australia

Look Fantastic February 2019 Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet cover

Each box comes with a booklet that tells you more about the products included with tips on how to use them. The month is the Romance Edition and the pink box couldn’t be prettier! I always love keeping Look Fantastic boxes around to store makeup, jewelry, and other important things in because they are always so sturdy and beautiful.

Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet intro page Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet itro Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet contents

This booklet always has a detailed list of all of the products in each box along with helpful and informative information on each one.

Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet whats in the box Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet palette and lp crayon info Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet mascara info Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet eyelash curler info

I thought this little spot on hosting a Galentine’s day brunch was rather adorable.

Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet brunch Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet brunch ideas Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet blush guide Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet blushes Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet first date Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet first date essentiials Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet more first date essentials Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet products Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet skincare routine Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet skincare Look Fantastic February 2019 booklet march sneak peek

Now, on to the items!

Look Fantastic February 2019 hair spray Look Fantastic February 2019 hair spray info

Philip Kingsley Maximiser, 2.03 fl oz – Estimated Value $13.94 (Buy the full size 4 oz here for $25.00)

If you read any of my reviews at all, you know I am the laziest when it comes to my hair. I shampoo it like 2 times a week and only brush it when absolutely necessary. I don’t use any hair product with much regularity aside from a favorite R+Co Cream. All that being said I do believe in volume, and this product did give me a noticeable amount of root lift without feeling gross the next day or weighing down my strands. It almost feels like a very weak hairspray. I spritzed it on my roots when my hair was damp and used my fingertips to scrunch it through my strands. I then slept with my hair coiled in a loose bun on top of my head. The next morning I did have a ton of volume! The whole thing was just so easy that I could see myself adding this spray to my ever so often routine.

Look Fantastic February 2019 sleek palette with box Look Fantastic February 2019 sleek palette lid Look Fantastic February 2019 sleek palette open Look Fantastic February 2019 sleek palette bottom

Sleek MakeUP Face Form Palette, 20 g – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $13.50

I am so glad I got the light version of this palette! The matte contour powder is a warmer brown, but I am very fair and this one might actually work for me. The blush is super pretty and reminds me of Nars Orgasm, but a little more sheer and with a little more pink. The highlighter is a very soft warm pearl glow, that is a shimmer rather than a glitter. This slick black compact is very thin, so it would be very easy to stash in your purse for midday touchups. I found for myself that the highlighter also makes a great browbone eyeshadow.

Look Fantastic February 2019 lip pencil Look Fantastic February 2019 lip pencil tip Look Fantastic February 2019 lip pencil info

Lord and Berry Maximatte Lipstick Pencil in Intimacy, 1.8 g – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18.00

This dirty mauve is a great color for my skin tone. Although this pencil is marketed as a matte formula, it was more of a satin finish on my lips, which I much prefer to a true matte. My only complaint is that I hate true wooden pencils because I never have a sharpener on hand, especially since I like to take my lip colors with me in my purse rather than reserving them for my makeup kit. This formula was very long wearing and I used my favorite lip balm over it halfway through my day, which made it a little shiny and very creamy.

Look Fantastic February 2019 swatches

I was away from the studio this week and Marne once again came through with our swatches this box! Thanks, Marne! Top is the lip pencil, and bottom trio are from the sleep palette!

Look Fantastic February 2019 mascara Look Fantastic February 2019 mascara open

Doucce Punk Volumiser Mascara, 6 ml – Estimated Value $8.67 (Buy Full Size 13.5 ml here on sale for $19.50)

I didn’t love this mascara because the brush is so ridiculously huge it borders on being unusable. And I have BIG eyes! I get that the brush is meant to be volumizing but my mascara application technique leans more towards coating the base of the lashes thoroughly, then swooping up, a task that is near impossible with a brush this large and clumsy. The formula itself was dark and clump-free, but this was a total mss for me personally.

Look Fantastic February 2019 eyelash curler Look Fantastic February 2019 eyelash curler top view Look Fantastic February 2019 eyelash curler with pads Look Fantastic February 2019 eyelash curler detail

Emite Rose Gold Eyelash Curler – Retail Value $25.00

I think the retail price of these is a bit steep, but they sure are pretty. The rose gold is shiny and bright and I love that extra pads were included. The mechanisms were very smooth and the handles easy to grip. My eyelashes were very curled after using these.

Look Fantastic February 2019 soap Look Fantastic February 2019 soap box Look Fantastic February 2019 bottom soap

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, 17 g – Estimated Value $6.46 (Buy a full size 100 g here for $38.00)

My husband immediately burst into laughter at the sight of this mini soap. It is SO SMALL! Size aside, the formula is great. It is mineral rich and super clarifying, but not drying. I am a double cleansing advocate, and I used this to wash my face after another cream cleanser. My skin felt soft and calm after using it.

And this box includes the latest issue of  Elle UK Magazine:

Look Fantastic February 2019 elle magazine cover

Retail Value $5

Look Fantastic February 2019 elle magazine pages Look Fantastic February 2019 magazine pages Look Fantastic February 2019 magazine photos Look Fantastic February 2019 magazine editorial

The Verdict: This month’s box has a value of at least $85.57 not counting the magazine. That is great for a $20 box. I loved the mix of deluxe sample size and full-size items! This box always has a great value, meaning even if an item or two is a dud (like the mascara for me!) you still get a good value. I really loved the lip pencil and the palette. The hair volumizer was something I would normally never reach for, but I actually really liked it. The eyelash curler is very pretty and makes my makeup kit look extra fancy. The little soap was small, but my skin loved it, and with proper storage (away from my showerhead) it should last quite some time.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, but not for long! (This page will let you know what box is currently available.)

