Candy Club Subscription Review – February 2019

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Candy Club February 2019 box

Candy Club is a candy subscription that sends premier brand name candy to you each month. Each delivery contains six different types of candy based on your “candy profile” that you choose when signing up. 

Candy Club February 2019 open

The candy comes in six separate 6-ounce or 13-ounce (by volume) containers. The weight varies based on the type of candy.

Candy Club February 2019 open box

This is a review of Candy Club’s $29.99/month “mostly sweets” Fun Box which comes in 6-ounce containers. 

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Candy Club February 2019 all contents

About Candy Club

The Subscription Box: Candy Club Fun Box

The Cost: $29.99 + $9.99 shipping per month. (“Party Box” size also available for $49.99/month + shipping)

The Products: Six different types of candy in 6-ounce containers. 

Ships to: U.S. only

Candy Club February 2019 Review

At some point, Candy Club did an overhaul of their whole look and subscription model. Looking at the site would suggest it was as long ago as July. Unbeknownst to us, it seems like we were still grandfathered into the old model which promised *up to 3 pounds of candy* which arrived in three 16 oz. (by volume) containers and some loose mystery candy. We ended up canceling that subscription and signing up again so we could get the new experience which contains six smaller 6 oz. (by volume) containers. The other big difference is that with the new model you aren’t able to choose your candies like before, but instead pick a “candy profile” (“mostly sweets” or “mostly sours”) which determines what you’ll receive each month. They also have a larger “Party Box” size that gives you six 13-ounce containers of candy. I chose the “mostly sweets” profile, FYI.

Candy Club February 2019 cherry belts Candy Club February 2019 cherry belts back Candy Club February 2019 cherry belts detail

Wild Cherry Belts, 5 oz

I love sour things but these were almost too much! They are so tart and very very cherry. I had to pace myself with these because my face was getting all scrunched up, like when you bite into a lemon! If you love sour candies these will be a winner for you. I love the crunchy sugar coating.

Candy Club February 2019 peaches Candy Club February 2019 peaches back Candy Club February 2019 peaches detail

Peach Hearts, 7 oz

I love peach anything, and these gummies were delicious. They were soft and tasted like summer peaches. No sour or tartness here, but very sweet and fruity. Again, I am loving the crunchy sugary coating.

Candy Club February 2019 pretzels Candy Club February 2019 pretzels back Candy Club February 2019 pretzels detail

Sweetheart Pretzels, 3 oz

These were ok. I don’t like white chocolate, but I do find a mix of sweet and salty pretty irresistible. I wish they had been milk chocolate, but for my blood sugar level, this might have been a good thing. I can really put away some chocolate pretzels! The heart shape of these combined with the red sprinkles made them really adorable.

Candy Club February 2019 cremes Candy Club February 2019 cremes back Candy Club February 2019 cremes detail

Chocolate Raspberry Cremes, 7 oz

These were too sweet for me. The inside is a heavy raspberry chalky cream that has to be 100% sugar. The outside chocolate was good, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat more than three of these. I feel like they would be randomly good in yogurt as it would tone the sugar down a little bit.

Candy Club February 2019 taffy Candy Club February 2019 taffy back Candy Club February 2019 taffy detail

Neopolitan Taffy, 3 oz

I do love a good taffy. These really cute tri-colored candies were mild and sweet but still had that unmistakable taffy texture and taste. The blend of the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors was really yummy.

Candy Club February 2019 red velvet Candy Club February 2019 red velvet back Candy Club February 2019 red velvet detail

Red Velvet Bites, 7 oz

These were a hard pas for me. Do you know how sometimes you can literally taste red? I can’t enjoy red velvet cake for the same reason. These were also so sweet that you can only have a few at a time. Admittedly, I tend to like fruity treats over creamy or chocolate ones, so if you like cake pops or cookie dough this might be a winner for you.