Value Breakdown: At $19.99 for this box, the average cost of each of the 6 items is $3.33.

Alternatively, here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Hair Volumizer $3.26
  • Palette $3.15
  • Lip Pencil $4.20
  • Mascara $2.03
  • Eyelash Curler $5.84
  • Soap $1.51

Check out all of our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

What do you think of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box February box? What was your favorite item in the box?

Look Fantastic

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (24)

  1. This wasn’t that great of a box in my opinion. I have a few others that I like more. So I had to drop it. The past boxes looked pretty but this one was on the weak side. Boxy, Ipsy plus and test tube beauty are my favorites.

  2. I saw other March 2019 spoilers in addition to The Ordinary:
    Madara SMART antipollution charcoal mask 12.5ml

    Omorovzica Foaming Cleanser

    EOS Lip Balm

    Morphe Highlighter

    Rituals Hand Balm 70 ml

    Has anyone else seen these or know if they have been confirmed?

    • If so, I will definitely resub. I was going to buy the Ordinary HA, and the Omorovicza cleanser is my favorite and it’s too expensive for me to buy.

    • I have yet to use an Ordinary product I dislike. This lineup would have me over the moon.

    • The UK site that has the March had the same Feb box so I’m fairly sure it should be the same box.

  3. So you take the items home to try but then bring them back to the office for the photo shoot? I’m intrigued by the process as Marne is often the swatch arm 😀

    • In addition to Marne having much better nails than I do (it is so true!) she is also in the office more frequently. Sometimes in order to get the reviews up in a more timely matter, she swatches for me. 🙂 We swatch items before I take them home to play with. Thanks for reading Kristin! <3

  4. I LOVE the mascar. It reminds me of Wander. Most importantly, for me, is that after I curled my bare lashes (which are bone straight) then applied this mascara, the CURL HELD 🤗🤗

    The sample size was a bit awkward, but this gave me length, no clumps, no “raccoon eyes” when applied to bottle lashes and held the curl.

    Similar to Wander.

    • I couldn’t get past the brush. It kept ending up on my eyelid! Maybe I will stick another brush in there?

      • The trick with the Doucce mascaras with the honkin’ huge brushes (for me) is to use a coat of separating/lengthening mascara (like Roller Lash) and then using Doucce as a volumizer aftwewards (that way I don’t have to get it on the lash line but DANG does it give crazy drama…

      • What a great idea!!

  5. Did I miss the January review of Look Fantastic? I have searched for it without success.

  6. Underwhelming box for sure!

  7. I loved my contour/blush/highlighter kit. I think mine is the darker shade. I use the contour daily. And the mascara, if it was full size that big brush wouldn’t be so difficult to use, but since it’s a mini and there’s no arm length on that wand, I too found it really hard to get to all my lashes.

    • I just kept getting mascara all over my eyelid through my lashes. It was a look!

  8. Double cleansing = more work and more money. Just don’t see the point?

    • I so agree!!! If the cleanser you are using the first time doesn’t work why keep using it? It’s all hype and a marketing ploy to make you spend more money and think that you are getting your face cleaner.

    • I thought that too. And my skin is good, so I figured, why bother? But, I wanted to try cleansing balm, so I did the double cleanse method. It made a huge difference in my skin! It’s the best it’s ever been (and I’m 52 years old!). I’m a total believer now!!

    • Certain types of cleansers remove different things from your skin. Washing once with one type of cleanser, you might think your skin is clean (it could look it) but there will often be lots left behind that leads to dull skin, acne, large pores, etc. If you read up on the benefits of double cleansing, you might understand the point.

      PS taking 30 extra seconds for a second cleanse isn’t really “more work”

      • So true…..So very true!…. Sometimes its less the 30 seconds…lol

    • I think “double cleansing” is a bit of a misleading name, since the first step is more of a makeup/dirt remover (for me, oil-based like Burt’s Bee cleanser or Julep’s Bare Face cleanser), and then a gentle regular cleanser to wash everything away. Many of today’s makeup formulas are longer-lasting and so harder to take off, especially mascara or matte lipstick, and it’s great to just rub the oil on my whole face and have everything—eye and face makeup and lip products—disappear.

      When I was a teenager a million years ago, the double cleanse was a triple and was in reverse: makeup remover pads for your eyes, wash your face, and then a cotton ball soaked in Bonne Bell’s Ten-o-Six very astringent lotion, which showed you how dirty your face still was!

      • 10-0-06!!! I grew up on it!!!

    • If she wants to double clean her face to feel extra clean so be it. I used to work as a waitress in a sweat shop (summer time) for 12 hours and when I got home to shower I wouldn’t double it up because all the makeup and grease and sweat never just came off. These days if i have alot of makeup on I use a face wipe before I shower and wash my face with my face wash. Only when I wear makeup though.

    • I felt the same before I tried it on a regular basis. I don’t use exfoliants on my face (My face gets really red!) and the double cleansing process has helped with making sure my skin is super clean and that dead skin is removed without scrubbing.

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