Verdict: This was a mixed bag for me this month. I really did love the peach hearts, the taffy, and even the super sour cherry belts. The red velvets were not my thing, and the pretzels and cremes were just ok. I feel like this box lends itself to an office setting, where different people with different candy preferences can each find something they enjoy. Candy Club sent us 32 ounces (or 2 pounds) of candy. This means that we paid around $19.99 per pound of candy. That is expensive in my opinion, but if you are a candy enthusiast or someone who just loves sweet surprises in the mail, you might really love this sub!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but sign if you sign up today, your March box will ship in 1-3 days.

Value Breakdown: At $39.98 for this box on the month-to-month plan, you’re paying about $19.99 per pound of candy.

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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  1. For anyone on the upper East Coast who is curious to try, The Paper Store sells Candy Club containers for $5.99. It looks like their non-Hallmark store coupons will work. They also sell Sugarfina, but it’s excluded from coupons.

    • Ugh, Sugarfina is my WEAKNESS. They have really unique exclusive candies that I could eat all the time. TROUBLE.

  2. I signed up during the vday sale because 4lbs of candy for $20 wasn’t bad… turns out they sent me Januarys box? Guess that’s better since they only sent 2lbs for February. What a rip

  3. I buy the gummy peaches at Walgreens, they usually are on sale for $1 a bag.
    I just don’t get how they stay in business, the cost if the candy is crazy pants, and always has been, despite the “revamp”.

    • Well, somehow, they seem to be able to convince people to pay $40 for about $6 worth of candy. Not a bad profit margin.

    • Oh man, now I need more peaches.. for a lot less $$

      • Try!!! They have so much cheap candy by the pound. Spices too! $7 for a pound of many different spices! And obviously nuts

        • OH! I will def check out their spices.. Thanks for the rec!

  4. Ridiculously expensive. Hard pass.

  5. That is some expensive candy. And with not being able to exclude sour items, which I cannot stand, the sub becomes laughable. Not as funny as the Oreo sub, boy those reviews used to crack me up, but still hilarious that anyone would pay for this.

    • Actually homemade candy in specialtysweet shops is VERY expensive. While I don’t think this sub box is a particularly great deal, I think the price is fairly appropriate considering the weight of the candy 😊

      • I subbed years ago (about 3 price changes and 2 revamps ago) and I can confirm this candy is not specialty or homemade. Most of it really is stuff you can buy in bulk stores or on regular store shelves. The price back then was still expensive but I got it for convenience and to be able to try some stuff I couldn’t easily find locally. But there’s no way I would pay the price now…it actually might be cheaper to just try something from a bulk online retailer and if you didn’t like it, gift it away!

      • 99.9% sure none of this is “homemade” though. Several companies make the wild cherry sour belts, neapolitan taffy and the peach hearts and all with a really reasonable price point. MAYBE…..MAYBE if they were routinely throwing in Asher’s, Kopper’s or Lake Champlain chocolates could you justify the price, but even then it’s a stretch.

        • It’s not. Tried to post comment yesterday, never showed up.

      • This isn’t homemade from a sweet shop though. Walk through the $1 per bag candy section at Dollar General & you will see this entire selection. It’s like when I found out my local grocery store sells the same “gourmet gummy bears” that Lolly & Pops sells. L&P is in the mall & they sell theirs for $18 a pound. The grocery store sells them for less than $3. Same candy. Different markup. And since this company is secretive about their sourcing, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are buying in bulk & packing the containers.

    • I can’t quite figure it out. It seems like a corporate sort of sub, like “Candy in the breakroom!”

      • Totally! But then again our company has stopped purchasing napkins and plates for us to use for budget reasons lol.
        Great review by the way!

        • Sounds like my work, we all put in incredible hours in January so management told us they would give us a pizza party. It was Domino’s pizza…. NO plates, NO napkins (we have paper towel dispensers though….), NO drinks, NO other food, NO dessert….

        • Sounds like my company! We all worked incredible hours in January and worked really hard. So they threw us a pizza party in February. Domino’s pizza, NO plates, NO drinks, NO dessert, NO other food…. At least the break room had paper towel dispensers….

        • Thanks Dawn! <3

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